Glenn: Are America’s best days over or can history be defied?

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On today’s radio show, Glenn took the opening moments of the show to look at the direction of the country and to elaborate on his recent cautious optimism. He spoke broadly about the historical cycle that countries go through – from nothing to greatness and back to nothing – before explaining why he thinks America could take a different course. Why does he think Americans can defy history and return to greatness? It has nothing to do with the government and everything to do with people.

“I want to talk to you a little bit about your faith in the country. What is it that you believe in? Who are we as a nation, as people? Where are we headed? Why do you believe that America’s better days are ahead of us, or do you?” Glenn asked the audience.

“You know, there’s survey after survey that is showing now that Americans believe that things are not going to get better, that our better days are behind us. I’m tired of that lie.”

Glenn explained that when looking at the past successes and failures of America, it’s important to recognize that people today cannot take the blame or credit for things that didn’t happen in their lifetime.

“It’s not my fault about slavery, it’s not my fault on what happened to the Native American, it’s not my fault what happened to the Jews. However, if those things happen again in my lifetime, it is my fault. I can’t take the credit for stopping the Nazis. I can’t take the credit for the Industrial Revolution. That was all accomplished by somebody else at a different time. We can’t really even take credit for freedom in America, but we will take the blame for its loss,” he explained.

“So we have to decide: Is America over? Are our best days behind us? Is there any reason to believe that we can pull this thing out?”

Glenn explained that in the history of the world, most great civilizations have all inevitably risen, only to be erased from history.

“Every country has always hit this point, declined, and erased. Every time. However, no other country has ever given the world the light bulb, the washing machine, the television, the radio, the Apple iPod, iPad, the telephone. No other country has ever done what we’ve done. No other country went to the moon. We did.”

“Past performance does not guarantee future success, but past performance should give you an idea of who we are when we set our mind to it.  So who are we?  What do we choose to do?”

“I’m telling you, right around the corner, just over the horizon, a cure for cancer is here.  A cure for cancer.  I know three cancer institutes that I think are very close, and I don’t mean some cancer.  I mean all cancer.  It’s close.  If you talk to people like Ray Kurzweil, he’s a futurist, he’ll tell you now don’t buy think solar panels.  Buy solar panels in about ten years because solar panels will change the way we have energy.  We’re approaching the point of singularity.  Now, that can either be horribly, horribly wrong and bad, or it can be unbelievably magnificent.  But it won’t be the technology that decides this, the point of singularity, when everything just starts to work.  It won’t be technology that decides whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.  It will be people.  And right now we have chosen to go down an easy path, but nothing worth anything comes easy.  Nothing. ”

“The only things that are worth anything in life are the ones that you really sweat over because that’s where you stretch your muscles.  That’s where you grow.  Nobody is asking you to reach anymore.  They will bail you out.  There’s no struggle.  Struggle should be gone.  No pain, no gain.  There’s a lot of pain that is coming.  There is.  We’ll show you some stats today on just the price of bread.  Wheat bread’s up 56%.  They’ll tell you that there’s no problem with inflation, but try to make a sandwich for the same price that you did two years ago.  There’s no way.  You’ll pay 40% more just in the ingredients of that sandwich.  And things are going to get worse.  Do you see how many people are buying gold now?  Russia just put a whole bunch more money into gold.  China did the same thing.  People are preparing.”

“Now let me ask you a question:  Is your state preparing?” Glenn asked the audience.

“I came to Texas for a reason because the people here not just are well armed and will defend a republic.  More importantly, I came here because the people here are good and decent, God‑fearing, they still will help their neighbor.  And they’ll still allow you to be free to create in Texas.  Texas is preparing.  Whether even Texans know it or not.  Several states are.  Do your own homework.  Find out.  What is your state doing?  Does your state even have its assets?  If your state has any gold, is it in your state, or is it sitting in the bank at the basement of the vaults of the Federal Reserve in New York City?  If there’s a problem, does your state get that money from the Federal Reserve?  See, everybody trusted the Federal Reserve, “Yeah, you just keep it because it will be safe there.  Texas moved their gold, or at least the University ofTexas moved their gold to Texas.  They said we want it all.  They’re guarding it themselves.  How many states have done that?  Has any state done that?”
“We used to have ‑‑ I have in my office some civil defense signs, the fallout shelters from the early Fifties, Sixties, and early Seventies.  I have a Geiger counter that was made in the 1960s right out of ‑‑ brand‑new out of a box.  It was sitting in some fallout shelter.  The federal government prepared us before.  The federal government made sure that we had food.  Does your state have food?  Because if there is, God forbid, a breakdown in the banking system, I’ve told you to be prepared.  But if you look at that survey that came out a couple of days ago, he we told you where the most charitable people are, you’ll see sections of the country.  For instance, the Northeast, the least charitable area of the country and some of the greatest wealth of the country is in the Northeast.  They don’t understand charity anymore.  Their charity are taxes.  That’s why taxes are so high.  Because they’re not going to church anymore, they are not linking arms with their charities and their churches and their neighborhoods.  They’re paying taxes.  That’s the way they understand charity.”

