Stu and Pat provide in-depth analysis of Obama’s softball radio interview

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  • Rahm Kota

    Men like to hide their sins in darkness so that people cannot judge them. That is what he is doing until today just to pop by as he finds time in his busy of golfing, campaigning and be asked stupid questions about what he likes to eat and what song turns him on.

  • Anonymous

    Being from New Mexico, I would like to clarify the favorite color question.  Anytime you are asked “red or green?” in New Mexico, it is referring to your preference of red or green chile.  Not that it makes this interview any better however.

  • Anonymous

    Funny listening to these old white men trying to critique a Top 40 show in Albuquerque or a top 40 show period. How would these guys know ANYTHING about being relatable to Hispanic women? No offense, but you guys struck out on this one. and just a tip the younger old white guy sounds just like those radio DJs that family Guy always makes fun of I was literally waiting for him to say Weenie and the Butt.

    • Velva Williams

       This comment makes no sense at all. The men are not old, are not critiquing the  Top 40 Show and you obviously no nothing about Stu and Pat.  Just sayin’….

  • yudao661

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