Who misled their audience on GM – Glenn or President Obama?

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Glenn is honest when he makes a mistake, so this morning on radio he wanted to make sure he corrected one that occurred yesterday.

After playing the audio below of President Obama, Glenn acknowledged that a serious error was made.

“When the American auto industry was on the brink of collapse, more than one million jobs at stake, Governor Romney said let’s let Detroit go bankrupt. I said I believe in American workers, I believe in this American industry and now the American auto industry has come roaring back and GM’s number one again.”

“You know, I said GM’s not number one and, well, it’s not number one,” he explained. “But we want to make sure that we don’t mislead you on saying that GM was never not number one.”

Glenn went on to explain that, like they has assumed, Toyota is number one. They were number one before the bailout, just as they were as the bailout was ending. But that’s not the full story.

In 2011, GM did reclaim the number one position worldwide. This was relinquished about a month ago when Toyota reclaimed the position. Did Toyota, a Japanese company, briefly lose their top spot solely due to an auto-bailout?


It’s more likely that the tsunami that ravaged their country was largely, if not completely, responsible for the title loss.

“As soon as they’re able to recover and they can rebuild their factories and people’s lives are back in shape, they begin making cars again and they immediately regrab the number one title,” Glenn commented.

So, not only was President Obama dishonest about the current ranking of GM, he also failed to mention anything about Toyota being the company to fall to the number two spot, and the economic struggles they’ve had while rebuilding over the last year.

“It’s difficult to come to the conclusion that it was a mistake by this president,” Glenn said.

He went on to note that the President is acting as if his policies led to “the GM comeback.” Well, the comeback is over, so good policy making…

“If it was just due to the stimulus, it means you need to continually juice the system to be able to get them to sell that many cars,” Glenn said. “But that’s not even true.”

The bailout was already over.

Not only did the president ignore the fact that a horrible natural disaster occurred in Japan AND ignore the fact that the bailout was already a failed policy by this time, he completely deceives the crowd he’s talking to. Obama was well aware of the effects that the tsunami had on the economy – he’s been using it as an excuse for his failed stimulus policies.

Here is a clip of the president doing just that:

“The economies already had absorbed an earthquake in Japan, the economic headwinds coming from Europe, the Arab Spring and the rise in oil prices, all of which have been very challenging for the recovery.”

“So he’s claiming that he’s made GM number one with the stimulus even though it was the tsunami that did it but he can’t pretend he doesn’t know the tsunami because he’s claiming that the headwinds of the tsunami and other things are exactly what caused the stimulus not to work,” Glenn noted.

“He knows he’s lying about 800 different ways.”

President Obama is using the same tragedy to make him policies look good and as an excuse for his failed policies.

“This isn’t normal. It isn’t normal for Washington. This isn’t normal for any place on planet Earth,” he added.

“The question is do we accept this?”

  • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Revan

    I don’t see a problem with GM here just watch this and tell me what is so wrong. http://youtu.be/avLKiWi71cE this is what happens when the government over steps its bonds. We live in dark days that will only get darker put your trust in God not man.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Obama the liar in chief and the great destroyer is the one who misled the nation; GM is still refered to as Goverment Motors for good cause, and consider where Obamas patrionage is shown to be at when the unionists are given priority over the investors and creditors.

  • landofaahs

    Only $25 billion loss by the federal govt. is a success to this bunch of criminals.  Remember when JP Morgan lost $4 billion and everyone claimed they were out of control?  End the Federal Reserve.

    • Anonymous

      ….JP Morgan,Rockefeller they were the original communist of this country along with Woodrow Wilson! McCarthy was right to have the unAmerican committee, Allen West was Right saying 80% of congress is commie, Bachman was right of infultration of islam in Government….after-all the most visited to Whitehouse was Union Leaders and Islam.Left just owns Media.Money Talks Everybody Walks! Everything Hussein-Obama Has Done Proves He Is an AntiAmerican-Islamist Terrorist! 

