82-year-old Soros engaged to woman over 40 years his junior

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On this morning’s radio program, TheBlaze’s Robyn Walensky reported that 82-year-old George Soros popped the question to his 40-year-old girlfriend, Tamiko Bolten. It will be the third wedding for Soros and the second for Bolten.

“Excuse me while I vomit,” Glenn joked.

Glenn, Pat, and Stu had a little (or was it a lot) of fun picking on Soros and his bride to be. After all, the jokes just come too easily with this one…

After reading an article last night about the engagement, Glenn asked his wife Tania what she thinks Bolten saw in Soros that would cause her to marry him. “I said to my wife, you know, I said what do you think she saw in George Soros? Can you name one thing? And she said, ‘One? I could name billions, billions of things that she might have seen.’”

“I think [Bolten] said that she found [Soros] to be the 22nd most attractive man in the world, which, shockingly enough, coincides with his Fortune 500,” Stu cracked. “22nd sexiest man in the world,” Glenn asked. “That’s amazing.”

TheBlaze is reporting that friends of the couple said they are planning on a wedding next summer, and while there must be a tremendous amount of love and joy between the two of them, Glenn couldn’t help but notice their rather awkward body language. “There’s one [photo] – it’s like their engagement shot or something and they’re sitting in a library and she has her arm around him and it looks like she doesn’t even want to put – it looks like, don’t make me touch him, don’t make me touch him. And he absolutely looks like the evil emperor. He’s looking more and more like now is the end.”

“You know she’s feeding him gristle, morning, noon, and night, just hoping that he has a massive heart attack soon,” Pat quipped.

“Not yet, honey. Not yet,” Glenn added. “Wait until we get married and then it’s, ‘Would you like some more fat with your steak?’”

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I will dance with joy on the day I hear that Obama is out of office, and that Soros has gone to see the Holiest One of us all; he shall have no excuses for all of his deeds, good or bad, made in his life, and may God judge him as He judges us all.

    Why is it that the truly wicked people of the world seem to live forever?

    • Vickie DHaene

       Because God is Merciful and is giving them a chance to fulfill his plan for them.  I find pleasure that if God sends them to Hell, they will live forever in the agony of Satan’s whims.

      • http://twitter.com/LeanneEVega Leanne E. Vega

        It is one of the Roman Empire’s sin and a sin they paid for. Let us not make the same mistake as us humans made in the past. http://KingofProfits.blogspot.com

        • http://twitter.com/paoligarcy Paolina Garcia

           And let you not make the mistake of leading your fellow christian brothers to your scam website.

          We are just repeating Rome because Democracy and Republics are always anti-religion by nature, they are secular. There is no voting in Heaven.

          • Anonymous

            The Romans were by no means anti-religion.  The Pontifex
            Maximus conducted religious rights to Jupiter Optimus Maximus before all major Roman religious Holidays with the Senate in full attendance. Every Roman god had a temple and attendants within the city and the Vestal Virgins were considered the sacred luck of Rome. Festival games to Mars, Venus, and Juno were attended by the whole Senate and an act of blasphemy against Jupiter or any major god or goddess
            could be punished if sufficiently grave, by the offender  being hurled from the Tarpaeon Rock.

  • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Revan

    This is what happens when man thinks he can play God. It is one of the Roman Empire’s sin and a sin they paid for. Let us not make the same mistake as us humans made in the past.

  • Anonymous

    I am surprised it isn’t 60 years his junior.

  • Anonymous

    Can you say ‘golddigger’? 

    The guy sweats billions of dollars simply walking from his limo to his private jet, he’s 86…she’s 40…what could she possibly be interested in or have in common? Children? Starting a family? Or more likely, getting half of all of those goodies? 

    Meh. Good for Soros. 

    • Anonymous

      It should go without saying, these kinds of unions happen for one reason – sex for money, nothing more.

      I do have to say though, these kinds of prostitu… uggmmm… women must have extraordinarily strong stomachs.

  • Anonymous

    You know, in another sense, I’m thinking that this might be like Hugh Hefner and his ‘bunnies’. Hugh surrounds himself with silicone-filled beauties, and because he pays them they all live in the ‘mansion’. 
    I can’t blame either guy, because if I was single and filthy rich…ok, no. No, I would not actually DO it. 
    But what kind of a relationship is there…really? 
    This is actually somewhat of an improvement for good ‘ol George, because the previous Brazilian actress was 29 years old when they were together. Shocking. 
    Not only is George robbing the world economies, he is also robbing cradles!!
    Kinda reminds me of Al Pacino in ‘The Devil’s Advocate’. Probably the only Keeanu movie I like. 
    Regardless, Soros reminds me of Pacino in that movie. Granted, an older version, but basically the same dude. Whispering sweet, gold-laced promises into the ears of infants, is he. 
    Why would you marry this guy? He’s untouchable. Furthermore, why would he marry? Anyone in favor of collapsing world economies and bringing about a ‘New World Order’ certainly does not possess love. Or to hear him describe himself as god. Or describe his experiences in WW2. Listening to his rationalization of having been Jewish, in WW2…it’s really creepy. How he accepted the role of rat. Sending people to their inevitable deaths as an informer. 
    How can you rationalize that? 
    How can you trust him? 
    Reading the lawsuit and allegations brought forth by the Brazilian over the apartment fiasco, he does what he wants, with whomever he wants, whenever he wants. 
    Does Mrs. Soros really think that she can contain and curtail Georgy boy?
    Except for pity, I can’t understand why Soros would do such a thing. Why would he get married at this point? 

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anne-Caluwaert/100000218117532 Anne Caluwaert

    Heading to the vomitoreum.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anne-Caluwaert/100000218117532 Anne Caluwaert

    Shall we all chip in for a couple of years supply of little blue pills for him???

  • Anonymous

    At his age, it’s probably a variation of child molestation…

  • Anonymous

    Wonder if the Bridal Registry reads:  “In lieu of gifts, please make a donation to the Obama campaign.”    

  • Anonymous

    George: (while lying naked in bed) What’s wrong, love muffins?

    Tamiko: (while projectile vomiting in the adjoining bathroom) I must have a touch of the flu, cutie pie.  I’ll be right there.

    Oh the horror… the horror…

  • Anonymous

    I question the true love, money will buy sex

    • Anonymous

      You can buy sex with any aged hooker, just as I’m sure Soros could. Who are we to judge whether age should determine love? Although people can be separated by many years, they are still both adults and may not necessarily think “yucky” things like Beck does.

  • Anonymous

    Oh YUK.  Totally gross.  Viagra has a few side effects.   I am not thinking the 4 hours side effect either. Old hearts can take just so much. That will probably be his demise.    And they will have a Pre Nup. agreement for sure.  She can cash in all the jewels he gives her and that should take care of her finances.  

  • Anonymous

    So, It looks like glenn beck is back to attacking the families of people he hates…

    So  glenn, does this mean you will be talking about rush’s 13th wife?
    Does this mean it is ok to start attacking your cookie cutter replacement wife?

    Just wondering…
    since you, glenn, are the self proclaimed man who loves and does attack…

    once again, glenn beck shows his past little empty stadium rally was complete bullshit!!!

    • SoThere

      Folks, strtlk is the face of the liberal progressive liars and hatemongers in this country.  He is the reason for real change.
      Save America, vote Conservative.

    • greywolfrs

      Hey, sticky chin, the coward. At least Glenn puts his face out there, what about you? Ever the coward.

    • SoThere

      Another intelligent vulgar post from a Liberal Progressive hatemonger.

      Strtlk is the face of Liberal Progressives in this country.

      Save America, vote Conservative.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if she was 20 she could cause him to have a massive brain bypass, and he won’t be here long, at 42 she will have to work on it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mary-E-Sellers/1108260627 Mary E Sellers

    That woman should rush that wedding up—-he’s 82? Sweet Georgia Brown–that old fart could croak any minute  now. How disgusting–like marrying your granddaughter,  No fool like an old fool, as the saying goes.

  • mspatdev

    Can you imagine going to bed with your grandfather?  Dirty old man. She probably won’t get any money when he dies as he will have a big fat WILL. When Soros goes to the other side, Saten will greet him. To bad Obammy can’t go to the other side, then good riddance to both. They have done more damage to the U.S.A. in the last 4 years then any person in history has.

  • Anonymous

    It was reported on Fox News that George and his girl friend broke up because he wouldn’t buy her an apartment or something that she wanted.

