Which fast food icon defies Obama’s “You didn’t build that” message?

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  • Anonymous

    Well i’ll tell Obama and the left this, my dad worked most of his life, he grew up in the depression, his father left his mother and 4 kids to raise in the middle of that depression so he had to go to work or find whatever work he could along with his sister and two brothers. My dad started a retail store when he came home from the war,  WWII, we lived in government quansett huts in the park in our city as other soldiers families did until we could afford to buy a home, and my dad at the age of 79 decided to start another business, he literally built a 180 unit storage facility and if that wasn’t enough he took on a U-Haul delearship to put with the Storage Units.  Then my dad at age 80 had to have heart surgery and my mom by his side ran that business mostly by herself.  There was no help from anyone and certainly not the

    “nanny state”.  This was my dad’s idea, he procured the loans, he built it, he ran it, and then because of his health he had to sell it, but he did so at a profit, that dirty word that Obama hates so much “profit” eeeek.  Then they moved back down to California where they would be closer to me and finally retire after working for most of his 83 years, and the left wants to tell me that anyone over 65 really isn’t useful enough.I wouldn’t give you all the tea in China for someone on the left including Obama the most unuseful person I can think of in America, the man who has done the most damage to this country to the point almost of no return and it will take a miracle to turn it around… no thanks Obama you’ve done enough for us over the age of 65…. MaryS

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kurt-Van-Luven/100000053786164 Kurt Van Luven

       Thank you Mary, and may God bless your family! There are more of “us” then there are of the deadbeats.

      • http://twitter.com/PriscillaJSkidm Priscilla J. Skidmor

        I can’t name you names, but haven’t there been inventors or composers and well known people.. http://Millionaire4Project.blogspot.com

  • Anonymous

    glenn beck takes this cut and paste statement out once again to try and attack the President?!
    Oh, ok….

    Let us bring out some of glenn’s old “low lights”…
    1.  Threatening to kill Michael Moore!
    2.  Making Anti-Semitic remarks about Jewish Rabbis!!
    3.  Mocking the President’s daughter!!!

    glenn beck is a tasteless douchebag who I was happy to see lose his job at Fox News and I continue to watch his career wither away as his fat ass grows bigger with every candy bar and french fry!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kurt-Van-Luven/100000053786164 Kurt Van Luven

       I take no pleasure in the failure of the left..As a student of history, I know what will happen. Liberals are only happy when they are ripping on the successful. How can anybody complain about unemployment, yet disdain the rich? Do you suppose tose “occupiers” ever employ themselves in any activity that involves profit, not SPONGING AND WHINING?  i   Think Not!

      • Anonymous

        Answer me this…
        Why are the Republicans,who are all about “building it” on their own using a facility in Tampa Bay that received over 60 million in government money?
        Why are they using the security force in Tampa Bay that uses 50 million dollars in federal money?
        Are they holding this convention on their own? NO!
        Maybe we should ask the Republicans to stop “SPONGING” government money while “WHINING” about government spending at the same fricking time!!!
        I guess for Kurt Van Luven, ignorance is definitely bliss!

        • NotSoFancyPants

          Oh shuuuut uuuup.  For someone who despises Beck as much as you profess to (I think you’re secretly in love with him), you spend a whole lot of time here on his website whining, crying and babbling incoherently.  Why?  Go away if you hate him so much.  I dislike Chris Matthews. Do I spend an inordinate amount of time at his website harassing his fans?  Hell, no.  I steer clear.  So what’s your problem?  Obsessed much?  Have you ever been accused of being a stalker?  Seek help, you freakin nasty wingnut.

          • Anonymous

            Almost entertaining.
            Question for you though…
            Do you find it difficult to toss glenn’s salad while typing at the same time?

        • Perry Schjolin

          Typical liberal. If you can’t debate issues, name-call. By the way, the Republican’s had to “rent” the facility like everyone else who uses it. Sponging is what Michelle Obama is doing with more twice as many servants than any other first lady.

          • Anonymous

            Whose money was used to build the facility?
            Would it be their without government money? NO!!!
            Did Tampa ask for and use 50 million to provide security for the RNC? YES.
            P.S. Attacking the First Lady. You are fucking pathetic!!! The office of the First Lady had been around for decades. The size of the office and her security were not inflated because it was Michelle Obama.
            Attacking the First Lady. You are one pathetic little scum bag!!!

