Obama: You can’t make it in America

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On radio this morning, Glenn played this gem of a statement from President Obama’s campaign speech yesterday, where he basically said that people can’t make it in America.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: And so the question in this election is which way do we go? Do we go forward towards a new vision of an America in which prosperity is shared, or do we go backward to the same policies that got us into this mess in the first place.

I believe we have to go forward. I believe we’ve got to keep working to create an America where no matter who you are, no matter what you look like, no matter where you come from, no matter what your last name is, no matter who you love you can make it here if you try.

“I wish we had that kind of America,” Pat sighed in response to Obama’s remarks.

According to the President, we don’t live in a country that affords the equal opportunity to succeed. But not to worry, his new ‘forward moving’ vision of shared prosperity will fix that. On second thought, his vision really isn’t all that new – it sounds an awful lot like the vision of the Soviet Union, but I digress.

“Don’t you wish we had a place where a guy with a funny sounding first name and last name, who, when the country is at war with Muslim extremists, the guy named Hussein can be elected,” Glenn asked. “And he’s trying to say we need to create an America where we can be different? You’re the president of the United States. We’re already in that America, man! We’re already in that America.”

When you look at Obama’s personal history, you have to wonder how this guy could ever say that people can’t make it in America.

“And who could possibly write this,” Glenn asked. “I mean besides Bill Ayers, who could possibly write this and say the American people would believe that a guy with Tata the monkey, Lolo the stepfather, the Communist father from Kenya, the mother who grew up as a socialist, the mentor who is a Communist, the guy who was completely broke, didn’t even touch mainland ground here in America until he was 18, then somehow or another miraculously went to the best schools, schools that you’ll never go to, schools that I never went to, go to the best schools in America, apparently for free, got that all done, would become president of the United States. By the way, did I mention he was black? And then say, ‘You can’t make it in America.’”

“How do you say that with a straight face? How are you that guy with that story and you say these things? How,” Pat asked.

As ludicrous as this seems, it all comes back to this: President Obama and the people he surrounds himself with are looking to fundamentally transform the United States. In their minds no one has ‘made it’ until all things are equal, and another Obama term will be another step in this direction. Take that with you to the voting booths this November.

  • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Revan

    He who walk upright fears the Lord, but he whose ways are devious despises him.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Simple Pat, same as with all the ones who insist on following the god-king in his own mind of Obama; tell a lie long enough and often enough, and it eventually becomes an established reality within ones own mind and personality.

    Hence the seeking to transform the nation, all of them have bought into the illusion and delusion of ‘everything must be equal’ even when that is impossible; in the process they show that the least deviance from their utopian madness generates hatered and challenge that must be destroyed or controlled or dominated at all costs.

    In the process of trying to create the very thing they see as saving the world, they generate the very thing that destroys it.

    It is among the ultimate of evils and corruptions made manifest; an all consuming ideology of HATE, ANGER, RAGE, and POWER and CONTROL. It is a self fulfilling prophecy of their own downfall and destruction.

    Consider the words spoken one time by Lord Jesus:

    For what does it gain a man if he gains the world, and loses his own soul?

    So it goes with this ultimate corruption: in the process of gaining all they seek, they destroy and consume themselves – spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

    • Anonymous

      Excellent and concise statement of fact, snowleopard. He certainly has been the author of “change”. Unfortunately, I wonder if we will ever fully recover from this reign of terror. 

    • Anonymous

      well said!! Mr Celebrity-In-Chief will get His In The End! question,is there enough Judeo-Christians in The World to Stop The Barackalypse?
      Democraps are walking contradictions or rather oxyMORONS!they say one thing and do another..they say tax the rich but they themselves are the rich..they’re not taxing rich they are getting rid of middle class US to make US poor so they can be The Ruling Class..sounds like Hitler but worse because Hussein-Obama Is a combo of his idol Mao(who killed more than Hitler),Stalin,Lenin,Mussulini…….

  • landofaahs

    Where else but in America can a foreign born do nothing get paid for college, be a community shit stirrer, get elected twice and vote present in every tough decision and go on to be president just because he can read a teleprompter and is polished over and his mistakes ignored and covered up by a corrupt liberal press?  Wow little o, you sure don’t resemble that remark. you ungrateful little street agitator.

