What’s Ann Coulter think of the RNC so far?

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This morning on radio, Glenn was joined by one of the smart women in the media, the one and only Ann Coulter.

Ann Coulter, who was a Romney supporter during the primaries, and like most women in America today, had nothing but great things to say about his new running mate this morning

“Ryan was unbelievably great,” she said. “Apparently you can criticize the current president without looking mean.”

Ryan’s speech last night was unlike any candidate had been able to deliver in that forum. He was able to rally the crowd behind Mitt Romney, criticize the president’s leadership (or lack thereof), and provide and message of clear change – all while managing to look young, determined and optimistic.

“That was a flawless presentation,” Glenn said of Paul Ryan’s speech. “That was just a flawless speech. And he didn’t seem nervous. At one point he just took a deep breath and stood there for a second and just exhaled and I thought, that’s confidence, not arrogance. That’s just confidence. He’s comfortable in that space.”

Ann agreed – she also had positive things to say about Ann Romney’s speech and has high expectations for Mitt’s speech this evening.

“I am laying bets with my friends that they are going to turn to me and say, “Wow, that was a really good speech.” I’ve noticed that has been happening throughout this campaign, that the first time someone sees Romney give a full speech like after Iowa, after New Hampshire – the first time they actually listen to him give a speech, they always say, “Wow, I wish he always gave speeches like that.” Well, he does always give speeches like that,” she said.

As for what Mitt Romney needs to say tonight, Ann believes he’s going to need to give a speech that isn’t just appealing to the base. It needs to be something that is going to inspire people because it’s inspiring, not just inspiring to Republicans.

Contrasting it to Chris Christie’s speech, which Coulter was not a fan of. She didn’t think he used his humor enough or was critical enough of Obama.

“I don’t think he even mentioned Obama,” Ann said.

Which he didn’t, but that’s why Glenn said he believed people outside of the political world liked the speech.

“I think the American public is so tired of having this debate. What I think Romney has to do tonight is just stand up and convince the American people he has a plan, he’s an adult, he’ll do it, and it will work,” Glenn responded. “That’s it.”

Now that Ann agreed with. And that’s what she believed Mike Huckabee and Paul Ryan did such a good job of last night. They were able to explain to the American people what a Romney/Ryan presidency will do to help the American people get back to work and help put the country back on a path of success and leadership.

However, Romney’s strength is not bragging about himself, Ann explained.

“It’s a virtue in a human being but perhaps a deficiency in a candidate: Romney absolutely will not brag about himself. And he’s got a lot to brag about,” She said. “He really does have a Midas Touch, as you say from the Olympics to all of these companies and he just, he’s calm and as you say, adult like and he will take charge and I think he is just what the country needs right now. But we’re the ones who have to say it about him. So your plan for him I think is very good.”

Glenn shifted the conversation back to Huckabee’s speech, which Ann had mentioned, she thought, was good. There is a widely-known relationship between Romney and Huckabee that most wouldn’t describe as very friendly since critical comments Huckabee has made about Romney’s Mormon faith.

During his speech last night Huckabee danced around the topic of Mitt Romney’s faith and used the example of Catholicism to make his point that they’re men of faith, which Glenn described as opening a door to show people what’s inside, but not taking a step in. He went as far as he seemed to be willing to go.

“That was part of the reason I thought it was very strong, and he was winsome, as he usually is last night,” she explained. And on the Catholic thing, I think to use an MSNBC expression, I think that was a dog whistle, i.e., it’s an example that, you know, he’s an evangelical but we’re all Christians…”

Stu shifted the conversation back to the campaign, where he feel like there are finally two strong leaders on the ticket.

“We finally have two guys on the ticket with no weak points that are able to articulate these points,” he said.

“It does feel like a first,” Glenn added.

“I could not agree more,” Coulter responded. “For one thing to have two articulate Republicans. We have two attractive, articulate Republicans with, forget skeletons. They don’t even have closets. And they have, as you say, exactly the skills this country needs right now.”

Ann’s new book called Mugged comes out on September 25th.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Romeny and Ryan are the ones we need to get the nation going again; may God bless them and guide them, and have the people of America keep an eye on them to make sure they keep to the path needed.

    May God help us keep Obama in check after Nov 7, for when he loses, there will be nothing left to stop him and the Democrats from their economic scorched earth and a true collapse of the nation.

    • Anonymous

       If all of America would see 2016:The Movie, no one would even think of voting for BHO and his cronies.

      • Sandie

         Once it makes the circuit. Fox should show it as a special …. before the election of course.

        • http://twitter.com/PriscillaJSkidm Priscilla J. Skidmor

          Watch all the way to the end.  It’s critical you all understand that our gov’t has already capitulated to the caliphate. http://Millionaire4Project.blogspot.com

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MWAAFFBVKAROICVSLJNTZJPMBA HELEN

            Warning — this is an advertisement not real information related to the topic.

          • Sandie


      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MWAAFFBVKAROICVSLJNTZJPMBA HELEN

        Harbinger is another movie that is a must see.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve read the book of Mormon. By the way they don’t like
    being called Mormon’s. It is the Church of the Latter day Saints or as you may know the LDS. I am a practicing Catholic and with my LDS friends I must admit Romney seems like a pretty nice guy. Weigh
    better than Obama, back in 2007 . I looked at Obama and thought how could America ever
    elect this person to the most powerful seat in the world, but we did. I really
    pray we know or understand what were voting for this time around. Failure to do
    so could be the end of us all!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MWAAFFBVKAROICVSLJNTZJPMBA HELEN

      Better a mormon than a muslim.

  • The Floorguy

    If you don’t like how the game is being played, you cheat. Then when that doesn’t work, you change the rules during the game.

    Took a full page from the Progressive playbook and blatantly played their hand, of aces up the sleeve.



    We have been betrayed


    Watch all the way to the end.  It’s critical you all understand that our gov’t has already capitulated to the caliphate. 

    • Sandie

      Who even knows what the OIC is???  PEOPLE – CHECK THIS OUT!!!

      This is enough to make anyone ill. No one to speak of knows anything about this. Too bad it is so long – most people don’t have the patience or time to sit through something like this. It is scary though and everyone should see it. Put it on while doing something where you can sit a while, turn it up loud to hear it in the kitchen while cooking, etc. .

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, Sandie, that’s one reason I shied away from this—too long.  But, I will

        try to carve out an hour somewhere this weekend (if it’s not busy!) in order to

        view it.

        • Sandie

           By all means do it – you will be floored! I couldn’t get it all – I am going to put it on loud so I can hear it while doing a more mindless task like peeling tomatoes and stuff to prep for canning/freezing etc.

  • Anonymous

    Ann Coulter, during the primaries was very forceful and was quoted as saying that if the Republicans nominate Romney, they will lose.
    I guess glenn beck is hoping once again that his lemmings never read the quote or watched her speech!

    • Anonymous

      Sorry..you haven’t been listening. She confessed that she was wrong..that in seeing Romney’s choice of Ryan as VP, and in listening to some of his recent speeches and statements, she had totally misjudged him. At least ANN has the humility and integrity to admit her mistakes; unlike the President who can only blame others rather than ever take responsibility for his 4 years of horrific blunders. And when you use Carney and Biden as your spokespeople, well…it only reinforces your ineptness and failures…rather like King Midas in reverse …

      • Sandie

         Well said. strtlk is always behind the curve. He has soaked in so much left wing spin his poor little head is in a constant twirl. How can we expect him to know what’s really going on?

        • Anonymous

           I don’t comment on any discussion you have anymore so why don’t you do the same.
          Or do you show your courage by piling on?
          In other words, piss off bitch!!!

          • Sandie

            You don’t have discussions, you only have insults, smears and unsubstantiated BS. Does swearing help you make a point? Maybe your saying “piss off bitch” makes you feel big and powerful in your mind tough guy? In fact it makes you small and shows you to be impotent. Face it strtlk, you are a loser and the only reason you are here is to try to cause trouble, aggravate people and insult….. but when people do it back to you you can’t take it.

          • Anonymous

            Who are you to decide what is “swearing” and what isn’t?
            The rest of your drivel means nothing to me, so I guess we will go back to our previous arrangement. Take Care.

          • Sandie

            What is swearing is common knowledge and a part of civil society. That you can’t realize that is your problem and tells a lot about you. You need to muzzle your personal profane attacks on people. How do you expect anyone to take anything you say seriously when you approach people the way you do? Think about it.

          • Sandie

            Pay attention strtlk. I don’t have to decide what “swearing” is – the words that comprise “profanity” are common knowledge in a society and are well known in that society. Do you not realize that in this society there are certain more’s and norms? Of course you do…. That what “swearing” is, is decided by our society? .. you know that…. Did you ‘swear’ in school? Of course not, because you knew what swearing was and what the words were, and if you did it that there would be repercussions. ( look out for the Nunn with the big ruler!) Don’t pretend that you are unaware of it, it just makes you look even stupider.

            Do you really wonder why I finally stepped into your troll threads? Think about it. How many times do you think people are going to put up with your nasty attacks and BS? Is what you are doing here really having any effect to persuade people to your left side politics? What you are doing is making people even more steadfast in the opposite. You are wasting time here.
            It would be one thing if you actually had some clear honest and cogent argument to proffer, but you don’t. You just denigrate, defile, swear and attack. How persuasive is that?

