Mistake: Romney makes a birther joke

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Mitt Romney is a lot of things – successful businessman, decent human being, family man. One thing he’s not? Funny. So it’d probably be a good move to stop trying to have him make jokes at the beginning of stump speeches. Like a recent speech in Michigan when a harmless joke came out bad and ended up giving Democrats fodder for a few days.

In a speech on Friday, Romney said, ““Now I love being home in this place where Ann and I were raised, where both of us were born. Ann was born in Henry Ford Hospital, I was born in Harper Hospital. No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate, they know that this is the place that we were born and raised.”


Now, was that a smart comment to make? No! But is it as bad as the media is making it out to be? Pat and Stu debated the topic on radio this morning.

“So he clearly, obviously joking about the birth certificate thing, right?” Pat said.

“Right. He’s making a joke about a silly Internet rumor. That’s what he’s doing. And that is clearly on the table as a joke. The point is, of course, that everyone takes it seriously as if he’s making some policy statement,” Stu said.

Despite the obvious, failed attempt at a joke – the usual suspects are coming out to bash Romney in the media.

For example, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has come out saying the comment is beneath someone running for President of the United States. Michael Eric Dyson has said it was some of the “basic and most despicable bigotry” imaginable.

Are they taking it a little too far? After all, they are basically implying it lands on the same level of bigotry as slavery!

And, as the guys pointed out on radio, no one loves to bring up the birth certificate more than Barack Obama!

“They can joke about it, and do, all the time on a regular basis. Carney jokes about it. Obama jokes about it. Axelrod has joked about it. They all bring it up because they love it,” Pat said.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz has come out saying the comment is beneath someone running for President of the United States. Michael Eric Dyson has said it was some of the “basic and most despicable bigotry” imaginable.

    Just as with Chris Matthew all but going apostolical in rage at the RNC chairman during an interview as well. This is the double standard of the left; they can get away with any manner of lies, accusations, distortions and fabrications they can create, and heaven help anyone who tells a mere joke about the President.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

      I’ve e-miled wite house and campaign of my eye witness acocount and dailly recaps since 7/26/12 on facebook and he still may not know he was born in Topeka, ks and who is real dad was, a nice person

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter what Romney says the progressives will make something bad out of it. It’s a tactic to make Romney afraid to speak or tailor his speaking so much as to appear stiff and cold — exactly what they want.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KIRZSBSOQWEIGNURVTKR37LIGQ GMiller

      He needs to show some courage now and prove he’s worthy of being President.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

        Tell him he’s born in Topeka, Ks and let him get his real reords and not the fake paper trail created by afraid loved ones at time of birth?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

      Mitt must have read my facebook eyewitness account of Pres obama born in Topeka, Ks

  • landofaahs

    I’m still having a difficult time believing odumbass was born and not hatched….Where is of little difference. 

    • greywolfrs

      It’s neither, they dropped the test tube and Obamao crawled out. Don’t ask me why they let it live…

      • landofaahs

        Are you saying he would have made a better janitor?

        • greywolfrs

          I think shoveling shit on a farm is more suited….

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

        Blame his maternal grandmother and everyone else that went alone with hiding his birth in Topeka, Ks

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

      The fkae trail created  at time of birth die to fear. He was born in Topeka Ks. been posting eye witness account on facebook strting 7.26 12 and daily recaps. I do have a hand injury and there are some typos. Please ask questons and verify and let the president know. appaerently the campaign and white house ; handers; still aren’t telling him and he needs to request his birth certificate and other records of his mother.

  • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Rahm Kota

    I thought it was funny. Maybe not the right thing to do because the left have a trend of going way over broad with fake outrage like they always do.

    • greywolfrs

      Maybe that’s exactly what he was trying to do….