“So if the federal government and the state government can no longer provide, what happens to that society?  They get angry.  What happens to the society that can’t make it?  What happens to that society?  Well, depends on where you live.

“Let me tell you about a story that we found in Kansas.  The farmers are experiencing a drought.  In Kansas there was a summit where they talked about what was happening to them.  I sent a reporter out from The Blaze.  There’s a new story up that you have to read.  It is inspiring.  I didn’t want to find the bad stories of the drought.  Everybody knows.  Prices are going to go up.”

“There was a story this week where there are farmers actually feeding cows out‑of‑date candy because it has some nutrition, nutritional value.  They can’t afford to feed the cattle.  The drought is off the charts bad.”

“I instructed our reporter from The Blaze to go there, to find the story of the real people of the drought.  He went to Oklahoma, went to Kansas.  I talked to farmers.  His solution ‑‑ they asked for Americans to help.  The solution that he found was universal:  Please pray for rain.  Please pray for us.  That’s the only thing we need:  Prayers for rain.  See, the people in these states, they have faith and that’s why some of these states are the highest in giving.  Because the people are still connected to one another.  They’re still connected to the neighborhoods.  They’re still connected to their neighbors.  They’re still connected to their family and to their God and to their church.  And that’s why at this summit when they were talking about what was happening to them, the drought is worse than it’s been in half a century, water is extraordinarily valuable and scarce, and in Kansas they’ve set things up between senior farmers and junior farmers.  Senior farmers have direct access to the irrigation system, and they take what they want.  The junior farmers get what’s left.  And usually there’s enough to go around for everybody.  They just take it off the top and then whatever’s left goes to the junior farmers, but now there’s not even enough water in Kansas to be able to grow a full crop for the senior farmers and that would kill everything for the junior farmers.”

“But here’s what they’ve done:  Without any regulation, without any state or federal enforcement, without anybody coming and making grand speeches, without Congress passing a single bill, the senior farmers who have access to all of the water decided to give the junior farmers enough water to get a crop.  The senior farmers are already getting very little profit because of the reduced water supply.  This agreement means they are going to get even less.  Some of them will go out of business.  But they still realize that they are neighbors.  They still have enough American decency in themselves.  They know they have to live together.  They know they’re in this together.  It’s still the greatest American generation.  It’s people like these farmers in Kansas that are still willing to help each other without being told what to do.  They don’t need to be hold.”

“I found this out firsthand.  I have a farm.  It’s in the Mountain West.  There’s something about driving a truck.  My wife just said to me last night, she said, I’ve got to get the car cleaned.  It’s just driving me crazy, there’s so much dust on it.  She ‑‑ at the farm she said that for about the first week.  There’s to way to get it clean.  It will never be clean.  There’s nothing that’s clean, especially when there’s no rain.  It’s dusty.  Everything is dusty.  Your clothes, your ‑‑ everything.  But there’s something about the soil.  There is something about being rooted in the American soil that just makes everything real.  It roots you.  And you start thinking about the person whose dust is blowing now in your house.  It’s from their farm.  And you realize, we are not alone.  How is the neighbor doing?  We’re in this together and we’re going to succeed, if we always remember who we are.  We always remember that we are in this together, that we don’t hate each other, whether you’re a senior farmer or a senior farmer.  We’re in this together.  And so we’ll make it through the droughts, we’ll make it through the tough times because that’s what Americans do.  And then when it begins to rain again, Americans will grow crops better and more plentiful than anybody on Earth.  Because that’s what we do when it rains.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    A man stood on the shore of the river among the snow and grinding of ice born upon the water in the depths of winter. Many wished to turn back, and fear grew in their hearts; yet he stood tall, strong and confident yet not arrogant, showing no fear or doubt to anyone around him.

    “This night we cross the river and engage the enemy; they say it is impossible to do so in the depths of winter; yet we are an exceptional people, for whom the impossible is a challenge to be met and then accomplished…our enemy is there, our friends and families are depending on us…today we win our future for all…’

    Thus soon happened the impossible, the great maneuver that engaged the most feared band of mercenaries of the world in their day, the Hessians; and the battle of Trenton occured.

    The colonial army and Washington showed the impossible could be done by Americans; for we are an land of where the exceptional of the individual, and thus of the nation, is commonplace, and not the exception to the rule.

    They saw the future before them, beyond the great river: an time of pain and hardship, to meet the ultimate goal…FREEDOM.

    So it is with us right now, we face our river to cross, and not all shall make it; but we will as a nation and as individuals…for we are AMERICANS.

    We shall emerge with the victory in the end.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Our best days behind us – I say it this way “BOLOGNA! the best is yet to come!”

