Glenn interviews FRC shooting witness General Jerry Boykin

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The media has gone AWOL on the shooting by an apparent deranged leftist at the Family Research Council in Washington DC this week. Friend of the show (ret) General Boykin was at the building when the incident occurred and gives an incredible account of what happened. It’s a great story of heroics – so why is the media ignoring it?

Transcript of interview:

GLENN: I think — we think that that’s only relevant because they think that’s his plan — that’s where he learned what he was going to do with GM, but that’s another story. We have a friend that works at the Family Research Council, Lieutenant general Jerry Boykin. He is on the phone. There was a tragedy this week, as you may know. A gunman came in, shot a security guard, and, of course, the press hasn’t stopped talking about it. Oh, no. Wait. They did. This one is — this one is significant because the shooter was a volunteer. This is a leftist — this is a political terrorist strike. General Jerry Boykin with us. General, how are you, sir?

GENERAL BOYKIN: I’m good, Glenn. It’s good to be with you. I’m not quite sure why you played that clip from the President in this segment that I’m on.

GLENN: I really think it’s — I really think it’s because — it’s his plan for the economy, but help me out on — you were — you were actually there when the shooter came?

GENERAL BOYKIN: I was. It was about 10:46 on Wednesday morning. He walked in the lobby, set a backpack down in front of the guard desk and then reached in his backpack. Fortunately this guard who was actually the building manager but kind of dual roles as a guard, realized something was up and got out of his chair and approached the man and just as the man pulled a pistol, pointed it at his head, this gentle giant of a guard reached up and grabbed the gun and he shot him — the gunman shot our man Leo Johnson in the wrist but with one arm, Leo wrestled this man to the ground and took his gun away from him and what a hero this guy was. He saved a lot of people and there’s no question, Glenn, this guy’s intent based on the fact that he had about 50 rounds of ammunition and 15 Chick-fil-A bags was this was going to be a mass murder on our — a large scale.

GLENN: You actually talked to the gunman?

GENERAL BOYKIN: I listened as the gunman lay on the floor talking to police and he said, I don’t like the policies here and, you know, he — in fact, he stated that to the guard, as well. So, yeah, it was — there was no question what his motive was. He tied us to Chick-fil-A and I think the scenario is — it doesn’t take much imagination, Glenn. He was going to go through and kill as many people as he could and drop Chick-fil-A bags at every dead body to send a signal that he was reacting to the — our stance on traditional marriage, that being between a man and a woman.

GLENN: Well, I think the way to make sure everybody understands your point is to be a mass murderer. The media is reacting to this in their stereotypical way. General, what is the way — how do we change this? They’re ignoring the Black Panthers who have come out and said, Throw bombs into nurseries, kill crackers, as they would say, and everybody is ignoring it. The press even makes us into conspiracy freaks for bringing is up. We bring up the left is the one that always has caused 90% of the shootings and the political statement, kind of bombings, et cetera, et cetera, the terror throughout American history it’s generally from either crazy people or the left and how do we get this message out? Who do we do, General?

GENERAL BOYKIN: Well, Glenn, it’s even worse than that. It’s worse. I mean, not only are they ignoring this and don’t want to deal with it but CNN the morning after in an interview with Brian Brown from the National Organization For Marriage actually tried to justify the hate group label that was placed on the Family Research Council by this anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-sematic Marxist organization called the Southern Poverty Law Center which is a — just an evil group of people and so they actually tried to justify this hate crimes — I mean this hate group label that they gave. What do we do? Well, CNN’s ratings are already in the tank, as well as most of the mainstream media and what we do is continue to do what you are doing with both your radio program, as well as your broadcast, and other organizations like yours, we keep putting the truth out and it is starting to resonate and I think that’s the reason that the popularity of your program is growing is Americans are actually starting to look for truth. You know, Glenn, it’s important to remember that in a recent survey 80% of Americans surveyed supported Dan Cathy and his stance on traditional marriage but the mainstream media is never going to report that and the Southern Poverty Law Center is right in the middle of this culture war and I think what you’re doing and what others like you are doing, particularly with talk radio and with nontraditional means of communication is so critical to keeping the truth out for the American public today.

