Sandra Fluke tries to connect Rep. Todd Akin to GOP ticket

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That certainly didn’t take long. Just days after Todd Akin made the (completely inaccurate) comment that women could not get pregnant from “legitimate rape”, the Obama team is rushing to connect the remarks and the embattled Congressman to the Romney/Ryan campaign. And who are they using to make the illogical leaps? Sandra Fluke, the law student who was last at the center of a failed left wing effort to remove Rush Limbaugh from the airwaves. The Obama team is clearly hoping for better success with their take down of the Romney/Ryan team as they continue their negative campaign.

During the radio show, Glenn pointed out that the Obama website had a new post called “Akin, Romney, Ryan” by Sandra Fluke:

GLENN: Anyway, she wrote Akin, Romney and Ryan.

STU: Wait. I thought it was ‑‑ I thought the ticket was Romney and Ryan.

GLENN: No, Akin, Romney and Ryan.

STU: Akin, the guy running for Senate in Missouri that all the Republicans have asked to step down?

PAT: Yeah, he’s going to be the third wheel on this.

STU: They are going to put him on the ticket, ahead of Romney?

GLENN: Akin, Romney and Ryan.

STU: Wow, that’s a bad decision. I haven’t done the polling on that.

While the conversation started out fairly light hearted, it quickly took a more serious turn as Glenn took the left to task for trying to take something said by a Missouri Senate candidate and tie it to the national election. Moreso, Glenn pointed out that while Akin’s comments were blatantly inaccurate, the thinking that a woman’s reproductive system would “shut down” during trauma (like rape) was a theory presented in the 1970s.

“When we started looking into it and if you Google that opinion and you look at things that have not come out for the last week, that opinion is out there.  It’s all based on a 1970s study, but it is out there,” Glenn said.

And while Glenn said the comments make him question Akin’s judgement, he did say that if the left and liberal organizations like Planned Parenthood had been honest about their goals, they would have used this as an opportunity to educate the public about the realities behind rape and pregnancy rather than simply attack Akin and try and take the GOP presidential ticket down with him.

“I have a feeling there’s a possibility that this actually backfires on the left.  Because people are tired of the smear.  And if ‑‑ this guy is not a bad guy.  You can say that was a dumb thing to say, that was a wrong thing to say.  But as we talked off the air yesterday, if we were living in an honest he society, Planned Parenthood would come out and stood next to him and said, ‘You know what?  Hey, back off.  He’s wrong on this.  But this is actually believed by a lot of people because it is actually old science that hasn’t been washed out of the system yet.  And let’s use this as an opportunity to teach’,” Glenn said.

Fluke, of course, didn’t try to educate on health issues, but rather used it as a chance to attack Ryan and Romney for their views on abortion:

Mitt Romney famously says he would “get rid of” Planned Parenthood if he had the chance. And both Romney and Ryan pledge to go back to a system where insurance companies can discriminate against women and charge us more than men for the same health insurance.

Akin’s comments shouldn’t be surprising. But this isn’t about him—just like it was never about me.

President Obama has told us what he’s fighting for: “I want women to control their own health choices, just like I want my daughters to have the same opportunities as your sons.”

Republicans, led by Romney and Ryan, have made it clear that they want to make our decisions for us.

You can read her full statement here.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Notice the uttermost hypocrisy contained within the statement of the Democratic Shill:

    “Mitt Romney famously says he would “get rid of” Planned Parenthood if he had the chance. And both Romney and Ryan pledge to go back to a system where insurance companies can discriminate against women and charge us more than men for the same health insurance.
    Akin’s comments shouldn’t be surprising. But this isn’t about him—just like it was never about me.”

    Right here she is trying to tie Akins into both Romney/Ryan and the free market system in which people have freedom of choice; and the freedom to continue life instead of delivering it to death before even being born.

    Continuing on…

    “President Obama has told us what he’s fighting for: “I want women to control their own health choices, just like I want my daughters to have the same opportunities as your sons.”
    Republicans, led by Romney and Ryan, have made it clear that they want to make our decisions for us.”

    So the fact is that Obama, a narcissistic and die hard Socialist who is bent on reducing and downsizing the nation to a third rate power; demands massive government control over all aspects of our lives and faith; and seeks to deny us the freedoms and rights endowed to all of us in the Constitution tries to claim that those who wish to have smaller government and a free system of capitalism will ‘make our decisions for us.’

