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The Southern Poverty Law Center, often cited by the mainstream media when trying to execute the ‘right wing extremism on the rise’ story line, has declared David Barton is one of the most dangerous extremists in America. Yes, the man most famous for talking about the Founders is considered a public enemy, on the same list as the inflammatory and radical New Black Panther leaders.

“Every book on the Black Panther parties from the 1960’s all of the way to today, they’re called the new left. It’s the new left, the new left, the new radical left, and now suddenly the Southern Law Poverty Center, to be able to say how much the right wing hate groups have expanded, they are expanding because they’re putting people in those categories that don’t belong there. Let me give you two examples. In this category is the Black Panther, extreme right wing hate groups, the new Black Panther party and David Barton,” Glenn said.

“The one guy who is saying kill all cracker babies, or his group is, and the other guy talks about Thomas Jefferson and George Washington,” Pat said.

Stu explained that SPLC lists Barton as “a self-styled historian who has acted as a key bridge between mainstream political right and radical right religious idealogy.”

The SPLC aren’t the only ones coming after Barton. A group of historians and religious leaders have applied pressure to his publisher, Thomas Nelson, to drop his book.

The Blaze explains:

The shocking decision to cut both distribution and sales of the book comes on the heels of a plethora of criticism that Barton has received from fellow conservative academics. Warren Throckmorton, a psychology professor at Grove City College, is perhaps the leader of the pack when it comes to conservative evangelicals who have come out against Barton.

Throckmorton regularly blogs about what he sees as errors in the historian’s work; he also co-authored a book earlier this year entitled, “Getting Jefferson Right: Fact Checking Claims about Our Third President,” alongside professor Michael Coulter. This particular project was a direct reaction to “The Jefferson Lies,” and, in many ways, it can be argued that Throckmorton‘s attention on Barton’s work led to Thomas Nelson’s decision and to the fury of media attention that has followed.

Among the articles focused on the subject was one that was published in WORLD Magazine. The piece examined the controversy surrounding Barton’s views on Jefferson, while noting that some conservatives are growing increasingly worried about the historian’s views. It also noted that Jay W. Richards, senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, a right-leaning think tank, like Throckmorton, has apparently taken steps to vet some of Barton’s past claims.

Glenn said, “I ask that you would pray for him and pray for me on wisdom on this whole David Barton situation. Friendly fire and shameful friendly fire and more than shameful, really disappointing. Some of the people involved, I think, have a pure heart and, you know, are trying to do the right thing. Others do not and David Barton is one of the most pure-hearted guys I’ve ever met, one of the least offensive guys I’ve ever met, one of the most honest men I’ve ever met, one of the only nonself-promoting men I’ve ever met in this particular circle and he’s coming under massive fire. He’s had his book contract canceled.”

“I’m going to let him answer his critics who say he’s lying and making stuff up. David Barton is usually one that can defend himself pretty well. So, tonight, 5:00, GBTV, a full hour with David Barton, a show, that if you’re a David Barton fan, I ask you to watch and a show that you don’t want to miss.”

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, Please print ALL of David’s book, including the parts Nelson left out. 
     I really love getting “the Facts” from David.  I raised and home educated my children, now adults, on David’s books.
    Thank-you Glenn and David.  I am holding you up to God in prayer. He will refine to pure gold this battle for HIS glory. Trust in it.

    • Anonymous

      Thank God for you Mythslayer.

  • Anonymous

    I would suggest that the SPLC is one of the most radical and dangerous organizations in our country today. A violent gay activist just shot someone at a Christian organization in Washington D.C. and may well have been inspired by the hate speech of the SPLC. The problem with these old civil rights groups is that they have run out of legitimate grievances and, now, have to manufacture them. They should be exposed as the con artists that they are.