    • Anonymous

       Harry Reid years ago railed AGAINST the Fed. Now, he is blocking all attempts to audit the Fed……HMMMMM talk about hypocrisy. He is such an idiot-I’m surprised he ever said anything even remotely intelligent like criticizing the Fed.

      End the Fed…YES

      • landofaahs

        Yea, it’s sure proof that some people are just playing games with their stands. All dirty harry cares about is getting re-elected. He’s been so crooked for so long that when he passes, they will have to screw him into the ground.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Glenn! Why aren’t you covering the radical neo-Nazi movement in Germany? They are a growing danger to freedom. You compare democrats and progressives with Nazis so much, I wonder, how come you haven’t used an analysis about this contemporary radical group to demonstrate how much they are like liberals. No? They agree with you in the stance against multi-culturalism, equality among races, no? No like? Thought so.

    • greywolfrs

      You continue to prove your stupidity. It really must be tiring to be as dumb as you.

      • Anonymous

        So you got the irony, little doggy.

        • greywolfrs

          Actually, the only thing I got was dumber from reading anything you wrote, coward.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ES7F4IKM25XIELWDMJKE3LW3TI Sally

      Strange to say the least?

    • Anonymous

      someone has been asleep, at least do your homeworkefore throwing the first stone.

    • landofaahs

      Although I do not believe that there are superiorities in race, I do believe there are superior cultures.  Multi-culturalism is crap.  Would you allow the culure of slavery circa 1840?  That is culture.  Culture is nothing but the set of mores a region applies within it’s borders as a means of expressing societal norms.
      As far as equality of races is concerned, liberty for all without stealing from the other groups just because they have something you desire but do not have , is the best way to accomplish that.  I assume with equality that you would allow  equal opportunity to also fail.  I sense that what you really want is to force acceptance of your lifestyle while denying others the right to their beliefs.  What you espouse is not tolerance.  I am perfectly willing to allow you your beliefs, please be tolerant enough to allow others to disagree.  This rabid hate from the left needs to stop. 

      • Anonymous

        This rabid hate is ambidextrous, come from both right and left. Save me the indignation. You sense “that what [we] really want is to force acceptance of your lifestyle while denying others the right to their beliefs”. Well, if your beliefs deny my lifestyle, and furthermore, they take away my freedoms, you bet I will fight against your beliefs. Not our of hate, but out of self respect. Culture is what is. If you think one is better than another, I ask you, on what basis, exactly? Culture is not bounded by borders. It leaks in our lives through our connections, our interactions. It enriches our social environments. Even those which you might judge as “the worst ones” enrich the diversity of culture in our world, for the better, ALWAYS. I’m not talking about religion, which can be part of culture. I’m talking about that which makes people unique and different, what gives them self identity. That cannot be better or worse (like Mittens claims), it just is. Acceptance is not imposing, it is a blessing.

        • landofaahs

          Chcik-fil-a is a good example of who is really being denied freedom. Frankly no other group is suffering persecution in this America except traditional Christians. Frankly, all others have every right to believe as they wish and to practice their crap culture to their hearts content. Fill up your cup to over flowing if you desire and do not complain when as Jesus says “you receive upon yourself the full recompense of your errors”. I don’t deny anyone their rights as long as they don’t dis my rights.
          I disagree with every culture having value. The Nazi culture had no good or value I can see, but then again I am not as tolerant about that kind of evil as you seem to be. Hitler was certainly unique and I refuse to accept that kind of ilk and any others that do not conform to Christ and his total teaching not just the cherry picked parts. That is my right which I claim and those who don’t like it have to live with it. Afterall, we Christians as wheat must live amongst the tares but we don’t need to value those tares.