          • Anonymous

            Haven’t you realized that your “norms” change every day.
            If my language offends you due to your age or demeanor that is your choice, not the law.
            Don’t Republicans preach about individual rights?
            Why should I fold to the pressures of “society”?
            Thanks again for sitting on your high horse and casting down your saintly judgement upon those who think for themselves and disagree with you.
            Have a nice week your Highness!!!

          • Sandie

            strtlk, norms of a society do NOT change ‘every day’ or eery week or month or year. Either that is an ignorant statement , or one you tell intentionally to lie or try to throw off the guilt that is rightly yours.

            No one is talking about the law. Proper behavior in public (which this is – a public forum) encompasses socially acceptable behavior.

            Of course Republicans talk about individual rights, as do some Democrats (the Constitution and Bill of Rights? perhaps you have heard of them?). Is it OK to shout “Fire” in a crowded theator? Or to yell obscenities in public? I suggest you try it, and see how you deal with being arrested for it.

            Why should you fold to the pressures of society? Why not? That is how people in a society are able to live together. It is a really big deal with the Socialist and the Left – your side of the coin. Our laws are built on it. I’ll tell you what – you go ahead and perpetrate an offense on someone – assault, theft, murder, whatever that does not agree with the mores of society, but it is all right with your own personal code of behavior. Se what happens. If you can’t live in this society, by our rules, I encourage you to go elsewhere, try Iran, or North Korea, or China.

            Smarten up, strtlk.

          • Anonymous

            Here we go again.
            I don’t agree with your Bible thumping rhetoric or outlook on life and I am immediately labelled as a socialist and told to leave.
            You can kiss my ass. I am not going anywhere and will be here long after you.
            You have a nice life.
            Good riddance.

          • Sandie

            1. Where do you see “Bible thumping rhetoric” … LMAO there isn’t any in my posts, and you will never see it in my posts… LMAO You are a socialist, obviously. If people tell you to leave, I don’t have a problem with that.

            2. No one is going to kiss your ass.

            3. Don’t be so sure of that.

            4. Thank you, I already have a nice life.

            5. I’m not going anywhere.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHETWQlwxfg&feature=share&list=PL5FABE780A13D231D Rahm Kota

            For someone like strtlk claiming to be Christian he sure hates Bible and what it teaches. Maybe he uses the book of Marxs and mistakes him for Jesus or he is a bold face liar.

          • VindicatorX

            He’s a complete moron – he sees things that are not supported by fact, and bases his flawed thinking on that.

          • TheMaskedMarauder

            What a transparently moronic fool he is!

          • Sandie

            You either didn’t read what I wrote or you are unable to comprehend it. In either case it is your problem. As far as determining what in a particular society is swearing, what is acceptable or not, it is up to the people in that society. In this society, in the USA, societal norms and more’s have determined what is or is not acceptable, as I have already explained to you but which you choose to ignore and try to re-spin in your own attempt to cover your actions/behavior, to perpetuate your own version because that is what YOU want to do. It is obvious that you are at this site only to denigrate the hosat and any posters who disagree with you.

            There is no ‘drivel’ coming from me. That is what you want to call it to dismiss it and absolve yourself from your own guilt and improper behavior. strtlk, you have brought this on yourself.

          • AdamAnt

            strtlk isn’t able to comprehend anything remotely sensible or factual. His brain is fact repellent and has no affinity for reason or truth.

            He can’t admit guilt, although burdened with it like a pack mule.

          • Sandie

            He has a one track mind it seems and will pursue his bent no matter what.

          • AdamAnt

            It’s the train that Ozzie sang about in the seventies.

          • Sandie

            How apropos

      • Anonymous

        So after getting slapped around by rove, fox news and her publishers she swallowed her forked tongue and is now following the party line? SHOCKING!!!

  • Anonymous

    The Rep. convention was fairly mild as far as lambasting B.O. for what has taken place over the

    past almost 4 years.  It will be interesting to see/hear what the Dems will do.  They really don’t

    want to talk about failed policies or the debt or the unemployment figures so, what’s left, other

    than ”Obama got bin Laden!”   (Thank you, SEALS.)  Will they spend their time on trashing

    R & R?  Will people come up to the mike and say how wonder B.O. is and how much he has

    done for them?  (Handouts, etc.)  Is there a company CEO who will come forward with praise

    for the Prez?  You know, there will be, no doubt, Hollywood people who will sing his praises.

    And I expect the music/entertainers to be pretty good.

    • Sandie

       The left wing websites are all upset – trying to stave off a run to the R & R ticket – calling everything Ryan says as lies. The have so much spin on their crap it’s unreal, and the dummy libs who peruse those sites are eating it up like it was candy.

