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Glenn has been teasing big plans for the week of 9/12 ever since he walked off the stage at Restoring Love, and tonight he revealed that GBTV would be teaming up with FreedomWorks for an event in Ohio on September 15th. At the event, Glenn said he plans to reveal something that will change the media and political landscape.

“We told you a while ago that we were working hard to make GBTV a verb,” Glenn said. “That changing the world meant that we couldn’t be satisfied sitting on our couches eating Fritos and yelling at the television. We have to be more involved than that.”

“You’ve seen some of what we have been planning over the past few years. After Obama’s election the mainstream media was claiming that the conservative movement was over, and that the Republican party was about to become just a regional party.”

“James Carville wrote a book about how democrats wouldn’t lose another election for 40 years. And he would have been right if it wasn’t for you.”

“The American people woke up, the Tea Party and the 9-12 project exploded, and the republicans won in a landslide in 2010. But, not just any Republicans. A new breed of Republican who actually cared about principals. When Paul Ryan first introduced his budget plan in 2008 – it only got 8 co-sponsors and never made it out of committee. This year, it passed the House, with well over 200 votes, and Ryan is on the presidential ticket.”

“On September 15th, this network will partner with Freedomworks for an event in Cincinnati, Ohio where some amazing things will happen. First, Freedomworks will be training you on how to help maximize voter turnout in crucial states like Ohio. Conservatives aren’t good at this naturally. We have jobs. We have families. We like to live our lives. But, this election is far too important to sit back. Freedomworks will teach you how to turn passion and principles into votes.”

“And secondly, I will be speaking at the event and I will unveil a project that will empower us all and, I believe, will revolutionize the grassroots movement for freedom. Just like Steve Jobs used to do with Apple products, we’re getting a giant screen and we are going to show you exactly how to turn the tide.”

Glenn said that while the movement of peace and freedom has covered everything from culture to faith to politics, this event would be focused firmly on the election.

“This is a call to all people who want to be the boots on the ground in the war of ideas,” Glenn said. We know the most effective places to convince people to vote. We know how to get them to listen. Freedomworks has done all of that groundwork for us. We will put you in the position to positively effect this election and right the ship for America. And we’ll do it in a way that’s not dependent on the parties.”

Get all the details and your tickets HERE