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

      It was the right thing as apparently Mitt had read my facebook account of Pres obama orn in Topeka ks and my daily recps since 7.26.12 when i began sharing my eye witness acocount of events. he;s been lied to his whole life and he needs to get his real birth records and become free of all those tryng to control him so he can be our Pres for 4 months or 4 years, depending on the voters

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Irina-Krasnyuk/745534442 Irina Krasnyuk

     I love making jokes out of standards. Usually they go to Don’t ask, Don’t tell category. Anyway, judging from reflections on how to displace Armagedon, it will not be the smartest of the moves. Clearly not for those, who were born out of touch…and. that is shy….is it still  out of the obvious?

  • Michael Doolittle

    It was a joke, but it wasn’t about being funny. IT HAD A PUROSE. Instead of letting MSM or the Obama campaign read-into, spin, create, or insert their own gaffe into Romney’s speech, he baited them with one that HE chose. One, he did get a laugh from the crowd. Two, he get get network attention to himself and the crowds he’s drawing. Three, he got the MSM to over-react and show even more what a bunch of whiney schills they are. Now all he has to do is insert the words “birth certificate” into every jobs/deficit/medicare speech and he’ll have all the media attention he wants. (Four, hey its better than the stupid white board thing he was trying.)

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KIRZSBSOQWEIGNURVTKR37LIGQ GMiller


    • Anonymous

      I like your optimism here :) 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

      Mitt has it right and he may have known about my facebook eye witness account of his being born in Topeka, Ks andhis own loved ones have lied to him and that is hurtful.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KIRZSBSOQWEIGNURVTKR37LIGQ GMiller

    This is one of your huge blind spots, Glenn, although you have done great things for america.

    Romney handled that perfectly. Too bad he was forced to walk it back by RINO;s and other cowards the next day.

    Glenn, Obama is NOT eligible to be President:

    Obama hasn’t submitted a shred
    of valid legal proof of eligibility for the presidency


    1. Forged birth certificate on



    2. His draft registration is


    3. He has used at least 16
    stolen Social Security numbers, including the one he uses to get paid in the
    White House 042-68-4425:


    4. Even if he was born here, he
    ‘s not eligible, since his father was a foreigner and never a citizen. Learn something
    about Presidential eligibility:


  • Anonymous

    I am so done with Glenn Beck.  I’ve been an avid follower for some time.  But I get the distinct impression he’s backing Ron Paul.  I fully subscribed to GBTV.  Watched, read and listened.  But I get the impression he has veered into the Ron Paul court which will not get Ron Paul elected but will take away votes from Romney.  I’ve followed elections for years.  I’ve seen not only Ron Paul but many other 3rd Party candidates fail and do nothing but force votes that either don’t count, or go to the left.  I am sick of this.  I’m extremely disappointed in Beck.  And detect some sort of egotism on his part.  That’s a complete turn off. I will not re-subscribe. I also despise Ron Paul. A sore loser who did not win the Republican candidacy. He, in my estimation is a political bully along with his followers. Why would I support someone who disrupts the political process to force his presence on me? I would no more consider Ron Paul than I would Obama. Two peas in a pod.

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/KT4Lrqo2hvnN6LqEtIePUto5Vja0#37ec2 RichardM

      Nobody in Congress has a 30 year track record equal to Ron Paul’s.  Ron Paul and his supporters are pissed because the RNC made sure Paul stayed off the ticket.  The RINOs are afraid of Ron Paul.

      Can you name one politician that talks about the issues like Ron Paul?  What you’ll hear is a bunch of politispeak.  You don’t get that from Ron Paul.  Before you go mouthing off about someone, you should check your facts.  You sound like a RINO!!!!

      • greywolfrs

        I do not know if he sounds like a RINO, but he sure does sound like a moron.

    • Anonymous

      GB, I have to say that you have this all wrong. Glenns issue with this is the birther credo. And you have not listened when he has given his opinion on RP.
      I have to say that although i agree with Glenn on just about everything, this one I don’t…
      For some reason, Glenn has chosen not to go there. However, I firmly believe that our dear Prez is illegal. He actually has a CT SS #, from someone who was born in the 1880’s & he has NEVER LIVED IN MY STATE!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

        Born in Topeka ks of natural orn Americans. Obama sr was an arranged marriage by my dad. se my faceook eye witness acocoutn strting 7.26.12 and dly recpas as to where to find all the docuemntation.And will someone pleae tellthe president the trt. apparently my e- mials were never shown mythird cousin as they are putting out items with the hawiai b.c due to his grandmother;s fear of her own family at westboro baptist.

