Obama part of the most embarrassing broadcast moment of all time

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First it was People Magazine and Entertainment Tonight – but Obama was just getting warmed up. Now he’s making the rounds on really, really hard hitting morning radio shows. Some of the tough questions fielded: What’s your favorite color? Which super-hero superpower would you prefer? What’s your favorite song to work out to? You know, only the important issues. But Team Obama insists these softball interviews are ‘equally as important’ as news networks.

While he had (up until this afternoon) been avoiding the White House press, Obama found the time to call into New Mexico’s KOB-FM Morning Mayhem show. Rather than have a substantive conversation about the country, the radio hosts set a new low for bad interviews (and bad radio in general).

KOB.com explains:

Here’s what we learned about the president during the interview.

Obama would like to have a superpower that allows him to talk in any language. His workout music includes Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Jay-Z and Nas. And his advice for students returning to school, “be consistent, don’t quit,” Obama said in the interview.

The president also gave his stance on the all important New Mexico chile debate.

“I think you’ve got to go with the classic red, although every once in a while green is solid,” Obama said. “I’m just going with red on this one.”

Glenn couldn’t believe how bad the interview was and felt the need to apologize for the stupidity of some of the people who work in the radio industry.

Stu defended them, however, saying the nature of their morning show was to be silly and stupid. The President, on the other hand, was at fault for not finding a more serious platform to grant an interview to.

“I think they’re doing their job. They’re doing a silly stupid show,” Stu said. “The President of the United States is not doing his job.”

“Their job is not to ask him about Medicare details,” he added.

“Is Brian Williams too busy today? Here’s a guy that’s so pathetic right now he has turned to “Entertainment Tonight”, People magazine, and KOB-FM in New Mexico,” Pat said.

Republicans have jumped on the softball nature of the interview, producing a new ad asking why he is making himself available to entertainment reporters but not news journalists:

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I think this is more than embarassing; I see it as a truth about Obama, he is fallen into his own narcissism completely, is now insane, and so the softball questions are set to feed his insanity and keep him from having to confront the truth.

    Right now my question is, as with President Wilson when he was crippled for a time in office, who is pulling the strings behind Obamas back? Who is the real puppetmaster manipulating Obama for the sake of Soros’ agendas?

    • Anonymous

      Satan is pulling his strings. Satan blinds his followers to the truth, so anyone that is still in Obama’s corner is being blinded to the truth, it’s as simple as that. and guess what i’m not a religious person. Seems no other explanation fits though. 

      • Anonymous

        yes you’re right Satan Is pulling hussein-Obama’s strings,he was raised on Lucifer’s ideology…his bible RulesForRadicals dedicated to Lucifer..mentor by frank marshal davis rev wright church bill ayers training to bomb America and in the religion of islam…hussein-obama is bill ayers new bomb– obomba! hussein-obama is an AntiAmerican Islamist Terrorist!provin America to bedumb
        Get All Back To God, God Will Be The Only One To Save US!

    • http://www.facebook.com/john.hardman.79 John Hardman

      Yo Snow: Obama’s manipulators can be found in the inner sanctum of the United Nations. The plan is to render the USA impotent, and deliver it hog tied to the UN as a Satelite State of their One World Government plans. There are some visible vestiges like Geo. Soros, Bill Gates, Nelson Rockefeller, and the 70 + Congressman that are
      self avowed Socialists..google (70 Self avowed Congressmen). It lists them by name.
      There is still time to put the brakes on Obama’s plans to sell us down the river if we devote more time to waking our sleeping or apathetic patriots to the reality of our times.
      There are millions of ex-Military folks like me who remember the oath we took when we were first inducted into the Armed Forces.
      Get ready for Marshall Law and some serious Civil Unrest. get a Permit to Carry and something to carry with ammo while you can…establish connections to Tea Party or similar energized groups that have the groinal fortitude to deal with the matter at hand.

    • http://www.facebook.com/angelic0 Anne Gelinas

      Well someone knows who pulls the strings  but no one is talking.

    • dovy289

       The biggest puppetmaster of all is the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslims all across the world – that’s why they paid BIG bucks to Harvard and others to get him elected – so  they could destroy America from within through dictatorship and communistic laws.

