Glenn: Paul Ryan pick shows Romney serious about fixing economy, shrinking government

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Returning from a week off on vacation, Glenn quickly dove into the biggest news of the past week: Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan to be his running mate as he prepares to ramp up his campaign for the White House!

“Mitt Romney has picked a solid, smart conservative for his vice-presidential running mate,” Glenn said.

“This guy was selected because of his budget credibility. This to me signals that Mitt Romney is serious about fixing the economy, serious about fixing the budget, serious about cutting the size of Federal Government. That is tremendous news, tremendous news.”

Glenn praised the choice over that of rumored contenders Condoleezza Rice and Tim Pawlenty, both of whom have less-than-stellar conservative credentials.

While many are heralding Paul Ryan for his budget plan and policy stances, he has also been praised for championing his faith in public. He is on the record as being firmly pro-life, and in his announcement speech he declared “our rights come from nature and God, not from government.”

Ryan and Romney have started to make media and campaign stops, granting their first interview to 60 Minutes’s Bob Schieffer. In the interview, Ryan showed he was able to keep the conversation firmly where it belongs, on the failure of the Obama presidency, rather than on any cheap diversions:

SCHIEFFER: You said yesterday — I’m going to quote you, Mr. Ryan — America is a place where if you work hard and play by the rules, you can get ahead. But the fact is a lot of people don’t think that’s true anymore. They don’t think the rules are fair. They think corporations and rich people are getting all these breaks and they’re getting stuck with paying the bills. They see some of the wealthiest paying the lowest tax rates. How are you going to fix that?

RYAN: What I see is a new amount of crony capitalism and corporate welfare which both parties have been engaged in but the President has brought this to a whole new level, where President Obama is picking winners and losers based on connections, paced on fads like Solyndra and basically giving handouts to businesses, giving preferences to the tax code. We want to get Washington out of the business of being winners and losers. We want entrepreneurs to have the barriers removed from in front of them so that people can work hard and succeed. We want to turn the American idea back up. We want a system of upward mobility and what we think we need to do is bring fairness back to the system by giving government bureaucracy and political clout out of the system. Those are the kinds of reforms we want.

SCHIEFFER: Doesn’t fairness dictate that the wealthiest people should not be paying the lowest taxes, because that’s what’s happening many times.

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: Fairness dictates that the highest income people should by the greatest share of taxes and they do and the commitment that I’ve made is we will not have the top income earners in this country pay a smaller share of the tax burden. The highest income people will continue to pay the largest share of the tax burden and middle income taxpayers under my plan get a break. Their taxes come down.

“Not a bad start, not a bad start before the campaign has really even started,” Glenn said.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Indeed, Romney in the choice of Ryan has so severly outmaneuvered the Democrats that they still do not fully understand their own nightmare has become reality – they see Ryan as the death knell for the Republicans (as they did with the Tea Party). He is the one who can engage on their battlefield with facts and truth, to which they have no defense.

    This Nov, we will shake the tree of the Republic and Conservatism free of all Democrats and the Marxist leaders of Mr Obama and his administration; we will win this battle and continue to ensure the restoration carries out into the future.

    This November we take the nation back.
    Then in January, the trials of the administration commence.

    • Leanne E. Vega

      This to me signals that Mitt Romney is serious about fixing the economy, serious about fixing the budget, serious about cutting the size of Federal Government.(Click on menu Home)

      • Paolina Garcia

         Please don’t include that link when you comment. If you want to scam people, please go to democrat websites to do so, rather than hurt your own. Thanks.

    • greywolfrs

      Not that I wouldn’t like to see that happen, but you do realize that no administration has ever prosecuted a former administration, right? See, these guys would be worried about future administrations doing the same to them, therefore, it has never happened and will never happen.

  • Revan

    I feel we put too much faith in this election and not enough on Jesus. Can we be sure Mr. Romney is the right choice for the republic or will he betray us? Will he really repeal Obama care or backstab us like one did already? Is he our only hope? If you’re honest if yourself you will know better than to put trust in any man of this world. No matter who you vote for don’t make the mistake of trusting them only put your trust in God not man interested in power.

    • Juan Antonio Castro

       My dear christian brother:  some numbers for you  only 50% of Christians are registered to vote out of those only half actually voted in the last presidential election, do you believe that if Christians had been involved in the Political process the left would have gotten away with all the legislation they have pushed on us for the last 50 years???

      • Revan

        My brother if God is leading you to vote than who am I to stand in your way but we must not forget who in the sits on the throne and who has the last say. I believe God Put Obama in the white house to wake people up. If it is God’s will for Mitt to be president so be it I will not stand in the way. We must not forget holds the real power and what is fake power.

  • Anonymous

    Wow.  Its official.  America is moving towards a plutocracy.  I pray to God that Romney doesn’t follow his tax plan, but I believe he probably will.  This is it middle America, open your pockets and break open your piggy banks because we will be the ones that will be hurting and paying for this country.

    I thought America for freedom away from this kind of sheriff of notthingham style tyranny?  Now we are selling away to the rich elite and wall street.

    America has lost direction, we have moved to a pure consumerist country.  Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, cheap, cheap, cheap.  Thats why everything is outsourced.  Glenn posted a while back about his 1776 jean being made in the US and all the posts on here were complaints about the price of the jeans.  Wake up america!  We need to bring back Manufacturing to this country this outsourcing is crazy, we’re now outsourcing R&D to china and india, instead of using American talent.

    I don’t see this in Romney or Ryan’s “values”.  There needs to be some tariffs for goods made outside of America, otherwise how else are America business going to compete?  We can’t trust ourselves to “buy american” becasue we just want stuff and that stuff better be cheap.

    • Anonymous

      Wow you believe the rhetoric. I can’t even stand Romney as I think he is a Neo-con, but even I know all this outsourcing stuff is a lie that the Liberals have fabricated. Out sourcing is caused when taxes are too high. Businesses pay far more taxes than they pay wages. You can tax the rich all you want but leave the business alone so they can pay employees. I am in favor of $250k or more a year person paying 40% taxes, but the businesses should pay 0% as they employ and can use that money to invest. If the invest they get bigger, if they get bigger they have to hire. 

