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On this morning’s radio program, TheBlaze’s Robyn Walensky reported that 82-year-old George Soros popped the question to his 40-year-old girlfriend, Tamiko Bolten. It will be the third wedding for Soros and the second for Bolten.

“Excuse me while I vomit,” Glenn joked.

Glenn, Pat, and Stu had a little (or was it a lot) of fun picking on Soros and his bride to be. After all, the jokes just come too easily with this one…

After reading an article last night about the engagement, Glenn asked his wife Tania what she thinks Bolten saw in Soros that would cause her to marry him. “I said to my wife, you know, I said what do you think she saw in George Soros? Can you name one thing? And she said, ‘One? I could name billions, billions of things that she might have seen.’”

“I think [Bolten] said that she found [Soros] to be the 22nd most attractive man in the world, which, shockingly enough, coincides with his Fortune 500,” Stu cracked. “22nd sexiest man in the world,” Glenn asked. “That’s amazing.”

TheBlaze is reporting that friends of the couple said they are planning on a wedding next summer, and while there must be a tremendous amount of love and joy between the two of them, Glenn couldn’t help but notice their rather awkward body language. “There’s one [photo] – it’s like their engagement shot or something and they’re sitting in a library and she has her arm around him and it looks like she doesn’t even want to put – it looks like, don’t make me touch him, don’t make me touch him. And he absolutely looks like the evil emperor. He’s looking more and more like now is the end.”

“You know she’s feeding him gristle, morning, noon, and night, just hoping that he has a massive heart attack soon,” Pat quipped.

“Not yet, honey. Not yet,” Glenn added. “Wait until we get married and then it’s, ‘Would you like some more fat with your steak?’”