      Also I so agree with Samarai Sam – this truly is the work of satan who always blinds people and works behind the scenes.  BHO MUST NOT be re-elected!!

  • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Rahm Kota

    This is what happens when man replaces God with a liberal who mocks God. Is he even trying to fix this country? Time to put our trust in God and pray we get a good deal at the end of this election.

    • http://twitter.com/Bessiedlu Bessiedlu

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    • http://twitter.com/Bessiedlu Bessiedlu


    • http://www.facebook.com/tony.bulver Tony Bulver

      The only difference between God and Obama is that God KNOWS he isn’t Obama.

      • joanc

         Thank God!  We have quite enough of Obama.  I hope God will cast a vote to oust Obama in Nov.   Why not? It seems dead people do,only they all vote for Obama, with a little help from their “friends”

        • http://twitter.com/paoligarcy Paolina Garcia

          What Rahm doesn’t understand is Democracy is a slap in the face of the idea of “trusting in God”, it is not a system that allows that. It is a system where the best deciever gains complete control of the political structure.

          There are numerous praised Kings in the Bible but never once does it praise the idea of democracy, and Jesus lived in the Roman Empire’s province of Judaea and said to pay tribute to the monarchy which overthrew it.

          Jesus often had kind words for Pontius and his imperial masters above him, and saved His harsher ones for the mob that would choose to free a criminal and crucify Him. Basically the Roman monarch’s servant washed his hands of it, while the democratic mob demanded death for the “King of the Jews”, but freedom for a murderer (Barabbas).

          The Bible frequently refers to God as a King, and frequently praises Kings such as David and the first messiah was the King of Persia who freed the Jews, but the Bible frequently derides the weakness, and depravity of the mobs of men. It is clear that democracy and republics are not in keeping with Christianity.

          And sadly, too many conservatives are fixated on worshiping the document written by rebellious slaveowners that they overlook the Bible itself.

          Imagine yourself a christian conservative living in Canada, Britain, or any other country and you would see how cultish that appears!

          • Anonymous

            Actually you need to understand first that we are a republic, not a democracy, secondly Israel was ruled by kings only after the people insisted on kings so they could be like other nations around them.
            Moses originally ruled Israel as a judge which for one man with such a large nation became overwhelming so more judges were appointed, starting with the least “big govt” interference possible problems were dealt with first within the family with the father as the head “judge”, then by the community (today’s local police and govt., then by the princes of the tribes (todays state govts. and finally the toughest cases went to Moses (todays supreme court).
            But Israel wanted to be like the nations around them, asked for kings (rebelled against Gods plan) and God granted them kings.
            Judges 2:13 They (Israel) shunned the Lord and served other Gods,vs 14 and the anger of God was hot against Israel and He sold them into the hands of despoilers and plunderers. vs 16 and the Lord raised up judges who delivered them out of the hands of those who plundered them.
            As long as the God appointed judge lived the people obeyed God and life prospered, once the judge died the people fell into sin again and were punished: there were 13 judges before Israel got their kings and the rules by which the judges led were honorable and just.
            If you want to understand the principles by which our Govt was set up read the book THE 5000 YEAR LEAP.

            Finally Ps33:12 sums it all up  Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. 
             We can’t leave God out of America and expect that He will continue to make us prosper

          • http://twitter.com/paoligarcy Paolina Garcia

            I don’t disagree that just having a Supreme Court with no legislature or executive would be best, as God intended. But the people demand a King, like you say. And that’s the “next best thing”.otherwise God would of had them vote for a President, but they didn’t do that!

            Republics naturally take the God out of government. They HAVE to, because in many instances they are in direct competition with Him for authority. Think of the current fight to have all charity given by government for example.

            And Republics are the same as democracy in that the best deceiver gets complete control of the political structure.

            I was also pointing out how, in Republics, the voters are discouraged from “trusting in God” as Rahm wants, but instead told to “vote for the lesser evil” constantly.

            It’s a system where it forces voters to vote for an evil guy to prevent the greater evil. It’s wicked to the core.

            And all genocidal democracies were Republics.

            Whether it was the French Republic that was inspired by ours, which had a “Reign of Terror” to behead the 1% (we’re headed for the guillotines folks!), or the Weimar Republic under Hitler, or the People’s Republic under Mao.

