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Harry Reid has come out with the most idiotic and baseless attack on Romney of all time, claiming that he must not have paid his taxes in over ten years because he hasn’t released all of his tax returns. What should Romney say in response to these totally unfounded claims? Glenn had an idea on radio this morning:

Here’s the response that Mitt Romney should give today:

They’ve accused me of being a felon. They have accused me of not paying income tax. They’re not going to bully me into do anything. I’m not going to release my tax returns. I don’t have to. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has not released her tax returns. A lot of people don’t release their tax returns. None of your damn business. However, if I have not paid my taxes in 10 years, well, that’s a felony and I demand that the IRS arrest me at 4:00 this afternoon. Here’s where I will be. I will be holding a press conference, waiting for them to come and take me away in cuffs because I must be a felon. If I haven’t paid my income tax in 10 years, I demand to be arrested. There’s no reason to have – I don’t need to release these. The IRS knows. Harry Reid, if I’m a felon, Harry Reid, you should be calling the IRS, not the press. I demand at 4:00, arrest me. Arrest me. If I’m a felon, arrest me. Harry Reid, I’ve had enough.

“Mitt,open up your drawer in your bedroom, take your balls out, put them in your pants, and give that statement,” Glenn said