Who is Obama’s “brother’s keeper”? HINT: Not Barack

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This morning on radio, Glenn played audio of Barack Obama that reveals the way he views charity, the wealthy in America, and the government’s role in your life. What Glenn found was for someone who talks a big game about “being your brother’s keeper,” that he himself doesn’t seem to be putting his words to action.

Maybe that’s why he doesn’t think the average American will help their neighbor when they’re in need – because he doesn’t.

“He doesn’t trust the American people, especially those with wealth,” Glenn told listeners. “Listen to the way he describes white Suburban executives.”

“Whether you are a white executive living out in the suburbs who doesn’t want to pay taxes to inner city children for them to go to school, or you are an inner city child who doesn’t want to take responsibility for keeping your streets safe and clean.”

“This is a serious insight into what Barack Obama is and what he believes,” Glenn said.

Glenn went on to explain that Mitt Romney, who is one of those “evil white executives living in the suburbs,” backs up his words about private charity with action, 15% of his income goes to charity every year. He puts his money where his mouth is, he doesn’t just talk a good game.

President Obama, on the other hand, has gone as far as citing the Bible to advocate his big government, nanny state policies

“It is that fundamental belief, it is that fundamental belief I am my brother’s keeper.”

However, after a story recently reported on TheBlaze, it’s a safe assumption that the president won’t be using that phrase anytime in the near future.

In the ironies of ironies, Barack Obama’s own brother, George, who lives in extreme poverty, recently turned to conservative author, Dinesh D’Souza for help with his hospital bill. Why did he go to D’Souza? According to George, “he didn’t have anyone else to turn to.”

The media discovered Barack Obama’s brother a couple years ago, shortly after his speech about “being your brother’s keeper,” living in a hut in Kenya on seventy-five cents a month.

“Did his brother keep him?” Glenn asked rhetorically, “No.”

According to George Obama, his brother has never helped him, but now Dinesh has. D’Souza recently released the move “2016,” which features an interview with the president’s brother.

You can watch part of that interview here:

This morning on radio, Glenn read what Dinesh wrote about an encounter he had with George Obama:

He was a bit flustered, and soon informed me that his young son was sick with a chest condition. He pleaded with me to send him $1,000 to cover the medical bills. Since George was at the hospital I asked him to let me speak to a nurse, and she confirmed that George’s son was indeed ill. So I agreed to send George the money through Western Union. He was profusely grateful. But before I hung up I asked George, “Why are you coming to me?” He said, “I have no one else to ask.” Then he said something that astounded me, “Dinesh, you are like a brother to me.”

The fact is, George has a brother, a real brother, the President of the United States.

“George’s brother has framed his reelection campaign around the fair share theme that we all owe obligations to those who are less fortunate,” Glenn said.

“Being my brother’s keeper obviously doesn’t mean that you take care of your brother in times of need,” Glenn continued. “It means that you’re in favor of raising taxes on people, especially in the suburbs, so the government might come up with a program someday that might end up helping someone like your brother but conservatives like Mitt Romney, Dinesh D’Souza, and you, being our brother’s keeper means that if my brother or the brother of the most powerful man on earth needs a hand up, not a hand out, we will be there.”

“President Obama is right. Indeed, Mr. President, the choice we face in this election couldn’t be any bigger. May I add, the choice we face this election couldn’t be any more clear.”

  • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Rahm Kota

    That is odd I thought that the rich should help the poor. Wow I think they’re a word for what he is someone help me out here?

    • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Take your pick concerning Obama: liar, cheat, thief, con-artist, hypocrite.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The only “Brothers Keeper” Obama sees at all is a massive Socialist government with him at the helm as a god-king ruling the masses as he pleases. His narcissism knows no bounds, and he is on the edge of a complete mental collapse.

  • Anonymous

    What the hell did the American electorate do four years ago????????
    You CANNOT afford (literally!) to do the same this November!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Obama and his socialist cronies have to go if America, as you & I know it, is to survive!