    • http://twitter.com/KittieJBecker Kittie J. Becker

      You don’t need a PhD to be competent in the literature. With advanced degrees, analyses are constructed in theoretical frameworks anyway. http://Millionaire4Project.blogspot.com

    • http://twitter.com/EllenynqLisa EllenynqLisa

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    • http://twitter.com/EllenynqLisa EllenynqLisa

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    • Anonymous

      My problem is simple–I find David Barton to pass on what he learns, studies, and believes without any ego–he just loves the information and he is the most believable person I have listened to in my life on issues of history/faith.  And I fear that people are afraid of the absolute connection to history and faith–I know in reading all of the nonfiction in the past year–thanks a lot Glenn–I have changed as a person of faith and for the first time understand how little I knew and still know, about the Founders and the profound love of God and the belief in salvation, and that the song “Faith of our Fathers” really means faith of our forefathers.  We owe this legacy to our children and grandkids.  Support any thought that is done with pure intent and you cannot go wrong.  Let us not lose the ground of acceptance we shared during Indivisible, Under God–I won’t because I will never forget it.

      • Anonymous

        The Hymn ” Faith oOf Our Fathers” isn’t addressing America’s Foundrs, tough. It was an English Catholic Hymn. If you think the sogn was abotu America’s Foundign Fathers, you are very much mistaken as it was originally penned to Honour Catholic Martyrs during the Protestant Reformation, and has Seven Stanzas for the Irish Verion and FOur for the English Version.

        This is one reason I do not Trust Barton, or Beck, as they distort real History inan Earnest soundign way.

      • Anonymous

        By the way, I just recalled, you may be confusing the “National Hyn”, “God of Our Fathers” with “Faith Of Our Fathers”. The hymn “God Of Ouir Fathers’ was producedin 1876 as a part of the celebation of a Century of American existemnce.

        Still, Faith Of Our Fathers is an English Catholic Hymn.

  • Anonymous

    I went on Wallbuilders and it’s probably having so many people on the site, it’s compromised.
    http://www.alibris.com is a site where you can buy all kinds of original books.  I just got my copy on there.  Try that.  Glenn, when you publish Davids books…I’d be interested in e-versions or hard copy…I’ll do either just to get the information.  David Barton – I’ve watched you for years…and have ordered a number of your books…and you, sir, are a patriot, scholar, and I love to be in any class you’d ever wish to take on the road.

  • Anonymous

    David Barton is considered dangerous because liberals do not appreciate any kind of truth that debunks their propaganda.
     That is the main purpose of the SPLC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anne-Caluwaert/100000218117532 Anne Caluwaert

    I watched you andDavid today, Glenn. it is terrible what these people are saying and I pray God will give him the strength to combat it. And I will read David’s book if you publish it too.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, so I’m not going to jump to the outlandish accusation, that Barton is indeed amongst the worst type of radicals (either on the left or right).  However in having said that, I don’t find it ridculous to at least question, or point out his record and or questionable beliefs.   Notice Beck and the other dunce (stu), selectively bringing to our attention only snippets of Barton’s bio.  Re-listen to the clip above, and they clearly omit the most questionable parts of his record.  Furthermore take a look at this youtube clip where he seems to suggest that there is something wrong with somone holding public office that is not a Christian.  Notice I’m not necessarilly hating on Barton, but rather pointing out some of his questionable beliefs.  It would be nice of if Beck could be objective about this, and while not necessarilly condemn his friend, at lesat be completely honest about his record.  I’m less outraged at Barton, than Beck, who continuously fails to be transparent when reporting practically everything.  And here we have, yet another case in point.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__109wkohVMIdeology:  Anti-GayNamed by Time in 2005 as one of the nation’s “25 Most Influential Evangelicals,” David Barton is a self-styled “historian” who has acted as a key bridge between the mainstream political right and radical-right religious ideology.Barton, the founder and leader of WallBuilders, is best known for claiming that America was founded as a Christian nation and wrote a book entitled The Myth of Separation. He says the founding fathers intended only Christians to hold office, citing early documents to back that falsehood. Barton has no training as a historian beyond a bachelor’s in religious education from Oral Roberts University.Barton’s historical revisionism goes beyond that. In a DVD, “Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black and White,” he paints the Democratic Party as responsible for the travails of black Americans, conveniently omitting U.S. history after 1965 and the GOP’s subsequent racist “Southern strategy.”The scary thing about David Barton is that he has the ear of so many. He is a former co-chairman of the Texas Republican Party, a one-time consultant to the Republican National Committee, and an adviser at various times to Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and Mike Huckabee. Last year, Huckabee said he wished all Americans could be “forced — forced at gunpoint no less — to listen to every David Barton message.” Former Fox News conspiracy-monger Glenn Beck uses Barton to teach history at Beck’s “university.”Barton’s interests extend beyond his view of Christianity. He advocates government regulation of homosexuality and has claimed that gay people die “decades earlier” than others and have more than 500 sexual partners apiece in their lifetimes. He cited infamous Islamophobe Robert Spencer in attacking U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim congressman. He opposes immigration reform, saying that God established national borders, and has appeared on the radio show of hard-line nativist William Gheen. At one point, Barton even spoke at an event put on by Pete Peters, a pastor of the anti-Semitic and racist Christian Identity theology (he later said he had no idea that Peters’ group was “part of the Nazi movement”).In 2010, Barton joined the battle to bowdlerize the Texas social studies curriculum for public schools, supporting efforts to excise Martin Luther King Jr. and 1960s farmworker activist Cesar Chavez from textbooks. As reported by Washington Monthly, Barton said King didn’t deserve to be included for advancing minority rights because “[o]nly majorities can expand political rights.”In 2012, a new member of Alabama Public Television’s ruling body pushed the network to air a documentary series produced by Barton. Two top executives were fired after determining that Barton’s historically inaccurate videos, which promote his Christian view of the nation’s founding, were inappropriate for public broadcasting. Several members of the Alabama Educational Television Commission quit in protest of the firings.Barton’s work has been widely debunked by professional historians. For example, Mike Lilla, who has taught at the University of Colorado and Columbia University, has criticized the “schlock history written by religious propagandists like David Barton … who use selective quotations out of context to suggest that the framers were inspired believers who thought they were founding a Christian nation.”

    • http://www.facebook.com/signa.pendegraft Signa Pendegraft

       Robert Spencer is an incredible scholar. You just your true ignorance in your critique of your little rant. I suggest you read all his books and articles and speeches and question and answer sessions.

    • http://www.facebook.com/signa.pendegraft Signa Pendegraft

       His sources are all available (he is competent in the literature unlike quite a few professors who never bothered to become well-rounded, one women’s studies professor I had fits that mold); when the data is there, you have the ability to make your own analysis. What I have read of Barton, he lists his sources, so you can look them up and agree with his analysis or not. You don’t need a PhD to be competent in the literature. With advanced degrees, analyses are constructed in theoretical frameworks anyway. One can be self-taught and be competent.

    • Anonymous

      David Barton is the smartest and most loving manI know 

  • Anonymous

    No one is questioning (or at least I didn’t) that you have to hold a Phd do be considered  great scholar.  I’m just saying based upon his bio, and if you did a little googling and look at youtube clips of Barton, he’s saying thing that can be construed as questionable. Like his stance on gays and that clip I linked to, which implies that you have to be converted to Christanity.  

  • Anonymous

    obviously, the nbp and the splc, along w/the left, are invested in rewriting history.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Z46GLSKSKPZCB6JPX7KXLX26HY RussH

    Take a look at the “Hate Map” of the SPLC http://splcenter.org/get-informed/hate-map and see some of the organizations that they consider hate groups.  Definetly the nutcase Ayrians, Neo Nazi’s, and Black Panthers but there are others.  Not sure if something as innocuous sounding as “Bill Keller Ministries” is evil.  I may be wrong.  Sounds like maybe they’re a tool for someone.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody who proclaims that Christianity is above all other religions is dangerous. That person becomes an extremist on religion. To suggest that America can only be run by Christians is ludicrous. Where was their Christianity when early “Americans” slaughtered and displaced the native people? All America needs is to be run by a fanatical religious group.

