The leaders of the conservative movement the media doesn’t want you to know about

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There is a reason conservatives have been so success with new media, social media and spreading their message on the ground, and it’s one the mainstream media hopes they never have to shed a light on. The grassroots conservative movement, or as Dana referred to it, “the new American Revolution.” is being led by Generation Y. Steven Crowder, Madeleine McAulay, Brandon Morse and Hannah Giles joined Dana on the GBTV set to talk about what they’re doing to impact culture and bring a voice to conservatism, and how more people like them can get involved.

So, why is there this perception that conservatives are old and out of touch? The short answer is pop culture.

Brandon Morse, creator of Misfit Politics, explained that “the media has become this big boogie man [to conservatives] that we have to fight against, but it’s not something we need to fight against. It’s something that we need to get involved with. What we put into the mainstream is what changes the culture. If we, as a movement, start getting more involved in culture – movies, music, video games – I guarantee you things will improve at the polls and in politics.”

Steven Crowder, comedian and Fox News contributor, also pointed out that the demographic that conservative media is appeal too is middle aged. They aren’t running advertisements for an audience of 18 to 30-year-olds. Everything that appeals to the younger demographic, from movies to music, is telling them to be a liberal. Steven also emphasized how important it is to be authentic. ‘You don’t have to go out and join the Young Republicans and look like a young version of our favorite political commentator.’

Both Madeleine and Hannah discussed that a lot of the false narrative of “what a conservatives is” or “what a conservative looks like” comes from conservatives. Media networks are still painting the picture that you have to be an old, white males to get involved in politics, but the new media is changing that game up on them. It’s not just the left that is shocked by what’s going on in new media right now.

“That’s, I think, a big part of why people like Brandon, Hannah, and Dana identify themselves as conservatives, not Republicans. They threaten that old guard,” Steven said.

He referred to Dana and those like her as “apostates” of the Republican party.

We’ve been told for so long that people like Dana Loesch don’t exist in conservatism, and instead of showing America that they do, that there are young, cool, attractive conservatives that young people can relate to, the right continues to point the camera at the middle-aged men.

“The left knows what they’re doing and who the need to put in front of the camera. But whenever we come out and say something they [the media] do their best to ignore us,” Morse said.

Hannah Giles pointed out that the youth also need to step up and do a better job of holding the politicians and the media accountable and demand they be paid attention to. “Politicians are power obsessed,” Giles added. “We [the youth] are giving them their jobs, they work for us, but we’re not stepping up and telling them ‘hey, you work for us, put the camera on us’.”

Later in the show, Dana asked the panel of young conservatives a few questions from people in the studio audience. How can young people show their peers that the current large government is a hindrance for them? The panel discusses that and much more in the clip below.

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“Our job should get more difficult if we take control of the White House and the Senate,” Dana pointed out during the show. She encouraged young people who want to get involved in the conservative movement to join Twitter, to blog, and join groups in your community.

Dana described Twitter as the new “front line” in the battle with the left. Plus, “where else can you argue with Roseanne Barr?” she joked.

“Use your skills to help amplify your voice in that movement. Don’t forget who you are.”

You can follow today’s guests on Twitter and at their websites below:
Steven Crowder: Twitter & YouTube.
Madeleine McAulay: Twitter &
Brandon Morse: Twitter &
Hannah Giles: Twitter & the American Phoenix Foundation

  • NickDeringer

    Sorry, Glenn, but Dana Loesch is not the one. You’re not going to reach the youth culture with political pop stars and gimmicky slogans. The kids will see though that and abandon you in droves. You’re going to reach the youth with honest positive messages. You’re going to reach the youth by living out conservative principals as authentically as you can.

    Look at movies like “Bella” and “Juno”. These were 2 movies with pro-life messages that were honest and real. They portrayed young girls who became pregnant and made the tough choice to have their babies. They did surprisingly well in theaters. You can’t preach freedom without personal responsibility or you end up with Occupy Wall Street, the only difference being they pay lower taxes. America wasn’t founded on “Punk Rock Principles”. It was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Without them you have a very different country.

    The kids will look at Dana and see a 34-year-old woman trying to pass herself off as a 19-year-old. Don’t insult their intelligence, Glenn. We need fewer entertainers and more statesmen and women who are willing to put their careers on the line for the good of their country. We need statesmen and women like…Glenn Beck, David Horowitz, and Michele Bachmann. Be honest with the kids. Give them good solid entertainment with a positive message that speaks to them in a real way. You’ve made a great start with songwriters like Kali. Keep up the good work.  

    • Anonymous

      Well put…

    • Anonymous

      I think you’re missing something about the newest generations. Your prescription above is exactly why we don’t EVER have the “youth vote”. Sad as it is: you absolutely DO reach youth culture with political pop stars and gimmicky slogans! (Were you around in ’08 election??) You reach them with that stuff SO THAT you can give them the truth. By the way, those Judeo-Christian principles ALONG WITH a “punk rock attitude” is what founded this country. Our founders were quite radical. It’s true that youth don’t want to be pandered to but it’s also true that they often don’t REALIZE they’re already being pandered to…

      • NickDeringer


      • Anonymous

        Really?  Is that why you got involved?  Do you actually think generations change that much? 

