Glenn reacts to the powerful Ann Romney speech

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Glenn watched Ann Romney’s speech last night and had pretty much all good things to say about how effective it was and how it connected with the American people. Started a little slow and then she was off the charts good. What set it apart – other than the fact she didn’t tell people what to eat, what to drive and that she’s finally proud of America now that her husband is the nominee? Find out Glenn’s reaction in the clip above!

Watch the FULL speech below:

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  • Rahm Kota

    Ann Romney told the truth about Mitt bad night for the DNC. 

  • John Edward Kapler

    Excellent!! nuff said!!!

  • Anonymous

    I do not pay for the blaze so cannot comment on the blaze.
    I am glad the reporter was fired and cannot believe the hatred
    coming from Gwen Ifel.  I thought she was a better person than
    that.  Why this terrible hatred by the blacks.  I do not hate.

  • Anonymous

    Anne Romney’s life reminds me so much of my own.
    She is a gracious lady and I believe she did a
    wonderful job at the Convention.
    The only difference is we do not have their money.
    It doesn’t bother me.  I do not want their money.  They
    earned it!  I did not!
    Anyone in this country who covets their neighbors goods
    or believes it is ok to steal arev violating the 5th and 9th

  • Harry Paige

    Only one word…….CLASS!!!!!!

    • Anonymous


  • Racine Woodward

    Liked Ann Romney’s speech very much.  She really sounds better than michelle.  She would make a great first lady.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Who’s stopping you? Check out living conditions and costs before you leave however – You’ll find that there’s less predjudice, but lots lower standard of living. You also need to find out if Brazil will accept you – very few countries open their arms to legal immigration and illegal entry is severely punished!

    • Jenn Fluck Sanders

      Go for it, it’s sure to be a better country to live in, right? 

    • Anonymous

      Where are your guts to live your life?  Why do you blame others?  No guts, no glory.  Make your life-you are the only one who can.  To depend on government is dangerous and an insult to yourself.  Dem or Repub-makes no difference-do not allow government to run your life or “ruin” your life by becoming dependent.

  • Soulphoenix

    She spoke poignantly and practically to women, and she understands the real power of women to make this world better. Extremely well done, and her courage is a worthy example to follow.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn are you fricking kidding me right now? Mitt Romney, honest?????? You are so much better than that. You are able to compile all the info and facts on Obama but you refuse to look objectively at the things that Mitt Romney has said in the past? I understand that you want Obama gone and believe me I think we all do, but dont let your desire to get him out influence how you view Romney, you are so much better than that.

    • Anonymous

      Its one thing to be a liberal, its another to be a Governor
      in one of the most liberal states in the nation ! I choose to believe the
      federalist governor from Massachusetts will be
      a republican president for America/
      That much I pray for ! 

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone contrasted her speech to Michelle’s in 2008?  I bed there is no comparison!  That would make an interesting ad or segment on TV/radio.  Ann is so gracious, and would make a wonderful First Lady.

  • Anonymous

    Ann Romney is a first class LADY and would make a remarkable and sensible First Lady. You can tell the content and character of their marriage by the way they look at one another. All women should envy her that the love of her life gazes at her as if she was the only woman on earth…and vice versa.

    There is no comparison of Ann Romney with Michelle Obama. Moochie can’t hold a candle to Ann.

  • Jenn Fluck Sanders

    Ann Romney is a hell of a woman!  I can’t even begin to imagine doing what she does/has done in her life.  I have no where near the responsibilitis she does but I do share some of her struggles.  I was diagnosed with MS almost 7 years ago.  I have 2 sons, one is 13, the other just turned 5.  I am a stay at home mom, thankfully, and just a few months after our youngest son was born I lost my ability to walk.  I know that her diagnosis of MS was later in her life so her boys were pretty much grown by then but that doesn’t mean she’s not still a mom, not to mention a grandma to many grandbabies. I don’t know how she does it but if she can do all that she’s going to make an awesome first lady!  I can’t wait until election day, I’ll be up all night if I have to to find out that Mitt Romney is our next president! 

  • Anonymous

    She is a very easy to love human being!  Seems to be a very good person.