  • Anonymous

    This is directly to Mr.Barton & Mr. Beck we homeschool for obvious reason’s & had The JEFFERSON lies preordered from July 14 along with Black & White,Celebrate liberty,Church& State, Original intent,and also The second Amendment, and finally Setting the record straight !
    So I guess the Jefferson lie’s will be a collector’s edition but we will save that and wait for it to be releast by Mercury ink in the future !
    You see folk’s this is what happen’s when you deal with fellow brother’s in the lord ! if there is a problem OUT COME’S THE TRUTH THAT HAS NO AGENDA !
    And I’m sure public school penitentiary system don’t mind teaching your children all the smut  how to have a homosexualy in class and you all fall for this LIE  but fight you don’t !!
    Homeschool and they are your children ,and that the motto is to learn there catch phrase in that institution is WHO CARE’S ABOUT THE TRUTH WE HAVE AN AGENDA !
    GOD BLESS YOU MR.BARTON & MR.BECK my son is very well educated for US were with you all the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                        And my precious family !

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_USTREISMDA6N6UT52YLDQHKGMA armyho

    Glenn, I am going to write to Thomas Nelson and tell them how cowardly they are to cave to the pressure from pathetic groups like the SPLC. Then, I would ask that Mercury publish his book. I would buy it even if I didn’t want to read it, just to support David Barton. His words are the only ones I trust to tell me the truth about history, because there are so many others who twist history to their own ends. Help up to help David, please, and we can make lemonade from lemons, again!

  • http://twitter.com/sandy2470 sandy bee

    David Barton???? An extremist?? Really?? The only thing extreme about him is his knowledge of history! I guess that makes a good chunk of history teachers extremists? Why doesn’t our President ever denounce the NBP’s? They are literally calling for violence, yet no one says nothing. But a bunch of law abiding citizens get together to pray for the country and they are ‘extremists’ ‘violent’ ‘hate groups’. Seriously, this is completely out of control, and sad part is, there are flakey people out there that hear this and believe it! I have no tolerance for those that can’t think for themselves and apply just a wee bit of common sense. David Barton. I don’t know whether to laugh or be angry. Good grief.

  • http://twitter.com/SunCityLarry Larry Owens

    David is dangerous like Sarah Palin was and now Paul Ryan. Back a snake into a corner and it will strike at you out of fear. Shine the light of truth on these left wing charlatans and they will stop at nothing to protect their Marxist ideology. They will even try to destroy a man as fine as David Barton. God Bless you David! They will all get their due!

  • rbblum

    But, the Southern Poverty Center has (or had) been on the Department of Homeland Security’s Working Group on Countering Violent Extremism. . . . which would make sense in regards to Barry Soetoro’s administration focus to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

  • http://www.speakthewordnow.com Karen Rose

    They said that Jesus was dangerous and wanted to murder Him…any one telling the TRUTH is very dangerous didn’t you know this…lol

  • http://twitter.com/KarenJourden Karen Jourden

    I have two of Barton’s books. I checked them out. I would and have recomended them because they are accurate. When I wrote my book I used the 1828 dictionary to define words so you would know what they really meant. By the way does that make me a radical right because I have some of his books. That’s alright I just confirmed what he said about Jefferson. Keep going Mr. Barton and Mr. Beck. By the way Hitler distorted history like the liberals are doing and some of you are refusing to listen. :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HSJULSAVFJIJYR6PCTCUPMNXRA Take 2


    IF the founding Father’s were believers in God through Christ,
    it is highly likely that their preference would be Christians follow them as leaders
    of America’s
    trust. Notice the use of God’s name throughout our (U.S.A.)
    history. Jesus Christ was known and died as a radical whom tore apart the coin
    collectors Church to standing up to BIG government.   

