SHOCKING new audio from the New Black Panthers!

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The New Black Panthers are at it again, with members threatening violence during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, as well as calling a new military run by the organization that would engage in racial violence.

“Now, remember when I said to you about a year ago that the conventions were going to be real trouble and Tampa is going to have trouble?” Glenn asked.

Well, he’s not the only one who thinks Tampa is in trouble – as New Black Panthers members are now saying they are going to be the one causing trouble when the GOP comes to town.

Michelle Williams, spokesperson for the New Black Panther Party known for calling for a bounty on George Zimmerman, has come out said said that Tampa is “under siege” by the Republican National Convention! Her solution? She promises that our “feet will be on your motherf*****g necks.”


“She’s saying that she’s going to put her foot on the GOP in Tampa, they’re going to put their foot on their MF’ing neck. I would say that’s probably, you probably should stop paying attention to, oh, I don’t know, maybe Ted Nugent and send the Secret Service down there?” Glenn said after hearing the audio.

But that’s not the only piece of shocking audio coming from the New Black Panthers. A separate piece of audio has a member proclaiming that they need to create a military that will represent their organization.

A voice, which TheBlaze identifies as likely belonging to King Samir Shabazz, says that blacks are too scared to “drag whites out of their houses, skin them, hang them in trees, drag them behind trucks, and pour acid on them.”

“The people in the suburbs, all the black people in the suburbs he’s saying are too much of a coward to go in and drag white people from their house and kill them. And so we have decided that the new Black Panther Party has to create their own military. Hmmm. And what are they going to do?” Glenn explained.

“Many of these type of maneuvers, Brother Shawn. So what has to happen is the new Black Panther Party has decided that we have to now create a military that’s really going to represent the entire organization as a whole,” the voice said.

The Black Panther member also calls for the fire bombing of nurseries in order to kill white babies.

“I don’t care if it was one radical who lived in Butte, Montana, who was saying this kind of stuff. If it was a white guy saying it about blacks, they would be all over that guy and it would lead every single newscast in America,” Pat argued.

Glenn wondered why the Justice Department has not made moves to stop and investigate these claims.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Given what we have seen from them in the past this is no suprise at all; its only a matter of time before they act on the promises being made, or someone will lash out first at them for fear of their own lives.

    Holder will do nothing at all in regards to these calls for murder, mass murder, genocide and hate crimes across the board; the levels of corruption run deep in the DOJ with Holder, and will never allow anyone to move upon them.

    Consider the still open contract for murder, a “dead or alive” bounty on Zimmerman, and see what has been done – NOTHING.

    So Holder carries forward the Chicago way.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn, there is no shock here, only hate and vile evil shown to all; and that the DOJ under Holder does nothing, shows the corruption up the line to Obama.

    • landofaahs

      They are too stupid to know that this rant can be used as probable cause for any future actions people would use against them.  Talk about dumb.

  • landofaahs

    Don’t start something some of us can end.  LOL.  What a bunch of little punks.  

  • Revan

    When the Godless talk we wonder why racism is still in this country it because of Godless people like Michelle Williams. The KKK and the Black Panthers are no different from each other both born of hate for skin color both claiming to help their race but hurting it. If you are with these organizations of hate are Godless.
    Mathew 7: 15-23
    Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.
    Not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my father who is in heaven. Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles? Then I will tell them plainly, I never knew you. Away from me, evildoers.
    This I believe is the fate of all racist who preach hate of other because of skin color for they are not in any form of truth in their claims that they are superior to another race. Repent racist whoever you are whatever skin color you are or God will never let you in to heaven with hate in your poisoned hearts.

  • Stephan Bruno


    • Ron Petersen

      Really? How does this reflect desperation? It’s news worthy. Desperation seems to be what your reflecting here. The black boogieman? 

    • Lioness

      Have you noticed you that you have a hang up with your race? You can’t seem to place a post that doesn’t reflect your personal issue. Obsession much?

