It was great to see Clint Eastwood…BUT…

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The big surprise speaker last night at the RNC was Clint Eastwood. The huge Hollywood icon took to the stage to a standing ovation, but then things took an unexpected turn. Eastwood brought out an empty chair and ‘interviewed’ Barack Obama. Was he able to pull it off? Glenn, Pat, and Stu break down his remarks in the clip above.

Watch his speech below:

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  • Bob

    Get off your high horse!He’s 82 yrs old.He adlibbed.
    He got his point across to everybody.He did a great job.

      Bob in Hawaii

    • JOAN

       I agree,  Beck was way off base.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, Stu and Pat, I really love you guys, BUT……… You are making a big deal about a light moment at the convention. Earlier in the evening Jeb Bush put me to sleep, thankfully Clint woke me up with his odd and unorthodox presentation. I was at full attention for the Rubio and Romney speeches. I found it refreshing to see this convention unfold as it did. The world is an imperfect place, filled with many unexpected surprises. Roll with it.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn..I usually agree with you on pretty much everything…but…I think you are so wrong about this one.  I thought Clint Eastwood was wonderful last night.  He “Made My Day!!”  He’s 82 years old.  I loved it!!  Totally enjoyed watching him.  And, I loved the chair.  :)  Just sayin’

  • Timothy Dripps

    It was awkward, it was at times uncomfortable, but in the whole it was great. The man most of this country equates with a no none sense attitude, a take charge type of guy, an action first, to hell with the consequenses type attitude, said exactly what many of us think on a daily basis. It wasn’t as smooth as the great Ronald Reagan but it was as meaningful & darn it… it was funny too.

    • landofaahs

      He was saying the Emporer has no clothes, talent oe brains.

  • Anonymous

    Your wrong this time, Eastwood was great taking his age into consideation, better than most. He performed much better than Obama would have without a telepropter.

  • Robert Starkand

    Glenn, Clint Eastwood is first an actor, and he gave a first rate performance.  If you were looking for Dirty Harry, that would have been an inappropriate performance.  He was funny and insightful and gave a light touch that to me, was just right for the moment.  This is our country”.  It doesn’t get better than that.

    • Anonymous


    • Hugh Bill Gillispie

       I used to be in Glenn’s corner. He has lost me. My wife has been wanting to sign up for Glenn’s program, I think not now.

      • Sandra Heimbach


  • Anonymous

    I took the time to watch your video critique of Clint for a second time, and I find myself more annoyed by you guys! First off, if you want to take on a serious tone, leave the ugly mimicing of Jimmy Stewart’s stuttering out of the conversation. Glenn’s preposterous assertion that Mitt’s ability to effectively lead is now, somehow, in question escapes me. Glenn, you once said that you fired someone simply because they gave you a pen other than the one you wanted. Leave those darker days behind. No one needs to be fired. Besides, Clint’s reference to Joe Biden was priceless.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t this sonofabytch narrate the pro-Obama campaign ad during a Superbowl?

    I haven’t forgotten this.  He can kiss my grits and go shill somewhere else…

    until he tells Hollywood Communists off in public, he’s disingenuous.

    • Anonymous

      All due respect please go look up Clint’s response after he found out how
      that AD was being used. He was not happy. I do remember he came out and denounced
      his support for Obama. I thought he was great last night, laughed my A$$ off. 

    • Sandra Heimbach


  • Gary Goodwin

    I think there is a heck of a lot of agism going on here, from both sides. Some people look at a senior and automatically dismiss them as some demented boob. Do people really think Mr. Eastwood is a demented boob?  Does the Hollywood studios reject his box office when it come poring in?  Could he get a accepted at any studio in the world tomorrow?  How many actors would turn him down if he called them this afternoon?

    He was clear as a bell, got all of points across, and was as lucid and articulate (in his style) as he was twenty years ago.

    Eastwood was Eastwood. He has been a great success in the past and will be a great success in the future. If he has something to say, people stop and listen.

  • mh

    Glen, this is one of those times that I think you were way off base.  You mocked a man for being real.  He reminded me of my grandfather, and my father.  Maybe he was not the most articulate person but he was digging deep to state some of his concerns about our country and make it a little funny while he was at it.  He is old and with age comes those very things you were mocking.  You need to listen to his speech again and listen to what he was trying to say and stop getting caught up in how he was doing it wrong.  You know what, he probably had it all planned out perfectly, but he is old.  You know what happens when people get old?  As soon as they sit down, they fall asleep.  They had probably just nudged him awake moments before and all that he had planned out so perfectly he was trying to convey was a little bit stunted by his age.  He is a good man who was trying say something of worth and his age and human frailty got in the way.  Look, I appreciate what you say most of the time, but this is one of those times that you belittled someone for being human.  You can’t expect perfection at all times, and you should have not said anything this time.  I have no problem with you saying  that a person shouldn’t have said something or they were a corrupt or they are a hypocrite, but to criticize someone for not performing perfectly because they are old, is wrong.  Please listen to what he said again and this time ignore his imperfections and sift through is mistakes in wording and get at what a wise old owl is trying to tell us young pups.  I know you will find a diamond.

    • Andy Breitbart

      I agree a hundred percent. Glenn doesn’t know quite when to be quiet.

      • Anonymous

        Meg– To me, Clint Eastwood added a bundle to the convention. He was fantastic. I think he proved a point. Talking to Obama about things important for our country, is like talking to an empty chair.He does what Obama wants to do.
        Not what is best for America. So wake up Glenn. Come down to earth. 

        • Anonymous

           This election is one of the serious elections in history……I don’t know if people really understand what is at stake here. For 82 yrs old with no prompter…..Clint was amazing!!! Fox is doing a poll right now and almost 70% are saying  “Brilliant speech”!!! Glenn we need you…you have a powerful voice in this nation….please get focused

          • Anonymous

            I agree with thetemple, I trust Glenn and his mistakes like this bring me down – I ashamed of him. But, like thetemple said: ‘Glenn, we really NEED YOU… you have a powerful voice in this NATION… please get focused’.

        • crazy betty

          agreed. obama is an empty chair. he is off doing something else at all times.

      • Ruth Hanke Creighton

         I agree with you,Andy; I think that Clint Eastwood did a great  job & it was as if it came from the heart.. He may be old but he can still act.. he is 3 yrs younger than I am  and  I could get up there  & give a speech but I could not put on a good act for I think it was acting  & not age .. I am 85 & i do not go to sleep when waiting for something so i agree with you ,Andy, except about his being old !!
        As I said I am 85 & don’t really consider my self old .. well, only at times  lol lol
           It was much more enjoyable the way he got the message across.. and he got a standing ovation ..
          He made my day !!!!                                                                                                                                                                                

        • Cathy Jones Cochran

           I agree, I think it was acting and not age.  That was one of Clint Eastwood’s best performances.  He rocks!

          • http://www.POSITICS.ORG/ blog4specialists_dot_com

            I was saddened at Glenn’s inappropriate behaviour.  I felt Glenn really missed the point of Clint Eastwood’s impromtu interview with an imaginary Barack Obama in an empty chair. Clint was very clever in getting his points across using satirical humour.

            Glenn should know that none of us are perfect, including himself. Lets be honest, he has probably made a few screw-ups in your life and this is unfortunately going to be recorded one of the biggest ERRORS of judgement you appear to have made.

            I was in stitches watching as Clint used ‘senior moments’ and ‘self deprecation’ to illustrate his point that the current POTUS is NOT the best choice for President.

            I thought Clint was very brave to stick his neck out and put TWO fingers up to ALL of those other LIBERAL Hollywood celebrities who suck up to Obama.

            So, I say LOUDLY, Glenn please show Clint the respect he deserves and STOP being a chump yourself!

        • Anonymous

           I think there was probably only 2 or 3 who didn’t use a teleprompter and he and Candi Rice were two of them!! I think he did great. My Mother is 95 and, until she was 90 or 91, she would have been capable of speaking like that, although she’s not a slow speaker. She’s now 95 and not able.

    • PJ Paul Hunter

      Come on glenn its like your grandpa talking to you if you shut up and listen you can learn something i thought you were smarter than that.God Bless America.

      • Paolina Garcia

        If you were one of the many groups of people Glenn mocks regularly, you’d already know Glenn is not very respectful of viewpoints outside of his own.

        The “birthers” Glenn mocks for example, KNOW for a fact Obama’s SSN is fraudulent and the birth certificate a forgery (watch Sheriff Arpaio’s great press conference where they prove it, even an amateur could of done a better job the Sheriff remarks that it’s almost purposefully done bad as if to get a bigger reaction).

        Or the people who still want the truth about OBL (whose death was conveniently timed to distract attention from the fraudulent certificate), who the administration has refused to release a single photo of, tell the location of the “dumping” of his body in the Ocean before letting a soul see it, and then the administration allowing the man who supposedly told us his location to be imprisoned by the Pakistanis to shut him up.

        Glenn wants you to stick to the script and just play along in a sham democracy. He doesn’t remind you that the SEIU are in control of many polling stations or that ACORN will be busy stuffing ballot boxes because the feds have made enforcement of voter ID laws a “violation of the voting rights act”.

        Above all else, I still cannot forgive Glenn Beck for inviting a Rick Perry staffer to a radio interview of the ONLY pro-state’s rights Texas gubernatorial candidate we Texans ever had, that was about to win, Debra Medina, then ambushing her with a “truther” question which then went out on the radio waves and was sent out in robocalls WITHIN the hour by the Rick Perry campaign.

        Texas would not have to suffer ANY of the regulations or laws we are suffering today had Debra Medina won.

        • Anonymous

           I really lost any respect I had for Glenn when he began shilling for I’ll give him some credit for his monologues, which are the best in talk radio. Any shtick he does with the guys usually sucks, even though I like Pat’s imitations. He does Gore the global warming whore so well I’m tempted to throw up.

          A key as to whether Clint was any good or not could be heard in the applause and cheering of the convention goers.

          If I am being repetitive, it is because I didn’t read every comment posted.

        • Anonymous

           I KNOW Obama is a bad President. He does not know or understand the Dec of Indep and the Constitution which is the practical implementation of the principles of the Dec of Ind. He was educated at Harvard, which is a hotbed of stupidity, insanity and socialist/progressive/liberal/communist “teaching”. He lied about his putative father’s education, his mother and his Dunham grandparents, and his Christian religion. They were not Midwestern in values (most of life in Hawaii) nor patriots; his Dunham grandfather was a known Communist sympathizer, whose “best friend” was a  Communist, to whom he “entrusted” his grandson’s early education. The OBL incident was bungled and he took credit for what others had done.
          That said, most of what you wrote is  unsupported by fact.
          1. The US is not a democracy. The Constitution established a representative republic.
          2. You do not KNOW for a fact that Obama’s SS# is fraudulent. You cannot by law know it, unless you are the IRS/SSA or have ILLEGAL access to credit reports, or IRS tax records. If the IRS and the SSA accepts the number used on official tax documents and his SS account, and the number has been consistently used on his tax returns, it is NOT fraudulent.
          3. Just because Arpaio says so, does not make the birth certificate a forgery. There is a lot wrong with the BC. ie the putative father’s name is misspelled (Barak not Barack), also birth year is off by 2 yrs, the hospital is wrong, the certificate number is out of date sequence, the child is designated Obama II which means not named after a father with the same name, else junior would be the correct suffix. II means named after someone other than a father.
          a. Know this: Anyone can get a birth certificate for Hawaii, even if not born there.
          b. It is common for birth certificates to be issued/reissued upon adoption. His mother probably had the original birth certificate altered or reissued when she “reversed” the adoption by Soetero, and established Barak as the putative father when Obama was around 10, which could account for the irregularities in the BC as published. Hawaii is not known for its record keeping.
          Again, he is a BAD president, worse than Carter even (at least Carter was honest & moral along with being misguided and ineffective).

      • Diana Olson

        I thought Glen was smarter than that too.  I think he is wrong to critize Clint.  I think Clint did a marvelous job I love him he has my respect now for sure

        • Anonymous

          Wow….here it is….WE NEED A UNITED VOICE RIGHT NOW IN AMERICA OR YOU WILL LOSE THIS ELECTION!!!! I am one of your greatest fans Glenn….but I cannot believe you guys are criticizing Clint Eastwood!!! All of Hollywood is raising money for Obama…you can barely breathe the words that you are a republican in Hollywood and keep your job – and here we have a man who is WILLING to put his name on the line in front of all of his peers for the sake of this nation – and you cannot find a kind word for him!!! I am upset……the conservative base needs to get their act together….a divided house will not stand. One positive word would have been better than this…..disappointed

          • Sandy Carter

            Talking to Obama about things important for our country, is like talking to an empty chair.He does what Obama wants to do.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you also, mh. No one should be criticizing this
      performance. It’s just silly and infantile to do so. Have we really lost all our humor? I was hoping Glen wouldn’t follow
      the crowd on this one, because really, all it is is phony outrage from
      the phony Left.. They have Bill Maher after all, who I can easily imagine
      speaking at the DNC.. with all his vulgarity in tact. Why not? Clint
      was great,and was very funny. It was much welcomed COMIC RELIEF, for
      Cripes sake. After soooo many long boring speeches…give me a break…
      Please. Clint was perfection! And, yes, he is not 40 yrs old anymore.
      He’s older now, and I am getting old too …and I hope people start
      cutting me some slack for my wobbly walk, my shaky stance, my stammering
      voice, my fading memory and my thinning , out of control hair…I’m
      still smarter (wiser) (inside) than all of these young punk arrogant
      kids out there.. who are voting for Obama..Much wiser.

      • Mario Lebowski

        We have Bill Maher, you have Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Yes, Maher is a jerk, and most liberals realize that. There are punks and there is arrogance on both sides. And no, Obama is not perfect. I’m no economics major, so I can’t tell you why Conservative economic philosophy is any worse, but I tend to think that liberals have the high ground morally. 

        • Kay Williams

          OH YEAH,  high moral ground is laughable……

        • William Andrew Friedman

           Judge a Liberal NOT by his actions, but on his good intentions???….As for morals….Republicans are held to a higher standard.

          • Anonymous

             I agree.
            The Republican Party Platform proves this “higher standard” when its stand on abortion includes victims of rape.
            I guess the 30,000+ (and yes, the total is a documented fact) rape victims who are impregnated on a yearly basis should praise a party that wants to accuse them of murder for having an abortion after being raped.

          • Toni Jensen Linde

             Are those 30,000+ children conceived more or less guilty than the rapist?

        • Anonymous

          How can you say the liberals have high morals.  The liberals in the whitehouse are known communist.

        • Anonymous

          Mario – I’ve been a democrat all my adult life and use to think Dems had the higher moral ground too… but they don’t, not any more.

          • Anonymous

              I agree.
            The Republican Party Platform proves this “higher standard” when its stand on abortion includes victims of rape.
            guess the 30,000+ (and yes, the total is a documented fact) rape
            victims who are impregnated on a yearly basis should praise a party that
            wants to accuse them of murder for having an abortion after being

          • Toni Jensen Linde

             Are those 30,000+ babies conceived more or less guilty than the rapist?

          • Anonymous

            It is nice to know that you approve of impregnation through rape.

        • new2la

          You just made my day I am laughing so hard……thank you for the humor.    “liberals have the high ground morally”   LOL

          • Mario Lebowski

            Hey, did you guys know that not every rich person earned their money and not every poor person has the type of advantages you guys have? There is one predominant perspective in the Republican Party-that of a rich white man. The people Republicans speak for are the people who have no idea that there are real situations where social mobility is impossible, and bringing a child into the world would be just cruel. Not to mention that the discrimination against gays that still happens in this country is horrifying. Ever see the photos of people protesting the Civil Rights Movement? That’s what any person who doesn’t believe in marriage rights for everyone will look like in forty years.

          • new2la

            Mario, as long as you have that mindset, you will never amount to anything, no one or go very far. Change your attitude and forget your shin color and move forward. Come back to us when you get to where you want to be! Some of my richest friends are gay..nothing stopped them, so stop your whinning and get started on your future instead of worrying about someone elses and how they got there. We are fighting for the definition of marraige, not the rights of gays to share in the same rights of a marriage between one man and one woman. An apple is not an orange no matter who wants to call it that.

          • Mario Lebowski

            Go far? I have already gone far. I am white, privileged and straight. That does not mean I can’t care about other people. Why on Earth would you ever care about calling the union of two gay people who love each other marriage? It’s fantastic that you have minority friends who are rich, but unfortunately I’ve met people in this country who need help. Promising lives are wasted because our nation’s economic hierarchy is, for the most part, a pyramid of entrapment. It should be the responsibility of the privileged to give back to society. Do not tell me to stop whining. I’m not someone who doesn’t have enough and is complaining. I am someone who has more than enough and has a sense of charity that rises above my greed.

        • Anonymous

          “Liberals have the high ground morally’?!  Seriously?  Since when is being 100% behind the idea of killing an unborn child only because you don’t want to deal with having him taking the moral high ground?  What is the morality of forcing wealth from those who have it to those who have less? How is it that Democrats are outraged when a CEO steals from his company, or a street thug steals a car, but they are not upset with themselves and their poorer neighbors for stealing from those who rightfully earned more money than they?  Stealing from our kids and grandkids by spending money today on things we don’t need and can’t afford is somehow more moral than making an effort to reduce the debt?  You’ve got a strange morality there, sir.

          • Anonymous

              I agree.
            The Republican Party Platform proves this “higher standard” when its stand on abortion includes victims of rape.
            guess the 30,000+ (and yes, the total is a documented fact) rape
            victims who are impregnated on a yearly basis should praise a party that
            wants to accuse them of murder for having an abortion after being

          • Toni Jensen Linde

            Are those 30,000+ babies conceived more or less guilty than the rapist?

        • Anonymous

          I’m trying to decode your last sentence ……..Doing the right thing is a matter of preception ….so you may think your doing the Moral thing …. but making a nation of people dependent on the Goverment is neither good for them or the world …… please read up on Dr Hawkins book …Power vs Fource … a nobel loriet ?  good day sir

          • Anonymous

             Hey genius…
            Before you start criticizing someone learn how to spell those really difficult one syllable words like Force!!!

          • Anonymous

            Sorry to see you took it as a criticism….it wasn’t meant as one … Notice your response though …as if you were injured … …. This will effect your progress through life . and your right my spelling seems to get worse as I age but I’m beyond help … believe me when I tell you I’m not a threat to you …. the interesting thing about perception is that it is logarithmic…… it is always fluctuating up and down …. so rarely do we see the same thing exactly even upon viewing it several times …. I could try to explain more but you are probably not that interested ….so I will leave it with a question If you were ABLE to lift you perception to log 300 what would you see …..feel ……..? Believe me you would be a changed man …what we are doing here would no longer be a concern or of interest to you Good Day Sir … make it good one

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            strtlk wrote, in response to VirgoRich:
            Hey genius…
            Before you start criticizing someone learn how to spell those really difficult one syllable words like Force!!!

            _Link to comment_ ( &imp=0254a4f1-f135-45b1-95a7-d9523402bff7&zone=notifications.clicks&forum=gl ennbeck&thread=825793107)

        • Mario Lebowski

          Hey, did you guys know that not every rich person earned their money and not every poor person has the type of advantages you guys have? There is one predominant perspective in the Republican Party-that of a rich white man. The people Republicans speak for are the people who have no idea that there are real situations where social mobility is impossible, and bringing a child into the world would be just cruel. Not to mention that the discrimination against gays that still happens in this country is horrifying. Ever see the photos of people protesting the Civil Rights Movement? That’s what any person who doesn’t believe in marriage rights for everyone will look like in forty years.

          • Karen Lundgren

            Love that Socialistic Entitlement Thinking….the most selfish, self-centered folks on the planet.  Save the tree and kill the baby….whoa… 
            These are the people who do the least to help anyone with THEIR  OWN money.  They just want everyone else to do it.
            Hate the Capitalist who works hard to support those who forgot how to work… These are the only parasites in our world who strive to kill their host!
            Yup…love that thinking!

          • Anonymous

             I really think the abortion debate has been completely screwed up.  The real question is when does life begin, if life begins at conception then it is the government’s responsibility to protect that life unless the mother needs to kill the kid as a matter of self-defense (i would include mental trauma as the result of rape sufficient reason for abortion).
            If life doesn’t begin until birth then up until that point in time the kid is a part of the mother’s body and she can do whatever the hell she wants with it.
            Most people I feel fall inbetween there and unless science can provide an acceptable answer we as a society need to discuss and decide when life begins.  Personally I think conception, but i have very little to back that up and have no interest in imposing that standard on other people, so if it came to a vote I’d abstain.
            Yeah the whole anti-gay marriage thing is dumb as hell and a complete waste of time, that being said the some people dress up for the gay pride parades, and the rare occurrence of a glitter bomb is not helping their cause.

            As to the issues of opportunity, the big issue is education.  More money= better neighborhood= better education= more opportunities.  Fix the education system and you fix the vast majority of the opportunity gap, redistributing wealth is a highly inefficient way to tackle the same problem.

        • Leah Fusco

          Where, what and when?!!!!

