WATCH: A better tomorrow isn’t pain free

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  • Soulphoenix

    Obama has his zombie followers believing that the only pain to be felt will be among their “enemies,” i.e., those who oppose or criticize him. We are fools to follow such an obviously false “prophet.”

    Keep it up, Glenn (and others like you). More people are waking up and beginning to take action every day.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The god-king of the Democratic Pantheon has conveyed the message to his people that the way unto salvation and deliverance is via the government and of the government for the government.

    Right now, we are at the crossroads, and have to decide how to deal with the pain and crisis that his headed down towards us. Do we prepare now as a nation and as communities and individuals; or do we fall asleep, assuming all will be the same as before and perish?

    Many are howling for “I want it all the way it was,” or “Why do things have to change.”

    America is a place where exceptionalism of the individual and thus the nation as a whole; is the normal, we are now capable of changing the history and we have rediscovered who we are, and are returning to where we are to be as God requires.

    Hang on for the ride, for we can make it, it will not be easy…it will be terrifying, but we will win.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    May 2014, that is the day the madness will finish and we will begin to prosper and excell once again. We need to hold on and ride out the storm that is here at hand; the worse is still to come, especially if the harvests of Australia and South America collapse.

    And do not forget, the QE 3 madness is nearly at hand.

    • Monica R. Bailey

      More people are waking up and beginning to take action every day. The farmers in Kansas are just one of many, many growing examples.

  • Rahm Kota

    Freedom isn’t free but paid for in sweet, tears, and sometimes blood. Let pray it never comes to blood.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    A really bad scenario, would be lack of fuel, electricity, and water.  Farmers cannot run their equipment without fuel.  Farmers cannot plant without available seed.  Unless there are emergency storage facilities set up for seed, there can be no crops.  A small gardener with seed can work by hand, but cannot feed the multitudes of the city dwellers.

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