    The Bible teaches believers to practice caution “working”
    with non-believer (s). However, it is very clear that Christ rarely if ever
    hung out at Church and rather surrounded himself by non-believer (s.) My
    brother has met David Barton a few times

    and indicates a good person-in person.  

    For many years, I have continually followed Beck and Stu’s
    running of Beck’s shows… Meaning, I have found the root of research is the
    best that money can buy. The truth is Stu needs an apologue from your insignificant
    or silly comment. Beck is extremely transparent and will immediately mention an
    error or miscue. I would guess must be cautious of offering ammo to far left
    goons. You seem like a Progressive individual and nothing will convince you
    that there are millions similar to David with flaws, and all pull up their pants
    the same direction…They burp… They have gas… but being a radical of
    Christ path is the greatest compliment you can have ever paid to David. Kudos.           





  • Anonymous

    Control the media and you control America! The democrats have been trying to do that since the 1980’s step by step now thanks to Glenn Beck, Hannity, Rush, O’Reilly, Cavuto, Judge Napolitano and Mark Levin we have help and power to open the door of hate and lies and expose these frauds  beginning with Obama.I trust David Barton and Glenn Beck far, far more than Barrack Hussein Obama, David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, Elizabeth Warren or Michelle Obama.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jalina-Susan-Stutte/1064345572 Jalina Susan Stutte

    I bought many of David Bartn’s books at Restoring Love event and Love them. He is a true American. SPLC needs to be shut down before they exterminate the wite people in America.Which is thier goal.

  • http://www.facebook.com/crmoylan Christine Rae Moylan

    I constantly shake my head in wonderment at the ability of mankind to bicker over the mundane. It never ceases to amaze me how the human race survives. I’ve followed David Barton since Glenn indtroduced him on Fox and never heard him proclaim anything  in his image. Somehow I’ve gotten the impression his distractors are more involved in their own egotism than free speech. It isn’t important to me what Jefferson believed or not believed only what he did and why. Much of what I heard from David on GBTV I’ve heard over my 61 years. I’ve found over the years those who attack others are usually lacking something important in themselves, the ability to have vision and hearing. This attack on David is not new and it saddens me such people exist to live for such attacks. There is so much in life to build on I wonder why some people always want to tear it down.

  • Anonymous

    I am heartbroken!  Instead of being an army of the Lord’s, we have allowed ourselves to be divided into sniper groups — and we know who’s behind that type of behavior, yet we willingly participate.  WAKE UP!!  The Bible says there is none that is perfect except THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.  After reading some of the rhetoric back and forth, it almost seems like the PR tactics of a kindergartener: Barton’s book is going to sell in record numbers now!  Did we not learn that who is for us, is NOT against us?  If we can’t behave as Christians privately and publicly, what do we have to offer the world?  The vitriol has to stop – for the love of God…for the LOVE of God!

  • Anonymous

      I would really like to know which group on the “RIGHT” is so bad, and wants Black AMERICANS dead???  Just was wondering.  Because most of the people that are on the “RIGHT” are nothing, but CHRISTIANS, and they love this country with all of there hearts.

  • Anonymous

    (Sorry if this is redundant.  I don’t see my original post.)
    I am heartbroken.  We’re supposed to be the Lord’s army, yet we’ve allowed ourselves to be divided into sniper groups!  In listening to the discourse back and forth, I was reminded that only the Lord is perfect!!  If David Barton and anyone else is held up to a higher standard, shame on us!  The Bible says we’re supposed to be known by our love.  Are we showing the world the best reason to be a follower of Christ (love)?

    It almost seems what we’re showing the world is, along w/being easily dividable, distracted, and loveless, the PR tactics of a kindergartener:  David’s sales are going to blitz through the roof!!  

