Newt Gingrich absolutely wrecks Chris Matthews

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Most weeks aren’t good weeks for Chris Matthews, but this one has been exceptionally rough for the MSNBC host. After getting thoroughly dismantled yesterday morning by Tom Brokaw, Mika and an the RNC Chair, Matthews thought it would be a good idea to bring try the exact same talking points against Newt Gingrich.

It didn’t go very well.

Watch the clip:

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It doesn’t help that Matthews started the interview off by being combative, “You’ve engaged in what I consider very problematic rhetoric…”

Telling the former speaker he finds him to be a problem – great way to start an interview against a man known for dismantling the mainstream media.

After continuing to criticize Newt Gingrich, Matthews tried to tie Newt’s “food stamp president” comments (comments he formerly accused Newt of being a racist for making) to Donald Trump’s birther claims.

How did Newt respond to Matthews’s nonsense?

“A ‘food stamp president’ is the guy whose policies are so destructive, that he creates the longest unemployment since the Great Depression and he puts more people on food stamps — most of them white — than anybody else.”

“Why do you assume food stamp refers to blacks?” he added.

“What kind of racist thinking do you have? You‘re being a racist because you assume they’re black!”

“During the primaries we were, at times, tough on Newt Gingrich’s policies, but there is nothing more gratifying than when Newt Gingrich gets on a roll and starts destroying someone on the left,” Stu said. “It’s why, I think, Republicans and conservatives like him so much, because he is unafraid and he just destroys Chris Matthews here.”

Stu continued to point out how obsessed by the issue of race Chris Matthews is. Every debate, every talking point that goes against the right, they always come back to race.

Pat gives this example:

I forgot he was black for an hour? So…usually Chris Matthews is really cognizant of this…” Pat joked. “But, for about an hour, he forgot that.”

“Wow. Imagine the great internal triumph he must have had when he realized he hadn’t actually looked at the President for the color of his skin for sixty full minutes!” Stu responded sarcastically. “What an accomplishment for Chris Matthews.”

“I mean this is an idiotic set of viewpoints,” Stu continued. “He admits on national television that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week he thinks of the President as black and notices he’s black. But for full sixty minute period he was able to overlook that and act as if it was an achievement.”

So what’s the deal with Chris Matthews? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, if you disagree with the ideology of President Obama, he’s probably going to call you a racist.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Chris Matthews has gone over the deep end into complete madness. He is as insane as Mr Obama.

    He attacked Gingrich like a bear would a hive of bees to get at the honey. Only difference in this case is the ‘bear’ of Matthews fell into the trap of Gingrich and got the tables turned on him completely across the board.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Chris Matthews had a bad week?

    Wait to see his reaction on Nov 7, after his god-king of the Democratic Pantheon falls from the throne of the White House and is revealed to be all too mortal and is FIRED!!!

    Be sure to record it for posterity; the whining should be worth it.

    • Anonymous

      His reaction will be the tingle felt ’round the world.  :)

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Actually I figure more like the “Whimper, whine and sobs heard around the world.”

        As for what he will be feeling – straight jacket, extra tight?

        • Anonymous

          I think your right Whiiimper is more fitting. LOL :)

    • Sandie

      When Obama’s reign is overturned, I picture Spit Matthews  spinning in a furry with sparks and spit flying, blustering incoherently in a rage,  followed by medics tying the sleeves of his new white jacket behind him, and taking him off to St. Elizabeths Hospital for some ‘special’ down time. I can’t wait….

    • Kim Andrews Harrington

      My concern is he will be in the front of the line when they say the election was rigged  when Mitt Romney wins. Somehow some conspiracy will be made up and the votes were rigged. He may even be the one to start the conspiracy rumor. Also, I am afraid of the protesting and riots that could happen as well, those will start by people like him and his rantings.

      • Carol Morgan

         that is why, like Glenn says, let’s not lose because we sat down”! we see how desperate the Obama crowd ,but let’s keep up the good fight and the vigilance that will ensure Obama’s defeat and Romney and America’s victory!

  • Anonymous

    Why does Glenn and friends keep putting clips from this creep’s show on?  Can’t stand seeing his ugly face.  If Glenn didn’t bring attention to him no one would know who he is.  Why give him free publicity?  I think he gets about five viewers a night.

  • Anonymous

    Why does Glenn and friends keep putting clips from this creep’s show on?  Can’t stand seeing his ugly face.  If Glenn didn’t bring attention to him no one would know who he is.  Why give him free publicity?  I think he gets about five viewers a night.

    • Rahm Kota

      For cheap laughs I think that is why anyone watches him. 

      • Anonymous

        It’s true..guess you have too look on the positive side, when clips are put on here of him, we all get to laugh.  Stll can’t stand seeing his ugly face though, guess I can close my eyes, but his voice is just as irritating. :)  Your posts are funny.

        • Rahm Kota

          Oh if I am not laughing at these loons I be crying right now at how bad it is. I prefer to laugh in the face of distortion of Obama and his followers.

  • Anonymous

    Matthews stopped being a comedian when it became apparent that he believes what he is saying.  Now — it’s just sad.

  • Rahm Kota

    Is it just me or does Chris Matthews have a problem with reality?

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      He is in love with Obama; does that answer the question?

    • AdamAnt

      I doubt reality and Matthews have any sort of relationship. 

    • greywolfrs

      I think that Chrissy and reality have come to an understanding, Chrissy hates reality and it hates him back, it’s a mutual relationship.

  • Anonymous

    For two days in a row the arrogant prig, Chis Matthews has made a total ass of himself. Is it any wonder that MSNBC’s ratings are in the toilet? Someone needs to tell him to STFU.

    Someone who does interviews for a living knows that the object it to ask a question that will require a response from the guest. He doesn’t shut up long enough for anyone to respond and when they try to answer the question, he berates his guests before they can get a word out, putting words in their mouths and jumping to conclusions.

    Why do people even book to appear on his show?

    • Kelley Eidem

      He probably gets move viewers from people like Glenn than from his TV broadcast.

      • andanotherthing

        Don’t let the facts get in your way Kelley Eidem.

        • ColinD

          You mean the guy that’s a member of mainstream media gets more views than someone who’s not?

          Gee, did it take you all day to figure that one out?

      • Anonymous

         Not everyone can be on comedy central. You know, that station where the ‘young’ collage crowd haven’t a clue the BS they’re being spoon fed. Even when the 3/4 liberal Jon Stewart tells them it’s made up, fictional, all for the ratings. These airhead kids sit at home then swear it’s what really happened. Of all the liberals out there, I have to admit that Jon is the brightest. Most others are just plain ol’ dumb sh*t’s or conniving backstabbers.  

      • Anonymous

        That’s a good pt, Kelley!

    • "the Hanging Squire"

      Because they like showing Matthews’ followers what in idiot he is. Newt was laughing because he has faced pundits far more intelligent than Chris. It was like taking candy from the proverbial baby!

      • Anonymous

         One of these days – one of his guest is going to tell the “beloved” Chris to STFU, grab him by the tie and make him LISTEN for a minute without interruption.

        • Jim Gair

            I’ll do it ASAP…

      • Anonymous

         You give too much credit to matthews as being anywhere in the vicinity of intelligence. However, he might be at an even keel with rachel madcow.

        • Matt Bell

           NOOOO.  He can’t possibly be that low….I think he’s idiotic but as idiotic as Rachel? No way.  Granted, I don’t watch her show much (in fact I confess it’s only been 4-5 times) but I have NEVER (and that’s no exaggeration) heard an intelligent comment from her.

    • AdamAnt

      I think his boss wants to tell him to STFU. 

      • Kim Andrews Harrington

        He should!

        • Dave Martin

          That shiver up his leg should be due to repeated blows to the face and neck:)

      • Anonymous

         Adam, I really like your avatar. I’m a rev war re-en actor myself. Now I wonder if you are also or just appreciate the beginnings of our Country. 

        • greywolfrs

          You do realize that his picture is of Adam Ant, you know, Adam and the Ants the band? In fact that picture is off the Kings of the Wild Frontier album. He is portraying an old English pirate…

        • AdamAnt

          I just thought it looked cool. Kind of a swashbuckling sort of thing.

          I do believe in America, The Constitution, and the American people. Three generations of my family, including myself, served in the military – all by volunteering in wartime. It’s what we do.

    • Anonymous

       somebody’s watching it!  or we wouldn’t know how badly he tries to overrun every “guest” he has on his show.  The man has no sense of respect for another human being and is the most totally “racist” in the “news” media – everything devolves to racism.  Obama’s horrible economy – blame someone else – his trillions in debt – how is that racist.  Matthews must take sleeping pills at night to keep whatever bit of conscience he has quiet.

    • Anonymous

       Only two days??? Closer to 365 in the land of the astute.

    • Anthony Owen

      him an bill could be brothers


    I read how gays have progressed the fascist movement and have been behind most all the fascist movements.  