  • Anonymous

    Will the secret service talk to these idiots like they did Ted Nugent?
    Of course not due to Holder and Obama being race baiting antagonists.

    • Cynthia R. Brown

      Florida is a concealed carry state…watch yourselves black panthers…I wouldn’t be stepping on anybody’s neck, you just might get your foot shot off.

      • Anonymous

        PLEASE, stop posting your ad………that is NOT what this website is for!

  • Anonymous

    Shabazz is one scrawny little pissante isn’t he?

    • Anonymous

      Even if he doesn’t die as a result of his foolishness, the most predictive factor for a heart attack is anger. Not weight, not cholesterol, not triglycerides, etc, but anger, bitterness, hatred and a “brittle” personality that reacts to minor events with rage. I don’t recall when I have ever seen a more consistently angry man. He’s angry so often, I doubt if he even has the physical capability anymore to tell when he is happy, if ever. A personality like this is dangerous even to those that he claims he represents. Like Louis Farrakhan, who murdered Malcolm X, then blamed whites, he would gladly kill any black person who does not agree with him. In fact, I would say that one of that race who opposed him would probably elicit his wrath much faster than a caucasian as that would be considered traitorous.

    • Anonymous

      It must be a ‘Freudian’ thing, this little pissant has to ‘talk big’ to make up for his very small, ball-less tallywhacker.

  • Anonymous

    I like their motto. Are they going to off themselves?

  • the crazy betty

    nice mouth.  intelligent people typically don’t have to resort to such foul language to get a point across.  one other thing I’d like to point out… Florida is a concealed carry state…watch yourselves black panthers…I wouldn’t be stepping on anybody’s neck, you just might get your foot shot off.

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t be aiming for the foot.

  • the crazy betty

    do these black people realize there are more white people in this nation than black?  I don’t think these racists realize they are outnumbered.  if they hate whitey so much, why don’t they go back to the african homeland?  no one is holding them here…

    could you imagine if white people were saying this about blacks?  how do they get away with this?  shame on them…

    • HeretoSpeak

      The Left-wingers in this country are trying to set up a double standard for political purposes.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. 75% of Americans are white. 13% of Americans are black. These people must have some serious mental problems to be so racist in today’s society. The Kennedys and MLK were murdered when we were still children – we raised our children to be color blind, and to judge a person on the content of their character. The racism these people spew is not from the majority of black people – just an ignorant, small minority. It still makes me sick to think there are people in our country who are so violent. I am sick of the government media spewing that peaceful white people are violent – the Tea Party – and these people get a free ride to threaten Americans repeatedly. Everyone, pray for a convention with nothing bad happening.

      • Anonymous

        It’s the same thing with the whole Chick-fil-A flap, it’s a teeny, weeny, minority of a certain population but they do get loud and they make everyone else think this is how they all feel.

      • Jim Profit

         You say racial disparity is gone, but the evidence suggests otherwise. Statistically a black man with no felonies has as much difficulty finding a job as a white man with a felony charge. So essentially a black man is only as good as a criminal white man.

        And that’s just the tip of the ice-berg. The Black Panthers have every right to be angry. Perhaps they should consider reform before revolution. But their whole lives have just been uppity middle-class yokels like you looking down on them, sneering and snorting about how you’re not racist whilst still making them sit at the back of the bus.

        • Anonymous

          I have worked in medium and large businesses and have never had a problem hiring black people. I have always hired the most qualified person for each job. I can say the same of people I have worked for. Your experience must be limited is all I can figure out. My experience is all over the U.S.

          • Omegaomni

             he’s talking from statistics you are talking from your own personal small experience

        • Anonymous

          There is nothing wrong with what Texas Lady posted.  I am shocked that you say that the Black Panthers have every right to be angry, and by implication, you condone their anti-white behavior and their threats.  Remember, blacks or other minorities can be racist, too, and the Black Panthers are definitely racist!  If they would get a job and stop threatening whites who simply want to vote, they would get a different reaction.  When they intentionally antagonize others, they should expect others to respond in kind.  I’m no “uppity middle-class yokel” and I don’t “sneer and snort” with anyone, but your post is offensive.