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, johnny, but B.O. is hell-bent on another term and will do WHATEVER needs to

      be done in order to get reelected.  Including voter fraud, no doubt, and he will have his

      Chicago cronies helping out beyond the call of duty.

      Remember, a number of votes in ’08 came from the young who really don’t pay much

      attention to politics.  This dude was hip, cool, young, and black!  Perfect!   They may not

      be voting in such large numbers this time around, especially if they hold a college

      degree and can’t find employment.      However, since gov’t has become so bloated, you

      can bet that those who hold gov’t jobs will probably vote to keep them by throwing in

      with B.O.  Those receiving monies (entitlements) from Obama’s ”stash” will also vote for

      the man.  As happened last time, there are still many blacks who will vote for him, as

      well as some Hispanics plus the hardcore liberals.  Let’s not forget those who will vote

      for him because he is a Democrat and they, and their families, have always voted for

      Democrats, so don’t distract them with any facts.

  • Anonymous

    I used to complain about the socialism here in Canada, then you elected Obama! Now Canadian socialism seems tame by comparison!
    By the way, we DO NOT have FREE healthcare. Our taxes pay for it at a federal & provincial level. THEN, here in Ontario, we pay a surcharge tax on our declared provincial income tax!
    There is no such thing as a “free lunch”.
    Only the Democrats and other “non-thinkers” think we have it free!

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you…as a Canadian, I can tell you it would be cheaper for us to pay for our own healthcare, and I am sure it would be better then what we have now.
      We pay plenty for it…who ever tells you it FREE Healthcare, is not telling you the truth
      Anytime the government gets involved in anything, the cost goes up 3 times
      waste, corruption and too many free loaders is the only thing that government is good at…………

  • Anonymous

    Obama has to have every penny he can pinch for his loser campaign, his brother is not on his radar

  • Richard Easbey

    My fellow conservatives: at the risk of sounding crass, we have an amazing PR opportunity here. I’d love to see a group of conservatives put together a fund raising effort to help Obama’s OWN RELATIVES. Anyone? Can you imagine the reaction of ordinary people (not Obama drones) who don’t pay a lot of attention to politics to the news that CONSERVATIVES helped Obama’s poor relatives? I apologize in advance if people think this is beyond the pale. Believe me, I can see the arguments against it….

    • Anonymous

      Let’s do it.

      • http://twitter.com/ToddyChicharit ToddyChicharit


    • http://twitter.com/ToddyChicharit ToddyChicharit

      Theodore implied I didnt even know that a mom able to make $6265 in a few weeks on the network. did you look this(Click on menu Home)

      • http://twitter.com/VictoriaIRamire Victoria I. Ramirez

        Of course George is a half brother and Obama barely knew him. Danish acted like a brother. That’s what it means to be a brother. http://Millionaire4Project.blogspot.com

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jayne-Nielsen/100000024501720 Jayne Nielsen

          Also Dinesh uncovered the fact that some in Obama’s circle told George “to disappear” during the 2008 election, which he did only to reappear after Obama was elected.

          And I agree with Dinesh…America did elect the wrong Obama.

    • Anonymous

      I wish to contribute to help George Obama and the other discarded relatives of Obama.  I am a novice on computers and know zero of how to accomplish the donation process, but count me in.  After reading the aricle I e-mailed D’Souza to ask him how I could donate.  No reply yet.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jayne-Nielsen/100000024501720 Jayne Nielsen

        Keep trying, mrsmap.   

        BTW…Obama’s aunt makes 40 cents a day selling wares in Kenya as well. 

        Hell, Obama makes $400,000 a year as Occupier of the White House, has  spent hundreds of dollars on golf games (playing 104+ rounds of golf), jetsetted his wife to NY on a date night, has taken several lavish vacations, AND treated his daughter and several of her friends to trip to Mexico and he can’t spare $1 to help is half-brother or aunt???!!!!

        Obviously to Obama since his aunt and his half-brother aren’t of any benefit to him, they are either no use to him or dead to him.  Obama MAKE ME PUKE.