    • Lioness Check out GOProud. I’m not sure where you get your info, or how your post is relevant to the topic. I know your conservative, but if you lump every one into a neat little box, you’ll end up sounding like those we appose.

  • Josie

    Awwww PUKE!  I can’t believe I watched Mathews.  Except for the Gingrich wallop it would be another wasted 9min in my life.  Too bad we could not have accepted or trusted Gringrich as Pres, I think he would have shaped things up in a matter of months and the fireworks would have been fun to watch. 

  • Anonymous

    Gingrich having a debate with Chris Matthews is really not fair.It is like having a gunfight with an unarmed man.Matthews doesn’t have the intellect to engage Gingrich in a debate.

    • Anonymous

      Nor do those that pull Matthews strings have the necessary intellect.

      • Paolina Garcia

        You forget that liberals runs on emotions so when they listen to Matthews he pulls many of their emotional strings and they agree with them and throw logic out the window.

        Conservatives are being foolish to think logic will win the other side over, and we’ve let the emotional battle be completely won by the other side. Frankly, it can’t be won.

        The left wants communism and socialism and frankly there won’t be an end to it until our nation dissolves and we let California and New York have their communist ideal.

        I don’t understand why the nation keeps together anymore other than the relative luxury, and that Americans still feel like we’re the best but soon China will have a larger GDP and stop exporting to us and start consuming so America is going to get a major shock.

        As soon as the money stops flowing, there is NOTHING, no ethnicity, religion, race, or even language that unifies America anymore. It will be a hundred times worse than the Balkans.

        • Anonymous

          While very fatalistic, your comment is sadly true, their comes a time in a nation’s history where the number of dumbed down exceeds those seeking truth….. we are about there.

          • Paolina Garcia

            I agree and I think Glenn pointed out the “normalcy bias” yet so many Americans won’t realize that the America they grew up in is gone and that sticking in the Union is costing Texas and the South TRILLIONS in taxes and regulations, and exposing our children to the same television grid as Hollywood does incalculable damage to our culture and morality.

            We need a Southern counter-culture, and as long as we are hooked up to the same television grid (by being in the same country) our midwest/southern christian media will not be able to compete with the smut coming out of California.

          • John Wilkinson

            uuWhat do you call it, when LEAKS SPRING IN ALL DIRECTIONS? (      :  —too late THIS ELECTION to bring that -effort—- Obama’s BAD and Romney’s -bad- too! so, us under this news ARTICLE, we are the small fish, right?? IT’S ALL EFFORT WHAT EVER WE DO.

        • elroy

          Don’t look now but there is a big factor everyone likes to ignore. The tea party is not dead. It has gone global, actually. Just keep watching, and perhaps even join in if you like freedom.

          • Paolina Garcia

             Gone global? Where? China? No. Africa? No. Middle East? No. It hasn’t even gone “Spanish”, believe me the waves of illegal immigrants are going to wipe out any hopes of a majority in Texas soon if we don’t secede.

            Some estimates are in a decade there will be more native spanish speakers than native english speakers in Texas.

          • Joe Snuffy

            Hopefully, when Obama is kicked to the curb, our Homeland Security Department will once again be allowed to enforce the immigration laws that are already on the books.
            Our Immigration officers are extremely upset because of the Policies John Morton has put in place at Obama’s insistance.  This policy PROHIBITS our agents from doing their jobs and enforcing our immigration laws. 
            We absolutely MUST vote Obama and his Socialist Party OUT of our government to stop this uncontrolled INVASION of our country from our southern border. 

            The people who come across the border are NOT only Spanish speaking people.  Many speak Arabic.  They are not here to find jobs. They are here to lay down the basis for an invasion from wthin our own borders.  Obama and his Socialists KNOW this. It is part of their overall plan to destroy the United States.  

            We the People MUST CLEAN HOUSE in the November elections.  We must defend our nation and our Constitution that keeps us free from Tyrants like Obama and the Socialist Party.   

          • Paolina Garcia

            @twitter-315794586:disqus : All the more reason we need to seperate. I say give Romney 6-12 months and if he doesn’t keep his promises and turns out to be a liberal, then we need to secede because we can’t afford Hillary Clinton in 2016 (it’s coming and it’s scary to think of). You think Obama’s bad just wait till Hillary gets into office!

          • Anonymous

            Just because Obama has allowed illegal immigrants in t dilute the voting Americans,does not mean that the coming administration will follow suit! How do you say “goodbye” in spanish,Imigo? LOL

          • Alex

             In Romney we’ve finally gotten a Presidential nominee who seems like they’d enforce our immigration laws.
            Something Obama, McCain, Bush, Clinton just wouldn’t do.

          • George Washington

            Another big factor libs seem to ignore – if we have a real revolution – over 20 million NRA members, millions of ex-law enforcement, millions of ex-military = 5th largest army in the world = Priceless!

          • Natalie J. Davis

            your comment is sadly true, their comes a time in a nation’s history where the number of dumbed down exceeds those seeking truth….. we are about there.

        • MV

          I just had to ask this, are you running for office? Because i’d like to vote for you.

        • Mark Giovanni Sandore

          I don’t know if it would be a bad thing to let a certain number of states secede from the Union and the other states embrace their new liberal constitution as it were, and the seceders, call them conservatives, can mandate new citizen standards with secure borders. I’m pretty sure that the “new” United States would create a financially viable model for a country to thrive under and that the “other” United States, will have problems that exceed their gross national product. My guess is a lot of liberals would then want to live in the conservative states, which is where the rub will be. We need people that ask what they can do for their country and not the other way around, and that’s what really defines conservative America. I certainly don’t need the frills of American entertainment, including sports, if some sacrifice were needed to make this work. I just want to live in an America that isn’t afraid to be productive and work hard for our future and our children’s future, and not leave it in the hands of government. 

      • Anonymous

        You Matthews apologists are quite pathetic and stupid (yes, STUPID), trying to prop up the likes of a man who sees racism, somehow and someway, in what the intellectually superior electorate have to say.  I can’t believe this guy actually gets paid to sit there and make an “arse” out of himself.  Better yet, I can’t believe there are actually people who tune in to watch poor Mr. Matthews demonstrate his lack of intellect each day.  Must be quite entertaining to simple minds.  I feel embarrassed for the man when I watch these brief clips.

        • Anonymous

          LOL I think people watch Matthews comedy relief. The liberals twist themselves into knots trying to figure out how to turn common words into racist slurs. So far people can’t say angry, food stamp president…welfare queen…the list goes on and on

      • Soulphoenix

        Indeed. You can’t call Chris Matthews or any of his handlers “gainfully employed.” They’re a mess. I watched the whole segment, and Chris was like a really weak bully.

      • Joe Snuffy

        Why do you think MSNBC (NBC) has such low ratings?  BECAUSE THEY DESERVE THOSE LOW RATINGS.  People like Chris and the Socialists in the management help to create those low ratings. 

    • Anonymous

      Newt Gingrich’s name is now eternally stained with the ugliness of toxic racism.

      • Anonymous

         I sure hope you were being sarcastic, because if you weren’t, you are one of the dumbest people on the planet!

        • Anonymous

          Stop insulting dumb people by comparing them to me.

          • Jim Gair

              Next to Matthews, old Jed here is the dumbest person to ever walk the planet.

          • Anonymous

            I crawl on all fours.

          • Anonymous

             Your right Dumb people are smarter than you. Such a disgrace to put you on the same level.
            Levels Of Stupidity:
            Dumbest ( I.E. Democrats, Liberals.)
            Oh just to inform you, Obama is not a true Black man. His birth mother is white, making him one of the white cracker babies the Black Panthers want to kill. How come nothing is ever said about that?

          • Anonymous

            His mother’s White genes ceased when she made him. He’s not half white. He’s a mongrel, which has no white at all.

          • Parker McLaggan

             Pretty sure he just made it clear he was being sarcastic…

      • elroy

        Go back to church, Jed. You missed something.

        • Anonymous

          Church is now full of Diversity and gays. I’m missing what?

          • Anonymous

             Your kin!!

      • Micheal

        Wrong dummy nothing he sid or did is racist . You must be the racist it usually is the person yelling the word racist who is the racist. Get off mommies couch and go get a job loser.

    • Joe Snuffy

      Chris believes that in order to get his point across, he has to keep talking and never give the other person a chance to respond.  That simply doesn’t work with Newt.  He knows how to do that also. 

    • Rey

       Its not that they don’t have the intellect, it is that they don’t have the facts on their side. Therefore they MUST use emotion and they MUST discredit opposing views by labeling their opponent. Labeling an opponent as a racist is a very effective way to discredit someone who may have facts and logic on his side of the argument. It is also an effective way to silence people. Notice how Matthews asks questions then overtalks the answer given then tries to make a new point, then repeats. He then tries to label others as racist so as to do as stated above. It appears to me that he is the prejudiced bigot. A racist is someone who believes their race is genetically superior to all others. Matthews is just prejudiced. Remember his comment about “forgetting Obama was black?”

