Former military, intelligence officials united against Obama

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Apparently tired of the constant military leaks that have only served to harm the armed forces and intelligence community, a group of former officials have teamed up to publicly rebuke the current administration. Typically military officials don’t get overly political but this group is so fearful of what may happen next they decided to speak out.

Today, the organization known as the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund(OPSEC) released a twenty-two minute film titled “Dishonorable Disclosures: How Leaks And Politics Threaten National Security.”

After playing audio from the film, Glenn explained, “It is I think just damaging to the president and finally, finally somebody’s saying it.  I mean, how long have we been saying, you know, when is, when is somebody going to, in the military going to say enough is enough?  Well, they have now.  These are not military guys.  These are former military guys, former SEALs, former special forces, former general, former CIA that says ‘You’re getting our guys killed.'”

“Scathing.  Scathing.  Enough is enough,” Glenn said.

The Blaze explains:

In the documentary-style video, ten former members of the military and intelligence community (including one General) speak candidly and clearly on the importance of Operational Security or OPSEC. The film shows the men detailing their outrage over multiple leaks of sensitive and valuable information from this administration.

Their mission is one of education. OPSEC is a 501(c)(4) – a social welfare organization. They strive to teach the elected officials in Washington and the American people about the vital need to keep secret so much of the work being done by our military.

Watch the full film below:


  • Stephan Bruno

    LOL. This is hilarious. This is like former plumbers against toilets. 

    • Beatriz Vargas

      If you get your head out of the toilet and than read again you may see the gravity instead of fun, althout it’s not guaranteed: idiots do not understand whether they have their heads in the toilet, in their rear end, inside BHO anus or out.

    • Onemore913

       What are you 12 or naive? Do you have such disregard for the lives of our fighting soldiers and intelligence personnel to be flippant and arrogant

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps he’s one of those toffee nosed residents of Obama’s large colon, who took up residence there to be as close to their incompetent Messiah as they can.  Must be crowded having to share the space with the MSM and the morons from Hollywood.

    • FireMall

        I wonder if you’ll still be laughing when a squad of Muslim U.N. militia troops drag your infidel azz out of your mother’s basement and chop your head off while they are laughing at the terror in your face.
         Seems you have just enough Historical knowledge of Tyrannical Socialism to get yourself & loved ones Disappeared .. 

      • Anonymous

         the UN would struggle to control a fraternity party let alone kill us.
        The generalizing picture you paint of muslims is also disturbing and your comments do disservice to the Pakistani and Malaysian soldiers who along with the 10th Mountain put their lives on the line to bail our special forces out in Somalia.

    • greywolfrs

      Another stupid comment from a complete moron.

      • SoThere

        Revan, if you read strtlks posts that he has judged himself to be a vulgar little hatemonger who lied about his military service (never served but claimed he did) and threatened the lives of Glenn Beck and the SCOTUS and actually threatened  to shut me up in a “face to face” confrontation.  I told him that I’d take him up on that, even set a time and place but as all moronic leftists do, he didn’t show up. (Chicken shit)
        Next he attacked my wife and children on this forum.

        He judges people for what they are and so do I, he a lying vulgar little man and a liberal Progressive who lives in Seattle Washington.  He and his ilk are the reason we need to Save America and Vote Conservative.

        I have all his posts to back up what I just posted here, in his own words. He’s a tick on the ass of humanity and a hatemonger.

        I thought you should know.

        • greywolfrs

          Revan? Sorry bro, but I am not him…

          • SoThere

            Understood. My post was directed towards you and not Revsan. I sent Revan the same message. My bad, I’ll correct it. I always do.

        • greywolfrs

          I already know, I just enjoy giving him shit. He is a true coward through and through.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Obama has betrayed our nation and our troops; each leak made for the deliberate effort of his own political gain and he says “DAMN THE CONSEQUENCES TO THE TROOPS!”

    He cares NOTHING for them; we need to fire Obama in Nov, and assuming we can survive the moves for him to establish his dictatorship, hold him for trial in the new year.

    May justice be brung to Obama for the crimes he has commited, one under the law and in the courts of our land.

