Glenn: “It’s when you’re in trouble that people begin to see your true character”

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Have you ever criticized Vice President Biden or opposed the objections being thrown at Mitt Romney? If you have, according to Biden, you’re a “squealing pig.”

It’s odd that the Democrats constantly seem to be name-calling those who criticize them or, much less, defend themselves against inaccurate accusations. After all, this is the party of “diversity and inclusivity,” isn’t it?

“These are lovers of all opinions, all lifestyles, all choices as valid – Joe Biden is the Vice President of the United States.  He’s calling us pigs now.  That’s fantastic, isn’t it?  He’s so inclusive,” Glenn said. “Actually it is fantastic, because it shows their desperation.  It shows who they really are.”

But that’s not who Americans are.

The true character of a person is hard to see when things are going well for them. But in times of desperation, that’s when you see who a person really is in their core. When someone finds themselves in trouble their true character can be seen.

“We don’t have to worry about the name calling nonsense because name calling doesn’t matter.  Sticks and stones may break my bones, but calling me a pig really is ridiculous,” Glenn said.

The more hate, insults, and lies this administration throws at conservatives the more trouble they are in. The White House is showing us what kind of shape they’re really in because there is no validity or substance to the things they are spouting out across the nation about conservatives, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, or their policies.

“Heading into the home stretch they’ve never been questioned, they’ve never had their back pushed up against the wall, they’ve never had any of these things happen to them,” Glenn pointed out. “They don’t know how to deal with it.”

However, the Tea Party and true conservatives have been under attack since day one – from both parties – first by the Bush administration, then by this one.

“You know who you are,” Glenn told listeners, “and you’ve known who they are for a long time.”

It’s obvious that the Obama administration is in trouble. But what kind of shape are we in? What kind of shape are Americans in? That’s the question Glenn answered this morning.

“I think we’re in better shape that in any time, since 9/12/2011,” he said. “Do you remember the feeling of unity and resolve that we had?”

9/12 is a day that all Americans remember – a day America came together no matter the differences that were between them.

“People are beginning to come together. We used to care about each other. On that day we did literally care about each other. We turned to God. We had a common goal and purpose. That’s what Americans always do in a time of crisis:  We come together.  We’ve come together.  We’ve turned to God,” Glenn said.

As Americans look ahead and see the challenges that lie ahead, it’s clear that we are at a crossroads.

“We’re looking at the choices carefully and we’re choosing the paths that lead us back to the road the founders put us on, at least many of us are,” Glenn noted. “Not everybody.  Admittedly there’s a chasm in America.”

As divided as the country may seem, the overwhelming majority of Americans generally stand on the same side of the major issues.

“Don’t forget every poll, every single one done over the course of years has shown that conservatives outnumber liberals at least two to one, and a full 79% of Americans are not liberals,” Glenn reminded listeners.

Liberals may act like they are in the overwhelming majority, but they’re not – it’s not even close. This is why they’ve worked to influence and gain control of the mainstream media, and why they alienate and ridicule those bold enough to speak out against them.

They want you to feel alone. You’re not.

Internal polling is showing that if the election were held today, Mitt Romney would win. While a lot can change in the next two months, more and more people are waking up and coming together to get this country back on track.

“This doesn’t mean that we’re not going to face some hard times,” Glenn told listeners.

There are still a lot of challenges ahead, and Glenn pointed out that many of us are already seeing it at the grocery store.

The point Glenn is making, however, is that Americans will come together and we will make it through the challenges that lie ahead. For the last few years, Glenn has been telling people that his audience will lead the way towards restoring America.

“You’re part of the group that will save the nation. We will hold it together, Glenn told the audience.

“You will be a shelter from the storm. You will be a blessing to your neighbor, to your family, to your state and to your country, because you’ve done the hard work. You know what we’re facing.  We’re facing freedom, real freedom that will come at a cost, or slavery – free stuff.  The good news is there’s a lot of Americans that have had their fill of the free stuff promised because they see the freedoms going away, and more importantly, they also know you can’t keep paying for this free stuff:  it won’t work.  It never does.”

  • Randall Stokes

    Evil can not stand against Evil it will collapes under it’s own weight.

  • Rahm Kota

    Yes you can some crack others lead. You a leader or your live in fear of things you cannot change.

    • Anonymous

      …..stand for something or you will fall for anything!!
      The problem with Hussein-Obama election was the unions acorn and black panthers those that work for the irs now as HusseinObama’s ..”NationalPoliceForce Just as well funded as the military” which is his election team this year….ya think?

  • Anonymous

    Biden is an embarrassment to our Country and to the Office of VP. It just goes to show the limit of integrity and wisdom Obama has and had when he appointed the mealy mouth. All I can do is shake my head in disbelief that Obama was ever elected to the highest office in the United States of America…and he is not worthy of the calling. Wake up America before it is too late.