    • Anonymous

      That was the OLD girlfriend, ”tom”, not this one that he is marrying.   OGF is hoping he

      won’t need the apt. and she can, then, have it.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm   Wonder what the Prez & Mrs. B.O. will send to the couple for a wedding present?

    Surely, it will be something to surpass the great gift he gave to the Queen of England!

    • new2la

      A wip and a cane should do it! LOL

      • Anonymous

        new21a,   Perfect!  : )

    • Anonymous

      A cake from NYC’s Erotic Bakery ?  Lets have a contest and think up suitable gifts.
      I’ll start. A top of the line Cardiac Crash Cart with set ups for internal and external pacing and defibrillation. Your turn. 

  • Anonymous

    soros should have a massive heart attack b4 the wedding

  • http://www.facebook.com/margaret.sheridan.528 Margaret Sheridan

    Maybe……it’s God’s plan  for this this dear believer.

    • Anonymous

      Then it proves what I have always believed.  Jesus had one pawky sense of humor.
      Don’t tell me he wasn’t having fun while scaring the apostles by walking on the water.
      This situation has been the comedic stock of every theater from the Dramas held in honor of Apollo, the Globe Theater, and Broadway. You may be right, He did after all begin his ministry at a wedding.  Luckily, for this one he won’t have to provide the wine or a wreath of lillies for the virginal bride. If he arranged this happy soiree even the most stoic of angels might be forgiven for a discreet snicker or two. Jesus is true God but was also true man and if all the world regards this as comic material its possible he does too.  What greater retribution to a proud man than laughter from the hoi polloi.

  • Stephan Bruno

    Instead of talking about the bullshit why don’t you talk about this Glenn? 


    • greywolfrs

      What about it? Sounds like an accident happened and the girl’s father thought it was good idea to assault someone. In the end, he got dead out of it, too bad, so sad.

      On another note, you do realize this is Glenn’s site and show which gives him the right to run what HE chooses, not what morons like you dictate, right? You feel this story is SOOOO important, make your own site and put it up, dunce.

      P.S. I see you took down that picture of your fat ass, so much for tea party members being fat lazy pigs…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PGJZA6HFIZKBN42EZ6367GH6IM Ajean72

      He printed that article on The Blaze. Did you come here to be hateful and troll?

  • Anonymous

    Behind every evil man is a really stupid woman look at Soros I believe he was Hitler’s bitch wasn’t he !
    This bring’s a whole new look at stupid sitting on grandpa’s lap they will spawn nothing that humanity need’s !
    Every father’s nightmare your little girl with an old bastard with blood stain’s all over his hand’s !

  • greywolfrs

    Who says money can’t buy love?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TCY6M5B7VF26QZME2642YGLIR4 Marjorie T

    Read the article about Progressive Insurance not wanting to anti up on an accident policy. Isn’t Progressive owned by Geo. Soros? I heard that once.

    • greywolfrs

      I do not know who exactly owns them, but their name means exactly what it says, they are left wing idiots.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, and it gets worse. That’s my comment above yours. Reuters said he’s worth 65 billion dollars. Too bad it wasn’t euros…

  • Anonymous

    Today, Soros bought 338 million dollars of Walmart stock and 10.?6 million in Facebook stock.

    • Anonymous

      He may sell the Facebook stock when he reads what every Tom, Dick, and Harriet have to say.  Shakespeare would have had a field day. Shades of Eugene O’Neil minus the elm trees. Aeschylus and Euripides are rolling over in their graves sobbing over lost opportunities. Think the bride will wear white ? 

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.cross.125 Robert Cross

    hopefully if he still can he will be able to do to her, instead of everyone else

  • Anonymous

    Well now, that news sure puts the cap on the doll. A few sessions with a sweet young thing
    might do more to set his feet upon the rainbow than all those power behind the throne deals.
    Nothing like going to glory with a bang.  Whoops ! Wrong choice of words. The little blue pill
    is notorious for raising the blood pressure to giddy heights. He better hope he lasts forever
    since theres likely to be a whole lot of people from the Holocaust camps just waiting to know
    his particular judgement is in session. Still if one considers the exit, what a way to go. He will
    then be the talk of every gossip sheet, Hollywood shill and every pub in the USA. 

  • Anonymous

     soros go croke  please.

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