WATCH: Truth wins, smears don’t

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  • Anonymous

    The original title of this story, quoted here…
    WACTH: Truth wins, smears don’t
    Shows exactly the type of idiot glenn beck is and the quality of employees he recruits.

    So, in the future, remember the real reason glenn attacks the colleges and universities.  glenn The “Truth” is that beck attacks them because he was too fucking stupid to finish and earn a degree!!!
    I guess the “Truth” hurts sometimes!!!

    • Anonymous

      Seriously strtlk?  The Alinsky method of attacking the messenger rather than the message isn’t working anymore.  If you’d take the time to listen to Glenn’s message through unbiased ears, you’d see that there’s a lot of truth there.  Is he 100% accurate?  No.  I’m not aware of anyone that is.  But, as history will show, he is right far more than he is wrong and you would do well to listen rather than dismiss him because he doesn’t have a college degree.  Neither did Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

      • David X

        Right on shrink116!… one cares about those methods anymore. Things from the sixties do wear off. We don’t give a damn about what they say. Time to choose & time to rebuild.

      • Anonymous

        I agree 100% with you.  But, the one thing you need to remember about strlk, is that folks like him/her/it don’t really understand what truth is and means.  They refuse to realize that truth always wins in the end.  Truth just is.  Only thing he said that was true was that “Truth hurts sometimes”.  I think he/she/it used that because he heard it somewhere.  Doubt he/she/ it knows its meaning.  Strlk’s views hold only libs with no “formal education” are intelligent.  That paradigm in and of itself shows the ignorance.  As a person with any real intellect understands is that a lack of college education does not make a person inarticulate or unable to understand; but rather, self imposed ignorance (such as that demonstrated by strlk) is the epitome of stupidity.  Any inability to fathom and grasp truth is the epitome of stupidity.  And if we really pay any attention, those with the most formal education seem to be the most ignorant.  Kind of speaks for itself.

        Have a great day!!

      • Anonymous

        Bill gates was accepted and attended Harvard while Allen attended UW. They both CHOSE to leave early in order to start up a great company.
        glenn beck and rush limbaugh didn’t CHOOSE to leave school, they drank, snorted, smoked and flunked their ways out of college.
        HUGE difference!!!

    • Jerry Pulliam

      Obviously the Left is full of geniuses…

    • Anonymous

       So, says the critic who fails to capitalize Glenn and Beck. Those are proper nouns and should be capitalized. Just FYI. Maybe you should go back and earn a degree because by your own reasoning, you are an idiot–I’m using your logic, not mine. The truth is, WACTH vs WATCH, a simple typo. That’s all.

    • Rahm Kota

      That is funny coming from a coward who only lives to smear Glenn Beck an others on the right so please you little rat shut the hell up about smear tactics when you just keep doing it here every freaken day. You hypocrite you want us to believe that you’re a Christian are you kidding me. If you’re a Christian than Binladen must be a saint and Hitler loves Jews but that is what we get with backward thinkers like you. You lie about everything you can get a hold of everything from rape to racism. You are nothing but a lying coward and you know it or you are so stupid that you will buy any left wing propaganda that is spoon feed to your brain. Zombies like you follow a plan of hope and change without even knowing what the hell the moron was talking about. Be gone fake Christian go to media matters where people like you are crowned king of fools.

  • landofaahs

    The democrats would rather lie than tell the truth even if the truth would help them better.  They seem to relish lying to people.  It’s because their whole policy and life view is based on the lie of communism.  They will smear people as a matter of course because it’s all they have; the race card, the class warfare card and the “they are haters” card.  When all you have is a hammer, everything around you looks like a nail.

  • Rahm Kota

    It is funny who the left just love to ignore smears from their own. Like calling black people who disagree with their views racist names or women that are conservative sexist names my favorite is when the combine the two and then go around and say republicans enjoy watching black people drown.

  • Not

    After so many years of Democratic practices, they are just now plain EVIL in general.

  • Anonymous

    Our President BS truth that he got Israel back and won’t allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons is just some more of his phoney smooth talk to U.S citizens,Independant voters and Jewish voters !!!  Just yesterday one of obama general took the action of making a statement showing their contempt for Israel and cheering Iran on,he said that the White House would not  have complicity with an Israel pre-emptive strike on Iran because of the dire nuclear threat on Israel !  It sound like obama making out Israel as a criminal ,by using it’s soverign right of self defense where there is a dire nuclerar  threat from Iran,sound like obama don’t think Israel have the right of self defense !!!???? To me obama been stringing the Free World  and U.S Citizens ,Israel along just a ruse for Iran become nuclear power and give these weapons to other rogue nut case nations,terrorist fractions and no return address!! So the Muslim Radicals can blackmail ,threaten,western free world cause chaos for a Muslim take over!! or set off EMP above U.S or set off a nuclear device in one of major citie to cause ecomic collaspe where obama will step in with marshal law and to form his communist dictatorship police state model after  Russia !! During obama first president campaign he made a statement  that he would side with the Muslim world over the Free World !!! Our President obama may not be a Muslim ,but he is sure doing a good job in siding with radical Muslim at the expense of our citizens,Israel,Free World,  P.S don’t forget obama to further set our nation up for attack he cancel most of the missile defense shieds 

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