    • Cynthia Chascsa Reminder Patto

      I love your post, you always say it just the right way… They say the best man for the job is a woman.  You go girl keep talking. 

      • Cynthia R. Brown

        There is a lot more to the evil of this man than anyone can imagine. But just watch how the main media handle all of this.

  • Revan

    I think that is why Obama is trying to stop our brave men and women from voting in Ohio. He does not want to lose because of his lose lips to make himself look better. Proverbs 11:13 A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret.

    • Richard Smith

       Obama truly is an amateur!

    • TERESA


  • Anonymous

    I hope JSOC has a plan for the terrorist-in chief.

  • Sandy Caruso

    My Father was in Special Forces and Army Intelligence for most of his military career. Even HE knew not to divulge any information of any kind in any way for any reason to his wife or children or anyone not authorized to receive that information. He took these secrets with him to his grave after having been retired as a Major in the Army for many years. I am appalled and disgusted to see Obama the blabbermouth to announce to whole world the operational details of taking down Usama Bin Laden. Why has he not been charged with treason? ”

    Obama didn’t kill bin Laden– the brave men and women of the military (the Navy SEALs) carried out this dangerous mission and it cost them their lives. Obama’s announcement of bin Laden’s death was nothing more than political grandstanding to prop himself  up in the polls in the hopes of winning re-election. Disgusting absolutely disgusting!

  • Anonymous

    Methinks this kind of mess is right up Obama’s sleeve. There is a lot more to the evil of this man than anyone can imagine. But just watch how the main media handle all of this.

  • Anonymous

    Join the CROUD ! I never wanted to be poloitically involved, but I started in 2008

  • Anonymous

    well, are they all talk and no action.
    A narcissist doesn’t care what you say, he only listens to actions that talk louder than words.
    Article 2 sec 2 & Article 3 sec 8 the man in the white house is only commander in chief when congress decIares war [he is not the commanderinchief].

    • FireMall

       I wish you were correct, however , when Congress passed NDAA on a 90% bi-partisan vote and then the house last month passed the final blow to the American system of government via Senate bill 679 /  Chuck Schumer’s Ceaser law , which  Obama gleefully signed into law last Friday  Aug 10. is the day that Congress made themselves as useless as teats on a boar hog.against Obama & the U.N. .
         This is not a joke or conspiracy theory. 
         Congress granted & seceded nearly all of their  Legislative & Constitutional Duties, Rights & Oversight / Checks & Balances  as per  said Constitution to one sole person. The Present so called president and all future presidents.
         Obama has fulfilled his known agenda as of last Friday. 
         “We The People” are as of Now, Living under a Dictatorship Government. 
          Congress has Been no more than Trojan Horses for the  Enemies Within,  for the Greater Good of Communism.
         When Congress alloe=wed Obama Complete Power over the masses, they condemned “We The People” to the very atrocities that Our Fighting Military fought , died and cried for in order to prevent “We The People” from ever having to live under such disgusting cruelties as all Communist nation’s People have been living under…       

      • greywolfrs

        Well, I would tell you one thing, the Second Amendment still exists and will be used if push comes to shove…

  • the crazy betty

    who shot down the seals in the old time schnook helicopter?  why were they all in there at the same time? who gave the order?

    • Anonymous

      That old time chinook and others are still on tarmacs round the world.Spares are one big problem now with cuts ect.

    • FireMall

         Good question.   
         One likely answer would be Obama’s secret allies . The Muslim Britherhood. 
            It’s really Ironic that after Kadaffi was assassinated there was 20,000  Libyan Shoulder launched grenades transferred to a Pakistani navy ship. 
         A week later the Chinnook copter with the seals aboard just happens to be downed by one of the alleged Missing Grenades.
          What’s really sad is the seals were deployed to support a minimal threat situation against a small group of Combat personnel. 
          Obama via the Muslim BHoodies killed the Seals to keep their silence about a very suspicious Obama & gangees  claim that Bin Laden was killed. 
        Killing the Seals with Pakistan suppling the  missing Libyan armaments to the Afghan Muslim Brotherhood doing the shoot down, {Formerly known as Al Queda / Taliban }    was Obama’s way of restoring his Honor with our enemies aka Obama’s Brethren  Brother Hoodies , Obama’s best allies & friends.

