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The New Black Panthers are at it again, with members threatening violence during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, as well as calling a new military run by the organization that would engage in racial violence.

“Now, remember when I said to you about a year ago that the conventions were going to be real trouble and Tampa is going to have trouble?” Glenn asked.

Well, he’s not the only one who thinks Tampa is in trouble – as New Black Panthers members are now saying they are going to be the one causing trouble when the GOP comes to town.

Michelle Williams, spokesperson for the New Black Panther Party known for calling for a bounty on George Zimmerman, has come out said said that Tampa is “under siege” by the Republican National Convention! Her solution? She promises that our “feet will be on your motherf*****g necks.”


“She’s saying that she’s going to put her foot on the GOP in Tampa, they’re going to put their foot on their MF’ing neck. I would say that’s probably, you probably should stop paying attention to, oh, I don’t know, maybe Ted Nugent and send the Secret Service down there?” Glenn said after hearing the audio.

But that’s not the only piece of shocking audio coming from the New Black Panthers. A separate piece of audio has a member proclaiming that they need to create a military that will represent their organization.

A voice, which TheBlaze identifies as likely belonging to King Samir Shabazz, says that blacks are too scared to “drag whites out of their houses, skin them, hang them in trees, drag them behind trucks, and pour acid on them.”

“The people in the suburbs, all the black people in the suburbs he’s saying are too much of a coward to go in and drag white people from their house and kill them. And so we have decided that the new Black Panther Party has to create their own military. Hmmm. And what are they going to do?” Glenn explained.

“Many of these type of maneuvers, Brother Shawn. So what has to happen is the new Black Panther Party has decided that we have to now create a military that’s really going to represent the entire organization as a whole,” the voice said.

The Black Panther member also calls for the fire bombing of nurseries in order to kill white babies.

“I don’t care if it was one radical who lived in Butte, Montana, who was saying this kind of stuff. If it was a white guy saying it about blacks, they would be all over that guy and it would lead every single newscast in America,” Pat argued.

Glenn wondered why the Justice Department has not made moves to stop and investigate these claims.