    • Anonymous

      ..Thats How Chavez Did it.the takeover of the Media first!(media are only teleprompter reading models) and Hugo Chaves is his best friend besides,Achmidijad and Castro…Evil Will Triumph When The Good Do Nothing…
      after-all, Hussein-Obama and adviCzars  Bible is RulesForRadicals a book Dedicated To Lucifer! Thats How Evil They Are! And The Purse Strings Are Pulled By George Soros Who As A Teen Worked For The Nazi’s!Whose life long agenda was the takeover of the world and destroy America and Israel! funny how I would use word pursestrings since Evillord-Sorosis the Puppetmaster-To Everyone Including Clinton!just incase he loses faith inThe ChosenOne Hussein-Obama and puts Hillary in the Office!Soros Always Talks about His New World Order-One World Government! he even made up his own language Esperanto.His enemy is Conservatism the only thing through the years that has stoppedThe EvilAgenda! SoSpeak Up To All You Meet AndGet Back To God!God Is The Only One To SAve US!

    • Anonymous

      Where else can an alcoholic, drug addict with a God complex brainwash hard working Americans in to buying his end of the world crap and BS history book. wise up suckers

      • http://www.facebook.com/Dantheman67 Dan Fogarty

         The huge difference is GB actually ADMITS to most of what you say. BO won’t admit to the truth about who he really is in ANY sense, from identity to his true vision for our country.

      • landofaahs

        Glenn admitted that and he has repented and I believe been forgiven, though I don’t know for sure. He has amended his waysy all accounts. As far as the end of the world, he may be right or may be wrong, I don’t know if we are there yet. I do know every day that passes is one day closer to it.
        As far as his history book is concerned, I’ve not read it, but I know that liberals only print the lies the wish to promote. Don’t read his book if you don’t want to although if you’ve not read it you could not know if it were BS or not. I don’t know but I don’t care because I know enough history to be able to separate the sh-t from the flypaper. At least he’s not an atheist moron.

      • Poison_ Monkey

        After reading a Book titled Dreams from My Father, I thought you were
        writing about a son and grandson (stepson) of black east, African Islamic
        Muslims. A Father with three wives at same time, one of which was White
        American. The author & subject of biography describes himself with an
        addiction to hard drugs (blow-pg 93) and booze over hate of being White and not all black. The mention of Christian faith is black (collective) social justice e.g., “not” Baptist or Catholic i.e HUGE HUGE difference.

  • Anonymous

    In all honesty we don’t live in a country where there is equal opportunity to succeed, but Obama’s policies won’t change that.

    • new2la

      What the ;:/-&$)? Are you joking? If you can’t make here, you can’t make it anywhere! But then again, it takes brains, doesn’t it? It takes ingenuity; hard work and perseverance. The ability to see a vision, with interest in succeeding. Those are the qualities that gives birth to success; not that ridiculous rhetoric you hear coming out of the mouth of the jerk we have in the WH.

      • Anonymous

        Studies show there has been less income mobility (i.e. ability to change from poor to middle class etc) in the US than most industrialized western European nations (exception is the UK). Fact is 84% of wealth is owned by the top 20%. That’s not really conducive to people being able to change station in life when they have to fight over the remaining 16%. 

        • new2la

          Anything can be accomplished…even against All odds.

        • Anonymous

          Maybe not exactly correct. The key findings of recent mobility studies include:

          There was considerable income mobility of individuals in the U.S. economy during the 1996 through 2005 period as over half of taxpayers moved to a different income quintile over this period.

          Roughly half of taxpayers who began in the bottom income quintile in 1996 moved up to a higher income group by 2005.

          Among those with the very highest incomes in 1996 – the top 1/100 of 1 percent – only 25 percent remained in this group in 2005. Moreover, the median real income of these taxpayers declined over this period.

          The degree of mobility among income groups is unchanged from the prior decade (1987 through 1996).

          Economic growth resulted in rising incomes for most taxpayers over the period from 1996 to 2005. Median incomes of all taxpayers increased by 24 percent after adjusting for inflation. The real incomes of two-thirds of all taxpayers increased over this period. In addition, the median incomes of those initially in the lower income groups increased more than the median incomes of those initially in the higher income groups.
          The degree of mobility in the overall population and movement out of the bottom quintile in this study are similar to the findings of prior research on income mobility.

          • Anonymous

             So how many people is the top 1/100 of 1 %??. depending on what your starting point is it could be as little as a few hundred people if not less and be really honest If you or I had spend 25 years accumulating our fortunes (plus providing jobs for a lot of people while doing that) and then looking at what Obama’s government wants to do with YOURS and MY money (after taxes etc.) I would retire as well and probably move to Polynesia. Please add information  that you use to make your silly statements! You are misleading!!!