    • John Hancock

      Matthews is the MSNBC advertisement for UnOccupied Vacant, Vacuums that exist between most Liberal ears, and Empty minds in America. Just look at his ratings.

  • Kelley Eidem

    It’s great to see Matthews get blasted. When he dies, they will need to use a sound proof coffin. 

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully, he’ll need “Depends!”

  • Anonymous

    That “tingle” that ran up Chris’s leg has moved upward to his brain and the result is millions and millions of electrocuted, and now dead, brain cells  Get him off tv and save him any more embarrassment.

  • Anonymous

    you tell him Newt,Mathew is such a moron on the left trail that he doesnt even know how to make a right center turn no more

  • Anonymous

    Obama tells jokes about his birth certificate all the time…He even makes jokes that compare himself to Jesus…Chris Matthews is nigh on to a moron…

  • Anonymous

    The real problem with the Chris Matthews of the world and the liberals is they hate Jesus and Christianity and all that is good…They love evil…

  • tryingtomakeit

    Matthews is the RACIST!

  • Bill Dakar

    I view Chris Matthews regularly on MSNBC (except, that is, for Matthews’ own program . . . which I avoid because Matthews yells and screams and interrupts his guests constantly . . .a very rude man, that Matthews).

    Chris Matthews is nothing but a racist . . . an arrogant racist . . . and it is because of Matthews’ racism that MSNBC is declining in the television ratings.  I also think Matthews is a fag.  I mean, Matthews once said, on the air, that when he heard Barack Obama speak, it “made his thighs tingle”.  To me that sounds like faggotry.

  • billy2

    matthews is a slug.

  • littledon

    Chris Matthews, HardBall! Yes He has the Hard Ball in his Mouth. He is the biggest Racist there is and will do anything to get a Job in Obama Administration! He would sell his Ma, Ma, if he had too!                       God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • David Peacock

    matthews is a pompous leftwing ideologue  with no journalistic creds; he is a babbling mush brain.

  • Philip Beck

    Someone has poisoned CM’s mind and heart and he isn’t hinged any longer. He knows who butters his bread, so don’t expect anything else from him. Newt got under his skin as usual.

  • Anthony West

    I laughed at Romney’s joke…

  • Danny Wheeler

    Everytime a libtard brings up the Race Card, I wanna sing the Avenue Q song “Everybody’s Just a Little Bit Racist”.

  • Racindavid

    mathews is an ignorant moron;…. 

  • DianaH

    In reference to Chris Matthews email: How do you know if someone is black or white in an email unless they tell you so?

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews personifies all that is wrong with MSM and Liberalism (much the same) today.  He’s so obviously a bigot and has white man’s guilt — all at the same time. He’s conflicted and confused — and I bet, after the DNC next week, off the air. What a disgrace.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews isn’t worth listening to.  Nothing to say of any value. Only tries to create hate and discontent with his lies.  The left likes him because they are aware of the dumbing down of America and that some buy into his garbage.  I thought he should have been called on the carpet earlier by Brokaw and the others.  Reince stood his ground and the others seemed to enjoy hearing Matthews spew his garbage against the GOP.  I wasn’t impressed with the others on the panel.  They should have jumped in sooner and called a halt to Matthew’s awful tirade. 

  • Anonymous

    Why is it people like Chris Matthews and other liberal show hosts, find it necessary to shout down or shout above the brilliant conservative guests’ comments/replies?  It happens over and over – I don’t know why conservatives bother to be on their shows – talk about ignorant hosts… more ways than one.

  • Christian

    I love how Newt threw the food stamps question right back at him and said, So you’re saying all food stamps recipients are black? Isn’t that a racist remark on your part? LMBO!!! Go Newt!!!!

    • J.w. Appling

       It’s all projection I bet if you looked in little Crissys closet you’d find his KKK robe and hood….On second thought its probably not a good idea I’m betting his racism isn’t the only thing he’s closeted about.

  • joe

    Yes, what seems apparent is that Chris Matthews relates ALL democrat problems as race related!!! He is demonstrating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder symptoms! I wonder if he will ever discuss facts and issues?

  • Walter Bazner


  • ~

    Every time I see Chris Matthews I ask myself “How long will America have to suffer such fools?” How do racist, bigoted idiots get the platform to attack others for what they are guilty of? Chris, the next time you get a tingle up your leg check it out. You probably saw a picture of Obama and wet yourself.

  • Anonymous

    This idiot matthews, after bringing up each issue discovers that he is being outsmarted by Newt at every turn so he talks over him to try to shut him up.  When ya mess with Newt, ya get the boot!  From the White House on down to the kiss butt matthews they are kids trying to do a grown-up’s job and failing at Our Great People’s expense.

  • Stephen Easley

    Chris Mathews thinks everyone on food stamps is black!?!?? Then, criticizes everyone for even saying anything against it. What a self centered moron. This is why I never watch him.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews is the poster boy for what Reps think of Dems and libs.    Ask a question, don’t wait for an answer, redirect to something that suits them because they have no idea how to answer in their favor truthfully.

  • Jim Thurber

    Matthews is a hoot, a bloviating hoot. He is comical at best and scared to death of the truth at the worst. I watch him once in awhile just to see how ignorant they are getting. It truly takes an extreme ignoramus to believe anything Matthews or anyone else on MSNBC says. What is really frightening is the clowns at MSNBC actually have true believers in their audience.

  • Anonymous

    Matthews would be just another Democrat if he didn’t practice his “never shut up while the guest is answering your question” interview style… He’s not smart enough to ask clever questions that would cause the guest to respond in the way he wants, so he asks a lame question and then just keeps talking over the guest’s response, often saying what he “wished” the guest would say…  I am amazed every time I realize he actually gets a pay check for this…

  • Steve Myers

    Chris Matthews is insignificant as MSNBC and NBC News has become so partisan it is insignificant to the American public.    Other than Newt, who can hold his own (and clean them up with their own vomit) most intelligent people should avoid NBC like the plague.   Jay Leno is attributed to saying once that NBC stood for ‘Never Believe your Contract;’ I contend (once with a network affiliate in the 1980s) that today it stands for “Nothing But Crap.”   If not for Glenn Beck’s posts and links I do not watch it of any of its spin offs at ALL.   The lost their relevancy when Tim Russert passed away and with him the civility of decent political coverage.   

  • Bucsdad

    I see no point in having a discussion with Chris Matthews..its not a discussion. Its what the chairman of the RNC called it….Chris’s monologue. He states false assumptions, accusations, rambles incessantly and then changes the subject when the “guest” pins him in a corner and he can’t get his narrow-minded/bigoted opinion out. I don’t know how anyone would or could call this fair and balanced journalism. He is nothing more than a two-bit “hack”….and a surrogate for Obama. The GOP should just stop granting interviews to him. He is completely irrelevant. 

    • AdamAnt

      You are correct! 

      “And now, get ready because it is time for the further adventures of
      Starring Chris Matthews, and an assortment of other fruits and vegetables.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Mathews  can be likened to a rabid dog who is caught chasing his tail (or tale) around and around and getting nowhere.  If he didn’t have the wife he has (who is a biggie in D.C.,)  he would have been out many years ago..Of course Current TV is about as “out” as a  TV person can get, isn’t it?

  • Colleen Kayter

    Too funny watching Matthews change subjects as soon as he realizes he’s talking with someone who knows facts, not memorized talking points. Truly not fair of Gingrich to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

  • Kim Andrews Harrington

    Chris Matthews needs to taken off the air, but I think he will do that on his own..give it just a bit more time.

  • Kim Andrews Harrington

    Chris Matthews needs to taken off the air, but I think he will do that on his own..give it just a bit more time.

  • Bill Dakar

    And one more thing . . . .

    Chris Matthews reminds me of his fellow MSNBC host, a black male name “Toure”, who last week publicly accused Mitt Romney and the Republican party of causing the “niggerization” of Barack Hussein Obama.

    I suspect tomorrow Matthews will latch on to Toure’s verbal creation and accuse MRS. Romney of contributing to the “niggerization” of Obama.

    It’s clear that both Toure and Chris Matthews are first-class racists.

    Do you think Chris is back on the bottle?

  • Kim Andrews Harrington

    Wish you would come back on TV Glenn!!

  • Sheldean Cluff

    What is MSNBC thinking? Matthews is a idot! He is so rude and stupid. He acts sick in the head with his questioning! I thought journalists were suppose to ask a question, and then let the other person answer it. Fire him!

  • Anonymous

    Simply stated, Chris is a confused angry guy who can’t get his head around the idea that liberals are the worst enemy of poverty. Just sickening. 