    They look into the mirror and see their own angered reflection; and in thus doing so, try to shape the Republicans into beings of hate and control, when the real enemy of the Democrats is their own ideology and their own reflection.

    • Anonymous

      It is called “responsibility” for the choices you make.  If you get pregnant that was your choice…deal with it.  There are contraceptives out there to keep that from happening.  I should not be made to help pay for your irresponsibility…I do not believe in killing unborn babies, and my tax dollars should not be used against my beliefs by a government that needs to get their nose out of everyone’s business and do the job they are supposed to do and that is handle the economy and secure the darned border…both of which they have failed miserably.  This is just another distraction from the real problems of unemployment and a staggering debt that Obama blew billions  …he could have just used the money to fire up and light his cigarettes…he would have gotten more out of it.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        One caveat I would add to the responsibility part, so the leftists understand clearly: Responsibility goes for both parents, fathers and mothers alike.

        God has given our nation one last chance to turn around and return to Him and restore the nation and all we have been entrusted with the stewardship of; fail and the nation ends.

        Its that simple.

        One thing I will say about the Secret Service escorting Obama’s daughters; they will be enough of a deterence for any roudy boys out there. All they would need to say is “Son, realize who her father is; and how many guns we have…’

        • Anonymous

          I have receive the same message about coming back to God. It is the only thing that will save America.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you. Finally someone who talks about taking responsibility for themselves getting pregnant. There are things they can do to prevent it. For some reason they are raped or there is incest, no one is suggesting that they are forced to keep it. But there are many who do decide to keep the child and are able to accept it. But there are so many abortions that are just done for no reason at all. They didn’t like the sex of the baby. They were too lazy to use a condom. I had a friend years ago that had 5 abortions because she never used protection. When she was at the abortion clinic she noticed other girls that returned for their third and fourth abortion. My friend is gone from Aids. She never was normal after the abortions. It messed her up mentally. They don’t tell you about what happens after you get one. We need more awareness on this subject and more prevention rather than killing babies.

        • Anonymous

          Unfortunately, w.i.t., if these women are going to Planned Parenthood

          for their abortions, they will NEVER be given any info about how those

          abortions (especially repeated ones) will affect them mentally or, even,

          emotionally.  What a pitiful waste of life.

          • Anonymous

            Planned Parenthood is a business that is making a lot of money off of killing babies. They would not tell the affects of an abortion. I think each person getting an abortion should have to look at their baby with an ultrasound before they kill it. Let’s see how many have the guts to do it then.

          • Anonymous

            Oh, no, w.i.t.!   The pro-choice people are so against

            that!  The procedure might harm the emotional well-

            being of the woman!   But, if they did see the baby

            growing within them, it might make a big difference on

            what they might chose to do.  Pro-choice?  Hell, no!

            Keep the women ignorant and make in ”no choice!”

        • Lorraine

          A lot of poor people use abortion as contraception…..I have seen this first hand……they don’t seem to mind getting several abortions. It’s a shame, but they don’t have the gumption to go get contraception ahead of time, so they rely on abortion to take care of the situation.

          • Anonymous

            I believe that is why so many people are against abortion because it is abused and used as contraception rather than the last resort. Then the pro-life people are demonized. Too many innocent babies are murdered.

    • Anonymous

      Great post!

    • Anonymous

      Planned Parenthood’s primary job is to kill babies.    One of my angers with obama was his vote in Illinois to allow late term abortion.   Let the head come out, stick scissors in the brain and toss it aside to die on it’s own accord.   How sick can we be? God help us.

      • Anonymous

        Barry-Hussein-Obama Watched an abortion where baby lived thru it in the trash and watch it die! The Left and Their ProChoice Stand Means Nothing They Are Not Pro-Choice They Do Not Want You to have the option to choice life the want you to chose death! There is no prochoice it is either prolife or prodeath! Hussein-Obama and his Commie friends come from death,Satan! after-all Their Bible is RulesForRadicals which Saul Alinsky Dedicated To Lucifer…thats where This Administration is coming from!
        The Secret Get We The People Back To God and Prayer and Speaking Up and God Will Bless America….once again!!

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Indeed, it is a form of genocide and ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Americas children; no one seems to be willing to call it for what it is.

        • Anonymous

          Of course, they target the blacks and minorities. What else could it be.

