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In a horrific attack Sunday, a gunman opened fire and killed six people at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee before he was killed by one of the first officers on the scene. The attack is the latest in a horrific series of deadly crimes committed in the United States over the past few years by a lone, unstable gunman.

Last night on GBTV, faith editor at TheBlaze Billy Hallowell joined Dana via Skype to update viewers on the latest news regarding the horrible act of violence. Billy gives the details on the man behind the attack, his history, and any motivations that have been uncovered.

Billy also educated viewers on the Sikh faith, their beliefs, and the increased violence they have seen against them since 9/11. Bill explained that due to their customs and a lack of knowledge about their beliefs and standing, members of the monotheistic religion are regularly mistaken for Islamic adherents. For obvious reasons, this has created a multitude of problems for Sikhs. The violent attack on a Sikh temple in Wisconsin on Sunday is yet another reminder of the pain and suffering that this religious minority has endured.

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Real News from TheBlaze had more on the shooting last night:

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