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As someone who has spent almost their entire term in office campaigning for the next election, President Obama is more than aware that winning an election comes down to the amount of people you can get to rally behind you. It’s easy for people to say that they’ll be supporting a candidate come November, getting them out of their house and to the polls is an entirely ballgame.

This morning on radio, Glenn brought up the stark different between the people coming out to Barack Obama’s campaign stops. While Romney and Ryan are gathering crowds of 15,000 to 20,000, the amount of people coming out to see the President is becoming so noticeably low that even the media is beginning to talk about it. 

Is it possible that the man who won the 2008 election, gathering giant crowds throughout his former campaign could be intentionally organizing smaller campaign stops? Well, that’s what they want you to believe.

Apparently the Obama camp is claiming that they’re trying to “limit the crowd size.” 

“It’s like the aging rock star that goes on the ‘intimate’ tour,” Stu joked.

That’s a hard line to buy from the Obama campaign, considering most people limit crowds at events by selling tickets. These are FREE events that people aren’t showing up for. Limiting crowd size at a free event seems like a very odd way to fire up your base. 

Plus, who doesn’t want to watch Joe Biden speak? That’s comedy gold.

“I would think people would come just for entertainment factor. If you get your news from “Entertainment Tonight,” is there anything more entertaining that Joe Biden? Seriously? But now they’ve pulled him off the trail,” Glenn said before playing the most recent ad from Karl Rove on Biden.

Is it really a good idea for conservatives to start swinging at Joe Biden? Probably not, he may be the biggest ally conservatives have in the White House.

“Let’s not get him dropped from the ticket,” Glenn joked. “He’s amazing.”

“We need him right now,” Pat added.

So apparently the most bi-partisan figure in the campaign is turning out to be Joe Biden. A man both parties can put their support being, albeit for extremely different reasons and with wildly different intensions.

Regardless of Biden’s presence it’s hard to believe he has anything to do with the amount of people showing up at Obama’s campaign stops.

It’s also unlikely that President Obama would intentionally go from drawing this size crowd

to this size…