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Most weeks aren’t good weeks for Chris Matthews, but this one has been exceptionally rough for the MSNBC host. After getting thoroughly dismantled yesterday morning by Tom Brokaw, Mika and an the RNC Chair, Matthews thought it would be a good idea to bring try the exact same talking points against Newt Gingrich.

It didn’t go very well.

Watch the clip:

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It doesn’t help that Matthews started the interview off by being combative, “You’ve engaged in what I consider very problematic rhetoric…”

Telling the former speaker he finds him to be a problem – great way to start an interview against a man known for dismantling the mainstream media.

After continuing to criticize Newt Gingrich, Matthews tried to tie Newt’s “food stamp president” comments (comments he formerly accused Newt of being a racist for making) to Donald Trump’s birther claims.

How did Newt respond to Matthews’s nonsense?

“A ‘food stamp president’ is the guy whose policies are so destructive, that he creates the longest unemployment since the Great Depression and he puts more people on food stamps — most of them white — than anybody else.”

“Why do you assume food stamp refers to blacks?” he added.

“What kind of racist thinking do you have? You‘re being a racist because you assume they’re black!”

“During the primaries we were, at times, tough on Newt Gingrich’s policies, but there is nothing more gratifying than when Newt Gingrich gets on a roll and starts destroying someone on the left,” Stu said. “It’s why, I think, Republicans and conservatives like him so much, because he is unafraid and he just destroys Chris Matthews here.”

Stu continued to point out how obsessed by the issue of race Chris Matthews is. Every debate, every talking point that goes against the right, they always come back to race.

Pat gives this example:

I forgot he was black for an hour? So…usually Chris Matthews is really cognizant of this…” Pat joked. “But, for about an hour, he forgot that.”

“Wow. Imagine the great internal triumph he must have had when he realized he hadn’t actually looked at the President for the color of his skin for sixty full minutes!” Stu responded sarcastically. “What an accomplishment for Chris Matthews.”

“I mean this is an idiotic set of viewpoints,” Stu continued. “He admits on national television that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week he thinks of the President as black and notices he’s black. But for full sixty minute period he was able to overlook that and act as if it was an achievement.”

So what’s the deal with Chris Matthews? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, if you disagree with the ideology of President Obama, he’s probably going to call you a racist.