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Mitt Romney is a lot of things – successful businessman, decent human being, family man. One thing he’s not? Funny. So it’d probably be a good move to stop trying to have him make jokes at the beginning of stump speeches. Like a recent speech in Michigan when a harmless joke came out bad and ended up giving Democrats fodder for a few days.

In a speech on Friday, Romney said, ““Now I love being home in this place where Ann and I were raised, where both of us were born. Ann was born in Henry Ford Hospital, I was born in Harper Hospital. No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate, they know that this is the place that we were born and raised.”


Now, was that a smart comment to make? No! But is it as bad as the media is making it out to be? Pat and Stu debated the topic on radio this morning.

“So he clearly, obviously joking about the birth certificate thing, right?” Pat said.

“Right. He’s making a joke about a silly Internet rumor. That’s what he’s doing. And that is clearly on the table as a joke. The point is, of course, that everyone takes it seriously as if he’s making some policy statement,” Stu said.

Despite the obvious, failed attempt at a joke – the usual suspects are coming out to bash Romney in the media.

For example, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has come out saying the comment is beneath someone running for President of the United States. Michael Eric Dyson has said it was some of the “basic and most despicable bigotry” imaginable.

Are they taking it a little too far? After all, they are basically implying it lands on the same level of bigotry as slavery!

And, as the guys pointed out on radio, no one loves to bring up the birth certificate more than Barack Obama!

“They can joke about it, and do, all the time on a regular basis. Carney jokes about it. Obama jokes about it. Axelrod has joked about it. They all bring it up because they love it,” Pat said.