    • Anonymous

      Dana Rocks! 

    • Anonymous

      It is important that the 35-50 year olds be convinced to take back the country as well…many of those in that age bracket (especially the 40+ group) simply don’t care.  I have talked with many of them and it’s like the lights went out!  Any messages to the young and the middle class must be AUTHENTIC–and MEANINGFUL.  Otherwise, you are beating a dead horse to death.

      • NickDeringer

         Beck is right to get conservative values and principles into the conversations of the pop culture. That is where philosophy is communicated in a society.

        “Let me write the songs of a nation. I don’t care who writes its laws” – Andrew Fletcher  

        Be real with people and they will listen. You may get some push back, but you will also get some of those people to listen.

        Glenn is planning a tour of the country with Kali and the other artists from Restoring Love. Beck is becoming a great communicator and I think he can convince people that this is not about parties or Left and Right. It’s about Americanism. It’s about the values that benefit everyone.

      • Anonymous

        I am one of those 35-50 year olds. I like Obama and I have done quite well while he has been president. I also notice that unlike the last 3 Republican presidents he has pretty managed to keep from starting yet new wars to waste our young people and money on. People notice that sort of thing even if you don’t.  The problem you people have is that you really have nothing to offer young people.

    • Anonymous

      I believe youare echoing all Glenn’s points without realizing it

      • NickDeringer

         Yes. Glenn gets it. He just needs to use the right approach or he will be wasting his time.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    We are going to take the nation back, and it will not be a quick or easy fight. The paradigms shifted completely in DC in 2010, and for the culture and social ways of our nation in 2008, this means we have a new generation beginning to make the changes and the Old DC Guard fears for its grasp on power – both the left and the right.

    To have a class of ‘professional politicians’ ruling this land is abhorrant. The generation of “Y” is up and coming, and seeing the right things they need to do; as many of my generation have been struggling to get done for some time.

    Take it back this Nov, we need new blood and new commitment with accountability and responsibility in DC and in each of the states of the Union as a whole. Step by step we take it back and restore America to what she is suppose to be.

    • Anonymous

      So, we should have professionals running every other multi-billion organization in the country but not the multi-trillion dollar US government? You need to stop smoking so much weed.

  • Anonymous

    I did not get involved in politics until Obama was elected, when I read about Obama I knew the Democrats elected a College flunky Marxist with a agenda to destroy the US and now it is up to regular people like myself to be a part of this movement to get this communist junkie out of the Whitehouse.

    • Marisolbbh

      Bruce said I didn’t know that someone can earn $5572 in 1 month on the network. have you seen this(Click on menu Home)

    • Marisolbbh


      • Patty Miller

        Any messages to the young and the middle class must be AUTHENTIC–and MEANINGFUL.  Otherwise, you are beating a dead horse to death.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget about noticing he was black, too. Dollars to donuts that’s what really caught your eye. Regular people like yourself – God help us all. 

  • Anonymous

    We must defeat the enemy within.

  • David Sparkman

    My 5th great grandfather joined the Continental Army at the age of 12. Hard to believe, but his father had joined so young George Sparkman went along to drive wagons (See DAR records for George Sparkman – NC). Of my 6 sons, 5 are conservative, and my youngest particularly conservative throughout high school. They need a movement to make their ideas spread.

  • Sal Carrubba

    We must all stand together if we care about the future of our country. I’m not going to let some foreign born Marxist dictator wannabe destroy the United States.

  • Draxx

    I am 45 and when I try to talk to 20-30 year olds about politics, they shut down and get defensive (that dang liberal brainwashing) and do not want to talk about it.  Most of the time I don’t tell them my point of view right off because I want theirs’ without adding my own bias….

    But, most times it just seems like I am talking out loud to no one in particular.

    • Anonymous

      And so do too many in your age bracket–same reasons you give.  There are quite a few of this new middle class group in our community and it seems they just don’t care.  Try to tell them that the days of freedom are numbered and they think you have lost your mind–after all this IS the USA so nothing is going to happen (according to them).

      • new2la

        I sat my daughter down (42 years old) and explained what’s happening in the US and why she needs to pay attention. I explained the necessity of voting correctly in this election…..her response was typical. ” Mom, I had no idea!”

        I think if it’s explained in a non- confrontational, non-condescending manner, they will listen. Answering their questions with facts, especially with audio… their own words, you have a better chance of getting their attention. You can’t fake what actually comes out of someone’s mouth. They need to hear concern and caring, as opposed to hatred coming out of our mouths; Leave that to the liberal, democrat position.

  • Anonymous

    Many of the newer middle class generation really don’t care about politics.  These 35-50 year olds say they don’t want to be bothered, don’t want to talk about politics (or even religious topics), and claim ‘nothing is going to happen to the US so why worry.’   Believe it, it has been disheartening to hear folks in this age bracket say these things–you wonder if we can survive with attitudes like that.  It’s like the hippie generation now in high places–they were anti-establishment then and are anti-everything today.  Fortunately, there are enough who are concerned about this Nation and I believe they will turn it around making us stronger than before. 