  • Anonymous

    I Remember 9/12, You Are Not Alone! Glenn is so right he is always right! Glenn You are Our Modern day Prophet…all because of what you have been through!Even Though you are too humble to admit it. People say they have Faith by praying…its not enough…you must have a FIRM Reliance On Divine Providence! You remind me of a lay Bishop Sheen he Had the wit and wisdom of Life Is Worth Living..Glenn has the Fusion of Entertainment and Enlightenment of the Blaze…means the same. Thank You Glenn,God Protect and Bless You and May God Bless America!!!GBA

  • Anonymous

    the people in leadership are only a mirror into the character of this nation!!! think about that and realize the ramifications involved !!!! ,  this is what happens to mankind who tosses the “CREATOR” out the window and thinks it is smarter than “HIM”  !!!

  • Anonymous

    People are starting to wake up! Yeeeaah!

  • James Crawford

    That old boy Biden is primed to receive his own, personal Deliverance…come November 6th.

  • Anonymous

    Great to see one of the two  Minnesota’s idiots Senators Amy Klobuchar sitting right there with her cheesy smile.  Add her to the list of airhead democrap women.  

  • greywolfrs

    This guy is a complete moron.
    I have said it before and will say it again. There are only two reasons this idjit is VP:

    1. He is the only person on the planet that could makeObamao look smart.
    2. No one will assasinate Obamao knowing this idjit would become president.

    • Anonymous

      You have a point there, wolf, but how would it look if pressure was put on B.O. to drop

      Biden (because he doesn’t look too smart) and have someone like—oh, I don’t know—

      like Hillary, as some have said might happen.  B.O. would be pressured to take her (the

      two aren’t exactly chums) and he may fear more for his life.  So, as far as he is concern-

      ed, it seems like a Catch 22.   Does the “gang from Chicago” think Biden should go?

      Or is someone higher up making the call on that?  Will that be the surprise at the con-

      vention?  She has said she doesn’t want the job, but the deal can always be sweetened.

      She still has many who would like to see her as the Prez and she certainly would have

      ”a leg up” if/when she runs in ’16, presuming B.O. wins.  (Noooo!)

      • Anonymous

         I still would NEVER vote for her if she was the last on earth, I’d rather have my dog….Who do  you think is the one sneaking behind everyone’s back paying the brotherhood and this cap & trade thru EPA rules and regulations and meeting on Sundays when everyone assumes she’s in church!  Couple articles maybe scrubbed now how she is sneaking around in the oil industry if you know what I mean!  Watch out be VERY VERY careful with this lady….

        • Anonymous

          Believe me, dogsilove, Hillary isn’t on my likes list either.  Didn’t vote

          for her husband and definitely, would NOT vote for her.

      • greywolfrs

        Well, I do understand where you are coming from, but would have to disagree. I do not think Billary likes being as close to Obamao as she already is, let alone closer. I believe she is trying to distance herself from him, as much as possible. If Obamao gets another term, I think there will be some serious problems. Things that Billary doesn’t really want to have anything to do with. I also believe she will run in 2016 if Obamao wins and 2020 if he doesn’t. I would not worry about the “gang from Chicago,” those are funny and all, but not really accurate. It isn’t really anyone  from Chicago we have to worry about. It’s Soros and the people who back him. They are not from Chicago and have probably never even been there. As far as Biden goes, I doubt Obamao dumps him, he is too good of a life insurance policy. If Billary were to become VP behind Obamao, I would be worried, if I were Obamao. There are plenty of left wing idiot s that hate Obamao as much, if not more, than any right winger. They may take that opportunity to off him so that Billary becomes president, without having to win an election. Whether we like it or not, no woman has ran for and become president…

        • Anonymous

          That’s what I think, too, wolf.  If Hillary was VP, someone would try to

          take out B.O., which would make more sense for him to keep Biden.

          I don’t mind ol’ Joe–kinda comedy relief—we need some laughs, even

          if the LSM clams up and never calls him out on what he says.

          • greywolfrs

            Yeah, that’s about all he is good for, some laughs.

  • VindicatorX

    I’m waiting for Biden to make another commercial for The Villages. Maybe that is why he’s headed for Florida, or perhaps he thinks he might steal the GOP nomination from Romney! 

    Joe has been a disastrous fool of a VP. His sliminess is only exceeded by his total lack of intelligence. 

    He is a lot of fun at parties, as long as they aren’t political parties and the bar stays open. 

    • SoThere

      Biden’s trip to Florida is a Chicago plan to overstretch the security resources and increase the amount of money spent by Florida’s citizens so they will get pissed at the Republicans and vote for Obama.

      It’s how a disgraceful Chicago politician tries to get votes.

      • AdamAnt

        Psst – don’t tell anyone, but that isn’t going to work. I think Jarrett told Obie wan to ditch Biden so no one notices he is still VP. Secretly I think Biden was chosen as a diversion and insurance policy.

        • Sandie

          Chicago style – maybe an arrangement was made for a walk in the everglades….

      • Sandie

        Yup, typical dirty Chicago politics. I bet it was Obama’s idea.

    • Sandie

      I cracked up when I saw that clip of him drunk and singing, doing his little drunk dance. Oh… but that’s Joe …

  • Jane Berkley

    With the hurricane coming to Tampa, now I know why they are sending Biden to go stand in the parking lot. Now they will have a reason to put Hillary on the ticket. 

