WATCH: Dana Loesch’s epic monologue on the war being waged on the 1st Amendment

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Tonight on The Glenn Beck Program, guest host Dana Loesch discussed the recent attacks from the left on the 1st Amendment rights of Americans.

On August 1st, while the mainstream media was focused on Michael Phelps’ gold medal count, the implementation of the Obamacare mandate that requires religious institutions to violate their conscience and provide birth control for their employees took effect.

“It’s discrimination if you force an employee to violate their religious beliefs. So what right does an employee have to force an employer to violate theirs? Where is the protection for the job creator?” Dana asked on GBTV tonight.

One would think legislating the end of religious liberty would be front page news – apparently not.

Similarly, Dana notes how the massive attendance of ‘Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day’ was ignored by the media. However, the ‘kiss-in’ that was organized by gay activist groups was widely covered, despite it’s low turn-out.

“I don’t get that, by the way, the demand by the militant gay and lesbian faction to not judge them by their sexual proclivities, but then they demand that you pay attention to their protests done with said sexual proclivities,” Dana noted.

Every organization, from Chick-fil-A to the Catholic Church, that tries to stand firm in their values is getting hit by the Obama Administration and the far left. Those are just a small handful of the many examples Dana uses to point out the war being waged against our 1st Amendment rights.

And if the attacks on Dan Cathy and the Catholic Church aren’t backwards enough for you, while Democrat mayors like Emanuel and Bloomberg attack Chick-fil-A and the size of your soda, they’re also trying to force mother’s to breast feed their newborns. Mother’s who are recovering from childbirth in hospitals that opt-in to this law would have to provide medical reasons from their doctors in order to get access to baby formula. So you can definitely have access to free birth control, but baby formula – not so much.

Yes, while new mother’s are busy bonding with the new additions to their families, Michael Bloomberg wants to made getting baby formula as difficult as possible to nudge new mothers into breast feeding. So, while it’s okay for employers to be forced to provide every form of birth control access possible to their employees for free, mom can’t make her own decision about whether or not she should would prefer to use baby formula over breastfeeding.

Or, as Dana put it, “According to Democrats, abortions is healthier for babies than formula. Just like Obamacare, government knows best, right?”

But like Glenn has been pointing out lately, these guys will destroy themselves. Hypocrisies like those noted in Dana’s monologue take away any long term credibility these big government-loving liberals hope to have with the American people.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The assault on Christianity is the assault on freedom of consience, choice, faith, and free will; which the Democrats do not want you to have.

    For them a ‘more perfect union’ is one in which everyone is a robot who acts the same as they are directed by the ‘enlightened elite’ over the unwashed, uneducated, unambition masses of the world.

    Their nightmare utopia of perfection is death for freedom and the individual; for when one is pushed into a corner a being chooses one of two endings:

    Death for the release it brings.
    Hell bent ‘go for broke’ to win, as you have nothing left to lose.

    • Kathy J. Grant

      Those are just a small handful of the many examples Dana uses to point out the war being waged against our 1st Amendment rights.

    • Anonymous

      Sadly, I believe we do it to ourselves. We as Chritians have done little to stop the atrocities. We have sat back and waited for someone else to step up and take the reigns. We as Christians understand how precious a child is to Jesus, but many of us have chosen to work and allow someone else to bring up our children. Because both parents work they have no choice but to send their precious ones to a school where the progressives teach them to hate their country, reject their religious beliefs and then defend abortion (even late term), defend gay marriage, defend those who destroy our Constitution and defend the father of all lies. Many of our churches then teach how to judge and tell others they are not Christian as they stand upon their thrones of unrighteosness. We quote scripture to defend our actions as the Pharisee’s once did. I love Christianity, but I am not blind. We are falling away from the very principles that protect this great country and our families. Too many of us have taken the words of Christ for granted. We want to judge everyone else as opposed to looking in the mirror and then making the appropriate changes. We can’t have over 78% of Americans be Christian and then be living under tyranny. Something is wrong! I expect those that are evil to be evil, but I am agast when we, the faithful, choose the father of all lies over Christ. When I see Christians use scripture to defend evil. When we falsely utilize a scripture to win an argument or to defend a point of view we become as arrogant as the Pharisees who mocked Christ. We may feel good and pump our chests, but we scored one for the other team. In other words, we helped tear down the Kingdom of Heaven. In the end Christ will not allow it, but why are we doing this to ourselves and our children? Why do we choose to allow evil gain a foothold that will take away our childrens right to live free? It is called pride, arrogance, deceit, immorality, lies, back biting. These are the new attributes of the new modern Christain. Many have found in this new world that lying is benefit and the rewards can be great. Many believe if they don’t get caught then it is okay. Since when did we, as Christians, allow these attrocities to creep into our faith? If we choose to pretend it doesn’t exist, or that it is no big deal, we can’t fix it.