    • rad68camaro

      They don’t need any “help” since Obummer’s illegal aunt and DUI-arrested illegal uncle have been SPONGING off the taxpayers for YEARS while receiving special protection against deportation from Obummer. Thank heavens his aunt finally croaked.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/W75I4KXI7A5DZC6WZCWKUYYOLQ deowll

    Obama is not his brothers keeper. Of course George is a half brother and Obama barely knew him. Danish acted like a brother. That’s what it means to be a brother. 

    • http://twitter.com/jude83268949 jude

      Brother, half-brother, cousin 1st 2nd or 3rd, they are still family, and you help when it is needed. Shame on obama family in America.

  • Anonymous

    once again, hate and anger from this man, bho.  it doesn’t sound like the rev. wright hate so, if you’re not listening carefully, you’ll miss it, but the message is exactly the same.

  • barb patton

    The ayatollah barack hussein obama, who suffers from monarchy syndrome will never acknowledge or help his other half caste siblings – why should he??

    • Anonymous

      barb, why should he, indeed.  He knows none of them will ever be in a position to help

      him, should the case arrive.   UNLESS, he’s found guilty of a crime (hmmm) and runs to

      the homeland seeking refuge.  Wonder if ”family” will take him in?   From what I have 

      heard there are still plenty of people in Kenya who are proud of his Kenyan roots.

  • Anonymous

    I always laugh when I hear the president site something from the bible. I think he knows more about the Koran. He speaks it very well. What does it say in the Koran about taking care of your brother? Just wondering. His brother looks like a nice guy. Too bad he didn’t turn out like him.

    • Anonymous

      w.i.t.,  among the teachings of the Koran are 1)charity, 2)mercy, and 3) compassion.

      You can see how well B.O. has followed them.  Maybe he needs a refresher course?

  • SoulStraw3

    Thanks for proving once again that Conservatives are spreading fear and hate.
    Ain’t it funny how Republicans are complaining because President Obama has not helped his brother while being ready to pounce if he does. I can just hear it now, President Obama is showing family favoritism/nepotism. These lines of BS make me sick because the whole point of them is to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING to criticize President Obama.
    Oh my GAWD, Obama is a terrible man for not supporting his beloved Kenyan half brother! Oh wait…has Barack EVER lived in Kenya? no. He lived in Indonesia for a few years, but the vast majority of his life was in the US. He hasn’t gone to Kenya until briefly in 1987, and that was in order to get familiar with his Kenyan roots. Has he spent any time at all with his “brother” George? What do you think? George, along with the other seven half siblings, are related by blood only (the father, not the mother).
    Also, George Obama himself had said: “he’s (Barack) not supposed to take care of me”.
    Blow it our your ass, racists! You nor D’Souz don’t give two squats about Obama’s brother! Just using him as a prop to promote his BS racist movie against his brother, the president! He believes only Whites, Christians, and Republicans Are deemed americans. Anyone else..none!
     D’Sousa is a right wing loon trying with this film to wring more out after his book bashing the president. Half brother George doesn’t appear too upset with his life.

    • greywolfrs

      This whole rant and you still refuse to see the point, he didn;t turn to his half-brother for $1000.00 to save his child’s life. He turned to someone else, but that means nothing to the stupid people on the left, there you are. George, probably, would have been upset had he not been able to get that grand to pay for his kid’s medical care. Man, you really are one dumb mother fucker, please do the country a favor and get your whole head in front of the shotgun.

      P.S. You stupid left wingers still do not realize that the race card is worn, tattered and played out, dunce.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_F2AASGJWPNMDYJWSKBSPYL4VM4 Cortney M

         1.That’s not the point!
        The point is that this D’Souza has NO PROBLEMS
        paying for a junkie’s healthcare bills in KENYA while he is shooting a
        propaganda piece that undermines, among many other things, our
        President’s efforts HERE IN OUR COUNTRY

        2. As for racism, the racism and sexism are flourishing in the Republican
        Party and among its tea party allies. When they stop being racists, I’ll
        stop calling them racists. I realize conservative like to pretend that
        racism doesn’t exist; that claim alone is racist.