  • Soulphoenix

    Obama’s true character was very clear a long time ago, even before his truly nasty ascension to the Senate using the brass knuckles of the Chicago political machine. His behavior is only getting worse, and we’d better brace ourselves for what that looks like. We have a lot of hard work to do to dig ourselves out of the mess we’ve driven into.

    • Anonymous

      Look at the angry eyes. In most pictures he looks very hateful, then when in public acts the celebrity he thinks he is. The Hollywood and main stream media have set him up so high on a perch that he has such a long fall. It is a disqusting display of self worth. Truly he is nothing more than a man that has NO scrupples.

  • Anonymous

    Every time that Biden makes an inane statement, he only displays his own incompetency!

  • Maurizme

    Tact is not Mr. Biden’s middle name – far from it. I usually ignore his comments, but he seems to be squealing a bit more these days. It would be nice if he could actually say something intelligent, but I think we no longer expect it of him because his comments are for shock value – they get attention. So I think we should stop giving him attention — especially in the voting booth.

  • Anonymous

    Poor baby is feeling desperate?   When anyone sees Biden in public he/she should just say:

    Oink.   If they can make a ”piggy sound” with their nose*, all the better.  It will make him feel

    better and we want to be compassionate, don’t we?  : ) (*Or most likely, mouth.)

  • Anonymous

    Biden is nothing more than a dodge…he goes out and says stupid sh-t and the administration uses sleight of hand in an attempt to defend him…knowing full well it’s the perfect distraction away from B HOs failed policies…there is nothing about these people that even closely resembles the truth…

  • Anonymous

    I know I’ll be voting for Romney and I love Ryan wish he was running for prez…
    One of the biggest thing that scares me about Romney is he stands by the NDAA Executive Order obama signed on New Years Eve…

    Does EVERYONE know what the first Executive Order is and when it was signed by obama??

    Well, the very FIRST Executive Order signed by obama was to seal his records from the rest of the country,YES SIR, YES MA”M…and it was signed on January 21, 2009 YES I KNOW THAT WAS THE SAME DAY AS HIS INAUGURATION…

    American’s hang in there alittle longer even if we hit some MAJOR ice bergs, remember stand together, pray together, feed each other….Remember He’s got the WHOLE world in his hands..

    Love to all and God Bless you and your families.

    • Anonymous

      Millions have been spent to cover up his true pass. We all know we don’t need to see them. He is a fraud.  If you have nothing to hide why would you constantly fight to keep them sealed. HMM wake up those people that voted for him should be curious and skeptical

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry to see our country with such a bad vice president!

  • Anonymous

    Just wanted to share this yesterday on Fox they said that in September in couple of weeks that the leaders from Egypt was going to meet with the leaders of Iran for a meeting…  keeping in mind that we gave Egypt millions of taxpayers dollars and Hillary went over Congress’s heads and then she meet with them that Dick Morris surprised one of the Fox’s newscasters almost 2 months ago on their program think it was Greta or Hannity’s show that tomorrow which would have been on a Sunday Hillary was meeting with them secretly and the UN to give more millions of dollars of taxpayers money to take over our energy (cap & trade) deal.

    Just want to know if anyone is connecting the dots…….

  • Anonymous

    Biden is an idiot disgraceful VP, the hatred coming from this administration. Blame game, reporters from the Democratic party, calling Laura Ingels a slut or other filthy names, but they jump on the band wagon to insult Bachman Palin and any other republican women. But throw out the Rep hate women and are throwing them under the bus. Distraction to cover up a dismal economy. We are worse off now, than under Carter. Obama has surpassed him as the worse dividing Man in Politics. Our Freedoms are under fire by every walk of life. No one is happy, no one wants to allow a person their rights, while taking ones rights away to give to others. As a Political stunt. Athiest suing to remove any form of Christian symbols Because they don’t have one. Obama allowing millions of illegals rights while taking ours. People that have fought for our freedoms have been insulted by this administration. The constant insults hatred, Fast and Furious. Economy over 8% for 42 months. Prices through the roof. People are suffering. But Obama has fund raisers parties with celebrities. Who is out of touch. Organazations obummer sides with allowed to intimidate people. Suing for No voter ID. I could go on. I don’t think theirs enough room to list the many failures from this administration.

  • christopher mahoney

    “Squealing pigs”? Ole Joe’s been watching too many Hitler speeches on the History Channel. Hitler was a great orator, but his word choice left something to be desired. Sometimes he just went too far. 

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  • Anonymous

    It’s a bit of amazing irony that fat, stupid Joe Biden would call his critics “squealing pigs” when his every utterance demonstrates that he is in fact the pig in the situation.

  • Poison_ Monkey

    It is
    amazing to witness an actual Media Take Over similar to the 1930’s third
    Reich… sure it’s different (not radio) but gives some acceptance to how the innocent
    German and French believed the Mad Man’s camp lie (s) too.   


  • Mary Sue LaVere Lee

    As Socrates said…..”when the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

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