            Find a genocide in history and it’ll likely have a government with “Republic” in it’s name behind it!

          • Anonymous

            this is pattytricic in reply to  paolina’s reply to me.

            You are confusing your government terminology and missing my point. I was not saying the supreme court should rule alone. I was pointing out that Mosaic law started with the smallest government interference in the affairs of the people. Only when people had infringed on the public right of an individual or group was there government intervention and it always started at the smallest level (ie local govt) .
            Many totalitarian regimes call themselves “republics” to confuse the governed into believing they have a voice in the way they are governed, but as in the examples you gave Mao, Robspierre, Hitler ,or a multitude of others, the governed had no democracy but had despots (dictatorships or totalitarian regimes) with total control of every aspect of the lives of the governed. To disobey the government meant death or “a reign of terror” on the citizenry.
            True republics on the other hand are ruled by the people who have the power to displace an undesirable or unwothy politician.
            Who decides the worthyness of a person? Only through the truth of God is righteousness revealed and only a virtuous people seeking the highest truth are truly capable of a free government of the people, by the people, for the people.
            Once a people decline into selfishness and immorality as a way of life the republic is likely to fall apart.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kurt-Kuhne/100003649208038 Kurt Kuhne

            In regards to Paolina Garcias reply to pattytricia/P.G.’s 1st: under -TONY BULVERS- spot on analysis + Rahms original true statement.   France was a monarchy w/ bloody, violent,unGodly overthrow.It was NO republic!” Hope+change”, got Hitler into power because of the Weimar Republic{communism was the other choice= they were already murdering at will then[my family was there + shot back]}. Mao ???Bloodiest dictatorship in human history. NO republic here!!! Israelites demanded a king, having villified+defied Gods prophets+judges[like today] “WE the people” have a system of checks+balances, never seen before,if WE use them… The statement “It’s wicked to the core”, [by Paolina] is compared to WHAT!??DISINFORMATION is THE PROBLEM ALONG W/AMERICANS THAT DON’T STUDY TO BE APPROVED TO know THE DIFFERENCE.” BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE THE PEOPLE perish”. Thank-U

          • http://twitter.com/paoligarcy Paolina Garcia

            And how are Republics not going to fall into selfishness?

            They arise from the desire to choose your own masters, which is not biblical at all. No one humble can ever become president outside of wartime generals like Washington/Eisenhower who are “crowned” presidents (Washington didn’t campaign).

            To become president you have to be power-hungry and that by itself should prove that it’s not a good system. There is no “trusting” either, and Democracy forces ALL PEOPLE to engage in stressful political debates that they shouldn’t be burdened with.

            It’s sad to see my father’s hairs turn white fretting over political issues he has NO control over. And he is the NORM not unusual. So many Americans delude themselves to think their vote is so precious it’s worth stressing over.

            Meanwhile ACORN stuffs the ballot boxes, Diebold machines were so easily rigged they changed their company name, and many politicians have stakes in voting machine companies (conflict of interest) or even worked for them RIGHT before deciding to run.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry I’m new to this. I did reply to this post but did it under one of our previous posts because I did not know this was how to reply to the most recent post from you. Have a good day.

          • Anonymous

            All republics are Capable of falling into selfishness, but that does not mean they are predestined to become selfish.

            We are all born with INALIENABLE RIGHTS, but we are also born with INALIENABLE RESPONSIBILITIES.

            If every individual chose to be selfless, to be the first to give help, the first to serve, the first to set the highest example of virtue, the first to stand up to the few who are evil and selfish, then the government of the people would reflect the will of the people.

            You are a free person; will you continue to be free?

            This conversation would not even be possible in many countries of the world. We would both have been found by this point and put away where our radical ideas would not infect other people.

            Our government is very flawed but funny thing is our biggest enemy is the hatred born of envy the rest of the world feels toward what we have achieved because we are free.

            Before the American Revolution how had society evolved toward our modern world from thousands of years ago. Rome “the great republic” saw many innovations good roads, aquaducts,
            laws similiar to our own etc until the Cesars took over.