GLENN: Okay. You made quite a statement about the Southern Poverty Law Center. Most people don’t even know who they are because — they’re quoted all the time by all of the news networks. They’re taking a look at all of the hate groups and monitoring all hate crimes. They have put the Black Panthers in the category of a right wing extremist group on the same list as FRC and the same list as David Barton. Can you — who is the Southern Poverty Law Center? Who are they?

GENERAL BOYKIN: Well, first of all, I’ve already given you my label for them and they are — in fact, they are very similar to the ACLU. They’re a group of lawyers, as well as Marxists who have, in fact, raised an awful lot of money which we understand is being kept offshore and they go after every liberal cause in America. They are — they — in fact, they just had a big meeting this week with the Muslim political action committee and that is a very anti-sematic organization and these people are dangerous, they are evil, and my question is, Glenn, who are they to have any authority to declare anybody a hate group? And, remember, they also called Hitler right wing, as well. I don’t mean SPLC but, you know, people today on the left refer to Hitler as right wing and compare conservatives to Hitler. Well, Hitler was anything but right wing. Remember, he was the nationalist socialist party.

GLENN: Are you more optimistic, less optimistic, or about the same as you were a year ago for the health of the nation?

GENERAL BOYKIN: I am so concerned, Glenn. I must tell you, I’m angry. I’m really angry. I’m angry because people like you and the FRC and others are standing up and speaking for what I believe is the majority of Americans, while Americans, you know, sit at home and cheer you on but they’re doing very little to actually get involved in this culture war and I’m optimistic that people are starting to wake up and as tragic as this event was, Glenn, I think that it is just another way that people are being shaken and people are being brought to an awareness that we are losing our country and the average American that stands on traditional values, the average Christian that believes in a biblical world view have got to get involved and they’ve got to put their time, their effort, their money, and their speech behind what is happening here. So, thank you for what you’re doing.

GLENN: Well, General, you are one of my favorite people because you never mince words and you’ve taken a strong stand to your own peril for a very long time. You’re a personal hero. Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin. Our best to the Family Research Council and everybody. How is everybody doing there?

GENERAL BOYKIN: They are doing well. Leo is an extraordinary hero and he’s doing quite well. I was with him when he came out of surgery; and the people at FRC are tough warriors, Glenn. We are not going away. We’re not going to change our position. We’re going to stand firm because we do believe that we are speaking for the majority of Americans who still maintain very traditional values.

GLENN: Thank you very much, General. I —

GENERAL BOYKIN: Thank you, Glenn. God bless you.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The fact is clear on one regard with the shooter; due to his statement of him doing the shooting due to the FRC supporting traditional marriage, it is politcal terrorism, hate and race crimes in addition to the attempted mass murder.

    Yet the press will not cover it anymore; the level of immorality, lack of integrity and complete corruption is again made manifest for all to see. The MSM have made their own bed in a den of the foulest of fowls, now they shall reap the justice of the whirlwind coming for them.

    May God have mercy on them, for most of America will not.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    In the case of the Southern Poverty Law Center they are conducting a campaign of deliberate political and informational propaganda.

    Bluntly put – they lump all of those who love freedom and limited governance, want to restore the nation and build a better tommorow with the extremists, radicals, hate groups and other terror and anarchist groups into one lump sum.

    By doing this they can then say “See, see, we told you, them Tea Party/Conservatives/Christian people are in the same league as the New Black Panther Party…”

    What we are seeing is the propaganda usage of the HATE; get people to focus on one group that is violent, dump all others in and among that one, and shift the focus away from your own doings – you lead the mob by pointing to the chosen target and say “Get them” while then going behind the mob and robbing the bank safe.

    Look behind the scenes of the SPLC, see who has the most to gain economically and politically and socially; there will be the answer of who is controlling this campaign of propaganda.

    • SoThere

      The Southern Poverty Law Center is a Racist hate Organization.

      • LickDaCat

         The SPLC is a Mossad cover group.  The criminal Israeli Zionist Rothschild Mafia has hijacked the US government.

        Mossad staged the 9/11 attacks, Israel has staged many false flags murdering thousands of Americans in the process.  USS Liberty, Lavon Affair and many others they have kept secret. 