      • dovy289

         Very well put FireMall.  Nobody has been willing or able to answer the question about why he’s still in office and not impeached.  The Muslim leaders both in America and all over the Middle East have paid big money to keep the liberal media quiet and to keep BHO in office no matter WHAT he’s done to America – that has been his socialist agenda all along – to destroy America by whatever means he could.  That’s why he cancelled the National Day of Prayer and then celebrated prayers with the Muslims in the White House during Ramadan.  He has given Muslims and illegal immigrants more rights than anyone else in our own Country!

        • TERESA


      • Anonymous

        it’s sad to see you disgrace the lives of those seals with your unfounded and hateful allegations.

        • Sofia McNabb

          Seriously…are you that blind…or just refuse to see the truth.  Now, speaking about the truth…why does people have a difficult time seeing the truth.  Mmmmmmm…

        • FireMall

          Seems your reading comprehension that was Not taught in the Socialist  Indoctrination schools you may or may not have attended  only lets you comprehend  only what your subconscious allows .
             The SEALS are one of several  special  Military Ops  who hopefully will save America from Obama’s vile , Disgusting and Treasonous  Agenda.
             You accusation that I somehow was disgracing the Seals is way off base. 

           It is  Obama who has displayed, by His Actions , his  Contempt &  Hateful  disdain of &  to All U,S, Military Personnel & Heroes.

             Obama seldom even Salutes when facing one of “Our” Military. Note I said “OUR” Military, Not Obama’s Military

            . Obama , however , obviously, highly “Respects”   a Military who doesn’t  Speak English as their native language  & would be killed for singing the. National Anthem and Obama’s “Respected”  Military has Promised to Destroy “OUR” Military and America’s Infidel Citizens and “Our” nation..

            There has Not been one generation of my ancestors beginning in the year 1710  who have not been fighters for Freedom.beginning with the Revolutionary War, and 2 of my ancestors were Merchant Marines who fought against the Barbary Coast Pirates. 
             You likely would not know of the Barbary Coast Pirates .In the 1600’s  They were  robbing, stealing & killing people  while High Jacking Merchant  Cargo ships headed to the Early Colonies.  .  These Pirates aka early Muslim terrorist forced the early settlers to create the Merchant Marines to protect cargo ships headed to the New World.
              These Muslim pigs from hell are Known today as the Somalian Pirates.  
              . Many of my clan were  fighting for Freedom before the U.S. was even a twinkle  in “We The People’s” eyes so assuming I don’t Respect “OUR” Military is Liberal BS.

    • TERESA


  • Anonymous

    Opsec is one ting Obama just applies to his Rescoe deals solyndra-the bail out and his other slush funds he and his goons set up.Just remember we still have Nov. Toy’s still has cold ones-Obama is stillwhoever he pretends to be today.

  • Anonymous

    On another note just got a bonus today-think I’ll be puting my money where my seabag’s been. 

  • Anonymous

    B.O. bragging about ”he killed Bin Laden” multiple times—and if he is culpable in the leaking

    of military tactics/info—in my eyes, that’s the same as dancing on the graves of the fallen.


  • Patricia Lockwood

    saw,couple days ago, from you tube,where a man in jacksonville,fla, took film ,while at railroad ,stop, and it was nothing ,but flatbeds,loaded with military tanks,jeeps, fuel trucks,seems ,just couple of days, something of the same in california.  seeing notes on if,relected,no border patrol.will be military and national guard,and only be used if president declares national emergercy.  yes,agree,we sometimes are to reliable to show things ,or tell about secrets for our country. all obama,did ,was just okay the raid. but it was all of our military and seals,that did the work. all he did,was ,sit on butt,sign paper,then acts,as if ,he did it all by himself.  he ,as yet,to really thank our military forces.     pl,orl,fla

  • Anonymous

    Thank you to this group for standing up to this administration.  Obama doesn’t seem to care how vulnerable he makes our troops.  He only cares about himself.  I don’t think he has ever shown the kind of respect for our military and our country that one expects from our president.  