  • Anonymous

    Matthews is so bad as a commentator, it is wonder why anyone would even talk to him – regardless of political party.  Thank gosh for the TV remote as we can vaporize him easily.  NBC should fire him, Mr. Ed and Rachael M on grounds that they spead hate..

    • Anonymous

      Commentator? All he does is scold in a mean, illogical way. Pretty soon no one will talk to him. If all his interviews turn into one way angry scoldings he’ll be out of a job. His victims should just laugh at him saying “Yes sireeeee.” until he explodes !!!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Chris is a self loathing “Poser” ? He is a racist of sorts himself by imagining every comment from a non-adoring white person is racist.

  • Redoubt South

    Newt was my guy until the GOP and the main scream media ripped the rug out from under his campaign.

    In 2012, it’s either Libertarian or a write-in for Dwight Eisenhower for me. 

    My two cents… carry on. 

    • Anonymous

      Redoubt South,

      I am begging you to use common sense to vote in this election.  This is NOT about Republican or Dumbocrap or Libertarian!  This election is a matter of whether we remain the United States of America or become the United Socialist States of America & part of the New World Order being governed by the Communists in the United Nations.  What could you possibly be thinking? 

      Romney was not my choice either!  Newt or Herman Cain were my choices, but we at least KNOW where Romney was born & that HE is an American citizen, loves this country & possibly the most morally decent candidate we’ve ever had!  O’Dumbo is NOT an American, not by birth nor his ideology!  He HATES this country & wants to change it to his INSANE notion of being a “Utopia” where everybody except he & his radical “elites” are all equally as poor as the other government controlled Third World Countries!  Do you REALLY want that for your country?

      If you DON’T vote or vote for someone other than Romney, the final destruction of this country will be on your shoulders!  Our ONLY objective should be to replace this radical imposter & rid the Senate of Dirty Harry & his Communist minions!  THEN, we can deal with the other problems as they arise! 

      I would vote for President Cat & Vice President Dog before I would let our current “Dictator-In-Chief” finish off the greatest country on the planet!  That is because I put this country first instead of being a whiney-butt because MY candidate didn’t win the nomination!  If you are that selfish & self-centered, YOU will deserve what the outcome of another 4 years of this imposter will bring, but I don’t! 

      • greywolfrs

        You are full of shit. The reason we are in this mess is because of people like you. You keep voting for whomever the Republicans put up, like a good drone. You keep voting for the lesser of two evils, like a good drone. You keep doing what you are told, like a good drone. You think Obamao would have been there had the Republicans put up a real candidate, instead of McCain the “progressive” Republican? You think Palin was a good VP choice? Wake up and smell what you are shoveling. The problem here is people like who think that everyone should vote the way you and the Republicans want. You will deserve what you get, either way. You are a complete fool.

        • Anonymous

          I am NOT full of YOU, you hateful, smart mouthed piece of crap!

          I’M NOT an idiot that let the media shove RINO Romney down my throat, but as of tonight, HE is the GOP candidate!  I’M not an idiot who helped RINO McCain be the GOP nominee in 2008.

          • greywolfrs

            yeah, you didn’t let them shove these diots down our throats in a primary, but did exactly as you were told and voted for them in the general election. You are a drone and a bad one at that.

            Smart mouth piece of crap? You are another moron that can not take the truth. You are a fucking fool of the highest order.

          • Anonymous

            You didn’t answer ANY of my questions!  You are a disgusting trash mouth.  You just think whatever you want.  You’re not worth my time! 

          • greywolfrs

            First, I don’t do drugs or drink. Second, voting for the lesser of two evils is exactly what got us into this mess in the first place. (The definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result -Albert Einstein.) By thew way, this country has been voting either D or R for decades and look where we are, you claim to want a change but obviously don’t have the courage to do what it would take for that change. Nothing you said was a fact, a vote for a person is NOT a vote for anyone but that person. You and many others may try to paint the picture of people voting for anyone but Romney is a vote for Obamao, but that is lie. Third, you better wake up to the  fact that Libertarians are REQUIRED for any Republican to win an election. As you sit there and disparage people any Republican NEEDS to win, that fact is clear. I know people like you hate us Libertarians, you are no better than Democraps. You hate they we are for freedom for all, because you want to control people’s lives, just like any Democrap. The only difference is about the things you want to control, as opposed to them. If wanting a return to our founding documents makes be a brain-washed fool, then what are you? You only want to change those documents to suit yourself. As I stated before, you are a fucking fool of the highest order.
            There’s the answer to your “questions.” I am sure you will not understand any of it. Carry on, drone.

  • Anonymous

    As usual Newt proves he is the brilliant master of words and thoughts.  Obama’s depression has produced more Food stamp recipients and non-working people in the history of this country!   Matthews and the Left are really touchy about the Birth Issue aren’t they?

    • Anonymous

      Its not that they are touchy about it. They want to appear touchy about it. It is easier to paint someone as a loon for bringing it up then it is to defend his failed policies. At this point in time its a moot issue anyway. No court will every say he was not born here and no matter what evidence is put in front of the Senate they would never have the 2/3 vote needed to get rid of him. Obama and friends want the issue alive because it distracts away from his being the worst president in history. 

  • Anonymous

    Matthews must pay MSNBC to be on the channel. That whole network is made up of haters and bigots, without a shred of impartialism.
    When I force myself to watch all I hear is hate.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews – you are a retard!  Obama has NEVER gone to Hawaii, NEVER shown his actual birth certificate, you MORON.  You should literally be fired for saying that, for lying on air.  He posted a forgery, a fraudulent document as a PDF – a f***ing PDF you retard!  Can a kid show a PDF on his phone as proof that he’s old enough to buy beer?  Hell, no!  Can a child use a PDF to be enrolled in Little League – no, he needs to show an actual birth certificate.  I can show you a PDF of me and a super model naked on the hood of a lambourghini on Bora Bora – would you actually believe it?  That PDF was declared with 100% certainty a fraud in court affidavits of over 50 document analsysts (and others were invited to come forward if they would like to say otherwise) that they were 100% certain it was a fraud.  

    Chris Matthews should know that.  He should know about the Sheriff Arpaio investigation.  He is in media/news… he should be fired for not keeping up with these topics.  

    • Anonymous

      Oh ! Matthews knows , and the rest of the lame stream media knows as well and they also know that Sheriff Joe Arpaio evidence in undeniable that We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service card to prove he is a legal sitting US President .

    • Anonymous

      Oh ! Matthews knows , and the rest of the lame stream media knows as well and they also know that Sheriff Joe Arpaio evidence in undeniable that We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service card to prove he is a legal sitting US President .

    • Anonymous

      I met a guy recently who worked at Occidental University when Obama attended there.  Obama (he used a different name then) claimed to be an Indonesian student.  Obama must have misplaced his birth certificate back then, too.

  • Anonymous

    He is a waste of TV time.  He is the rudest commentator ever.  He needs to be taken off the air. Its obvious how biased he is in his opinions.  He needs to shut up and listen.  

  • Anonymous

    Start a campaign to have COMCAST fire this idiot as he is single handily destroying MSNBC’s ratings and driving down their stock price.
    Stephen Burke, when are you going to start managing NBC to make them a real news organization and get people like this off the set?  

  • Anonymous

    This shows what I’ve always believed about white elitest liberals, that THEY are the true racists.  They see race and bring up race constantly.  Of course we all know what color somebody is, but I never, ever think, “hmmm, I forgot that person was black.”  Because frankly, I don’t think about that at all.  

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews is an [unfortunate] product of a culture that actively feeds off the IQ of those that frequent his channel. Those three people–his wife, his mother and he watches his own reruns–probably do have a higher IQ than most, definitely much higher than the other millions, maybe even billions, who haven’t figured out how to work the Nielsen box or punch a chad out of a ballot and don’t get lumped into the vast popularity stats of MSNBC and the voter tally of the latest Progressive stalwart of American politics, namely, an Algorish, boorish buffoon. That’s the Liberal dichotomy: Intelligent demagogues trying to convince people who’ll believe anything that Conservatism is evil, racist and murderers when the Democratic Party was always the Party of the KKK, African American Enslavers and supportive of racial genetics by the hands of Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood when, in fact, their allegations are reflections rather than pronouncements of their opponents. He’s HALF WHITE, HALF BLACK, you dufus! But all your racist idiocy sees is what your braindead audience wants to believe.

    • Anonymous

       Well spoken!  When I was a kid living in the country, some of our neighbors had dogs who would chase cars as they went by.  As the car drove on, the dog, thinking that he had chased away the car away, went back to his lawn to lie down and smugly consider his achievement.  Those kind of dogs didn’t last long because they would inevitably meet their early end when a car or truck ran him down.  Chris Mathews reminds me of those dogs.  He is important in his own mind only, just a blowhard who has lousy ratings. 

  • Joe Kaminski

    Sounds to me like Chris Matthews is the racist since whenever anyone mentions welfare, food stamps, or poor people his brain automatically correlates those words with black people.