          • Anonymous

            Nazi is not a culture, it’s an ideology. The German culture of the time was cradle to Nazism, but like many Germans will tell you, it did not define it. Culture gather many ideologies, and not only them. Ideologies can sure be crap, just as you say the ideology of multi-culturalism is. The funny thing is that the original Nazi and the neo-Nazi agree with you about multi-culturalism. Now, multi-culturalism is an ideology of tolerance in face of a REAL condition of the world, which is a condition of diversity in terms of culture. You position is an ideology of denial (to not call it intolerance) of the same REAL condition of diversity. In other words, you are denial of reality, as you well have the right to be. The Chck-fil-a is indeed a good example, but not of what you think. Seen from both sides, it is easy to notice that BOTH parties involved are more than willing to deny the other freedoms. I don’t agree with either side. One sells Christian chicken and believes that that gives it the right to deny a whole sector of the population their civil rights (or yet to be decided as civil rights). The other believes it has the right to deny a company the freedom to expand wherever. Both are wrong. They are too worried about what the other is doing without their approval. It is pure idiocy, and you know what? Because they are both based on intolerance. The problem here is intolerance. Do you see?

          • landofaahs

            Not true about agreeing with the Nazi’s. They did not tolerate multi-culturism. I can tolerate different cultures even though I have no personal respect for it. I allow it to exist and I wish to leave it to itself. I do not embrace it. How does Chick fil-a deny your rights if it simply disagrees with others and stands for what it believes? Are your civil rights being denied you? I’d like to know how your rights are denied you but that at the same time my rights are respected. Now as far as you say both are intolerant, you must honestly place yourself in that mix because you are intolerant yourself and for me to be tolerant, I must tolerate your evident hate. It is a cross I must bear but one which I gladly bear is to be a Christian and to suffer the slings and arrows of the attack of those who are fallen. They persecuted Christ for his holiness and so we must also suffer for the sake of the gospel of salvation for our sins through Christ alone. So when I am being cursed by unrepentant, I know I am blessed of God.

          • Anonymous

            Easily explained: Chick-fil-a supports groups that want to limit the definition of marriage to exclude gay couples from that institution. As a business, it has the right to do so. But that exercise of rights is directed at stoping gay couples from being married under the law and God. In other words, they are denying our freedom to legalize our love for each other.

            Chick-fil-a and all their supporters feel that if someone somewhere (far from them) does something against their belief system, that that is a violation your right of belief, that it is somehow a persecution of Christianity. Really? That’s ludicrous. Give me a freaking break! No one is after you, sending lions to eat you. No one persecutes Christians in America. To call being against the intolerant attitude of hardcore Christians a “persecution” against Christianity is the definition of hypocrisy. No one hates you. Relax, my friend. But you tell me, how is me wanting to marry my boyfriend a disrespect of your rights? It is, perhaps, a disrespect to YOUR version of your Christian faith. In a country with freedom of belief and religion, that’s bound to happen. Deal with it or get out of this country. Move to a fundamentalist Christian country, you’ll probably be happier there. Just stay the hell out of my private life and don’t tell me I’m not a Christian if I don’t interpret Christ the same anal way you do. Who I marry and love does not concern you. I don’t have to buy into the idiotic notion that me getting married to a man is angering God against the US. Please, get in touch with reality. If God punished the US for its immorality the country would be gone by now. We, as a country, have sinned so much. God does not judge us here. In this, the real world, villains can win their whole lives, and heroes can be miserable until their untimely deaths. You know, reality.

          • landofaahs

            You are full of it. Chick fil-a’s stance does not keep you from “loving” someone. Another falsehood you spoke is that Christians are not being persecuted. When a company is denied the right to do business in an area because politicians disagree with them, that is discrimination.
            Marriage has been legally defined as a union between a man and a woman and yet certain men and women cannot marry. Fathers cannot marry their daughters, Mothers cannot marry their sons and brothers cannot marry their sisters. The law does not discriminate between your sexual preference. A gay man can marry any straight or gay woman who chooses to marry him. The same in reverse. Now you say that who you choose to marry is none of my business. I agree. You can marry a frog a dog or a cat for all I care, but I and others don’t have to recognize it.
            I have some divorce lawyer friends who are rubbing their hands with anticipation of profiting from the breakups in those relationships. They will get filthy rich off that so be careful what you ask for.
            As far as you making the statement of how I am interpreting the Bible…well I guess in your own words, it would be you who has the “anal way” of interpreting it.
            I don’t have to judge you because that is God’s job and he does it perfectly. So go and have a a good life. Anything else you wish to say, say it to God because I won’t read it.