  • Anonymous

    YEP! The true land of the free. Equal justice for one and all. I really wnder what that GOP convention will turn out lke.

  • Anonymous

    These idiots really do not know what they are doing, if they did they would not even think about it. There are a lot of people in the US that will be happy to put a end to there problems

  • William Rathge

    KILL THEM ALL MOTHER FU**ERS then we (the good WHITE)PEOPLE can live in peace

    • Revan

      But why turn into them? Hate only breeds more hate I say we don’t even show them hate because won’t the look really stupid that they say all this things about whites but can’t prove any of it.

    • Anonymous

      You sure have a way of looking at this you know kind of like a white moron !
      And you think you are one of the so called good white people !
      Hey billy i’m White and what you call peace will get you hurt REAL bad at my house I’ve thought my kid’s about dumb asses like you to !
      So you see it’s not a race thing it’s about how stupid some so called human’s are !

  • new2la

    What they, the avengers, I won’t call them black as they don’t speak for the good people they think they represent, will find good old fashion patty wagons waiting for them.

  • Racindavid

    C’mon shabazz… bring it..   I have a 7.62 welcoming committee waiting for you….

  • Lalala

    A good question, why isn’t anybody doing anything about this??? Where is the FBI?

  • Anonymous

    What is the % of black panthers and other assorted black troublemakers compared to the number of white people  who would   fight back ?  Looks like they would be badly out numbered. Most black people want no part of the racist idiots, there are good and bad people in all races.  Anything to gets peoples minds off the coming election it seems.

  • Anonymous

    I seem to remember hearing some stats recently that blacks are five times more likely to attack a white person than the other way around.  Of course black on black is way higher than even that.  If Shabazz wants to help “his people” he’d do well to start there.  Also, he’s saying that blacks in the suburbs are too timid to attack their white neighbors.  I’d really like to see if this guy is serious about attacks at the GOP convention.  They’ve threatened other violence which hasn’t panned out.

    • HeretoSpeak

      Rates of crime by FBI data, 2010:


      2010 – Total offenses charged, under 18, over 18,


      White – 4,261              332      3,929

      Black – 4,209              439      3,770

      Asian or Pacific Islander – 80   6




      Approximate % in population, US Census data 2010, page 4:

      White 75%

      Black 12%

      Asian AND Pacific Islander combined – 3.7%



      Therefore of the total murders, 8,550, we would EXPECT
      the following number in each race, based on % of each race in the population:

      By white – 6,412

      By black – 1,026

      By Asian, etc. – 316


      We get above or below the expected number:

      White – 65% of total murders. Means 35% BELOW expected number.

      Asian – 25% of total murders. Means 75% BELOW expected number.

      Black – 410% of total murders.           Means 410% ABOVE expected number.



      If America were totally white, there would be about 5,600

      If America were totally Asian and Pacific Islander, there
      would be about 2,100 murders.

      If America were totally black, there would be almost
      34,000 murders.

  • Anonymous

    The Black Panthers are NON-sense. 

  • Debra Harrington

    I guess they have to blame somebody for their self hatred. If they want to fill their hearts with all that Hate and Anger, that is their decison but THREATS need to be addressed by our DOJ and more people should speak out against this type of threats, because no matter how many people EVIL kills, their hate will still be there and they will focus on a different group or class of people.

  • Anonymous

    The DOJ will do nothing about this because The NBP is BLACK , they are his people as he said about the one’s charged in 2008 in Phil. for voter intimadiation with a video to prove it. Holder said he would not pursue it because “they were his people” his words not mine. Per Holder blacks can do anything without worry of The DOJ getting involved. Now that is as RACEIST AS IT GET’S. GET THIS MAN IN JAIL AND I MEAN HOLDER.