      • Nathan Pizzo

        It’s just complete depravity, evil and will NOT escape the watchful eye of God. Our God is a consuming fire. He is not going to let anyone escape from His furious wrath for the hateful, heartless destruction of His handiwork – namely the mysterious crafting of a unique person in the womb.

        How incredibly arrogant do you have to be to literally spit in the eye of God and shake your fist in His face with the practice of human (fetus) sacrifice?? It’s clearly an act of sacrificing the life of the infant – to abandon your responsibility in the creation of that life.

        When you break it down… it’s nothing but ugly, evil, with a very fearful expectation of God’s judgement. It is a fearful thing … to fall into the hands of the LIVING GOD.

        May God forgive us for our stupid arrogance. Scary. Really scary.

        • Anonymous

          God told the people to go forth, be fruitful and multiply. It was a blessing in Ancient times to have a child. Now our president says it is a curse.

      • Anonymous

        My disgust with B.O. came from his state’s abortion practices too, alio.   But, it

        was the vote by B.O. to allow botched abortions which resulted in live fetuses

        to be tossed aside (put into a closet, is what I heard) and left to die.   That made

        me determined to NEVER support or vote for that man!

    • Anonymous

      You are so very right,Kitty!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    What we see here, is the Democratic party has placed a mirror before themselves, imagining the vile and morally bankrupt ideology looking back is that of the Republicans. It is not, they see themselves and fail to comprehend, they are their own enemies, who have met themselves, and in November will ensure their own defeat.

  • Rahm Kota

    Sandra Fluke the Julia of Obama’s dreams.

  • MJaneO

    I turn my deaf-ear to her! 

  • Anonymous

    I love how glenn leaves out the fact that Ryan co-authored numerous bills with Akin concerning their views on rape and abortion.
    glenn simply knows that his shielded cult are too lazy or too ignorant to draw this connection since fox news, rush and his other “friends” will sweep those facts under the carpet!
    Keep lying to your ignorant masses glenn!!!

    • Anonymous

      No one really cares what you think.  Not on this site, anyway.  We certainly welcome your erroneous views, welcome your RIGHT to ignorance, but this poor woman was NO ONE and NOTHING ’til she was gotten ahold of by those who wish to create a fictional ‘war on women’.  The only war Conservatives wage is that we refuse to pay for her sexual decisions…she was not an advocate for rape victims, but for Gov’t-paid birth control.  If a girl, or woman, cannot afford her birth control, then she needs to find other options.  Simple as that.
      There is NO WAY our gov’t should jump in and involve themselves in another person’s sex life, whether it be to out-law or pay for abortion, or for their lack of initiative to USE A CONDOM. 
      Akin certaily made a bonehead move, and a ridiculous statement, but Fluke is a tool, a pawn and there IS NO WAR ON WOMEN, no more than the fictional war on the Middle Class, of which I am a charter member.  Besides, we’re doing “Just fine”, remember what your boy said?  I’m sure, being an expert on “ignorant masses”, you bought that particular piece of nonsense.  Pointing fingers are ponting back at YOU.

    • greywolfrs

      Hey, it’s sticky chin the coward. I see you are spreading more stupidity, imagine that. Maybe you should read it before making your stupid comments.
      This is for you stupid left wingers: 
      Actually, forcible rape is a legal term you can find it on the FBI’s website:
      “Forcible rape, as defined in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, is the carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will. Attempts or assaults to commit rape by force or threat of force are also included; however, statutory rape (without force) and other sex offenses are excluded.
      “The FBI uses “forcible rape” to distinguish from “statutory rape” and other consensual sex offenses, because at least in their mind, there are meaningful differences. It’s upon this foundation that Ryan and Akin drafted their 2011 legislation to prohibit federal tax payer money from funding abortions in cases other than forcible rape.
      So, for stupid left wing morons (that would be you, sticky chin), what this means is NO TAX PAYER MONEY will fund abortions for anything BUT forcible rape.
      Man, you left wingers are some dumb M F ers.

  • Anonymous

    I guess the LIBS have a new stooge that the Pied Piper can lead around..Cheep too!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Why would anyone pay any attention to this bimbo?  She will have to have a lot of sex in order to need as much money as Obama wants to give her.  Rush was right!  Any fool who would connect Romney and Ryan to Akin is too stupid to find the polls.

  • Jayne Nielsen

    Fluke the Fake is the reason many rape victims don’t report their rapes.  Parading and bragging about her numerous sexual encounters for all the world to see. Weld it shut, woman! She gives “legitimate” women a bad name.