      • Anonymous

        Once we walked and talked with God.  The Liar deceived us into eating the fruit of the Tree Of Knowledge.  We ate willingly and brought death upon the Earth and separated ourselves from God.

        God in his infinite wisdom and mercy sent The Christ. Christ formed His Holy Church and chose people as stewards.  Being flawed people some stewards made mistakes — some of them severe.  Then The Liar tempted us with The Reformation.  Man ate of the fruit of The Reformation.  Immediately there was division: those who were deceived into believing they could cast themselves away from Christ’s Church because of the errors of men.  Cutting themselves off from Christ Church they chose to guide themselves in the teachings of Christ.

        Christ’s Church has no error.  People marked with the stain of sin make errors.

        • Anonymous

          I never said Christ church had errors, ever. So, you lost me with your point? I thought I made my point clear, and that is that Christians are polluting the Gospel. They must be, or otherwise 78% of the people who say they are Christians would overwhelm progressives. Instead we have many Christians, obviously, standing with the progressives, even helping the progressives obtain their goals. What I am trying to say is that Christians must now look within themselves and compare their actions to what the gospel is asking of them. I mean this is some real sole searching that will not be pleasant for most of us. It will force us to realize that we have accepted the father of all lies and even helped build his kingdom, so to speak. I believe, if Christians do not start looking inwardly then we will continue to fall to a place of no return. I believe there is no one else who can turn the evils we see today around, but Christians. So, if we do not repent and we do not cast off what is evil in our lives, if we do not stop judging others and start focusing on our own salvation, then we just become bitter people who think we are better than everyone else. In reality, knowing what we know and then acting the way we do, sets us up for more condemnation then we think could ever be imagineable. We will fail if we do not come together from all denominations, actng as one body in Christ, focused on uplifting the people in righteousness and condemning that which is evil. Right now I believe, as a whole, we are a peope of little faith. We are willing to sacrifice little to forward the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You have Catholics who believe they are the only true church, you have Mormons who believe they are the only true church and you have others saying that there is no need for any organized church. I could care less what people believe as long as we believe in Jesus Christ. Those who do wish to live their lives to a higher standard. They wish to raise their children in a strong foundation of Christ. I profess, I love all denominations of believers in Christ provided they are not violent or teach their congregations to run around telling people they are not Christians. Heck the word Christian shows up no where in the bible. The word Christian is man made. Its orginal intent I agreed with, but now it is worn like a badge to tell others I am better than you. I am saved . but you are not. How arrogant, since Christ made it perfectly clear that no one will enter the kingdom of heaven accept it be through him. That means no one!!! He also made it painfully clear not to judge, and that he would surely judge us the way we judge others. Yet we tell others they are not Christains! Why? We tell others they are going to hell! Why? It is not our job nor are we qualified. Our harsh judgemnet is only going to get us judged harshly. He also made it perfectly clear that we would account for every word we speak. So, do we listen? Nope, there will be a hundred scriptures quoted trying to get around the most basic points. We have become arrogant instead of Christ like. It is time we come together with the strength of one. I know Gleen does not agree with this, but we should not patronize Hollywood Movies who are not up to our moral standards or corporations who hate Chrsitians and promote abortions etc. We are providing them with the funds to destroy Christ foundations. I believe we have power if we we come together as one, and only as one will Christians be heard. Imagine, if Rahlm Emanuel put down religion and he received 150 million emails overnight. We have the power to make changes for the good that are pleasing unto Christ, but it is in the coming together as brothers and sisters in our love for Christ. If we could our world would instantly change for the good.

          • Anonymous

             Not all responses are an attack.  Actually, I was presenting  examples of how we “do it to ourselves”.  From almost the beginning we embraced Evil.  After wandering in the desert and going astray,  God mercifully provided us with the Way, the Truth and the Life.  We again wandered in the desert and went astray.  Then The Reformation.  We wandered further astray.  Our fault.

            I realize that there are Christians who may not be Catholic through no fault of their own.  The calling is still the same for everyone: return to Christ’s Church (and that includes Catholics and Mormons).

          • Anonymous

            Thanks Tony. I did not think you were attacking me, I just thought you didn’t understand what I was saying, but you obviously do.

