New iPad Charger: Now Featuring Even Shorter Cord!

This would absolutely fall under the internet meme “First World Problems”, but Glenn is sick and tired of the poorly designed Apple iPad/iPhone charger cord. He can’t read without it running out of batteries, but the cord is too short to leave plugged in unless you want to lay on the floor by an outlet. If this is a cost-cutting measure on Apple’s part, it certainly isn’t going unnoticed by most consumers. Glenn lays out his frustrations in the clip below:

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Look at it this way Glenn; soon enough, if Obama has his way with the energy politcies and their destructive endings, we will have an ad showing hamsters running in their wheel trying to charge up the iPad for their owners.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    In the depths of the White House, a grave meeting takes place, the entire administration has gathered in the war room, the military commanders on their phones desperate for answers to provide to the President…

    “Mr President,” the general says with a massive sigh,”we have confirmation; it looks like Biden mistook the ‘big red button’ on your desk to be the new charger for his iPad; the missiles are on the way to Russia, and your Comrad Putin has launched as well.”

    Mr Obama picks up the phone “Marline (his secretary), cancel all appointments, its going to be one of those days; oh and tell Biden he is fired…’

  • Anonymous

    Hilarious! Totally agree!

  • RH

    HILARIOUS !!!!

  • The Anti-Obama

    Oh…my…gosh…   Another reason I have been PC forever…

  • Jason Goldtrap

    The only engineers there should be is those who will use the project. 

  • Tom Sinclair Jr

    You are kidding me, right?  I don’t have an Apple ANYTHING because they use the proprietary iTunes, which follows you all around the world.  No matter where you go, SOMEONE knows where you’ve been and where you’re going!

    STOP buying Apple products!

  • Jeff Ptak

    That would be perfect for my desk! Why didn’t I think of that???  HAHAHA

  • Jon Kern

    Someday we will simply beam the energy without wires. Any day now, in fact.

    • greywolfrs

      It’s already happening, look at those pads you just put your devices on and they charge. Look at the “smart grid.”

  • Anonymous

    The short cords are Apple’s way of punishing you 1 percenters who have an iPad.  Where is my iPad? Hopefully Obama/Biden 2012 can fix this.

  • bryan levau

    It’s still kind of long, if you could shorten it by a little more I would be willing to pay more!
    I’ll buy anything that is shiny and has the apple logo, especially if it says, ‘sent from your Apple iThing’ on the bottom of my email.

  • oldgrunt

    This way they can sell you an extension.

  • Jeff Ptak

    Even better would be the Apple dock connector built into the wall outlet. Then you can just literally plug your iPad/iPhone/iPod into the wall!

    All for $199.99

  • Brittany Dodson

    I just got an I pad this weekend its the first time in 20 years I’ve owned and Apple product. and I stood there puzzled at the cord length in the box of my I pad 2 

  • Anonymous

    I am a conservative and fan. A few of my liberal friends give me hell whenever I quote Glen Beck. They say you are a moron. I do not agree, but your iPad charger cord rant got me wondering. Do you not have the 6 foot adapter cord?? I like the short cord. It’s easy to transport. When I need a longer cord, I connect the adapter. Believe it or not, I know people who were unaware you can remove the AC prongs and connect the extension. You can buy a second charger, USB iPad cable and 6 foot adapter cord for $29. I can send you my extra, if you don’t have one.

  • John Modestine
  • Robert

    Ever hear of an extension cord?  Works wonders when your cord is too short.

  • Kent Roller

    Why didn’t you buy the solar power charger by Solyndra?

  • Anonymous

    of course this is done so you have to buy the longer chord for many, many dollars more.

    capitalism or monopoly?

    • new2la

      Verizon does the same. Every year a new phone comes out, all equipment from the year before needs replacing.

    • greywolfrs

      Actually, I am a computer guy and despise Crapple/Macintrash, but it is capitalism. One can feel free to buy a PC, not a Crapple/Macintrash.

  • Anonymous

    Use gozinta ! The Macbook adapter gozinta the wall, the Macbook gozinta the adapter and then stretch it. The ipad adapter gozinta the Macbook port, the ipad gozinta the adapter and stretch it.  You will probably get eight feet from the switchplate.

  • greywolfrs

    Anyone who buys a Crapple/Macintrash is a fool. I guess that is why every teacher endorses these horrible products. They are 100% made in China now. They are propietary and the parts are EXPENSIVE, since they can only be obtained through Crapple. (although they have attempted to change that some over the last several years) Crapple/Macintrash holds a very small percentage of the market. If anyone wants to see why, go to a Best Buy or any store that sells software. Notice that there is only about one row of Crapple/Macintrash software, then look at the rows upon rows of software written for a PC. Not only does this show market share, but versatility (or lack there of).

    • Anonymous

      Honestly the amount of space dedicated to software in a brick and mortar store means next to nothing these days.  Nearly all major software is written for both platforms.  

      • greywolfrs

        Actually, you are wrong and it is easily proven and after over 18 years in the industry, I think I would a bit better than you. Most major music editing software is NOT written for both platforms, that is just one example.

    • Whats It

      Good god you’re a freaking whiner.  If you don’t like Apple then don’t buy it.  Stick with your crappy ass PC junk.  I’ve been using Mac’s since 97…. and when I’ve been forced to use one of your crappy ass machines it is a nightmare of technical issues, poor security and wasting thousands of dollars of my time.  Go play with your Zune.  The only thing that can make a Windows machine worthwhile is reformatting the hard drive and installing Linux…..LOL

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