          • Anonymous

            Not from “loving” someone, but from marrying under law and God. Big difference, don’t you think?

  • ginger

    Sad to say that the usurper in the White House has proven time and again that he is a consumate liar. Don;t know who he thinks he is fooling…besides those who have partaken of the kool-aid.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K7QTO6H6AOJXHCYA2QH2UXIFVA wildwood15

    But GM DID declare bankruptcy under Obama! Why is no one covering this? He claims romney would have let it go bankrupt but it DID under Obama! And all that money isn’t being paid back. AND more money was loaned to GM than the State Department’s budget. AND it’s more money than all our foreign aid!


     Everything these guys say is a lie in more than one way!

    • http://twitter.com/UTMadman Jeff Bruning

      Right! Isn’t it ironic? They hammer Romney for his work at Bain, rebuilding, and restructuring companies, to save them, but claiming it results in job losses, jobs being sent overseas, companies bankrupted or gutted, all in the name of greed (like only Romney could be greedy).

      Yet…Obama did the same exact thing with GM! Take it into bankruptcy, lose billions of dollars in shareholder value, and vendor contracts (and jobs), then take it public again, with new capital, and on top of all that, ‘invest’ our tax dollars into it, without our permission. What company wouldn’t love an IPO and gov’t subsidies, at the same time? Of course they would get back to #1 with that kind of help (but only briefly).

      Now imagine getting all this capital, and still have the same infrastructure…no need to rebuild anything (i.e. no capital expenditures). Just pour it into new products, and practically give them away to boost sales. That’s industrial nirvana! But, to add insult to injury, they are now moving some of the production overseas, to China, etc. Wait a minute? I thought only Romney did those things? The hypocrisy runs rampant…

      • Anonymous

        Obama did worse than Romney did. He gave money to his buddies in the unions and expects favors in return. At least Romney helped companies that would go under anyway. It is ironic Jeff. This is what the Dems do.

        I guess if there weren’t stupid people believing their nonsense then they wouldn’t get away with it. They need to hear the truth once and for all.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/OXEUPLQP5N3NWO72YU6KUTFHFA Vern

        Also Obama is letting the CEO of GE close a plant here in the USA and move to China. Obama says he wants to create jobs, but his right hand man Chicago’s mayor says no to Chick-fil-a opening a new Rest. That is really creating more jobs. What a joke we have living in the WH.

    • Anonymous

       I WAS a bondholder in GM until Obama forced them into bankruptcy, yes forced contingent on bailout and the bondholders got screwed and the common stock holders got screwed but not wiped out as I was. I am a retiree and I am furious that my retirement account was decimated as a direct result of Obama’s “policy” and “bailout” of GM. Guess who didn’t get hurt? That’s right! UNIONS, specifically UAW. They still get their $100/hr in benefits. No wonder cars are so expensive.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DQIQRDQDXXXK4HELTTQGA77P5I E.W.

      HERE’S THE FACTS: It’s true that Romney didn’t preach liquidation of GM and Chrysler and that he saw his approach as a way to save the auto companies. But his way was an improbable course. Opposing a government bailout, Romney instead favored private loans to finance the automakers’ restructuring in bankruptcy court. His proposed government loan guarantees would only have come after the companies went through bankruptcy. At the time, however, both automakers were nearly out of cash and were bad credit risks. The banking system was in crisis and private money wasn’t available. So without hefty government aid, the assets of both companies probably would have been sold in liquidation auctions.