      • Anonymous

        Problem is that the most vital part of the small business operates in such a way that it is taxed as personal income. Hence “$250k or more a year person paying 40% taxes” would mean that almost all really small businesses would be choked to death with 40% taxation.
        There are only two really fair solutions:
        1) Tax all income by anyone (or any corporation) without any exemptions possible at same rate. Those earning more will still pay the major share but EQUAL share in proportion to everyone else. No rich person or big corporation would be able to weasel out by spending on lawyers. Guaranteed fairness and equal treatment for all.
        2) Semi-fair solution that would actually tax rich proportionally more by taxing equally all purchases and abandoning any taxation of income. Again, equal treatment for all as every product is taxed the same but this time rich who buy more than proportionally expensive stuff would likely end up picking larger share than in case (1). Again, no exemptions or loopholes for anyone to exploit.

        Side effect of both solutions above is dramatic cut in Government size and scope as now IRS would be doing quite trivial job not needing but a fraction of resources and very few employees. Fairness directly causes thrift in Government…

        • Juan Antonio Castro

           Another plus : it will put thousands of liwyers out of work!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          romney wants to lower the top rate from 35% to 25% corporate and persons makng more than 250k a year…anyone makng under 250k will pay 10% if im not mistaken…sounds like the issue has been addressed and you just missed it

        • OscarK44

          Flat tax or Fair tax, yes that would help, I think I like the fair tax a little better. I don’t know if either will cut the size of the I.R.S. they will still be busy policing our healthcare, unless we can get it repealed. I would be more than happy with the flat tax though.

      • Anonymous

        Taxes might be a part of it, but labor cost is the main reason for outsourcing. We Americans love our cheap crap. I was at a national big box tool store this weekend. Everything in there was made in China. My favorite item which was in the discount section of the store was 3″ x 5″ American Flag which of course is made in China. The instruction for use were in terrible translated in english. This just seem so wrong and an exact example of how of course we are. No respect for anything. All about make a $.

        Did you read Ryans tax plan? under that a person at the same income as Romney would pay next to nothing in tax.

        Us in middle income american won’t have that luxury. Either party leaves us screwed unfortunately.

    • Anonymous

      Have you listened to VP naming speeches (and those given by both Romney and Ryan repeatedly after)? Among 5 top priorities they want addressed in first 100 days is… making our international trade fair for US and addressing unequal situation with likes of China. Part of it are most likely tariffs, there are not many other options. They also stated the obvious about it: such action will bring more manufacturing jobs here…

    • Anonymous

      As long as America will be a free market for importers, the dollar will continue to survive, bu it is hurting America in the long run. Where else on earth can you see a `free`market to export goods. Try buying American products in China and see what the price becomes. Try buying a Cadillac in Germany and see what the price is. It is not only Obama who is selling out Americans, it happened with republicans too. I suggest that government people are getting BIG kickbacks to look the other way and are being bought out by the greed for MONEY. That`s why there is so much effort to stay re-elected at any cost. An honest person doesn`t stand a chance to be in Washington for long.

      • greywolfrs

        That is not true, Ron Paul has been there for a very long time.

  • Russell Bennett

    Yes, Paul Ryan is perfect for Mitt Romney and the establishment Republican Party ticket. Here’s the Republican Liberty Caucus of Wisconsin’s summary of his voting record…

  • Anonymous

    There is no other explanation Mr Beck . Gov Romney knows that the Dems would resort to their gutter politics. He knows that they will demonise and accuse Cong Ryan of “throwing” granny over the cliff but yet he chose Cong Ryan. If this does not signal seriousness, I dont know what is.  

    BO plan for this country is doling out more food stamps, contraception and executive dream act to name a few. Poverty rate has gone up dramatically since 2009 and the only ball BO has his eye on is his golf balls!!! It has all been a big vacation for BO and his family under tax payers dime whilst the fiscal death spiral continues

    BO has spelt it out for you that since he doesnt have a good record, he will demonise the other side. So why are you still believing the lies and distortion he is dishing out?

    mark my words. when BO starts to drop in the polls, something in terms of national security will happen. There is nothing he will not do to scare voters. I urge you to be strong and dont fall for it.

    A country with a weak economy is a weak and vulnerable country.  Hope and Change cant keep us safe nor will it put food on the table!!!

    Your choice, you can either vote for Gov Romney and Con Ryan who represent Leadership, Courage and Honesty or maybe you prefer Obama/Biden, No Leadership, Lies and More Lies. It is not rocket science

    • mspatdev

      I agree with you “PYPYPY  Between the sleezey media and Obammy/Biden, we the American people can’t afford them. I have some friends that are on low income, because of Obammys work that he sent over seas,  and they have to pay for medication that they desparately need. They had help, but since Obammy put into law to help with contraceptives, these people can’t get their medications as it cost them about $25.00 or more to get it. $25.00 to some people is nothing, but these people it means living to see tomorrow. They are young and older people. What’s wrong with people buying their own contraceptives? This is part of ObammyCare. Is this what we want to live with in the next 4 years. The Dems haven’t said what they are going to do in the next 4 yrs. I for sure wouldn’t listen to them, as they are full of lies and very dishonest, very disceptive and sneaky. What a shame for the good people of U.S.A. Obammy has convinced so many people to be lazy. Live off of your neighbor, he’ll help take care of you. Obammy has made the youth of America very lazy. They don’t want to work, they have all of the handouts given to them free.  DO YOU ALL WANT TO LIVE THIS WAY IN THE NEXT 4 YEARS?  You won’t have anything to be proud of and you sure won’t have your FREEDOM. Obammy is a FAR-LEFT SOCIALIST COMMUNISIM, TERRORIST PIG.  I sure don’t want them around. I LOVE MY COUNTRY. i LOVE TO WORSHIP AS PLEASE. I LOVE MY FREEDOM. I LOVE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE  to create their own jobs and expand their companies so other people can also work. I hate what obammy has done for the U.S.A.     GOD BLESS AMERICA 

      • Anonymous

        I hear what you are saying mspatdev. I pray more and more people will wake up to BO lies. He and his co-horts have been caught lying so many times and on live TV as well eg, his assistant campaign manager claiming that she doesnt know who Mr Soptic (the man who more or less called Gov Romney a murder in the Priorities USA superPac AD) when there is a taped conference call she had with this man months prior. then there is DNC chair Cong DWS who said yesterday that she does not know which party the man (Bill Burton) who runs Priorities USA is affiliated with the Dem Party. Come on, Really? Even I know and, I am but a humble and simple person.

        BO and his people have no integrity and will continue to practice their gutter politics of smear and lies.