    • greywolfrs

      WOW! Another dunce heard from. So everyone should be drones and only vote for one, either D or R. Whomever the establishment puts up on each side is who the drones should vote for? I tell you what, I am sick of people like you. You morons think that having only two choices is what is best for this country. You can have establishment lackey number one or establishment lackey number two, but no one else. So, I guess your name is B S.

      By the way, a  vote for any person is a vote for that person alone. Enough of your B S about a being for anyone than who it is was cast for. You are a moron of epic proportions.

      Another thing, I thought this was a free country. So, even if Glenn did decide to support Ron Paul, is he not free to do so? Apparently, you think that everyone must agree with your stupidity. I hate to let you in on a little secret, but MOST people do not agree with your B S.

      As for Paul being a loser, he has been in Congress for 30 years. That sounds like he has won some elections to me. Nevermind that though, that doesn;t fit into your stupidity.

      P.S. Go throw your tantrum some place where someone might give a shit. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, stupid little kid.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Peacock/100001241183282 David Peacock


    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

      President Obama maystill not know he was born in Topeka, Ks. See my eye witness accoount tarting 7/26/12 and dialy recaps since. I almost told him in 1/71, but his maternal grandmother stopped me.worte that tonight

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/KT4Lrqo2hvnN6LqEtIePUto5Vja0#37ec2 RichardM

    Failed joke attempt?  I thought it was necessary, and I thought Mitt delivered it beautifully.  If it got under Obama’s skin, then Mitt did the right thing.

    We already know that Obama’s surrogates fall all over themselves, because one of the last things they want to talk about is Obama’s records.

    Way to go Mitt!!!!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U6PCSWIVHM7FHMSQLCDP3IZWYQ Ray

      Ditto.  No self-loathing zone here, please.

      • http://twitter.com/CeceliaLTorres Cecelia L. Torres

        This is the double standard of the left; they can get away with any manner of lies, accusations, distortions and fabrications they can create, and heaven help anyone who tells a mere joke about the President. http://FinancialMayor.blogspot.com

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

      Mitt must have read my eye witness account on facebook starting 7/26/12 and daily recaps since of President Obama born in Topeka,Ks

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WNXS2SOOIS5L345E5EDFTHMJ54 Ms. Optimistic

    I thought it was funny.

  • new2la

    Romney’s joke telling is no different than Obama trying to act presidencial;   somethings just don’t work.    Mitt, stick to what you inow, the economy.     Obama, time to move on,  you haven’t a clue.

  • Anonymous

    So now we are going to let the Dems tell us what is funny and what is not?  We need to grow a pair,  I thought it was funny.

  • http://twitter.com/AmandaNY1 Amanda N-Y

    I don’t know what planet you all at the Blaze are on but trust me, there are millions of folks lovin that comment…thanking Jesus that someone has the ballz to speak it!

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t read Romney’s account as a joke. All he said was true and he is proud that both he and his wife come from Michigan. There was NO mention of any birth certificate. But, the dems are notorious for misinterpreting anything that an opponent says, and will make a big to-do about it. Moreover, their accusations about Romney will be skewed for their own purpose. All Romney has to say is the truth, exactly in a way that it’s going to sting the dems. Maybe this is just the beginning….I hope so.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

      Mitt and Chris matthews responding to my facebook eye witness accoount of Pres obama born in Topeka Ks and he;s been lied to all his life and even now?