    • Geraldine M. McLaugh

       I didn’t want to find the bad stories of the drought.  Everybody knows.  Prices are going to go up.

  • Anonymous

    G/B’s nailed it again but nobody’s really talking about the problem. The problem is going to be acts of domestic terrorism carried out by middle easterners her on U.S. soil. My complaint is that our government is still treating us like children and their refusal to make Americans aware of the real threats we face puts many Americans in Jeopardy. Its one thing for somebody like Beck to say be prepared. Would it really be that bad if the message came from the oval office just once?
    This inference is based on fair minded commonsense.
    Consider the media snippets regarding terrorists operating on the border. It’s been going on for years. Books have been written on the topic and anybody in congress who’s questioned it has been silenced through security briefings or just plain lied to. We know they’re here, so what did Congress do ? Well instead of telling us the truth they decided to do something else instead.
    Then came the National Defense Authorization Act, passed by both republicans and democrats. Why did they do that? The NDAA is the most horrifying piece of legislation I have ever read , it is so vague it literally gives the DHS  authority to point a finger, call anybody a terrorist, and remove them.
    Recently, we now have verifiable media reports that the U.S. is providing drone aircraft in some of our top twenty cities to aid in Law Enforcement plus the military has been conducting response drills to some of our nation’s top cities. Hmm ?
    In the field of surveillance the cost of drones versus traditional fixed wing aircraft with thermal, Fleer systems, the best tracking, the cost is not even comparable. You could buy and maintain 10 maybe even 15 fixed wings for every drone. So why are they doing it?
    The only thing I know is this, you can’t put rockets or electric cannons on a Cessna !
    In my opinion the scenario plays out like this. We go to war with Iran. All the terrorist cells ( we haven’t been told about) are activated at which time there are mass killing all over the US and other places which creates a great deal of Chaos. Afterwards, like a scene from Afghanistan Americans watch the nightly news as a drone strike hits a car pulling into a shopping mall where a group of terrorist were about to commit jihadist killings. Night after night we watch these events unfold in our own back yards while Praises are sang and we thank our government for keeping us safe.  
    How ironic, when it happens I just hope some people remember what really led up to all of this was simply a failure to secure our borders, and failure on the part of our government to simply tell the people to be prepared and what to potentially expect.

  • Rahm Kota

    It hard not to see that today. Our debt is rising and no one even cares in power. We one day maybe even owned by China if we are not already and every single sicko with a country is gunning for us. How else am I supposed to see it? I will not let any more of these things happen to us. I am sick of the bullies running things. I am sick of every single terrorist country like Iran pushing us around and Russia joining the side of evil time and time again. Let’s push back than maybe we can see what this country is made of again.

    • greywolfrs

      I understand your point, but China owns very little of our debt. Most of debt is owned by…wait for it…The Federal Reserve.

      • Anonymous

        So you have a couple Trillion bucks in your pocket to pay off China? Let me think, the interest payments on close to Sixteen Trillion Dollars of United States Debt is like 500-600 BILLION Dollars EACH YEAR. A lot of money that could help Americans. Get a Life and an Education.

        • greywolfrs

          Hey stupid, did you miss the part where I said China holds very little of our debt and that most of it is owned by the Federal Reserve. You do know who the Federal Reserve is right? You must have missed the news from about a year ago that China sold off most of our bonds they held. Who did they sell them to? The Federal Reserve. Get a life and education, you have no clue who holds our debt and say this B S to me. You are a moron of the highest order.

          • Anonymous

            You know your kind of attitude is why we are a godless society.  You need to be kind in your words.  Just because you have all the answers.  You need to take a breath and chill a little.  Doesn’t make a bit of difference who holds our debt, we will go down the tubes and lose our great Country!!!  Be kind to one another.  Get back to the Bible.

          • greywolfrs

            The First Amendment says I have the right to freedom of speech and religion. You tell me I need to chill and my attitude is the problem? I tell you that your attitude and pushing your religion on others is the problem. It does make a difference who holds our debt, saying China holds is a lie. You may like basing your ideas on lies, but I do not.

      • Rahm Kota

        Great now our country is practicing cannibalism on its self.

      • Anonymous

        Yup.  China owns only about 1/14th of our debt.  At least that’s according to the latest official numbers.

    • Anonymous

      “Iran pushing us around”.. 

      You are taking the mickey here aren’t you ?

      • Rahm Kota

        So your saying building weapons and causing shipping problems in a strait where are oil get ship though in order to attack us and Israel is not pushing us around? Gee I glad you are not in power you would just hand Iran the keys to our nukes.

        • Anonymous

          Get a World Map, now do a little research and on that Map, plot the positions of US Forces on that Map. Then plot the positions of Iranian Forces (all within it’s borders). 

          So tell me, Who’s threatening Who ?

          Iran hasn’t bothered anyone for hundreds of years. You paranoid war mongering animals on the other hand..