        Gov Romney knows that BO and his campaign will demonise Cong Ryan till Kingdom come and it may very well jeapardise his chances for being elected as our 45th President but nonetheless chose Cong Ryan. This shows selflessness and love of country! Cong Ryan is right when he said during his introduction on Saturday that BO/politicians are more concern for their own election than the next generation!!! Yes BO will lie, do and say anything, just to get re-elected. I hope undecided voters and independants will give Gov Romney and Cong Ryan the chance and opprtunity to save this country.

        4 years ago, Joe the Plummer incident was a warning sign and it gave us a glimpse into the future, into what the Obama presidency would be like but many chose to voters ignore it. They were seduced by his eloquent speeches and web of lies of “we are not red states or blue states but the United States”
        There has been many occasions where BO when he became POTUS gave us a glimpse into what his second term would be like, eg if you have a successful business you didnt built that”, then you have all many incidents where he used tax payers hard earn $$$ to fund companies like Solyndra. This turn out to be a payback to his bundlers. The continued demonisation of the rich and Wall Street (yeah Wall St is so evil that his DOJ will not prosecute Goldman Sachs) All these are tell tale signs of what his second term would be like and if you think these past 4 years is bad, you aint seen nothing.

        To those of you who were seduced by him, you have been given a second chance to right the wrong, use it wisely or loose it. God Bless

        • mspatdev

          I could have said a whole bunch more of Obammy, but decided not to as I was taking up to much space. You said this better then I for the moment. I’m glad their is other Americans that feel like I do. In fact, their better be a few million people who feel like us. I didn’t vote for Obammy the first time as I knew he wouldn’t do what he said he was going to do, he hasn’t. As far as I am concerned HE has committed the biggest SIN of all, by taking the hard earned $$’s of the American people and spending it foolishly. Many people in the Dems. party told O that spending all that money to help Solyndra and other companies would be diaster. He told them to mind their own business and he was helping them. He was the king and he was right.  NO, NO. WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE NEED TO TELL OBAMMY THAT NO, NO HE CAN’T RUIN US ANYMORE. He has divided this country so much. I wonder what Martin L. King would say to him, if he was alive.  Mr. King worked hard and lost his life for Freedom and Obammy takes it away in less then 3 1/2 yrs.  Obammy isn’t for the good of this country, only to fill his pockets with gold, silver and bronse.  He hasn’t done anything good for the U.S.A. since he has been in office. He doesn’t even take of his brother in Africa. DOES HE PAY THE GOVERNMENT FOR THE USE OF AIR-FORCE ONE WHEN HE IS OUT COMPAIGNING OR COMPLAINING?  He has raised millions of dollars, he can afford to pay me a taxpayer for the use of my Plane. Maybe the Media can help pay for the plane they ride on. The Media lies just like O does. What is the Media going to do when Romney is President?  I wouldn’t take the snoobs with me, they can stay home. There is so much crookedness in government anymore and especially more of it since Obammy was elected. Doesn’t he ever think of others, besides himself. He is the Clown, Dishonest, conniving in our every day lives, Lier, Frauder and many more things. I have know respect for Obammy.  He has been telling the same lies he told 5 years ago. LOOK AT AMERICA.  IS THIS WHAT WE WANT?  HECK NO!!!!!!!!   GOD LESS AMERICA……

          • Anonymous

            mspatdev, no you said it very well and it is how I feel too. also the main thing is you see through what BO is trying to do. There are alot of things I like to say to but sometimes find it hard to put into words. BTW, dont feel bad about taking up too much space and esp when you are telling the truth. Didnt Mr Beck once said, “the truth will set you free” My memory isnt good but this is what I remember from watching Glenn Beck when he was on Fox and I missed it!

            It is very infruriating to watch how BO, his campaign people and surrogates lie and misled in front of life TV and even more infuriating is they dont care that we know!!! (as Mr Beck would say, you feel like blood is going to shoot out of your eyes!!. Believe me, I feel like that watching BO on the stump and the man feels so comfortable saying all those lies!!)

            BO policies instead of helping the poor like they claim, is hurting the poor most!!! His policies (eg Obamacare) have made the economy worst with businesses either having to shut shop or let employees go. This has a knock on effect and what does he do? He encourages more people to go on welfare!!! Does this make sense to you. He made things worst, destroys the private sector and then want to tax you more “to alleviate” the problem  the problems he cause!!! One can also look at it in a different way, it is BO way of trying to destroy the private sector and put in place Govt Sector. The more public worker he has the more it will translate in votes!!!!

            There is a film that is coming out called Obama 2016. Of course the left is furious, attacking the makers of it showing their shameless double standard. I hope it comes out on DVD soon cos I will be watching that but truth be told, i dont need to watch to know what 2016 would be like if Obama secures another term!!! There has been alot of his tell tale signs. I think before he was elected (cant be sure about this) he said he would destroy the coal industry and he is doing that. All you need to do is go to WV. It is living proof for what BO has done! GB America!

  • Stan Gunn


  • Karen Rose


  • l.a

    The american football show vote romney btw

  • Anonymous

    Look for Obama and his campaign staff to slander Romney and Ryan and the Liberal lying media to back there slandering. Obama will run the dirtiest campaign in US history and the liberal media will be right there supporting this disraceful Democratic Administration.

    • Anonymous

      Romney-Ryan represent sincere straightforward ideas with a serious budget and plans to reform what is totally defunct in Washington,  and people are paying attention!!!!! What do you call a party that deceives the Republic, changes the laws, ignores the people, and totally destroys their infra-structure? 

  • Sarbjit

    Ryan and Willard are part of the beast that eats the American people’s savings. They both plan on to continue the destruction of honest capitalism and implement world government as past CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) members of government have done so. It is depressing to find out that Glenn Beck is among those useful idiots who is being used for control by the secret society to control  the entire globe by it’s central banks. The issue here is the Federal Reserve system, which ignites these meaningless wars that run on the Rothschild Formula. Foreign policy has become a tool to create a New World Order under the pretense of “doing good for human rights” and crushing enemies that in reality were financed by the Western countries, especially the US. As I see it, Willard/Ryan share the policy fabric as Obama is directed by the network and its Round Table. These ‘candidates’ are willing to advocate central planning through witnessed under George W Bush in the form of TARP,Medicare spending, Patriot Act, unconstitutional wars, central banking, amnesty for illegals, inflation/deflation, high unemployment, rescue of Auto industry, unwanted agencies that breach liberties, fiat currency, nation building, war propaganda, financing enemies, foreign oil, funding of abortion,etc. Instead of this, Glenn Beck plays politics just because Obama has the Democrat title to his name. Nothing at all about constitutional principles, however, just about sending his guy to the White House, without status quo unwavering. 