  • Anonymous

    The DOJ will not do anything about the New Black Panther Party because as Holder said back in 2008 or 09 when the case about voter intimadation in Phil. Pa. came up he said he would not pursue it because “these are my people” his words not mine. So I take it that blacks can do anything and the DOJ will not get involved. Holder belongs in Jail or a Courtroom in Arizona for Fast and Furious.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, and these folks are not in jail, why?

  • Anonymous

    I would have Christie as my AG and then I would call for an immediate investigation of the Black Panthers.  They don’t want to cooperate then we shall see what happens.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone here believe the New Black Panther will not kill someone before the elections?

  • Tonto

    These clowns are living proof that blacks are the worst racists in this country.

  • Brian Winkler

    Let them run their mouths. They are just too damn dumb to realize we’ve got more bullets than they’ve got a$$holes. Shabazz and the rest are phony muslims that “converted” because Islam promotes hatred of everyone outside it.Their agendas are the same and their fates will be also.

  • Anonymous

    And these guys are protected against being charged with ”hate speech”?   Remarkable.

    Guess they are really asking for a resurgence of the KKK to fight them, huh?   Keep it up and

    they just might.  Hope it’s just a bunch of hot air, but I do expect trouble in Tampa.

  • Anonymous

    I will pray for theses people.  The hate they spew is like a disease to them.  They only hurt themselves.  This hatred is fostered by this administration.  Obama has pushed race relations into the toilet.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I’ve been wondering the same thing. Let it be the other way around. They continue to make threats and nothing is done.   

  • greywolfrs

    These people are uneducated and beyond dumb. This woman saying all this stuff has never learned a damn thing about our history. Hey stupid, Republicans ended slavery, Republicans backed the civil rights movement. Idiots all.

    On another note, I hope the NBPs do try to do these things, please try it. I dare you. I assure you that you will not like the outcome.

  • Anonymous

    If you will recall, Eric Holder ordered a Justice Department attorney to drop the case against this same Black Panther who was trying to prevent whites from voting. The attorney produced a memo in which Holder states that there will be no more prosecutions of black defendants. This attorney immediately resigned and asked for a congressional hearing. Civil rights laws covering “hate speech” do not differentiate between races. However, those laws might as well state that if you’re black, you have no fear of ever being tried or prosecuted if you threaten to kill people simply for the color of their skin. It’s simply an effort to right wrongs or whatever nonsense they are calling it these days.

     In the late 1980’s, I was in school in Milwaukee. A black man named Michael McGee, a worshiper of Louis Farrakhan, constantly called for armed insurrection against whites. He even showed the weaponry that they were going to use to kill whites. Guess what happened to him when he started showing assault weapons and grenades? Of course the ATF was interested….right? Nope. They felt that it was too “politically charged” an environment for them to even investigate as they feared that this would anger Mr. McGee and “provoke” a race war. The assumption on the part of law enforcement that all blacks would be on the side of an obvious psychopath was, in my view, in itself, a paternalistic act of racism. Most people of all races rejected Mr. McGee’s message and viewed the federal government’s overt “pass” for black racists and radicals as racism.

    Martin Luther King had a dream that someday, his children, his grandchildren would not notice the color of their skin, nor that of their friends. His dream would judge people, not on the color of their skin, but on the content of their character. In many ways, this has been achieved. My brother is American Indian; the Crow tribe in Montana. He joined our family at age 3 months. He now has two beautiful little girls. His older daughter, at our last family reunion, heard her father, during a tribute to our parents, tearfully thank them for having loved him enough to adopt him while still helping him stay in touch with his family. She was sitting on his lap at the time and looked at him with such a look of shock on her face that it was comical. She blurted out, “Daddy, why didn’t you tell me you were adopted?!” We all laughed at the time, but later, when I had a chance to reflect on what had happened, I couldn’t help but marvel that this little girl only knew the love of a family that adored her. It had never occurred to her that she, her sister and her father were of another race and felt only resentment at the time because she felt that her father had not been truthful with her. 