    • Connie Petty

      This is just another distraction from the real problems of unemployment and a staggering debt that Obama blew billions  …he could have just used the money to fire up and light his cigarettes…he would have gotten more out of it.

  • Max_80919

    Sandra Fluke can’t see how she is being used as a “useful idiot”. The Obama crowd is just using her, like Clinton did with the women he was tie too.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I live in Texas, and our governmor, Rick Perry, tried to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood because we have an old law on the books (don’t know what that one is), anyways a lower court rule against stopping the payments….but Perry appealed the dicision and today or yesterday, we got the rulling from the Texas Supreme Court that we can cut payments in Texas to Planned Parenthood….thank God, hopefully there will be a lot less killing of the unborn.  Of course, the feds said they would cut our funding for the plan of womens’ health because we are “violating” federal law….Perry told them “okay”, we can take care of our own women in Texas and we will keep part of the women’s health where they get screenings, etc. but no murder of babies.  Thank you God.  As far as Akins’ remarks, noted they were misspoken, but in the 80’s it was taught in Anatomy tht  during a rape the woman’s body has a defense mechanism because of the trauma which usually does not result in pregnancy…I am not saying the guy should have said what he did, but he would be of that age…besides he apologized….he is just a guy who believes in the sancty of life of the unborn….give him a break. 

  • Tom

    Why should we have to pay for Sandra not wanting to keep her legs together? She wants to play, she can pay.

    • greywolfrs

      Exactly, it’s called lack of personal responsibility and she is the epitome of it.

  • Joe

    This entire affair is nothing more than something to do about nothing.  All you people have too much time on your hands, Mr Akin did nothing wrong and you know it! So get off s back.  

    Roy Blunt is the idiot that started this because his job is in jeopardy.  but you can’t fix stupid, he needs to go. next time around..The political environment in Missouri is this. We have Obama as our Gov. and Attorney. General  we have a major crook as Secretary of State Jane Fonda Carnahan, and we have one of the most crooked, no count over regulation Sen. in Clair McCaskle we have ever seen . Then there is President Obama, the Un American President from where ever, God only knows.  Now fellas the objective here is to save America.  We must    Get rid of all of these goof balls..  in the coming election.  And of a future note “Roy we are going to get rid of you as well next time around”Let’s keep our eye on the ball Kick these bums out starting at the top.  Nuff Said 

  • Anonymous

    The KISS theory=     This woman is exactly what Rush said.  I said it then too.  Most of us agreed with him.    Like the commercial “we all bundle”

  • Anonymous

    Political Dictionary: Fluke (FLOO-k, or fluck). See tool, useful idiot.

  • Anne Caluwaert

    I can see how a man who does not know the workings of the female reproductive system might feel the woman’s terror might shut her system down. But to take Fuke and use her to try and play this into Conservatives hate women is stupid. I might have spelled her name wrong-Freudian slip.

  • Anonymous

    sandra is a fluke another obama puppet another useful idiot! The Left are oxyMORONS! Say One Thing Do Another.Blame other party for their beliefs their mistakes! Left Does Not Stand For Anything! They’re All Fakes! No Truth In Them! Left and Right Politically Is Just Like Left And Right Hand Of God On The Cross Left Mocked and Didn’t Believe The Right Believed and will enter Paradise! Know God Know Truth,No God No Truth!!

  • Anonymous

    she sure has not done anything to lose that ( slut ) moniker , what a foolish female !!!

  • Max_80919

    The thing that really bothers me is that somehow the left thinks women’s birth control and contraceptives must, keyword = MUST, be paid 100% by insurance, or in the case of a large corp that self-insures by the company.

    Planned Parenthood: the GOP doesn’t want to shut them down, just the gov’t subsidy, same for NPR/PBS/CPB. They are a lot of others that should not be gov’t supported.

    The left followers are just blind to the fact that this is not what (our) gov’t should be spending taxpayers money on, no matter how small it factors into the budget compost heap. Snowleopard explains the underbelly of all this birth control/contraception sponsored quite well, and it is just hideous what the left is all about. The Kennedy clan men and Clinton defiled women yet the Dems supported them without hesitation.