  • Isaac

    The younger of these two commentators has very little to say that is actually constructive. His excessive drama and comments that expound unnecessarily to what’s being discussed add nothing to the conversations. Quite frankly, I find him irritating and it makes me less inclined to watch these videos.

  • Anonymous

    Matthews is a nut…. a complete nut. When are they going to fire this guy???? Is he off his meds, hoping to get fired, hoping to help the president???? This how people act when they are desperate, and losing their grip on their power, influence, and grip on reality. Liberals must be secretly cringing….

  • Anonymous

    Who is this Chris Matthews guy? Apparently he has some editorial show on a channel I do not watch very often. Apparently, he also has a view he is having some difficulty defending. Perhaps he is beginning to notice that some bothersome facts are getting in the way of his point of view.

  • Anonymous

    If Chris Matthews is anywhere in the ’60s, it’s not Selma – it’s Southie. What a freaking bigot.

  • Mike

    Imagine Matthews questioning Barney Frank about something they disagree about!  It would be a race to see whose head would explode first–their bloviating would rend the fabric of space/time! 

  • Robert

    Why would anyone talk to crazy Chris, unless you agree with his insanity, or you can bury him with your intellect? Go Newt Go!

  • Travis Bob-Kim

    Chris  Matthews is an big mouth idiot. Why does MSNBC keep him?

  • Anonymous

    I love Chris, he like many others are making our case for us..  One only needs to listen to them for a short time, hear their shout downs when they hear facts coming back at them, to see what they are really made of..  Lies, innuendos, history twisting, character assassination, subject changing, Racist calling are the only tools they have to support their cause, facts fail them over and over….  I hope MSNBC keeps him in the lime light to the very end…  It allows everyone including his fellow lemmings the opportunity to see how MSMBC and Chris are exposing the Liberal agenda for what it is and our need to shake America free of their influence…

  • Anonymous

    OK. I see what is going on here. This vitriol from the left serves 2 purposes: 1.) they are attempting, through the surrogate mouthpieces (Matthews, Wasserman-Schultz), that are overly sensationalistic and just plain irritating; to provoke, incite, and distract from the real issues, and 2.) they are deliberately attempting to create a fire where there is none. 

    Looking at those 2 stooges, Mr. Thrill Up His Leg and Mrs. Repulsive, it is abundantly clear how desperate these lunging attacks are. They are typical Alinsky stabs in the dark, immoral, baseless and without merit. 

    I can tell you with certainty, that if this is the best they’ve got, we’ve got Obama on the first train out of DC come January 2013. 

    It’s entertaining to listen to these desperately asinine assaults. 

    I heard Democratic goofball Lanny(?) Davis on the radio the other day make a similarly ridiculous and inflammatory remark about the Republican platform of abortion and how Mitt Romney, as the Republican nominee has not denounced this position. Ridiculous. The question was about the economy, and the smokescreen of distraction was seen from the next continent over. 

    This election should (and will) be about the economy. Abortion is not going to put people back to work, and decrease the deficit. 

  • Anonymous

    Matthews is so out of his league ,trying to debate with Gingrich . Newt may not be perfect ,but he is extremely intelligent . Matthews,on the other hand , is a generic,vanilla,stereotypical dingleberry libtard. Obama is the absolute worst president in American history. My god Newt is one of the best  arguers in history.

  • Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr

    Chris Matthews does quite the interview doesn’t he? He never quite shuts up long enough to listen to Speaker Gingrich. Maybe if he did he’d learn a thing or two about politics!

  • new2la

    Chris, you are an idiot and stuck on racism where there is none!   Barack Hussein Obama has enabled more people, peope that probably don’t need it I might add, on food stamps.  I know because I worked in the service industry and I saw the cars they drove, the cloths they wore and the wads of cash they carried in their wallets.    You have insulted our intelligence long enough Chris;  time to pull you off the air.

  • Anonymous

    Newt dismantled chrissy.  I love Newt as a debater.

  • Anonymous

    Yesterday I posted a comment stating I worked in the Mental Health field before my retirement.  Poor Chris Matthews is really having a very severe mental breakdown and should be given a mental health leave so he can receive treatment.  I doubt he would ever return after that.  Of course, no one really has compassion for this poor individual who is clearly suffering from severe delusions.  The media are just using him and his hysterical outbursts to hopefully gain a following of people who view him to cash in on his poor mental state.  Please, have some compassion of this poor soul, give him a leave to get treatment and STOP putting him is such humiliating situations!!!

  • Michael L Warren

    Its EASY to annoy a liberal boot-licking sycophant; just use facts and logic.

  • Anonymous

    Listening to lard mouth matthews would be funny if his voice wasn’t so grating.  He is the typical bent communist with a ‘liberal’ lapel pin to make him seem legitimate. When it comes to any debate or mere conversation, ‘liberals/democrats(aka progressive communists) always run to the race card. I can understand that because the media eats it up and it strikes fear in the weak of heart republican. Issues, facts and stats all fly off the conversation to defending their(the sap republican) ‘open heart’ towards ‘minorities. Aside all the bull, while it may be true that there are large numbers of white folk on food stamps, the biggest numbers of people (per capita) not interested in looking for work are the ‘minority’. Stats also point out that generational ‘families’ who grow up into welfare and who deliberately have more children for bigger welfare checks are ‘non-white. It’s not a race issue to say when people are not required to work or to prove a  to get luxury items for free, quite often they will opt for the freebie. Charity used to be from the heart to the needy and it always worked. I know because I was once that family. Now it’s been made into a human right to take anything from anyone at anytime and that is what is wrong with every Nation which have ‘compassionate laws’ . Wrong because it makes that Nation weak and subjective to her enemies. It destroys economies, the heart of the people and the ability to  secure itself. Bad guys don’t obey laws nor do they care about others.  

    • greywolfrs

      I think I would have said “loud mouth, lard ass Matthews, but that’s just me…

  • Steelyal

    Obama,Maher,Matthews, JL Jackson, Holder  etc  etc  What a racist bunch

  • Adrianne Georgia

    I’ll tell you the game that’s being played, Chris: “Shout down, antagonize, and change the subject.” Yep, that’s all you ever do.

  • greywolfrs

    Aain, you have the left wing shill trying to take the spot light off Obamao’s horrible record. You have left wing idiots making up this “war on women.” All of it is to take the spot light off the fact that Democraps have plan for the debt, deficits, jobs or the economy. The funny part is all the left wing idiots that believe this B S.

  • Anonymous

    why is MSNBC still on the air their only qualifications are hussein-obama pays them to say and do what he wants..well Soros/GE pays obama who pays msnbc.puppet of each other! the real racists are the ones who cry race!! and the real racist is stanley ann duhnam…she gave birth to a guy who is only Half Black! lol! and besides he really isn’t black hussein-obama is an antiAmerican islamist terrorist!!

  • Steve

    Did Matthews forget his “showing ” on a certain “game show”?? What a complete moron. Hey moron. don’t bring a knife to a gun fight!!!

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews is an ideologue masquerading as a journalist. Not sure why anyone out there still wants to watch his show. He has the interviewing skills of a rabid hyena.

  • Elmer

    I can just feel Chris Matthews losing the tingle in his leg

  • Anonymous

    Matthews needs to lay of the sauce

  • Anonymous

    Matthews is a perfect example of a diehard liberal. He’s full of hot air, but can’t admit it no matter how much someone embarasses him. He spews lies until he convinces himself that they are true, just like all liberals.

  • Anonymous

    so-called journalists now are really teleprompter reading models or puppets! Real Journalists today are Aaron Klein!read his book-FoolMeTwice,and watch movie 2016ObamasAmerica!! and get others to! and May God Bless America!!

  • chrismonty

    “The Obama DEPRESSION!”  Thank goodness someone finally had the balls to say it publicly.

    • Anonymous

      The Barackalypse!

  • David Oliver

    I’m telling you from a totally non-partisan point of view…Matthews has a mental problem and I would not be at all surprised to see him go postal at any time. HE should be the poster boy for gun control

  • BobP

    Matthews – I hope you are reading this.
    You are a slimy little coward who won’t discuss the real issues.  Rather you engage in all of these silly little accusations about racism, etc. when it’s YOU who assumes that all blacks are on food stamps!  You were check mated by your own insinuation, YOU FOOL!

  • Anonymous

    Mathews just another Socialist hack the one thing Obama has done for us Patriots he has brought out all the socialist and we really know who they are. The whole democratic party has been outed. Democrats rant and rave revolution.I would advise them to be careful using that term. Whats the old saying ,Sometimes you get what you wish for and you may not like the outcome

  • Doris C

    Newt still has it.Poor Matthews. Keeps saying lets go back hoping for a better outcome and he is done.

  • Jeff

    Chris Matthews is an idiot. He makes an ass out of himself everyday without fail. Good luck on your next job Chris!