      • Davida Burns

        What exactly do you mean when you say Christians sit in judgment of others? Can you give some examples? Thank you.

        • Anonymous

          Davida Burns, my list could be a mile long on your question, which makes me believe your question is a little Disingenuous. However, I will answer it anyway from examples I actually witnessed.
          1.) I am standing next to my Mormon friends and they are told by other evangelists friends that they are going to hell. When my Mormon friends responded my evangelists friends took solace in scripture, qouting that they would be blessed by defending Christs name. I was agast!
          2.) I had a good friend who had a child that was born with Spina-bifida and an evangelist came up to her and asked what sins she had committed for her child to be born with Spina-bifida.
          3.) Listening to focus on the family radio station when the pastor announced that if you became ill it was because of your sin or lack of faith. Being in the healthcare profession I was again agast at the total misrepresentation of scripture and ultimate judgement. I couldn’t help to think of all those who were ill who might have heard his sermon and the unwarnted guilt it must have caused them.

          The list could go on and on, but I will stop. The issue is, we better start looking within, and start focusing on how to be one with our savior, and all of our brothers and sisters in Christ, or this nation will tumble. Some say, it doesn’t matter because we are at the end of times. For those, I would rather tell Christ that I fought to the end to defend his righteousness than to say I did nothing except put my brothers and sisters down in Christs  name. Christians many times quote scripture or give out Ex-Mormon doctrine to try and prove that Mormons are heathens or the Catholic church is the great church of satan and so forth. It is proposterous what I have heard, but it somehow goes unchecked. The attitude is almost one of, “as long as they are putting down the Mormons, Catholics, Baptists then they are not putting me down.” We should discourage discourse, but instead we encourage it.

  • Anonymous

    America had an amazing, triumphant moment early Monday morning, as the NASA robot, Curiosity, landed successfully on Mars.  Watching it, I was filled with pride for my country.  I also soon realized that everyone working on that project is a public sector, government employee.  Additionally, they are nearly all products of our public school system.  Hmm…what is it again that conservatives say about government-run programs?  

    • Anonymous

      Misguided and deceived people can still do enormous things both Good and Evil — just like every one of us.  Congratulations to NASA on a successful launch and landing.  Judge actions, not people.

    • Anonymous

      The students who became engineers who went to NASA to share their knowledge had educations that were funded by tax payer dollars. NASA who spends billions is spending our hard earned tax payer dollars. Americans were able to pay taxes because they worked for that evil corporation you progressives tried so hard to put out of business, even Chick-fil-a’s. America Founding fathers would have approved of NASA because it was developed to defend our country and American lives. NASA is a legitamate Government function. However, when the governmnt decides to teach my child sex education, forces me to purchase insurance, tells me that if I don’t provide my employees with contraceptives that I must give up the business I started to someoe who will has gone way beyond our Constitution and has taken giant steps towards a dictatorship. As with all dictatorships, miilions must die because they refuse to conform. Obama’s good friend, Bill Ayers, lead the weather underground who designed the overthrow of the US governemnt in which they planned to hand it over to China. According to the FBI agent who infiltrated the Weather Underground, 22 million Americans were going to be slaughtered. So, conservatives wish to maintain our freedoms and adhere to our Constitution. We wish to maintain a small government where the people become the focus and not the selfish desires of Obama and his regime.

  • Anonymous

    To be clear, Fox News did report and continues discussion of the Chick-Fil-A flocks.  Freedom had a large flock, Permissiveness had a small flock.

  • Anonymous

    That very eloquent young lady that was verbally assaulted the other day a chick fila , said a very wise thing “I don’t believe my personal beliefs belong in the work place”.

    That stuck with me, she is right.  She choose to work there, knowing the “beliefs” of the organization, she has to follow the company line, or find somewhere else to work, we all have to follow the company line.  The workplace isn’t a democracy.

    So I get the point about Government interference, but I also think that religious interference is an issue too.  Healthcare is a personal, private thing regardless of who is providing the insurance.  Dana point seems to be crossing a line the other direction, where an employer almost has the right to choose the treatment for the worker.  Say your employer is a jovahs witness, you get into a car accident need a blood transfusion, should an employer be able to prevent that in your insurance.  Whatever the insurance is government plan, private plan, I don’t think an employer should be able provided an ala carte health insurance on personal beliefs, each patient is different.  I have friends that are on the pill not for birth control reason, but because of crippling menstrual cramps, one of which is a ardent catholic.  Besides if an employee is a true practicing catholic, then they won’t get an abortion or use birth control.