    In the end, the question becomes, which attitude is the one that will deliver America from the madness that now seizes us? Should the New Black Panther Party choose to attempt what they are threatening, they are sure to deliver violence and possibly, be destroyed. After watching the Restoring Love event videos, I feel recommitted to trying to be a servant. I will defend my family, friends, and those around me with violence should it be necessary, but I will not allow violent, hate-filled racists to dictate my feelings and my actions long term. Evil simply cannot thrive in the face of overwhelming love and committed, immovable, force.

    • I'm not the good looking 1

      I can appreciate the sincereity of your post and as a Christian myself I believe you should love your enemies and pray for them which persecute you and despitefully use you.  But I need to point out, in reference to your closing sentence, “Evil simply cannot thrive in the face of overwhelming love……”.  If you recall your history.  Jesus was still crucified on the cross.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, he accordance to God’s plan. That isn’t the end of the story. The part that is important is not His death. We all will die. It was His expiation of all sin while he knelt in the Garden of Gethsemane and bled from every pore. Then, following His death, an even more important event was His command over life itself in taking up His body once again in a resurrected form. Had He not allowed the sacrifice of His life, we could never have had an avenue for God’s grace to cleanse us of our sins. I was not implying either that we should not fight evil wherever it occurs. 

  • Patricia Lockwood

    quite sure gop has already looked into this, have preparations for this. this is part of new acorn(under new name).remember in “08”campaign,obama made remark ,of our military isn’t up to par, and that he would have a secondary one ,it’s an all tv news shows tapes. is the new black panthers it ???.     pl,orl,fla

  • Lea-Anne Joy Morrison

    White or Back, these people need a therapist. Why? Because they are really sick.Their minds are in a very dark place.(no pun) I’m just glad they aren’t white, if they were white they would make us look really bad. I guess we are racist, if they were white they would be locked up in a mental institution getting the help they need, being black they are just not helped at all. Shame on us……:(  

  • Kathryn Carmen-Nelson

    Where does Beck get these recordings from? Is it a radio show or does someone sneak a recorder into a meeting, or what?

  • Anonymous

    How sad that there is this kind of ignorance in the U.S.A.  This segment of society is sick.

  • Anonymous

    What a (better) time for violence as of now (an incentive to) I declare Martial law and suspend the elections And make use Homeland Security to investigate any dissidents, mark them as terrorist.

    Who would love to say that ?  

  • Anonymous

    If any “Black Panther” member threatens violence or impedes the right to vote, they should definitely be dealt with accordingly.
    Of course glenn is ignoring the new wave of Jim Crow laws that his fat and greasy tea baggers are pushing through their states in order to white wash the vote this November!!!

    • SoThere

      Another ignorant vulgar post from a Liberal Progressive hatemonger.
      Strtlk is the face of Liberal Progressives in this country.
      Save America, vote Conservative.

  • Jerry Diaz

    They will destroy themselves,and in the end,find themselves face to face with Jesus….a Jew.(wont they be surprised.)

  • Anonymous

    This Very Corrupt President has got to go, PERIOD!!   As Joe Biden would say, See Ya”ll in November.  You’re going DOWN Mr. Malato.  

  • Anonymous

    I would say it’s about time for a show down with the NBPs.  We’ll get some ‘radical, freedom lovin’ ex-military militants and meet the NBPs at neutral ground and have it out.  No guns or knives, just fist and feet.  Does anybody want to wager the outcome??  US Navy Vet, 1966-1969; Hospitalman, Corpsman, FMS; Anchors Aweigh, Semper Fi.

  • Bonnie Somer

    glenn we know y the DOJ won’t do a thing to them b/c they are black and the prez and holder are racist.  we need to protect ourselves b/c the govt isn’t its up to us

  • Sharmane

    Call in the National Guard and have them surround Tampa to prevent these racist terrorists from perpetrating crime.  We obviously cannot count on Holder and the Justice Department to raise a finger against these thugs.  They are a hate-filled, race-baiting national street gang that need to have their tails kicked, then arrested and jailed.

