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First it was People Magazine and Entertainment Tonight – but Obama was just getting warmed up. Now he’s making the rounds on really, really hard hitting morning radio shows. Some of the tough questions fielded: What’s your favorite color? Which super-hero superpower would you prefer? What’s your favorite song to work out to? You know, only the important issues. But Team Obama insists these softball interviews are ‘equally as important’ as news networks.

While he had (up until this afternoon) been avoiding the White House press, Obama found the time to call into New Mexico’s KOB-FM Morning Mayhem show. Rather than have a substantive conversation about the country, the radio hosts set a new low for bad interviews (and bad radio in general). explains:

Here’s what we learned about the president during the interview.

Obama would like to have a superpower that allows him to talk in any language. His workout music includes Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Jay-Z and Nas. And his advice for students returning to school, “be consistent, don’t quit,” Obama said in the interview.

The president also gave his stance on the all important New Mexico chile debate.

“I think you’ve got to go with the classic red, although every once in a while green is solid,” Obama said. “I’m just going with red on this one.”

Glenn couldn’t believe how bad the interview was and felt the need to apologize for the stupidity of some of the people who work in the radio industry.

Stu defended them, however, saying the nature of their morning show was to be silly and stupid. The President, on the other hand, was at fault for not finding a more serious platform to grant an interview to.

“I think they’re doing their job. They’re doing a silly stupid show,” Stu said. “The President of the United States is not doing his job.”

“Their job is not to ask him about Medicare details,” he added.

“Is Brian Williams too busy today? Here’s a guy that’s so pathetic right now he has turned to “Entertainment Tonight”, People magazine, and KOB-FM in New Mexico,” Pat said.

Republicans have jumped on the softball nature of the interview, producing a new ad asking why he is making himself available to entertainment reporters but not news journalists: