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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    This applies around the world, between nations and politcal ideology and philosophies, as well as with faiths of all kinds. That is what we are seeing in the current world; moving forward as the new paradigms of governments, alliances, economics and faith are changing with speed and are able to be manipulated by those seeking larger gains for the long run.

    Under Obama, the United States has been dramatically weakened; and the window is for a short time to make their stance, seek to bring down the influence and power of America, and to increase their own position and gains.

    Its time to take care of America first, and once we oust Obama the Insane One, the nation will take off like never before.

    We are seeing the Restoration of the land, and we are seeing the Redemption of the land as well; to return us to where we should be and do what God will have us to do. We have been given a second chance, now we need to use that with His wisdom and guidance.

  • Anonymous

    Digraced Dictator supporter Julian Assange (Wikileaks) has spoke at a violent Statist Correa Ecuador event and Insulted and Lied about the USA .
    Julian Assange claimed that he is for free speech (at one point) but he is speaking at a country that does Not allow for free speech.

    Statists or Fascists like Ecuador Correa (Correa is an allied to dictator Hugo Chavez and Irans’s ahmadienjad) needs to be examined. Both Correa’s allies either deny the Holocaust or does not think it was a big deal . All three rulers have rounded their political dissent and diposed of them (jail or worse) for Any critical comment of the rulers or their policies.
    (Note: The people of Ecuador , are not people who want to be anti-USA But the Statist Rafael Correa is very much anti-USA and his actions in Ecuador include Oppression of political dissent (example: Correa dictated to a judge to Fire half of the congress which included most of his political dissent )).
     Julian Assange has been suspeted of Rape and he supports certain fascists.

  • Rand Jones

    We really are in a battle between good and evil.  But we cannot fight evil with evil; only with good!  We do not ask for God to be on our side, but ask to be on His side.  When I was young and striving to be the best person I could be, I noticed that correct thoughts would enter my mind and correct choices would be pointed out.  It was both in small, almost insignificant things as well as more important choices. 
    Because I was doing so well, I allowed pride to flourish inside.  More me and less thought or actions for others!  I continued toward evil choices, the still, small voice inside that used to burn so beautifully and lovingly within; came less and less.  I kept on – small acts of selfishness, greed, anger, or just meanness grew into some pretty bad stuff.  By that time I had not felt the good influence in my mind and heart for some time.  But I didn’t care!  I was becoming what I thought the world praised.
    When bad consequences became the norm (as they will when we choose evil) I just became stubborn!  It was always someone else’s fault, not mine.  I became an habitual liar, an excuse maker, and never for many years heard that still, small voice.  My wife and I would fight all the time and our six children would be exposed to the consequences of that discord.  Now grown, I can see how some have copied me to their detriment.  It got so bad, I left; ran away.  My wife found out where I had gone and followed me across two states.  She was so stubborn!  She would never give up on me!  When she found me, God had been working on me and I was starting to admit that my and our problems were mostly of my making. 
    She would not let me go!  She would not let be make excuses!  She argued with me until I could not think of any valid excuse.  I spent weeks with her dredging up all my past so I could look at it.  We prayed a lot and little by little, as I broke down my defenses, I started to hear the still, small voice and the inspiring thoughts enter my mind. 
    That is when I remembered what it was like when I was young. 
    There is a lot of remorse for what my life could have been, but pity parties don’t get you anywhere!  I came to really know what the atonement of Jesus Christ is.  Not some idea, but a reality that your sins can be washed away.  I am so thankful I did not die in denial.
    My wife of 42 years is an angel, and most of the time I never recognized her.  I am beginning to understand why I was so lucky when God helped her fall in love with me.  In the Bible, God made woman to be the “helpmeet” for man.  Our wives were sent to “help us meet God!” 
    You young men with your beautiful wives, get on your knees and thank God for her!  Treat her like a queen.  Let her be home to raise your children with you and work two jobs if you have to!  When you get selfish and lazy, or long for the “toys” and popular things, repent and be the strong, God fearing man she can depend on.  Encourage her to be as well educated and to develop her talents so she can bless your whole family.  Pray together, love her, cherish her, play with her, hold her, dance with her, listen to her, and read scriptures together.  You may not know it, but she is your best friend and true “helpmeet”!

  • Anthony McBairdnuff

    The good always defeats the evil. We have divine providence on our side and we always will. They can’t deny it and they will always feel it.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck twists reality into something of his own twisted meaning, or rather the twisted meaning of the people who fund his program.

    When did Julian Assange support Putin? He hasn’t. Glenn Beck just makes that stuff up.

    Hugo Chavez has been democratically elected. His crime he raised the price of exported oil to use to help the people of Venezuela. It was the  CIA that supported a failed coup against him.

    The CIA gave the green light to the coup against the Honduran government. Since then all dissent is labeled. 

    The attempted coup against Ecuador was carried out by people trained and supported by the US School of the Americas. The elected president of Ecuador didn’t take kindly to an American backed coup. That’s why Assange got asylum. 

    Julian Assange and Wikileaks blew the lid of the story that our government doesn’t work in the interest of democracy. The people who run this country hate democracy. He has not been formally charged in Sweden yet they insist on extraditing him there because the next step is to extradite him to the U.S.

    It doesn’t matter whether it is a Republican or a Democrat, the same people control both. We are given an illusion that our vote matters. It may sway a little to a more moderate center.

    Why is that socialist Barack Obama not supporting Julian Assange? Why hasn’t Barack Obama released Bradley Manning? Because Barack Obama isn’t fundamentally different than George Bush or Bill Clinton. They all work for the same group of gangsters who control this country from behind the scenes.

    It’s not the people of this country who are bad it is the people who control the country.

    Glenn Beck is an opportunist. He peddles these lies because if affords him a comfortable life. He is very good at it.

    And that is why you’ll never see through it.

    • Rand Jones

       It is hard to reply to your post.  You make so many unfounded and irrelevant statements that you are doing what you accuse Glenn of doing.  The only sources I could find for some of your statements come from the propaganda pages of Venezuela and Ecuador and other left wing sites. I am fluent in Spanish also. 
      You are right in one area – George Soros and others who want to destroy the USA and our Constitution are involved in both parties.  The Democrat party was hijacked years ago by those who believe in tyranny and big government and they do not even think they have a problem.  We are currently in a battle to take back the Republican Party from the many progressives, socialists, communists, and fascists who also want big government and tyranny.  Join us and adjust your life and thinking to return to God and when you are humbly receiving his inspiration and guidance, truth will become more obvious, you will feel God’s peace, and He can direct your obviously great energy for good.

      • Anonymous

        If there are so many unfounded statements try picking one.

        I believe people like you define propaganda as anything that deviates from the narrative you have already concocted and is affirmed to you by the likes of Glenn Beck.

        Show me where Julian Assange has supported Putin. This is an allegation Beck cannot support:,8599,2028283,00.html

        If Beck is not telling the truth about Assange and Putin when is he telling the truth?

        Glenn Beck, Fox News, the American government are not my Gods. If the devil wanted to deceive you the easiest way to do it would be to claim to be your friend, a holy man and a patriot.

        You need to work on the fundamental truth that you do to others as you would have them do to you. When people aren’t doing that you shouldn’t be following them.

        • JEWHAWK

          “Hugo Chávez was democratically elected”.
          So was Hitler, in 1932.

          Democracy requires alternance of power, something absent in Venezuela, since your pal misuses state-owned oil company PDVSA money to buy influence and votes, harass the press, bribe and threat whoever stands on Its path.

          Sir, nobody can call this monstrosity a true democracy.

          • Anonymous

            So by your rationale, because Hitler was elected true democracy is only what you determine it to be. The majority is of no consequence.

            Hitler was elected under very unique circumstances during the Great Depression on a promise of turning the economy around. He then suspended elections.

            Hugo Chavez was reelected by a 62% majority in the last election. There is another election this year.

            Define “Jewhawk”

          • JEWHAWK

            Your rationale and knowledge of history are simply laughable.
            Hitler was elected in 1932… in 1934 DACHAU concentration camp was opened.
            In 1935, the Nuremberg racial laws…
            Hitler used democracy as a mere ladder to climb to absolute power. He despised democracy.

          • Anonymous

            Which doesn’t have anything to do with Hugo Chavez or my response to you.

            I can see why you follow Glenn Beck you string a bunch of disjointed facts together and draw a conclusion that has nothing to do with your evidence.

          • Anonymous

             Thorstein, you must get a kick out of this.

            I about fell out of my chair laughing when I saw the graphic with the countries listed: Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador. The reason Rand Jones can’t find the sources to your information is because that would require reading books by Latin American historians, anthropologists, sociologists, and the like. You won’t find too many books by David Barton regarding colonialism, neoliberal economic trade policies in Latin America, etc.