          It’s war against Iraq was fuelled by you lot, when you armed Saddam to the teeth with Chemical and Biological weapons – remember that ?
          And incidentally, who’s the only country in violation of the Chemical Weapons Treaty ? Oh that would be the USA, so why aren’t you being harassed for that ?

          And the piece of land erroneously labelled ‘Israel’, well there’s a spoiled child in the Classroom who refuses to get on with the other kids. If you were the teacher how would you treat that Bully ?
          You’d smack his arse and tell him to be tolerant and make an effort to ‘get on’.
          Israel is the sole reason more that half your population needs government handouts.
          It’s long past time you let that go and start looking inwards. Your country’s sailing very close to the edge of the World at the moment. And that’s not personally Obama’s fault, as much as I hate the lying Puppet.

          What I don’t think you all realise is that Romney will simply be another Puppet. And if you want to fix your International image, if that’s now possible, Romney will only make it worse, irrespective of his internal policies.

          Keep blowing the World to pieces, it may well bite back soon..

          • Rahm Kota

            I don’t want war you retard! You completely missed the point moron. I was talking about screwing their economy up not war dumb idiot. Second Iran let us no choice but to put as many troops around them. Second Iraq and Afghanistan is far from prefect places to attack from have you been watching TV lately? Third it would be downright irresponsible to fight a war in three different countries. Fourth point they don’t need to be close to attack us not only we get our oil from that region check a map idiot but IBCMS heard of them moron nuke that can be launch into space and come back down on the other side of the world and there is proof that they are building them. They are not launching worms into space for the hell of it idiot. You are nothing but a fool to believe this B.S. let me guess you’re a 9/11 truther as well.

          • Anonymous

            Indeed.  We have our own ICBMs though.  When push comes to shove, and it is a matter of when not if, Iran won’t stand a ghost of a chance against us.  We will be ready.  zoo06 is a fool who simply chooses to ignore the threats coming to not just us but EVERY SINGLE one of our allies, in particular Israel, from Iran.  I believe a war is coming.  I don’t want it.  No one really wants it.  But Iran certainly is pushing for one.  And we need to be ready ourselves.

          • Rahm Kota

            Don’t try to tell zoo06 which I think is really a monkey typing. I never meet someone so blind to what is going on. I am not worried about what clearly is an IBCM program because we can turn that country into a class table if push comes to shove. Which I pray don’t happen. I just wish Obama supported the Iranian protest when we had a chance of doing some good. It is funny how these Paulbots sound more crazy than Ron Paul himself.

          • Anonymous

            Indeed. They are the ones who really give Ron Paul his bad name. They’re almost as bad as liberal progressives, almost.

          • Anonymous

            You’ve been screwing the Iranian economy and causing suffering amongst millions of innocent people. (as usual). Your ‘second’ and ‘second’ points are a waste of pixels.
            Hopefully your 3rd point will prove correct ;-).

            Since you get your oil from that region as you point out maybe you should try being a bit nicer ?

            There is no proof they are building ICBM’s you gullible fools that believe your media.

            I won’t mention 9/11, because like Israel’s ILLEGAL ICBM’s one isn’t allowed to mention it.

            ANTI-SEMITE !  ANTI-SEMITE !  (hysterical outburst) …. BURN the WITCH !

            WAR is being pushed for, and this time we all die.
            Well done.

          • Rahm Kota

            I knew it you’re a truther and how many times do I have to tell you before it gets into your idiotic brain of yours I do not want war and dare you to find someone who does. Did I call you an anti-Semite so now you feel you need to put words in my mouth as well?

          • Anonymous

            No you didn’t call me that so fair enough, but it’s the usual crappy response.

            But neither did I say I was a ‘Truther’ as you call it.

            And, you DIDN’T address the point about Israel’s ILLEGAL ICBM’s did you ?

          • Rahm Kota

            Ok that was dumb of me to say. How is it that it is ok for Iran to do it but not Israel trying to protect them from the homicidal mad man next door? This is millions of lives on both sides we are talking about here. You might not like it but Israel ICBMs are necessary in order to hold it over the idiot running Iran sad thing is that we could have got rid of the idiot if we just back the Iranian protester when they were moving like we did with Egypt. If Obama had any balls then we would not be having this conversation to begin with.

          • Anonymous

            Israel may ‘need’ as you say but that doesn’t exempt it from complying with International Law, which it doesn’t.
            I seriously think you’ve all got it so wrong on Iran. When you consider the US meddling in that country down the years it’s hardly surprising there are people that don’t like the US. But most of what you are fed is propaganda. It’s well documented that the (large) Jewish community in Iran is respected and fully integrated there. No probs they all live side by side in peace and harmony.Israel has been stealing land and displacing indigenous peoples for long enough, and the single quote about ‘wiping Israel off the map’ referred to exactly that.. a MAP! Not killing every man woman and child in the place. Whatever you believe most of the World is now growing intolerant of it’s continuing barbaric treatment of the Palestinian people.