  • Anonymous

    How about a few Acronyms for Romney & Ryan:  

    America’s R & R = Let’s get America’s Train on the right track!

    R & R = Remove & Replace = remove Obama & Biden and replace them with Romney & Ryan

    R & R = Repair & Restoration = repair the economy & restore America back to the way she used to be

    R & R = Relief & Rehabilitation = relief from the current Tyranny & rehabilitate those who have been blinded by our current dictator

    R & R= Removal & Reassemble = Remove Pelosi, Harry Reid, & on & on, Reassemble the House & Senate with true servers of America who know their Roles & Responsibilities!

    R & R = Refuse & Resist = refuse to ever let our guard down again & resist the skeems of the devil!

    R & R = And then & only then can we Rest & Relax 

    • Anonymous

      janet,  Send your ideas to the RNC and give them the ”go-ahead” if they want to use


  • Tom Roach

    Nathan Osmond (of The Osmond Family) has an amazing video on youtube titled “Stars & Stripes” that HONORS our military, their families and OUR flag.  No actors, only military and family members star in this video. Please check out “Stars & Stripes” by Nathan Osmond on youtube.

  • Tom Roach

    Nathan Osmond (of The Osmond Family) has an amazing video on youtube titled “Stars & Stripes” that HONORS our military, their families and OUR flag.  No actors, only military and family members star in this video. Please check out “Stars & Stripes” by Nathan Osmond on youtube.

  • zzyes

    Beck needs to start supporting Obama’s challenger, whoever he may be. Glen  can sway voters  one way or the other. I am convinced that he swayed voters away from McCain which is why Obama is in the white house now. (I’ll use capitols when a real American gets back in there.) Enough for an Obama victory, along with other talk show hosts.
    Anyone who thinks McCain would have been worse or no different than Obama is an idiot .
    Primaries are for nit picking. Once we have a candidate, you either support him or watch the Marxists take over.

    • Anonymous

      That`s funny, I`m sure I read just last week that Beck thought that Ryan was a bad running mate for Romney.

      • Anonymous

        y.p.,  Yes, he was one of those The Blaze said re the 5 people who should NOT

        be Romney’s VP pick.  I had to go back and reread the article.  I agreed with

        them, in that, Ryan had done a good job in the House and perhaps he would be

        more effective there.  We’ll have to wait and see how things develop, however.

      • greywolfrs

        Actually, you are wrong, the Blaze had that story. They did not say he was a “bad” choice, they said he could do more by staying in Congress as the head of the budget committee.

  • dan bear

    There’s a flaw inherent in taxing income. No matter how you want to change an income tax code, to make it “fair” or “unfair” or “more efficient,” the flaw will remain.  And that flaw is, how do you define income?  Think about it for an hour or two.  Consider all the different scenarios.  Regardless of how you define income, people will be able to shift their finances so as to redistribute what is considered to be income and thus avoid any tax rates they feel are too burdensome. The best answer is to prohibit taxation based on income.  Currently, the most well researched and thought out tax reform plan is The Fair Tax, which does away with the income tax as its first requisite.  I should mention, because many apparently don’t know, The Fair Tax isn’t just an idea or concept, it’s already written into Congressional Bill form, ready to be debated and passed.  Unlike a flat tax or “give the middle class a break” or other unspecified reforms, The Fair Tax doesn’t need to be speculated about – you can read its details.

  • Anonymous

    Ryan is as full of shit as glenn beck!!!
    If he is so “anti government/debt” why did he vote “yeah” over a half a dozen bills that added over 3 trillion to the US debt?
    Trust me…glenn and Ryan won’t have an answer…
    only more lies!!!

    • SoThere

      Folks, strtlk is the face of the liberal progressive liars and hatemongers in this country.  He is the reason for real change.
      Save America, vote Conservative.

    • greywolfrs

      Hey. it’s sticky chin, the coward.

      • Anonymous

        actually, your sister wasn’t “sticky”…

        • SoThere

          greywolf, if you read strtlks posts that he has judged himself to be a vulgar little hatemonger who lied about his military service (never served but claimed he did) and threatened the lives of Glenn Beck and the SCOTUS and actually threatened to shut me up in a “face to face” confrontation. I told him that I’d take him up on that, even set a time and place but as all moronic leftists do, he didn’t show up. (Chicken shit)

          Next he attacked my wife and children on this forum.

          He judges people for what they are and so do I, he a lying vulgar little man and a liberal Progressive who lives in Seattle Washington. He and his ilk are the reason we need to Save America and Vote Conservative.

          I have all his posts to back up what I just posted here, in his own words. He’s a tick on the ass of humanity and a hatemonger.

          I thought you should know.

        • greywolfrs

          That all you got, coward? The troll is weak with you.

    • SoThere

      Another intelligent vulgar post from a Liberal Progressive hatemonger.

      Strtlk is the face of Liberal Progressives in this country.

      Save America, vote Conservative.

  • Anonymous

    I am so mad, the radio station here in Knoxville took Glenn off the air.

  • Adam W Ruplinger

    TRUE Fairness would be returning to the tax system set up by our founders IN THE Constitution.  It is the most fair system ever devised!  Get rid of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve and IRS, and return to the Constitution.  That is the answer! 

    • Anonymous

      And while your at it, get rid of Dept. Of Ed,EPA,and the Dept. Of Interior

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    On FB this weekend, two very educated intelligent people that I know were excited that BO was in town… I just do not get it.  Have they not been watching the last three years?  

    This VP announcement gives me hope for this years election, but I am still worried that so many are still supporting BO :(

  • Anonymous

    On FB this weekend, two very educated intelligent people that I know were excited that BO was in town… I just do not get it.  Have they not been watching the last three years?  
    This VP announcement gives me hope for this years election, but I am still worried that so many are still supporting BO :(

  • Jalina Susan Stutte

    Romney did good with Ryan and now Im seeing the light for our coutry’s future. I just hope Pres. Romney will choose as wisely on his cabinet members, starting with Allen West in charge of Defense.

  • Anonymous

    I have mixed feelings about Ryan as VP because I think he did a damn fine job in the House.