        • Anonymous

           The big question with Obama’s economic policy is are the Keynesians right or are the neoclassicalists (Milton Friedman) right (i my self lean toward neoclassicalism which is that goverment policy basically has no real impact on the markets b/c the markets are able to anticipate the change and adjust accordingly, position of the supply demand curves change but the equilibrium income or GDP remains the same.  That being said plenty of really smart economists believe both theories).
          And also within Keynesian theory is monetary policy the best way to impact the economy or fiscal policy, Obama I think tends to lean toward fiscal (which can be a problem if you have debt issues).
          Regardless of all of this anyone who thought the stimulus plan would fix the economy doesn’t know what they’re talking about.  Economies only respond to permanent changes in the environment (so a permanent increase in government spending would have an impact in Keynesian theory).  Now the stimulus’s real intent was to act as a temporary relief, a sort of life raft to get us through the worst of the storm.  Whether that had that effect or not we’ll never really know unless we go back in time and don’t have the stimulus, though based on the timeline for stimulus implementation and other comments about it I would lean towards the fact that it didn’t have the desired impact.

          As to the moral high ground, I think that the free market is the most prosperous and moral kind of economy (what’s more moral than increased liberty?).  That being said big business can ruin the free market just as much as big government so the government’s role should be to prevent big business from damaging the free market.  Right now you see big business using big government to limit the free market and ensure their safety at the top with limited competition.

          Even if we were to consider the free market immoral, when it becomes the government’s place to impose and decide on morality then you get morons who want to ban gay marriage, prostitution, guns, drugs, alcohol, etc etc.

    • Anonymous

       100% “on target”,….. well said, IMHO.

    • Pattie Galloway

       Well said mh.  I think some of the seemingly stammering was part of the act of pretending Obama was interrupting.  I thought Clint was – and is –  amazing.  I’ve loved him since I was ten and now I’m over 60!  He continues to be wise, fair and powerful as an 82 year old man can be.  Great RNC!!!  Glenn rocks too – usually.

    • Cade Caskey

       Well said, mh…just because he got up and gave an ad-lib speech instead of some canned presentation with awkward applause lines takes nothing away from the fact of who he is and what he stands for.  GB isn’t as shiny and flawless as he likes to give himself credit for sometimes.  I like him on most things, but like you said, he’s off on this one.  He interviewed an EMPTY CHAIR which was the perfect metaphor for the EMPTY SUIT.  It was brilliant.  The way he referred to Obama’s victory speech as “that thing”, was priceless!  He got to his points…he’s in his eighties…give him a break, GB!

      • Anonymous

        Thank You Cade Caskey!!! Finally, someone gets the humor. Most are so quick to judge, and are not bright enough to get the humor (metaphor) of the “EMPTY CHAIR”!!  President who is pretty much non existent. It was brilliant. Beck you need to watch it again.

      • KayAZ12

        Had Clint done something similar at the DNC Convention his review would have read, “A few stumbles but brilliant method acting”.  I thought he was cleaver and funny, loved the empty chair.  Sort of like the chair in the oval office.  I also liked the way he reached out to all Americans to just let Obama go based on lack of performance and not ideology.  Perhaps he reached some of the undecided and disenchanted Obama voters.

        • Anonymous

          Clint was “cleaver”?
          I didn’t know he was a sharp cutting instrument.
          Or did you mean “clever”?
          Someone as intelligent and bright as you has to be correct when judging another person’s speech!!!

          • KayAZ12

            It was a typo…I meant clever.  However, much of what he said was sharp-witted and to the point. 

    • Sean David Miller

      I’m with you on this, guys.  I think Glenn was over-analyzing this.  I love Glenn, but America loves Clint more and his words have even more weight than Mr. Beck.  I think that is the fatal flaw of our great commentators, that they are just a little bit jealous of a man of few words that has that kind of respect and power without the benefit of easy public speaking skills such as themselves.  And yes it was just a little spiteful to old people.  Respect your elders, Glenn.

    • William Reilly

      You are so right! The left has all these nutty actors speaking on their behalf and the conservatives finally get an acting icon, Clint Eastwood who is speaking for GOP’s behalf. Then to hear Glenn with his “But”, really, I think Glenn totally missed this one. Clint Eastwood is getting old. Heck, he’s over 30 years older than me, and I lose my train of thought without a monsterous live audience. I think Clint Eastwood was huge impact for the Republican Party. Clint Rocks!

    • ricoliv

      mh, as a 75-year “old person” I must take exception to some of your “old” remarks, even though I agree with the intent behind them.  I am willing to give Clint a pass, not because  he’s “old,” but because he was working in an unfamiliar environment. It must have been very difficult for someone who is used to working from a rehearsed script to have to “wing it” and ad lib his way with a huge (albeit friendly) crowd.  H

    • Diana Olson

      I have to agree with you I usually alwas side with Glen but not this time this took real courage on Clint’s part and I love him for speaking out against Obama

    • Anonymous

      Glenn your opinion here is way off base.  I don’t understand how you took what was supposed to be a funny and light bit as serious?  It was hilarious!  As a matter of fact the way you talked about clint eastwood with all the complements you paid was offensive.

      get bent glenn beck

    • Anonymous

       You are so right! Sure he was slow and it seemed he couldn’t get his thoughts together.BUT, he’s 82 yrs old. AND besides, Clint is a slow talker anyway. I think he done a great job. We laughed our way through the entire thing and so did the audience. Glenn would do good to remember this when he’s older, say 82! Then his thoughts might be a little different. Don’t criticize someone’s ‘faults’ you see; some day yours may be worse!

    • Kathy

       Extremely well said. Get over Eastwood commentators and just enjoy the party.

    • Joyce Gould Cassidy


    • Anonymous

       Glenn I have really enjoyed GBTV and agree with a lot of what you are doing, but you are way off base trying to humiliate Clint.  I got the point of the chair and if you didn’t you are not as smart as I thought you were.  Clint had all this in his head and was a little slow speaking but I loved him and so did everyone at the RNC.  I am very disappointed in your ridicule of him.  Is that Love?

    • Anonymous

       Glenn I am very disappointed in your humiliating remarks about Clint.  Maybe you are not as smart as I thought your were.  Maybe you are not as good a person as I thought you were.  Clint said a lot in his speech even if he was a little slow in speaking.  Why would you want to tear him up the way you and Stu and Pat did?  Is that Love?  No, it was evil and self depreciating.  I will not renew my subscription for BlazeTV because now I know you are a hypocrite. 

    • Anonymous

      mh,  I’m married to one of those old geezers—older than Clint!  Yeah, they often do fall

      asleep after sitting for awhile and sometimes they need to pause and collect their

      thoughts.  But, that doesn’t mean, in any manner, that they are dumb or ”slow.”   You

      have it right.  With age comes changes and not everyone is the same—that is to say,

      not everyone can be as quick as when they were young.  For my part, I liked what Clint

      did.  It was amusing and it got the point across.   A pox on those who complained!

    • Anonymous

       I agree.
      I really enjoyed the part when Clint lied in order to blame Obama for the never ending Afghanistan War when it was Bush Jr. who was responsible.
      I guess, according to you, we should not hold Clint accountable for his lies and simply blame it on old age?!
      So Sad!!!

    • Pilgrimgirl

      I agree with you fully! Don’t forget he is an actor!! I thought  he reminded me of Henry Fonda in “On Golden Pond”. This was well scripted. Listen again, Glenn. Don’t be such an “old poop”!

    • Anonymous

       Very well stated. Finally, a logical explanation for Eastwood’s presentation. 2+2=4. Our educational system has failed us if so many other people are seeing Eastwood’s speech as 2+2=5 and then convincing others that 2+2=5. Back in 2008, a man named Obama outmaneuvered a woman named Clinton to become a Presidential candidate. That was also 2+2=5 but somehow he managed it. Unfortunately, everything Obama has done so far is still 2+2=5 and nearly half the country believes 2+2=5. I think it’s time we get back to realizing that 2+2=4.

    • Anonymous

       Very well stated. Finally, a logical explanation for Eastwood’s
      presentation. 2+2=4. Our educational system has failed us if so many
      other people are seeing Eastwood’s speech as 2+2=5 and then convincing
      others that 2+2=5. Back in 2008, a man named Obama outmaneuvered a woman
      named Clinton to become a Presidential candidate. That was also 2+2=5
      but somehow he managed it. Unfortunately, everything Obama has done so
      far is still 2+2=5 and nearly half the country believes 2+2=5. I think
      it’s time we get back to realizing that 2+2=4.

    • HeretoSpeak

      Yes, you are right.  Clint stumbled a few times, but he is over 80.  He told us – we Americans – that we are great.  That has been lost.  Too many people are either telliing us that we are not (Liberals), and Conservatives often hesitate to exclaim it.  Clint did it with no hesitation, no reservation.

      Check out this: It is brief and quite dramatic and tells people a bit about Liberals in our society, what they are doing:

    • Anonymous

      Wow– Glenn you really blew it… I actually turned you off. And mh–your post is very popular, but you’re wrong too. Clint was NOT just “nudged” awake. This bit was was executed perfectly from start to finish….it was brilliantly done. I’m shocked so many people did not IMMEDIATELY see this… and especially Glenn, who seems to have a special knack for these type of things…and is very artistic himself…. in any case—today is National Empty Chair Day…. apparently not everyone missed the mark… 

    • Anonymous

      RIGHT ON!!  I listened to Mr Eastwood’s speach a number of times as I felt that I was lisening to my father, who died almost 30 years ago, have a frank and sometimes humorous “talk” with the President about some questionable decisions Mr Obama has enacted to define his presidency. I for one certainly appreciated being schooled by one of my elders who has more fortitude and knowledge than myself. Just because he wasn’t silky smooth in his delivery because of his age and health didn’t demean his efforts one bit. Let’s face it Mr. Eastwood is probably used to being in bed at the time he spoke but would you rather listen to a liberal put you to sleep? Let’s face it Glenn, you’ve changed since you left FOX.

  • landofaahs

    I thought it was funny.  I got the joke.  Anything that gets under liberal skin is a good thing.

  • Kelly Forestier

    You totally missed the mark on this one.  I started out thinking he looked old and codgy.  But then I remembered that Clint is an Academy Award winning ACTOR.  Did it ever dawn on you this was just another great performance?

    • Anonymous

      You got it , Kelly! That is exactly what it was…And while he was doing this skit, I was thinking…”wow, he’s such a great actor…I couldn’t do that.”

  • Anonymous

    Clearly Clint’s speech was only partially scripted.  I think what took people by surprise was that he stammered through it rather than be as eloquent as we usually see him (movies, interviews, etc.).  That aside, I think his speech was a hit in important ways.  First, it was all Clint Eastwood and not scripted by the Romney campaign (at least I hope not).  As such he was much better able to speak to independents and undecideds who are tired of the carefully crafted speeches.  Second, he made some simple points, e.g. it’s our country and we get to decide how it’s run through our vote and more importantly, our president isn’t getting it done and it’s time to make a change.  He cut through the crap in a simple statement.

    Ideally Clint’s speech, now having seen it, would have been on Wednesday night or a bit earlier and not just before Romney came on.  Regardless, it was more hit than miss because of its message and simplicity.

  • Nina Flora

    i dont know about you except for a couple of remarks you knew what he meant. i am disturbed at people criticizing him and he is not my favorite actor due to his language all of his life but it was humorous and let’s see you at age 82 doing that good..any of you critics right and left!

  • Anonymous

    Clint  really made light of the “transparency” Obama and his administration have been promising.

  • Anonymous

    I thought that Clint was great!!!!  It was good to have some funin the middle of all the seriousness.  I got his message, whatdidn’t you??  I don’t think he was bumbuling at al, I think it was lanned.

  • Michael John Peterman

    I loved his delivery last night.  It was not meant to be a typical political speech.  Yes, it was a little odd at times, but it made me pay attention more because of that.  Loved what he had to say.

  • Ben Dougherty

    Cmon Glenn. Thats ab libbing. I mean, really? He is an actor, and its not like Obama was going to sit in the chair and listen. Clint is a great actor, and did great last night. I love most of what you do, but be real, he is an icon, did his point of view (as a theatre performance) and not everyone is all real world, like you. While what you do is awesome, so is what Clint does. Dont knock someone who is on your side.

    • Anonymous

      You really believe Eastwood went to the Republican Convention and AD LIBBED?! Seriously?

  • Sharon Todoroff

    I thought he did a great job.  Loved the empty chair, reminded me of the empty White House, and his said what many have been thinking .  This is our country, they work for us and if we can we should reclaim our country.

  • prtyfdup

    Glenn, Clint Eastwood is a brilliant man and he gave us a performance which was entertaining and intelligent.  Why are you even going on and on and on and fyi he isn’t Jimmy Stewart……HE IS CLINT EASTWOOD FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!  You are talking too much Glenn, be quiet.

  • Heidi Orahood

    Loved Clint. Thank God for him.

  • Graham Thordarson

    I gotta go with basically every other poster here so far. I thought it was hilarious. I really got the joke. He was a little bit shaky, yeah, and he got a little lost at a couple of points, but the point was made and, yeah, he’s 82 and, yeah, IT’S…CLINT…EASTWOOD!

  • Janice Vogt

    I thought  the entire last evening of the Rep. Convention was great.  Let’s don’t shoot ourselves in the foot  by joining the chorus of liberal detractors.  Eastwood was a interesting change in the speeches and it was great to see a Hollywood icon tell it like it is.

  • Beverly Hutsell Moss

    He did ramble at times, but I thought once he got going he did great.  Loved his comment about  “WE own this country…the politicians work for us, and if they’re not doing a good job then we have to let them go. “

  • Mary Schroeder Sluyter

     – To me, it was just typically Clint. He knows he’s not in top form anymore and he still had the strength of spirit to get up there and do his part anyway…ad lib. (Don’t know how true it is but, I heard someone say his teleprompter screen went down.) How many seniors do we know who are too embarrassed by their frail minds and failing bodies to even go out the front door? God bless him for allowing his weaknesses to show while he used his gift of celebrity to help push Obama out of OUR Whitehouse. – I understand what some mean by, his “walking too near the line of vulgarity” but, even in his senior years, he’s still “Clint”. Our beloved “Uncle Clint”, warts and all. He’s an American hero and he knows where that line is. He wouldn’t cross it…anymore than the rest of us sinners have. 😉

  • Jeff Goldsack

    I think you guys are way off on this. His speech was not delivered perfectly, but it was a perfect speech. It had the effect he was going for, and got the points across that he was trying to make. We need MORE people like that, to be real, not to just spit out talking points or read off a script or teleprompter.

    I think you are way off base here on this one Glenn.

  • Steve Newton

    I love Eastwood, he is a true genius and i enjoyed the levity he brought to the table. What concerns me is i’m afraid he may have given the liberal media goons too much fuel for their witch hunt.

  • Jen Donohue

    Clint Eastwood’s worst speech, is better than Biden’s best speech!

  • Steve Spaw

    It was HILARIOUS,  my wife and I were laughing our butts off. It worked because we have never heard anyone from Hollywood talking about our dear leader that way.  It is even better that it pissed off Al Sharpton!

  • Anonymous

    “They’re gonna come around and beg for votes. Same old deal.” But you’re the best. You’re the people who make the country work. And when somebody doesn’t do a good job, we gotta let ’em go.
    “I can’t do that to myself” I’m still laughing!
    This is Clint Eastwood at his best ! Terrific Political Satire
    Thanks Clint…You made my day !

  • Anonymous

    Clint did better without a prepared script or teleprompter, than Obama EVER does with one!!! 

  • Anonymous

    I thought the empty chair play acting was awesome..  I got it immediately.. and I think everyone in the audience did also..  Apparently, only you three didnt get it.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Clint was humorous and a bit enduring at times.  I took it as pure entertaining value and I pray my father and me are at least that witty at his age!

  • Len Johnson

    No, Glenn is NOT 100% right.

    It WAS Clint Eastwood. It was not Harry or the guy who wanted those people off his froint lawn. It WAS Clint Eastwood. And he did well. VERY well, indeed. He expressed what many would have liked to have expressed.

    Get over it.

  • Anonymous

    I love you, Glenn.. but you are off track on this one.

  • Lee Wolff

    I took from the impromptu occasion that the empty chair stood for exactly what we have gotten the last 3.5 years…empty promises. When he should be doing something and being PRESENT we find him vacationing, golfing, or fund-raising somewhere else. At 82, Clint has a somewhat weaker presence but I’m 65 and wouldn’t pick a fight with him!! I thought he hit home directly with a few comments…and none of us should shut up! It’s way past time to let the big ‘O’ go

  • Ettel Chava Rosenabaum

    you could tell he had some great ideas of what to say but lost himself. a few pages of notes and some practice in front of a mirror and he could have saved himself alot of humiliation.

  • jimmyd

    Clint Eastwood ‘s hesitant, fumbling delivery was exactly right. Notice that when the moments came to deliver the key lines, he was clear as a bell. You guys are wrong about this. Eastwood came off exactly as he intended – breaking from all the political rhetoric around him to ask the hard questions we all want Obama to face up to. It was pure genius. I was amazed

    • mdkrause

      some just don’t get it.

  • Linda Wilson Butts

    You guys need to step away from this attitude—have you been couped up too much!!  I don’t have a great imagination, but EVEN I get IT!!! 

  • Gaylord Little

    Come on Conservatives, can’t you see by the Democrats making some derogatory remarks about Clint, we are playing right in to their hands. They have done a fine job of getting us sidetracted all day by taking about Clint instead of Obama’s failures. Focus people. Let’s expose Obama for what he is or is not and stop wasting any more time. Offense, offense, offense.

  • mdkrause

    He should have come out as Dirty Harry. I’m here to clean up Washington  HAHAHA 

    It was great.  The left is shocked that Clint come out for Mitt. Can’t handle it so now lets say it was terrible.
    Clint should have brought his 2 friends with him   Smith @ Wesson

  • philmon cluebattingcage

    If you want the empty chair bit, you need Bob Newhart.

    And yes, Jimmy Stewart did come to mind.   Love the Clint.  But it was a bit painful.

  • JOAN

    I’m sorry but I think Glenn Beck is getting too big for his britches—come back to earth, you are human, aren’t you???

  • Nilda Parrado Langston

    i thought he was great! I laughed and I got the main message, “If they are not doing their job, got to let them go”

  • Anonymous

    I think that you are way off base here Glenn..We’ll see what you put out at 82 years old.
    I think that Clint did a great job….he was human,I respect that.

  • Anonymous

    Clint was funny, a bit risky at times but we needed that laugh!  Romney is not responsible for him being there, the RNC is.  I totally trust Mitt to run this country and like the fact that he has Clint Eastwood in his corner!

  • Austin Tyler Waters

    Glenn, it’s great to see you…. but…. You ramble and repeat yourself more than Clint did, so shove it.

  • Christine

    Glen, I have to agree with the majority here so I would say Majority Rules on this.  I did not know what to expect and why he was the “mystery guest” but he gave a first rate performance.  He had me and my husband laughing.  We own this country and it is time that we FIRE the president of the United States since he has not lived up to anyone’s expectation.

  • vixen5757

    Sorry Glenn. You are off base on your reaction to Clint Eastwood’s performance last night. What was it you said about respecting our elders? That they had a lot of wisdom to impart? And now you’re into his face because he was somewhat halting in speech OFF teleprompter I might add…. He did better off teleprompter than our current president does. He took a huge step in courage to go out on that stage last night and ‘come out’ as a Republican, backing Mitt Romney when we know what they do to conservatives in Hollywood. And look what the liberals have done to him already just in one day. To have you add criticism to theirs is almost the worst thing I’ve ever heard you say and I’m a long time viewer, listener, apologist, and financial supporter of you and your business.  Clint Eastwood is 82. He has seen many things and has a view. It’s the right one. He could have sold out and just refused to go out on that stage but he didn’t. The LAST thing he needs is criticism from the people on his side. And that means YOU, PAT, and STU.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Mr Eastwood, a man of few but well chosen words, was fantastic and I cheered him on. He is the only one known to have the balls to do something like that.  If it made some uncomfortable, so be it.  Dirty Harry tells it like it is.

  • Josh Martin Zavala

    I’d have to agree with most people on this thread. He was Genuine. Raw ..and Real.. YES he’s 82..I mean aren’t those flaws to be expected? He came out..was himself..and supported the movement.

  • Faye Shipley Weekly

    I think you guys missed the message altogether.  Maybe it’s because it was so subtle.  He totally made a play on the absence of power and leadership with that chair and said all the things he (or anyone) would say if 0bama was actually there.  Granted he did seem a bit lost at first but brought it full circle by the end.  

    • medolark

      Excellent reply.  It was subtle. 

  • Anonymous

    Clint Eastwood was excellent at the Republican Convention. Saying what needed to be said with humor and wit. And he got under a lot of Liberals’ skins. That’s the best part.

  • Chris Jarvis

    Clint Eastwood is a Ron Paul supporter, and  you can hear it in his message. the rules for
    him was he could not say anything bad about Mitt and could say nothing good
    about Obama. look up for the rules of anyone speaking.

  • Jean Kirven

    what could have symbolized obama better than an emtpy chair that is exactly what it is like trying to get obama to listen to the American people, talking to nothing Clint was right on mark! you Glenn however are totally off on this one!

  • Dorothy Cox Hector

    Really Glenn?  He did it from the heart without notes, teleprompter, etc.  Why does everything have to be scripted and polished these days?  People always have to find something to PICK at!  I guess his words meant nothing to you…

  • Trevor Sullivan

    “Politicians are employees of ours.” ~ Clint Eastwood

  • Karen Lundgren

    Your ego is totally smacking you in the head.  I loved every second of what he did….WITHOUT A TELEPROMPTER…  

    It was fine and your perspective is totally askew.  I remember writing Rush Limbaugh and telling him to back off you.  Now you are where Rush was…Really…Glenn….really?  You come off as the jerk.  Perhaps you are a little miffed for not getting an invite.  

    Just shut up.

  • Becki Lennon Todd

    He was briliant..  you guys need to lighten up.  What he said was simple and his points were well made. 

  • Barbara Ellen Horrigan

    Do you not get it Glenn? Empty chair represented Obama never being there ( its called improv). You know!   Where Obama is suppose or should be once in awhile in the White House. Instead of jaunting all around the country being popular. Clint Eastwood was right on. Loved him

  • Anonymous

    Why not?  That is the way REAL people speak.

  • Tony Henninger

    He’s EIGHTY F’N TWO YEARS OLD…give the guy a break.  He was being off the cuff, straight shooting and touched the peoples heart and minds.  I’d bet Imus’ Net Jet bill, Glenn, that if YOU make it to eighty-two (and I hope you do), you’ll be at the dog track with a note pinned to your sweater…drooling cream corn on yourself…Eastwood is BRILLIANT, sometimes, Glenn, just sometimes, you are a bit “toys in the attic”…and that’s ok, but you’ve gone off your trolly on this one.

  • Anonymous

    Watch your show everyday, love what you do. But layoff
    Eastwood, He’s old and probably doesn’t do speeches.
    There are no second takes. He got his point across and I
    think he was well received by regular people. Another
    thing, I’m sick of all the talking heads telling me whether
    I should have liked a speech or not. I’ll make up my own mind.

  • Terry Smith

    I don’t understand 98% of the conservative side picking on 82 yr old Clint Eastwood. Did you want him to come out with a magnum? Real cops probably had trouble getting their guns in. For God’s sake, quit picking on people on your side. You guys are more senile than Clint ever will be.

    • PatThe Rat

      Oh, it’s not 98% of the conservatives. It’s Glenn Beck and 2 or 3 of this nuts, and then 100% of the liberals who are besides themselves that someone would speak this way about “the Chosen One”. Now I see why Fox news didn’t want Glenn Beck back – he’s more liberal than anything else – a RINO.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, Glenn, Glenn…by being distracted by your OCD tendencies, you completely missed the subtleties and humor.  This was without a prompter, without notes in front of him and in real time!  I also hear, there was a prompter near ” Obama’s chair “.  I loved the skit and worked past the human frailties.  They are uncomfortable, but have we become so sheltered from age’s deterioration?  Are we to only see but not hear the elderly?  Funny, since we came from a “seen and not heard” generation!   

  • Debbie Hamm

    I was so apalled after the election in 2008 how I saw people crying like a rock star was just elected.  I thought, boy are they in for a big let down at that time.
    Clint alluded to that “thing” that happened that night and said “I was even crying! And finally — I haven’t cried that hard since I found out that there’s 23 million unemployed people in this country.”
    He put my very thoughts into words and went on to say, “And when somebody doesn’t do a good job, we gotta let ’em go”.  From Clint’s mouth to God’s ear!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck, shame on you!!    Clint Eastwood would probably tell you to take your “politically correct” self and ……   well, you can’t do that to yourself.  It’s a human impossibility:-)   I loved every minute of his speech.  He’s Hollywood, for goodness sake!!   At least he has the courage to take a stand for what he believes is correct.  He loves this great country of ours and is willing to share his concerns with a national television audience.   He doesn’t need the approval of anyone.  He doesn’t care if you liked his speech.   At this point in time, someone needs to put Obama in his proper place, which is OUT OF THE WHITEHOUSE!!    If Clint Eastwood has any influence on the voters, that is exactly where he will be come election time!!

  • Toni Waddell

    Glenn, I love you guys..i am a believer in all you say, but I am disappointed that you would join in and make a big deal about Clint’s age.  We know he is 82…this is what we expected when any 82 year old talks.  You dont have to point out the obvious…he made good points..was entertaining.   I enjoyed seeing and hearing him along with millions others.  It is hard on us because we see he is older now and our image of him is different from what we remember.  Besides, I think it was a great idea to put him on…especiallly now that the left has been so hateful about him.  Maybe now seniors will see just who the real haters are of the elderly…. the liberal left.  

  • PatThe Rat

    I’d rather a man come out and speak from the heart and tell me the way it is like Clint did last night than for a month of speeches from the most polished speakers in the world when they speak only from their political view or their pocketbook. I actually thought of all people who could understand the greatness of what Clint did it would be you, Glenn. Very sad it’s not.

    As George Bush said –  you’re either with us, or you’re against us. I guess you’re against us. And as Clint so eloquently said – you and Obama can go ____ yourself!

  • Sheryl Deaton-Abner

    I liked it, idc what people have to say about it…he’s old, cut him some slack. Although, if it had been me, I would have made a video and let him say what he wanted to say, empty chair & all, and then edited it so what he said wouldn’t have dragged on & been so halting. Then I would have showed the video at the convention, maybe added some dramatic music, and then they could have just showed a close-up of Clint waving from the audience and played a sound bite of him saying “Make my day” lol.

  • Cindie Rathbone

    He was talking to an empty chair because Obama is an empty headed president who doesn’t get it on how to run a country and Clint was making fun of him… We own this country was one of the best statements of the night along with when you can’t do your job, you are gone!!! 

  • vixen5757

    Sorry Glenn. You are off base on your reaction to Clint Eastwood’s performance last night. What was it you said about respecting our elders? That they had a lot of wisdom to impart? And now you’re into his face because he was somewhat halting in speech OFF teleprompter I might add…. He did better off teleprompter than our current president does. He took a huge step in courage to go out on that stage last night and ‘come out’ as a Republican, backing Mitt Romney when we know what they do to conservatives in Hollywood. And look what the liberals have done to him already just in one day. To have you add criticism to theirs is almost the worst thing I’ve ever heard you say and I’m a long time viewer, listener, apologist, and financial supporter of you and your business.  Clint Eastwood is 82. He has seen many things and has a view. It’s the right one. He could have sold out and just refused to go out on that stage but he didn’t. The LAST thing he needs is criticism from the people on his side. And that means YOU, PAT, and STU.

    not sure my comment posted*

  • Kat

    The last site of Clint before he walked off in the back – was of a very sharp guy who knew exactly what he was saying and doing – did you bother to notice that? It was a brilliant act. I love ya Glenn – but you are extremely way off on this one.

  • Karen Lundgren

    I watched this clip again.  You really have lost touch with real people, haven’t you.  I am so embarrassed for you. This was your “Chris Matthews” moment and it was ugly.

  • James Kincaid

    I suspect some people expected to see Dirty Harry or The Outlaw Josie Wales. The fact that you got Clint Eastwood with his great sense of humor shocked some folks. Personally, I thought it was a refreshing amount of humor and much needed truth from and icon that I grew up watching. Bravo, Clint!

  • Anonymous

    The only thing that could’ve made it better would’ve been if there had been an “empty suit” in the empty chair!

  • Chris Jarvis

    I think he was trying to do what he wanted without doing
    anything they told him not to. you can see his Ron Paul side when he said to
    Obama “you did not like the war in Iraq but you are ok with the War on Afghanistan,
    maybe you should have talked with the Russia on how that went for them.  

  • Suzanne Tade

    Had the democrats thought to, ‘interview a chair’ addressing George W Bush it would be touted as a new, entertaining and successful form of journalism. They would use a number of liberal celebrities.Then, MSNBC would replay even the most vile and vicious lines as necessary news.  While, providing a grand stream of praise for the presentation and it’s content.

  • Dean Storonsky

    I think there was a comedian that use to talk to an empty chair back in the 60-70s?

  • PatThe Rat

    Maybe Glenn is just jealous because he didn’t think of it first. He’s become like one of those liberal nuts on CNN that just sits around and makes fun of people all day. Here’s Clint Eastwood – a great man – who only agreed to speak because he truly loves America. And he spoke from his heart. To me, it was the highlight of the convention, and proud to be an American again. Glenn has proven he just cares about the money more than he cares about our country. It’s time Glenn go into retirement and leave taking back the country to those of us who know when to speak out and when to be quiet. Now’s the time to speak out – just like Clint did. 

  • Jane Van Tieghem

    I agree with all these comments.  He was REAL and said what needed to be said in a plain spoken way.

  • Dean Storonsky

    I would have to agree with MH.  It reminded me of talking to my elders and WWII vets.  It was REAL!  He had lots of one liners that were perfect!  

  • Frankie

    WOW … that Clit Eastwood sure is a looney tunes 

  • Anonymous

    The only thing that could’ve made his skit better and more effective would’ve been if there had been an “empty suit” in the empty chair…

  • Pamela Wilcox

    “It’s Clint Eastwood” is good enough for me!

  • medolark

    I totally disagree with your point of view.

  • Randy Landis

    It’s George Bush’s fault! haha

  • Mary Bunnell

    I just read everyones’ response, and I agree with them. Not once did you condemn them (the critics) for demeaning our sick people who have dementia.  And saying that Clint Eastwood has dementia for being a Republican and speaking at the convention. Read the critics response to him being there and standing up for Romney and Ryan,and the Republican Party. Vent some anger at them, instead of taking their side about his speech. We watched you every day you were on Fox,and agree with all you say, except this one time. Mary Bunnell 

  • Charles McPherson

    You missed this one Glenn… Clint Eastwood was great and made some great points. So he’s not a refined speaker who cares. Part of the problem today is all of our leaders are scripted.  Clint just said it and made people laugh doing it. 

  • Patricia Simmermon

    your wrong Glenn Beck about Clint Eastwood period end of sentence. 

  • Anonymous

    You can be sure the Dems won’t be talking to a chair, it’ll be more likely a tree or beetle.

  • Mary Bunnell

    I just read everyones’ response, and I agree with them. Not once did you condemn them (the critics) for demeaning our sick people who have dementia. And saying that Clint Eastwood has dementia for being a Republican and speaking at the convention. Read the critics response to him being there and standing up for Romney and Ryan,and the Republican Party. Vent some anger at them, instead of taking their side about his speech. We watched you every day you were on Fox,and agree with all you say, except this one time. Mary Bunnell

    • Susan McCarter Kennedy

      Brava!!  Well said, Mary!  Loved everything about what this brave, patriotic man said and did … he was true to himself and took the risk.  I hope conservatives have the smarts and strength to stand with him instead of poking holes and creating weakness where there is none.

  • Ken C

    Clint thinking to himself:  Hmmmm…how do I do this.  Do I come out as Dirty Harry and lay into Obama?  Nah….everybody will see that as old stuff and it’s now out of character.  Do I become “Elder Statesman”….nah, that’s not me either.  Wait, I know…..I’ll be myself and I’m 82.  I’ve earned the right to be 82 and just say it like it is and I think I’ll sneak in all the hard hitting stuff with a schtick that fits my character.  My real character.

    Clint got his point across to those in the hall, and more importantly, those watching on TV.  The political left will (and they have) dismiss him as a senile old guy who is part of their hated 1% (although the Hollywood types are in the 1%….awkward fact).   In the end it worked.   Thank you Clint for showing us that not everyone in Hollywood is self centered, hypocritical and essentially uninformed.

  • Angela Madden

    Glenn I got the it, my 23 yr old got it, my 16 yr old got it my 14 yr old got it.. What was not to get. Clint did a great job. I won’t even lay it off on him being 82. I have great respect for the man Eastwood is. It’s not about who likes or dislikes him it’s all in delivery. What I got from Clint’s speech. Obama is a do nothing and hurry up and wait president. A lot of time Obama is absent from the scene. So thus the empty chair represented his absence of decision making. The chair represented how Obama is never there when he is needed. The Chair represented the way WE AMERICANS feel about how Obama has abandoned our Great Nation. 

  • Jane Pierce

    I thought he was great!  I hope I’m that good at 82!

  • Patrick Clonan

    Glenn you are way off on this one.  I dont know what you dont get about the idea.  You are usually a common sense type of guy but yours has deserted you today.

  • Dawn Hill

    I hope I’m as articulate as that at 80+ years old….I thought he was totally charming and real. It was a nice foil to Ryan’s very polished (maybe over-polished) presentation.

  • Ajean72

    I don’t see anything wrong with what he did. The empty chair was proving a point, Glenn, don’t you see?

  • Michael Sain

    I thought he was great. I got it.

  • PatThe Rat

    Was considering on going to the Free Pac Bootcamp in Cincinnati, but after this RAGE towards an American hero like Clint there’s no way I would go. I hope others join me in boycotting old Glenn for awhile until he realizes he screwed up and apologizes – personally – to Mr. Eastwood!

  • Anonymous

    I have less respect for Glen Beck now … Clint Eastwood had a point to make … and he’s an actor … he’s not a reporter like you.  He presented his message the way an actor would present it.  He was able to say negative indirectly to Obama … in a more class way … than some people do these days.

    Glen … I was your biggest supporter … when you were on Fox News … but now … you have cancelled that out.  You are someone else .. and that’s not where I want to be. 

    Get a grip … 

  • Anne Faust

    You are  absolutely on your target with your comment.   It was not rehearsed to perfection and damn  he did speak the truth.  He gets credit in my book and made his point.

  • Vicki Adams Sloane

    Very surprised at you! Clint did good and the empty chair meant like having Obama as president is like having  nobody at all. 

  • Anonymous

    With all due respect Mr. Beck, (and my respect for you is immense) I believe that you three sounded like a group of mean girls. Mr. Eastwood is an 82 year old man. I can only pray that I will be that “with it” when I reach that age. His speech was unwritten, obviously without use of a teleprompter, and completely heartfelt. I loved it. He was witty and edgy. And the “politicians are our employees” line was the best of the convention. God bless Clint Eastwood. God bless you. And God bless the Republic!!!!

  • vixen5757

    I just watched your bit again and I have to say I’m so upset with you right now if you were here you’d be out cleaning the barn, stacking wood, shoveling horse manure, and weeding the garden. You said you didn’t want to tear Clint Eastwood down but that’s exactly what you did. Y’all just sat there and made fun of a man of courage, an elder… a man you told us all we should have more respect for. Our elders. Then you said you lost respect for Romney if Eastwood was still part of the campaign, made fun of his appearance, his age, his looks and in the process you seriously damaged my respect for YOU. It took a lot for someone of his history-actor from liberal Hollywood- to come out on stage last night and you joined the liberal vitriol against him. Way to wreck us from within, GLENN AND PAT AND STU!  I hope to God above you get half as much respect for yourselves at his age. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves and if you’re not, you should be ashamed of THAT.

  • Pamela Wilcox

    Glenn, Buddy, you missed the boat on this one…

  • Debbie Kirschner Springer

    Come on, Glenn! Admit it, you’re miffed cuz he didn’t ask you to speak…;-). Clint was brilliant!

  • Willie

    Glen, on this, you are not your best…

  • Anonymous

    all three of you owe Mr. Eastwood a heartfelt apology – on the hear and written

  • Shalom

    I’m glad Glenn is getting reamed for his response. I thought Eastwood’s performance was exactly what the RNC needed. 

  • Anonymous

    The empty chair was so perfectly appropriate.  After all, Obama is an empty suit.

  • Anonymous

    I am really sorry to hear three men I have a great deal of respect for, talking about Mr. Eastwood in the manner you did.
    You are sounding like the left mocking and belittling a good man. Shame on

  • Penni Batty

    Glenn, Pat, Stu, I love listening to you three. You have a great time together, and do some crazy things that keep us laughing, like the time Stu dressed as Warren Buffett’s secretary…also a little off the wall, but you made a point, and so did Clint Eastwood with this speech. Maybe you were just doing your thing and having a little fun, and, you know, it gets a little irreverent there sometimes, but this time you were just being mean-spirited. He is an actor, an entertainer, and he entertained most of us with this “bit” by doing something unique and unexpected while still trying to get a point across. Aren’t you always telling us we need to be a little more kind to our neighbors, restore love and all that? You missed the mark here. Oh, and, by the way, did you notice Clint Eastwood didn’t use a teleprompter? but the empty chair had one 😀 Genius! 

  • Just a Thinker

    Glenn, you’re just jealous you never thought of the empty chair routine. Clint was great. I wonder if you could do that at 82 yrs. of age. 

  • Kevin Stevens

    Glenn, Love Ya! But you are wrong on this one. Clint did a GREAT JOB! 

  • Jason Beake

    you three are becoming the condescending elitists you warn us about. The “empty chair” has been a shtick that has been around longer than all of you…ask Jimmy Stewart, oh wait..he’s dead and you won’t mock him since he’s dead. You save that classless crap for the living. I think you are great for the most part, your two tag-alongs have always been a smarmy crew, but this is more ammo for those who wish ill of the US…and you have served it up to them with your pointless dis-like and demeaning commentary.

    • John Brabham

      I have to agree with you, here.  I did not have the opportunity to listen to Eastwood’s speech in it’s entirety until I got home today.  Beck’s introduction left me a little beside myself as I have been a long time fan of Eastwood’s and I did not want that image tarnished…Beck was way off on this one.  Everything the RNC may have been missing was presented by Mr. Eastwood.  He hit it out of the park in a very real, down to earth way.  On more than one occasion, I have been shocked at some of Beck’s responses to listeners.  One that comes to mind was a 13 yr old girl who didn’t say “Sir” when she addressed him…I’m all for manners, but we are talking about a child fan who is speaking to a “celebrity”…cut her a little slack…that one still bothers me to this day.  It really troubles me to say these thing because I’m a huge Beck fan….but don’t start sounding like the elitest left that we are supposed to rally against.

  • Kitty Blair

    Clint was fabulous – his “empty Chair” was magic….. and only an icon of the movie world such as Clint could pull it off.  Frankly…I am sick and tired of some of the Hollywood “heavies” shouting their adoration for a man who has done NOTHING for the USA for almost 4 years.  He has no record to run on – his Super Pac” ads just try to pull Romney and Ryan down and accuse them of this and that – and to be perfectly blunt I don’t think I could take 4 more years of the present President and for that matter his running mate who doesn’t know when to shut up!!

  • Christine Donnelly

    He did it without a telepromter, admit it! He did better then obama! Can’t you just enjoy the fact that he is supporting Romney. Although I gotta admit, Romney wasn’t my first choice either and now I find that he is my only choice. So all I’m trying to say is, stop nit picking on the support. Romney is going to win mainly because obama being ousted is an American goal.  

  • Anonymous

    Glenn–plain and were wrong and you should apologize.  Clint Eastwood said in his own way what many of us are thinking and he did it simply and succintly…shame on you for making fun of him.  Very rude of you and your staff.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a shame you’re so stuck inside your own echo chamber that you don’t even understand the brilliance and effectiveness of mockery anymore, Glenn. 

  • Hugh Bill Gillispie

    Glenn I have been in your corner but you have fumbled the football on the one yard line. I over looked some of your beliefs as a Mormon, but you are not as smart as I give you credit. Making fun of Clint Eastwood has hurt your standing with people in the USA

  • vixen5757

    I think we all want an apology from you. Now. Not in a year, or a week. NOW. 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, Stu and the other guy, you’re all off base. Glenn is wrong and you two followers are just agreeing with him because he’s Glenn. All three of you are wrong. Watch it again. Look at the feedback below. You’re disappointing us.

  • Andrew Sterling

    As a actor, I understand there is a huge difference between being on stage as a character, and being on stage as yourself.  It is one thing to build a facade of another persona and present that to thousands of people.  Its another to lay yourself out to people with whom you want to relate a piece of yourself.  There is little more difficult.  You yourself are an actor, having to put on a happy voice, or a professional face when you’re having a bad day,  And to do it at 82 and still command the respect Mr. Eastwood did?  I honestly believe that, at 82, you will pale in comparison.  I am truly disappointed, Mr. Beck.

  • KevinS

    Glenn, that was right along the type of thing that you would do. You should be praising Clint all the way. He is a true American. I thought his act was awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Also: I blame Pat.

  • Chris Jarvis

    Do you think he was picking on Obama’s problems when he
    speaks without the teleprompter?

    and maybe what he wanted really wanted to say and speak
    out on he was Not allowed to.

    Clint Eastwood is a Ron Paul supporter and you can hear
    it in his comments on the war.

  • Anonymous

    What are you 3 smoking?

    Clint was fantastic – the second I saw the empty chair, all I could think was “talking to Obama IS like talking to no-one, because he doesnt listen, nor comprehend!”.

    It was a commentary on the empty-headed mentality of Obama, without coming out and saying it – but it sure did represent the truth!

    I cannot believe you 3 didnt get the joke in it all!

    • Anonymous

      I can’t believe they didn’t get it either.. ??? What’s going on with people ??

  • vixen5757

    The response here is overwhelmingly NOT in favor of your remarks here, Glenn. I went to see you on 8/28, bought all your books (and read them), subscribed to Extreme, and used to watch you every day when you were on Fox. What happened to you? Too big for your britches.

  • Dana Harding

     Sorry Glen. Love your show and channel, but definitely disagree with you on this. Clint was really funny. Yeah, he may have stuttered a little, but I’m not convinced that wasn’t part of the schtick. He made some really good points, and had the guts to make the point no one else has been willing to make… the reality of what Obama has been saying to all of us for the last 4 years: ie… “Hey America… Go screw yourselves.”

  • Rhonda Condidorio

    Sorry, Glen, but you misread this one.  It was endearing.  Reminded me of my grandfather imparting wisdom in his unrefined way. Clint Eastwood is very intelligent.   It was a skit. His “awkward” pauses were because the “invisible Obama” was mouthing off while he was speaking. It was funny.  He made great points.  The evening needed just what he brought to balance it out.  Clint rocked – even at 82!  Respect your elders, Glen. The way you made fun of him was inappropriate. Look for the nuggets of wisdom, and you’ll find them.

  • Barbara Seling

    Don’t be a stuffed shirt over the empty suit, Glenn, Clint was spot on. Did you happen to notice the empty chair/suit was on his left? Maybe his humor is too deep for you.

  • Mark Wolverton

    Glen.  Um, no.

  • Hugh Bill Gillispie

    Making fun of Clint Eastwood has hurt your standings with the people who have had enough of the present administration. What if I made fun of you because you believe JESUS and the devil were brothers?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the well written first post. Beck doesn’t realize that the real Bible tells us that For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Romans 3:23. Except perhaps Beck is becoming like obama & his buddy O’Reilly and asking for acceptance to the narcissistic egomaniac club.

  • Rusty

    Glen, you are way off base on this one. Listen again, but with an open heart. Clint Eastood came to the RNC with the best of intentions. He is an elder, and deserves to be respected.

  • Willie

    you have taken the words right out my mind!!

  • Derek D. Smith

    I liked it! Obama is an empty chair when it comes to solutions for America, standing up for our nation, or protecting the values we hold dear. No, the improv was not perfectly executed but it communicated the message very well. He reminded me of my Dad, Glen, I very much respect and agree with the stand you are taking to help save our country. You are one of the good guys, HOWEVER you are in error on this one. You can bet a lot of libs are watching Eastwoods performance to mock it and some of the truth he conveys might just soak through.  It was fun.

  • TeaLady49

    After listening to the speech again, I really appreciated all the worth repeating one liners that were spot on. Yes, he bumbled the presentation in places, but taken as a whole the message was clear: It’s time for Obama, the do nothing president, to move on!

  • Ma Donna Klendworth

    Liberal media are really “ticked” by his little skit, so  Eastwood “nailed” it.  On MSNBC this AM,  I thought Mr. Brashir was going to say that when Eastwood did the cut off sign that he meant to cut Obama’s head off and clearly he was signaling to the audience to stop applauding. Then they started bragging it up about Cloony going to be at the DNC.  Think I would take Eastwoods style to Cloony’s playboy style any day.  They also thought it was disrespectful to the office of the Presidency. On that thought, I believe if you want respect, you have to EARN it.

    • Hugh Bill Gillispie

       Empty chair, empty head what is the difference?

  • Lisanne Dickenson

    I loved his speech! Typical Clint Eastwood style…down to earth and unscripted, from the heart and right to the point. Glenn, I love you man…but you are being way too critical here. The fact that he was allowed to speak his mind is refreshing! 

  • Connie Adams

    Glenn love you but dont make a big deal over this. We dont always want stuffy speeches because believe it or not us Americans are down to earth, and need some comedy within our politics.

  • JerryG

    Glenn you are so wrong on this!!!! This was the highlight of the convention. Now I see why I don’t miss you on Fox at five!

    Lyndell Gaddis

  • Anonymous

    I was disappointed to hear Glenn’s thought on Eastwood’s presentation, but feeling better after reading most of your comments. He WAS like a grandfather, jumbled/mumbled some of his words, but the words were still wonderful, full of wisdom in his years, and dead on. I applaud him for showing up and speaking. He’s not a politician, so he’s not polished. And I appreciate that. Going to miss that man when he’s gone. He’s the John Wayne & Charlton Heston of my generation. God bless you, sir!

  • Anonymous

    Come on Glenn, get over it! You are either for Mitt or you are not. Make up your mind. We don’t need any negativity at this point. You arestarting to und like Chris Matthews and the left for crying out loud. In my opinion Clint did ok. C’mon punk (Glenn) make my day! 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn you know that I love you, don’t you? But It’s time for tough love. You are wrong about Clint Eastwood, and you missed the point. His Obama interview was light hearted and funy. But Clint Simply and brilliantly made case against Obama. He simply stated the truth, Obama is just a man, our employee who failed at his job. He made it easy for voters not to vote for Obama without guilt and a sense of betrayal. He also gently reminded us of our duty, we are the owner of this great nation, and must be beholden to politicians, if they do their job, we must fire them for the sake of the country. Obama was hired, and he failed his performance evaluation, like just of who are employed, and have a boss. Now we are interviewing Romney for the job. In four year we’ll also give him a performance evaluation, if he performs successfully, he’ll keep his job. If he fails we must be prepared to fire him also. Glenn that is what I got out of Clint simple and elegant way of telling us that we stink as employers. We do not hold our employees accountable. So Glenn don’t pick on Clint Eastwood, he made my day.q

  • rks spock

    Glenn – you miss the point.  Having Clint Eastwood is a great idea.  Sure his skit did not appeal to you, but you are not the type of voter that the genius in Romney’s campaign is targetting.  It is those those Hollywood fanatics that are neither conservatives, nor democrats.  It is those less informed movie buffs that that sit on the sidelines.  Believe me, Romney now have their vote because of Mr. Eastwood breaking it down Barney style : )

  • Robert Green

     Glenn, you are wrong on this one. I usually like listening to you but last night by Clint was awesome. He stated the problems in a joking manner, but still got it across. The crown seemed to love it as well with the standing ovation.

  • R McKeever

    Mr. Beck, Stu, and Pat. Mr. Eastwood was being real, being a citizen of the United States that is concerned for our future, not an actor. His point that speaking to President Obama about our concerns is as effective as speaking to an empty chair was unmistakable. Mr. Eastwood used his voice to speak for us that feel we have none. So, please sir, don’t criticize a fellow citizen for not looking or sounding polished and fake. Mr. Eastwood showed courage. Please don’t show cowardice by focusing on a person’s faults. Please show strength and unity by focusing on his message- It’s time to give someone else a shot at the job the President Obama has been unable to perform in.

  • mark

    Clint picks up the phone to hire anyone for any role or  part in his next movie and that person will be reporting to the studio before Clint hangs up the phone. Lrft wing or right wing.
    Thats Clint, that’s credibility, and thats the empty chair as symbolism for the occupant at the white house

  • Anonymous

    I personally love the thing Clint did, but I can understand why some didn’t.  It’s one of those routines that all comes down to execution. I thought the idea and back n’ forth dialogue was great, but you can’t deny that he rambled at times and was hard to follow. You really had to stay on top of it to keep up with where he was going every now and then. That’s not a slap in the face. I still loved it and Clint unconditionally, but I can see why it would turn some people off. 

    Clint has always endeared us by being the cool manly cowboy type, not the stand-up comedic type. It just wasn’t something that appealed to everyone. You have to take it or leave it as such. That’s the way it is with any type of performance whether it’s stand up, a film, music or a television series. 

    Different things appeal to different people, and as endearing as I’m sure this was to some, it clearly and undoubtedly put others off. (One person loves Breaking Bad and another person loves Little House on the Prairie.) It all comes down to either you liked it or you didn’t, but if somebody honestly didn’t like it (Not including mindless liberal dissenters who would have hated it regardless) then that’s their opinion and they have a right to it. Overall I liked it. Sure, he rambled a little and was hard to follow at times, but when it worked it worked. I liked it. Didn’t love it, but I liked it. 

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you dare talk bad about Clint Eastwood!  Come on!  He is like your grandpa!  Everyone but the liberals think he was awesome and you guys.  I like the chair.  He is an actor.  And extremely funny! 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck …… It was not Clint Eastwood at his best!! Are u for real? The guy is 82 years old. I think he got his point accross about a do nothing president. I thought he was great, as unconventional as it was.

  • miriam murray

     Clint Eastwood did not present a speech, being the actor that he is presented a monologue…… and it was not that bad…. I think you need to relax a little Glen, you are overreacting…. a monologue (or monolog) is a speech presented by a single character, most often to express their thoughts aloud, though sometimes also to directly address another character or the audience. 

  • Anonymous

    This proves to me that Glenn Beck is officially unhinged.
    Clint was great!!! Easy, cool…and funny!
    What did you expect him to be at 82,
    Dirty Harry at 45?
    It was easy, cool, authentic Clint!

  • Anonymous

    Lighten up Glenn!  If you can’t see the Real deal you need to have a reality check! Clint was Genius! What’s happening to you?

  • Michelle Ludlam

    It’s called improv in a monolog!  I am so embarrassed for you to be knocking a legend down like you did.  I usually respect your opinion on most things, so I am a little disappointed in you.  I believe he did exceptionally well for his age and he had some good punch lines in there that was lighthearted and welcoming in this serious time!  Not cool.  :( 

  • Anonymous

    I thought this was excellent! He is smart enough to have insinuated content and if you are smart enough to figure it out, it was great!  I could listen to this over and over and each time I pick up something else…He may be in his 80s, but he knows what’s good for America and old people can be very truthful and get away with it. 

  • trelaina

    I haven’t watched the clip, nor did I see it on TV. I only read the transcript. Glenn, try simply reading what was said and maybe you will see that he makes a whole lot of sense.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn you are being very nasty about Clint Eastwood.. May I remind you that he is 82 years old. We needed someone from the elderly generation to tell us that we are not just imaging what is going on in this country, and that they (the elderly) are aware of it to, and I was really glad he open a discussion on if Obama should be elected just because he is a nice guy because I truly think that people feel they should vote for Obama because he is a nice guy. Sadly being a nice guy is not what this country needs. We need a leader.

  • Mendolyn Skye

    i actually really liked the speech for the most part. clint eastwood is a smart man who has been around a lot longer than most of us and has a ton of life experience. i don’t think he’s perfect and maybe some people thought the speech had problems. however i think that sometimes, like say when we’re sitting there listening to our elderly father or grandfather, that we all roll our eyes at how the message is delivered and think they’re some old fogey and that they don’t get it because things are so different now and it’s a new generation and you’re so out of touch old man. i think the underlying message was pretty relevant to what we’re dealing with as a nation and i’m sorry to see people everywhere being so disrespectful to a man who has done so much in his life and helped so many people just because he didn’t say it the way they thought would be best or because he’s not on “their” side so they’ll peck this speech to death. i doubt many of us could have done better and i wish for no other reason than just respecting a good and decent man that people would not be snarky about this. i remember when i worked at an old fashioned diner and the little old men who had lost their wives would come in for dinner and tell stories and talk and share their lives and sometimes it took a while to get it all out (they’re not in a hurry lol) but they had so much wisdom to offer just with life experiences we haven’t been thru yet. if i had been impatient with their ramblings i would have missed the wisdom of their message. clint eastwood is from the generation of my grandfather, a wonderful hardworking self sacrificing generation that helped make this country great with their very lives and i hope people don’t forget that as they rush to make fun of a man who deserves better than that because his politics aren’t in line with theirs or his delivery wasn’t  academy award winning. just my .02cents :)

  • Anonymous


    Very mean spirited and hyper critical, I don’t know if he
    was acting or just showing his age but he was genuine, funny and charming.   I’ve seen you go off on rants with little
    coherence on occasions.  I’m still with
    you but lighten up.


  • Greg Borries

    Very, VERY disappointed in you Glenn! You Suck!!!

  • Anonymous

    He may not have said it fast and slick, but he hit all the points we are all are thinking in five minutes that the rest were to timid to say. It was unique and charming. You could tell it got under the skin of the libs and celebs. Not only is brevity the soul of wit so is simplicity.

  • Scott Zuber

    sorry guys, you missed this one. a little comic relief, some good jabs at Obama. c’mon Glenn, it’s Clint Eastwood! Just good old, “this is who i am, we’re better than this, get out of the way so we can straighten out your mess”! i fail to see the disaster you speak of. i still love you guys! 

  • Leon Cooley

    I think he was trying Glenn to show that talking to Obuma is like talking to an empty chair !

  • greywolfrs

    Well, I have to disagree, I think Clint was great. He brought an air to the convention that was lacking. Bsides, if the MSM hated it, he obviously did something right. The left wing idiots, everywhere, are howling. He must have really struck a chord. If he had done that bit at the DNC, left wing idiots would be calling it “art.” Since he did it at the RNC, they are calling him an old man, senile and many other things. Yep, he got to them.

  • Suzy Elfering

    Clint Eastwood has been down this road way more times and I respect the fact that he was conveying to us all , Our beloved USA  needs help and we have the wrong guy for the job right now . What I loved the most about his speech was that he was talking to all politcal parties to vote for the person that has the intelligence , experience  ,to lead this country from further debt and unemployment .There is economic crisis all over the world right now ,one person cant do it alone, but he will have the most valued people around him and know how to utilize them to make the USA better.this time Mr Beck you talked to much on your own talk show lol I know you do love Clint Eastwood as you stated.

  • Mary Schroeder Sluyter

    – I agree with nearly everyone in this thread. I usually enjoy listening to your program in the morning but, today, you crossed the line into meanness. Shame on you.

    To me, it was just typically Clint. like anyone else his age, he knows he’s not in top form anymore. Yet, he still had the strength of spirit to get up there and do his part anyway…ad lib. (Don’t know how true it is but, I heard someone say his teleprompter screen went down.) How many seniors do we know who are too embarrassed by their frail minds and failing bodies to even go out the front door? God bless him for allowing his weaknesses to show while he used his gift of celebrity to help push Obama out of OUR Whitehouse.

    I also understand, what some mean by his walking too near the line of vulgarity for a family show. But, even in his senior years, he’s still “Clint”. Our beloved “Uncle Clint”, warts and all. The one who delivers the speech at your wedding that makes you wince a little but, you’re so blessed by the sentiment that you nevermind the delivery. You can’t miss, and neither can anyone else, how much love is wrapped up in his disorganized, slghtly off-color words. 
    He’s an American hero and he knows where that line is. He wouldn’t cross it…anymore than the rest of us sinners have.

    You 3 owe him a deep apology.
    I hope when it’s your turn, the people who know better will treat you with more respect than you have given Clint Eastwood today.  

  • Lisa Nelson

    was good liked it! Thot It was funny, and the president answered with, “This seat is taken…”  Well, don’t we know it and Heaven help us to fill it with someone who can do more than sit, who can actually DO…something in that seat!  Good job Mr. Eastwood, enjoyed it! and GO MITT!

  • Pattie Galloway

      Well said mh.  I think some of the seemingly stammering was part of the
    act of pretending Obama was interrupting.  I thought Clint was – and is
    –  amazing.  I’ve loved him since I was ten and now I’m over 60!  He
    continues to be wise, fair and powerful as an 82 year old man can be. 
    Great RNC!!!  Glenn rocks too – usually.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, so because of this one moment, now we are not to trust Mitt Romney.  What do you suggest we do?  Vote for Obama?  You are carrying this way too far Glenn.  It’s not that important a moment or issue to direct us to suddenly not trust Mitt Romney.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I agree with Spanky9 , I love lessoning to your show but You are making a big deal out of nothing ! Really Clint Eastwood woke everyone up ,he made that crowed roar , but he layed it out straight about Obama . Personally I think Clint Eastwood is a shineing starr for Romney , You ask why? Because ‘Clint Eastwood stands for what America once stood for ,Faith Honesty ,Loyalty . When I looked at him I remembered what it was like when I was growing up. I did’nt have to fear what the future would hold.Now I’m a 64 yr old grandmother of 9 girls and I am truely concerned for the future of America and my grandaughters .And it’s sad when my 10yr old grandaughter asked me, Grandma why is the world so evil ? I truley believe Romney couldnt have asked for a better person than Clint Eastwood to speak ,and to be honest Glenn you guys need to remember one day you’ll be Clints age and you wont be the spry guy’s you are now. You are so so wrong to criticize someone who has aged !!            

  • Corkie Smith


  • Linda McBride

    I seldom ever disagree with you Glenn…BUT…I think Clint Eastwood did a great job of getting his message out. He, “made my day!!”

  • Anonymous

    I think you need to apologize, Glenn, for your rash judgement on Eastwood. Please, I’ve seen you humble yourself before, and it makes you endearing and truthful. Man up. We expect it from you. We are your fans.

  • John Draper

    Glenn, I think you are great. You’ve helped a lot of us remember our true heritage and become more active in recovering what we are losing. The most important thing that Clint Eastwood stated on that stage is that politicians are our employees, just as you have pointed out on your show when talking about teachers. 

    The overall message would be not to be scared of your administration. If they are not performing well in their duties, or at all, then I agree… it is time to let them go. I just wanted to make sure you remember that, and not let the fact that just because he is Clint Eastwood cloud your judgment when reviewing this tape. It looked to me like he was trying to get a point across. Sometimes artists have a different idea of how to get people to remember the message, BUT as long as it is remembered then I believe that we can take a lot from Clint’s empty chair performance.

    I still check out what you have to say Glenn, thank you for your show and teachings. The performance here has more meaning than just the man doing it.

    Thank You

    –John Draper

  • Denise Armour

    I thought he was funny – in his layed-back way – he made quite a few points while being very entertaining!!!!!! And who could deliver this monologue? No politician! Only an actor…he’s not a “bumbling idiot” though many would like you to believe he is – he was spot on! He touched on a lot of hot buttons; broken promises, the trials in NYC, the number of people out of work, the exceptionaliism of Americans, the fact that we employ politicians – not the other way around, Biden’s language, (cussing), step aside a let a businessman take over, a stellar businessman.   When they don’t do the job – let em go! For his 11 minutes – I thought he was great!!!!

  • Susan McCarter Kennedy

    I’ve followed you for a long time now, Glenn, BUT (or however) I’m getting more and more uncomfortable and disappointed with your own level of schtick.  This mean spirited banter toward a brave patriot such as Mr. Eastwood in the name of “entertainment” is beneath you imho.  It saddens me that you’ve chosen to provide such fodder for the liberals to gobble.  I wonder if any other powerhouses like Clint will be willing to risk public ridicule and speak out for conservatives in light of what you’re doing.  Shame.

  • Phyllis Jackson Boyse

    I think this was great – yes a bit comical – but why can’t we laugh a little in the middle of a large disaster.  The Oblammer administration is a total train wreck.  So I admire Clint for his little skit.  Maybe if the Oblammer admin would use a little humor and real life we wouldn’t be in such a dire strait.

  • Coleen Mae Farr

    The speach was FANTASTIC!

  • Jerry Burke

    Clint Eastwood was genius last night.

  • new2la

    Honestly, it showed his patriotism. I felt a kinship with Mr. Eastwood and proud to call him a fellow Conservative. Kudos for coming out and standing up for your beliefs Clint.

  • Anonymous

    It was good to hear from his generation, and from Hollywood no less – the generation who knows what this country used to be –  give his take on ther Obama administrationfrom – good ol’ commnsense. That’s the privilege of old age – you just tell it like it is, and who cares if it isn’t politically correct or polished – it’s truth!

  • dygene

    Glenn, we understood what he was saying and agreed with him 100%. Please cut the man some slack, he’s 82 years old! 

  • Beverly Elaine Sisk Lemings

    I thought he was great! You know I listened to his speech on the radio on my drive back from a trip and I got it just fine. Of course I couldn’t see the empty chair but I understood what he was getting at and of course I couldn’t see that his hair wasn’t slicked down or that he had a few wrinkles so I was surprised to hear that he was 82, but I heard every word he said and I thought he was hilarious and I thought he hit the nail on the head! Since when does your age have anything to do with weather you have a since of humor or you are smart or a patriot.When did age and wisdom become out of fashion? I always remember Clint being hesitant when he speaks and he’s always had a gruff voice. I think he did damn good without a script and a tele-prompter. Maybe you should have turned off the picture and listened, you know, kinda like they do on “The Voice” . Then maybe you could have heard what he was saying! He had some great things to say…. and you must have missed them, you were too busy looking at his white hair and his wrinkles and listening for him to say a four letter word. You know there are several things you cant do to yourself … like kiss the back of your elbow. you’re trying right now aren’t you?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it…you mock Clint Eastwood’s highly entertaining and smart
    routine, which incidently delivered what was probably the best line of the
    entire convention, ” We own this country.”,  but you hailed the speech made
    by Ann Romney??? You are indeed insane.

    • Chris Jarvis

      Do you think he was picking on Obama’s problems when hespeaks without the teleprompter?
      and maybe what he wanted really wanted to say and speakout on he was Not allowed to.
      Clint Eastwood is a Ron Paul supporter and you can hear it in his comments on the war.

  • Randy L. Smith

    You screwed the pooch this time Glenn. Time to walk your comments back. Clint’s delivery was great, his symbolism of the empty chair with its own teleprompters was excellent, his comic interspersion’s were funny, his “soundbytes” rocked the stadium, nation, and world.  Clint Eastwood is a great American patriot, a conservative force to be reckoned with, and a straight shooter.  You guys completely missed this one. It’s comments like this that have left me listening to you less and less on the radio. You went too far this time.