          • Anonymous

            asybot, I was replying to “atl134″ who was saying there were studies demonstrating less income mobility in the USA (than other industrialized nations) and that its  “not really conducive to people being able to change station in life” .  I was quoting a study which demonstrated there was income mobility (half moved up not too bad) at least for the 20 years prior to 2005.  I was not defending Obama or the obvious economic decline during his administration.  I was defending the “free enterprise system”.  Its the best thing going in human history.

          • Anonymous

             got your message I am also a capitalist I guess the part I referred to was the part where since 1996 only 25 % of those in that highest tax bracket remained remained in 2005 that’s where I went to say I would be gone too for the rest I I agree with you,.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001480877805 Mike Williams

          If you have an idea or product, and people like that idea or product enough to buy it, and you figure out a way to supply said idea or product, you CAN make it. I don’t care what your “station.” PERIOD!

        • Anonymous

          Those studies actually don’t show what you are claiming. The parameters of the studies were not looking at the same factors to define mobility, but even if there is a shred of truth to it, what has suppressed the opportunity for upward mobility? Not the capitalist system. It is our relentless march to socialist oblivion. I’m getting really tired of hearing that statistic of wealth blithely flung around as a justification for idiotic liberals who try to imply that the rich somehow don’t deserve what they have because 1) they probably inherited the wealth (less than 5% of the assets of the rich were inherited) 2) somehow, they don’t work for it (the rich average 300% more work hours than the lower middle class) and 3) they have stolen their wealth from a fixed group of societal assets, thus justifying the socialist mainstay of redistribution of ill gotten wealth. These are myths and lies that have been inculcated so deeply in society that it has taken on a life of their own. It is these same people who provide 93% of the employment in the US. They are also paying the majority of the taxes, yet this is the same pool that everyone says is not paying their fair share. Enough with the abject stupidity that embraces class envy and encourages class warfare. If you believe that you can or can’t make your life better…you are right. Tell you what. You embrace your philosophy and see where it gets you. I’ve already embraced the opposite version and I KNOW for a fact that your way is the path to failure. Isn’t it interesting how it’s always someone else’s fault when you fail. And, should you ever experience an improvement in your financial situation, want to bet you will resent ever tax dollar you pay? 

      • Anonymous

        Oooh!   You mean we have to WORK for it, new21a?   Bummer.  We have to

        put in time and sweat (maybe tears)?   Again, bummer.  Why can’t we take the

        same path that Barry took?  Hmmm?

      • Anonymous

        You left out a healthy dose of luck on your list (if we’re talking financial success only, success at leading a happy fulfilling life is a much different question and doesn’t require any of the qualities either of us have mentioned. and for happiest according to Forbes you’re best off in Scandinavia or Australia Canada although we are pretty high up, but again that’s not what this is about).
        One that’s not true, in terms of economic freedom, and freedom overall, heritage foundation (a conservative group) have ireland, canada, hong kong, Australia, New Zealand and others as freer countries than we are with Hong Kong at number one (where it has been for a number of years).  http://www.heritage.org/index/ranking/
        Ranking aside stuff aside, when I speak of equal opportunity I speak of just that, equal opportunity.  I am not comparing us to other countries, even if we are the best we should always strive to be better.
         And back to the original point there is not equal opportunity in this country, which is largely the result of poor to downright miserable public schools, which even our best are outclassed by many european countries.
        Obama is both right and wrong here, we have to go forward and work to improve the opportunity gap, but you do that by addressing education first and foremost.

    • Anonymous

      Mr Celebrity-In-Chief Hussein-Obama proves success Is Not What You Know Its Who You Know In This World To Succeed!!!  Unless You Have The Firm Reliance On Divine Providence Because With Faith All Is Possible With all who know love and serve God!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Whittington/100001496682673 John Whittington

    Obama wants people to feel sorry for him so that he can get re-elected for Dumbo of America for another 4 years!

  • Anonymous


    You may think Obama’s policy’s will not affect the ability to make it in America but lets look at some facts!
    Our debt obligations are what 3.8 trillion and we only take in 2.5 trillion! Out debt TODAY should reach 16 trillion more than out toal GDP for a year!
    We borrow 43 cents of every dollar and print the rest!
    We continue to spend like there is no tommorow!
    If they completely shut down the government on all entitlements there will be riots like GREECE!

