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On GBTV Monday night, Glenn took a look at all the criticisms being thrown at Romney’s pick VP Paul Ryan and reached one very clear conclusion: Paul Ryan is an easy nominee to defend. While many are jumping to label him as “extreme” in order to scare people into voting for four more years of progressivism, the truth is that the “extreme” nature of his stance on policy is just his willingness to tell the truth about the problems facing America and the solutions.

“Ryan’s is the first budget proposal that actually deals seriously with coming economic Armageddon we are facing,” Glenn said. “Instead of making whimsical promises of a ‘green economy’ saving the day, or believing that we need to spend more to reduce the deficit – as Joe Bidenhas said – Ryan’s plan actually addresses bloated government agencies and reduces spending by more than $5 trillion over 10 years.”

Ryan has also come under fire as “the end of Medicare as we know it.”

“Ryan’s plan does not destroy Medicare. But doing nothing will destroy it. And certainly stealing $700 billion from it to spend on different Obamacare functions will too,” Glenn said.

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Glenn explained that while Medicare currently deems which services are covered and what price the government will pay for coverage, Ryan’s plan puts control back in control of the market and the consumer by determining the total amount of money for beneficiaries to spend on their own private insurance.

When tested, the Ryan approach has actually been more successful.

“The Ryan approach actually reduced spending by nearly 10% in a single year, while still providing seniors with the same comprehensive insurance coverage,” Glenn explained.

The biggest danger to Medicare is Obama, who is doing nothing to prevent the upcoming entitlement train wreck.

Glenn continued into the attacks on Ryan that he wants to take away birth control and women’s rights. This comes from his support of the Sanctity of Human Rights Act, which would have defined human life as beginning at conception. There was no mention of going after birth control at all – that’s all fear mongering and lies.

“Here is why they are really on the attack – because there’s more to Ryan than just his budget plan. He’s young, he’s bright, and he can defend his positions extremely well. He’s already gone toe to toe with Geithner, Biden, and Obama himself and come out shining every time,” Glenn said.