  • Anonymous

    I thought this was one of the best parts of the night. I loved Clint Eastwood’s “interview”! Awesome job. 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, have you ever listened to you, Stu & Pat on the radio?   You sound like a bunch of 13 yr.old girls, all talking at the sametime and laughing & giggleing  I quit listening to you cause you made me sick.   I want to hear news like you used to give.   Sorry 13 yr old girls.

  • Cathy

    I think Clin t Eastwood did a fabulous job

  • Sarah Smith

    Obama’s whole presidency has been an empty chair, I am not better off than I was four years ago because Obama is the invisible man in the chair and does nothing for the struggling people in this country, it was metaphoric. Clint Eastwood is a smart man, I am only 26 but I hope when I am Eastwood’s age I have his knowledge and wisdom and sense of humor to stand up for what I believe it in. Respect your elders Beck, lets see how you sound at 82 trying to get you opinions across.

  • jerry

    Glenn, I respect you more than anyone on television, but this is one time that I feel you have gone to far.  I thought it was a great speech, and that he got the point across without a teleprompter or notes.  Give the guy a break.  The audience loved him.  Hope you do as well when you are his age.

  • T

    Geez Glenn, Andrea Mitchell and the other elitist jerks in the media don’t need any help trashing everything/everybody I hold in high regard, what the hell were you thinking?

  • Anonymous

    You are WAY off base…his hems and haws were on purpose!  Good grief!!!  Get a sense of humor!!!!!!!  It was perfect…….it’s acting, silly.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe you are going on and on about this….whose side are you on….you are hurting YOUR credibility.  I think Clint Eastwood should do a parady on YOUR conversation.  I love the chair thing…how creative!

  • fran olson

    I don’t agree, we all enjoyed! 

  • fran olson

    I don’t agree, we all enjoyed! 

  • GToad

    Which is funnier: Clint Eastwood improvising a ventriloquist act with a missing dummy, or 3 lard-asses (and I mean that in the most affectionate way) sitting around, capping on an 82 year old patriot?  Let’s see how peppy you are when (and if) you reach 82.

  • GToad

    Which is funnier: Clint Eastwood improvising a ventriloquist act with a missing dummy, or 3 lard-asses (and I mean that in the most affectionate way) sitting around, capping on an 82 year old patriot?  Let’s see how peppy you are when (and if) you reach 82.

  • LeAnne I

    I don’t know of any of my friends who watched this who didn’t love it!!  Eastwood – you were right on and I love ya!!

  • LeAnne I

    I don’t know of any of my friends who watched this who didn’t love it!!  Eastwood – you were right on and I love ya!!

  • Lynette Gill Merrill

    Maybe he ought not belittle the office-  but yet,  what he stated makes you think.  We are all wondering about what has occurred in our country over the last several (especially the last 4) years…..  I think he was making a point and I appreciate the point that he made.  I am very grateful that he points out that those elected are servants of those who elect them…..  We seem to forget that a lot.  We have to realize he is not running for office-  he is supporting a candidate and putting forth his entertaining persona to do so.  I for one,  enjoyed it.  I get very frustrated that some people are impressed with our current President when I am VERY disappointed and frustrated with the current administration……

  • Lynette Gill Merrill

    Maybe he ought not belittle the office-  but yet,  what he stated makes you think.  We are all wondering about what has occurred in our country over the last several (especially the last 4) years…..  I think he was making a point and I appreciate the point that he made.  I am very grateful that he points out that those elected are servants of those who elect them…..  We seem to forget that a lot.  We have to realize he is not running for office-  he is supporting a candidate and putting forth his entertaining persona to do so.  I for one,  enjoyed it.  I get very frustrated that some people are impressed with our current President when I am VERY disappointed and frustrated with the current administration……

  • MaryAnne Platt Lyman

    Shame on you, Glenn.

  • MaryAnne Platt Lyman

    Shame on you, Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    Lighten up Glenn…….We all loved it!!!!

  • Joan Schmidt

    No more Glenn Beck for me … after than. Clint Eastwood was fantastic. He handled that empty chair interview with grace and aplomb. Too bad that you felt that it was less than hilarious.

    • Anonymous

      Me too. What is it Glen.You jealous.   You have lost a lot of fans today

  • Linda Bowles

    He did a good job. We need to have more respect to our older people. Most have more wisdom and know more than we give them credit for.

    • Chris Jarvis

      Do you think he was picking on Obama’s problems when hespeaks without the teleprompter?
      and maybe what he wanted really wanted to say and speakout on he was Not allowed to. (look at the rules for speaking at the RNC)
      Clint Eastwood is a Ron Paul supporter and you can hearit in his comments on the war.

  • Berry L Blankinship

     HEY everybody is  not a political radio talk forshow person. i ,as we the people. got this from hollywood clint. 1. we own this country, and the polockaticians work for us……2. if   you no produce for the job you was hired to do…. gotta let yas go… get back to being for truth beck. leave the absurdity to the limbaughs. and bortzs.. you loosing touch with the comman man,

  • SusieandManny Santos

    I love Clint Eastwood!!  He is awesome and can do no wrong.  He obviously did a good job getting under Obama’s skin.  He felt it necessary to tweet something about it.  Concentrate on you and stop picking on the national treasure that is Clint Eastwood.  The guy is on our side!!!

  • Tracy Johnson Browning

    When you 1st started, I really liked listening  to you, but you have become a bit .radical?? or like a drama queen, your case King,  Clint got the best point across, If they arent doing the job let em go…Mydad is 82 and no his voice isnt like it was when he was 40 ,  but he is still sharp and a lot like Clint, not afraid to asay whats the truth, just in a weaker voice..

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I thought it was a great yet very subtle condemnation of Obama. Did you hear his comment about Biden? A smile in front of an empty suit? And when he said “he can’t do that to himself” it was in response to the “chair” telling Romney to go f### himself”. it clearly got to Obama! Note the White House response about the Prisident being in his chair. He was able to raise Gitmo, the NY trials of the terrorists – no one else touched that stuff. And at the end, he gave ALL the American people permission to fire Obama, even if they like him.

  • Rick Plesea

    WOW!  You are WAY off base on this one Glen. 

  • Bobby Williams

    I loved it. ROTFLMAO he was better then mitt

  • Kansas Pete

    I didn’t see a problem with Eastwood’s sketch at all. All you could see and hear was Eastwood. The listener was supposed to interpret the rest. It could have been done as if he were on the telephone with Mr. Obama (instead of pretending he was there in the empty chair), where the audience only hears one side of the conversation.

    I heard the gaps and partial words in his speech as if Obama were interrupting Eastwood while Eastwood was trying to ask his questions. It’s like trying to tell a phone salesman you aren’t interested:

    Salesman: “Hello, Sir, I’d like to introduce you to our new line of vinyl siding for your home.”

    Me: “I’m sorry, I d–”

    S: “This is the finest product ever produced. Why it’s made of the best–”

    Me: “I’m sure you have a good product but you see–”

    S: “And today we have a special offer just for you. If you buy siding for your whole house–”

    Me: “But I–”

    S: “Now, just a minute Mister, you haven’t even listened to my offer yet! Like I was saying, if you–”

    Me: “Excuse me but I need to tell you that–”

    S: “–buy today, you’ll save 40% and you’ll have 12 months to–”

    Me [speaking really fast]: “I live in a 10th-floor apartment!”

    S: “Well! The nerve! How dare you waste my time!”

  • Anonymous

    I thought Mr. Eastwood did a terrific job!  It was fun and he got his point across.  AND, from what I’ve read, he ad libbed the whole thing!!  The convention needed a little fun at that point and Mr. Eastwood did a great job providing it.

    I know he’s being slammed by the media and the Hollywood types, but he’s a strong man and can handle it.  It’s not like anyone will refuse to work with CLINT EASTWOOD because he spoke at a conservative venue. 

    I say, good job, Mr. Eastwood!!!  Glad to know you’re on our side (at least at this particular time).

  • Kurt Kessler

    I thought he looked like an 82 year old with a lot of wisdom and nothing to gain by favoring either party…

  • Barbara Shell

    Glenn.  I thought Clint Eastwood was fabulous.  He was talking to an empty suit in an empty chair.  I love you, but I disagree with you.  I think he was able to say things no one else there could say.  

  • Anonymous

    I think Clint was great, he was real, seemed natural and pretty unscripted. My father who has voted Democrat his whole life related to the RNC for the first time because of Clint Eastwood. So I wonder how many others were affected this way. I was already voting for Mitt before the convention, so Clint was just a lot of fun for me…Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews on MSNBC had nothing else to be negative about so they charged on at Clint…I truly believe that Clint only did good.

  • Michael Jaffe

    Clint Eastwood is on the short list of the best American film directors alive. He is also a top-notch A++ list actor. He is also a top jazz musician, composer and impresario. In all of these, he is at the top of his game. In all of these, he is a consummate, methodical artist. He has never been improvisational and last night he was working without a script.

    Last night, Clint Eastwood did not exhibit dementia, as some of the more disgusting leftist pundits are pushing. He was out of his element. His skill set just doesn’t include being improvisationally funny and clever in an auditorium of 20,000 hysterical people and half a billion viewers around the world.

    I read that he spoke/performed in Tampa on very short notice and that he was unprepared. This was unfortunate as I think he would have been far more entertaining and effective with the benefits of preparation, and perhaps some creative help from the supremely talented speechwriters of the Romney/Ryan team.

  • Mary Thompson

    Come on Glenn.  Why would you even touch this? Was the mocking really necessary? Clint was being himself.  It was like I was sitting on the couch listening to my dad.  Guess what?  My dad doesn’t always get his point across with grace, but he is sincere, and by the way…. IT’S CLINT EASTWOOD.  He is crossing a LOT of people in his profession and putting himself WAY out there on a limb to endure what will most certainly be vicious ridicule from the left….the LAST thing we need to do is mock him when he is showing his support.  I think this is probably the first time I have actually been disappointed with you and Stu and Pat.

  • Lisa Weems Hyatt

    Glenn, I think you are great but I have to agree this is one time you got it wrong and I know you are big enough to admit that. The older generation have a “style” all their own and one day we will all be there too. They have so much to offer but we have to take the time to be willing to really listen. Today we stopped at a new little cafe out on a country road and had an “older” gentleman just sit down at our table when we were done eating just to have a conversation with us. We didn’t know him before today but I am truly thankful for the time we sat and chatted.
    Clint spoke from his heart and did it with his 82 year old humor and I appreciate that! He tried to unite us as a nation which I find SO refreshing in a day where people are out  to DIVIDE us on every issue.

  • Anonymous

    At 82, you aren’t going to be your best either, Glenn.  Clint Eastwood did a superb job in delivering his message to the American people…and he did it without teleprompter, notes, or some stand-in sitting behind him to remind him of the words he wanted to say.  Your attitude towards this very PATRIOTIC person is disgusting…Clint Eastwood DESERVED to be on stage.  Are you that envious because you were not invited to speak at the convention?  Shame on you.  I like you, Glenn, but on this subject, you stink.

  • Yvonne Tisdell

    I don’t say this often but in this case, Glenn, you are off base. Personally, I am surprised  at the way you are mocking a man that came out and spoke from his heart. If you didn’t like what he had to say, fine, but to make fun of the way he was speaking is wrong.

    I do not disagree with your analysis on the wisdom of Mr. Eastwood adlibbing, but to make fun of him is going too far.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I think you are being way too judgemental. Let’s see how you are at 82. I have older parents, and putting him down basically says old people shouldn’t be able to be a part of something. You make me very sad listeing to the 3 of your puttng him down. shame on you.!

  • Anonymous

    I Loved Clint Eastwood, he’s an actor/director, and it was preformed “Eastwood Style”, and he knocked it out of the park and as far as I’m concerned, he made the point with “ageless wisdom”  and it was funny.  Thank you Clint Eastwood for being who you are and for supporting Romney and Ryan, we need you, and more like you to take back our Country.  And thanks for “making my day”………

  • Anonymous

    I thought Clint Eastwood did an excellent job.
    The media though showed just how much biased
    they are about old people.  Hypocrites.

  • Steve Nickell

    Clint was dead on, his sarcasm is exactly what we needed and I’m sure Obama had whatever he was drinking come out of his nose and probably said what was eluded to. He was dead on.

  • Lisa Locke Brady

    I thought the empty chair alone was so indicative of  BHO’s absenteeism in the Oval Office, not to mention his umpteen vacays and golf outings. Bottom line, Clint summed it all up in the employee/employer bit…

  • Sharon Weaver Hernandez

    Clint is 82..Not in his 40’s..Give him a break..He has pays his dues..He can do whatever he wants..LET HIM TALK TO THE DANG CHAIR…I had rather listen to Clint than Obama..Clint doesn’t care what people say about him…He just gave the media something to talk about…I LOVED IT..

  • Patrick Cosgrove

    Come on Glenn, he was acting. His whole speech was to mock Obama at the same time making a point I liked it and so did the rest of America cut the man some slack…

  • Wesley W. Walker

    Glenn, you’re off base here. The empty chair was a brilliant idea. It worked well. The only problem with Clint’s whole presentation was due to his having to work harder than he used to finding the words he wanted.

  • Anonymous

    “When somebody does not do the job, we gotta let them go.”   I think Clint Eastwood said it perfectly.  I don’t care if he talked to a chair, or that he stumbled over his words, or that he had “bed head” while doing it.  It’s the message that counts.  I loved it! 

  • Bobby Hudson

    Glen, stop being so reactionary and listen to what Clint said.We’re the greatest nation in the world and should cat like it. Clint spoke for us. God bless, him.

  • Wesley W. Walker

    And, Glenn, he only said it once.

  • Anonymous

    As a wife and mother. I totally disagree Glenn. I am a total supporter of you and have loved what you said in the past. but Clint Eastwood was great! and I agree he is a man in his 80’s with still a lot to say. I agree with some comments if you listen you might learn a bit. just as if we listened to our grandparents we might learn a bit. If I was in front of thousands I might stammar a bit. but he still had alot of good things to say and a heck of alot of charm. Go Clint ya still have a lot of charm. I know charm does not truth make. but I whole heartidly support Clint as a grandfather type with still alot of punch in his 82 frame. Remember you guys will be in your 80’s one day. Are you still going to have anythuing to say? show some respect. as far as who made that decission. I respect them even more for having someone like him show up….think you way off base on this…

  • Lucena Shoemaker

    You know what Glenn I can’t believe you belittle Clint.You are so wrong I thought the empty chair really did represent obumbum.Empty chair,empty suit I am really upset with you right now. Clint is 82 years old his words are not clear sometimes but he still said what he thinks of obumbum which what most American agree.I hope someday when you reach the same age that no younger person would ridicule you when you speak with slurry voice.You’re the last person I thought that would make fun of Clint.

  • Michael Hersey

    I’d rather have an empty chair in office than a black muslim socialist!! Who’s with me!!!

  • Myrna

    Clint made it easy to undetrstand our country’s situation. Thank you Mr. Eastwood.

  • Cheryl Keiffer

    Shame on you Glenn!  Clint Eastwood was brilliant!  His tried and true comedy routine worked perfectly (ala Bob Newhart and others).  His vocabulary was inspiring ( mental masochist and bifurcating).  He was ad libbing and didn’t have to use a telepromter (amazing for an 82 yr. old!)  His talking points were wonderful to hear.  He was taking care of the bully and standing up for all Americans.  How could you miss all that?  And to comment on his hair – you sound like Chris Matthews.  Clint Eastwood should be congratulated not torn to shreds.  You had nothing good to say, so why say anything? 

  • Anonymous

    i thought clint’s speech addressed the sentiment and frear that the american people are experiencing with this current administration very well.  at 82 yrs. young, i  don’t think mr. eastwood is as decrepited as perceived.  he is a stellar actor who not only addressed the empty suit, but also proclaimed that we are not as old, senile, and dependent as obama thinks or wants us to be. this nov. obama will fall as lightening from heaven( THAT’S WHAT HIS NAME MEANS IN ARABIAC).   and we will get a president who will bow to the  LORD  and not to an arab.

  • Pascal Depuhl

    Glen, the guy is 82. So his delivery was not the dirty Harry we all know and love, but what he said was funny. 

  • John Brabham

    Like everyone else hear, I am sorely disappointed in Glenn’s commentary on Mr. Eastwood’s presentation.  I thought it was spot on, endearing, and comical, as intended.  I think Mr. Eastwood hit it out of the park.  Now, back to Glenn.  I tried posting this earlier and am unsure if it did post.
    There have been a few occasions where I have heard Glenn come across sounding more like the elitest that we are supposed to be rallying against and less like the “light in the dark” that we tend to listen to.
    Does anyone else remember a radio show (I think it was prior to Beck moving to Texas)  where he had a 13 yr old girl get on the phone and he made a comment about her not calling him “Sir” when she answered him?  I remember the girl being very excited to speak to him, and then his remark just rubbed me the wrong way…I’m all for manners.  I believe they are very important…but we are talking about a 13 yr old who is talking to a “celebrity”…She’s probably lucky she could remember her own name….It came across as condescending whether he intended it or not and I actually felt bad for the girl.  That has not set well with me and now this with Mr. Eastwood.  I am a huge Beck fan…I tend to agree with most of what he says.  I listen to him on the radio; watch his program; and buy his books…but there are times where I wonder if I see something else peeking through, that I don’t like…Am I the only one?

    • Judy Felton Autry

      No, John, you’re just seeing that Glenn is human like the rest of us, you and me included!!  We just don’t get it right ALL the time.  This was one of Glenn’s lapses.  Forgive him…speak your piece (which you did very well)…then continue on loving him (and everyone) as you go.  (Remember:  it was while I was a sinner that Christ died for me–and you, and Glenn, and everyone else.)

      • John Brabham

        Thank You, Judy.  You are correct.  After I cooled off a little, I reposted another comment, basically asking for an apology so we could move on.  Glenn is human, like the rest of us but I see that as one of our verbal representatives (whether he chooses it or not), he must be twice as careful with what he says or does.  I am ecstatic to see the outcry in favor of Mr. Eastwood’s presentation on Glenn’s own page.  It reminds me how this audience is different than the run of the mill, mindless ones that may adhere to other programs…kudos to you, gentlemen and ladies.  Hopefully Glenn will get the point and at least comment on it…I will be listening as I know most others will.

    • Karen Lundgren

      Mr. Eastwood’s presentation made me think about John Wayne and Ronald Reagan.  And I felt such a surge of patriotism!

      • John Brabham

        I think you summed it up perfectly.  It was simple and entertaining but left an underlying current of who we are or should strive to be.  It reminded me of my Grandfather.  He was in the service, and once told me a story about a time when he was present at some military function.  He said that at this function,  the National Anthem began to play and he remembered feeling 10 feet tall…another simple story that still sticks with me today.

        • Karen Lundgren

          You can’t buy patriotism.  It comes from within.  It is taught and nurtured by our experiences.  My father flew over 80 missions over the Burma Hump with the Flying Tigers.  His stories about WWII were heart wrenching.  When we do not honor those who love America, we shame ourselves.  Feeling 10 feet tall is something rare these days….

  • Mario Lebowski

    Glenn-I love how you introduced your critique of Clint Eastwood for having a conversation with someone who wasn’t there by having a conversation with another hypothetical person. There was nothing senile about it. However, like almost everyone else speaking at the RNC, he was a rich white person speaking to a bunch of other rich white people. Preaching to the choir. Republicans are so out of touch with the reality of this country’s economic situation. That’s why the minority vote never goes Republican. You all sound like Gina Rinehart.

    • Christina Miceli

       I’m sorry, but your response is way out of line. Do you know the meaning of conservative? Moderate; cautious; safe! To break that down in lay mans terminology: Stop and think before making unwisely decisions unlike the Dems do. And for being rich, I’m sorry but they’re not all rich and they come from all types of income brackets. Poor, Middle Class and Rich (which only make up only 1% of the population). Why do you hate the people that make something for themselves? I give them credit! They went out and did what they had to do to make it successful. Instead of complaining and hating go out and try to make something of yourself like they did. I have the utmost respect for the ones that can make it in this day and age. They were smart and invested wisely and made something for themselves. And for others too. Remember, you are the maker of your own destiny! The way you play your cards in life is your own choice. Don’t complain, do something about it!

    • Karen Lundgren

      Mario…did you think about this before you posted?

  • Caron Hammill Watson

    Lighten up Glenn…the man was brilliant in getting his message across!  You know it’s how we all feel..really! Which side are you on anyway?

  • Anonymous

     I am one of your biggest fans, participating in many groups you have started. You are a hero to me. Your remarks about Clint Eastwood make you a number one jerk. I am stunned at your attitude. I am going to have to take a break from Glenn Beck for a while.

    • Anonymous

      I as well will have to take a break from Glenn!  He needs some time to “grow up” and get over himself already – Mr. Perfection in his own mind.   Glenn has dissapointed me in the past and I tried to rise above and give him another chance.  BUT these remarks against an endearing gentleman; whose performance was terrific! – seem to me like a jealous tirrade made by one who has let his own ego go to his head. 