        Israel is our most dangerous enemy and that is 100% fact!

      • LickDaCat

         The SPLC is a Mossad cover group.  The criminal Israeli Zionist Rothschild Mafia has hijacked the US government.

        Mossad staged the 9/11 attacks, Israel has staged many false flags murdering thousands of Americans in the process.  USS Liberty, Lavon Affair and many others they have kept secret. 

        Israel is our most dangerous enemy and that is 100% fact!

        • SoThere

          Your bigotry and hate is duly noted. The Bogyman is under your bed.

        • MomBearOf2

          LickDaCat  Mental illness can be controlled to a degree. See if yours has any hope for treatment.

          • Carlos Huerta

             Mombear, I think you are right.  Left wing nuts can be controlled.  Free-loving people can’t.

        • Carlos Huerta

           THE Mossad is after criminal Nazis; The SPLC is after freeloving people. No, there’s not moral equivalent Lickdacat; I think you better go and lick your cat and do more research. 

  • Rahm Kota

    Thank God that shield them from death. 

  • Joe Robinson

    is Glenn Beck going to interview any witness from the Wisconsin Sikh shooting?

    just asking.

  • Anonymous

    We”ll keep shining the light of truth and all these rats will go back in their holes

  • Anonymous

    Again, glenn beck is completely full of shit.
    I saw this story break on CNN and it was covered by ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, etc…
    How often does glenn beck lie, banking on the fact that his followers only watch Fox News or his basement show?

    • SoThere

      Again, this vulgar Liberal spammer spews his hate and displays his ignorance.
      There are many of these idiots in our government.  Send them packing.

      Save america, Vote Conservative.

      • Anonymous

        S.T.,  what strtlk omits is the ”alphabet” networks covered this story for less than

        2 min. and ABC was the only one to talk about the incident on the following day.

    • Brian Benton

      Dear strtlk I am convinced
      that you probably do believe that the media has thoroughly vetted this story.
      In truth they have conveniently ignored and failed to dwell on the pertinent
      facts of the case. The fact that the shooter was a gay activist! The fact that
      it appears to be a hate crime. The fact that he had Chick-fil-A bags in which
      to tie his shootings to. Those of us with the ability to see the trend that our
      media has taken for far too long know that if this would have been a crime by a
      conservative then the details would be endlessly reported on and copious
      amounts of blame laid on those of us with conservative values. What do we get
      when the crime is committed by a gay activist? Relative silence!

      • Anonymous

        Not one thing that you stated proves any motivation.
        If the media reported he was a beck cult member you would be crying bloody murder.
        When you find a fact other than a “chick-fil-a” bag let me know!

        • SoThere

          Folks, this is the face of the Liberal Progressives in this country.  Some of them are in our Government.

          You’re an ignorant fool strtlk. Everyone sees that when you post here. Go clean some toilet, Phony Soldier. You’re doing so much for us Conservatives. LMAO

          Save America from these idiots, vote Conservative.

    • Joe Robinson

       he lies because with the truth he doesn’t have an audience. 

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      This is the first I heard about the CFA bags and the intent to mass murder.

      Are you claiming this was reported elsewhere ?

    • Sarah Pepper

      This is the first I heard of it…yet I reckon I probably heard about the Chik- guys not supporting gay marraige more times than I can count…now really, using your massive amount of liberal rationalism – which one should be news.

      • Anonymous

        The incidents were horrible.

        • Sarah Pepper

          In what world is the news playing stories about pixies and fluffy rabbits? 

          “News” Definition:  “Report of a recent event, ‘intelligence'”.  Nobody said the incident was good.

          Don’t tell me – you catch your news from the “Friends of Obama” channel.  Where the top news stories are about somebody’s personal stance on gay marraige…. or Obama’s new facebook status…”Lookin’ forward ta tha weekiiind – goin’ on holiday ‘gin”.

          Instead of things like white farmers being massacred in Sth Africa, CIA’s false flag activities, Gold and Silver market manipulations or Obama’s pals switching jobs every 5 seconds because their about to be busted doing something naughty.