    Will he have any restrictions as VP to work on his budget and hone it into something which can

    readily pass Congress?   And will it be effective in curing some of our problems?

    Lord knows, if he had been appointed as a Czar of the Economy, there would probably be no

    problem to get it up and running without doing that pesky Congress vote!       Good luck and

    best wishes to R & R—-the Dems will be shooting for them—BIG TIME!  (With additional help

    from the media.)

    • greywolfrs

      I have my questions as well. I think Ryan would be better staying in Congress and retaining his role as head of the budget committee, as the VP is largely a symbolic role.

      • Anonymous

        Well, wolf, as one of the talking heads mentioned on FoxNews on Mon. (forget

        who and which show—I only watch 3—Cavuto, Bret B. and O’R.)—GW’s VP 

        played a more active role than most VP’s have historically.   And we all know

        how well Dick Cheney is loved!

  • Poison_ Monkey

    Two mathematically (financially) sound nerds verses two cash
    for clunker’s?    

  • Handsome DeVille

    Around 4:50, Glenn says that Ryan can answer without getting tongue tied.
    I wanna expand more on this: Every time I listen to Paul Ryan, not only is he fluid and articulate in his speech, but he is eager (to me, this is a very tame word) to answer, and carries himself extremely well.  I think this is the perfect ticket.  I haven’t been this confident in many years.

  • Anonymous

    I argue that Romney picked Ryan bc it was the right political move.  If we are honest with ourselves, most of us can acknolwedge that Romney is hardly a conservative.  Therefore, in order to pander to the conservative/tea party crowd, it makes total sense for Romney to pick Ryan, who is a hell of a lot more conservative than he is.  I wish Beck could keep it real and a the very least fathom this obvious motive.  Instead, he paints a very convenient and selfless picture of Romney.  He makes it seem as though, all of a sudden Romney serious about the economy.  UMMmm,so he wasn’t serious about it before?   To me it seems, as though ROmney is serious about making sure that people, the grassroots of the conservative movement, see him as some sort of ardent conservative. When he is not.  Let’s  call it what it is.

  • Joan A Boyd

    Romney-Ryan have to show an example of the $250,000+ income with the tax write offs included and then what will happen when we take the loop holes out of the tax system and how that same example does pay the full percentage required by the rules as of now for that level.  Every time the liberals bring up the rich show them the plan on how even this corrupt tax code can be fixed!!

  • harris

    On FOX, Paul Ryan’s high school government teacher was inviewed and he was asked who he was going to vote for.  This guy said that he would still vote fo Obama.  What the Hell is wrong with this teacher?  He is a government teacher and he is going to vote for Obama.  That is a perfect example of what is wrong with the American Education System. 

  • harris

    How the Hell did the Liberal bias media get the right to be commentators in the different debates?  Why is FOX not included.  We know where CNN, ABC, CBS, and NPR stand.

    • Victor Tiffany

      Because Fox is not a news network. They are a propaganda channel. The only people, who don’t know this, are the suckers on the far right. You know, like fans of Glenn Beck, the Joseph Goebbels of the 21st Century.

      • Guest

        Because you are a total idiot whose idiocy increases daily no one cares about your ignorant opinion. You are a sucker on the far left, and your continued display of stupidity equating Glenn Beck with a Nazi, this time Goebbles, other times Hitler, is a signpost on your road to madness. 

        People like you got Obama elected and don’t want people to have to be responsible casting votes by showing picture ID of themselves – (People against this are only  interested in misrepresenting themselves, and committing vote fraud). 

        Fortunately you are a loud but small minority of the voting public. You can your sorry butt out of here at any time, you will not be missed.

      • CaptainAmerica

        You are no one to judge what a news network is, since you think Rachel Madcow is a source of veracity and not a propagandist. 

        I find your continued attempts at hanging the Nazi swastika here and on people here including Beck extremely offensive! If you aren’t smearing Beck or someone else you aren’t drawing breath. Your lies have become all the more offensive over time. As a matter of fact, your being allowed to come here every day and spread more lies and smears of people is a Terms Of Use violation, and if the moderator will not ban you from posting here, I will personally make it quite difficult for your idiocy to continue by keeping the pressure on you to the point you can’t post here without getting flagged and without having many people countering your stupidity here. It is already happening, and you can expect it only to become more prevalent over time. 

        Anyone reading this post is welcome to join me in driving this nuisance poster from this site, especially since his only message here is one of negative and egregious name calling and lie upon lie. In his feeble mind, everyone is as weak willed as he is and can be persuaded by his vile accusations and continuous lies. I am here to say NO to Victor, and anyone who wants to is welcome to join me. 

        His hope is you will buy his lies and Obama will be reelected to continue destroying America. My hope is the opposite, and we will overcome the efforts of Victor and those like him by opposing them at every turn, especially at the ballot box like we did in 2010.

        This is a call to action for all patriotic souls, join me in fighting the good fight and defeating the evil that has gotten a foothold in our nation because of people like Victor Tiffany and Barack Hussein Obama!

      • Guest

        You may as well have been describing you own failed blog…

  • Anonymous

    Wait…… Didn’t Paul Ryan vote to go to war in Iraq, and didn’t he vote for the 700 billion but lets be honest 12 trillion dollar Tarp? Didn’t he vote for the 15 billion dollar Auto bailout and the 200 billion dollar stimulus?

    • greywolfrs

      Most people in Congress voted to go to Iraq, and? The Stimulus was over 700 billion, TARP was about 250 billion, please, do some research before spouting your stupidity. Most people Congress voted for both of those and the Auto Bailout came out of the Stimulus, it was not separate, as you are implying. Since Obamao was OK with it, why do you have a problem with Ryan? Oh, my bad, you are just another hypocrite.

      Maybe you forgot this quote:

      “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a Sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. …Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here’. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and Grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

      And you have the nerve to talk trash about anyone else? Dunce.

      • Anonymous

        The 12 trillion comes from all the liabilities the Fed backed up throughout the world.

        As for most other people voting for it how does that concern my vote. I wouldn’t vote for most people in congress.

        And as for you quoting Obama again what does that have to do with my vote, I’m not voting for Obama. I’m voting for Gary Johnson, and if you feel that a vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama then I truly feel sorry for you and this country.