    • Anonymous

      An error in the beginning is an error, indeed.

      Who is trying to force everyone to pay for any insurance that the government sees fit?  If they can make you pay for abortions they can also make you pay for deaths when they “choose” — the specious “Freedom To Choose”.

      They would tell you that it is “laughable if it wasn’t so cynical and irresponsible.  It’s a lie, plain and simple”. They will tell you that it is “not true”.

      Ultimately, this debate isn’t only a battle for specifics, this is a war for principles and right now, they want to define your principles with your permission.  And for many, that permission is called by many names: Freedom, Choice, Tax, Health, Fair, Love, Share and Privacy.

      Do not make the error.  Do not give them permission.

  • Anonymous

    An error in the beginning is an error, indeed.

    Who is trying to force everyone to pay for any insurance that the
    government sees fit?  If they can make you pay for abortions they can
    also make you pay for deaths when they “choose” — the specious “Freedom
    To Choose”.

    They tell you that it is “laughable if it wasn’t so cynical and
    irresponsible.  It’s a lie, plain and simple”. They tell you that
    it is “not true”.

    Ultimately, this debate isn’t only a battle for specifics, this is a war
    for principles and right now, they want to define your principles with
    your permission.  And for many, that permission is called by many names:
    Freedom, Choice, Tax, Health, Fair, Love, Share and Privacy.

    Do not give them permission.

  • Anonymous

    This country is getting so dumb that if it collaspes it could lead to a holocaust agaisnt conservatives.How do governments and media get this crazy and out of control and not see what they are doing.



  • Gary Allan

    Beware all you liberals, your rights as well as everyone elses are slowl going away. Whenthe gov’t comes after you, there will be nobody leftto defend you.

  • Anonymous

    Dana Loesch is very impressive. I agree with everything in this piece. I do not know where you found her Glenn, but I am so glad you did!

    • Suzanne Highley

      shes on eveyday in St. Louis, we just love her!  97.1 St. Louis

  • Anonymous

    Dana is right on, but we on traditionalist-conservative pathway need to get even stronger and more vociferous in proclaiming and demanding our rights as declared by our Constitution.  Use it or lose it should be our cry.  I am very weary of the ‘left progs’ turning our words against us or echoing the same words to support their hue and cry.  I find it hard to believe that the democratic party has succumbed so whole heartedly to the lib-prog voice.  Now I hear they even plan to usurp the meaning of marriage as inclusive on their platform .  Now , of course, they will say, ‘no, this is just to recognize same sex marriage as a legitimate binding, but I wonder which group will next proclaim their marriage type is correct as well.  Okay, we wish to approve man and cow or man and bull.  Has the male gender become so insecure in their masculinity they fear women?  Even barnyard animals know who  to bond with in the natural selection for procreation.
    While I am on topic, I am a little tired of Mayor Bloomberg’s newest declaration of diminishing formula allocation to new mothers.  Experienced in this field, myself, we understand breast milk is the best for our babies–obviously, but there are many reasons that may necessitate the use of formula either as primary use or supplemental use.  Formulas are nutritional not junk food—and I would hate to mention what some of our babies are getting through breast milk–such as nicotine and other legal and nefarious drugs, poor nurtition, lack of support ( we no longer have the continous assistance from moms-grandmoms-aunts etc).  I agree education is critical, but one has little control once a mom and her baby go home.  Breast feeding is a learned experience and although ‘natural-naturally’ is not always successful.  The subject is much deeper and complicated than Mayor B. so determines in his imperialistic voice.  To reiterate, education is important and many hospitals have prenatal classes and lactation counselors; breast milk banks are also becoming more prevalent if one can afford it.  I say to you, Mr. royality Bloomburg—go back to running your city as you were elected to do.  Stop the dictatorship.  And by the way–nursing mothers need lots of fluids so the 32 oz drink that has a whole bunch of ice (frozen h2o) in it could on occasion be okay for mom and baby.
    Folks, we are losing these battles one by one, it is time to prepare tactically and strategically in all effort with the Lord’s sword to win the war against GOD, family, home, liberty. The preservation-conservation of the ‘natural rights’  are being sucked from our very being. Time is of the essence to reclaim those rights. The clock is ticking.    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I took about five minutes looking up some facts and here is what I found: Approximately 78% of Americans are Christians Christians represent about 217 denominations in the United States. So what? Well, if you consider that Christians strive to live a life of a high moral foundation then we must all be shocked that an attack on Christianity would not be confronted with overwhelming resistance. Today, we watch our children being taught how to hate this country, how to despise religion, and how to accept immoralities such as abortion and gay marriages. I can’t watch a Hollywood movie without it pushing gay rights, attacking Chritsianity, or convincing us that America is out of touch and should be moving to european socialism or even communism. Now we watch progressives handing out contraceptives and day after pills to children as young as ten. We have parents who both work while their children are being  raised by someone else. We have women who are so desensitized to abortion that they have decided to kill the child because it is getting in the way of their golf stroke (No kidding – true story). I once sat down to eat with a member of the Pittsberg Pirates who bragged about how his wife had 22 abortions. I couldn’t eat, I looked at his wife’s face and she was embarrassed. In addition they both claimed to be Christian as we said a prayer over the food before we ate. Not too long ago, I watched a British women tell her viewers that we should be able to kill our child up to the age of two, and she was not kidding. What is dispicable, is how Christains support these atrocities by patronizing the movies, the actors and actresses, the T.V. shows like “The View” and vote in presidents who have the power and authority to eliminate the legality to have bible studies in our own homes. We vote in a president who is for the killing of innocent babies late in their terms. We vote in a president who is trampling upon a Constitution that was inspired of GOD. We have chosen a president who choses to indoctrinate our children instead of teach our children. We then complain how there is a war on Christianity, when Christians did everything in their power to promote these atrocities.