  • Anonymous

    Obama has a slogan: Lie, Cheat, Steal, if that does not work SLANDER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      take over the Media first and you can do what you want.media is just like him a teleprompter reading modelCelebrity-in-Chief!. Lucifer at a work.Hussein-Oboma=
      The Face of Evil!Soros=The PuppetMaster …to All! no education all he does is speeches and exective order signings of adviCzars plans.Our Country Was Turned Upside Down in 1961 and 1961 upside down is 1961,the evil ones birth year!evil backwards is live!
      do you want to live or do you want evil…your choice Our choice in November!!

  • greywolfrs

    Actually, Romney is correct, there should be NO bailouts for ANY companies. There should be no “too big to fail.” Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are very clear. Bailouts are not covered under those documents. Obamao is wrong, that tax payer money should have never went to any company. That tax payer money should never been spent on Fannie and Freddie, as both of those are unconstitutional as well. The government should not be in the business of guarantee ANY loans, whether they are for homes, education or anything else.

  • Anonymous

    The ONLY reason that GM is selling cars is…….(drum roll)…….THE GOVERNMENT IS BUYING THEM WITH YOUR TAX MONEY!!!!!  Research it – there are many articles about this. (I’m actually a little surprised Glenn didn’t already know this.)  But the point is, Obama has bought and is continuing to buy hundreds of thousands of GM vehicles just so he could run on his ‘success’ regarding the GM bailout!!! What a lying, cheating SOB! How does he live with himself? I take that question back because I already know the answer – he’s a narcissistic wanna-be dictator.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carl-E-Cook/1491588908 Carl E Cook

       ……better to support an american company–period….. with american jobs and.american dollars……support GM–or support japan, jerk……….

  • Anonymous

    And, could this be why Japan quickly regained the 1st place spot? Total Quality Management: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Total_quality_management and this man: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W._Edwards_Deming

    • Anonymous

       Toyota, not Japan, is the #1 supplier for a couple reasons.
      1) diversification, they are very similar to GM and a multi-national company
      2) outsourcing of production to the US to cut tariffs on trucks, reduce cycle and lead time, as well as flag waving statement
      3) Japan puts intense pressure upon domestic suppliers and their overseas sales to Korea. Japan first, Korea second 
      4) lower legacy costs associated with final vehicle pricing

      Now, GM is far from blameless in this game.  GM out designed and developed the competition until the corporate structure changed from building cars to making money.  Credit Tom Murphy with starting this and Roger Smith for driving it home.  Even though platform sharing was common within GM in the 60s, it was until the 80s that the staggering sameness combined with quality issues drove consumers to better built, more reliable cars. 

      TQM and Six Sigma are nice, but in reality all cars are significantly better than where they were 20 years ago.  The best car 20 years ago is in the lower third of reliability today.  The dirty secret of the auto industry is that all cars have gotten much better and that even though the name is different, suppliers provide similar parts to multiple automakers.

      The biggest area of growth is due to the average age of the US auto fleet.  Our fleet is about 12 years old and that represents a significant growth in sales on the horizon.  As most manufacturers, especially imports, do not support parts after 10 years and the concept of planned obsolescence has long been implemented through scarcity of parts, opposed to longevity, now is the time to showcase all the good things about corporation A vs. B.  

      Now days, even though Chrysler took plenty of Government bailout funds and Ford took TARP funds for their lending arm, GM is in the cross-hairs, the singular enemy for all the bailout hatred.

  • max coldest

    lawyers lips move…they lie.  Osama breathes…he lies.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, Glenn, on this we must award the point to Obama.  Remember in Obama’s eyes our economy is doing splendidly and where his policies are tsunamis in themselves, it’s clear that success is derived from failure brought on by tsunamis.  It’s like six degrees of backward logic.  You’ll just never understand.