  • Anonymous

    @ aleo !  ,  no “GOD” is not going to help us !!!  , “HE” is going to allow us to sink in this “cesspool” that mankind has created until we learn that without “HIM” we are nothing !!!!!!!!!!1

  • Nathan Pizzo

    As if…

    And the elitist socialist thugs represented by the Obama regime is NOT forcing obamacare and the insane spending into oblivion …are not making decisions for us???

    I think we better carefully define what Fascism is.

    I think wanting to SAVE life, and not legalize the murder (dismemberment till it results in death) of half born fetuses at will (for NO reason other than the inconvenience) is clearly forcing them to decide …

    A law against random, arbitrary murder isn’t exactly Fascism…

  • new2la

    Sandra has pushed women back a generation by allowing herself to be used, or shall I put this way…prostitutes herself.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what part this liberals don’t understand about the republicans throwing Akin under the bus. They will not support someone who makes such outrageous comments. I would like to see them do that for one of their own that has made terrible comments. They won’t. They will support that person to the end. They just don’t understand that republicans do the right thing no matter the party. Well most of the time anyway. They did the right thing in this case.

    When someone connected to the democrat party does something, they rationalize it and make it ok. Even Biden is given a pass. He should have never said those comments about being put back in chains. That was outrageous. No one said it was wrong. They are supporting him. That makes their party seem untrustworthy. How can Americans trust a party that will compromise the right thing?

    They want to connect Romney to Akin because that is all they have. I heard MSNBC linking all of the conservatives to him. They all believe the same thing they said. “They want to take women’s rights away.” That is just wrong and a lie. They will put this under the microscope and enlarge it because again there is nothing else to complain about. They know their party is in trouble with the economy and jobs. People are upset with no jobs and high gas prices. They need to focus on those things not this stupid remark from some dumb jerk who should have never been elected in the first place. With comments like that, it makes one wonder how Akins could have even gotten this far.I would like him to drop out of the race.

    • Anonymous

      Akins is not a bad man, he has run for election time and again and won. What he said was something taught in medical and nursing schools in the 70’s. He was going on old science.
      Yea the Obama machine will put this under the microscope, but not very far so as not to revel where this skewed science really originated, that is from the halls of our illustrious liberal academia.

      • Anonymous

        No one in their right mind would agree with that teaching. He should know better than to say something like that. There is no evidence that what he said is true. It is demeaning to people who were raped and actually got pregnant. It was insensitive. How can you stand by Akin after that comment? We are not living in the dark ages. He should drop out because he made a huge mistake for this party.

  • Ilene

    If Fluke can afford Georgetown, she can afford her birth control.

    • Anonymous

      If she can afford to party every night, Georgetown, food, cloths, and a car-then what is the problem with affording her birth control too as she is the the one getting the fun times out her activities not the tax payer. 

  • greywolfrs

    Sandra Fluke is a moron of the highest order. This is the person that thinks a college should have to pay for her contraception. Hey moron, the service you pay for at a college is an education, not contraception.

  • Anonymous

    I think people have blown  the Akin comment way out of proportion; it was his opinion. We all have opinions; do you want people treating you like you can’t speak unless you say what they want to hear or what is correct? Everyone is incorrect at sometime. Romney and Ryan could have let their point of view be known; say they disagree with Akin but they believe in allowing people to voice their opinion, just like they allow liberals to voice their opinion that they believe abortion is ok in a variety of circumstances. Dealing with this; the way it is being handled is teaching people it is ok to stifle freedom of speech and how to deal with people badly when you are afraid.
    I am not as mad at Akins because I wouldn’t want to abort a baby if I was raped. I wouldn’t take my anger out on the unborn child, I liked that he was making the point –punish the rapist not the baby. If I was ever raped and became pregnant, I would give the baby up for adoption or make sure the raptist couldn’t find us to protect the child. When the child got old enough I would tell them the truth, because every child has a yearning for who their real parents are.
    I understand anger and how it can be displaced. When I was married my ex-husband didn’t care about me, it was one of those I like you because you do things for me. He didn’t care about me, when he bullied and degraded me I noticed the anger and how I didn’t have loving feeling toward my child. When the ex-wasn’t around, my true spirit shined through and I could see the love I had for my child. I do understand how anger can blind people.
    Just one question: if you asked God what he thinks should be done — “God is it ok to abort this baby since it was conceived through a rape? ” what do you think the answer would be.
    For you people who don’t care about God — what you think doesn’t count nor do I care, a sarcastic congratulations to you, there have been enough abortions you probably couldn’t write the number down.