        • greywolfrs

          1. The healthcare bills for for his son, not him. So, you are saying that his SON is a junkie? A propaganda piece, I guess that truth is propaganda to morons like you.
          2. Racist and sexism are flourishing in the Republican party? Do you have to try to be this dumb? Both have been around longer than there have been any political party, to say any one party has a monopoly on it is straight B S. You ignore the racism in the Democrap, but have the nerve to try and point it out in the Republican party? More B S from a completely uneducated fool. Racism does exist, but to think that it has not been getting worse from ALL sides is sheer stupidity. The New Black Panthers are a racist as it gets and they are on the left. Nevermind that though, that doesn’t fit into your moronic left wing talking points.

          In conclusion, you sound like a young, dumb kid that doesn’t know shit about about shit/ You take all the left wing media talking points and act as if they are the end all be all.
          It’s better to be thought a fool, rather than open one’s mouth and remove all doubt, there you are.

  • greywolfrs

    I find it funny that “George” is now trying to take back the things he said. I guess the Obamao machine got to him…

  • joanc

    Obama’s other brother Obongo “Roy” Obama appears to have received some help in getting his 501[c]3  tax free foundation’s paperwork rushed through, after it was determined in 2010 he was operating ” The Barack H Obama Foundation”  named for their late father, without being registered.  Obongo, uses a Mail drop {since 2008} in Arlington, Virginia., with the help of a friend who would pick up the mail. His lack of paperwork was soon solved in a record of 30 days, which was unheard of. It pays to have brothers in high places. Obongo has at least two wives, holds a title in his village, and has a US Social Security number, just like some other family members here illegally, who also received some very special treatment. There was at last report , no record of the amounts Obongos fund netted.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a case of: ”Do as I say, not as I do.”   Why use your own money, when you can tap

    those rich folks in the suburbs, huh, Barry?

    The stories Glenn has been covering lately about B.O., his past, his own words, his actions (or

    lack thereof) will not be wide spread via the media, so, many folks may never even know B.O.

    has a brother being ignored in Kenya, or a poor sister being neglected.

  • landofaahs

    The mark of cain is upon the dark soul of obama because he has turned his back on his brother Abel even though he is “able” to help.
    What a sick little unit is little o. He holds deep grudges and despises even his brother who disagrees with him.  Obama is evil with a happy smile that masks his hatred.  Romney was right to tell him to take it back to the murder capital of the U.S. that is Chicago.

  • http://www.facebook.com/crmoylan Christine Rae Moylan

    It’s clear Obama has confused being your brother’s keeper with government being your brother’s keeper unless they oppose your view. It’s not so strange when you see Liberal Catholics (wannabe Jesus types) confused over the same issue. It’s much easier to be a free-giver with other people’s money. The same with the Robin Hood rhetoric they have prosed on about, Robin Hood returnned to the poor that which the government (Prince John and his cronies) stole. I have much more respect for those who clean public toilets than I do for Obama.  

  • Anonymous

    If the US had ANY kind of responsible news media, this story would be all ove the place.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus did not answer that foolish question – because we are not our brothers keeper. We are or brothers brother. Huge difference!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Glenn, you are restoring love so MUCH by twisting Obama’s words to the point of making your followers hate him. Kudos, Glenn, keep it up. Love is almost completely restored now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mjeannette.dinardo M Jeannette Ridinger DiNardo

    Barry has no clue how our tax systems work.  Not local. Not county.  Not States.   Nor the Federal Government – he has NO idea how our systems wor.  What did he study in College.  What constitutional law did he study??????

    • Anonymous

      It’s just disgusting to me how Glenn has manipulated the view of his audience about Obama. Aren’t you ashamed that you’ve let yourself be fooled into hating Obama by the man who gives himself the task of restoring love? Do you see the evil in that? Or are you just that hateful inside? 

      • Anonymous

        Tapestry, we all consider your comments as the epitome of love and the benchmark for all future litmus tests… However, Obama himself has displayed and proven to the American public his own imperious and mendacious self-serving attitude and ideals.

        • Anonymous

          Which is exactly the view Beck has manipulated within you.