  • Christine Kroeker

    Glen needs to quit talking about the speeches and really tell peope what happened at the convention.  I am at the convention.  I saw the underhanded tactics.  The RNC central committee doesn’t believe our vote counts.  They unseated delegates because they wanted to look like a unified convention.  Before the convention started, Ron Paul had a plurality of delegates in at least 5 states which guaranteed him to be nominated and to be able to speak.  Romney’s lawyer went around unseating delegates.  They tried to unseat all Maine delegates and appoint them instead.  The governor of Maine (a Romney supporter) said he would boycott the convention.  This made them look bad, so they “compromised” and allowed 10 of the 24 elected delegates to be seated and appointed the rest.(this is no different than Stalin or chavez).  They changed the rules so the central committee can change any rule any time without the delegates voting.  When all of this was brought to the floor, none of the details were shared with the delegates.  Most people had no idea what they were voting on.  The RNC scripted the entire night.  Only their people could make motions.  They ignored any other motions, Nays, point of orders, calls for division.  The credentials committee report (which unseated delegates), especially, had a huge number of nays, but they were ignored.  They did go throught the big hoopla to “count” the votes for Romney, but after unseating opposing delegates, they didn’t have anything to worry about there.   August 28th 2012 is the day that our vote doesn’t matter anymore.  Remember it.

    • greywolfrs

      Well, Chris, all I can say is it’s time for Libertarians to break off of the GOP, once and for all. It’s time to get Libertarians to truly be their own party. In 1971, when the Libertarian party was formed, that was goal. Unfortunately, they were courted by the GOP and allowed the party to be some what absorbed by the GOP. The GOP did this for a reason, they couldn’t afford to lose that voting block. The GOP and most people in the GOP do not realize that even if they split the Independent vote, with the Democraps, without the Libertarian vote, they lose.
      They continue to think that they can talk trash about Dr. Paul and Libertarians and we are going to just fall into line. They think we will vote for which ever establishment lackey they put up. They use B S like a vote for a third party is really a vote for Obamao or if we get Obamao for another 4 years, it’s your fault. This is 100% B S and they know it, but that is what they think will get us to vote the way they want.
      I, for one, will be voting my conscience and that means I will vote for Gary Johnson or Ron Paul. If anyone has a problem with that, I do not really give a shit.
      At the end of this election, I will be working for the Libertarian party to go the rest of the way and become their party, for real…

  • the crazy betty

    wow, she is gorgeous.  makes michelle’s face look like a baboon’s ass.

    • greywolfrs

      My dog’s ass could do that….

  • Anonymous

    I’m not rich and I never will be, but I am happy and
    thankful for what I have been blessed with. The only difference between rich
    and poor is simply this: Wealth makes misery a lot easier to deal with. In
    happiness wealth means absolutely nothing. I connect with the Romney’s in
    happiness and I realize whether rich or poor sometimes life can be tough. I
    really don’t appreciate what I believe are class warfare attacks on the Romney’s.
    It should stop ! If you want to attack the character of those close to Mitt
    Romney by all means do so. I look for truth in media communication to the
    people, not a story, not bias, not entertainment, not an agenda, Just tell me
    the truth and I will figure out the rest for myself.


    Thank You.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck!!  If Obama gets in again…. maybe… just maybe you won’t have that choice.  Think about it.

  • Anonymous

    Good Luck!

  • Robin Rockne

    It is what it is. Real and Genuine. All women should admire her, she is an excellent example of a gracious, classy lady.

  • Estelle

    Ann Romney was ever the 1st Lady unlike Michelle that wore a $7,000.00 top to meet the Lovely Ladylike Wm.wife Katy in London to show her up for not an invite to their wedding..Ann did a wonderful job as a MOM,Wife,& all the good she does even tho’ she is not blessed with good Health Juan williams says she is a corporate wife..what does his wife do? women have been working as hard even in the home and we do not count as corporate..Juan wake up
    Jerk and smell the coffee.
    Obama is Pres…and promised us in 3yrs if he did not do well…he shld get out…well?? what are
    we waiting for eh???? God Bless Ann & her Fam..& above all…not riches but Good Health.

  • Anonymous

    Ann Romney is intelligent, gracious, articulate and beautiful inside and outside. She out-classes the condescending Michelle. There’s no contest.

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