            Check some YouTube vids on Iran, there’s a good one by an American guy in a series something like “places my Mother didn’t want me to go”. People ain’t that different, wherever you go.

            I have been contemplating a visit myself to photograph some of it while it’s still there. 
            But if my timing’s lousy, you lot may get me yet..

          • Rahm Kota

            You’re an idiot just because they only let them have one seat in government means nothing. It would be like saying Hitler saying we gave a seat to a Jew that means we love them in fact he had generals with Jewish ancestry but they still put Jews in gas chambers. I guess you like to ignore the fact that they also lock people up who leave Islam under the threat of death but that sounds so peaceful! And gee how do you think I Iran is going to take Israel off the map tickling their leaders to death. I am not saying the Iranians themselves are evil just their leadership is proven evil. You could walk the streets in Berlin in world war two and found nice people but it still does not change the fact that their leader was a homicidal mad man.

  • Anonymous

    Increases in food prices should scare the hell out of every American, right or left leaning.  Anyone who’s ever gone a couple of days without eating (I have) knows that you become a different person, and your mind is seemingly incapable of thinking about anything but food. You will become desperate to satiate your appetite and if you cannot afford to buy food, and you can’t find anyone to beg from, you HAVE to steal in order to literally live. When enough people in this country have reached this state, there will be occurrences of two people trying to steal the same piece of bread; one of them will get the piece of bread and one of them won’t.  A man’s ability to feed his family will no longer be measured in how many overtime shifts he can work, or how many tasks he can complete in a given time, or even the general value of his overall talent will not come into play.  Instead he will need stealth, and marksmanship, and in his veins will flow ice water not blood.  Lo and behold Americans!   When your childrens’ bellies are empty will you try and fill them with excuses?  This will not satisfy them!  You will have to bring food home by any means necessary!  Do not tell them that another man had more might, or that there is no food to find, or that your EBT stamps ran out.  If you are going to tell them anything like that, you might as well not even go home.

    President Obama, your administration represents a drought to American Exceptionalism.  You have taxed us without representation and called your opponents fools, simply because they are your opponents.  I am not your slave President Obama, you are not welcome to eat dinner at my house President Obama, you are an enemy to my values and my standard of living and you ask me to forego my conscience and agree with you.  I will not do this.  I will not congratulate you if you win the next election.  I will move to another nation, ANY nation that understands that freedom isn’t free, and that telling the truth is the most important thing a leader can do. 

    I will not be a citizen of any “collective” because I am an individual and I have a conscience and I have the ability to do the right thing for my neighbor out of impulsion not compulsion and I believe in God who is good to all of us.  Peace and laus deo to one and all.

    • greywolfrs

      I hear what you are saying, but what “other” country understands freedom?

      • Anonymous

        You know, all I can really offer you for an answer is…potentially not us from Nov. 6 onward.  I guess a bunch of us will have to homestead somewhere.

        • greywolfrs

          Well Bert, all I can tell you is freedom will not go quietly into night. Not as long as patriots are willing to fight for it.

          • Ashley A. Kelley

            You need to take a breath and chill a little.  Doesn’t make a bit of difference who holds our debt, we will go down the tubes and lose our great Country!!!  Be kind to one another.

          • Anonymous

            I said “potentially” not us. I also hold onto the hope that we have enough patriots left here. But there were enough idiots around to vote for Obama. The only people I exempt from this “idiot” reference are black people who voted for Obama because they wanted to see a black president, not an evil desire. It’s all well and good to say freedom won’t go quietly into the night, but then again neither will this Communist sickness that’s hit the Oval Office and spread to the public. This menace will require a lot of blood to get rid of if Nov. 6 goes the way I fear it might.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, As proven by England possessing the greatest civil empire in history(Gen. 48:16), not Judah only PROMISED “GRACE”(MESSIAH) as written in GEN. 49:10! However, in America(ISRAEL, INCLUDING JUDAH), ONLY 144,000 anglo-saxons will survive with the tribe of Joseph replacing the tribe of DAN(IRISH) for being protected(Revelation, chapter 7)! SEPTEMBER 16, 2012 is the NEXT ANNUAL FEAST OF TRUMPETS(WAR), THEREFORE; WATCH!

  • Anonymous

    The American People are starting to wake up to all
    that is going on in our country.  Maybe not too many
    in New York.  Those tall high-rise buildings don’t
    allow much air to clear your brain to think.
    Romney and Ryan will be elected, both good men,
    and they will help the American people to believe
    again.  We will help each other.

  • Anonymous

    I have a great deal of faith in the American people.
    We are, all of us, God’s children.  He won’t help us
    unless we ask.
    To all of the farmers, I will pray for you.