  • slyefocks

    We need him to play more hardball – besides, this is a legitimate question about comrade Barry Soetoro’s (aka Barak Hussein Obama) actual birthplace. IMHO, he is a Kenyan!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

      Born in Topeka,Ksof americans. See my facebook 7.26/12 and daily recaps since marriage to obama sr arranged by my dad at mcvicar chapel on washburn campus before birth and he knew it wasn;t his child but she needed a husband and he need to stay in US. Tell the president please go get his real documents in Topeka, Ks.

  • Anonymous

    From Joe Scarlboro to Mika Brzeninski to the co-hosts on
    I haven’t watched that channel since 2008 when it crucified
    Sarah Palin,  and crossed over the line when they went after
    her children and husband.  The people on that channel are
    so disgusting, especially Mika, Adrea Mitchell and many of
    the other clowns that are supposed media experts.  MATTHEWS

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

      I had sent him a referral to my eye witness acocount of pres obama born in Topeka, ks and fearof KK and three dead led to fake paper trail.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Harden/662804694 Ed Harden

    Mr President all you need to do is unlock your past you know where it says you are an American citizen or does it say you are applying for a foreign student loan  to go to Harvard an what is your real SS Number answer these two questions an we will forget the birth certificate thing how about it ?

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was funny as He!!.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

    Was Mitt responding to my eye witness face book account of President Obama born in Topeka, ks and for fear of KKK a fake paper trail was made to protect lives after three already dead? starts 7/26/12 and daily recaps since. he may not have known. so in that context mitt was making an observation? white house has been e-mailed of my postings and no one has asked me to stop This Is Not a political endorsement for or against. Linda Joy Adams

  • Anonymous

    Ya, Born and raised in Michigan..definitely a legal American citizen!

  • Anonymous

    The Democrats’ sensitivity to words, finding evil meaning where the common reasonable would find none, reminds me of Mao era China.  In Mao era China, Communist Party members would make enormous stretches of the imagination to see seditious meaning or politically incorrect “Rightist Thought” in people’s words and persecute them over them, much like the Democrats do now except conservatives aren’t being sent to reeducation camps (just yet).

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, we get it that you are terrified of birther things. We get it, you are afraid that if anyone really makes an issue of it, Obama will just pull out his birth certificate and mock them, and you are terrified of being mocked. We get it.

    Understand, we know it’s a loosing issue, because the bosses don’t want American citizenship to mean anything, so they don’t want anyone but the little people to have tp show who they are. We understand that if you are elite, like Obama, it doesn’t matter if you are born in Kenya or not.

    But Romney was funny. Get over it. You are being stupid, being terrified of the illegal alien in cheif.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

      he was born in Topeka Ks. of native born Americans

      • Anonymous

        Who? Glenn Beck?

        I really don’t care where Obama was born. That battle was lost four years ago.

  • Omegaomni

    Ironic from a family who fled to mexico

  • Anonymous

     Liberals(Chris Mattews) think that it was a planned statement that shows that all of us conservatives think the president is not an American.   It was a joke, well said and funny. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/reedera4 Anna Reeder

    I thought he did a great job on the delivery – it definitely made me laugh!!

  • greywolfrs

    They dropped the test tube and Obamao crawled out. They should have killed it, but I did not think they would give it a b/c.

  • Anonymous

    Much ado about nothing!   It was a good joke!   I thought it was very funny.  Obama makes joking references about the Repubs quite frequently and no one seems to think they are “over the top”… only the thin-skinned took offense at Romney’s joke.

    • greywolfrs

      The Democrap motto: I can dish it out….

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

      Mitt musthave read my facebook acocunt of pre obama born in Topeka, ks and te daily recaps since. My EYE WITNESS account. Please let the resdent know the truth so he can get his real documents

  • Anonymous

    To me Rommey didn’t not make a mistake , Rommey made the mistake letting others dictate what he can say or a subject matters. What Rommey should say it is my business what I want to disclose  or not no one else.!! For myself I have nothing to hid my full birth ceriticate  form,my college applications,college papers etc. I’m the real transparent person here and I kept my word release them ,I want you know the true me take a look as my merits for being President ,not on false rumors or put out false heresay that I’m so great! Judge me for yourself !!!  As for obama it’s business it’s up to him for you judge to him on what he disclose or  keep secret or seal that people will really never know the real obama ????????????????????????????????