        I see no significant difference between Obama or Romney. Romney’s budget increases the debt just as much if not more than Obama’s

        • greywolfrs

          Hey stupid, I have been a Libertarian for a very long time. (over 14 years) I voted for Ron Paul last time and will be doing the same this time. I would be willing to bet you voted for Obamao last time. Maybe if you do not want to be seen as a left wing shill, you should balance out what you say.

          On another note, you do realize that most Libertarians are more Conservative than most Republicans, right? Do you even know the difference?

          P.S. 700 billion does not leverage 12 trillion in any alternate reality.

          • Anonymous

            Conservatives believe in the status quo hence the name conservative. They do not believe in any sort of societal change both economically and especially culturally.

            I am a libertarian but I could never be a conservative because being a conservative defies all logic and reason. How can one be conservative in an ever changing world, it makes no sense

          • greywolfrs

            Conservative means nothing of the sort. Status quo is a term used by people to try make “conservatives” out to be anti-progress, which is wholly false. Progress depends on what one is intending to “progress” to. True conservatives are concerned with what that progress encompasses. True conservatives believe that the founders had it correct from the start, hence what was written in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Keeping the government out of the lives of the people was the intended purpose of those documents. True conservatives realize that times change, people change and things change, but that does not mean those original tenets are not still true today. You had better read the tenets of Libertarianism, because it states that following our founding documents to the letter is the way things should be done. That would fly directly in the face of your statement and beliefs. Going back to small government, big freedom would be regressing. What makes no sense is throwing out a good idea for idea that has NEVER worked.

            In conclusion, everything you have just stated is the definition of a “progressive,” not a Libertarian. You really should look up the difference between the two and then compare them.

  • greywolfrs

    I can see why Conservatives would like this pick, but I would agree with the story on The Blaze. Ryan is going from an extremely important role, head of the budget committee, to the VP, which is mostly symbolic. I think he could actually do more good if he stayed in Congress on the budget committee.

    P.S. This quote describes Obamao perfectly: Sometimes giving someone a second chance is like giving them am extra bullet for their gun, because they missed you the first time.

  • Anonymous

    Romney-Ryan definitely represent honest workers for the American people, and WE are the ones who make this country work..not those on welfare, food stamps, and who rely on the government…Its the hard working people and businesses who get off their buts everyday and put in their 10 hour days.    Obama is intellectually exhausted and out of ideas, he has become stale bread.   There is nothing hopeful or truthful about their message, look at the tone and the hateful rhetoric they spew jealousy and anger directed against the American people.  Its Obama-Biden that are throwing Granny over the Cliff, not Paul Ryan, Obama robbed 716 billion from Medicare to pay for Obama care,,(to buy votes).  The President doesn’t even have any plans to reform Medicare, and our children and grandchildren will not get Medicare because it will be broke!  That is an absolute surety!   There is one thing for sure as you talk to people, the negativity of the Obama campaign has totally turned people against him.

  • Donald Singer

    Paul Ryan’s voting record includes votes for the TARP bailouts, the auto bailouts, the massive Medicare expansion, the unprecedented federal intrusion into public education via No Child Left Behind, the 2008 stimulus package, and the $192B 2009 stimulus package. Why am I supposed to believe that NOW he is for small government?

  • Donald Singer

    Paul Ryan’s voting record includes votes for the TARP bailouts, the auto bailouts, the massive Medicare expansion, the unprecedented federal intrusion into public education via No Child Left Behind, the 2008 stimulus package, and the $192B 2009 stimulus package.  Why am I supposed to believe, NOW, that he is a small government conservative? If there is anything I’ve learned from watching Glenn over the years, it is to look at the actions of a pollitician and not the words.

    • Victor Tiffany

      Romney/Ryan did another flip flop in near record time after Akins described Ryan/Romney’s view against abortion, even when the woman was raped.  It took about a day for both of them to flip from their agreement with Akins to falsely claim that they do not agree with Akins.

      In 2004, being a flip-flopper (Kerry) was mocked by the right. This year, Romney’s many, many flip flops on important issues, are IGNORED by the right-wing propaganda machines.

      Exercising double standards is par for propagandists like Mr. Beck. 

      • AdamAnt

        Exercising double standards is par for propagandists like you.

        You simply copy and paste your way through life don’t you?

      • Sandie

         You obviously have things mixed up. There was more than one issue about agreement/disagreement. You want to believe there was just the one, and it is as Akins claims . Again you don’t know what you are talking about. Biased ASSimilation again, Victor.

      • Sandie

        You offer no proof.

  • Victor Tiffany

    Paul Ryan pick shows Romney desperate to shore up the far-right Republican base.

    That would be the honest headline, but we do not expect honesty from Glenn Beck dot com.

    • Guest

      Blah Blah Blah BS

      • Victor Tiffany

        That’s intelligent…NOT.

        You must be Beckerhead.

        • Sandie

          You must be an A$$hole Beckerhead.

          • Victor Tiffany

            Ignorance is your forte.  Informed people, like the intelligent Republicans, don’t give Beck the time of day.

            Racists, though, like Benny, the racist Beckerhead, Hill, love and defend Beck’s many lies.

          • AdamAnt

            Your record of idiocy continues. Only an imbecile like you thinks these stupid lies and half truths affect anyone – you are the Tokyo Rose of this site.

          • VindicatorX

            Racist? How did you arrive at that conclusion?

            Apparently you think if you speak it, it is so.

            How narcissistic of you.

          • Guest

            Vicky Tiffy has a whole drawer full of race cards – right next to the petticoats..

          • VindicatorX

            Now there is a disturbingly accurate picture! MY EYES! MY EYES!!!

          • Sandie

            Your just jealous because no one will defend YOUR LIES!

        • Sandie

           Why Victor, you use the same “Blah Blah Blah” response yourself, guess that makes you NOT intelligent and a Beckerhead also.

    • Anonymous

      What about your lies, Vicky<2?