          • Anonymous

            No, exactly the view I have – before I even heard of Beck.. nice try though

          • Anonymous

            Then the situation is a little more f-up.

  • Anonymous

    I have always said that these Liberals  especially Pres. Obama  say to share the welth
    but  what they should be saying (which is the truth) we want to share your wealth (not mine)
    Obama want us to share our wealth,  yet he has relatives on welfare in the US
    and half brothers, living below poverty..why is he not helping them???? He certainly can affaord to help them… They are all talk, talk that makes them feel and look good..    I hope we have learned our lesson and make sure we go and vote and make our voices heard…because if we don’t  we are all going to be in trouble.   ROMNEY, RYAN  Keep up the good work and stay focused on the message.. GOD BLESS US AND GOD BLESS THE USA

  • Anonymous

    I have always said that these Liberals especially Pres. Obama say to share the welth
    but what they should be saying (which is the truth) we want to share your wealth (not mine)
    Obama want us to share our wealth, yet he has relatives on welfare in the US
    and half brothers, living below poverty..why is he not helping them???? He certainly can affaord to help them… They are all talk, talk that makes them feel and look good.. I hope we have learned our lesson and make sure we go and vote and make our voices heard…because if we don’t we are all going to be in trouble. ROMNEY, RYAN Keep up the good work and stay focused on the message.. GOD BLESS US AND GOD BLESS THE USA


    “He could be my son” ( The anointed ONE, His Barackness, on Trayvon Martin)

    But he’s your bro, dawg !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1306493603 Noreen McEnery DiDonato

    I can’t believe the things this man says and he gets away with it! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1306493603 Noreen McEnery DiDonato

    Michelle Obama may be proud of being an American for the first time.  But, I am ashamed of being an American for the first time in my life because of the fools who voted him in.  We have some mess to clean up after him.  Hopefully, it will be sooner instead of later.

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/mary.spencer.96 Mary Spencer

    I respect George Obama a great deal more than his brother.  He seems like a good man.  I wish the other Obama had even a small portion of the character of his brother.

    He talks about letting his mother down.  I’m sure she is proud of him, with good reason.

  • new2la

    Obama is the devil incarate…..so yes, he is his brother’s keeper.    Cain and Abel were brothers. So were Ishmael and Issac-both sons of Abraham.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jayne-Nielsen/100000024501720 Jayne Nielsen

    After this interview, Dinesh turned to his producer and said, “I think we elected the wrong Obama” (quoted from D’Souza’s interview w/Sean Hannity).

    It is a known fact that Republicans give much more to charitable organizations that Democrats do and yet Demwits are the first to lecture America about “being your brothers’ keeper” “feeding the poor”.  Yes…Demwits do BUT WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. 

    I dare any Democrat to compare the charitable amounts given by both Bush families, Dick Cheney, and Mitt Romney VS Obama, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, or even the Clintons. I can guarantee just those four Republicans outgave the six mentioned tightwad rich Liberals. 

    Thank you, Dinesh, for truly being your brother’s keeper.  Or should I say, “Obama’s brother’s keeper”.


    “Yo, bro…I need some dough, dawg ! Youse the goodmn president of the U.S. of A, so gimme a few dollars that youse stash under the mattress !”

  • tmanosaurus

    i suppose, but trust another Obama? That is pushing the situation quite a bit. However, if it is a  shunned brother of Barack, if barack doesnt like him, I might, he might make a good republican!
    I’d just vet him with thoroughness, completeness, matching facts, eye witnesses, rustle everything for shaky history and documents, with lots of three deep ID verifications of stories, cross checked repeatedly and tracers for history washing galore. Enough?

  • landofaahs

    The mark of “Cain” is upon obama. How can you expect obama to care for his brother when he and his party does not even care for the children in the womb?
    Democrats fake concern for people is a lie.  How can anyone not see that?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ckcmiller Connie Miller

    Just saw the movie … I like George.

  • rad68camaro

    Obama just wants a guaranteed pipeline of young men after he leaves office:
    No responsible parent would allow that pervert near their child!

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