    We’re supposed to pray for each other and encourage/exhort each other in love.  When there’s dissension among us, w’ere supposed behave the same as nonChristians?  Really?  And, speaking of history, didn’t we learn that who is for us, is NOT against us?

    As I said, my heart goes out to David.  My prayer is that, for the love of God, when we disagree, we learn how to encourage/exhort each other in the truth, and not tear each other down.  This kind of vitriol and distraction comes from where we have been freed!!

    I want to encourage you to keep moving forward, and let the joy of the Lord bring you through this!!  Amen.  :)

  • Anonymous

    barton’s own publisher pulled the book after real historians checked the facts and proved how full of shit he truly is.
    barton needs to wise up and stick to publishing his propaganda to the glenn and rush lemmings because he is wayyyyyyy out his element when he tries to prove himself in the real world.

    • SoThere

      More crap from a Liberal Progressive spammer.  Strtlk is a vulger hate filled moron.  Many of them are in our government.

      Save America, Vote Conservative and send them packing.

  • Anonymous

    O.K. This might sound like a wacko conspiracy theory, but I heard something interesting last week when this story first came out. I am repeating from memory as I have deleted the original material. The comments that I read originated from a post on the Gospel Coalition. A commentator mentioned that NPR had done a program on Barton and the Jefferson Lies issue and linked him (Barton) to Marco Rubio. (note this was a day or two before the announcement of the VP pick.) I was at an MSN news page later that night and  an article quoted a far left wing organization spokesperson (can’t remember the name) saying something to the effect that all the politicians and pundits that supported Barton should be called out and exposed, implying that anyone who supported Barton was an idiot. I wonder if the plan was to have something to attack Rubio with if he was named the VP? I know it’s a bit far-fetched, but  I wouldn’t put anything past the Obama people. Although maybe NOT so far-fetched as another commentator (James2826) made mention of several Republicans associated with Barton and how (apparently) that makes them idiots..I also  heard that The People For The American Way had a big part in these attacks on Barton. They are an extremist left-wing SUPER anti-Christian organization that has been around for a long time. I remember my mother warning me about them back in the 80’s. They have one agenda and that is to silence all Christians.

  • Anonymous


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FVONTN7NFYTGM7O4B4QIGRMWAU Ling Ling

    Here’s what I don’t like about Barton:  He knows that the first schools in USA were there for only one purpose, to learn the Bible, but he won’t say anything about it.  He knows: All kids of all ages went to school with a Horn Book and a Bible, and that was it.  Just those two books.  The Horn Book was usually tied to their side while they travelled to school, and their Bibles were in the school house.  The older kids brought their own Bibles.  They soon made school mandatory, and they did so for the sole reason that every child learn how to read the Bible.  That was it, that was the only reason.  Then they started adding other subjects, science evolved from theology, etc…  Then they added blacks, who brought down the standards of education.  Then they removed the Bible, which was the reason they made it mandatory in the first place.  School is NOTHING like how it was meant to be, and it should no longer be mandatory!  He knows this, yet he won’t talk about it.

  • Anonymous

    Reply to james2826
    WOW James, your rant Aug 20,’12, is nearly word for word from the files of the Southern Poverty Law Center. (I definitely, wouldn’t trust that org. Made up of mostly LIES. Don’t care to touch them with a  10′  pole)

    Makes me wonder who are you really? 

    I also noticed there are two James on the board of directors at splc. (James McElroy and James Rucker. Interestingly, Rucker was also heavily involved  with ColorOfChange,  MoveOn.org,  Secretary of State Project, Video the Vote, according to: http://www.keywiki.org/index.php/James_Rucker and other sites) Now where have we heard those names before…oh, yeah, George, I want to collapse the U.S., Soros.

    Must be nice to be paid to troll the websites all day. Most of us actually have to work.

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