    Time to wake up and smell the coffee OHAREBALL

    • Anonymous

       what I meant to say was impact it in a positive way.  I certainly do think that his policies have been damaging to the economy, maybe not have an impact on the present state but will certainly have a negative future impact.

  • new2la

    What can we expect…..This guy is a braying asp!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MWAAFFBVKAROICVSLJNTZJPMBA HELEN

      Is a braying asp a cross betw a burro and a poisonous snake?

      He certainly is an asp!

      • new2la

        LOL Helen, I try not to use the other word…so I call people Asps.

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t understand the ANGER being expressed in these posts against Obummer. He may be the top man, but he alone can’t change America. It is the system of government that determines a country’s destiny. If Obama gets re-elected, it only means that there are more Americans who approve of this imbecile to lead them. The anger should be focused on the blind sheep who follow him, the media and idiots like Biden. Doesn’t the government as a whole have the power to stop this self-proclaimed messiah?
    Obama’s message above proves that America is free for all, as success comes with hard work, irrespective of color, name or other. Just look around all the millionaires. America has more of them today than ever before. This is still the land of opportunity. On the other hand, America also has more poverty than ever before and has had it for many years without being communist. In a two-party system, why is it that problems created by one cannot be fixed by the other when it governs? This is the underlying problem. Your president may change, but the cesspool in Washington remains.

  • Anonymous

    President Obama was not poor. His grandmother sent him to the most exclusive school in Hawaii. I can’t believe he has not been called out on this obvious untruth.

    • new2la

      He hasn’t been called on many of his untruths! It’s up to We, the people to hold him accountable for his actions, in November. Please share with friends, neighbors and anyone else who will listen.
      Obama can not get away with all he has done; not only do we need to vote him out, we need to prosecute he and the rest of his band of thieves.

  • Anonymous

    The one thing I like about democrats is, they are always faithful. Americans can always count on the democrats to do four things and do them very well. They are always faithful to:
    #1. Tax  
    #2.  Spend
    #3.  Grow the government bigger and bigger and bigger. (More gov.=less freedom)
    #4.  Blame everyone else thereby evading their responsibility to be responsible.
    Remember this friends. “People who will do anything to get elected, will do anything after they get elected”,

    • Anonymous

       in short we’re screwed no matter who wins

  • Anonymous

    the whole share-prosperity is archaic.  nothing new there.

  • Anonymous

    America: We can’t make anything but we can try to provide services.

    America: Hospitality engineers of the world… (who want too much pay and gripe all the time about benefits).

    There may come a day when this country’s workers won’t worry about pay and benefits because someone will march on over and say: “work or die”.

  • Anonymous

    Whoa!  Forget the past!  Hell, forget the present!  It’s all in the future!  March on, march on!

    Sounds sorta like the French Nat’l Anthem.   And where is France today?

    Guess the story is: Don’t look behind the curtain.  We, the gov’t  ARE HERE for you!

  • http://twitter.com/jude83268949 jude

    obama the empty suit, a nothing from no where in kenya, a puppet on a string, a robot being told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, ybama you didn’t make it, you didn’t built it, your nothing and very transparent

  • Poison_ Monkey

    Koo Koo Man…You guys were totally on today! Bravo! lo lo is a great character in the book.  Cracked my but but but off. Sorry…Got a Peanut in my pocket…fuuuu nnnnnie.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Larry-Viles/100000555613715 Larry Viles

    Obama sounds like his campaign has decided that the only people he could appeal to is the hopelessly stupid.