  • greywolfrs

    Glenn makes some good points. I guess I would have to have to say both, we have had good days in the past and can have more in the future. I think that Americans really need to wake up, truly. Unfortunately, most Americans do not realize where the biggest problem exists. We really need to audit and abolish the Federal Reserve, first. This institution has been screwing us since it’s inception. The moment we handed our monetary system over to the private bankers, we were screwed. (Thanks Wilson, you jackass)
    Second, Americans really need to understand that there isn’t much difference between Democraps and Republicans. We keep voting for the  lesser of two evils thinking that something is going to change, when in reality, nothing changes, it just seems to be getting worse.
    Third, the unsustainable debt and deficits WILL collapse the system, it’s just a question of when, not if. Neither side is truly doing anything about that. This is WHY the gold standard was instituted, to keep the government honest. Now, we have no way of doing that. Is the gold standard perfect? No, but it sure beats thinking our money created out of thin air is worth something.

    Can our best days be ahead of us? Without a doubt, but to think there will not be hard choices to make to get there, would be foolish.

  • Anonymous

    God bless our great nation, we must have faith in God I pray for our nation that go back to being the great America we once were.

  • Anonymous

    Well Glenn, I believe you’re right…pretty much.
    I believe that it is going to get better…someday.
    But not now.
    I believe that before things get better they will get worse….a lot worse.
    I know there are nay sayers out there but I don’t care….but the fact is, I expect a civil war.
    And I believe it will be a hard one.  Why?
    Because *every website is about fifty fifty.  Fifty percent patriots…fifty percent communist.
    And I KNOW they are communists because….they say they are.
    They’ve been at it for years.  Remember the Battle in Seattle?  And now the one percenters?
    I don’t believe there is anything that anyone can do to stop it.  The communists want it all and they believe they have a chance to get it.
    And maybe they do…because there are more people out there it seems … that want something for nothing.
    So …. this is what I believe.
    Maybe I’m wrong.
    I hope so.
    But I doubt it.

  • new2la

    Nah,  we are not at our highest potential just yet.   I agree with SnowLeopard….our best is yet to come.

  • Anonymous

    not only are they bullies but also hippies the hippies that hate life since they were kids..they still are hateful kids….and Hussein-Obama is the puppet of these people..with the added quality of being a radical islamist terrorist! We had someone with the cure for cancer,however, she was aborted!..hey Rahm, I hope you’re not related to (Don) Rahm Emmanuel..( lol )

  • Anonymous

    I am an American.  I know we can not get our country back as it was in 1950’s.  But I do have faith that we can come together as a nation and find a common ground.  I see each day the most ugly political fight for the Presidency  than ever in history.  I do NOT like it.  This sets a disgusting and negative example to the younger and future generations.  I do not hold my breath  waiting for Obama to announce that we as a nation, need to join together for the future good of the USA.  That is a sickening Reality and it is time to take our country BACK. Back to DECENCY.  I do not care what the nay sayers have to say, as they say basic negatives.  I ask the People to stand Tall and Be Proud and insist, Yes, INSIST ,that we as a Nation. get UNITED.  GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    • Anonymous

       God has blessed America since its inception.  What we need now is for America to Bless God by returning to our roots of a solid religious foundation and stop pandering to ever minority group that wants to destroy this great nation by having any reference to God removed from the public domain and even the private domain.  If we do not stand up for God He will not stand up for us.

  • Craig&Julie Newton

    There is a New World Order coming, but it is not of this world.

  • Anonymous

    its just that this administration loves and idolizes Mao and want to be China…does any body know Mao Killed More people than Hitler? This whole administration is just so EVIL! what do you expect from these people who idolizes Satan, their Bible Is RulesForRadicals which was Saul Alinsky dedicated to Lucifer…that is what leader this administration follows! Pray Speak up for God Now!Wake Up America! Don’t Become Sheeple! Read Cowards,Ameritopia and  Fool Me Twice!!!Come Back To God Our Father Ask For Forgiveness,Follow Him, not the antiGod of Hussein-Obama-the antiAmerican Islamist Terrorist!!

  • Poison_ Monkey

    And these three men – fell down bound … – That is, the flame did not loosen the cords by which they had been fastened. The fact that they were seen to fall into the furnace “bound,” made the miracle the more remarkable that they should be seen walking loose in the midst of the fire.

  • Anonymous

    The best days for this country aren’t even close to being here yet.  That doesn’t mean we will continue to be a world power for much longer, but I would argue that’s a good thing.  Being a world power is a drain on a country, especially one that wishes to maintain individual freedoms and it makes us a target and earns us enemies in parts of the world we have no business being even remotely involved in, except perhaps as a diplomatic arbiter.
    Hell, the political climate aside, I would argue this country has never been greater than it is today.  We are freer than we’ve ever been, wealthier than we’ve ever been (present recession aside but that kind of stuff happens no matter what model economy you use).  And yes there have been many efforts, some successful, to limit individual liberties but at the same time we have great people like those at the ACLU (who for every 100 stupid lawsuits they may file have at least a couple truly commendable ones that more than make up for the others) fighting for civil liberties of all people of this country.
    No this isn’t the 50s or the 60s or the 70s 80s or 90s, this is a lot better and it’s only going to keep getting better.

