Ryan lied? Fact checking the fact checkers

It didn’t take long after the Ryan speech for the Obama team to start firing off emails claiming Ryan is the worst liar this planet has ever seen. But do the fact checkers need to be fact checked? Well, the team over at TheBlaze did what the mainstream media refuses to do and actually look at the facts, not the Obama talking points!

Watch the speech below:

Now, what were some of the attacks on Ryan’s speech? And, more importantly, what were some of the responses?

Get the full list of 12 BOGUS charges here!

Charge #3: Ryan is wrong about the stimulus, which actually “created or saved 3.3 million jobs.”

Explanation: From Ryan’s speech: “What did the taxpayers get out of the Obama stimulus?  More debt.  That money wasn’t just spent and wasted – it was borrowed, spent, and wasted.”

In response, ThinkProgress cites a study by the CBO saying that the stimulus “created or saved” 3.3 million jobs.

So is it true? Not unless you think the highest possible estimate is always the right one. The CBOestimated that the stimulus could have saved up to 3.3 million jobs. In other words, “creating or saving” 3.3 million jobs is the absolute upper limit on what the stimulus could have done. The lowest estimate is 500,000 jobs created or saved. Both numbers are probably inaccurate, but to accept the 3.3 million jobs number requires an extreme degree of optimism.

Charge #4: Paul Ryan supported the stimulus in 2002!

Explanation: ThinkProgress links to a video from the Chris Hayes show showing Paul Ryan speaking on behalf of a 2002 stimulus bill that President Bush signed into law. This is supposed to prove that Ryan is a hypocrite when it comes to stimulus spending.

So is it true? To begin with, it’s irrelevant. Ryan was speaking against the Obama stimulus specifically in his speech. He didn’t rail against the concept of stimulus spending, period. Moreover, there is a lot of daylight between supporting a $42 billion stimulus measure – most of which is in tax relief – and supporting an $831 billion bill that is loaded with giveaways for favored groups/industries. It’s true that Ryan supports the idea of stimulus in principle, but when it comes to stimuli as big as the one Obama wrote? Not a chance.

Charge #5: Ryan’s attacks on Obamacare also hit Romneycare.

Explanation: Ryan said in his speech, “Obamacare comes to more than two thousand pages of rules, mandates, taxes, fees, and fines that have no place in a free country.” ThinkProgress asks, “What about Massachusetts? The two laws are very similar.”

So is it true?  Yes, what about Massachusetts? And more to the point, what about what Ryan actually said? Romneycare isn’t 2,000 pages. It doesn’t include any new taxes. It doesn’t include the infamous Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). Romney vetoed large chunks of regulation that were originally in the bill. Yes, it has a mandate, but that mandate is a lot less expansive. In other words, Romneycare comes to less than two thousand pages, with very few rules, one mandate, no taxes, some fees and some fines. What about Massachusetts? ThinkProgress probably doesn’t want an answer to that question.

Get the full list of 12 BOGUS charges here!

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So the MSM and the Democrats have continued their campaign of lies, slander, accusations and falsehoods. What else do you expect?

    They are insane and the truth is poison to them…

    God grant that the truth keeps coming out in force; to show the wickedness and deceit of their ways and agenda.

    • Anonymous

      It is very sad when someone actually listens to GB instead of doing the research for himself.  You might learn something if you are interested in doing the work.  Really, I wish you would do a little fact checking for yourself.  That’s the only way you are going to know whether your vote actually counts (you are going to vote, aren’t you?).  Don’t take the word of Romney and Ryan or GB and Fox News.  Read a newspaper, do a google search, watch something other than Fox News to get a broader point of information.

      • Kelly Taub

        Why is Fox news the number one news show 7 years running?

        • Kevin Francone

          The Young men and women that i know that watch Fox News are some of the most independent thinkers ive ever met, and usually do plenty of research of there own. Knowing the full story comes with having and independent mind.. Unlike the Libs and Dems that i speak with that are my age (23) that basically regurgitate Lib media talking points. Its very funny when the end of my point comes and they respond with, ” i didnt know that” or ” will ill have to look into it more”.