    • Anonymous

      ..and illegal…amnesty he signed remember

  • Anonymous

    It is blind stupidity like this that should be a death warrant to Obama’s political career. Where else could you, with a straight face, claim that it is not possible for a black citizen to progress in this country? The energy required to embrace an ideology so devoid of fact, even to the point that when you yourself are living proof of the idiocy of that statement, is so vast as to be breathtaking. He knows the facts. He has all the numbers and no matter how he twists it, the evidence is overwhelmingly against his beliefs, yet, he will NEVER abandon or modify his Marxist ideology. When Obama was running for office in 2008, he was asked by Charlie Gibson if he would modify his stance on the capital gains tax in light of overwhelming evidence that raising the tax would result in lowered tax revenues and increased unemployment (due to the fact that low capital gains allows businesses to invest in capital improvements, hire new employees and individuals can invest in the stock market with the incentive to build new companies, etc). Obama replied that he still would raise the tax as high as possible. When Gibson asked him why, he stated, he replied that he would do it because it was the right thing to do in the name of “fairness”. So, even though it hurts the very people that he purports to be promoting, and has the exact opposite effect of what he claimed raising the tax would result in, he would still raise it. Liberalism/Marxist doctrine has NOTHING to do with an understanding of human nature. It cares nothing for factual evaluation and choice of workable action. It is the doctrine itself that is worshiped more faithfully than any religious creed. There are simply no facts to support these doctrines and mountains of evidence from long term adoption of socialist policy that absolutely refutes their efficacy. He himself is the product of the freedom afforded a capitalist society, yet he fervently supports the undoing of the very system that allowed a relative nobody who has never actually experienced what it is like to work in the private sector to become the most powerful man in the world while still claiming that the color of his skin elicits racism at all levels. There simply is nothing that will change his mind or modify the fervency of his beliefs. In 2008 he said that, if he doesn’t get the job done in three years that it would be a result of his own failures that could not be blamed on anyone else. Yet, with numbers ever worsening under his regressive policies, he will accept no responsibility. It is all George W. Bush’s fault, conservative’s fault, conservative policies that have thwarted the purity of his plans. His answer to the facts? Obfuscate, blame, and stomp the Constitution into the ground so that you can dictate adherence to even more regressive socialist policy. If the numbers worsen, there still will be no reason in his mind, to ever objectively evaluate his policies. Successfully implementing socialist doctrine by any means is the only standard by which he will gage success, not the effect of those policies. This is the institutional blindness that so completely defines Marxist doctrine. And the president, as the most powerful person on earth, hates the very principles that have given him that power. 

  • Anonymous

    “funny sounding first name and last name”?
    glenn beck, you are a despicable, racist fuck…
    may you find a chocolate and grease filled heart attack as soon as possible

    • new2la

      Be very careful what you wish for..sometimes what we wish for others comes back to smack you instead!    I know someone who wished death on someone else and two weeks later, he fell down his stairs at home, and was found dead the next day!

      • Anonymous

        glenn beck has taken pride in trying to cause others pain…
        his track record proves how evil and hateful he is…
        I am not worried about my own health when I only wish the Old Testament upon glenn’s own actions!!!

        • SoThere

          Another  post from a Liberal Progressive hatemonger.
          Strtlk is the face of Liberal Progressives in this country.
          Save America, vote Conservative.

        • new2la

          Yes, sometimes pain is a result of the truth…it hurts sometimes to hear it.

    • SoThere

      Another intelligent vulgar post from a Liberal Progressive.

      Strtlk is the face of Liberal Progressives in this country.

      Save America, vote Conservative.

    • Anonymous

      Ahh dude, I’d ease up a bit if I were you.  Being obsessive over the person who owns the website you’re posting on, and then wishing serious harm to come to said person can get you in a little bit of trouble.  Ever heard of the word, cyberstalker?  Yeah, you’re looking awful close to that word.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, but….
        I have never threatened to harm anyone.
        Enough said.

        • SoThere

          That’s a lie.  You posted:

          strtlk left a commentThis SCOTUS is the best paid court in American history.
          The judges bought and paid for by Koch, etc…have done a wonderful job bribing Clarence’s wife while spoiling the others with payoff vacations and the money needed to pass Citizen’s United, etc…as long as they are alive and paid off America will slowly suffer through this disgusting excuse for a judicial branch!and…@strtlk

          “Keep it up glenn beck…body guards aren’t perfect!!!”

          Clearly a death threat against Glenn Beck.

          “I hope glenn beck continues his current path of bigotry and hatred because it will lead to an earlier demise!!! ”

          “…and luckily, this election and the intelligence of real Americans will shut this pig up!!!

          “The world will be a much better place when glenn is gone!!!”

          “I just hope that glenn and ted keep talking because sooner or later they will end up losing more than a job at Fox or simple interview by the Secret Service.”

          “Keep talking glenn and you NRA wishes will come home to roost!!!”

          All threats against Glenn Beck.

          It’s time for this idiot to go folks.

          No lies here, you made the death threats and here it is in your own words.

      • SoThere

        Paul, if you read strtlks posts that he has judged himself to be a vulgar little hatemonger who lied about his military service (never served but claimed he did) and threatened the lives of Glenn Beck and the SCOTUS and actually threatened  to shut me up in a “face to face” confrontation.  I told him that I’d take him up on that, even set a time and place but as all moronic leftists do, he didn’t show up. (Chicken shit)
        Next he attacked my wife and children on this forum.