  • TAReece

    Chrissy Mathews… what can you say… How ’bout that thrill up yo leg

  • Anonymous

    Um, Gingrich was the AUTHOR of the bill that required work for stamps; Lardball was WAAAY out of his league – how fun to watch!

  • Anonymous

    way tomuch arguing going on not just the politians but the press and it’s really making me sick to watch this f—–up election. it starts with our so called commander in chief who i refuse to acknowledge as my president.

  • mark

    Matthews must have bumped his head prior to that interview. unhinged is an understatement, but so are the psycho ranting by ellen barkin(stinky fish) and samuel jackson. maybe it that coke thats making them hateful , prejudice , and insane.

  • Anonymous

    Everytime Matthews asked Newt a question he would talk louder and cut him off so either he couldn’t answer it or couldn’t finish. Matthews just proved whats wrong around us. One way of thinking, that every thng out of ones mouth means this not what it really means. You go Newt, help people to understand. You had to spoon feed it to Matthews, poor fellow.

  • Brian

    If you watch Chris Matthews debate people long enough you start to see a trend.

    Whenever Matthews is on the ropes and he knows he’s going down in a debate, his go to line is either, “you think you’re winning this debate” or “you don’t want to continue this screaming match with me, because you know you’re losing”.

    Matthews argues like a 14 year old girl.

    Only the 14 year old girl is smarter.

  • Anonymous

    Newt vs. Matthews is almost cruel. Newt proves again that he is not just The Speaker, but a calm and effective speaker.

  • Big T

    Butt Kicking—big butt!

  • Edward

    Chris Mathews works for the White House Chief of Staff

  • Big T

    Hey Matthews, someday a real racist event will come up and nobody will care with you trying to make every disagreement with the POTUS a “racist” one.  You are the boy who cried wolf.  Sad-Sad-Sad!

  • J.t. Coleman

    Chris Matthews …..what can I say?  I would like to see him as a guest on the reality show Swamp People, preferably as alligator bait.
    If you noticed , each time Newt Gingrich began to give facts to enforce his point Matthews would change the subject… I’m telling ya, this crap with the liberal media is absurdly out of hand ! 

    • J.w. Appling

       Gators don’t eat Feces he’d drive them out of the water.

  • J.t. Coleman

    In the Book of Proverbs, ( that’s in the Christian Bible , for all you Muslim loving Obama supporters and atheists, who do not know) , it says “A fool’s words invite a beating” 
    OH, CHRIS MATTHEWS .. I believe you qualify !!!!

  • Brian Caldwell

    hahaha Matthews the eternal idiot :) go Newt! 
    Matthews is still in pain after that whooping!

  • Adam Ruplinger

    I can’t believe how irritating Mathews is.  

  • Kelly Prince

    Newt would have been a better nominee. If for no other reason then he would destroy Obama, Biden and any other Liberal’s that would stop up to the plate. Now we just have to hope Romney grows balls or that Ryan can carry him.

  • Robert W

    Matthews should invite Gingrich back daily, so he can literally be destroyed nightly.

  • Anonymous

    Newt as President and Trump as VP would have been something to see.
    Nobody or no nation would have given us any problems with these two steamrollers in action.  Like him or not you have to admit The Donald has a way with words, no bowing to some 3rd world Hellhole ruler for him !
    As for the gasbag Matthews, he is as finished as the so called network so works for.

  • Anonymous

    Does Chris Matthews have ANY idea how idiotic he sounds??? Chris Matthews is an ANTI-WHITE. Stu asks “So what’s the deal with Chris Matthews?” NEWSFLASH: STU: IT’S A DISORDER CALLED ANTI-WHITISM. Chris Matthews is an ANTI-WHITE. PERIOD. It’s no more complicated than that.

  • Lioness

    Mathews did make one factual comment. When your getting your arse handed to you by Newt, your always greeted with that “diabolical smile”:):):)

  • Janusz Muszak

  • Jim Gair

     Matthews was just handed a thrill up his ass by by the Master debater Newt. Newt was playing with this fool and I wish they could do it some more.

  • Tool

    I am not racist. Obama is supposedly half white/ half black. I was addressing my angst towards the white half.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews needs to pull his head out of his ………….

    Awesome, just awesome a short 34 second  video from the navy seals!! Love them!!


  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews is one of the most obnoxious people that I know of in a place of national prominence. He just cannot believe that anyone would question his absurd ideas and beliefs. He is given a public forum the the national media to make his claims, a lot of them unsubstantiated by facts which outs him in good company with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and President Obama. He gave the me the impression in this interview that the facts don’t matter. He is simply a shill for the Democratic party bent upon espousing lies to sway those who listen to him. Unfortunately, he is becoming a national joke with no credibility at all. As a “newsman/journalist” he needs to follow the lead of Walter Kronkite.

    Newt Gingrich is not someone you want to challenge to a debate. Regardless of what you might think about him personally, he is one of the smartest men in national politics today.. You will not get the best of him in a one on one situation. But just like the liberals who support socialism, which hasn’t worked anywhere that it has been tried in world history, past or present, they still are just like the “Energizer Bunny” they just keep going and going and going.

    Matthews is just another flunky that when you don’t have anything of substance to say or stand on, you attack with the race card. America got by that with the election of Obama. That is in almost everybody’s mind but Chris Matthews. And in his case, ?a mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

  • June Badaracco

    To begin with,  Matthews has a horrible, irritating voice.  He constantly (rudely) interrupts  people and harps on the same dumb subject all the time.  Man has the intellect of a kumquat. Can he speak intelligently about the economy or international affairs?  He should work on the View with the rest of the air head, cackling chickens.  Can’t stand him.  Time  to retire, Matthews.

    • Anonymous

      OMG June you spoke my mind entirely.  I agree with you 100% !!  I can’t stand that loud-mouthed idiot Matthews and just assume that some idiot in MSNBC signed a lonnnnng contract with him and can’t get out of it.  No professional or intelligent person would have signed him on……….I was thinking just like you……..put him on with cackling hens of The View!!

      • Anonymous

        The management at MSNBC probably thought he was a TV equivalent to Howard Stern… FAIL. 

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews.. uhm,  the poster boy for birth control, as well as, a democrudic mascot. Kinda makes me wonder if his mother was on drugs when he was conceived.  What an embarrassment to the human race.

  • Don Weaver

    MSMBC is on my ‘DO NOT WATCH LIST’ This Mathews person is a clown, why any company would advertise on this station, is wasting their money. Would NEVER purchase a product that would support this garbage mouth. No wonder their ratings are so low.

  • Anonymous

    chris is gayer than dickswallower , barney frank .

  • Anonymous

    I think what Chris Matthews needs to remember is that it was the Democrat Party that was the party of the Confederate States of America and wanted slavery to continue.  It was 6 Democrats from the Confederate States of America that started the KKK.  It seems to me guys like Chris Matthews forgets his parties own history.  The Republican party was born to fight specifically what the Democrat party stood for.  The Democrats seceded from the Union and ripped our country apart, pitting brother against brother, father against son, American against American.  Yes over time they have and are allowed to “flip flop” and modifiy their political position but don’t try to put it off onto the Republican party.  The Republican Party since its inception has had the same policies. 

  • Anonymous

    See “2016” and you will understand Matthews and why he loves Obama so much.  Obama makes him feel good about, benevolent even – supporting and voting for a black man.  We will not be free in America until we stop being so concerned about a person’s color and start listening to what they are saying, watching what they are doing in order to determine who they really are.  I would never vote for Obama because his policies are so bad, his ideology the antithesis of the America I grew up believing in and loving so much.  It doesn’t matter what color you are if you are an inexperienced, incapable leader, if all you are is talk – you are not the man for the job.  George Obama would make a better president!

  • Anonymous

    gingrich is a pathetic shell of a man who could have helped the country as a public servant but chose to make shady deals and is still the only Speaker to essentially be fired by their own Congress.
    Don’t worry though….
    before 2016, newt will find another couple thousand supporters and a new wife to make another pathetic primary run.

  • Anonymous

    If Matthews would SHUT UP he might actually learn something.

  • Anonymous

    Ha!  When Newt mentions the chart with depression levels of other presidents and then tells

    where B.O. fell on the chart (way below the others), C.M. changes the subject quicker than a

    blink of an eye.  If you can’t win the argument, go on to another topic, eh?

  • Melvin

    Where in the world does Chris Matthews get the temerity to suggest that he knows what “every African-American” watching his program thinks? Perhaps he’s talking about what those who refuse or are afraid to leave the Democrat Party plantation think. 

  • Anonymous

    This year may be the end of Motor Mouth, he tried hard to steer the conversation with Newt, his rant with Priebus was a pathetic loud mouthed spewing of inaccuracy and a game of word domination to use up time…..MM is Shakesperes idiot….Priebus is correct MM just doesn’t have a audience of size or value.