          Be rational.

      • SoThere

        The owner said that he was in favor of traditional marriage.  He has many gay people working at Chick-Fil-A.

        “The latest uproar began this month when Dan T. Cathy,
        whose deeply religious father, S. Truett Cathy, started the company in 1967,
        told a Christian news organization that Chick-fil-A supported “the
        biblical definition of the family unit.”
        Mr. Cathy, the company’s president and chief operating
        officer, said later in a radio interview, “As it relates to
        society in general, I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we
        shake our fist at him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a
        marriage.’ “ NYT What is reported is not in the order of importance, the MSM have an agenda and it’s quite evident in their order of importance.   

        “How the company and its employees spend their money further affirms this
        conservative mantra. Its charitable arm, WinShape, gave nearly $2 million to
        groups opposing gay marriage in 2010. The owning family, the Cathy’s, also
        contribute heavily to fellow conservatives.

        The Cathy’s have contributed more than $81,000 to state and federal
        politicians since 1990, according to the Center for Responsive Politics and
        National Institute on Money in State Politics. All but $3,250 of those
        contributions went to Republicans, all of whom held anti-gay marriage views.” US News.

        To leftists, contributing to the republican party is being anti-Gay.

        This is how the media and the leftists spins it’s stories.  Here’s WinShape.

        The left thinks that people who follow their faith are homophobic unless you are talking about the Muslim Religion who kills Gays, then it’s quite all right to hate homosexuals.

  • Anonymous

    The general used the term ” evil ” to describe the SPLC .  I would agree completely with that description and would also add the ACLU .

    • Victoria I. Ramirez

      but the liberal media might just get lucky after a few hundred crimes and get one to hop all over!

    • BobandorJan

       ACLU = American Communist Litigation Union
      Words have meaning. I prefer to be accurate, it is part of being as honest as I possibly can.

  • Anonymous

    Liberal media is still waiting for a deranged TEA PARTY member to wipe out innocent people  . For some reason it is the nuts on the left that keep killing people, but the liberal media might just get lucky after a few hundred crimes and get one to hop all over!

    • Anne Caluwaert

      It’s obvious this shooter wanted everyone to think he was a right winger-hence the Chick-fil-A.

      • HELEN

        Yep — false flag attack.  One thing Glenn has warned about in earlier broadcasts.

  • Jerry Million

    The General is a real American hero! We have the SPLC joining with the Islamist to destroy our nation. Read, ‘THE COMING: A TRUE STORY OF HORROR’ @ amazon to see what we are facing…Unbelievable!!!

  • Lynda Thompson

    I have seen Gen. Boykins’ videos etc. and people need to listen and get involved.

  • Anonymous

    boykin’s words are true and i feel rightfully scolded.

  • Joe Robinson


    really Glenn?

    Timothy McVeigh was a Right winger.
    the guy last week that killed the Sikhs, he was Right Winger. 
    all the abortion clinics that have been bombed, set on fire, doctors killed.  All by Right Wingers.
    all the gays killed or beaten on a daily basis.  All by Christian right wingers.

    but don’t let the facts get in the way Glenn.  Not at all.

    • Anonymous

      How would we know what the actual number is….if as in this case the MSM refuses to tell the story?

      The shocking disgusting point of this interview is that because of this group’s religious belIefs, they were targeted for mass murder. This is the first time I heard about the chick fil a bags.

      Instead of showing support for your fellow Americans and stand up for media accountability, you have to come run salt in the wounds because of Becks throw away comment that most extremists are lefties.

    • Anonymous

      “Gays killed or beaten on a daily basis”  What a pantload!  That’s the first I’ve heard of it.  Got any proof?

    • Sarah Pepper

      Evidence suggest Tim McVeigh had connection to islamic terrorists.  I assume you meant the “Sikh’s shot dead in attempted theft” article…err…not political – and hardly caused by these Christians you mentioned.

      Out of the last 30 yrs there were only 15 bombings of abortion clinics registered with the dedicated wiki page.  How many of which were caused by domestic arguements between the father, and a client of the abortion clinic?

      Gay’s killed by Christian right wingers – lay off the weed Joe…perhaps you should use some facts instead of smoking them.