      How about these many lies from you Victor:1). You never coined the term "Yellow Propaganda," yet you defended that claim for three days.2). There were 24 SEALs on the Bin Laden raid, not 39 Seals.3). There is not limit on the number of post one individual can place in athread on this website.4). Your posts are not disappearing.5). Taxing the rich will solve the budget problem.6). Glenn Beck was fired from Fox News.7). Fox News lost money on Glenn Beck.8). You never made a joke about Jesus and sheep, and then had to later edit because you really did.9). I nor anyone else has threatened you on this or any other website.10)You lie about Benny__Hill and say he is a racist. It's not true. How quickly can I find a post where you have said as much?11) You claim Sandie has violated the cyber stalking law. It's not true. That's one you'll need to prove. If it were true, and you had filed a complaint, she would already be being prosecuted.12)You claimed you you are an educated man that acts like a 56 y/o, yet your posts prove otherwise.13)And you lie about not hating Beck.14)You lie when you use phonetic spellings of profanity.15)You lie when you say Todd has no credibility.16)You lie when you say you are a media critic.17)You lie when you try to redefine things like spam.18)You lie when you claim ad hominem.19)You lie about Beck all the time.20)You lie about conservatives who align with Beck.21)You lie about Becks audience.22)You lie about Beck being fired.23)You lie about Beck's support of gay marriage.24)You lie about Van Jones.25)You lie about Beck's intent on 8/28.26)You lie about Beck's record of correction.27)You lie about how Benny "changed" the settings of Disqus to prevent you from receiving notices in your email that she had replied to one of your messages.28)And mostly, you lie about how smart and well educated you are.29) Lied that Sandie claimed she was a "good Christian"30) Lied that TEA Party are mostly racists.31) You claimed Beck is gay, with no proof to support it, other than your assertion. If a former roommate made this accusation on record, where is the record?32) You provided a quote from Mussolini that Mussolini never said nor wrote.33) You lie when you complain that posters remove reply buttons.34) You lie when you claim your posts disappear.35) You lied about Todd Scheller neglecting his children.

      • Victor Tiffany

        I have debunked each on every one of these smears and distortions. Let me take #31 for example since not many people know this about the early years, before Beck became a political animal.

        Beck used to share an apartment or house with two other dudes right after high school. According to one of the room mates, Beck slept with the other one on a regular basis. The recording of that interview with this man is on a computer, but he is just one guy. 

        Since no other person has stepped forward to confirm this, the claim that Beck WAS bisexual is a rumor, and that is how I treated this on The Review, an unsubstantiated rumor. Frankly I don’t care if Beck was, is or never was bisexual, but you sure do.

        How about YOUR blatant lie? The hypocrisy of YOU lying about MY name doesn’t occur to you when you paste a list of sleazy lies like this?  Everyone can SEE my name is Victor, and that if anyone is a LIAR here, it’s YOU!

        If I did not have a life, I’d address the rest of your (Todd’s) sleazy, childish and stupid smears.

        • Guest

          Why do you hate gay people, Vicky<2? You keep on keepin' on there lil' buddy…

          • Victor Tiffany

            Your reading comprehension is damn poor. I wrote, ”
            Frankly I don’t care if Beck was, is or never was bisexual, but you sure do.”

            You have gall to insult my intelligence when you have the reading comprehension of a pissed off 11 year old. Little children act the way you do, the way all far-right, selfish pricks who support Beck, act.

          • AdamAnt

            Another copy/paste of false indignation at being called what you know you are. This pathetic display of yours has got to end sometime. The sooner you abandon this fool’s errand the better off you will be.

        • Sandie

          You didn’t debunk, you just denied. You have been trying to start that fake rumor about Beck being gay for a long time. It is a lie that you want to believe. Just because this guy says it you believe it because you WANT TO BELIEVE it. You demand proof of everything else, but not this, so your agenda, your destructive intentions are obvious. You are fooling no one, again.

          • Victor Tiffany

            NO, they are debunked.

            You also do not provide any references. You’re just making some of this crap up because you’re a liar, a pathetic character assassin and a freaking loser who cannot take on my actual point above:

            Ryan was picked to shore up the far-right, Tea Party, Glenn Beck wing of the base Republican base. That hasn’t not helped his poll numbers and should — if woman wake up to Ryan’s extremist, Akins-like anti-abortion ideal — cost Romney this election.

          • AdamAnt

            No, you are debunked.

          • Sandie

             “You have been trying to start that fake rumor about Beck being gay for a
            long time. It is a lie that you want to believe. Just because this guy
            says it you believe it because you WANT TO BELIEVE it. You demand proof
            of everything else, but not this, so your agenda, your destructive
            intentions are obvious. You are fooling no one, again. You chose to believe an undocumented unsupported claim from an unidentified source, (yeah  right) just to have something vile you can attack Beck with. How pathetic you are. You are exposed, hack.

  • Anonymous

    i rather have Romney Ryan then Obama and Biden..

  • Victor Tiffany

    Oh, Obama is so scary, so BAD for America, right?  Is that why Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp donated nearly $59,000 to Obama’s campaign for re-election? 

    I guess we know who Rupert Murdoch prefers in the White House, don’t we?

    Oh damn, this is awesome! You people are TOOLS for the plutocrats, but Beck doesn’t convey that, does he?

    • VindicatorX

      Pathetic is more like it – and so are you for copy/pasting this all over this site on several threads, in which it was also off topic, a recurring theme of yours. Are you ever relevant to the discussion being presented? It sure doesn’t look very likely.

      • Victor Tiffany

        Get used to it.

        This is politics: bare knuckle, hard nosed, smash mouth politics.

        Off topic? Who gives a damn?


        Fox plays the gullible fools for ratings and profits.

        What next? If Beck knew what the racists clamor for his hateful, race-baiting propaganda, he, too, would throw money at Obama. If Romney lies his way into the White House, then Beck will lose most of his gullible, racist and ignorant following. Murdoch has this figured out.

        • AdamAnt

          Your style of politics. If you really want bare knuckle, hard nosed, smash mouth action you would’ve been a real man and enlisted in the armed forces, but you were too much of a nancy to do that. Instead you chose to become an annoying pain in the ass, something that you have succeeded at with flying colors – Yellow.

          Why don’t you have another wall-eyed fit? I am sure we could all use the entertainment.

          Your level of pathetic and moronic ineptitude is something I always find hilarious.

          I certainly hope you keep it coming, this is the best comedy on the net.

          “The life and times of the biggest idiot on the web!

          It’s The Victor Tiffany Show!!!”

    • Sandie

      FALSE. Here you are off topic to promote your own brand of ignorance, and with faulty data to boot.

      Murdoch’s News Corp donated $58,825 to Obama’s campaign for 2012, not $89,000.