        He judges people for what they are and so do I, he a lying vulgar little man and a liberal Progressive who lives in Seattle Washington.  He and his ilk are the reason we need to Save America and Vote Conservative.

        I have all his posts to back up what I just posted here, in his own words. He’s a tick on the ass of humanity and a hatemonger.

        I thought you should know.

  • Anonymous

    What’s with Israel?? I just watched Megyan from America Live on Fox she had
    the Ambassador of Israel on and he said that he just gave obama a
    deadline of September 25 to see if the USA military is going to act with
    them against Iran and stated they aren’t going to wait till after
    America’s presidential election. What the hell is that??Everyday now
    on the news our troops have been getting killed by the afgan’s EVERY
    FREAKIN DAY THIS LAST WEEK most of them by the afgan’s they are
    training to defend themselves this is sickening we have to bring them
    home there is NO war going on what in the world I hope everybody’s
    praying for our soldiers and calling your rep’s to bring them home
    before they kill all of our soldiers…Go ahead obama give them more
    American taxpayers $$$$$ how pathetic is that!! Stop all the freaking
    aid to them and bring our troops home!!

    Ok, now what’s up with Israel, damn they are going to make sure we
    don’t have a presidential election this is so planned so
    transparent!!!!!!! You know this was all planned……I say screw them
    they can wait or do it on their own we need to have this election so we
    have a country left and we don’t want or need anymore of our soldiers
    killed over all their BS….Both of these things will ruin and tear our
    country apart the rest of the way of what little we have left!!

    How dare them ALL faking and planning to pull this wool of our eyes…..We
    all knew something like this would happen and we have to put our foot
    down we have to have this election is the most important thing to our
    well being and the well being of our country! Please everyone call,
    text, email, tweet whatever get ahold of all your reps we have to put
    our foot down on this one!!


  • Anonymous

    edwardohare: In some ways you are right; I don’t know how old you are but I can remember the last 50 plus years and regardless of f which party is in office we continue to slip morally and loose our right to the first amendment with POLITICAL CORRECTNESS that sensors free speech!
    Are we ushering New World Order?
    Sorry for the Hairball comment!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003590217295 Billy Beefcaked

    Marxist 3:16 reads;

    For God so loved the world that he gave his ‘second’ only begotten son Barry Obama. That whosoever ‘voteth’ for him shall have ever lasting handouts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/angelic0 Anne Gelinas

    All bought and paid for by Soros and communists taking charge with money. They know money buys anything. it bought the oval office.

  • http://www.facebook.com/angelic0 Anne Gelinas

    And slowly day by day we have muslims indoctrinating kids in school to belileve in islam not Christianity.  Who is watching? Where are their parents? Where is anybody ?  

    • Anonymous

      Really? where? I’m not see Muslims indoctrinating kids where I live which is by the way a large metropolitan city.  I see politicians and celebrities indoctrinating kids.

  • Anonymous

    Actually the America we live in is about who you know, not what you know.  Sure there a bright amazing examples on both sides of the spectrum those are the rare examples.  As my wise old grandma said “Money attracts money”.  Its not hard to start a business here, its hard to stay in business here.  How do you compete with these huge stores that can out price you at every turn.  Walmart came into my town and it destroyed my business, now I barely get by.  Thank heavens for the internet and those NY hipsters that love my made in the USA products.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bernadine-Johnson/100002005063108 Bernadine Johnson

    He stole the election and will again.America has been corrupted by our
    So called EDUCATORS and are still being bullied into submission to
    thier indocternation to communism. GOD BLESS AMERICA AGAIN.

  • http://twitter.com/JimProfitCommie Jim Profit

    Amerikkka is where all the criminal tycoons go to get away with murder. How can you make it in a wasteland dominated by google, mcdonalds, and facebook who can violate every civil right, labor law, and regulatory body? There is no accountability, no provisions. You can’t afford to get sick in Amerikkka. You can’t afford anything. You’re basically a third-world country with Iphones.

    How does it feel to work eighty hours a week and still get called lazy and a socialist? How does it feel knowing no other country in the world would put up with half of the corruption, conspiring, and shady dealings that you let happen? Right now, facebook is under fire in Germany for privacy concerns. Amerikkka would never dream of scolding a big corporation. Ever. They could put puppies in a meat grinder and spray it on poor people, and everyone would just clap like seals and snub their noses at naysayers. “If you don’t like it… get rich and then YOU could be the one spraying dead puppy guts at the poor!”

    And then you have the nerve to call yourselves Christian. The only god you serve is Mammon.

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