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Tonight on The Glenn Beck Program, guest host Dana Loesch discussed the recent attacks from the left on the 1st Amendment rights of Americans.

On August 1st, while the mainstream media was focused on Michael Phelps’ gold medal count, the implementation of the Obamacare mandate that requires religious institutions to violate their conscience and provide birth control for their employees took effect.

“It’s discrimination if you force an employee to violate their religious beliefs. So what right does an employee have to force an employer to violate theirs? Where is the protection for the job creator?” Dana asked on GBTV tonight.

One would think legislating the end of religious liberty would be front page news – apparently not.

Similarly, Dana notes how the massive attendance of ‘Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day’ was ignored by the media. However, the ‘kiss-in’ that was organized by gay activist groups was widely covered, despite it’s low turn-out.

“I don’t get that, by the way, the demand by the militant gay and lesbian faction to not judge them by their sexual proclivities, but then they demand that you pay attention to their protests done with said sexual proclivities,” Dana noted.

Every organization, from Chick-fil-A to the Catholic Church, that tries to stand firm in their values is getting hit by the Obama Administration and the far left. Those are just a small handful of the many examples Dana uses to point out the war being waged against our 1st Amendment rights.

And if the attacks on Dan Cathy and the Catholic Church aren’t backwards enough for you, while Democrat mayors like Emanuel and Bloomberg attack Chick-fil-A and the size of your soda, they’re also trying to force mother’s to breast feed their newborns. Mother’s who are recovering from childbirth in hospitals that opt-in to this law would have to provide medical reasons from their doctors in order to get access to baby formula. So you can definitely have access to free birth control, but baby formula – not so much.

Yes, while new mother’s are busy bonding with the new additions to their families, Michael Bloomberg wants to made getting baby formula as difficult as possible to nudge new mothers into breast feeding. So, while it’s okay for employers to be forced to provide every form of birth control access possible to their employees for free, mom can’t make her own decision about whether or not she should would prefer to use baby formula over breastfeeding.

Or, as Dana put it, “According to Democrats, abortions is healthier for babies than formula. Just like Obamacare, government knows best, right?”

But like Glenn has been pointing out lately, these guys will destroy themselves. Hypocrisies like those noted in Dana’s monologue take away any long term credibility these big government-loving liberals hope to have with the American people.