  • Gary Allan

    are any white liberals upset with this, because I am sure they wont bother to ask for your political affiliation when they skin you alive.

  • Dave Call

    I can’t believe this women isn’t in jail already for just her racist comments on the radio. What is wrong with these people, Did they just escape from a mental ward. 

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry it’s very obvious these hater’s have absolutely NO idea who we are because they think it will be that easy don’t look at color people just look at the hatred of these moron’s !
    Buy the way you don’t have to break down my door it’s wide open and your welcome to give it a go !

  • new2la

    I don’t know, call me stupid but, I have faith in law enforcement…..especially in Florida. I am almost certain the FBI are on notice and Obama will call it off at the last moment….it won’t be public knowledge though.

  • Anonymous

    Born in 1960, and living in Detroit until 1973, I am all too familiar with the Black Panthers, the ignorance, and of course the violence.  God help us all in earths last days, please Lord.  The hate is growing in all corners, and very soon the angles themselves will let go of the four corners and strive and violence will indeed be upon all mankind.  I pray for all my black brothers and sisters, pray for all mankind.  I am a white man.  I am ashamed of this government, and put my trust in God, not in any man….of any color.  Problems are as numerous as those fast to broadcast.  Solutions are as rare as a truly kind and wisdom filled individual.  I will pray for all, and God bless the PLANET and it’s inhabitants.

  • Anonymous

    I would just these jokers to say it to our faces and not hide under their desks. Bring it on N B P while we look you in the eyes. The Day Of The Martyrs will look like a walk in the park by comparison.

  • Anonymous

    it’s a sick society we live in, these animals need to be stopped.

  • Indy

    I hope the Tampa police department is aware of this and getting prepared.I don`t think they will get much support from Eric Holder.

  • Anonymous

    The moslem brotherhood traitor in chief will probably want to use these New Black Pathetic Whores as his ‘civilian army’ he wants to unleash on us all.

    • Anonymous

      I think that would be a huge mistake on his part as long as your prepared , We will find out soon I do know we as civilian’s are sadly under estimated never piss off the true AMERICAN’S WW 11 proved that , it wasn’t our gov’ that won that war !
      Be blessed !

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and WHITE power.  Oh dear, now I’m a ‘racist’.  And they’re not?

  • Anonymous

    You give some people a good life and they want to kill you?  And it’s “If you can’t stand the HEAT, get out of the kitchen”.  Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Anonymous

    So let the bring their war.  There are many in this country that would welcome it.  These panther clowns wouldn’t last a week.

  • Omegaomni

    Hey beck tell us the truth, most mormons still believe in the curse of cain

  • Anonymous

    They’re all talk. But I still can’t believe the justice department has done nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Eric Holder or obama will do nothing because they are all for it.  Holder is obama’s puppet.

  • Cheryl Meinke

    Pure racism and hatred. These people would find someone to hate and blame for their sorry lives and NEVER take responsibility that it’s their own hate and incompetence creating their fates.

  • Anonymous

  • FreedomForever

    Mark My Words!! The only reason this radical shiite muslim named Barry Obama is not doing anything about the hate group The Black Pansies is because he needs them.
    Thats why they were not brought up on charges at the voting booths and thats why they were not arrested for saying terroristic threats toward white citizens even though it was caught on tape of them doing so.
    He has a Special Plan for them and it is to create racial tension between the whites and blacks of this country.
    He has 2 ways of doing this: He will use this racial tension he created to have all the blacks to vote for him so he can win this coming election.
    Or he will use the violent civil unrest that he has created within the cities of America to his advantage by declaring martial law. This act will keep him in power without a presidential election. Dont think that this cant happen because he’s radical enough to do it and I believe the ball is already rolling for this plan. Look around at this country! He’s destroying it from within, bringing us to fight against each other and to keep this country divided.
    Bottomline: He knows he must create a unstable population to remain in power!
    Load up on supplies, food, guns and ammo because your going to need it when the U.N. and this devil comes knocking down your doors demanding loyalty and your guns.

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