  • VindicatorX

    Liberals all seem to have one trait in common, they have the gift of being able to link the most distant and unrelated things no matter how thin or even non-existent the linkage. 

    Of course, for the rational minded, this trick never works. They always find the most direct line between two mutually exclusive things is through their thick skulls. I have to give them credit for seeing that which isn’t there and for never failing to prove that their fantasies are not only inconceivable but also totally impractical and irrefutably wrong. 

  • Sargonarhes

    Fluke, is this the same woman that goes to an ivy league college yet wants the government to pay for her birth control which she can afford to buy herself? And yet testified in front of Congress in favor of Obamacare? Which exposed all these facts about her?

    Maybe it’s just me, but Akin’s comment seemed out of line, but then I thought there are women out there that claim rape just to get something done just for them. I wonder if this is what Akin was referencing to, but the media I guess doesn’t want to think that hard. But maybe Akin could have phrased it differently.

  • Lois Haynes Tapner

    She is just white trash!

  • Anonymous

    this Sandra Fluke needs to read up on “Titel 10″,a federal law ,which garanties free contraceptive for ALL woman

  • Robert A. Williams

    Why is no one in the Romney camp demanding to see all of Obama’s school records? If they kept hammering on this issue, the tax returns and the Fluke Flak would probably disappear.

    Guys have a gag routine that they use when they see a gal and discretely ask one another the question “Would you?”, meaning “Would you have sex with that woman?” Every time I see Sandra Fluke I look for the nearest guy to pose the question “Would you?”

    If they answer in the affirmative, my response would be “Then you pay for her friggin’ birth control pills!” Personally, I want to see the dude who is banging her. I pity the fool.

  • Anonymous

    Connecting Akin to the GOP ticket would be like connecting the Democratic Congressman who had sex at a rest stop with a 17 year boy, yes BOY!  By the way, why isn’t this incident being talked about in the media and by he Democratic?  Oh do the Dems support his actions?

    • Anonymous

      That”s what my post was about, bleuze.  Why can’t Obama/Biden, be connected with

      that Congressman in the same manner the Dems are trying to connect R & R with Akin?

      Does silence from the LSM on what the Congressman did mean  assent?

      • Anonymous

        Great post.  Yes, it means assent!

        Do you enjoy gambling

  • Anonymous

    Flukeing cumb dunt .

    • vieteravet

      I like that one!

  • Anonymous

    Democrats should look in the mirror to see just how ugly they have become

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t the conservative pundits turn this around and link the MN fella from Congress, who

    the LSM don’t seem to know but DID IT with a consensual teenager, with Obama/Biden?  Isn’t

    turn around fair play, after all?   Now, if only something from B.O.’s past could link him with the

    man such as ”like activity”— wink, wink.        At least GW caught a break and wasn’t blamed for

    supporting Akin and thereby, brought into this in some way.  Maybe ”the team” is working on

    some kind of a tie-in for all I know.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree. But the double standards and the main stream media won’t report that. AND if they do they will leave out the fact the guy is a DEMOCRAT. disqusting reporting and Hopefully in NOV this will only be a bad dream.. with a new MAN in charge. The hatred filthy lies disqusting down turn of our economy the USA worth declined. How Obama has run around blasting Romney Bush and Tsunamis for the problems. He is a joke. RUINED the hope and change those that bought the bill of goods he threw at them. We aren’t better off to many dictations and Gov interferance.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently Ms. Fluke has no concept of actuarial tables or how insurance works. It is not discriminatory for there to be differences in what insurance companies charge men and women.
    For example, if an uninsured man wants a vasectomy, it will cost him between $250 and $1000. 

    For the insured, the cost is between $10-$30 copay for the consultation, and between $10 and $100 for the surgery. THE INSURANCE COMPANY PAYS THE DIFFERENCE,,,BUT THE COST OF THE PROCEDURE DOES NOT CHANGE!!

    On the other hand, an uninsured woman who gives birth will pay between $9,000 and $25,000, depending on whether it is a vaginal or caesarean birth. Considerably more if the baby is a preemie or there are problems with the pregnancy, such as placenta previa.

    For the insured, the costs are between $1,500 and $4,000. THE INSURANCE COMPANY PAYS THE DIFFERENCE,,,BUT THE COST OF THE PROCEDURE DOES NOT CHANGE!

    Insurance companies charge women more because in some very basic ways they tend to have higher medical costs.