    • Draxx

      I am part of a “Transitioning Generation”, my mom was a teenager in the 50’s to early 60’s and I was a teenager in the 80’s (my older brother and sister were teenagers in the 70’s).  My mother was Old School/Traditional mostly, my older siblings were teenage flower children more or less and were a combination of Semi-Traditional & Partiers.  I am one of the Few Traditionalist of my age group (and still spent a lot of time partying in the 80’s to AC/DC). But, the majority of my peers were more CareFree Spirits and seem to forget about Responsibility and Good Work Habits, and they did Not Want to Follow in their Parents Footsteps for whatever reasons I do not comprehend.  But it got worse… People that did not want responsibility were Having Kids, and many of them would drop off the kids with a babysitter at night, then go out and Party until the wee hours of the morning.  Decide they didn’t like their job anyway so they either quit or got fired for coming in late.  Grab the kids and spend the day at the river partying (I had no kids but when I was off work I was at the river too, but work Always Came First for me), and they would scrounge up money, get a babysitter and Repeat the Process…

      I am Still Waiting for Most of them to Grow Up!

      Their Kids grew up on Munchies and Video Games with No One to really hang out with them and do family things at night.  And the Problem Grew and Propagated like bacteria in a petrie dish.  Now it seems like all the kids want to do is eat Munchies, Play Video Games, and Hang Out on the Computer (instead of going out to a friends for some casual company). AND They are Definitely Not Part of My Generation…

      The Few that Got It the First Time are doing OK generally.  The Others that Woke Up Late and are getting it Now, are working Long Hours (sometimes two jobs per person) to catch up on Life and most are still behind the game and will not have anything to retire on.  The Majority are still Getting Wasted on their Drug of Preference (or multiple drugs) to try and forget the Crappy Life They Built for Themselves and their families.  These are the Main Ones that have Given Up and are willing to take whatever someone else hands them when it comes to Politics!

      The people I get along with Politically in Thinking are 5-15 years older than me…

      • Draxx

        I forgot to mention that the Political Thinking is More Traditionalist (Constitutionalist), More Freedoms, Less Politicians, Less Corruption, Less Government & Excessive Regulations, More Localized Gov’t as in by the States, Counties…

  • Anonymous

    Good.  We need a new kind of conservative media in order to reach the younger people.

    I hope this is it.  If they are honest and true to their principles, let’s hope they succeed.

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    Cowardisse..le raison d’etre

    • greywolfrs

      Sounds like you speak from experience.

  • greywolfrs

    I am 42 and have had many good conversations with young people. There are plenty of good conservative kids here in the greater L.A. area. Most do not shy away from having a political debate. (there are some that do not like it) For the most part, they seem to be waking up to the fact that Democraps are the plantation owners. These kids have gone to or are going to college and see the left wing biased from their “teachers.” Many are not happy that those “teachers” are simply trying to “convert” or indoctrinate them to the left wing.

    Actually, I would have to disagree with this article on one thing, it’s Generation X that is bringing the conservative movement to the net. Generation X is the first “computer generation.” We have been into computers since the time of the Atari 2600 and 8086. (wow, I just showed my age) We are the ones teaching the computer classes.

    In conclusion, I am glad these young people are doing it also. Everything counts in small amounts.

  • Anonymous

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  • Lioness

    It’s all about psychology when dealing with the message. Extremes are always cool, extreme socialism, anarchy, all part of the wall street rebellion . It’s that rebel in some, that desire to be different, regardless of how illogical, that creates all this chaos. What’s funny is that in their attempt to be different, they end up all alike and totally unaware of the fact that they’re following an old worn out, been their done that theme. What we have in America is really quite fresh, it just needs a face lift for the times but in the whole of recorded history it‘s really quite new. Repackage our republic and sell it. Conservatives are the true rebels in a constant struggle against tyranny.

  • Anonymous

    i consider my self still a  conservative i just go more toward independent side and
    tea party movement. but i do think younger generations to get the message out
    there. because it does seem like the older generations just are quiet.

  • Anonymous

    testing 123

  • Jimmy Z

    Smart young conservatives, yes. Leaders? No. I think that’s a stretch. And I also think that the conservative movement in this country is many more things that the box we put it in when we call a very small group of young people ‘leaders’. I have interviewed Mr. Crowder some time ago, before many people even knew who he was. And I’m not sure he would even call himself a ‘leader’ in the conservative movement. And by the way, there are many more young conservatives out there: Jayson Velley, Caiden Cowger, Connor Mullin just to name a few, and so many more whose names we don’t know.

    But the biggest part of this conservative movement is going to have to be God. If this nation does not turn back toward God, and we don’t have genuine Bible based revival, there is no amount of politics, no election victories, no old, middle aged or young people led conservative movement that can save the country. The problems are bigger than human efforts can repair. I hate to sound like a preacher here, because I’m not one, but we need a good old fashioned revival to save America. Anything less, and we won’t.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    “So, why is there this perception that conservatives are old and out of touch?”Maybe because they are?  Just a thought. 

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