             GB is a master entertainer. He actually says, “we should look into Ecuador. So we did LAST night.”

            Boom. New Axis of Evil revealed! 

            Maybe Obama is Soros in Blackface! 

          • Anonymous

            It’s actually worse than your describing !! A lot worse.

  • Charles Town

    Glen, who cares what they do in Russia? We have a Constitution that guaranties freedom of the press and free speech.  If you’re saying, why are we complaining..look how bad it is there..We’re complaining because it’s getting that way here! Why don’t you talk about all the money we give to Israel, we give them 30 billion..they buy up our new’s organizations and puke propaganda at us all day. They buy our banks and plan things like 911 to take us to war. Ever wonder why so many people on this planet hate them? It’s not because they’re nice people! They are Zionist, they believe that it’s okay to have sex with young girls under three years old and that it’s okay to steal, lie and cheat those that aren’t Jewish. These Zionist are the money changers Jesus threw out of the Temple. You have your own station and you still can’t be honest? 

    • Rand Jones

       Wow Charles!  You accuse Glenn of not being honest?  I tried to look up some of your statements and you are the one with the truth problem.  I can and have verified Glenn’s reports and statements.  There are people following evil in every country and organization in the world.  It is our job to search for and find truth.  Even Glenn says to do your own research and not depend on him for everything.  And by the way, Zionists are not controlling everything.  They did not do 911.  As to your other comments, totally unfounded.  Our Constitution cannot guarantee anything to a people who have drifted away from God.  Instead of trashing those who are constantly searching for the truth (it has no agenda!), join us and change your life to be more in line with what God wants us to do.  And though that is a never ending process, the closer we come to God, the more we receive inspiration and guidance and the clearer our thinking will be.  You will also find, as I am finding, that even in the midst of chaos and struggles, God will give you peace and comfort. 

      • Rahm Kota

        I would not waste time with this one. It sounds like he hates Jews. All of these racist live in their own little world.

    • Rahm Kota

      It sounds like you live in a fantasy land. 

  • Timothy Alan Poplin


  • Gary Lee Emch

    Sorry but we do fight evil just the same way we fought and won in WWII. I am so sick of these sheltered idiots who say just give your enemies a big warm hug. No I’ll give my enemies a warm bullet.

    • Rand Jones

       You are right Gary, there is a time and place for bullets!  I am ex Army, Vietnam era and believe me, in war, one side must completely defeat the other.  When we don’t, we get North Korea, Vietnam, a second war in Iraq, and playing patty cake with dictators.
      And millions continue to suffer and die!
      But, for those who don’t understand the Constitution, God, free enterprise, and have been brainwashed by the left; we must first acknowledge that they are our brothers and sisters and children of the same God we are trying to follow.  Remember the parable of the prodigal son.  God wins by love not lighting bolts!  Thor was a make-believe god.  Jesus Christ is real!

  • Anonymous

    This is yet another trouble in the world that is rather dangerous.

  • landofaahs

    For my money, you can include the democrat party as part of that axis. 

  • Bonnie Somer

    the only people surprised at what obama is doing and his planned agenda against us are the people who don’t want toknow they are as dangerous as him.  I red obamas america and it is chilling.  a must read  yes good and evil and what america is and must be.  WE must fight he will and will not give up.  Nor must we

  • Rahm Kota

    Why is it that these countries hate us? The why is not hard to figure out they hate us because offer freedom to the world and take away their money or what we like to think of them as people. Marxism will never work in the world in their eyes unless they destroy us. Maybe it is the end of the world maybe there is no way to fight this but I tell you one thing I want to go down fighting.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe this is still going on. We should have hit Iran years ago but instead we trust our governments to do that which is in the best interests of the free world. Ask yourself, do you really trust the government will not allow Iran to get the bomb. When they get it do you really think the Iranians are going to tell us ? Does anybody really think if Iran has access to a nuclear bomb, they won’t use it ?
     I don’t know how this is going to end but the Noose is tightening. People should know that in Central America socialist/communist countries such as Venezuela and Nicaragua keep standing armies well supplied by the Russians and the Chinese. Free Central American Countries don’t stand a chance without U.S. intervention !  There are so many ways all this can play out but I personally believe something terrible that cannot be stopped is headed our way. We have allowed evil to come too far without a violent end with these alliances.  I know the good guys always win but it is going to hurt us all. That part of the scenario I am certain of.