  • http://www.facebook.com/becky21k Rebecca Onehalf

    It amazes me how people keep running from the issue of Obama’s past. The joke was funny and needed to be said, it gives Mitt some much needed gravitas (as Mario Cuomo once spouted).  Plus, it’s the plain truth.  I doubt even Obama knows where he was born for certain, and before anyone goes into any conspiracy nonsense, Obama’s parents were trash and they just did these things for their own convenence.  

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

      His real Dad was a nice guy. His mother was put in the clutches of fred Pheps at westoro baptist church. he was born in Topeka,ks see my facebook eye witness account. strting 7/26/12 and in daily recaps/  My parenses were asked to step in when the authorites were trying to find some of his paternal realtives.Three dead bodies that washed up on the banks of the Kansas river have never had a full investigation since 1961. 

  • Anonymous

    From neutral perspective, you have to see the left wing media being desperate here. It’s inescapable to see this, unless you are dishonest with yourself. I applaud Romney for keeping his cool. One thing you’ll never see this statement come into discussion, is during a presidential debate (if obama man’s up for one). That’s how silly it was. 

  • Anonymous

    So having the wanta-be Presidential candidate make a bad joke referring to the racist and never ending lies about the standing President is perfectly fine because it was “harmless”?!
    Are you frickin’ kidding me?!
    What if President Obama started a speech telling the truth about Romney’s family moving to Mexico by Mormon leaders in order to continue their polygamist lives.  Would that be “harmless”?
    It is because of the smug insincerity towards minorities, Jews, women, etc… that glenn and his cronies were fired and sent to their part time basement gig.  

    • Anonymous

      hahahaha  *pointing and laughing at you*

    • NotSoFancyPants

      Wow, you never, ever fail to be wrong, do you?

    • Anonymous

      And, let me guess… I bet you think it was no problem for 0bozo to run an ad that says “Mitt Romney killed my wife” or for him to smear him as a felon who dogded paying his taxes for 10 years without one shred of proof? Get a clue!

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, but you are lying once again.
        The ad in question was put together by a PAC/Super PAC.
        President Obama’s campaign, by law, can not discuss their ads.
        Nice try though.
        You must be another lemming who only listen to glenn or rush.

    • greywolfrs

      Hey, sticky chin the coward. How is wanting a president elect to show a valid B/C, racist? It is a requirement to be president, you know? Whether one agrees with the B/C subject or not, it is not racist. The only racist I see is you, anytime someone disagrees with Obamao it means they are racist. Hey stupid, the race card is worn, tattered and played out. It’s too bad you don’t get that. Dunce.

  • Anonymous

    Asking to see Obamas birth certificate is about as silly as getting pulled over and the officer asks to see your drivers license.. The nerve of the officer.. 
    He should just ASK you your name, then he can ASK you if you have a drivers license..
    To actually demand to SEE the license causes the impression that you may not tell the truth.. 

    What is the world coming to..

    Im not a big fan of Romneys, but lets be real here.. it was a Joke, and an indirect one at that.
    Given his audience are most likely NOT Obama fans, it was OK. 

    Move on. I mean look at some of Obamas silly jokes and stabs at Bush..  

  • http://www.facebook.com/DAVID.E.ATHERTON David Atherton

     The only joke here is that we aren’t allowed to question Obama’s credentials. If I were to apply for a job requiring a security clearance, the government would trace my every step from high school to the present. This guy has the ability to wage nuclear war, and we don’t even know if he’s who he says he is. The White House has been infiltrated by a con man! No one in there right mind would hire a babysitter without checking them out first, but we let this clown waltz right into The Oval Office without so much as a college transcript. Too many things about Obama just don’t add up. He is a self-proclaimed pothead and slacker that somehow got into the best schools in the country. If he used his Indonesian citizenship to get preferential treatment, he is at best a fraud, at worst a threat to our national security. If he really is legit, why doesn’t he prove me wrong? Why is his history off limits? Why can’t we demand the same of him as we would an elementary school substitute teacher? I have a CDL with hazardous materials endorsement and had to provide more information about my past that Obama has.