    If an insurer covers ED products for men, then they should cover birth control for women. If they don’t then Ms. Fluke would be able to claim discrimination against women, and vice versa.

    I hope this clears the fog for Ms. Fluke. If not, then I would suggest Ms. Fluke spend a little more time learning and a little less time f***iing. 

  • Anonymous

    Ms. Fluke doesn’t have to “try” and link the ticket to this kind of thinking–it already is.  The fact is that Rep. Ryan co-sponsored legislation with Akin to change the legal definition of rape.  Only now is he trying to walk that back.  Pretty scary stuff, if you ask me.  Sorry, but conservatives, especially women, need to really question what they are voting for if they vote Republican this year.  (Higher taxes, for one!)

  • Richard

    Just days after Todd Akin made the (completely inaccurate) comment that women could not get pregnant from “legitimate rape”,
    Your characterization is inaccurate. He went on to talk about how a child conceived  because of rape was to be protected from harm. Try to be more concise because we all can see how the wrong use of words can be blown out of proportion.

  • Anonymous

    I find it amazing how far the Dems have dropped, they now have stocked the convention with retreads about abortion, the latest poll shows the nation is 50% Pro Life to 40% pro choice, and all their pro choice speeches at the convention will not change those figures at all.  So just how will this help them in Nov; not at all. Obama campaign is in real trouble!

  • Anonymous

    Okay Sandra how about the Democrat that was caught with a 17 year old boy at a rest stop, should we connect Obama Pelous or Reid to him. Double standards. This women is riding on the shirt tails of Obama for a smear campaign insulting Rep as Hating women and suppressing them. SO far off the grid. By the way why isn’t Obama talking about the economy how to rebuild the country. Because he has nothing to but on but hatred and lies.

  • Anonymous

    The Democratic party are morons, every organization has pulled ads, distance themselves from Akin, NO one agrees with his comments they are disqusting and demeaning. For Democrats distractions is all this is. They run on anything that will distract from their lousy economy. Which the unemployment rate is due to go up to 9.1 % by 2013. Obummer has declined our economy with failed solar companies bail outs sending money overseas. What about our troops why aren’t they home. Instead attacks and deaths daily. Where are the protestors on that. Bush had that loud mouth Sheehan why isn’t she doing the same against the divisive man in office. Hatred filth is all they know.

  • Anonymous

    Fluke is a “fluke” in this deal (think fluke worm).  BHO, his minions, their zombies, the DNC and the liberal block are all scared to death that they are going to lose the election (hence their jobs) because of the failed policies.  But most of them are already “rich” or getting “rich” on the BHO ride, so what’s the worry.  Not enough “rich”, maybe.  I guess when one becomes “rich” the easy way, they don’t appreciate the situation.  By the way, there are plenty of ways other than birth control pills to keep from getting pregnant.  Just use some “logic” and “think” about it.

  • Sterling Spencer

    I don’t particularly care what that idiot says.  Rush called it right .  The republicans have done omething that the liberal would never do, they asked him to quit and still might get him out of there.  I mean can you say Bill Clinton, John Kennedy, John Edwards, and especially Ted ( murder) Kennedy.  They kept right on electing him even though they know what he did. And as far sw i know the ticket says Romney Ryan and no mention of anyone else.  Shows how desperate The leftwing Odumbo worshippers are getting.  They want to talk about everything ecept what is important.

  • Sterling Spencer

    She Claims that she want women to control their health choice but under no circumstance does she want to have to pay for her choices.  Just like all liberals- nott with my money always someone elses.  Butt if Obama gets his way there won’t be any quality healthcare because he is hellbent into turning us into a third world country like the one he came from- Kenya.

  • Bonnie Somer

    glenn the real war on women is obama and his view that chinas 1 child policy is the way 2 go. it is not he wants selective sex abortion to further his green agenda and lessen the population that is the war on women. 

  • Sunshine Kid

    I cannot believe anyone with any common sense would listen to anything Sandra Fluke says, considering her underhanded tactics she use previously.

  • Anonymous

    So now the slut has become a whore for the obama administration.  I wonder if obumble is supplying he birth control.  maybe he hired her to be his kids nanny.

  • Anonymous

    If some women want to control their Own health choices, then why do they want their employers to pay for it [contraception].

  • Anonymous

    A voice of reason! Thank you Glenn for standing up for Todd Akin!

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