      • Anonymous

        You know full well, Sandie, that the libs will always believe what they hear from

        fellow libs.  Their minds are made up and no amount of truth, facts or evidence

        is going to persuade them to think otherwise.    There are people who hold fast

        to the old mantra: The Democrats are for the poor and the Republicans are for

        the rich.  My Dad (a Dem.) said it MANY years ago.

        • Sandie

           My dad used to tell me the Dems were about tax and spend, and that the being for the poor was a gimmick to keep them in their pocket.

      • TheMaskedMarauder

        Is that what is known as Sour Jacks?

        • Sandie

           MM, I don’t know – I’m not familiar with Sour Jacks – is that like sour mash? white lightnin’ ? LOL. You got me there.

          • TheMaskedMarauder

            Something my kids used to buy at 7-11 – like gummies doused in citric acid powder – makes frightfully sour faces – like Democrats usually get when confronted by facts and truth…

          • Sandie


  • Anonymous

    Who care’s what Ann Coulter thinks, she is one of the most despicable people to ever get into politics.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MWAAFFBVKAROICVSLJNTZJPMBA HELEN

      She is no more “in your face” than Whoopi Goldberg.

    • Anonymous

      I’d put her up against debbie w. shultz anytime, now thats dispicable.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7ZGC2T5VKEHQZFAHCCRSLX5JE4 Gerald

    I think Thursdays RNC was a great success.  Good job on everyones part. 

    On a side note, Ann and Glenn touched on the topic of Catholicism and how it has added things on to Christianity and what most Christian faiths believe.  How can that be? Wasn’t Catholicism there first? Didn’t every other Christian faith stem from Catholicism? Can someone explain to me what was meant by saying that Catholics have added “stuff” to their faith incstead of saying “Christians” have stripped down what Catholicism established.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MWAAFFBVKAROICVSLJNTZJPMBA HELEN

      The earliest churches were independent of one another in terms of leadership and doctrine.  Each had its own leadership, rather like today’s organization of the Baptist Conventions.  Over time, the bishops of the regions would work together more closely.  By the time of legalization, the churches were in discussion over what was and was not orthodox doctrine.  There were large connected churches in the East (Asia Minor and Middle East) which spoke Greek and Latin speaking churches in North Africa and Rome.

      After several conferences, creeds were developed to sort out the doctrinal issues.  Political divisions of East and West were also developing, and those divisions would subsequently divide the church betw East and West.  The doctrinal issue was over how the Holy Spirit comes to us as the church as a whole and us as individuals.  Language was an issue as well since the West “lost” its Greek.

      At this time, you can see three streams of Christianity developing in what we now call the Eastern Orthodox, Coptic, and Roman Catholic communions.  Eastern Orthodoxy is nearly wiped out by islamic invaders in the 7th century.  Orthodoxy moves northward into Slavic speaking regions and propagates the faith there.  In doing so, the church created an alphabet for the languages and brought literacy to the vast regions.  With the fall of Constantinople in 15th century, Moscow became the chief seat of Orthodox Christianity.  The Eastern Orthodox communion adopted vernacular languages in the various ethnic areas.

      The Roman Catholics retained Latin for liturgical use, regardless of the congregations daily language.  Beset by waves of invasions and plagues, literacy was generally lost to the majority of people in the Middle Ages.  Clergy retained literacy for obvious reasons. The Roman Catholic church did continue to employ an “Eastern Rite” for those surviving  the muslims communities of the East.

      The muslim armies virtually destroyed Christianity in North Africa.  There were some pockets left that we know today as the Coptic Church and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.  The muslim armies continued to march across North Africa, across the Straight of Gibraltar, across the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal), and into France where Charles Martel turned them back.  They would remain in Iberia until Ferdinand and Isabella (of Christopher Columbus fame) pushed the last of them south back to Africa.

      So, no the Catholic Church was not the first fm which we all came.  It is the well fm which the Protestant Reformation comes.  The Reformation is a European phenomena rather than a world-wide one.

      There also come into being native American religious communities that only partially draw fm Catholicism and Reformation traditions.  Notably those include the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

      Short as I could make it, but I hope that clears it up for you.  There are several very fine books on church history that will go well into the details that I have broadly brushed over.  Read them alongside the secular history of the region to get a better view of the dynamics of the church and her peoples.

      PS — you won’t feel the same way about the “Dark Ages” again, once you get a firmer grasp on the innovative ways the people dealt with no longer having one unifying political empire but one unifying spiritual empire instead.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FAWJVNU7YG6EIQO27RKI54HB3M Bass

        Orthodox Christians are in Russia and in certain parts of Eastern Europe. It isn’t in the Northern parts of Europe.

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