      Clint Eastwood’s performance was very effective.  It takes a great actor to perform a one man show; and he made the empty chair look just like Obama sitting there.  He was not hesitating in his speech – he was acting; and it worked.  It was great comic relief and at the same time made statements with a purpose.  It is sad that Glenn was not able to perceive the acting; and it is sad that Glenn and his cronies sound like creepy kids picking on someone who did well  – or better than them – in class.


    • Karen Lundgren

      I am a subscriber to GBTV…and I rarely miss a show but I too need a break.  This segment was pure narcissistic on Glen’s part.  May be a little jealous that Clint Eastwood got the call…

  • Al Dickerson

    Hate to see Glen take a stance like this.  Yep, he did do some stammering but that beats Obama and his teleprompter any day.  I’m one of those native Texans where Glen has moved his operations.  Maybe Glen will learn to understand the easygoing not too critical atmosphere here in Texas from us RED NECK RIGHT WING Texans.  Love YA GLEN! BUT!!!

  • Mario Lebowski

    Glenn-I love how you introduced your critique of Clint Eastwood for having a conversation with a person who wasn’t there by having a conversation with a person who wasn’t there. There was nothing senile about it. However, like almost everyone else who spoke at the RNC, he was a rich white person talking to a bunch of other rich white people. Republicans are so out of touch with the needs of the people on the bottom rungs of the economic ladder. That’s why the minority vote never goes Republican.

  • Judy Felton Autry

    Can’t hardly believe Glenn couldn’t see this for what it was:  a gallant effort to get across a message to the American people at this critical time in the history of our country.  Clint didn’t have to put himself in the position to be ridiculed and low-rated like this…but he was brave enough to do it anyway.  So stop being abusive of the elderly for being elderly (we are all going to get there is we live long enough) and listen:  we might all learn a lot!!  And learn to “filter” their performance to get at the meat of what they are saying!!  In that light, Clint was a genius!!!  And Glenn, you are too…stop low-rating the others.  Lift people up or keep your mouth shut…and I know that is hard for you to do!!!  Me too!!!

  • Geoff Parmenter

    Eastwood is an actor…its’ what he does for a living.  He entertains people.  I thought it was classic.  A breath of fresh air in a world of political speak. I can also appreciate his views so IMO it’s all good.

  • Opinari

    He faltered somewhat, however, I read he was mostly ad-libbing.  No matter, he still got his message across.  

  • Jota Eme

    Loved his speech. Wonderfully done. It’s Clint Eastwood at his best!

  • RobertB

    Only person Beck is interested in hearing is himself. I used to listen – but like so many others Glenn Beck has started to be more concerned with what he is saying – trying to make news instead of reporting it. He’s all about the drivel and nothing but the drivel!

  • Steve Myers


    What MOST people did NOT get was the political parody Clint Eastwood offered very much in the style of Bob Newhart and his ‘classic’ stand up comedy of the 1950s, 60s and 1970s.   Newhart himself said, afterwards he should ‘sue Clint for stealing his stand up act’ from his ‘golden years of stand up.   

    Honestly? I liked it.   It was anything but Politically Correct.   It was a great parody of President Obama as if he were sitting in that chair and carrying on a conversation – that would NEVER transpire because Obama would NEVER face his detractors.  Even in the debate with Romney he will not face the hard questions which in essence are simple and to the point facts.    It was the most refreshing 12 minutes of any network coverage in the past few decades (shy of your use of comedy to bring or make a point., i.e., the chainsaw and the bunny, etc.)   

    Eastwood, from an era of and era’s (plural) of political satire takes FROM THE MASTER of BOB NEWHART a style, that Newhart used, to make a political point and drive home how much in error the Obama Worship millions made when they fell for a Charismatic personality who promised to change the earth and could not keep one of his most basic promises.    

    Its forbidden to bring up Germany and its dictator for the atrocities of the 1930s/40s he committed but for the basic reason of the Charisma he had over the German people in his rise to power women and men wept when he spoke, when he put on the propaganda show, Eastwood stated his (Obama’s) speech was effective in being Charismatic – promising one thing and turning around making it so much worse.  If anyone should be crying (Eastwood admits) it should be US for having 23 million Americans unemployed.     He did an exceptional job of driving home simple points with the use of Bob Newhart simple humor.    And MOST of the Network Anchors, Reporters and Commentators DID NOT GET IT.    Moreover, they (like the President) have such THIN SKIN its immediately about RACE and INSULTS when they are the ones (with the President) making this about Race and Insults.    Eastwood is smarter than he’s being given credit.

    It was a brilliant conversation with America and Americans, to those inside the Arena and across the nation.   I listened to it live, got it on the DVR after I got home from MY second job, and will keep it for the foreseeable future.    And the GFY implication of ‘tell Romney what?  That’s physically impossible,’ was the best use of driving home the arrogant Obama point without saying a single curse or direct word.   I loved the camera panning the room and some having to tell others what the comment meant and their faces of utter joy and laughter when they got it.   Brilliant.   

    Straight Talk.    Best 12 minutes of the Convention and what has been spoken in years.    You, of all people Glenn, who has been talking straight from CNN Headline News to Fox to GBTV and now the Blaze I ‘hoped’ would have gotten it.   No, it won’t change a single democrat’s mind committed to voting for this President yet again, but I suspect it drove home the common sense point to independents, libertarians, and republicans who (for the first time in decades) got a straight message in one of the funniest deliveries of a lifetime.    What a brave thing for Eastwood to do.  Creative.  Artistic and though from an 80-year-old actor spontaneously without a teleprompter, it was GREAT to hear and now use with all those who have idol worship of Obama.    

    It was great!   I hope you will revise your thoughts and support what was a brilliant use of 12 minutes of the straightest talk the country has heard globally in decades.   And the President tweeted his GFY thought with the photo of his ‘chair,’ very much like you know he addressed and insulted the Israeli’s over 4 years, the same way he rammed Obama care down all throats with the secret behind locked doors drafting, and keep ‘fox reporters’ out (in the first months of his administration).   The Obama Admin has said GFY for four years to nearly everyone.   Eastwood just found a way to share that with the public without speaking those words word for word and I’ll long remember that.  Brilliant.   Just Brilliant and gutsy from a guy whose played some gutsy characters.

    It Made MY Day.     

    • Anonymous

      Well said.  Excellent!

  • Anonymous

    Clint Eastwoord is not a Politician.  He is a man who has spent his life creating intainment.  His performance at the Replublcian Convention shows why he is still a creative genius who even at age 82 can still think on his feet    Original funny  and so creative it went right over the head of Glen Beck. 
    Go watch it again Glen and learn something from the Master. 

  • Sharon Arquilla Wrenn

    Glen Beck…should do WHAT to himself??? I don’t think he can do that…. This was brilliant. Grow up Glenn

  • Danny Fife

    MR. Beck, I usually respect most of the things you say and talk about, however I am going to disagree with you on the talk that Mr. Eastwood gave. I got the point that he was trying to get across. At the end of the talk most of all he made some very good points about Americans we DO own this country and all of us need to FIRE OBAMA !!!!!

  • Joe Kirkpatrick

    GB & crew … when you are 82, then consider your observations — until then out of respect, shut up and listen.

  • Tancy Fine

    He said politicians are our employs they work for us, also he said if they don’t work you gotta let em go …this make’s perfect since to me!!

  • Robert David Marsh

    for the first time in my life, I disagree with you, Glen.  I was hoping YOU might be the “mystery guest”, but now I am glad you didn’t address the RNC.  I met you on Dec 2 last year in Panama City, Fl on your book tour, (my 56th birthday).  I was the guy wearing the Wiregrass Honor Flight hat who was speechless at meeting you.  I am VERY disappointed in your commentary on Mr. Eastwood’s presentation.
    I thought it was ‘spot on’.

  • Robert Willis

    I”m sorry Glen, I this case YOU ARE VERY WRONG! I Believe you owe him an apology!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well I am listening to three butt heads, talking about Clint Eastwood an American Icon who gave an excellent performance.  I give him a lot of credit, he has the gusts to get on stage at his age and tell the true about a President in a why he knows how to do as a actor. He apparently at his age has more intelligence than the three of you.  It was suppose to be funny, get it!! 

  • Blizzard man

    Glen, this rant was probably the lowest point in your career and is a sure sign of your growing obsolescence in conservative talk radio.  Why the heck would you criticize one of Hollywood’s greatest conservatives, Clint Eastwood… Really, Glen?  Eastwood is clearly a libertarian-conservative and to win the election against Obama we must bring the growing number of Libertarian-conservatives and Ron Paul supporters into the tent.  You are the one who is out of touch and way off base.  It’s only a matter of time before you are out of a job and living back on the streets with a ferocious appetite for drugs like back in your old days, Mr. Beck.  Get a clue and know when to shut the front door.

    • Anonymous

       Glen is not the only talk show host who feels this way.  I know off hand of two more mainstream hosts.  I feel the same.  Can’t you stand a difference of opinion?  You sound like a democrat.

      • greywolfrs

        So, you are saying that there are more “conservative” talk show hosts showing their ignorance and you agree? You think his speech was bad? That’s what the left wing moron media has been saying since Clint gave the speech. Are you sure you aren’t a left wing idiot?

      • Blizzard man

        I’m a card carrying Republican, and I take offense to some of the drivel that Mr. Beck spews.  Difference of opinion, what? It’s not difference of opinion that’s an issue, it’s idiotic opinions like Glenn’s dissing of American conservative Icon Clint Eastwood that gets me riled up!  

  • Anonymous

    I laughed hysterically! I agree with mh, he reminds me of my father with his shXX-eating-grin and non-pc sense of humor! I loved it.

  • Blizzard man

    I’m done with you Glen Beck.  You have really proven that there’s not much going on in that big head of yours.  You aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem, along with Obama.  Thanks a lot for repeatedly making a mockery of yourself, and all conservatives, when you are out of a job, you won’t be missed.  Conservatives must BOYCOTT BECK.

  • Thom

    I think Glen & Co. is off here.  Clint Eastwood is not only a movie star, BUT Mr. Eastwood is an extremely creative person.  Do you think Mr Eastwood is going to be satisfied with some script written by someone else?  Not hardly.  Mr. Eastwood, if you know him at all from his films is notorious for replacing pages of dialog with a ‘look’.  Of course he is going to ‘go his own way’.  I would expect nothing less of such a great person whom I respect.  Don’t you see?  This presentation was Clint’s way to most effectively provide support for Mr. Romney.  He did it HIS way.  I thoroughly enjoyed, appreciated and respected every single moment of Mr. Eastwood on stage — BECAUSE it was obviously from his own heart and not some BS written by speech writers.  What exactly do you find so ‘wrong’ with it?  Mr. Eastwood is not unfamiliar with politics — he was mayor of Carmel, CA for goodness sake.

    I suggest you view his speech AGAIN, as I have. 

  • Anonymous

    My first question to Glenn is: WHY WOULD YOU NOT BUILD UP THOSE THAT ARE BOLD ENOUGH TO SPEAK UP AT THE REPUBLICAN CONVENTION; I DON’T SEE YOU ON THE STAGE. Yet you feel you can judge from the sidelines – I would much rather be the bold and classy MAN in the Arena – Clint Eastwood; than the child mocking from the bleachers.
    My second question to Glenn is – WHAT has happened to you???

  • Betty Chronic Basham

    Glenn; Why don’t you just shut up. Clint did a great job of getting the message across. He was being funny as well.  You’re as bad as the Liberals. Get real. 

  • Kay Williams

    Sure beats Obama reading from teleprompter…After all , he is 82 yrs old!

    • Anonymous

      I hear they had a teleprompter for the chair! :)

      • new2la


  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised by Glenn’s response… I thought he would be cheering for freedom of speech and a radical grandfatherly truth. If said it with complete sincerity… when a guy doesn’t do the job, he’s got to go! My take, “If in doubt, VOTE HIM OUT!”

  • Lee Stingman Steinke

    Your wrong Glenn, chill out ok?  Clint was capriciously improving.  He winged it.  It brought a new light to the convention and some good entertainment.  Relax Glenn. 

  • Anonymous

    I agree there is something really fishy here – did they get to you Glenn ??? If everyone else can see the reality – that it was a great performance by Clint – why couldn’t you Glen? and Pat & Stu – no minds of your own?

  • Anonymous

    If you “hated to talk about Eastwood”,  then DON”T.  If you have to finish a comment with “but” or “however”,  I think you should RE-THINK what you are going to say.  And don’t say it.

    Be positive,  the other side has more than enough negative to go around!

    Disappointed in you today………..

    • Karen Lundgren

      Good point…wish I could “like” it more than once but then I’d be a democrat! LOL

  • Ashley Carter Arthur

    I love you Glen but for the first time i gotta disagree with you…. i thought Mr. Eastwood’s speech was very funny and he made alot of good points. i loved it i thought he was sweet….  i think you need to re-think what you said about his preformance or watch it agan maybe?? i dont know. I lauhed out loud the first time i watched it… yes he stumbled through a few words but so did Ann Romney. cummon Glen, no one is perfect!  I liked that it was ad lib and not so obviously scripted like some of the other speakers. It came from the heart. I even watched it again after i heard what you had to say about it and i still think it was great. just sayin……

  • Kay Williams

    Man, I was just going to add blaze tv on roku….glad I waited.  I get enough of jerkology on MSM>>>don’t need it from Glenn, too

  • Sandra Heimbach

    You are so wrong about Clint Eastwood – everyone there LOVED IT, and you are sooooooooooo wrong.  Did you not hear the crowd???  You sound just like the lefties and I am amazed at your reaction.  I hope at the end of this monalogue of yours, you let us all know that you were just pulling Stu’s leg and come to your senses.

  • Jerry Fowler

    Glenn your the man most of the time. but you fell for the LIB media trap. I thought Clint was funny. and made his point. He reminded me of some of the things my Grandpa said when his was trying to make a point. I think you should watch it again. and ask your self. do i owe Clint a apology. i think you would find out you need to. he is a 82 year old man. com’on man!

  • Corey D

    This is a disgraceful session. It’s clint eastwood? Tell the joke 500 times please. 

  • Anonymous

    Well I posted about an hour ago ,I saw it here where did it go ??

    • greywolfrs

      The commets are coming fast and furious. (pardon the pun)

    • Anonymous

      You have to go to top and select “sort by newest first” and then find your comment in chrono order. You may also have to select the “load more comments” button. I had the same problem

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, did you just turn to be a lib?  While there were some pauses and a few glitches, the overal speech was great!  He got his message across and it was funny as well.  

  • Anonymous

    I hope we see an apology tomorrow; however, those are not easy to come by when the ‘ego monster’ comes to town.  I really hate to say anything about Glenn … BUT … 

  • hardsince72

    your talking about an actor guy’s !!! i loved it ! and empty chair is what we have with Obama !! he nailed it ……….. 

  • Torsten Pearson

    wow glenn, couldn’t make it through your review of his speech. I couldn’t stand your mocking of the way he and even james stewart talked.  I mean, c’mon, ‘painful’?  He’s an old man, an old, good, wise old man. he had some good points that were made, and he was just fun. yes, he stumbled, but no offense to old people, it’s what you expect of old, tired people who’ve been through a lot.

    glenn, he had something to say.

  • Sandra Heimbach

    I cannot believe your attitude – you are sooooooooooooo 100% COMPLETELY WRONG, and for the first time since I have been listening to you find your comments offensive and insulting to a great man.  I wish we could fast forward until you are 82 years old and push you out on the stage w/no script, no scriptwriters, no prompter and no one like Stu there to prop you up.  You owe Clint Eastwood and all of your listeners huge apology for you thoughtless, insulting and completely rude comments about him.  You sound just like lefties on CNN and other shows like the view, better know as the spew, for their hateful retoric.  I am stunned at your behaviour and the only think keeping me from cancelling my subscription is that I am sure you were just baiting Stu and the rest of us – I would hate to think you would really belittle someone just because they didn’t perform to your liking – especially when the man is an icon and did a fantastic job w/out any notes or a teleprompter.  Can you do your show w/out any notes on your desk?  Please, Glenn, I beg you – please tell us you weren’t serious.

  • greywolfrs

    Another point, is this way we treat our elders? I am sorry, but I was brought up to have some respect for my elders, even if I disagree with them. I firmly believe that our old people are a national treasure. They have lived more of life and have knowledge we could only hope to gain. I am tired of people putting them down, they should be revered, not trashed.

  • Ben McMillan


  • Ben McMillan

    Glen, I now see why you left FOX. I do like you, but you are way off base when you criticize an 82 year old actor for enlightening many Americans. He got some of the biggest cheers of any who came on stage, and his appearance has nothing to do with Romney’s “CEO” experience! I will see how you will act and talk politics when you are that age!

  • Richard Burns

    Clint wasn’t probaly the best speaker to have. However, his message was quite clear. He has seen alot more than most of us have in the political world. I would rather him speak for me than that Parker babe. or that Clooney fellow. At least, there was substance to what Clint was trying to get across.  Bravo Clint. It was Great to see you on the big screen again!

  • Tracy Werner-Strnad

    I am sorry Glenn and I love you but really.  I have loved Clint all my short life and he was right on.  You owe him an apology.  And you may have lost me as a listener!

  • Kathy Sharpe

    I thought Clint Eastwood was great and added a humorous flare, even irony, if you were smart enough to catch it, which obviously many didn’t.  The Republicans are lucky he is on their side, as they don’t really have a Hollywood following, which I’m not saying is actually anything all that unfortunate but Eastwood is a smart, talented, and a true American.  Lighten up Republicans!!!  We need all the good people we can get…..especially those who, like Eastwood, are blessed with wisdom that comes with age.  I think he added a lot to the program, considering it was 10:00 p.m. and the speeches, impactive as they were, started to repeat themselves.  It was a spark of political humor that so many other liberals get away with every night.  Kind of refreshing having a sarcastic “skit” directed towards the ‘other party’.  I certainly hope that Eastwood is not regretting that he wanted to partake in the Republican festivities, hence demonstrating his support for the Republican candidate. Shame on those who criticize unwisely.

  • Anonymous

    What is your problem Glenn?  I was laughing most of his speech.  Eastwood attacked Obama more than any other speaker at the convention.  The empty chair bit was great.  What better way than to illustrate the empty President we have.

    You are dead wrong on this Beck.  As one of your big fans, I disagree with you and your buddies 100%.  Eastwood was fabulous!

    He is a senior citizen Beck. What do you want? He was the voice from Hollywood that showed us that not everyone in Hollywood is in the tank for Obama.

    • new2la

      I suspected as much about conservatism here in CA;    Mr. Eastwood confirmed it and that,  gives me great joy!

  • Jerry

    You really need to have more respect for Clint. He did a great job for a man who is 82 years old. He was funny and very sarcastic of Barrack Obama. The idea of the empty chair was pure genius! It’s amazing to me that you have the audacity to attack a man supports the candidate that can turn this Nation around and get it back on track. It is so childish of you to nit pick his approach to communicate how he feels. It is so childish for anyone to attack people who have the best interests that we all share about our Country. It’s time to bring people together to save our Nation not to tear down and criticize your fellow Patriots especially those who come from an industry that is so liberal. You need to humble yourself and print an apology for your own selfish views. A good leader does not tear apart his comrades who work together for the good of our Nation. Glenn if you don’t retract your destructive and divisive words against Clint Eastwood you are showing us all that you are not in this cause for the good of our Country. It shows us that you are in this to promote your own causes and opinions. I will not follow a man who criticizes his own family. So open your mouth only to speak words of wisdom. If you can’t do that then stick your foot in it and shut up. The bible says that the mouth of a fool cannot be tamed. Please show us that you are not a fool.

  • Anonymous

    Glen, Clint was great. Sometime we see so much negativity  as they say “we dont see the forest from the trees”. Clint Rocked. You just had to see it. Lighten up old friend.

  • Doug

     i think that the clint bit brought a little humor that mitt has not fully been able to bring…

    • new2la

      Quite frankly, there’s way too much humor coming out of Washington for my taste.   Mitt’s quiet leadership is refreshing.

  • Michael Davis

    You know what, I thought Mr. Eastwood was more than fine.  Hasn’t anyone ever told you to respect your elders.  I think you were way off base.  I guess you are of the opinion that when someone gets older (he’s 82) and becomes a little slower of speech it is acceptable to mock him.  I don’t know what your relationship is/was with your parents and grand-parents, but I think they are a little ashamed.  Not of Mr. Eastwood, but of you.  It makes me sad, but sounds like you have gotten a little big for your britches.  Show a little more respect.    

  • Anonymous

    You have to go to top and select “sort by newest first” and then find your comment in chrono order.  You may also have to select the “load more comments” button.  I had the same problem.

  • Ajean72

    I shudder to think what Glenn would do if someone trashed Obama. It’s time we throw the insults back and fight dirty just like the left is doing.

    • Anonymous

      I do too – and this was done with classic  humor – of the nature from days gone by when acting was acting; it is a shame that neither Glenn (nor his two cronies Pat and Stu) were able to recognize it – not a one – out of all three minds!  Sad. and also scarry.

