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Glenn is honest when he makes a mistake, so this morning on radio he wanted to make sure he corrected one that occurred yesterday.

After playing the audio below of President Obama, Glenn acknowledged that a serious error was made.

“When the American auto industry was on the brink of collapse, more than one million jobs at stake, Governor Romney said let’s let Detroit go bankrupt. I said I believe in American workers, I believe in this American industry and now the American auto industry has come roaring back and GM’s number one again.”

“You know, I said GM’s not number one and, well, it’s not number one,” he explained. “But we want to make sure that we don’t mislead you on saying that GM was never not number one.”

Glenn went on to explain that, like they has assumed, Toyota is number one. They were number one before the bailout, just as they were as the bailout was ending. But that’s not the full story.

In 2011, GM did reclaim the number one position worldwide. This was relinquished about a month ago when Toyota reclaimed the position. Did Toyota, a Japanese company, briefly lose their top spot solely due to an auto-bailout?


It’s more likely that the tsunami that ravaged their country was largely, if not completely, responsible for the title loss.

“As soon as they’re able to recover and they can rebuild their factories and people’s lives are back in shape, they begin making cars again and they immediately regrab the number one title,” Glenn commented.

So, not only was President Obama dishonest about the current ranking of GM, he also failed to mention anything about Toyota being the company to fall to the number two spot, and the economic struggles they’ve had while rebuilding over the last year.

“It’s difficult to come to the conclusion that it was a mistake by this president,” Glenn said.

He went on to note that the President is acting as if his policies led to “the GM comeback.” Well, the comeback is over, so good policy making…

“If it was just due to the stimulus, it means you need to continually juice the system to be able to get them to sell that many cars,” Glenn said. “But that’s not even true.”

The bailout was already over.

Not only did the president ignore the fact that a horrible natural disaster occurred in Japan AND ignore the fact that the bailout was already a failed policy by this time, he completely deceives the crowd he’s talking to. Obama was well aware of the effects that the tsunami had on the economy – he’s been using it as an excuse for his failed stimulus policies.

Here is a clip of the president doing just that:

“The economies already had absorbed an earthquake in Japan, the economic headwinds coming from Europe, the Arab Spring and the rise in oil prices, all of which have been very challenging for the recovery.”

“So he’s claiming that he’s made GM number one with the stimulus even though it was the tsunami that did it but he can’t pretend he doesn’t know the tsunami because he’s claiming that the headwinds of the tsunami and other things are exactly what caused the stimulus not to work,” Glenn noted.

“He knows he’s lying about 800 different ways.”

President Obama is using the same tragedy to make him policies look good and as an excuse for his failed policies.

“This isn’t normal. It isn’t normal for Washington. This isn’t normal for any place on planet Earth,” he added.

“The question is do we accept this?”