    • greywolfrs

      You can question Obamao’s credentials, you will just be called a racist. Left wing morons do not realize that a valid B/C is a requirement to become president.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

      Pres obama born in Topeka, ks and been ring to get birthers to get the records, I wouldn;t give nay more moey to them unless they are going to get the real dcuemnts and witnesses there. Been writing my eye witness account on facebook starting 7/26/12 and daily recaps then as to where to look. I don;t live in Topeka anymore and cerainy don;t have the wherewithall to do this. Listen to the eye witnesses and follow the real story.Please ask questions and verify. I have e= miald wite house and coampaign and don;t thinkthey have let him know yet. Please free our president whether he is it for 4 month or 4 years. he needs to know the turth to set him free of a life time of being lied to and I;m so sorr I let his maternal grandmother stop me from telling him in 1/71; but I didn;t know he didn;t know. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gloria-Chávez-Vásquez/813294532 Gloria Chávez Vásquez

    It was brilliant! Mitt Romney responded to all the harassment from the left for his taxes while the media ignores thr credentials of Obama who should have presented EVERY document required to prove he qualified for the presidency which he did not!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

      I don;t think he kows yet his real documents are in Topeka, ks. I have e-mailed both white house and campaign but he needs to be free of the lying around him so he can be rseident for 4 months or 4 years if re-elected.I’m so sorry i let his maternal grandmother handleme in 1/71 and he didn;t find out.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/L4Q2J2RUHTQMFDQY55YRJ4IZ3A Dean

    Actually, the comment is PRICELESS!!  HUGE!!  I’m still laughing.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t be a weenie, Glenn. I bet I’m not the only one who thought it was hilarious, and 0bozo can only blame himself for hiding his records for so long.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JD7EN7YTLIHQ4SRZPSVXXYXA5Y Ann

    I was at the speech in Michigan and heard the comment about being born in Michigan.  It was just a cute comment and I believed intended for the press.  Go Romney

  • Anonymous

    Romney says he was born in that hospital there?  That’s more than O’bam bam can admit.  And yet O’bam bam the moslem brotherhood traitor in chief can load his brotherhood pals into the top positions in the out house, but Romney can’t say he was born in ‘that hospital’?  

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

      Since pres obama doesn’t know he was born in Topeka, ks yet, even though I have e- mailed white house and campaign. he needs to get this real records and set himself free of these handlers.as he;s our president for at lest 4 more onths and  maybe 4 years. and …truth will set one free. This isn;t easy for me to go public as its against my own extended famil ythat hid the truth.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1411242045 Mike Stanley

    WHEN will someone mention that Obama’s website sells coffee mugs with his birth certificate printed on them????????   WHEN??????????

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Joy-Adams/1611938509 Linda Joy Adams

      His campaign knows that its not the real one in Topeka, Ks and still keep sending out the one his randmother filed and shouldn;t have. Apparently our prsident still has not been told the truth and its time! mitt tell him!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see what the big deal is here.  The dumb*a*s*s*crats are running scared and think they need all the c*r*a*p they can dig up on MR.  BHO, his minions, zombies and the msm are losing it.

  • Anonymous

     Debbie Wasserman is like fingernails on a blackboard. I hope they keep her out in front.

  • http://twitter.com/jusasheep Christine Buckley

    RNC as a people-are way too polite

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Henry/1009472057 William Henry

    The left is a joke, they laud the ads that suggest Romney had something to do with the death of a woman and fact checking proved them wrong and in fact federal election laws were broken. Romney’s words will always be scrutinized by the media as being racist they even twist words to make it look racist. MSNBC dubs tapes to sensationalize or omit key elements of the news. They don’t deserve the title of a news organization.

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