  • Tom Treadway

    I’ve never been a real fan of Glenn Beck but have tolerated his entirely too liberal views.  BUT, at this point he needs to go.  No way he can tear down Clint Eastwood, he’s strictly not man enough, but, it my opinion, he has just self destructed.  Don’t ever try to appear on a screen in my house, won’t happen.  Kiss off.

    • Anonymous

      EXactly – there was nothing to tear down – but Glenn managed to do it anyway…so much for restoring /love/

    • Susan McCarter Kennedy

      Sorry, Tom.  That just feels like throwing out the baby with the bathwater.  Glenn has undeniably contributed mountains of positivity toward the preservation of a constitutional America.  Without his years of research and connecting the dots, following the money and the power mongers we may have remained none the wiser – for which he and his family have paid a hideous price.  To me, this was simply a lapse (although it has crossed my mind that in true GB style we MAY have been set up). I’m perturbed, but will wait to see how Glenn responds to this overwhelming pile of reprimanding posts from his followers.  If he respects us and the power he insists that we have as citizens of the USA then he’ll take a closer look and engage in forward conversation.  After all, we’re only doing what he’s encouraged us to do – stand up and speak out.

  • Anonymous

    I just watched Clint’s speech for the 2nd time, and I don’t how anyone can say that was not a wonderful, thoughtful, totally right-on little pep talk for the American people. What a perfect way to end this convention. It was PERFECT, in every way. Just the right sentiment to end on. Thank you Clint, you were great. People who are criticizing him are nuts (ie Rachel Maddow and msnbc crew). People who thought it was *weird*, are weird.

    • Anonymous

      I do not know either – this speech will one day be considered historical – I promise you.  And those that mocked it – simply hysterical.

  • new2la

    I have read a great deal of the comments on here and it seems to me,   the consensus is that someone needs to show a little respect for Mr.Eastwood.

  • Rae1967

    It amazes me that people miss all of the benefits that came and will come from this speech. Mr. Eastwood nailed it. He was as real as real can be in a forum of structure and carefully placed words. He gave a moment of humor and off-the-cuff, seemingly, light hearted banter when actually the extremely talented actor/director delivered a very calculated and incredible indictment of the most ineffective president since Jimmy Carter. It was different, off center but not odd or strange as the media salivates to explain. It was not inappropriate or shameful, nor was it sad and pathetic. Had Mr. Eastwood given this very same speech at the DNC it would have been held up as a brilliant bit of fresh air! After all, the hacks at MSNBC love this president’s out of the box charming singing voice and multiple visits to the late night talk shows. But apparently, anything that is outside the format of serious speech making at the RNC leaves Ms. Maddow dazed and confused. But then again she stayed that way throughout the entire convention. The main benefit that comes from this great footnote is the fact that America loves this man and the more he is slammed for his speech, the fewer independent and moderate voters will be willing to consider another vote for the president. More people love Clint Eastwood than just like or tolerate the news media. So, keep it up!

  • Anonymous

    One of Clint’s comments about Biden:  he’s just a “grin with a body behind it…”  take a look at the pic on Fox News below – tell me Clint Eastwood was not brilliant!

  • robin

    I loved it. I love the way he did it. I also love Glenn, and this will not stop that, but I do think he is a little off on this one. Glenn won’t mind if we don’t agree with him, he is always telling us to think for ourselves. Some of you need to lighten up, no one is going to agree with everyone, every time.

  • Joe Robinson

    I was glad to see a member of the Hollywood elite on the Republican side.

    Next time a member of the Hollywood elite voices his or her opinion in politics I won’t have to hear from the Conservatives that they should shut up and stop using their celebrity to sway votes.  


    Ol’ Clint did an outstanding job at mocking the man who currently occupies the White House.
    The chair was a rather unusual, creative and why not, a provocative gimmick to enable Clint to prove his point, something he did in a very successful manner.

  • Anonymous

    Andrew Breitbart > Glenn Beck

  • Anonymous

    Asking for an apology from GB would be silly, that is what his opinion is.  I just wish the other two guys would stop pretending to agree with everything GB says.  

  • Anonymous

    Clint was right on….. Yeah He fumbled a little…… but if you really listen to what he had to say, like that remark about the “Thing They Did” (or he did)…. and you look at that trademark Smirk on his Face….. He nailed it….. He belittled the “Blessed One” in only the way Clint can…. God Bless Him!

  • Anonymous

    Beck why not get off your ego kick ?

    You and Rove and Norquist are the worst enemies of the world ?

  • Anonymous

    Beck  drop out of the scene do yourself a favor leave him alone.. leave me alone.

    You are such a putz… if you don’t think of it you don’t like it .

    What an ass you are.

    Sit down..shut up leave town.. you and Rove should bunk together.

  • Jeff

    Thought Clint did a fine job.  I got the bit with the chair.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn seriously I know that you are just being critical to see what the reactions from the people would be.  I know you are not this judgemental and were probably overdosing on coffee or something.  We still love you SO shape up and fly right.  You are forgiven, now behave!

  • Anonymous

    Eastwood was genius last night. Words of wisdom served with a side of humor. There was comfort in how he presented a genuine message and I do not feel he overshadowed Rubio or Romney who followed him. Clint gave an excellant stand up routine and if you watch you will notice that sly smile or eye twinkle as he delivers the “punch line” message. The media complained because Christy wasn’t hot enough for them and now they complain because Clint was too real. He delivered a message, actually messages, that were heard because he was “out of the box”.   
    Dear Glennie ~ your mix of humor with the message is what got me hooked on GBTV, etc. and if you had been in Eastwood’s shoes last night I would defend you as genius. All I can say right now is watch the other hand because you are slapping yourself sillyless on this isssue!

  • Wayne Jespersen

    respect, gentlemen, respect… you should listen to yourselves, no matter how we older people sound to you, you too shall become older, and respect is what should be first in your mind, and you are giggling about what you perceived only, giggle not. Mr. Eastwood did an exemplary  job… one of the more powerful talks of the convention if you heard what he was saying… you are disconnected on his one, your ego could be blocking clear vision. 

  • Helen Cockerill

    He got his message to people.  OBAMA  your time is up we don;t want you in the peoples house any longer.   SCAT!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is my 3rd and final post on the Eastwood presentation, with some closing comments: (1) Glenn, be appreciative of the fact that you have attracted a large following of good-hearted and respectful people. (2) Although you have a Type A personality that describes you as headstrong, a self-started, opinionated, and highly demanding, given the contrastingly unanimous opinions of your viewers, take a step back and re-evaluate.

  • Anna

    I thought Mr Eastwood’s speech was great.  He’s old granted but he still has what it takes.  He does not deserve to be belittled.  Shame on you Glenn.

  • Carol Ferrante Bennett

    Sorry, Glenn, most of us respect elders especially when they are intent on demonstrating a point. They may not be as swift as they once were, but the intellect remains and, if you are able to focus properly, you can get their drift!
    You have already set the standards for brotherly love, which, by the way, includes observing the dignity of others. Clint is a fellow American who supports the Conservative viewpoint and that’s what is acceptable to many of us.
    I think that you need a trip to the woodshed on this one.

  • Bonnie Beekman Teusch

    THIS WAS JUST GREAT…DON’T KNOCK IT!!! AND..everytime they play what he said back …it is getting a message across.  He represented the elderly they do care about our country and what is happening. HE WAS GENIUS!      SHAME ON YOU gb!

  • Ramona Rae Nolen-Dunn

    Clint Eastwood was great!  I got what he was saying and enjoyed his little skit with the invisible Obama.  He’s 82 years old and talks like an 82 year old man…..give him a break!!!  He was adorable and I liked the fact that he came and encouraged us! 

  • Anonymous

    Clint exposed the nitwits…. Eastwood’s performance was clearly over Beck’s head…

  • Kathy

     Clint Eastwood is the “every man”. Love you Clint.

  • Kitty Fisher Newton

    Mitt…I think you need to re-listen to him again…It was great!  He carried on not one but 3 different conversations all in the same conversation.  Maybe not as fast as Robin WIlliams, but none the less, I got what he was saying and God Bless him for doing it 

  • Chuck Bartholomew

    Glen, what ever happened to “If you cant say anything good about someone don’t’ say anything”

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate the lighter side that Clint Eastwood expressed his views, as an American.  Then I moved on to the reason of the event – Mr. Romney excepting the Republican nomination.  As an American woman, I am pleasantly surprised at how optimistic and inspired I feel.  I now look forward to voting for the next President of the United States of America.  Let’s get this done!

  • mark harry

    Glenn forgot to accept that he’s getting old. I laughed and eventually cried watching his speech. He’s not Rubio or Ryan anymore. Give that lovable old guy some respect.

  • Darren Wells

    Glen. You disapointed me…..period.

  • http://www.POSITICS.ORG/ blog4specialists_dot_com

    Glenn, you really missed the point of Clint Eastwood’s impromtu interview with an imaginary Barack Obama in an empty chair. Clint was very clever in getting his points across using satirical humour.  None of us are perfect, including yourself. Lets be honest, you have probably made a few screw-ups in your life and this is unfortunately going to be recorded one of the biggest ERRORS of judgement you appear to have made.

    I was in stitches watching as Clint used ‘senior moments’ and ‘self deprecation’ to illustrate his point that the current POTUS is NOT the best choice for President.

    Clint was brave to stick TWO fingers up to all of those other LIBERAL Hollywood celebrities, so, please show him the respect he deserves and STOP being a chump yourself!

  • Janet Myler Bosley

    Go back and listen to a clip of him 20 yrs ago, I think the only difference you would see is he is 81 yrs old, his pseech is a little slower and halting and he may not think as fast but it is still the same style. i twas risky and it was different but comeone have a sense of humor. What is wrong with lightening things up and being funny. he made some very good points for not voting ofr obama. i would rather talk about how despicable Obama is for the campaign speech he gave at Fort Bliss with a captive military audience. Once again, it was all about Obama.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck, you are very wrong in your criticism and you should apologize to Clint Eastwood and all the elderly people who support you. I watched his performance, and that’s what it WAS, a performance, and it was brilliant though slowed because of Mr. Eastwood’s advanced age. I found it both entertaining and enlightening, and above all, decent and not condescending or insulting like your analysis of this patriot and American icon was.

  • Cynthia G Casanova

    Glenn, I disagree I think Clint knocked it out of the park. He said things that many wished they could say.

    • http://www.POSITICS.ORG/ blog4specialists_dot_com

      I agree with your comment and was saddened at Glenn’s inappropriate behaviour.  I felt Glenn really missed the point of Clint Eastwood’s impromtu interview with an imaginary Barack Obama in an empty chair. Clint was very clever in getting his points across using satirical humour.  Glenn should know that none of us are perfect, including himself. Lets be honest, he has probably made a few screw-ups in your life and this is unfortunately going to be recorded one of the biggest ERRORS of judgement you appear to have made.

      I was in stitches watching as Clint used ‘senior moments’ and ‘self deprecation’ to illustrate his point that the current POTUS is NOT the best choice for President.
      I thought Clint was very brave to stick his neck out and put TWO fingers up to ALL of those other LIBERAL Hollywood celebrities who suck up to Obama.

      So, I say LOUDLY, Glenn please show Clint the respect he deserves and STOP being a chump yourself!

  • http://www.POSITICS.ORG/ blog4specialists_dot_com

    Sorry Glenn, Stu et-al, you have lost the plot on this one….. Clint nailed it and showed Mr Obama to be the one out of touch….

  • Lamont Carter

    Shut up Beck, I think his speech rocked and the people there loved him. I respected you alot more before I listened to this crap response to Eastwoods speech!! You and your crew should have shut-up with your off base criticism of a good man who seems to be on the RIGHT side!!

  • Anonymous

    Glen Beck you are wrong about this one. Clint Eastwood did a great job. I’d like to see you get up there without any notes or a teleprompter and do what he did. What are you part of the PC crowd now. Mr Eastwood is 82 years old. How about cutting him a little slack, also known as showing a little RESPECT!!!

  • Betty Jackson

    Glenn  –  What are you talking about??  I thought Clint Eastwood was terrific!!
    I usually agree with you but this time you’re way out in left field.  Maybe you need
    to stop the ridicule, you think?

  • Anonymous

    I thought Mr. Eastwood;s presentation was entertaining, sincere, down to eaarth and to the point. To use the old Rogerian Therapy technique of saying what you';d really like to say to your antagonist (in the office, it would be your mother, father, boss, husband etc in that empty chair-the purpose being to “get it all out: and then analyze” was brilliant. As the whole thing was unrehearsed and unscripted his asides were hilarious.Also the “If he can’t do the job, you gotta let him go” meme deprives the Obummer crew from using the co-opted Chrysler Super BOwl Commercial-you have an instant rebuttal. I’d rather see the real Clint, w/o makeup, stuutering and grasping for words and TELLING THE TRUTH thaan the constant stream of lies and bogus accusations emanating from the Obummer camp. And after all, it was Clint Eastwood,

  • Anonymous

    Glenn you lost alot of respect in my eyes. I think your criticism is completely misconcieved. Eastwood’s take was more playful for the intent of softening the blows. But he was basically just calling out Obama comically, which showed great composure. presenting the truth not just as dry facts or with a prepared speech. But to go up and do something creatively because you are not a politician, is very authentic and memorable especially when the intent is to show what Obama has done in his presidency. Yes it was in an out-of-the-box kind of way, but he shouldn’t be ridiculed for that when he is coming from the entertainment world to show respect and love for America, something Obama lacks. He says the same things you say but not in a linear way. So it is very disturbing to hear you say, we just took anyone we can from Hollywood, and ridicule his whole speech.

  • alumin

    Hey Glenn…maybe you don’t know about the history of talking to the empty chair?

    He started a new fad..Eastwooding!
    He’s in his 80’s…ya gotta cut him some slack
    After all…even if Obama would have been there…the chair would have been empty!

  • Anonymous

    Well, Glenn, disagree with you on this one.  Clint Eastwood brought warmth and humor to the meeting.  He also brought up the promises that weren’t kept and he showed his love of country.  Excellent choice. 

  • Anonymous

    Glen Beck I have to say I loved loved loved Clint Eastwood.  It was meant to be Funny and I laughed my #$$ Off.  I loved the reminder of Biden’s off colored four letter word without having to say it.  Besides being funny Clint got in some Great Points.  My TV is set on Roku to watch you or on Fx News, we love it.  (But)   What really bothers me about the convention is having everyone on TV telling us  what each speech meant and how we should   think about it.  I watched the convention and loved it.  I think we learned what kind of man Mitt is and I now feel excited that, maybe, for the first time in a long time we have someone to vote for.  I still think you would make a Great President or some other position in the White House, just to keep every one honest!  Clint got off to a slow start but Glen he was still FUNNY. 

  • Anonymous

    I am a senior citizen. None of you guys get it. All of this criticism of his aged crankiness is going to work against the Democrats. He said what I wanted to say. He is a great actor and director. He knew exactly what he was doing. When he walked out in that granddaddy suit with his hair all messed up, when I know that he is a snappy dresser and and an immaculately groomed person, I knew that it was a stage show. What do you not understand about that? It was a performance. Anyone who thinks that brilliant man didn’t know exactly what he was doing is obviously not conversant with what goes on in retirement communities all over this nation, and especially in Florida, an important electoral college prize. Clint’s appearance cemented the vote of a lot of us cranky old bastards for Romney. You need to wake up and smell the coffee.

    • http://www.POSITICS.ORG/ blog4specialists_dot_com

      Excellent comment….

      You have captured the absolute essence of what my wife
      and I thought when we watched him, Clint was playing a part, he was in
      character and nailed it……
      Glenn, you really need to re-watch this without
      the lens of cynicism and open your mind to the power of the message Clint

      • Anonymous

        Thank you.
        Where do these humorless scolds on both sides of the aisle come off criticizing the only person who had the balls to make an unscripted, humorous, extremely insightful commentary about the problem with the Obama administration?

        I would have expected suchfrom the left wing media and the Hollywood crowd, but was somewhat dismayed that such conservative luminaries as Glenn Beck and Brit Hume have denigrated Clint’s performance so vehemently. These people need to get a life.

        We do own this nation. Those politicians are our employees. We do have the right to “let them go” when they don’t perform adequately. There is a lot about this current administration that definitely falls into the category of “buffoonery.” Why can’t we make fun of them?

        I can’t find any fault in any of Mr. Eastwood’s logic and I found much to admire in his portrayal of the state of mind of most of us “cranky old bastards” in the senior community. It was as good a performance as “Gran Torino” and probably very much akin to his upcoming performance in “Trouble with the Curve.” It is a good thing when an actor realizes that he is older and not a leading man type anymore and adjusts his performances to reflect the fact. I have seen all of his films and plan to see this upcoming one. He is a smart guy and not senile. He qualifies as wise because he has lived his life well and kept his eyes open and his mind active.

        Shame on all of those so blind that they could not see the artistry of his performance and the wisdom of his perception. I know that I am preaching to the choir with most of you, but I just felt I needed to vent my frustration with the mainstream media, the liberal and conservative punditry, and all those who do not respect the wisdom of age in general and the wisdom of this fine man in particular.

    • Anonymous

      For what its worth, the message and the “show” were not lost on all young people (and by young, I mean people in the generation right behind you, which includes Beck and me).  Glenn failed.  He measured Clint Eastwood as he wanted to see him, the young, tough, Inspector Harry Callahan with machismo and smack.  When the bravado didn’t shine through, when Clint showed himself in a package weathered and weakened by time, Beck didn’t understand the visual imagery of sincerity and to whom Clint was speaking.  That isn’t the way Beck remembers him, nor what he expected.  Beck and crew also didn’t get the obvious metaphor of the empty chair. I’m guessing Clint didn’t get the metaphor of the marianettes when Beck was on Fox.  It didn’t play well to alot of people for Beck.  Who was fired for the decision to use marianettes, Glen?  Beck & crew openly mocked this in really the same fashion Olberman mocked him.  They need to make amends here and in a sincere way.  They need to reach out to Clint with honesty and humility and then to those his mockery offended.

  • Anonymous

     Genius move by the RNC.
    They script every appearance and speech except for Clint’s.
    Clint is an Oscar winning icon and all the RNC needed to do was work with him to sketch out a meaningful speech, but they dropped the ball and missed huge.
    The only benefit to Clint’s fail was the fact that the real media left Ryan’s lies and Romney’s hateful rhetoric toward the future re-elected President alone for a couple news cycles.

    • greywolfrs

      Hey, it’s sticky chin the coward. They dropped the ball? If Clint had done this bit at the DNC, you would have been calling it “art.” Since he did it at the RNC, it was bad. I can see you have finally found a reason to agree with Glenn, though. Miracles never cease.

      • Anonymous

        Is his chin really sticky? 😉 LOL, your posts to him are hilarious.

        • greywolfrs

          He is an Obamao dick sucker, of course his chin is sticky…

  • Karen Newberry Campbell

    He was messing around with the antics, but really making the statement, that the empty chair is pretty much what America has had for 4 years, someone vacant, an empty suit, a teleprompter to an empty head…23 million out of work, and he’s playing golf…that combined with probably being just a little nervous.  
    Get over the empty chair already, if you didn’t get the joke it’s not because Clint is old it’s because you are stupid.
    The bottom line is, he made several statements that were very poignant and that’s what we should all keep in mind.  Elected people are our employees.  If someone does a bad job, you have to let them go. Crying because 23 million are out of work…

  • Gepee

    This is why I’m not so fond of Glenn Beck anymore…to mock an elderly person is so disrespectable!! There are times to speak an times to shut up!

  • Anonymous

    You actually turned my stomach mocking and humiliating Clint Eastwood.  Here was a great man standing up as so many will NOT these days telling the truth about what he sees and how he sees it and you and your crew belittled him all over the internet, shame on you!  I’ve always had the most deepest respect for you and you fell right into the same category as the other slime balls as in MSNBC, CNN, and the main stream media disgusting people.  You’ve spoken on so many occasions about upholding our constitutional rights such as the 1st amendment and now you need to step back and take a look at what you just did….. 

    I’m so sicken by what you did I think I’ll take another look at what I watch now…
    This was so appalling I’m really disappointed in you. How could you belittle him like you did?

    Remember you just preached just yesterday that a man should be judged by his character…
    In such a tragic time in American’s lives when were all trying  to “trust” someone you went and did something like this… that warrants another look into who you really are in your heart.

    You’ve broken my heart for sure…

    • Anonymous

      Great post! Only insecure people belittle others for amusement.

  • Lioness

    Romney can’t do “that” to himself, and we can’t do “that” to ourselves either 😉  Obama needs to go. I thought Clint Eastwood was great!  My parents are seniors and their my best friends. I can tell Glenn doesn’t care much about his elders, after all he bailed on them when he went to the internet. I dare Glenn to say some of that stuff the Clint’s face. “Do you feel lucky punk?”

    • Anonymous

      My mom is also a senior and she loved watching Glenn on Fox.  He did bail on seniors.  I set her up with ROKU and bought a year subscription to GBTV for her.  She does not watch it. 
      Her reason…Glenn is not the same anymore…especially after he called Newt Gingrich (another senior), a s…bag.  When my mom told me this I was embarresed for Glenn that he sunk so low, I have not renewed that subscription for my mom because she does not want it anymore.
      He abandoned seniors who by the way were his largest viewing block on FOX, not only by leaving…but returning back to his shock jock ways and days.