  • Anonymous

    So it is ok for Obama to make excuses for why his economy is not working, but Bush couldn’t. Not that I liked Bush, but let’s all understand he had 911 in the very beginning of his term. That wasn’t easy to deal with no less keep the economy on track. He was concerned about the safety of this country. But Bush didn’t keep bringing that up to excuse his weak last two years. Bush could have also brought attention to the house and senate being controlled by the left for the last two years. He could have made the excuse that they didn’t pass a budget and they wouldn’t pass laws he brought to them.Bush could have blamed Fannie and Freddie for making banks give loans to people that didn’t qualify. Only Obama will stoop that low. He has done nothing but complain about everything being someone else’s fault. I would like to see some responsibility for the choices he made. But no, he will only take credit for things he had little to do with. It reminds of the time he was senator Obama. He voted “present” rather than actually give a clear yes or no on issues. It amazes me that he even ended up president with a past like that. It is clear he has little to no experience and is not capable to be our president. 

    The GM bailout should never have been done. It has harmed this economy and made GM products not worth buying.

  • Anonymous

    The bailout to GM is a drop in the bucket compared to the zillions to the financial markets. How many of those “too big to fail” institutions lost anything in the end? Don’t forget that the big bailout started with Bush still as president.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OXEUPLQP5N3NWO72YU6KUTFHFA Vern

    What Obama won’t tell folks is that the bailout helped the Unions, and screwed the bond, and
    stock holders. GM would have come out of a bankruptcy better than what Obama did. If Obama
    had to spend his own money no one would have gotten any bailout dollars. But since it was tax
    payers bucks he don’t give a Happy-Rats-Ass.

  • Anonymous

    Bailout? This is the government.  It doesn’t make anything — it’s paid to administer this country’s laws, provide general defense and protect that which is Caesar’s.  The government wants people to think it’s a charity.  It’s not.  It never will be.  It’s a false, money-losing, despair-promoting, corrupt “charity”.  It loses money with every dollar taken in.  If it were a charity, the board of directors would be in jail.

    Jobs weren’t saved — layoffs were delayed at the expense of the American taxpayer.  No doubt that Obama was hoping GM would hang on past November.  Apparently, GM is so inept they couldn’t even do that.

    How much paper will it take to float this country?  Germany couldn’t do it.

    At this point, with regulations, we probably couldn’t obtain enough wood needed to print the paper.

  • Anonymous

    i know i’m gonna sound a little CRAZY but this admin. has gotten me here, to the point where i am thinking these things.  that a covert operation caused the japanese tsunami.  now i know they’ve had earthquakes and tsunamis before but now when i hear about “bad” weather, i think the worst case scenario.  

    do they not test nuclear bombs under water? yes.  can they monkey w/the weather?  yes.  so, why would it be CRAZY for a government to escalate technology for political gain?  and you know they’re not gonna let you in on all their capabilities.

    right now much of the country is going through a drought.  will those local governments call upon the feds for help?  yes.  why do this?  to show the little people that government is needed all the time, in every way for the rest of your life.

    you just heard bho try to use the tsunami for financial woes.  you already know he will use each and every crisis to heighten his power.  some will be natural and some ?  CALL ME CRAZY.

    • greywolfrs

      You are crazy…

  • Poison_ Monkey

    I would want to review GM’s P&L and debt load that remained by avoiding BK. Highly unlikely that a bailout beat out a BK’s bottom-line. Especially-in a slow production and sales climate. Unless the books were cooked and bailout funds are not factored into the P & L equation’s NOI.

    • Anonymous

       GM didn’t avoid bankruptcy. As a bondholder, I got lots of notices of the bankruptcy. They reorganized under a different name and all the bondholders got wiped out in the bankruptcy, a requirement of Obama for the bailout funds. The only winners? Union workers.

      • Poison_ Monkey

        This is a huge huge reply…! I was having a bet with a buddy that the GM bailout was some bogus (Post) hallucination. You have to think why GM and not KMART…right. Acarmaker is a carmaker…there are plenty of other carmaker’s unless on thevisitors to the White House “short” list.  Sorry, about your loss “fellow” number… I
        have been called in to whiz tragic issues like this and BK is the only way out
        at X cents on the dollar. Telling people that they actually will owe if they
        refuse 2 cents on the dollar as a collective deal. People jump off building’s-die
        for no reason-go crazy-in fear of starting all over and at X age it’s latterly
        or literally not possible most times.

        The bailout
        obviously skinned the lower to midrange’s hides.  Really really pray for you’ all.

  • Anonymous

    I’m one of those guy’s that worked at GM here in delawere. I reiceved my pension when the plant closed in 09. had my 30yrs. in by then. I was also one of the few republicans there. I have to admit I’m a bit torn over the bankruptsy issue. I also felt that the bailouts were not right. but at the same time what’s a person to do. I was on the streets back in the late 70’s and gm gave me a very good life and a living wage. however I did bust my hump on that line for 30yrs. I feel I was owed somthing. but I got to admit I’m a little torn about the whole thing. also not everybody there was the crazy union people that we all see on the news. most of the people I knew were good honest hardworking men and woman. and we do feel caught in the middle. just saying.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3BWBDVN7F7JH6Z4PYJ4ZY4E3ZI Tabitha

    The tsunami is one reason that Toyota lost the number one spot, but the big reason was the recalls that Toyota had for their brake systems.  Once they had worked out a viable solution for the brakes, Toyota started taking back their number one spot.

  • Anonymous

    Mr.LiarCelebrity-in-Chief, a lie repeated enough becomes true,Hussein-Obama thinks he is god..first I say it then it is so. He didn’t want a stimulus to help the people and economy stimulus paid his adviCzars. All Bailouts leading to A socialist country! Bankruptcy would’ve been better for company’s,so you can build up again.He was raised to make America and American Companies not be number one. A bomb hit all right,obomba! Bill Ayers is still hitting US with bombs,O-bomb-a! Who’s running the country,Lucifer! after all these radical hippies who changed their jeans for suits who changed the radical pose….bible is RulesForRadicals dedicated to Lucifer!They are really making Satans work easy for him. We have to fight with the Armor Of Faith! To Get All Back To God..HE Will Save US..If We Speak Up For Him!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EC7HA52ILNFPLXFTCH6RD2XXAA James

    I’m not disagreeing with the tsunami point, it had a definite impact. The position was lost just before that when Obama’s transportation secretary LaHood declared war on Toyota. After the phony accelerator incidents, LaHood declared that Americans should not drive their Toyota’s to the dealer but have them picked up and repaired. The Obama administrations obvious assault on Toyota after the bailout is part of the public record.

  • Anonymous

    There is a video on the relationship between CHINA and GM.  GM makes 70% of their cars OUTSIDE of AMERICA and Cadillac sponsored the latest propoganda movie for China. The CCP Cadres have Cadillacs from GM.  The CCP is on one side of the title and the Cadillac coat of arms stands on the other side.  GM is in the process of turning their R & D department over to China.  GM is calling China the “Crown Jewel in the US”.  What about the Americans that bailed them out in 2008?????

  • Anonymous

    Obama actually screwed the US Consumer, if the American car companies had been allowed to file bankrupcy the would have re-organized, gotten out from under some of the excessive and crazy union contracts and come back stronger and more efficient.  No only that but instead of Chrysler being owned by the union (and still not making money) the Government would not own and be able to dictate to the automakers.  This was just another case of Emperior Obama grabbing more and more control of our lives.  Bailouts, takeovers, Obama Care, welcome to the United Socialist State of America!  It’s only going to get worse!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carl-E-Cook/1491588908 Carl E Cook

    you know your country is in trouble when one of its leading industries is in trouble–and american s support the prime company that  helped cause it—-toyota…………..
    stupid, stupid, stupid.

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