            Once the Roman Republic died and its men were no longer free
            its enterprise and innovation died too.  Not until the American Revolution and a free people were raised up again did the world see the changes brought about by  free thinking and enterprise.

            Your father is right to worry about the state of our government and try to change what he can, because his worry is for you.
             What will we people who are currently partially responsible for the government run amok leave our children if we do not change the current course of America?

            I pray for our government daily as the Bible says we should, so that we may have peace.

            But I pray even more ernestly for my children and grandchildren that they will not loose their liberties, and that virtue will again become common place and not looked on as out of touch since this is afterall the 21st century.

            I am free and hope that the last 30ish years I have will keep me so.
            I hope you will be through all you lifetime, and that you will read endlessly: first your bible to KNOW how free God created you, then histories of all kinds of governments to learn which kind really gives its people the INALIENABLE RIGHTS to which they were born.
            God bless you and your father, GOD BLESS AMERICA as originally founded.

          • http://twitter.com/paoligarcy Paolina Garcia

            Sorry for the late response. Just wanted to say, yes I’ve read my Bible, and yes I’ve looked at history, perhaps more than anyone I know.

            That is why I know about the history of Republics, many people forget there were corrupt republics in Europe for centuries after Rome fell.

            And many advancements you are citing in Rome occurred AFTER it became an Empire. Also, it was not possible for Rome to remain a Republic at that point of expansion, it was only possible when it was a tiny city state, and when that city state dominated Roman life (hence a country named after a city).

            In addition, you are forgetting that the Roman Republic was CONSTANTLY in civil war and CONSTANTLY had unrest and was completely DOMINATED by Aristocratic families in the Senate, just as America had the bloodiest civil war on this side of the Atlantic, and is completely DOMINATED by banking families.

            If you want a future filled with civil wars, Republics are your answer. If you want a country filled with pornography and filth, Republics are your answer.

    • Anonymous

      Obama’s goals were never to fix this country.  All he wanted to do was to turn this country deeper into a socialist state.  That way we will have all the financials failures of Canada and Europe.  That’s what Obama wants.  He wants us to be a financial failure.  What more could we ask from a proven socialist.

      • SoThere

        You have to see the new movie about Obama. It explains everything.

        • Anonymous

          You mean 2016 Obama’s America. According to Box Office Mojo, it will likely be the best performing new nationwide release this weekend, beating the other 3 new nationwide releases by a mile. Still won’t beat Expendables 2, Bourne Legacy, and Paranorman it seems, but coming in fourth place isn’t bad for a Conservative documentary.

          • SoThere

            It wasn’t released in all theaters and still it made #4.

            Powerful movie unless you’re an Obama cultist.

          • Anonymous

            It’s likely to take the highest earned per theater average this weekend, too. That says a lot, especially for a documentary. I might watch it eventually, but since I really don’t go to theaters these days, I will likely wait for the DVD.

      • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Rahm Kota

        My uncle proved as much to me he does taxes and found out that seniors in this country that rely on social security are going to get hit hard. From getting 700 a month to 500 a month is a big f##%$ deal. They talk about Ryan pushing granny off the cliff but not Obama who is driving granny to hell.

        • Anonymous

          If Ryan wants to push granny off the cliff, thus giving granny a quick death, all Obama seems to want to do is torture granny first before he pushes granny off the cliff. There are better ways to fix Medicare and Social Security than Obamacare. Privatizing Social Security, which was talked about during the Bush administration, would have been an excellent fix. But liberals were claiming that doing so would reduce benefits for the elderly. The plan that was proposed though would not have done so because it wasn’t an immediate privatization of Social Security. That’s what we need to do. We need to get Social Security off the government’s dime by gradually privatizing it so that today’s senior’s wouldn’t be affected but tomorrow’s senior’s would NOT be on the government’s dime. This was EXACTLY what was proposed during Bush’s years, but the liberals had a problem with it so they used to filibuster power to prevent it. Now look where we are as far as Social Security is concerned. It is the biggest single drain on the American annual budget, and it gets even bigger by the year. Social Security is where the major problems lie. We cut Social Security out of the budget some way, and we’d immediately be producing a government surplus. That’s how much a waste Social Security is right now. Getting the government out of it won’t be pushing anyone off a cliff if it is done correctly, if it is done as it was proposed during Bush’s administration. Just that liberals love their Social Security. They MUST have it because it’s who they are.

          • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Rahm Kota

            I had a scary thought last night. With if Obamacare has nothing to do with healthcare and more to do with giving justification of revolution. Think about it would not only put Granny in the poor house but everyone that is poor will grow poorer the middle class will shrink to nothing. People will get angry and what do you get socialist revolution in a bottle ready to be uncorked by Occupy Wall Street. I hope Mitt can put this law down before it goes into effect.

          • Anonymous

            Same here. It needs to be stopped before it’s too late. The country wanted healthcare reform to be sure. But Obamacare is NOT healthcare reform. Obamacare takes the problems that were actually plaguing our healthcare to a whole new level. Not only does Obamacare actually amplify the problems of our health care system, but it actually eliminates a lot of the good we had in our system. The healthcare reform we needed in this country was most certainly NOT an amplification of the bad and an elimination of the good brought on by Obamacare. The government just needs to get out of it entirely and let the private markets take over. That will save the system. Privatization would definitely have worked. The plan proposed by the Republicans in Bush’s administration would most definitely have worked. However, the liberal Dems just don’t want to REALLY fix healthcare. They like the system just as it is.

  • http://nebraskattitude.blogspot.com/ shellymic

    Softball interviews are right up Obama’s alley.  He has a tough time playing with the big boys. 

    So does Joe Biden…
    Here’s an all-inclusive look at Bidens many gaffes:
    “JoeBiden – One Heartbeat Away” (45 minutes long)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HYQEZZQOPA7LEIOBNZQ47R6S5Q mickster

    i disagree with the responsibilty tag.  the president alone is responsible for the content of that message.

  • Anonymous

    they are all idiots. I think they soiled themselves

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.hardman.79 John Hardman

    As a Brass Knuckled Community Organizer, Obama stands apart from your average Grunting Goon. He is Muli-lingual (speaks and lies in…….., Indonesian fluently, English fluently, Swahili, Farsi, and Kenyan dialect. He can also sing “The Muslim Morning call to Prayer” flawlessly.
    He is a graduate from the Saul Alinsky School of Karl Marx style Communism.
    If He were to have any flaws, it would be that He surrounds himself with an aggragation of
    some of the most Evil, Twisted, Perverse, Anti-American, Traitors on the planet.
    And Joe Biden thinks He’s a Big      ‘n Deal.   

    • Anonymous

      All that and Obama doesn’t even know how many states there are in the union of the USA. His answer?  57.

      • http://www.facebook.com/tony.bulver Tony Bulver

        Well, Obama was partly right. The “57 states” he was talking about were the 57 MUSLIM states in the world.

        • Anonymous

          oh yeah you’re  probably right. when he answered he “has been to 57 states one more to go and I wasn’t allowed to Alaska and Hawaii.”so that’s 60 Muslim States….he wants to have super power of speaking in language of who he speaks to is saying he is god. he really believes that. but he is really the antiGod. after all his Bible besides Quran is RulesForRadicals…dedicated to Lucifer…that is who he is!!
          God Is Who Will Be The One To Save US!!Come Back To God!!

      • Jim McIntyre

        I believe Obama stated he had visited all 57 OTHER states. My impression is he thinks we have 58 states. Proof he’s even stupider than you thought!!

    • dovy289

       Amen John and well said!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7KBRQCZKACEPZOATIBBESHXVVU Tod

    Imbecile moron fascist dictator wannabe.

    • allen goldberg

      And those are hs good qualities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IAYPRXM5Q5PKK5PUPHXBYVHKBU Happy_Jack

    True presidential material!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TLMAW3ZJBZQZRLXQBP6DHRITXY Leah


  • Anonymous

    Equally Important because he is trying to reach AAAAALL the useful idiots he possible can so he WON’T LOSE!

  • Wade Millward


  • greywolfrs

    What a joke. Same POS, same campaign. I think left wing idiots missed the interview with Anita Dunn where she straight said they controlled the information and interviews before the last election. Looks like this is the same B S as last time. Left wing morons will eat it up, like the drones they are.

  • allen goldberg

    What a complete waste of human excrement!