          • Anonymous

            See my reply to jaybowl.  When I present unpleasant facts to folks on the Right, they generally aren’t interested in them.  The difference would seem to be that Libs admit it when they don’t know specific facts while Righties won’t allow for the possibility of information that contradicts their pre-existing worldview.  But, in fact, most people on both sides of the political divide are selective knowledge gatherers, predisposed to accept information that validates their existing values.  And those values are generally based on what group or sub-culture they belong to. It’s human nature; we’re comfort-seekers and social animals.  Overall, however, studies have shown that people on the political Right tend to be more rigid in their beliefs, less likely to change their minds in the face of contradictory evidence and more likely to value group loyalty over individuality than Libs, who tend to see the world in more shades of grey and be more open to change and to new ideas.  Just thought you’d like to know.  Think about it in terms of what we know about groups and group identities, rather than on the basis of your own personal experience, and you may get the picture.

      • Anonymous

        That is the problem, we conservatives look at both sides the republicans and the democrats, unlike liberals that only see their side.You never see liberals argueing with each other because they agree, on the other hand conservatives do discuss because we want to be informed and not just about talking points like LIBS.

        • Anonymous

          Of all the fantasies in which so-called conservatives believe, this nonsense about Right-wing fair-mindedness is perhaps the most ridiculous.  It’s an adolescent bit of self-congratulation supported purely by personal anecdote, the provincial mind at its purest.  Do a little bit more investigating and less preening, and you may see things differently.  

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I seen in the dreams of the night a sight of absolute terror; for there before me, gathered among the great halls were the leaders and masters of the Main Stream Media, and the Democrats who lead them – Reid the Obstructionist, Pelosi the Fibber, Obama the Insane God King, along with the old one known as Soros the Puppet Master.

    They discussed their final plans of how to destroy the Republicans and the Tea Party once and for all with propaganda, lies, vitriolic and venom…

    Slander and groundless accusations will be their knifes; Hate and Race warfare their chosen poison…

    The deal is agreed to, the preparations of their great plan perfected; and all state “they shall fall now once and for all; we will rule this land, for no one can save them from us. Our dominance will be eternal…”

    Then the soft chuckle from one side of the gathering has them gaze upon a gentleman; he claps his hands softly, disdain in his actions, laughter dancing in his glowing eyes…

    “Well done my children,” he says, “but I am afraid you fail to understand; today a higher power than even me has declared that you are now out of business for all time…’

    “Come along my children,” says the father of lies, Lucifer himself, “we’re about to meet the rest of your kin; and its kind of hot down there….”

    His echoing laughter cut through the screams of despair and loss that the others issue unto the eternity of time to come.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1826062151 Joe Robinson

      I take pleasure knowing that you have led a miserable life the last 4 years.

      • Anonymous

        Now why would someone that knows the truth on the way the world works be miserable because of the practice’s of Liberals and there father the Devil. When those people that actually have knowledge are thankful for what they have, and they also know that the way of the liberal will soon reach it’s end..Be on the side that wins or you will forever regret it..

      • Anonymous

        It’s alright joe you can drink the coolaide next, with each lie you beleive the cool aide tastes sweeter.

  • Anonymous

    Where’s Joe Wilson when you need him ? He could tell you in seconds if …. you lie or not.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHETWQlwxfg&feature=share&list=PL5FABE780A13D231D Rahm Kota

    This is proof that fact checkers are no more than media matters pawns.

  • Anonymous

    Today you said Mitt was one of three candidates you felt you could vote yet in 2010 you called Mitt a socialist and later on said you would vote for Mitt if they held a gun to your head. Talk about flip flopping!

  • Anonymous

    The most deceitful major political address of recent times  and that’s saying a lot.  It’s fun to watch Ryan’s shiny image tarnish so rapidly when exposed to daylight.  Now, about that marathon time…

  • Anonymous

    Of course the left has to tear apart Ryan’s speech with lies. I have watched a few Obama-supporter ads, and I have to mute them right before blood starts shooting out of my eyes. I have never heard so many bold-faced lies told to the American public. Liberals cannot bring up what Obama has done that’s good for this country, so they have to deflect and lie. Sadly, too many people buy this garbage. Obama and the libs are the biggest ponzi schemers of all.

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