  • Anonymous

    You all are invited to pray for our nation. Starting 17 September 2012 until 6 November 2012, please pray for our nation, and the election. Please read 2 Chronicles 7:14, and ask God to remember His promises to His people.  For those that wish to do more, you can fast one day a week out of those 7 weeks, and pray. Thank you.

    • greywolfrs

      I doubt fasting or prayer is going to fix this, it is going to take A LOT more than that.

      • Anonymous

         It worked here in Texas. The rain returned. You just need a little faith. Try it, you may like it. But than again, he that has no faith is pron to be deceived by his own thoughts and misgivings.

        • greywolfrs

          It worked in Texas? You actually think not eating made rain come? WOW, just WOW!
          You assume I have no faith? You assume that based on what? I have a very intimate relation with god, that is between he and I and is no one else’s business. I do not need an established religion to brain-wash me into what ideas they think are right.

          • Anonymous

            “I have a very intimate relation with god, that is between he and I and is no one else’s business.”

            That’s one of the most sensible things I’ve read on here. Pity you don’t all put that into practice.

          • greywolfrs

            How would you know? You think you know me by what I post online? I doubt it. That would be another assumption, it’s really too bad that people like you do not realize that assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups.

          • Anonymous

            I disagree I’ve made an assumption!

            You consistently advocate ideology and policy that dictates who’s got a right to live where , who’s entitled to what etc, and display prejudice if not in fact racism.
            All based on a book selectively and strategically compiled of many stories by many authors, from different times, hundreds of years after the events and people they’re loosely based on. In effect mythology.

            Your beliefs as anyone’s are none of my yakka as they say (i think). 

            But when it’s used to discriminate and inflict misery on the non-believers then for me the basic principles of the Religion have been forgotten. (Satanism excepted).

  • Anonymous

    Yes. No, and Maybe.   I lived through some of America’s ”best days” and, as of today, I don’t

    think we’ll see them.again.   Especially, no, we won’t if B.O. gets a 2nd term to help ”transform

    America” into what his vision for her is.  He will have the power and tools at hand to carry them

    out.  Maybe, if Romney is elected AND Congress AND the people pull together, we can turn

    things around.                      As far as my state being ready for hard times—are you kidding?

    I live in CA which has been under Dem. control for about 30 years (speaking of the legislature.)

    They have never seen a dollar that they didn’t want to spend.  ”Hell, why wait ’til we get money?

    Let’s just spend now!”    If the state is anything like the city in which I live, 2/3 of their monies go

    for employees and their benefits.  I know the unions get a big chunk of change for their benefits.

    Since our state already has a large debt, it seems doubtful they will be prepared for hard times.

    As for myself, I have been squirreling away some money for awhile now and have some food

    stuffs on hand.  But, wouldn’t be surprised if the kids don’t come knocking if days are tough,

    because they know I have ”stuff” and may not be bashful about asking for help.  With 3 grand-

    kids, how can I say no?            I expect inflation in the near future (and it is reflected now in the

    food prices due to the drought), so, the money on hand will go for that.

    And YES!  We should be praying that the farmers get the rain they need.

    • new2la

      Bjv….I hear you! A very wise woman. We have been put in the state of CA for a very good reason. We are messengers of the truth. It’s up to us to spread the message.

      • Anonymous

        new21a,  (I miss Maxine!)   Thank you for your kind words.  My problem is that

        neither of my sons are especially ”conservative.”   Guess the Libertarian is bit

        more than my ”hard-headed” Dem. son.  If I can remind him of the debt his 3

        children will be burdened with the billions of $$$ debt, he may soften, but I

        doubt a change in vote.  He usually doesn’t like to talk politics.

        Forgot to mention in my original post that the young in America, for the most

        part, DO NOT know history!  If they are recent college graduates and had voted

        for B.O. and now can not find employment, perhaps they will think long and

        hard about voting for him again.        When it comes to minorities—good grief!

        Their unemployment rates are dismal, especially for the young black men.

        However, that being said, I don’t know if that will mean they still won’t vote for

        ”their man.”      If things go, according to nature, I won’t be around for too many

        years to watch America totally tank if that is the course the voters choose.

        • new2la

          bjv…..I still contend that liberalism is a defect in the human mind.    I say this because it is clear to everyone except liberals that something is not right.    We all have family members that fall into this category;   sad but true and there is not one thing we can do to change it.    People have to come to the conclusion,  on their own,  that liberlism doesn’t work, or at least what it represents today. 
          Do as I do and pray for their changing of the mind.    Mine happened in 1996;  I awoke from my stupor and I have never looked back.  I still wonder what took me so long.    Actually,  I do know how it happened;   Our God plays a bigger role in my life now than it did then and quit frankly, I think He is the answer.