      • Sarah Pepper

        To clarify the Sikh thing before anybody writes anything *blush* I realise he’s talking about the senseless killing of 6 sikh worshippers by a neo-nazi – but that’s far right wing.  “Christian right wing” are people that believe in ownership, hard work or capitalism judging the differences of equality in society – not race.  Comparing “Christian right wing” to far right wing is like comparing a patting a pussy cat to patting a tiger that just sat on a thistle bush.


    Long ago, when the S Poverty Law Ctr first began, they actually had a real purpose.  They provided legal counsel for poor Blacks and some Whites in the South when racism was king.  As the South began to rise economically again, the lost their reason for being.  Blacks joined the middle class and poverty was left in the inner city and Appalachia in the South.

    Then SPLC mutated into what it is today.  Instead of folding, they came up w/a new mission when they really should have patted themselves on the back for having met their goals.  This is what happens to groups which outlive their usefulness.

    • Anonymous

      Not unlike the unions in America.

  • Anonymous

    Two reasons why the LSM isn’t interested in covering this story—1) It happened at a

    conservative organization.  2) They agree with the shooter’s sentiments.

  • Anonymous

    Houston, splc has a problem.

    “Confronting hate groups

    Dees also pioneered a legal strategy to hold organized hate groups responsible for the violence of their members. This strategy has allowed the SPLC to shut down some of the nation’s most dangerous hate groups by winning crushing, multimillion-dollar jury verdicts on behalf of their victims.

    Uh oh. Will this pioneering work backfire?

  • Anonymous

    Look at the irony of their founders work now having applicability to his own organization apparently.

    The media should be all over this. What a story!

  • Steven Mark Pilling

    Here’s some new information on the FRC attack.  Not only did the shooter have 50 rounds of ammunition on his person, but was carrying 15 Chick-Fil-A bags with the evident intention of using them to “count coup” on the people he killed.  This was no “deranged culture killer” (such as in Aurora CO) but a politically motivated terrorist.  And Leo Johnson- the heroic guard who stopped it all in its tracks- was the building manager acting in protection of his tenants!   

    • Anonymous

       What does count coup mean?

  • Lyn Levens

    Unless you are old enough to remember “PRAVDA” – just google that word. You will understand that our lamestream media is an exact copy of Pravda!

    • Anonymous

      I also think they’ve found a way to clone Baghdad Bob.

  • LickDaCat

     Americans have been brainwashed into believing Israel is our friend.  I have asked thousands over the years to name anything Israel has done for America  Not one person has been able to answer, even congressmen are stumped.

    Ask what Israel has done against us and the list is long with crimes if done by any other nation would have led to full scale war.

    It is time to wake up and realize Rothschild/Israel has hijacked our government and are using us to destroy nations who refuse Rothschild owned central banks such as the criminal Federal Reserve.

    End the Fed and expose Israel’s crimes and we will take back our government again, if not we are doomed to death or enslavement from by the zionist police state.

    • adirondack_1

      Well, you just proved the department of education is worthless and that you rely too heavily upon ignorant people for an education.

    • orest goyan

      You ask: name anything Israel has done for America !
      They give us the Bible, the Word of the Living God!
      From it the foundations of  the nation of America was born;
      and millions of Churches in America have lived by its teaching;
      and prospered from its words, promises, and wisdom.
      And, today, there are tens of millions of Americans who would rather die; than live without the Living Word, which feeds the soul, and gives life to those who would act upon what Jesus said !

  • Harold Walker

    Your not much of a genious. Jews the world over( which make Isreal) make up less than 1% of the population yet have recieved 16% of the nobel prizes not to speak of the Einstines and thousands of other scientific people. Like it or not they are Gods chosen people and all the braying against them doesnot change a thing. Isreal is Americans only friend in the middle east.

  • Anonymous

    Genesis 12:2-3

    God said to Abraham:

    “And I will make you a great nation, and I will bless you, and make your name great; and so you shall be a blessing; and I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.

    If God says it, you can trust it.