        • Anonymous

          The Republican party paid for their use of the stadium like everyone who uses it and gave the city of Tampa well over the cost of the extra police and security needs unlike Obama who stiffs the cities with the cost of security for every event he attends including a campaign fundrasier which resulted in the closing of two beaches
          in the height of the summer. restulting in lost income.  He also
          closed down a food stand for his escapede at the Iowa State Fair
          resulting in a private vendor losing almost a half million in receipts.

          • Anonymous

            Nice try in dodging the facts.
            1. FACT: The RNC Convention took place in a federally funded arena.
            2. FACT:The RNC did not give Tampa the needed money, because Tampa accepted and used over 50 million of federal money.
            3. FACT: Every standing President receives the same level of security from the Secret Service. This includes every Republican and Democrat incumbent.
            4. FACT: President Obama is not in charge of his security and idiots like you who try and use a standing President’s security detail against them shows how naive and stupid they really are!!!

    • greywolfrs

      Hey, it’s sticky chin the coward, I see you are spouting lies. I guess I shouldn’t expect anything else from a moron like you.

    • http://www.facebook.com/TheMama43 Sharon Roy

      Grow up!

      • Anonymous

        Nice response.

  • landofaahs

    Harlan Sanders was once asked why he kept working even when he was old.  His reply was “A man will rust out long before he wears out”.  When Harlan was first franchising his chicken, he once went to several franchisees and took his friers away from them because they were not cooking that chicken the way they were supposed to.  His recipe was changed and tested by his family as time went on and finally one member of the family said Yes that’s fine quit changing it.  He then settled on the recipe and wrote it above the doorway in the kitchen.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t name you names, but haven’t there been inventors or composers and well known people

    in other walks of life who were 60+ or older before they ”made it”?

  • http://twitter.com/fawnday Dawn Brayton

    The democrats haven’t had a president start being that way yet who is 65 or over while we have two now. Ronald Reagon and Mitt Romney. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/X2BV7GDNZSRFB4ZFXSIUJ3VBTU ladyfarmer

    I went to work in 1954 for W. L. Lyons in Louisville, Ky., owner of a brokerage firm.  Harlan Sanders was a customer and personal friend of Mr. Lyons.  One day after Mr. Lyons had walked Mr Sanders to the door he turned to me, laughing hardily, and said “Can you imagine that Harlan wants to franchise that chicken restaurant.  Some people had big ideas”.  This gave me the inspiration to take chances and develop  a very successful business when women were not owning construction businesses.

  • Anonymous

    My grandparents lost their business during the depression they had a small lot out near a beach on Long Island he built a log cabin and he, his wife and two children moved in there…
    he worked odd jobs until one day he applied to work at a new aircraft factory… Grumman’s
    they asked if he could work a crane…. “sure” he said…. well he almost took down a building…. jobs were scarce and people would do anything to them…. they kept my grandfather on and he worked there until he retied in the 50’s he was one of many men who helped build the company and helped build the planes that would defend this country….. but by chairman “O” account he and other hard working Americans didn’t build that…… Yeah right!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GR2F7ZHJRA2AVVT7CXGNBNXLY4 Dorris P

    DO You really think any thing said to, or about Barack, Soros,AXELROD even care what we say?
    We have to [put our BOOTS ON THE GROUNG and let them Know WE are NOT going to let them complete their task of destroying AMERICA.Most of you BLACK CLERIGYMEN are having their Parishioners NOT TO VOTE FOR OBAMA. Good clue look it up.
    The PEOPLE ARE OVERLOOKIG a lot of the FILTH that is going on , So show me WHAT ARE WE THE PEOPLE DOING ABOUT IT besides TALK???????????

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2XK3SGRVHGXVYDDWI7EGC3REMQ Greg S

    Refused 1009 times!!!!!!! What courage!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    My dad did not build a business – not that he didn’t want to do so. He did, however, build his own success with the help of my mom. Both of them came from dirt poor families. They both worked hard – my dad in the Air Force and my mom both as a mother and a secretary. They endured long hours, little pay, and even lunches that a mouse would turn up its nose at. Perseverance and tenacity were engrained in their beings. Thus, they eventually bought their first home when I was about 8 years old. They went from renting to home ownership. They bought another home when we moved. My dad put in 20 years with the Air Force and another 25 with a good company. The hard work of my parents allowed them to retire with benefits. More importantly, they taught my brother and me to work for what we want. I had a paper route from 8 years old to 16. I detasseled corn, bailed hay, shoveled pig poo and even ran my own little yard work business to help pay for going to college. My dad, with my mom, built a successful life; they passed their good work ethics to their two sons. I am trying to pass what I learned onto my kids, although our educators seek to turn them into takers rather than givers.

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