  • Kathryn

    Loose lips sink ships

    • Anonymous

      That slogan from WWII has crossed my mind many times in the last few years.

  • Anonymous

    Kind of hard to keep secrets when:
    1)  you pass them openly along to the Russians .
    2)  you place the enemies inside our Homeland security and as advisers to the President and
         the Secretary of State.
    3)  you take credit for the results of over a years work and only order it to make points, the 
         question is where here or the Middle East. 
    4)  you sacrifice Seal team Six to them for some reason.
    and on and on it obviously is going to be a it all depends on what Is, is.

  • Anonymous

    Look at the corrupt RNC machine work its magic!!!
    They found another bullshit story to pump through Fox News and their billionaire donor machine!
    They should know though…
    President Obama won’t be bullied like Kerry!
    President Obama is kicking Romney’s ass and is on pace to make Mondale look like a rock star!!!

    • Revan

      Then where are the leaks coming from then unicorn farts? 

  • Joe Snuffy

    Anyone who has been paying attention knows that Obama has been on a mission to destroy this nation and all that it has stood for over the past 300 years.  First, he went after our financial system and paid off his supporters by bailing out the Unions and by giving OUR tax dollars to companies which were KNOWN to be insolvent and going bankrupt. 

    Second, Obama and his Minion Holder made multiple attacks on our Constitution in violation of their oaths to “preserve, protect and defend” it.  The Fast and Furious scandal was their most spectacular failure but, it also included the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.  I would love to see both Obama and Holder arrested and charged as accessories to that and other murders which directly resulted from their attacks on our Constitution. 

    Anyone who has ever served this nation in our Military forces or as a Federal Civilian KNOWS that to violate our Operational Security laws is a capital crime and that it will result in prosecution and prison time.  Obama’s senior staff appears to be immune from these laws.  Obama has people on his immediate staff who have been KNOWN  to “leak” information for political reasons. I will not mention names but some checking of the history of these very high ranking people will identify him. 

    This has got to stop.  We know that Obama hates this nation and our people.  It is time to put this guy on the street where he belongs.  He now has a history and hopefully, both Romney and Ryan will STOP BEING POLTICALLY CORRECT as they speak to the voters of this nation over the next few months. 

    Call a lie a lie.  Show the data behind that lie.    

  • landofaahs


  • landofaahs

    All I’ll say is 😉

  • Jo

    Even my 15 yr old stated the “BS” therory of Obama. (Changing the b to an s = the BS therory)

  • Anonymous

    This almost brought me to tears, to see the loved ones of these heroes so devastated, so alone, so broken hearted, whose love is so genuine and everlasting. I know millions of Americans are so proud, so thankful, so blessed to have your sons and daughters securing our rights to live freely. On behalf of millions of Americans, I am so sorry we have a president who is a traitor at the helm of our military forces; a president who tells the world you are bombing innocent women and children, and then takes credit for Osama Bin Laden; a president who then leaks critical information, which kills many of our allies and our own brothers and sisters in arms. Why? Why I ask? The answer is obvious to anyone who doesn’t have their eyes closed. Obama is a radical communist, thirsty for power at all cost. This is just the beginning, I fear, of what we will see, and hear concerning this president. We have an opportunity to vote this man out of office and we must succeed if we wantto see our children free. Last, I stopped by the Republican Party headquarters and they need pole watchers because of the expected voter fraud. Call your headquarters and sign up. Do everything you can do to be part of the most critical election of all time.

  • Maryann

    I think it is terrible to put our men and women in harms for political reasons.

  • Anonymous

    I spent 20 years in fighting against Socialism, Marksism and communism My dad and brother fought too. It appears we have a COMMUNIST for a president and his admin is too. They have committed acts of TREASON durring a time of war!  ” WAR AGAINST TERRORISM” as declaired by the Bush administration. What is the penalty for TREASON durring a war? I know. The Military take an oath to protect and defend the CONSTITUTION against ALL ENEMIES FORIGN””””””” AND DOMESTIC!!!!”””””””  I see MANY ENEMIES against the CONSTITUTION, our freedom, our way of life and they start with the President and his ADMINISTRATION. hello, Military, ahh, OATH .

  • Anonymous

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