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Glenn couldn’t help but spend a few more minutes marveling over Hanuman the undefeated demon fighting monkey god, which Obama’s step dad Lolo apparently thought very highly of during his childhood. How accepting is America? We elected a guy who didn’t grow up with 4th of July picnics and Memorial Day parades – just memories of a giant monkey god.

For anyone late to the “weird things Barack Obama said in his autobiography” party, Obama described: There standing astride the road was a towering giant at least ten stories tall with the body of a man and the face of an ape. That’s Hanuman, Lolo said as we circled the statue, the monkey god. I turned around in my seat, mesmerized by the solitary figure, so dark against the sun, poised to leap into the sky as puny traffic swirled around its feet. He’s a great warrior, Lolo said firmly, strong as a hundred men. When he fights the demons, he’s never defeated.

“Okay. So no Fourth of July parades, no Memorial Day picnics, hot dogs, apple pie, fireworks, no John Philip Souza. But he had Hanuman. And he thinks if you’re different, you can’t make it in America. He should check his business card because I think his business card has a pretty cool address and a pretty significant title under his name,” Glenn said.