          Maxine?….she’ll be back.

  • Anonymous

    “Every country has always hit this point, declined, and erased.”

    There’s a first time for everything.

  • Bonnie Somer

    if people in America forget the 3 most powerful words WE THE PEOPLE then we are lost obama is attempting in no unceertain terms to take America and destory it if we allow it it is us to blame no one else but WEcan also prevent it and that is what we must do now or fight to keep it b/c the world nds us too.  In the movie Independence Day there was a great line: it was we are not just fighting for our independence but our right to survive.  So are we now from the progressive left who seek to own us everything we have and all our individuality and enslave us to the govt for life THAT IS NOT WHAT I WANT AND NOT 4 MY KIDS OR GRANDKIDS we must do what is right now and make the tough choices  Freedom is not free and we must keep it now. 

    • new2la

      It’s four words: In God We Trust

  • Anonymous

    Christian prospective
    In the book of Daniel, chapters 7-11 are defined the conditions which occur during the close of this earth age. In Jeremiah 24 is found the kickoff event to that closing period, which started in 1947-48.
    Let’s look at the order of events.
    1-Judah is placed back in the land of Israel
    2-Persia (Iran) and Media (Iraq) rise to great wealth and power
    3-Persia uses that wealth to turn all nations against Javan (the hot and active) most likely Judah or as its called now The State of Israel
    4-The West moves with vast military power against and Distain, against both Persia and Media and is successful at destroying their power (wealth and military strength).
    5-A global government emerges run by a Fake Jesus (anti Christ)

  • Anonymous

    His can Glen proclaim freedom of speech and liberty and truth but at the same time require commenters to assign themselves to a Marxist/Leninist speech control via DISQUS?

    • Anonymous

      Christian prospective
      In the book of Daniel, chapters 7-11 are defined the conditions which occur during the close of this earth age. In Jeremiah 24 is found the kickoff event to that closing period, which started in 1947-48.
      Let’s look at the order of events.
      1-Judah is placed back in the land of Israel
      2-Persia (Iran) and Media (Iraq) rise to great wealth and power
      3-Persia uses that wealth to turn all nations against Javan (the hot and active) most likely Judah or as its called now The State of Israel
      4-The West moves with vast military power against and Distain, against both Persia and Media and is successful at destroying their power (wealth and military strength).
      5-A global government emerges run by a Fake Jesus (anti Christ)

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry, but you would either have to be really stupid or from another world to know that our America as we KNEW it is being changed.  Our young men and women are fighting for nothing and losing their lives.  The Lord certainly has taken his blessings from us and unfortunately, it has affected all of us not just the ones that voted for Obama.  Just pray that God will restore is grace and mercy on us as a immoral, godless country.  Prayerfully, we can change. 

  • new2la

    A gunman opened fire in NYC this morning… was pointed out that he used a rifle or shotgun.    Is anyone curious of all the shootings going on?     Gosh, if I weren’t such a skeptic, I would think someone wants a reason to ban guns…..someone with a lot of money.

  • landofaahs

    Our best days are behind us for certain if the democrats get their way.  They claim to help the poor by stealing from the rich and middle class; out of that stolen pot of ill-gotten gain they divide the plunder between themselves and their cronies.  After the corrupt gain is extracted, just enough is given to the slaves below to keep them in line and voting for the HELL that is justly coming their way.  It is indeed coming and though I will feel their pain, they must be the example of what not to do.  They have been warned for years.
    Pray well brothers and sisters in Christ.  Those who are not of Christ, are not my brothers or sisters.  Sorry if that is harsh, but truth often is.

  • Anonymous

    “Yes” and “No”.

  • Anonymous

  • Gert B Frobe

    Hell no!  All I can say is if the government decides to try to invoke a executive privilege and change the 2nd amendment, we are going to have blood on our hands and the military will not fight this one for the government.  The UN will not make policy for us and our economy will outlast the Euro as it is currently being ousted from countries in the EU as I predicted 2 years ago.

    China will not continue to grow at this pace as exports will slow when our dollar rebounds by the Euro crumbling and more drilling occurs among other things.  Taxes will be cut and deregulation will occur giving the small businesses a chance to survive. 

    Please teach the appropriate methods to create growth in a country in future government classes since I was taught correctly and my family thrived under those principles as our tax code is complex, not by necessity, but by a convoluted method to try to please everyone.  I feel you should have all the opportunity to succeed, but if you fail, pick your own butt up and try again.  We don’t build statues for the weak and useless.

  • Omegaomni

    Empires must fall   Britain had to fall to make way for America  in your christian bible America will fall and make way for the kingdom of Christ on earth.  It is only baby boomers who in fits of nostalgia worry so much. We gave the world the light bulb but also the nuclear bomb, the predator drone, stock market crashes, and two and half men.

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