  • Anonymous

    Matthews is a pimp for Alinsky radicalism and has admitted such.  This poor excuse for a journalist is nearly hysterical that Barry Soetero has failed, which means Matthews has failed.
    Obama has spent a fortune covering up his past and Matthews is going down with the ship because he never did his job to vet this fraud. Chrissy is an Obama punk.

  • Adam stone

    i can tell mathews is an Idiot simply because he makes the statement about being in line to get food stamps to go buy BOOZE WTF are you that stupid. food stamps is a government program and at least as far as I know at least in my state and the ones surrounding it Booze as he put it is NOT purchasable by food stamps. someone this much into politics and he doesn’t even have his facts straight about a program as simple as food stamps.

    • Anonymous

       “WTF are you that stupid?”

      Yes, of course; Matthews is that stupid, and much more.

  • Anonymous

    I just watched Chris Matthews rail about racism at Reince Priebus before watching this video with him doing the same at Gingrich. My only thought other than thinking what an annoying idiot he is was about how WHINY he is! I mean the man sounds like a whiny little boy complaining that someone took his toy for goodness sake. REALLY! The guy just WON’T shut up. Some one PLEASE tell Matthews to put a sock in it (or maybe someone could just do that LITERALLY…. into his big annoying mouth)! 

  • John Clardy

    Hey Chris, Youtube Bo Peep by T-ARA.  If you can’t smile after hearing that nothing can make you smile! ;p

  • landofaahs

    Matthews must be counting on getting the attention and support of the 10% of people who are insane to be viewers.  It would never dawn on him to be honest and thereby earn the trust of viewers.  Liberals live for being able to deceive others.  It is why they were so in awe of Bill Clinton.  They marveled at how he was able to lie right off the cuff.

  • Poison_ Monkey

    Tingle down my leg dude debating President Clinton’s biggest night-mirror NEWT Gingrich. Go NEWT… Sick mm.  

  • Off Duty

    At the end of this discussion, one of the analysts hit on an obvious assumption about Matthews, and that is that “something” once happened to Matthews to make him so obsessed with “race”. I suspect that Matthews was once very traumatized by blacks when he was very young, and I believe that that trauma was just about as bad as bad can be. Matthews is a pathetic victim, used by his media masters who have exploited a little boy in such enormous pain.

  • Larry Viles

    Chris Matthews, the whitest white man I have ever seen, playing the race card. Priceless

  • elroy

    Mathews could not be that stupid. Nothing could, and live. There is an effort to stifle any criticism of Obama’s policies. If you dare slam the policies you will be called a racist.

    Well, Mathews has several more to call racist because Obama’s policies got hit pretty hard last night at the convention and there is more to come. Go for it Mathews. Who cares? Your three viewers?

  • elroy

    We get our news on the comedy chanel and our laughs on MSNBC.

  • Thomas A. Wathen Jr.

    Hey Stu, you’ve heard the cliche’ that once you go black, you’ll NEVER go back, right?! Well ever since Barack sent that tingle up Chris Matthew’s leg, need I say more?! But black?!! I consider O more like a Caramel Macchiato! LOL!!! I pray y’all got your eyes on the skies! (Luke 21:28)

  • Tzila

    “Stu continued to point out how obsessed by the issue of race Chris Matthews is. Every debate, every talking point that goes against the right, they always come back to race.”IMHO it may be a sign of senility. Time for (p)MSNBC to let go of Matthews. But on the other hand he just aids in their floundering in the ratings, and so it would be beneficial for all of us for that network to shut down.

  • Anonymous

    What moron hired Chris Matthews? No wonder the Media doesn’t have ANY credibility. I’m Morgan23 and I approve of the Gunfighter analogy.

  • Anonymous

    Besides being a racist, old Chris is also a mysogynist, lest we forget.  There is definitely something wrong with Matthews. And then that ‘thrill’ up his leg?  Too weird.  Creepy, in fact.

  • Anonymous

    Is Christ Matthews losing it? His love for Obama makes him to lose his composure and go an rants that are totally idiotic. Yesterday he tought normal to make fun of Romney while Romney didn’t even speak. He compared him to Prince Charles and sugggest he should  wear the kilt.I don’t understand how MSNBC keeps this totally nut commentator, completely out of control. His behaviour suggest that his love for Obama is not normal. What gives?  

  • Anonymous

    Here is exactly the reason I can’t stand watching Chris Matthews, he has Diarrhea of the mouth. This Lib just cannot shut up!!  Must be that tingling up his leg.


    Matthews is a fake Obama loyalist.  racism for 200 , alex.

  • B.P.

    If Chris Matthews had an intelligent thought in his intellectually challenged skull, it would die of loneliness. Just sayin.

  • Brian Rood

    I stand here, the storm twists and rages and the din is deafening.  I shout, but the voice is drowned out even to my own ears. As the song goes, ‘cold on ice, match on a fire…whisper on a scream, doesn’t mean a thing….’  No matter how much we tear them down, no matter how we rage back against their haughty conflagration, they will ‘blow hard’ to fan the flames. Our only recourse, to build the firewall at every point and show them for the ‘blow hards’ that they are.  Matthews is a little flame, a minor wildfire that needs to be stamped out with the boot of conservative reality.  trying to burn a boot the size of Mr. Gingrich was a miscalculation of epic proportions.  I pray he continues his flaring and spitting in hopes we can finally extinguish his burn for good.

  •ávez-Vásquez/813294532 Gloria Chávez Vásquez

    AMAZING how a network pays an apologist to rant all day long and to defend a president who has done nothing but desintegrate the country. Why isn’t Matthews working in the White House? Oh, I forgot: he’ll have to shut up and get less money for parroting what he parrots for a huge salary plus perks!  Matthews’ style of journalism: do all the talking. Notice how he believes that if he overtalks his opponent with his absurb rethoric he “wins.”  The only time anyone watches this “hardball” is when someone makes him look like the NUT he really is.  

  • Rulken Russell

    The laim-stream-media continues to spew forth the propaganda to cover up the Obama lies. That’s it in a nut shell plain and simple!

  • Bob Clussman

    Why does MSNBC still have this assclown on their payroll,, snookie makes better sense while being drunk than Chris, But I do like the way he keeps jumping around changing question around Newt before he answer the previous one, like he trying to confuse Newt, I think it’s the other way around.

  • Anonymous

    How raciest is MSNBC for not giving a moment of air time to Arthur Davis speaking at the convention last night? They played all the white people but not the black ones. I smell raciest.

  • Joe Snuffy

    ONCE AGAIN, Chris demonstrates that HE is the racist. He is the one with the problem and HE is the one who will not face the real facts when they are staring him directly in the face. 

    Chris is following the Communist mantra; If anyone disagrees with you, call them a racist.  Fortunately, there are many of us out here who know his tactics.

    Newt was the right guy to face off with Chris because Newt doesn’t hesitate to call him on his BS statements. 


  • Kyle Blake

    Seriously Glen, I can’t stand looking at your site any more because I am getting tired of seeing all of your narcissistic poses with you, you, and more you, thinking you.  Get over yourself.  Is your network about you or about the news?   The picture of you in the cowboy hat and the horse just put me over the edge, so help me I will never visit your website again and I just removed you from my Facebook.

    • NWFL Conservative

      Good riddence, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  • NWFL Conservative

    Chris Matthews get his ass handed to him so often by people you would think he would eventually come to the conclusion that hs is clueless and should best keep his mouth shut. To call him stupid would be an insult to stupid people.

  • Gary Zaremba


  • Anonymous

    HYPOCRACY the definition of the liberal left.

  • Anonymous

    Finally,America is seeing exactly who the racist thinkers are…Who sees all welfare recepients as black,who thinks using Obama’s race as  a ploy to divide America and who has only supposition and lies to use to give Obama a platform…..and guess what,people are tired of it and look forward to the truth and facts to give us a reason to vote,not half truths,suppositions and BS as the democrats have given up the last 5 years!

  • jeff lyons

    Chris Mathews is a fucking idiot.  Newt should have just slapped the piss out of him

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone else catch the guy in the audience at 4:12?  Newt was talking about the Obama depression being below average and some guy yells out, ” Bush’s fault.”  ….. hahaha that was the funniest part of the clip i think

  • Anonymous

    You notice how Matthews jumps from one topic to another after being systematically demolished by Gingrich.  He has trouble focusing.  Perhaps he’s ADD.  There is no more idiotic “commentator on television today than this airheaded motormouth who thinks that if he talks fast something more intelligent will come out.

  • Anonymous

    To give a man a fish… or to teach a man to fish?  That is the question.

  • Anonymous

    CPUSA does well to keep Matthews on the payroll.  They get their money’s worth.

  • Greg S

    MSNBC needs to put people who have the same beliefs as Chris Matthews. He is not having a good time.

  • Mark

    Matthews can’t keep a straight face, when spewing his absurdity. Even he knows he’s a fraud. 

  • Anonymous

    Matthews does best when he’s alone on the set and he can spew his venom in a vacuum, or with one or two like-“minded” libtards who can echo his venom.  He does NOT do well when he’s next to an intelligent person and it shows.

  • Anonymous

    The reason that liberals are forever obsessed withrace is that the civil rights cnflicts of the 1960s were the last time the left really held the high-ground. It’s ironic, but Democrats are forever pining for the good old days when blacks were institutionally oppressed.

  • Java8

    This idiot, Chris Matthews, does not allow anyone who disagrees with him the ability to get out one full sentence.  His whole tactic is to get in his attack and then talk over the person trying to respond.  He is an extreme motor mouth who has no way to back up anything he says so he talks over anyone who opposes his views.  Conservative politicians need to stop appearing on this crazy man’s show.  He is certifiably nuts.  Conservative politicians need to stop giving him a stage.  The guy is given one “fact” after another to show that Obama’s record is comparable to what we flush down a commode, and he just talks over the responses of all conservative politicians’ responses to his raving lunatic accusations.  End this now…stop going on his show and maybe he will finally go the way of his other lunatic fringe, K Obermann.  Matthews must be on the Democratic Party and/or the Obama payroll or he is completely delusional. In any case, whatever meds this idiot, Matthews, is taking — they are not working!

  • Alfred Musgrave

    I like how Matthews throws out an accusation and then quickly interrupts and changes the subject as if it will mask his complete ineptitude and inablity to defend the very point he brings up.

  • Anonymous

    Matthews is the poster child for journalists who have prostituted their profession. He has become third rate and basically irrelevant. His behavior is childish and selfish, thinking he has all the answers. He has become a sideshow of buffoonery.

  • elwap0

    So has anyone actually seen  Obama’s birth certificate ?? NO I  have been watching that is not in depute.. 

  • John Hancock

    I had terrible cramps and was constipated until I heard Chris Matthews try to pretend he had a brain. Now. I can happily say. I am no longer constipated, and rid of Matthews at the same time. IS THAT RACIST, as he would say, or a HAPPY COINCIDENCE, to use Chris as an example of the RELIEF OF CONSTIPATION too?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like ANYTHING about Obama. The color of his skin (brown) doesn’t upset me, however, the color of his politics, RED, infuriates me because a Marxist/Leninist impostor is sitting in the oval office pretending to be the POTUS.

  • missvickie

    Is anything not racist to Mathews? Not all on food stamps and welfare are minority and he, quite frankly,  is insulting the minorities.  People should be angry with him making insinuations.  It is people like him that divide the country. Why is is liberals always scream over the other person as if they are afraid a point may be made if they allow the other to get a word in.  I really am not feeling democratic anymore cause this is not the true democratic party. It has become a bunch of crazy fruitcakes who stoop to low levels as human beings that I am not willing to say I am a part of.  GROW UP

  • Kelly

    matthews is the worst commentator in the history of commentators. he never has one good thing to say about anybody except obama and we all know obama aint that great. he is so disgusting that i find it hard to believe that he has any followers.  he is just a bag of air. rachel maddow isnt far behind him. matthews should be fired asap. what a loser

  • John Wilkinson

    What I see our Nation is in NEED for, is, 1ST a -reprimand- aa) LAWS shouldn’t be “sketchy”. HOW IS IT G.W. -IS NOT- -ARRESTED- for his two (2) “Outstanding Crimes”? NOW, Obama will need likewise to be -ARRESTED- for HIS “derilition of Duty”. bb) I see a NEED for -better- “inner city maintenance” from coast to coast. cc) Of course, what I am saying here isn’t even touching the GIGANTIC ICEBERG Society become!/ SO,,, I was on a 44 mo. POLIT Campaign -MY Own self- for the TOP JOB. Now look what you got, an ELECTION where one may as well not even “bother voting”. dd) a -person- could “hook up with me” thru TWITTER if they liked, Running12Office, -John Wilkinson- [ANY POLITICIAN who is for ‘Gay Marriage’ w/o the consent of the voting Public, at least, 1ST/ —they “got to be voted out”— so, we know where I STAND ON 1ST TENANT!]

  • Matthew

    I wonder if matthews’s mother had any childern that lived? 

  • Barb Juarez

    would have been nice if Matthews would have let Newt complete at least one sentence – he is soooooo pathetic.  Newt STILL buried him……plus, did you notice the applause for Newt????  :)

  • gmk

    Chris Matthews is an idiot and Gingrich made him look like an angry butt head who would
    not let him finish one question. Hey I wonder if Matthews leg is still tingling? 

    • Anonymous

      politricktions are on show case, who believes them,   Clinton, BUSH, Obama, Romney, BUSH1(no new taxes).  I dont.   Why cant we get better quality candidates.  Dont tell me a millionaire that is hiding money offshore, that cant talk about Romneycare, BAIN, BUSH or much else other than how bad are counrty is under obummer is going be any different than the rest.

      RON PAUL is silinced by his own party,  cute RNC clan

      • Brian Chambless

        Last time I checked, putting money off shore wasn’t illegal. Ask the Dems, there are alot in office that do just the same thing. Bain?  A no story. Ron Paul? The Ron Paul that took money from the KKK Ron Paul?  yea… next?

  • the crazy betty

    chris matthews is a disheveled, slobbering mess.

  • Graymalkin

    We all don’t think alike Chris, you racist scumbag!

  • Anonymous

    msmbc  should be embarrassed putting the panel together this week covering the RNC Chris Matthews should go on a permanent vacation

  • Nina Flora

    I just frankly do not know why they keep him on the air..he is undoubetly the most arrogant, unkind, biased, liberal newsperson  there is….Course Rachel Maddow  could give him some compettion for this honor.. Her the best news media person..get a life!

  • Anonymous

    one problem democrats they have nothing for the last four year. at least
    the republicans have tried  to do their jobs. Chris matthews has a major issues.

  • Jayne Nielsen

    I’m not surprised Chris Matthews responded that way.  Remember he is a man who is deeply in love with Obama.  They say love is blind.  Not only is Matthews blind, he’s obviously deaf and dumb as well. 

  • Jerry Patte

    You mean to tell me people actualy take Chris Mattews serious.

  • Estelle

    The tingle Chris Matthews gets up his leg has gone to his brains…he is so in love with Obama &
    is favorably in his pocket…when Obama is God Forbide thrown out of office…watch Chris gets
    another tingle for theWinner…he is a two faced Jerk and the Studio shld cut him off completely.We do in our household when we see his face & also Maddow et al.God Bless
    America & may her people of all races see the Light & have prosperty once again.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry that I can’t recall the Civil Rights representative from New York who was on Fox News earlier, he is a Democrat and bless him, he wanted to know where the ‘adults’ were at MSNBC because they  (Matthews, etc.) were out of control. 
    We’ve not watched MSNBC for years, haven’t missed the ‘spin’, ‘untruths’ or ‘drama’.  

  • Mark Giovanni Sandore

    Indeed, Chris Matthews is in way over his head with Newt, nor just about anybody that represents an opposing viewpoint because he is a shameless dependent, dependent on liberal winds of ideas that are never challenged in his circle, thus no new ground is ever broken, and his mind stays mired in the same web of careless and irresponsible ideas that he started with 30 years ago. It’s one reason that CNN loses viewers in droves each year since Fox Network News started, because say what you will about Fox’s conservative bend, they have as many as 10 liberal voices that participate on a daily basis on that network that keep the conservative thought on edge and up to date, and their facts are always challenged, on both sides of the debate.

  • Ron Asseltyne

    People like Chris Matthews are a cancer on society

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews is an unbalanced individual.  He needs to seek professional help and get on some daily medication. This man is one delusional human being.and really needs help.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews has got to be one of the stupidest people in so-called journalism, not only is he queer for Obama, he is a traitor to this country, what a bafoon!

  • Anonymous

    During the RNC I had CSPAN on one TV and was flipping the other between channels to see for myself if there really was a bias in media reporting. 

    msnbc aired their anchors, matthews and maddow, when Artur Davis was aproached the podium and spent the whole time he was speaking whining about the “the republicans can’t come up with a single person of color” to speak at their convention “because they hate blacks.” And so it went thru Mia Long, Mario Rubio, Ted Cruz, and every other non-white speaker. 

    cnn aired their anchors, blitzer and whazzhername, and all they could talk about was how Bobby Jindal had turned down the RNC invitation to speak. And just two days earlier biltzer had reported that Jindal had replied to the RNC invitation saying in view of the approaching hurricane he felt he had a higher obligation to the residents of his state. 

    As a Vietnam veteran I know full well that American media reporting leaves a lot to be desired, but there is no doubt that the guy with the bumper sticker reading “DON’T TRUST THE LIBERAL MEDIA” is 1000% correct. 

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