  • Anonymous

  • Joseph Lausier

    I suspect Gen. Boykin was the principal intended target of this nutcase and the SPLC. The Homeland Security Committee needs to subpoena the Southern Poverty Law Center  for all emails and memos regarding the tagging of the FRC as a hate group. There’s a conspiracy in there somewhere.

  • adirondack_1

    At some point SOON there will be a choice for Obama and his cabal, get out or be held as enemies of the republic. Interestingly no nation has offered him a fig leaf despite his cash manipulations and bows. That really sucks because it means prosecutions will take money from the nation that should go to security and charity. 

  • Brendan

    I wonder where Glenn Beck got his statistic that 90% of shootings in America are committed by leftists… and where Boykin got his info about the SPLC hiding money offshore.
    According to Boykin, any group that doesn’t agree with him must be anti-American.

    • Obama-Lies

      well, brendan, NAME 5 Right-Wing “Extremists”!?
      I’ll give you some time on this, because YOU CAN’T!

      The facts are the media immediately takes any shooting and withing minutes tries to tie them to Conservative groups, and then when the facts come out that the shooter is a commie or a marxist nutbag they are onto bigger and better stories and fails to point out that they were wrong.  

  • Joe

    Not long ago, on another thread involving CFA I heard the expression ‘tipping point’ bandied about.   The context was this:  homosexuals have PSY_OP’ed America for a long, long time.*  They have made gains under the lies that they were inoffensive, poor, downtrodden, kind and misunderstood, faultless, ‘normal, just different’ and needing the protection of ‘straights’ from bullying types.

    Well, that was the propaganda.  But, after a long train of usurpations and abuses like their vicious attacks against Anitia Bryant (who?  look her up. They’ve been at this for awhile), Dr. Laura, the 12-year-old ‘Christian Utuber,’ the little old cross-bearing lady of the Prop 8 protests, the church invasions, the destroyed lives of Carrie Prejean and Jerry Buell, the relentless attacks on the Boy Scouts and Christianity, to include Dan Cathy, and now this, the mask is slipping.

    The Left has been schooled to use lies, accusations of lies, false accusations of hatred and bigotry, while powering their own political movement through the twin engines of boiling hatred and group victimhood.

    Like the race card, the false cries of hatred and bigotry have worn thin with the general public.   They might have worked in isolation, where the viewing audience had no first-hand knowledge which would refute that message.   But now the propaganda, coupled with the Pink Jack-booted threats, are hitting home.  In schools, at work, in public life. 

    Americans are slow to anger and quick to forgive.  But Americans also don’t like being told that they religion is hate and they what they feel when they see two males groping and kissing in public is ‘bigotry.’

    Sometimes, it’s just old-fashioned disgust.  

    Nor do Americans like being threatened and living in fear.   Fear of their jobs, fear of retribution at school or even in public.  Hence, ‘tipping point.’

    Enough is enough.


  • Obama-Lies

    I’ve sent emails and submitted posts on the SPLC website about their “Hate Map”, and removing it because nobody should be pointing out groups or churches on a MAP and claiming they are doing harm.  Why have a map?  You can list the groups without showing people how to locate their facility, and start blowing up the place!  Just because the SPLC thinks they are a “hate” group, doesn’t mean that everyone thinks they are!  It’s their opinion, which is fine; but there is no good that could come from pointing out places to terrorize on a MAP!

  • new2la

    Can someone post parts of this info/interview on, let’s say the huff or on yahoo? At least it make tweak some minds.

  • Jack Marino

    Too bad Leo just didn’t pop him in the head and save us time and money.   At least he saved us weeks of liberal mad dogs screaming about gun control.  IF this was a Christian going into an abortion clinic or a NAACP to shot up people, it would all over the news like 9 11 was.  Funny how the silence is DEAFING

  • BobandorJan

      Joseph Stalin (if that was his real name) had said that he did not like A H because A H was too right wing for him.
     The leftist picked that up and repeated it as “A H was right wing”.

     A H hated the Commies because they were his competition. He wanted to Rule the world and they wanted (still do) to Rule the world.

    Socialism is left wing, do not let them confuse you.

    Capitalism is the only financial system that can evolve from a free society.
    Right minded people welcome competition, it is what keeps Capitalism honest.

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