      He personally dislikes Romney, but now that Romney has selected Ryan he is becoming more positive. Murdoch is putting his money where he thinks it will benefit his own interests (and his companies) which is Obama. Why should it surprise anyone that Murdoch is putting his money where he thinks his bread is going to get buttered most? Obama ! What would your OWS buddies say? SO he thinks Obama is going to win – he has his opinion which is contrary to many others who think otherwise. That should tell you something about Obama as in the past Murdoch has been on the Republican side. Example

      Recipient . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Donation
      National Republican Senatorial Cmte $307,800
      Republican National Cmte $55,044
      Democratic National Cmte $52,000
      News Corp PAC $35,000
      National Republican Congressional Cmte $21,000
      Philip Morris PAC $20,500
      Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) $13,600
      Ex-Sen. Bob Dole (R-Kan.) $13,000
      Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) $12,200
      Sen. John E. Sununu (R-N.H.) $10,600
      Republican Party of Alaska $10,000
      Republican Party of Washington $10,000
      Ex-Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) $9,200
      Sen. Candidate Bill Jones (R-Calif.) $8,000
      Rep. David Dreier (R-Calif.) $7,700

      Vic, you troll, you are such a tool for the leftists and such a dishonest deceitful puppet, running around on Beck’s forums posting your troll droppings. You don’t even have to admit what you are and what you are doing – it is obvious as you are all over he place with this crap. All it is is TROLL DROPPINGS

      • AdamAnt

        That was GREAT!

        I can’t wait to see how he tries to deny this!

        • Sandie

          He will go back and edit his posts to change them from $89,000 which is what he had to $59,000 because he got caught again. LMAO

          • AdamAnt

            The man is the Dupe of Earl.

          • Sandie

             Dupe, Dupe, Dupe, Dupe of Earl, Earl Earl, ♩ ♪ ♬

      • Victor Tiffany

        Bla bla bla…I’m going to be blasting this all over the Internet.

        Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, the anti-Obama propaganda channel, prefers the President over Romney.

        That’s freaking awesome!

        I also notice that you didn’t mention that nine of the top ten recipients of Murdoch’s money are Democrats.

        Man, this guy is playing you like the gullible fools you clearly are!

        • AdamAnt

          Blast away moron, you are only making yourself look like a bigger moron and idiot by doing it.

          You are the gullible fool here.

        • Sandie

          LMAO … You still don’t get it. Murdoch has been a Republican supporter in the past because they are the “big business supporters”. But he also supports whoever he thinks will win who will butter his bread – that you can’t see it is hilarious!. Yes, it is freaking awesome, because it shows everyone what Obama is. He thinks the Dems will win, so he wants to be on that side. Are you that stupid that you can’t get it? Blast away all over the web – please do. That way everyone will have it confirmed that you are a real whack job. LMAO
          The only gullible fool here is you! Murdoch is no dummy – how do you think he built his empire? LMAO

    • Guest

      You are so stupid…

      You can’t even cite a story correctly.

      Why would anyone believe anything you say?

      Can you get anything correct?

      You are an idiot, Vicky<2!!!

      • Victor Tiffany

        It’s corrected. 

        I guess you have never made a mistake? Wrong, but you’re too arrogant to admit that.

        Oh, and Benny, the Beckerhead: like so many other Beckerheads, you’re a racist!

        I can’t believe that you keep letting make this point about you. It really shows who the idiot is here.


        And Murdoch is backing Obama. That is the point you turn your ideologically blind eyes toward.

        Rationalize that!

        • AdamAnt

          You bumped the number up on purpose – and now you can’t lie your way out of it because of the idiotic glee with which you are “blasting” it all over the internet.

          Please do make a fool of yourself – you do a much better job of it than anyone else.

    • VindicatorX

      Tools for the plutocrats, huh? And all this time I thought they were tools for the mickeycrats… and what about all those other Disney character-crats?

      Which part of the communist manifesto did you pull that from. Anyone who calls other people tools is just looking for company. 

      Why so lonesome, Victor? Did you finally manage to make a complete and total ass of yourself, or is there something new and special about you? 

      Try speaking the truth – now that would be out of character for you. 
      On second thought you better work into that gradually by just being quiet and seeing how everyone else does it. Maybe after a couple of years or so you will be able to say the truth all by yourself. When that happens we can all have a party!

    • Sandie

       Well, well, I see you went back and edited your post so you wouldn’t look like an idiot.
      When you saw that I wrote “Murdoch’s News Corp donated $58,825 to Obama’s campaign for 2012, not $89,000.”  you changed it in your post from $89,000 to $59,000. Very good, slick.

      • Victor Tiffany

        You have never made an error?

        You, of course, miss the point here (assimilating reality with your reactionary bias as you are prone to do). 

        NEWS CORP, OWNER OF FOX NEWS, IS DONATING MONEY TO THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN! If Obama were anywhere as bad as the reactionaries at Fox and Beck make him out to be, there is no way in hell that Murdoch would do this.

        You are all being played!

        • Guest

          More proof of your being an idiot. Keep on proving what we all know to be true.

        • Sandie

          Vic, you are FOS. Your point is pointless – nonsense. Murdoch is picking the side he thinks will butter his bread, which tells you about where Obama really is. Your bias will let you think otherwise – your problem with reality, not mine.

          • Guest

            It’s a friggin tax write-off! Talk about reading too much into a meaningless situation!

          • Sandie

            He has himself in a lunatic happy dance as if he just discovered the neatest thing in the world and it is all his ..LMAO like a little kid does, and like a little kid he really doesn’t see the whole picture. What an idiot – lets watch him dance all over the web spreading his pixy dust and making his exciting proclamation .. LMAO.

    • Guest

      Here’s what’s funny about Sandie’s sleazy comment below. The site has been updated:

      NameOfficeTotal Contributions
      Obama, Barack (D)Pres$150,150
      Berman, Howard L (D-CA)House$53,800
      Cardin, Ben (D-MD)Senate$35,375
      Romney, Mitt (R)Pres$29,950
      Waxman, Henry A (D-CA)House$21,500
      Whitehouse, Sheldon (D-RI)Senate$18,208
      Feinstein, Dianne (D-CA)Senate$16,125
      Corker, Bob (R-TN)Senate$14,500
      Klobuchar, Amy (D-MN)Senate$14,375

      Fox News’ parent company donated over $150,000 to President Obama’s re-election campaign.

      Guest below does not grasp that campaign contributions are not tax deductible, but Beck’s gullible and ignorant followers will find any possible way they can to avoid the cognitive dissonance that would accompany the FACT that Fox News’ parent company donated more to the Obama campaign than any other in 2012.


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