  • Anonymous

    Why does anyone want the msm to ask questions ?  What makes you think they will ask anything more substantive then these light weights he is going to now?  Heck they have had four years now to vet the current occupant of White House and not a one of the msm has done it. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Arlene-Schroeder/1403085973 Arlene Schroeder

    I think the “red or green” comment may refer to the color of the chili sauce on Mexican food.  New Mexicans make a pretty big deal out of that.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TLMAW3ZJBZQZRLXQBP6DHRITXY Leah

    Talk about an interview with hard questions!  What a MESS we have in the White House!!

  • Anonymous

    The lame-stream media’s starting to turn on him.  Not good for you, Barry.  Great for the rest of us even though their are some who are blinded by their “messiah”.  Ugh!

  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.watson.5030 Bill Watson

    Anybody remember the Boxer vs. Briefs question asked of Bill Clinton? The Dems never get asked the toughies.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1333812083 Linda Brush Lang

    Since he has nothing substantive to run a campaign on, all he can do is appear on entertainment shows with fluff questions and flip answers.  That’s all he has to offer, end of discussion.  No surprises here.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is the poorest excuse of a president this country has ever had.  I just remember him laughing about how he guesses the shovel ready jobs weren’t shovel ready after all.  Important things to the American people are only laughable to him.

  • Anonymous

    He is playing to a specific Demographic.  His supporters know that certain groups listen only to Entertaiment Tonight, the Science Channel and several others.  They won’t waste there time searching for the truth.  They would rather be fed whatever comes ot them.  He used the Entertainment Tonight to plug and give credance to his anti gun stance.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bernie.zgorski Bernie Zgorski

    Stupid drivel while people are starving for jobs.  What a disgrace he is.

  • Anonymous

    When they said, what’s your favorite super power?  I halfway expected him to say, the Soviet Union.

  • Yomama

    People, People!!  You are witnessing something amazing!!  The fall of the big “O”.  It is taking place right now… before our very eyes!  Read Psalm 35… it lays out what is happening to Obama and the powers that gave him that “righteous wind” in 2008.  The winds have shifted, America has risen up, and God has honored our prayers.  Keep praying! 

  • Anonymous

    Conservatives have  been claiming that B0 doesn’t answer questions, well he does, you just have to ask meaningful question to get him to reply.

    • Opinari

      He can’t speak without a tele-prompter, he usually then side steps real answers with rhetoric.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.e.szokolay Robert Earl Szokolay

    That the President is pitifully incompetent is incontrovertible, but it should be pointed out that the superpower to speak all earthly languages is not unprecedented. A ca. 1950s Japanese sci-fi movie franchise was the “Star Man”, films. Star Man was vested, by an inter-galactic council, with three superpowers; namely the ability to fly through space, the ability to detect radioactivity, and the ability to speak all languages on Earth. There were at least three Star Man films, and they formed the basis of my early adolescent opinion (which I’ve since revised) that the Japanese are surely the most bizarre people on the planet.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is a conman….. he has commitede fraud throughtout his life and his school records show it…. that is why he seals his records

    Hollywood loves him for his immoral and a deceiver which acting is all about… deceiving the public through looks, speech… soft talk and a deceiving smile

    I also say that Obama had the weapons provided to the Mexican Drug Cartel to cause the dealth of hundreds of Hispanics and US Border Guards to get people to demand more gun control….. if this is not so, then he can prove it by releasing all the records/documents concerning Fast & Furious…. he won’t for it proves his guilt….. he knoew from day 1 

  • Anonymous

    Obama is a
    conman….. he has committed fraud throughout his life and his school records
    show it…. that is why he seals his records

    loves him for his immoral and a deceiver which acting is all about… deceiving
    the public through looks, speech… soft talk and a deceiving smile

    I also say
    that Obama had the weapons provided to the Mexican Drug Cartel to cause the death
    of hundreds of Hispanics and US Border Guards to get people to demand more gun
    control….. if this is not so, then he can prove it by releasing all the
    records/documents concerning Fast & Furious…. he won’t for it proves his
    guilt….. he knew from day 1

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WOZDYJTFTJHLVDWXCUYCUWKQ6Q James

    Glenn, with great regret I have to say that we got what we deserve. We all are paying the price for the insanity people of this country were in four years ago. And look, even now, when the picture of this President is so obvious – so many people are still blind and stone deaf. 