    • Anonymous

      We have always invited Evil, almost right from The Beginning.  Christians are not exempt.  Still, there are those who recognize Evil and try to warn others.

  • Bonnie Somer

    If we do not stop the obama marxist leninist global govt prog liberals in november we have no one but ourselves to blame.  Harry Reids attacks on Romney are disgusting but not surprising this is them.  Our prez hates and ignores the constitution that alone is grnds 4 impeachment and is shear treason.  We must do what they are not DEFEND AMERICA AND ALL WE ARE b/c i am and always be glad to be American, sm govt, conservative, less spending and how Coolidge did it the less govt the btr we are in every way.  AMEN

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t use formula, pretty much for the same reason I don’t buy bottled water — if it’s free why would I pay for it.  But that doesn’t mean I discount the importance of formula.  Did anyone know that while Henri Nestle was more of a dairy man (before the chocolate), he created the first complete formula for a neighbor of his who was ill and unable to make her own milk?  He saved that infant’s life with his ingenuity.  I certainly don’t think we should have to make new mothers visit a physician every time they think using formula is best.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but she sure does make Conservative values look really, really good. 

    She’s a good guest fill-in for Glenn, as is the other guy who fills in from time to time on GBTV who also has a radio show. 

    When Glenn was on FOX, he had that one guy who carries around the baseball bat fill in, and I just…can…not…stand…that…guy. 

    And as much as I can respect The Judge at FOX, he bored me to tears with his episodes. 

    (Sorry to be so vague, but I can’t remember the names of these dudes)

  • Anonymous

    Good monologue Dana !!

  • Arnold Thomas

    Glenn if you ever go South stop in Onalaska, Texas, call me 302 841 2352 and I will treat you to a Mexican diner, how about that. 

  • Karen Rose


  • Anonymous

    Wow, where can I get a transcript??? 

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful as usual, Dana.

  • Anonymous


    Your right, if 78% of Christains, who say they are Christain voted the Bible then how have we lost our nation?
    Isaiah 45:7 says the Lord controls both the good and the evil!
    We have had 5 dispensations PASS and all of them can be documented! We are now in the disensation of GRACE; we entered that when Christ died on the cross!
    Man is a failure and always will be, because the penalty for sin was established back in Genesis!
    All of you LOST PROGRESSIVES better repent before it is to late; time is running out on the 6th dispensation!


  • Erik Osbun

    The woman speaks out against Obamacare: RIGHT ON!

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    Chicago Values, are the same as Illinois Family Values which 
    are the same as Chic Fill A’s! . . . Marriage is defined as one 
    man and one woman . . . so much for that Emanuel!

  • Davida Burns

    Excellent video. Kudos to Ms. Loesch. I will be listening to her more often in the future and Glenn needs her as a co-host on his TV program.

  • Anonymous

    Dana Loesch a very bright lady keep her on.

  • Anonymous

    Dear JESUS LORD , Come Nov election day, we PRAY that you clean house in Washington and get rid of the EVIL, COURPT, LYING Obama Administration from HELL,please DEAR GOD. We the AMERICAN people THANK YOU LORD. AMAN

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