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Prominent atheist Richard Dawkins unleashed on believers in a recent interview with Playboy magazine, calling into question the intelligence of anyone who believes in God. His superiority complex is really quite interesting, especially given some of his explanations for the origin of life – namely the one about how space aliens designed life and ‘seeded it’ here on Earth. Genius.

The Blaze reported on the interview:

Of course, many intelligent and educated people do, indeed, embrace the existence of a higher power. However, it seems Dawkins either avoids or simply hasn’t encountered these people.

As for the Bible and Jesus Christ — central tenets of the Christian faith — the famed non-theist didn’t have many favorable accolades to share. On the sociopolitical front, he believes that the holy books associated with Christianity, Judaism and Islam will prevent peace from ever coming to fruition in the Middle East.

“There’s not much hope to the extent that the most influential protagonists both base their hostility on 2,000-year-old books that they believe give them title to the land,” he explained.

Rather than staking the claim that Jesus Christ was merely a historical figure, but that he simply wasn’t the son of God as many other atheists have done, Dawkins seems to cast doubt on his existence.

“The evidence he existed is surprisingly shaky,” he told Playboy. “The earliest books in the New Testament to be written were the Epistles, not the Gospels. It’s almost as though Saint Paul and others who wrote the Epistles weren’t that interested in whether Jesus was real.”

You can read the full analysis HERE

In the interview, Dawkins claims that he thinks God is as likely to exist as the tooth fairy. And while some of his critics say this leaves an opening, he fired back “You can think so, if you think there’s an opening for the tooth fairy.”

“Now, what’s interesting about that is you can disprove the tooth fairy.  There is a well known process that I won’t go into some extreme detail as some of our listeners may be children, but there is a process in which the tooth turns into the quarter under the pillow.  This process is known to many adults.  So that process can be proved to be very much of this Earth,” Stu joked.

And while Dawkins doesn’t believe God could have created life on Earth, he doesn’t rule out aliens seeding the Earth with life. In the Ben Stein documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed , he said, ” Well, it could come about in the following way. It could be that at some earlier time somewhere in the universe, a civilization evolved by probably some kind of Darwinian means to a very, very high level of technology and designed a form of life that they seeded onto perhaps this planet.”

Let’s just say Pat and Stu didn’t believe this was a very credible answer:

PAT: Wait. Okay. So it could be that aliens developed.

STU: Yeah, mmm‑hmmm.

PAT: And planted the seed that developed here.

STU: Right. So ‑‑

PAT: Hmmm.

STU: Obviously belief in God is crazy.

PAT: That God is ridiculous. But aliens.

STU: But belief in aliens creating a form of life and seeding it here on Earth.

PAT: Makes a lot more sense.

STU: Planting it like corn, for us to grow into the society that we’ve become, that’s sensible. That is his legitimate explanation.

PAT: So there’s like ‑‑

STU: For life on Earth.

PAT: There are universal farmers, or galaxy farmers.

STU: Yes, galaxy.

PAT: Who go around the galaxy and they just plant crops. And those crops just happen to be humans.

STU: Right. That’s how we got here.

PAT: Or life at least, right? Because we weren’t humans that they planted. They planted the seed. It started to grow into some sort of life and then it evolved.

STU: Yeah, right. My favorite part of this is ‑‑

PAT: Good.

STU: ‑‑ not the fact that he has to admit that intelligent design is a possibility. It’s not the fact that he believes that it must have been aliens creating life and planting it here. But my favorite part of all of this is even if his scenario is 100% accurate, it still asks the question, “Where did that civilization come from?”

PAT: Right, right.

STU: He still hasn’t answered the question.

PAT: Still hasn’t figured it out.