  • Anonymous

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. This is the guy who says his first priority everyday is how to create more jobs.
    Why work if you are the “king” of America? Golf, campaigning, vacationing… who’s got time to work on the issues facing America. He always says he knows what the American people want or think or feel…I don’t think the guy has a clue about anything.
    Does anybody remember that moron Joe Biden during the primaries of 2007 when he said we don’t need a guy in the Whitehouse who is going to get on the job training? Well that’s what we got and its sad. America gets what it deserves. ( that may have been the only thing that Joe Biden has ever said that was right)
    When you have a bunch of illiterates being corralled and cajoled  into voting for a guy because he’s going to make everything “free” you get this crap.

    I hear the weather in Belize is pretty nice all year around. HMMMMMMM?????

  • Anonymous

    The Bible states that people will be blinded by him and not recognize his evil. He will deceive the masses……. Obama has done these things…. evil  is this man, this beast, this soulest creature

  • Anonymous

    The people asking Obama the softball questions do not have enough intelligence to ask a question of importance to the general public?

  • Anonymous

    What’s MORE sad than our Community Organizer in Chief taking time out from destroying our once great republic to engage in such an inane conversation is the fact that these people who ASK such crap also VOTE!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe because he’s afraid to answer some personal questions from the press re/eligibility, both his and Romneys! RON PAUL is the only ELIGIBLE candidate running!


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    The questions are as evasive and elementry as he is. blah blah blah!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HM63OD3M3DCXW4RFTETVMJBMOM Shell

    Empty of brain cells-ALL-A total embarrassment for the media and especially the acting president.

  • http://twitter.com/tocelp Terry O’Connor

    God, I used to listen to KOB–not again!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6XLVZGVN7SHLSS6AOKEVQID5XA wondergirl

    Obama didn’t hesitate for ONE second to say “RED” —- yep, the color for China and communism. Then, Green is good too – the Green Movement – aligning with communism as well and world domination – his agenda.

    • Anonymous

      red also the color of the republican party and many sports teams.

    • Frankie1429

       “Red or Green” is the most asked question here in New Mexico, especially Albuquerque where the interview took place. It refers to our number one product – chile peppers. Probably half of our population prefers red chile, while the rest of us prefer green chile. You can tell by the way he answered that he had no idea what they had asked him.

      BTW Green chile is awesome on a cheeseburger. They are usually available in 4 oz. cans in the Mexican food section of many groceries.

  • Anonymous

    Why wouldn’t B.O. love an interview like this?  1)  It shows him as a ”regular” guy, someone to

    whom the public could relate   2) It shows that B.O. has a humorous side?  and most important-

    ly   3) He doesn’t have to answer question of any substantiveness.

  • http://twitter.com/JDanielsBrower Joy Daniels Brower

    Actually, it speaks for itself – he’s just providing the rope so with which a majority of voters can hang him (politically speaking, of course!!!) in November.  Maybe the little back & forth should be rebroadcast in some college (Ivy League) town.  OTOH, those libturd bozos are SO in the tank for O’badaxx that even this particular inanity wouldn’t upset them. 

  • Poison_ Monkey

    What did you feed ta ta when LoLo had no peanuts left in his pockets?

    Red but Green for job’s is all blown up! ha ha ha

  • Anonymous

    Obama is either out of touch with what is being said, does not care, is lying, or just plain stupid. Take your pick!!  Maybe he will screw up the upcoming debates as well.