    • Anonymous

      Our President obama just gave JFK and the Monroe Doctrine a slap across the face as if they were completely wrong in their policy !!!!  He holding back Israel in defending themselves from a nuclear threat and for his cover he say with his fork tongue he won’t let Iran get nuclear weapons and got Israel back!!. He refuse to show that he mean business and to draw a line in the sand !! But what he doing is aiding Iran our enemy and Israel by giving Iran plenty of time to get nuclear warheads,longer range missiles, further harden their nuclear sites and increase anti-aircraft defense and for his cover he trout his worthless sanctions with leaks,waivers,and Russia,Iraq ,China help to Iran in getting around sanctions! Now Iran lease a Venezula island and placing missile sites and petty soon be arm with nuclearwarheads !!!  Now JFK in the Cuba missile crisis show that he meant business and draw clear line in the sand with a blockcade stopping all further shipments of missiles  & move troops to tip of FLA. Then told Russia if these nuclear missile put under control of Cuba are not remove  we will go in and remove them by hand if we have to !!!!!  What obama is doing is setting up our country for  nuclear threat from Iran missile in Venezula and also Iran nuclear missile aim at Israel ,also he cancel our missile defense shields to make us more vunderable !!  This is a clear slap across the face to JFK policy,like he making  JFK as he was completely wrong ,or didn’t know what he was doing in defending our country from a nuclear threat. I cannot see how anyone can trust obama ,unless they are dupe up on left wing news media BS and obama freebies he a traitor to our country he letting Iran in putting our cities in the cross hairs of Iran  nuclear missiles . Remember  obama campaign statement that he would side with the Muslims world over the Free World ,this  is one statement that he seems to be keeping his word on ???????????????  Vote  this guy out ,he not for our way of life,or our rights,constitution,freedom ,he want us to become serfs to his central government,he canceling out our representative form government by going around congress ,he becoming a more of a dictator than a  U.S President !!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      But Obummer said iran is a little country, tiny, we dont have to worry. See he is the smartest person in the room If we only had his college transcripts.

      • Anonymous

        Ya his applications that he might of fill out as a none U.S citizen to get special scholarships etc ,cut prices

      • Anonymous

        Yeah buddy.

  • Anonymous

    Our President is doing his best to bring our country down with his stealth foreign policy ,which the real agenda seems to make United States weaker in the will defending our country interest,and leadership role in help defending freedom so we stand alone in the future!!!. He doing this by making our military weak fighting with their hands tie behind their backs per rules of engagement !!!  Recently example have our soldiers in a war zone ,walk around with unloaded weapons,maybe clips round store away in backpack not easy accessable!! , when just take one traitor or enemy on the inside to sneak in couple 30 round clips and could spray a bunch of U.S soidiers killing seven at a time!!  The General just change this policy to save face to obama policy before we the people catch on!!, But damage been done weaken our will to defend ourselve and our military is weak because the higher death rate of our troops! What kind of Comander in Chief we have who want to bring our down country in the will to defend country interest ,to third world country level,retreat from the world so we stand alone,with his weak knee policy will bring about more wars more deaths to our soldiers and setting our country up for takeover or downfall, Plus he doing this stupid apeasement policy at expense of our troops lives!!!  Vote out this traitor of a President  & commander in chief to our troops ,our country,constitution and citizens rights and freedoms!!!

    • Anonymous

      I am sorry our public education obviously failed you.


    Glenn, you’d better include Argentina, too.
    They suck.

  • Anonymous

    Our President obama with the slip of his tongue when he is not guarded by his book end teleprompters is revealing the true obama and his true agenda !!!!!!  which is not good for U.S citizens and the free world !!!   First with the plumber we must share the wealth of the hard workers with the don’t care to work crowd and illegals !!! Now he tell small business owners that you didn’t build that business,companies owners ,managers,excutive officer of a company and skill workers. Our President setting the ground work or precedent if you didn’t build the business ,then you don’t own it , then say the government own it and can give it away and the control of business,same goes with skill worker union or non-union you didn’t earn your high pay with hard work or studing your’re just a clog not a individual ,no value ,you don’t deserve the fine home you have !  Your just a number to be dispose of at government will  !!. We be something like China,Russia, in pass Germany the value of individual be reduce to noting same goes for protection individual  unless you in lockstep with obama like his cronies,non working crowd & illegal to get their votes ,by giving them government freebies at working class expense !!!!  Our President bent on destroying individual value so he can have complete control !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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