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Apparently tired of the constant military leaks that have only served to harm the armed forces and intelligence community, a group of former officials have teamed up to publicly rebuke the current administration. Typically military officials don’t get overly political but this group is so fearful of what may happen next they decided to speak out.

Today, the organization known as the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund(OPSEC) released a twenty-two minute film titled “Dishonorable Disclosures: How Leaks And Politics Threaten National Security.”

After playing audio from the film, Glenn explained, “It is I think just damaging to the president and finally, finally somebody’s saying it.  I mean, how long have we been saying, you know, when is, when is somebody going to, in the military going to say enough is enough?  Well, they have now.  These are not military guys.  These are former military guys, former SEALs, former special forces, former general, former CIA that says ‘You’re getting our guys killed.'”

“Scathing.  Scathing.  Enough is enough,” Glenn said.

The Blaze explains:

In the documentary-style video, ten former members of the military and intelligence community (including one General) speak candidly and clearly on the importance of Operational Security or OPSEC. The film shows the men detailing their outrage over multiple leaks of sensitive and valuable information from this administration.

Their mission is one of education. OPSEC is a 501(c)(4) – a social welfare organization. They strive to teach the elected officials in Washington and the American people about the vital need to keep secret so much of the work being done by our military.

Watch the full film below: