Media ignores new threats of violence from NBPs & shooting at FRC

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Wednesday morning, TheBlaze reported that a a security guard was shot and wounded at the conservative Family Research Council headquarters in downtown Washington, D.C.

It was reported that the gunman walked into the building’s lobby around 10:45AM and was confronted by the security guard asking him where he was going. D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier told the Washington Post that the gunman then pulled out a firearm and opened fire on the guard before being wrestled to the ground, disarmed, and later taken into FBI custody.

The man was later identified as Floyd Corkins, a 28-year-old from Virginia. The shooter reported posed as an intern and was carrying a Chick-fil-A bag during the attack, and, after being disarmed, told the guard, “Don’t shoot me, it was not about you, it was what this place stands for.” Corkins had been volunteering at a LGBT community center.

This morning on radio, Glenn reacted to the shooting and the media coverage (or lack thereof) that it has been given.

Glenn pointed out that this was a “terrorist shooting,” making sure to differentiating it from a workplace shooting.

“Let’s be very clear, an LGBT supporter and volunteer goes in and shoots someone because of their viewpoint,” Glenn said.

Glenn explained that, of course, the responsibility of an act like this falls on the shooter, but those that are excusing it also hold a responsibility to tell the truth and expose these acts of violence and why they occur.

“The media, our government, no one is paying attention to these things and it will only compound,” he said transitioning to how the Justice Department is dropping the case against the New Black Panthers despite the increasing number of threats they’re making.

It’s not simply that the media ignores things like this shooting or the racist, violent threats that come from the New Black Panthers, while magnifying groups like the KKK, trying to pin violent acts on the Tea Party that they are completely unassociated with, and their continued attempts to paint the right in a violent, racist light. It’s that they’re ignoring these threats, or worse, mocking those who expose them – it’s dangerous.

“We told you for the last few months about the Black Panthers, you can dismiss the Black Panthers all you want. I hope we can all laugh at them, but I don’t hear the same attitude on the KKK. I don’t think the KKK is funny. I don’t think they’re just a silly group of people. I think the KKK is a dangerous group of haters. I think the KKK should be watched. I want to know who the members of the KKK are, if they live around me, and I don’t want them hiding in the darkness. I want to know who they are because I think they’re dangerous,” Glenn said.

Glenn shared an article from the Business Insider, written by Jeffrey Ingersoll. The article basically mocked, Glenn,, and other conservative organizations for reporting the threats from the New Black Panthers.

“The Black Panthers, a militant black power group from the 1960’s, are regrouping and they claim they want to murder as many Caucasian Americans as possible, according to a video on Breitbart.”

“Yeah, a video on Breitbart with their voices on it and them saying it,” Stu sniped backed. “It’s not someone accusing them.”

Here is the latest audio from the NBPs that the BI article is referring to:


Glenn went on to read more of what Ingersoll wrote about their coverage of the NBPs and this viscous audio:

“A handful of popular political pundits, like Michelle Malkin, the gang, and Glenn Beck’s crew at The Blaze, are attempting to stoke the flames of fear over the enthusiastic YouTube musings of a few individuals who’ve forgotten it’s no longer the ’60s. The pundits also took a turn toward race as they quickly, and predictably, accused Obama of ‘looking the other way.’

These are the same people who fiercely advocate for bombing Muslim countries willy nilly and say “10 percent of Muslims are terrorists,” but then get mad when a guy with a few screws loose is a bit more hawkish than them”.”

Stu quickly pointed out that, “They say 10% of Muslims are terrorists. No. Actually polling shows that. We actually have all the backup documented on the website. Polling from actually left leaning organizations and opinion makers show that between – I think it’s 4 and 57% of Muslim countries, depending on which one you’re talking about, is – supports the actions of Osama Bin Laden.”

Glenn continued reading the piece:

“The host of Right-Wing blogs exploded recently following the epic rants by New Black Party elements calling for a militarization of their little club. Granted, his language was colorful”.”

Now, after reading that piece poking at prominent conservative figures for their coverage of the New Black Panthers, it would be hard to believe that the Southern Poverty Law Center designated them a ‘right wing hate group.’

Keeping in mind that the mainstream media will spend weeks obsessing over motives of terrorists and criminals, Glenn points out that it’s the job of the media to pay attention to these things, not mock them. Glenn shed light on the words and warnings of Osama bin Laden in 1999. He explained that, “You do that so you warn people, so they pay attention, but nobody paid attention then. Nobody’s paying attention now and the press is doing worse than not paying attention.”

The same people that mock conservatives for trying to expose threats against Americans are accusing conservatives and the Tea Party of being terrorists, claiming their anti-big government rants will lead to terrorism.

“Here you have a group of people saying, “Let’s go kill babies”. Here you have a group of people that say “let’s go drag people out in the streets and beat them to death,” and we have no problem with that?” Glenn questioned.

What makes the words of the New Black Panther’s laughable and those of someone else more dangerous? Especially after such a violent past couple of weeks where there has been a shooting in a movie theater and another in a Temple. It only takes one crazy person, and here we have a group of people discussing brutal violence out in the open.

“We live in a crazy world and the people who are currently in their ivory towers will be out in the parking lot one day kicking rocks, asking themselves what the hell happened. They’re putting themselves out of business,” Glenn said. “They’re putting themselves into disrepute. They’re destroying themselves.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Given Holder and Obama’s handling of things in the past with the NBPP and their ilk, that these and other taped messaged do not raise the alarm with them is typical and not suprising at the least. Those two and the media are discredited completely, and by their own deeds, no one save the most fanatic will trust them anymore.

  • Jim Profit

    Think about that conservatards… your philosophy has propped up establishments like YouTube who permit violent, hateful, rhetoric but then abuse their “partners”. Do you know what a “partner” is in legal terms? Anyone who conjoins resources and assets for mutual gain. What’s mine is yours, what’s yours is mine.

    YouTube forgot half of that. And basically robs us partners of labor and avoids payment at all turns. I’ve reported them to the FBI, but will the FBI even listen? Why is Glenn Beck worried about the rantings of The Black Panthers? They’re not the ones in control. YouTube is. At least partially. They’re the ones who control your bank accounts, your economy, your entertainment, everything through the coding. That’s the only reason I can think the government isn’t cracking down on the internet. Because the people they’d need to persecute are responsible for the building blocks. They know all our secrets, including the government’s… they know how to get in and out of secure data, they paved the roads and buildings of information, and can easily dismember them. But we have to be willing to take those chances or else justice will never be met. These sociopaths are the problem. Not The Black Panthers. The Black Panthers are listed as right-wing for a reason. They’re reactionary. They’re REACTING as expected of them, to the problem.

    • Anonymous

      Time for your meds.

    • Sharmane

       You make no sense, none whatsoever.

  • Anonymous

    Liberals and their ilk want to exterminate whites. Even white liberals, out of false guilt, want to exterminate themselves. This, by now, is an under statement, isn’t Glenn?


    I checked and there isn’t one sentence about the Family Research Council shooting.  I have been watching MSNBC and not one comment has been made about the incident.  Why hasn’t Rachael Maddow spoken out?  It is too bad that we don’t have a Conservative Cable Company.  I am tired of Comcast’s support of the hate on MSNBC.

    • Anonymous

      While Glenn has said that he is not an advocate of boycotts, I believe that we really have no other method of influencing the media. Only if their shows are not watched and the advertisers on them are not patronized will they finally start to realize that their radical philosophies have real world consequences. When they are in the unemployment lines, then they might wake up to the consequences they have brought on themselves. But only if enough of us decide to change our behavior and stop supporting theirs’. I got rid of my TV years ago and I don’t miss it at all.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you 100%. However, if we really want to send a message that will turn every progressives head in this country, then we make sure Mitt defeats Obama in a landslide victory. We elect a conservative House and a conservative Senate. We vote out everyone who has progressive ideals and at the same time we stop watching Hollywood movies with actors who hate this country. We stop purchasing products from companies who support Obama and the radical left. It is time for hardball and we need to hit a homerun. Ask yourself where the NBP party gets its money? Do any of these folks have a job? I guarantee you that George Sorros is lurking somewhere with the DOJ right there with him.

  • Anonymous

    If there is a violent act against conservatives, Obama and the liberal media could care less!

  • Anonymous

    Immigration laws the President orders not be enforced, blatant HATE speech that Holder’s DOJ refuses to prosecute, the Occupy protests (99% vs.1%) directly incited by the President!
    Just three of the reasons that oh! America, I weep for thee!

    • Anonymous

      Thankyou. We have indeed been occupied.

      • Kittie J. Becker

         you obviously don’t listen, but instead only TROLL the web.

        • Anonymous

          And you, my dear, like to use this spot for promotions.

          • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The shooting at the FRC was horrible.
    That being said, where was glenn beck’s outrage after the Sikh massacre?
    Oh, that’s right, he didn’t say shit because he doesn’t care about that shooting…
    He can’t make any money off of it!!!

    • Kevin Holloway

       you obviously don’t listen, but instead only TROLL the web.

    • SoThere

      Folks, strtlk is the vulgar face of the Liberal progressives in this country. He’s a hatemonger like many of his ilk.

      Save America, vote Conservative.

    • greywolfrs

      Hey, it’s sticky chin, still being the ultimate coward.

    • HELEN
      • Anonymous

        I actually missed that one, thanks.

        • SoThere

          So your leftist hate and lies have been pointed out by HELEN, now go and apologize to Glenn Beck for your hate-filled post. Right!

    • HELEN
    • Rahm Kota

      Why do you lie? 

  • new2la

    Mr. Cathy did not say he hates Gays…He said he is for marrIage between one man and one woman. As usual, the media distorts yet another headline.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, new21a, that’s what they do!   Gotta rally the troops, you know.

  • Anonymous

    I went to military occupational school with Geoffrey Ingersoll. He was a damn good Marine and smart writer. Can’t say I agree with the way he writes, but he is a good guy.

  • greywolfrs

    The definition of Psychological Projection:

    Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others originate those feelings.

    Projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them.

    An example of this behavior might be blaming another for self failure. The mind may avoid the discomfort of consciously admitting personal faults by keeping those feelings unconscious, and by redirecting libidinal satisfaction by attaching, or “projecting,” those same faults onto another person or object.

    After reading all of that, is there anyone who can say this does not apply to left wing idiots? Look a few comments down at sticky chin. He calls everyone else a bigot, yet displays these very traits every time he posts.

  • Sandie

    When O’Reilly talked about ‘Tiller the Baby Killer’  who was subsequently killed, (he didn’t talk about hating or killing him), the MSM was all over him and blaming O’Reilly for it!. But now with SPLC spewing hate, and this shooting at the conservative Family Research Center, …. nothing.

    • Rahm Kota

      Well people like to hide from their own sins but love to point out what they as sins in others.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, Sandie, I heard that program too.  Guess it’s all in the ”interpretation”, huh?

      • Sandie

        Yup – in the interpretation — in the dirty politics of the LSM, MSM or whatever, to misuse the info for their left wing (socialist) politically predetermined ends. I wish some front would really confront the media with it and expose them for their bias and dishonesty. When Foz alone does it, we all know what happens!

    • Anonymous

      Good point, which means there is an agenda. It means people are involved in very high places. If it wasn’t true you would have ABC reporting when MSNBC didn’t, but it is all of them. The same with Obama’s regime. If they weren’t organized then you would have someone from the democratic party speaking out, but mum. Everyone is in line and all the progressives are facing the same direction, and that is because they have an agenda and they are organized. I never thought I would see the day that a president of the United States would destroy America.

  • Bonnie Somer

    glenn…the prez ignoring of our constitution tells people all they need to know abt him  He hates America and all we are.  This shooting of course shld not be ignored but America is on a collision course w/the obama enslave us to him and the fed govt and why congress just doesn’t come out and condem his I passed the DREAM ACT despite the fact u didn’t which is illegal like the people coming here to destroy our sovereignty.  U know cloward and piven are being followed to the ltr w/obama and his war on America is a disgrace shouln’t he be impeached?  Y i believe its b/c of I’d love to see harry reids taxes he is the rubber stamper of le prez socialist agenda.  Obama doesn’t care if we are safe and he is like a cancer we must rid ourselves of.  We can restore America but we must vote him and his anti American admin out

  • Sharmane

    These are some of the most hate-spewing poor excuses for humanity that I have ever heard.   Their vulgarity and lack of morals and poor communication skills makes them sound like idiots.
    Why aren’t the authorities coming after these people?   Oh yeah, because they’re black.  Plain and simple.  

  • Anonymous

    This nutjob whose attempts at FRC is upset because Cathy donated money to them and they,

    apparently, are opposed to gay marriage.  Does he know how much money Cathy donated?

    On a Fox News show on Thurs., the fellow from FRC (sorry, didn’t get his name) said it was

    $1000.00.   Not exactly a huge amount, but more than the average person might donate.

    Have those who are upset by what Cathy is SUPPOSED to have said, actually know what he

    said?   He did NOT say he was opposed to gay marriage.  In an interview with a Baptist church

    (or organization—I’m old—forget easily), he said he FAVORED traditional marriage.  So do I.

  • Anonymous

    The real media chooses to ignore the NBPs because they are a fringe group who thrive on unneeded coverage.
    Let the FBI, ATF, etc. handle the problem.

    • SoThere

      I think that strtlk is a member of the NBPs.  I wouldn’t be surprised.

      Save america, vote Conservative.

  • Anonymous

     Obama told law enforcement  not to do anything about illegals, occupy wall street protesters
    now were having terrorist attacks in our own country. this needs to stop. we need to vote Obama
    out. vote for Romney Ryan 2012.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Where is Obama and his regime speaking out against these thugs? Where is the DOJ ingestigating the rantings of thse thugs? Tell me this administration is not behind the ramblings of this organization. How was it that the DOJ stepped into to overturn a judgement against the NBP. There is no doubt that we will see bloodshed before November and the sad part is that an American president is behind it.

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