Billy Hallowell updates viewers on the Sikh temple tragedy

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In a horrific attack Sunday, a gunman opened fire and killed six people at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee before he was killed by one of the first officers on the scene. The attack is the latest in a horrific series of deadly crimes committed in the United States over the past few years by a lone, unstable gunman.

Last night on GBTV, faith editor at TheBlaze Billy Hallowell joined Dana via Skype to update viewers on the latest news regarding the horrible act of violence. Billy gives the details on the man behind the attack, his history, and any motivations that have been uncovered.

Billy also educated viewers on the Sikh faith, their beliefs, and the increased violence they have seen against them since 9/11. Bill explained that due to their customs and a lack of knowledge about their beliefs and standing, members of the monotheistic religion are regularly mistaken for Islamic adherents. For obvious reasons, this has created a multitude of problems for Sikhs. The violent attack on a Sikh temple in Wisconsin on Sunday is yet another reminder of the pain and suffering that this religious minority has endured.

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Real News from TheBlaze had more on the shooting last night:

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    May God help and comfort the families of the fallen and those who have been injured as well, and allow the community to heal fully and come back to peace of mind and soul. This, as with all such matters that occur, is a tradedy that the Democrats are exploiting for all it is worth.

    If the shooter was an Islamic Extremist, then the matter would be swept under the rug as a domestic shooting or such; yet only due to it being a extremist, who thankfully was taken down by a cop on the scene, Obama insists on it being a case of ‘domestic terrorism,’ and in the mindset of the admin – links it to the tea party, christians, conservatives, pro life, pro gun, pro small and limited government opposition of his.

    Look for Obama to try and sneak in via executive order and legislation some form of gun control and more limitations on our freedoms. He is going to milk this matter for all it is worth.

    • TomDaniel


    • Anonymous

      Your little world must make sense from inside it. From outside, let me tell you, it is pure fantasy: “If the shooter was an Islamic Extremist, then the matter would be swept under the rug as a domestic shooting or such” – mention one case in which this has happened. 

      • Laura

        Ft. Hood shooting. Shooter yelling: “Alla Akabar!” this is in direct reference to Islam. (DUH)

        Swept under the rug cause; workplace violence.

        If that does not apply as ‘swept under the rug’, imagination prevails over reality

        • Anonymous

          The example does not qualify. It is a known case. I search in the internet and boom, there it is. Unless you have more examples as to determine your claim as rule, you are just letting your hate and wishful thinking combine in such degenerate way as to let you believe the bigoted crap Beck exploits so he can keep buying the crap he gets at your expense. Keep it up, Laura.

          • Anonymous

            Wow you are
            the most ignorant person i think i have ever known about. You ask, “Mention
            one case in which this has happened” Laura tells you just that! But then
            you change your mind and state, “The example does not qualify…”
            What a hypocrite.

            So what
            about the Islamic extremist that shot up a school in France? He killed many
            children and even videotaped it! One 8 year old girl in particular he, —
            “grabbed her hair and fired at her body. As she bled out and slumped to the floor, he lifted her head and
            fired two shots at her head from point blank range to make certain his Jewish
            victim would not survive.”
            — This story was ignored by EVERY American Media outlet! Talk about sweeping
            it under the rug.


    • Anonymous

      May Waheguru help and comfort the victim of the fallen.

      He is absolutely a domestic terrorist, just like Timothy McVeigh was.  I don’t think Obama has suggested any links to tea party, christians, conservatives, pro life, pro gun, pro small and limited government.  The guy was a sick Nazi nut job, and people like that are the real enemies of this land.

      I do think that current vitriolic toward none western religious particular Islam has created a finger pointing and scapegoat for what is going on in the world, not unlike the propoganda that Hitler used against the Jews.  So I would say to ALL media outlets, Entertainer and journalist think about how and what you say when generalizing about 1 billion people, yes we have free speech is this country, but with that freedom is responsibility.

      Another tragic event which shouldn’t have happened.  I hope we can learn from this tragedy.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Responsibility is the key wording: there must be accountability as well for anyone who pushes their own agendas based on these crimes. The families of the fallen, the victims who survive, and the damage to the community as a whole all have to be given priority.

        It is the people who count.

        • Nellie T. Muncie

          Make sure to follow Billy on Twitter here and get the latest coverage on the Sikh temple shooting

    • nutt

      Do you mean swept under the carpet like Glenn and co did with the ricin plot in Georgia last year – remember reading about that here?

  • TomDaniel

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  • Anonymous

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