  • Anonymous

    Please Glenn – do what you are capable of – the country needs you; and stop with all the crap. You have millions of people listening to you – tell them the issues and what EACH of the candidates believe in.  Do it on the level of a 13 year old, so all the people will be able to fully understand all the issues and which candidate believes what they themselves believe personally.  Then they can vote intelligently and they WILL vote, because they’ll understand that there is a difference.  By you  only making fun of and commenting totally on Obama and Biden’s gaffes and ignoring Rommney and Ryan’s – as if they don’t MAKE stupid comments……….is YOUR bias.  If you want to make a difference – don’t be another right wing Foxlike commentator – be a LOGICIAN – that’s a NEW party I’d like to be part of. Built on logic. And just a point – if people on the radio or TV or whenever are given an opportunity to ask a question of the President of the US and they choose to ask him stupid questions like – What super power would you most like to have – whose fault is that?  Candidates looking for votes can’t say “You’re an idiot – don’t you have something more important to ask?!”  Thanks for letting me vent.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amanda-N-y/100000082642629 Amanda N-y

    What? They’re just talking to Obummer supporters on their own level. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/joan.a.boyd Joan A Boyd

    Why do we waste our time listening to the far left demanding tax returns from Governor Romney and don’t demand Obama that he open up all his sealed history that cost millions to conceal??  I don’t understand our lackadaisical attitude on this.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7PIY5TZ4QE6TWRBMRMKZUHDAUA Swigdog

    Aren’t we supposed to be commenting on why Obama has chosen to have interviews at entertainment sites along with going to a 3rd rate morning show to find out what his favorite color is?

    Well, obviously he’s losing and doesn’t know what else to do in order to make up ground. I think his internal polls are devastating and they are in total panic mode. Glen was right to say that he’s feeling positive moving forward to this election. I have been getting the same sense of this administration flailing around unsure of what to do next, hence the Hillary Clinton for veep stuff. The unions are so desperate in Wisconsin they are going door to door with people’s actual names and asking if they know if the said person is going to vote for Obama and how Romney Ryan are going to destroy medicare. In other words they are making this really personal.  

    • Anonymous

      BUT remember what guest said he is sooooo LIKABLE.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WUX57PN5TTDGT2X67TLQSNWWEA Tzila

    Anyone notice that if you see Obama giving a speech to a crowd, none of the people behind him wear anything patriotic or wave the Stars and Stripes; but with Romney and/or Ryan you do?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4HAW7OERGSC7VZM72V7IGDJ3B4 Sharmane

    I hope we haven’t so dumbed down our population that it is too late to turn this ship around.  People pay attention to the most inane things, but many cannot name the three branches of government, our Supreme Court members or even who represents them in the Congress and Senate.  Sad but true.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XJ6HK3JHHPVSVSJF7URFU42R6I the crazy betty

    what a fool

  • Guest

    Beck shows how incredibly ignorant he is about what motivates voters. Romney is just not likable. He’s stiff. He’s a major flip-flopper, he’s deceitful. He’s an effete snob. He says dumb things (“The trees are the right height.”) and he’s a job-outsourcer as governor and as a businessman.

    Obama, for most people, is likable. Only the haters do not like Obama, and he’s making himself more likable on these shows. Elections are not just about plutocrats trying to buy the White House; charismatics also can compete. 

    Far more people like Obama than either Romney or Beck.

    • Anonymous

      Lets see where green and red sause gets you as the county goes under let us know your sause i bet it is red. Mine is red white and blue.

  • Anonymous

    It is amazing ti me that people don’t understand why he is pandering to the entertainment shows.  These are the people who will ultimately be voting for this dictator.  

  • Guest

    Beck is conveying ignorance about what motivates voters. People want to elect someone likable, and Romney, for all his plastic “charm” is not very likable.

    Neither for that matter is Glenn Beck.

  • Guest

    Beck is showing his utter cluelessness again. Obama is likable; Romney is not.

    This gets stressed during these forums.

    • Anonymous

      Some of the nations serial killers were LIKABLE.So do you want likable or factual?

  • Tracy Allen

    I think “Visiting Albuquerque” just got scratched from a whole ton of bucket lists.  Not sure who sounds like the bigger clown in this interview. 

  • Anonymous

    Not that this is terribly important, but red or green in New Mexico means “Do you like Red or Green chile?”  Its more of a New Mexico question although still not an important question.  It is just a normal question that folks ask someone who tries chillies in New Mexico.

    This show is just a show that plays music.  It is not a news channel.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Larry-Viles/100000555613715 Larry Viles

    I believe the “red or green” question was concerning chili.

  • Anonymous

    My take on these stupid questions is that Obama’s team OKd these questions in order to bring him down in relationship to “common man”.  It is part of their plan; to show that he thinks about some of the same things all those “dummies” out there think about!

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