Is the mainstream media done?

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Is the mainstream media done? They are certainly burying themselves with the coverage of the Republican National Convention! First, there was the Yahoo News Washington Bureau Chief David Chalian who was caught insulting Mitt Romney and his wife on a hot mic. He was subsequently fired, but not long after he got canned PBS’s Gwen Ifill was showing her support for Chalian. Keep in mind that Ifill has been a Presidential Debate Moderator for the past two elections. Glenn even took issue with parts of the Fox News coverage, which is typically the sole bastion of sanity in the cable news world. Of course, all of this pales in comparison to MSNBC’s continuing embarrassment that they call news.

“I’m telling you, I’m telling you, guys, start looking at which network facilities we want because we’re going to buy one of them,” Glenn told Pat and Stu on the radio show.

Of course, it’s hard to criticize the networks not wanting to cover some of the awful speakers. McCain showed America why he lost by double digits to Obama, Portman and Pawlenty made Romney look electric, and two Florida political bigwigs did their best to top Stu and Pat’s epic ‘serving others’ speech fail at Restoring Love.

Check out the clip at the top of the page for more of Glenn’s analysis of the second night of the RNC and the horrible coverage on the mainstream cable news networks.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The MSM is absolutely finished unless they change their ways from propaganda to real news; so which building is it to be first Glenn?

    I have dibbs on the Rockafellers…

  • Sean

    They did show Luis Fortuño’s speech on fox news last night

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know about a lot of folks but I’m done with being
    lied to by the media. I believe the media is the number one form of
    communication for the people. That’s why they fundamentally exist ! They’re not
    here to entertain us but to simply communicate a fair and accurate truth. I
    hope the future of all of us would be to attack the funder’s of the bias or
    leftist, or the liars who fund the media. Hold them to the truth or pull your
    funding ! That’s the next step. I have always believed if we have a problem as
    citizens look at the money and power. There in you will find the problem and
    you will find the truth.

    Failure of Journalistic integrity has hurt this country. It
    must be resurrected, supported, and affirmed ! Always until the end of time !

  • Rahm Kota

    Way to go left defend a race baiter instead of the truth good job and you idiots wonder why Obama is not doing so well. I tell you why we are sick of B.S. from you guys.

  • Anonymous

    glenn must be hitting the bottle again! (not a surprise)
    The mainstream media, Fox News included, are not “done”, they are simply done listening to jackasses like glenn beck!!

    • Anonymous

      Your facts are as good as your grammar. Believe what you will, Glenn Beck is hated by the MSM, and they have NEVER listened to him. I suppose the fact that he has thrived without them and draws FAR more listeners that any liberal talk show host, the fact that liberal philosophies have resulted in exactly the results predicted by Glenn Beck…that’s just proof to people like you that you are winning. Name calling doesn’t make you clever or intelligent. 

      • Anonymous

        Quick update dumb ass…
        The President of the U.S. is a good man, great family man and solid leader. glenn is none of those things.
        P.S. The Republican Party is tearing itself apart from the inside because of idiots like glenn and lemmings like you. So…THANK YOU. Please keep screwing up your own side, we will be fine.

        • Anonymous

          No…thank YOU for proving that liberals can’t make a coherent argument without name calling OR facts. It’s always good to have someone to emulate who does a job so well.

          • Anonymous

            Thank You for proving that conservatives believe they have the power to decide what is “name calling”.
            I am so sorry for breaking any or all of the rules you have magically produced to be proper.
            Have a good evening you highness.

        • Anonymous

          He is a good man and family man but he leads from the rear. Let him be just a family man back in Chicago  when he leaves office.

  • Anonymous

    The MSM gives me the creeps, they really make my skin crawl.  

  • Anonymous

    So far, Glenn Beck and a handful of conservative talk show hosts are my only sources for truth. However, it is clear that there are still millions of semi-conscious Americans that have no idea that NBC and CNN are not the absolute epicenters of truth and integrity on the planet. I believe that many of these folks are the product of a terrible educational system in Amercia that has been manipulated by Liberals for decades. Therefore our schools are the place to start, disinfecting them of Liberal, Socialist propaganda, eliminating the Teachers Union and taking schools out of Federal control and bring it back to the states. Last time I looked, we spent more on education that any country, but ranked about 19th overall. Thank you Liberals.

  • Anonymous

    I earned a BS in journalism in 1990. Basic Journalism 101 taught us that, as reporters of the news, we had an obligation and responsibility to the public at large to tell both sides of any story. We were to reserve all opinions for the editorial and opinion pages. I started to see how one of my editors kind of used that school of thought as more of a suggestion, rather than a rule. I soon left the newspaper game to go clean windows for more money. Today, we see an era of the New Yellow Journalism. What once existed in the late 1800s to early 1900s has come back with a vengeance. Due to technology, we have all types of so-called news organizations doing their very best to cram socialist-leaning agendas down the throats of trusting Americans. As we saw the three major networks can their coverage of the Republican National Convention, it became all too clear that the New Yellow Journalism had prevailed. But the networks, their news affiliates and others have lost credibility. It has become obvious how left-leaning they all are when they make divisive and deplorable comments; and they often get away with it. How many of these yahoos even realize that slavery goes back to the Middle East during the days of the Bible? How many know that Lincoln was a Republican? How many understand that the Civil Rights Act would not have passed if not for the support of Republicans in Congress? I could go on, but I’ve made my point. Liberal professors convince eager students that conservatives are wrong and that their new job is to tear the Right down at all costs – even if it means that they lose their jobs. The era of the New Yellow Journalism can be brought to an end by “We the People”. Just tune them out; don’t buy their newspapers. Ignore them. And call them out every time they spread rumors, half-truths and bold-faced lies.

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