       When he stoops low he loses credibilty.

      What do you think Clint was talking about?  “can’t do that to himself” LOL  Clint was funny without being low and I loved it.
      Maybe, Glenn was jealous because he was not asked to be the guest speaker. I think he was jealous of Newt’s historian status compared to his own, that’s why he endlessly bashed him during the Republican primaries. As it was when he was tryng to sell his book…Being George Washington.

      • Lioness

        I totally agree. I don’t think Glenn has much exposure to people over 60, If I’m correct his parents died when he was young so perhaps he just doesn’t have the attachment we do. That’s the only excuse I can make for him, otherwise he’s just plain ass immature. He’s definitely no match intellectually for Newt, yet he mocked him on his interview, and again acted really immature.
        Is their any other programming your mom likes on roku? I’m still thinking about getting one.
        And, um, I’m pretty sure I know what Clint was saying there, but I can’t type “that” either.

        • Anonymous

          Roku has alot of free channels, that covers a whole range of genres.  Also a good amount of premium or subscription channels. Netflix is ok, but after awhile, once you’ve seen what you were interested in the pickings get slimmer, even though Netflix does add new stuff as they get it.  Crackle is free, I think it has older TV shows, and movies. Cable is getting to be so expensive…with little programming of interest, unless you’re into “reality shows” , which is fine for those who like that kind of programming.  I don’t knock it, but it isn’t for everyone. 
          Roku is easy to use, just like a cable box.  :) 

          I like Glenn, but sometimes he acts “immature”, I like the Glenn who takes the high road.  I have kept my own subscription to GBTV, I still like watching Glenn, since he has left FOX, he has had some really interesting guests.

          • Lioness

            I like the reality shows and documentaries on the history channel and Nat Geo, but that’s about it. Otherwise it’s fox. Perhaps the Roku would be a nice addition. Glenn’s desire for us to be self reliant, to love and take care of each other regardless of what happens to the governement, is why he is relevant, and why I still pay attention. Entertainment advice, not so much. Thanks for the info.

          • Anonymous

            Exaclty, we can disagree with someone on somethings, and agree on others.  That’s what makes the world interesting.  If everything was the same….Boirng!

    • greywolfrs

      Well, I have to disagree, my in-laws are seniors and both know how to use a computer. I do not think he intended to screw them, but simply go out on his own, so he could say what he wanted. (not what Fox told him) One should commend him for that. I realize that doing this probably made the seniors less likely to watch, because it made it more difficult than flipping on the tube, but I doubt that they are unable to learn. Whether they choose to or not is another story. I would think if they liked him that much, they would take the time to learn.
      About Clint Eastwood, I believe all three of them screwed the pooch on that one, it seems that most conservatives loved him. 

      • Lioness

        My mom has a hard time getting voice mail on her cell, she however loves her E reader (the point is, she has me to teach her, some seniors don’t and some just plain ass don’t like it, or have the money for it). I was going to get a Roku for her to watch Glenn, but after his smear on Newt, she just lost interest. There is better commentators than Glenn on the radio, he just doesn’t really say anything that I don’t hear on Fox or the radio, in fact it seems that he is sometimes behind the curve.

        • greywolfrs

          I am not disagreeing with those statements. I was simply pointing out that I do not believe our seniors are dumb and they CAN learn, if they are motivated to do so. I understand where your mom is coming from, Glenn has said stuff to turn some people off, therefore there is no motivation to learn how to use the Roku box. You are right, Glenn isn’t at Fox or CNN anymore and does not have access to the latest breaking news, so maybe he is a bit behind. I’m not sure how he gets around that.

          • Lioness

            Are you kidding me?!? Dumb, I never said that. Seniors know what they want and some don’t want to rely on technology, they have time to do what they want, and spend time with what they enjoy. My mom loves to watch TV, and I’m the same way. I’m reluctant to by a roku because their may not be enough interesting programming to make it worth the purchase. She doesn’t want to spend time learning something that doesn’t bring her enjoyment. Many seniors are the same way, it’s about enjoyment not stupidity. Kids, teens and people in their 20’s are all locked on the internet, so I would assume that’s who Glenn is targeting. Seniors and even those who are my age are more likely to watch TV the old fashioned way. My parents are the wisest people I know, and they will learn whatever they want to. They worked all their life and earned the right to choose what they want to do with their time. Glenn could have done a little bit of both in my opinion. I guess he has his radio show but it’s just not the same, and it’s too early, we’re all night owls here. We used to watch him at 2:00 A.M. most of the time. Sorry, I just wanted to clarify that I would never think that seniors are that at all.

          • Rahm Kota

            I don’t know why people are making such a big deal about it.

          • Lioness

            People are too critical. The delivery was funny and the message was well articulated. Every speech is being picked apart and overanalyzed. I think every one did well, we just need to focus more on the importance of this election. I just seen 2016, we definitely need to get that anti American, anti colonialist, socialist out of office and preferably out of our country. If not, we are, well you know.

          • Rahm Kota

            I loved his speech. It was funny and to the point.

          • greywolfrs

            I think you misunderstood me. I was not saying that YOU thought that our seniors are dumb. I was saying there are plenty of people out there (mostly left wing idiots) who think our seniors are dumb and need to die off quickly. I was also saying that there needs to be motivation for those seniors to learn something new. In other words, as you stated, if they have no reason to use a Roku box, I doubt they would bother to learn to use it. I simply saying that if they did love Glenn, then they would learn. If Glenn turned them off, which I can see, then they wouldn’t bother to learn it. I was actually agreeing with you on some of the points.

          • Lioness

            No problem, I get it:) Those left wing idiots will get their wish with Obama care, unfortunately they don’t realize how fast time flies.

  • Anonymous

    It was a bit painfull at first, then I remembered he is an actor and capable of putting one over on his audience. From that point on, I laughed my but off. The adult jokes would only be understood by an adult, so they were not a problem. A previous commentor got it correct, the empty chair represented what we have had in the WH for nearly four years.

    GLENN – you need to lighten up a little, and quit being so full of yourself.

  • Linda Eubanks


  • Tammy Mclellan

    I am a huge fan of yours and believer of 95% of  what you preach but you are so wrong about this and I am disappointed. You missed the fun of the interview, you missed all the fantastic digs and facts at Obama, he was not all over the board. Everything you are saying is ridiculous. You are 100% WRONG on this.  Please shut up this time.

  • Anonymous

    I thouht the critique of Clint Eastwood by the three stooges was ironic. I have always been a big Glenn Beck fan, but the level of disrespect here was over the top and actually justified me terminating my membership over.  Either of you mutthonheads will be lucky enough to be drueling at 82, much less stand in front of the RNC and rock it like Estwood did.  Your critique was juvenile and sophomoric and showed all the taste of an usalted cracker.

  • Brooks Keller

    Hey Glenn, the way you stumble and ramble now, let’s see how you do at Clint’s age, you should hope to do so well. This was the first time I ever was really disappointed, that you felt you needed to rant! It was almost like the Young turks, who I have no respect for making fun of a child.

  • Brenda Johnstone

    Wow, Glenn, did not expect this of you – the typical media trick of distracting from the message by making fun of the delivery. I can’t believe people (including the 3 of you) are too stupid (he’s talking to a chair?) to not get the metaphor so I have to conclude that you are ignoring the metaphor for the chance to get some laughs. Shame on you! The point he made about politicians working for ‘us’ – if he’s not getting the job done he has to go! – was profound and made perfect sense! You couldn’t show a little support for something like that?

  • Anonymous

    Glen, Glen. Shame on you!! I am a huge fan of yours, but I have never seen you so off base. Clint Eastwood was FABULOUS!!! The chair, the jokes were genius!! He was soo right on!! Did he stammer a little? sure he did. He’s 82 years old and didn’t have a teleprompter. You also stammer at times. Everything Clint Eastwood said on the stage was right on, and I think you need to apologize to this incredible legend.

  • Anonymous
    And one of the hallmarks of the 60’s radicals (I know, I was there)
    was to mock the generations that came before them. That meant everyone
    older than the young, unrepentant, nasty, unpatriotic radicals who hated

    When you mock Eastwood, you confirm for all of us that you truly are
    the spiritual descendants of those 60’s radicals.  It’s beautiful, you
    are simply pulling the masks off and revealing who you really are.  

    And the faces underneath are ugly

  • Mike Jentges

    Beck you moron. He was the high point of the whole thing.

  • Teresa Hill

    I am sorry for this speech on national television during the convention.  I support Romney 100% but felt this lacked any excitement.  Teresa Hill

  • Anonymous

    Come on, Glenn…..just sum up what Clint says, which is a hell of a lot more than anyone else I heard. Remember, we own this country, and politicians are our employees!  So go ahead and may my day!   Do you think you could say it better?   I dont’ think so.

  • Rahm Kota
    • Anonymous

      Still laughing !!!

  • Judy Alligood

    Glenn how disrepectful can you be to go on and on abot Clint Eastwood!!!  HE IS 82 YEARS OLD!!!  It made him a REAL person speaking the truth to those who were listning…  HE IS 82 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!

  • Debbie Nye

    Clint was spot on!  Glenn,  sometimes silence is best,  like Romney not mentioning terrorism in his speech, why don’t you just tell the Dems what to criticize right before their convention.  Who’s paying you?

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, Come on. You are great, but this time, you’re way off base. Clint Eastwood made us think with a chuckle. He was fantastic!!!

  • Anonymous

    Glen, why don’t you shut up! Quit saying it’s Clint Eastwood!  We know.  He was great. It was a skit!  He told the God’s truth about Obama! Doesn’t matter who was up on stage. If they said whatever Clint said, it would have been good. This country is up shit creek.  We better get rid of Obama, or we’re all doomed as a nation!

  • new2la

    Hey Glenn, I love you buddy, but many on here are correct.   Because my loyality for you is genuine, I won’t bash you for your indiscretion …but, come Monday, there better be something or some kind of correction on your part in writing.   You are losing some here and I would hate to see that;  you are too important for our cause.

  • Anonymous

    I loved it.   But he should have had an empty suit on the chair…..and no one seems to notice the teleprompter in front of empty chair.  ap

  • Carl Nowicki

    Glenn You are wrong. Clint Eastwood said what millions of people are thinking but afraid to speak because of politcal correctness. He is in his 80’s and deserves the right and has earned the right to speak the truth.  He does not have to worry about Hollywood blackballing him. Thank God they did not stop his tongue from speaking though people like you and the government will mock and bully him.. I say bravo bravo bravo. I used to love you but, you are maybe are not the greatest actor and comedian you think you are. Clint beat you out with the whole truth.  Boooo to you.

  • John Rainer

    Clint was right on the money.  Apparently no teleprompter needed, unlike anyone else, and expressed himself quite succinctly, in my humble but accurate opinion. Not sure what you guys saw as painful.  You guys screwed the pooch on this one.

  • Anonymous

    I think it was so right on, in an impromtu way. This is what the man does for a living. He used the empty chair to show that this is what Obama is really like in the white house “an empty chair”. Clint used the back n forth commenting to show what Obama does when he is talking w/ other countries when he thinks he is off the mic. Clint then brought it back to reality and told a very compelling arguement of why he, us and other’s believe we should “Just let him go”

  • Ann Bruce de Avila

    Clint was one of us – no tele prompters, no rehearsals – just ad libbing  from the heart – stammering a bit like any one of us would do, getting to the heart of the matter.  The audience was laughing and having a good time.  Maybe his appearance will encourage some of his fellow closet conservatives in Hollywood to have the courage to speak out.  I applaud him – he was real and heartfelt which means more to me than anything else. 

  • Anonymous

    Glen, Glen, Glen, what has happened to you? We never missed your TV show and you were “RIGHT ON”. I hated being one of those among FAMILY BUSINESS OWNERS who couldn’t afford your new show, but now I’m glad we’re not paying to hear your opinions. 82 year old Clint Eastwood cleverly brought home truisms about Obama in an exclamatory way.  He deserves a lot of credit NOT criticism!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you singlehandedly destroyed GBTV/The Blaze     [ Clint Eastwood is America ]
    If Jesus Christ was giving a speech at the RNC you would criticize him too.The truth has no agenda.I guess he doesn’t fit yours.I followed you from the days at CNN to present,but it’s over now.I’ve had enough of negative attacks on something positive.You should have no problems finding a job on the left wing media stations.No one is to blame,but yourself.Good bye! 

  • Anonymous

    Oh my word, Clint was FANTASTIC!!!  You know it was an act and it was meant to look like a befuddled senior moment because first off, there is no way he would have been allowed to walk out with his hair askew.  That was your first clue to his “set up.”  Did anyone notice the irony of the “empty chair” and the “telepromter” that was right in front of it?  I don’t believe in coincidences – I think it was a riot that the telepromter was left there in front of the chair.   Obama (or whoever says he didn’t watch, but tweeted ‘that seat is taken’) – hasn’t been “in” his official chair for most of his Presidency.  He’s been out on the road campaigning for 4 years and playing golf games. Clint, who is STILL a fantastic producer, provided us with one of the best “short clips” EVER at a convention.  Although he was speaking to Obama in the chair, the irony of the “empty” chair was not lost on me.  I did hear Glenn’s comments that whoever was the person that approved Clint to come on, should be fired – Glenn, this is a first for me – I totally disagree.  I think whoever brought this “act” to the stage, should be promoted and praised.  It totally tells me that Romney and the RNC can definitely have a GREAT sense of humor.  I’ve been chuckling about it and re-describing it to people since Thursday night. To me, it was one of the BEST moments of the convention and I was totally impressed by the convention overall.  It was not overdone.  It was done just RIGHT.  I am so enthused and now can’t wait for the debates!!. 

  • Anonymous

    C’mon, have the critics of Eastwood’s appearance lost their sense of humor?  With as serious as the times have become politically, since Obama’s inauguration, can’t we have a moment of levity with a message that split the bullseye?    

  • greywolfrs

    Well, it’s been less than a day and I believe this piece has more comments than any other piece I have seen on GBTV/TheBlaze TV. I have also visited many other conservative sites to see what was being said. It appears that the consensus it’s pretty close to unanimous, conservatives loved Clint. I think you guys screwed the pooch on this one…

    • Rahm Kota

      Not only screwed it but took it out back and shot it. 

      • greywolfrs

        Yeah, it seems the response is not good.

  • Pudno Cunac Cadacayo

    Glenn, I’m sorry you just missed the best “shot in the arm” FOR ROMNEY/RYAN and the GOP with his brilliant performance!He said it all for us, those commentaries you made for the last many years on TV/Radio. He. . said. . it .. all for us. Coming from you who use the best gifts you possess given from God, you should have seen it better than we do. Supreb idea from an artist and creator that can deliver to an awesome audience. No one better than him in his field of endeavor could have made it to say what many in the boondocks, the bars, malls, townhall’s people, young and old has been saying for they are being threatened to shut up. You know that by experience better than many of us. However, like what many of those whom you have invited to comment say, please look at the hidden parable of all those who spoke at the convention and Eastwood speech. Elementary and in plain sight, he speeded up and convinced so many to choose the purported man in the empty chair, Barack Hussein Obama to go and have ROMNEY take that seat. Mr Eastwood brought to the people of all walks of life, including us “rednecks” whom you can find in your audience both radio/tv, theatres and cyberspace. It was a very serious way of endorsing the GOP candidates metaphorically presented, and he pulled it out with tack like he does in his career. With all due respect to both of you and Mr. Eastwood, he just did what you Glenn Beck have done in restoring our faith in America. 

  • Anonymous

    mh, I agree with you wholeheartedly!  Glenn, I am very disappointed in you.  You were so disrespectful.  Reading many other post….so many are like-minded as well.  I’ve been watching you since Restoring Love (subscribed because my husband is a pastor and we went to Under God Indivsible and heard you speak on that Friday evening) and have really enjoyed watching and listening since then but this was absolutely wrong what you said about Mr. Eastwood…mocking him…not christian like at all. I LOVED what he had to say and how he said it!!  It was so different BUT SO VERY REAL!!  I for one want to say to Mr. Eastwood, “thank you for what you said and how you said it…you did a great job!!  I miss the older generation speaking up for what’s right and what’s wrong! Glad the RNC had him speak…wouldn’t have changed a thing!!!!!

  • Bob

    As a loyal follower,Are you losing your touch with us common folk.
    Is success spoiling you.

    Bob in Hawaii

    • Karen Lundgren

      Wish I could “like” your post more than once…I do believe Glenn is getting too big for his britches.

  • reg

    Hard to believe you missed the creative theater here, Glenn. I think you may just be teasing us. Although I personally don’t like the off-beat humor, this skit was near theatrical genius. A bumbling ol’ duffer routine with an empty chair bit and a suit picked off the floor. I’m not
    a Clint Eastwood fan, but my hats off to the guy for his creative talent. And to think he pulled this off at 82; amazing! But he did say, “I know what you’re all thinking, what’s a movie tradesman doing out here…” Well, the ol’ tradesman just schooled the leftist establishment and maybe even Glen

  • Steve Crawford

    I only listened to the first few minutes of this but i got a good idea of what yhe rest of it was going to be like – and with Glenn being a comedian i can well imagine his reaction to it, Clint stuttered alot and seemed at times to have lost his train of thought – but he is also 82 years old ( those kind of mental faculties make you come off as bit of a scatterbrain ) BUT Clints heart was in the right place, and although he is probably well aware of his failing verbal & mental coherance issues he felt passionate enough about this country to make a speech knowing full well that he could no longer put his best foot forward. Glenn, pat & Stu probably cut Clint down for the benefit of the show, but i doubt they did it maliciously.

    • new2la

      Clint was imitating Obama…..sometimes Obama does stutter when not using a teteprompter.

  • landofstacy

    I usually agree with you, Glenn…but this time…not so much.  Clint Eastwood made me laugh out loud. I loved it!


  • Anonymous

    The empty chair was great ….it sort os symbolizes Obama’s absence from most critical issues confronting our times.  Don’t be distracted by the slow delivered message…it is not how the message was delivered but the Message…it was right on…We have to let him go!!

  • Anonymous

    Lighten up everybody!

    • greywolfrs

      Lick between my butt cheeks, moron.

  • Johnann Sanders Allen

    I have to agree that part of Clint Eastwood’s speech WAS painful and awkward   The things he said without the chair and imaginary conservations were GREAT…but got watered down with the  rest….too bad.

    • Anonymous

      You must not understand entertainment – mixed with  message.

      • Sandra Heimbach

        Perfect answer to Ms Allen – you nailed it.    BRAVO

  • Richard Pratt

    This just made me love him even more. Great man, great presentation. Im Thrilled that he is a conservative Republican. Im with Him all the way.

  • Anonymous

    I do believe people in this chat room are being un-American with respect to the fact that they are not allowing Glenn to make his (very tame) argument against Clint Eastwood being on that stage. Why were people standing and cheering a whole lot?  Because that’s what you do when Clint Eastwood is on a stage…period!  But Eastwood IS capable of writing and giving a speech, yet he just got up and talked in this case.  He stammered his whole way through this speech, if he’d just talked the whole time he could have shortened an 11 minute bit into more like 4 or 5 and we all would have loved it WAY more.  I mean the thing is, he was being even less articulate than George W. Bush, yet like they said, it’s Clint Eastwood soooo….it’s taboo to criticize him, like he’s God or something.  I LOVE Clint Eastwood but…this was not a rousing speech.  The people were cheering because they loved seeing his face.  But his speech offered far less erudition than say Paul Ryan, or basically anyone who’s spoken at the RNC…period.  Just read the writing on the wall folks and relax.

    • Anonymous

      It most certainly was a rousing speech! and eveyone at the convention felt it! and they acknowledged it – by a standing ovation!!! Clint stammered because that was part of his improv – part of the act; Clint made very wise and strategic comments – if you know anything about Obama – you would see that.  Every statement had a meaning behind it – even the parts where he acted like O said to ‘shut up’ and Romney “couldn’t do THAT to himself…” and neither could he – they all lend to the inside knowledge of Obama’s temper.

      • greywolfrs

        Don’t bother, bert is a moron. His opinion matters and everyone else is unAmerican for disagreeing with him, Glenn, Pat and Stu.

        • Anonymous

          About strlk…my face is red. 😉 …. guess I kind of invited the response.

          • greywolfrs

            Sorry, but I just told it like it was. That is why I call him that. If you look at his posts, you can see why. The name fits perfectly.

          • Anonymous

            Reading your posts, which I usually do, you definitely have no problem saying what’s on your mind. 

          • greywolfrs

            Not at all, I learned at an early age that there is no reason to sugar-coat things. In fact, a lot of times, that leads to misunderstandings. I try to say things in a manner which no one can misunderstand. I prefer to be straight-up and tell it like it is, I wish more people were that honest with themselves and others. I believe the world would be a better place. Kind of like the way things used to be, before the liberal education system.

          • greywolfrs

            P.S. Sorry if you were embarrassed, that was not my intention.

          • Anonymous

            It still made me laugh! :)

          • greywolfrs

            Right on…

    • Sandra Heimbach

      Let me get this straight – it is now un-American to have a difference of opinion???  Sorry Bert28 – you are waaaaaaay off.  Clint was amazing and it’s too bad that you, and the one or two others who agree w/you and Glenn, need a reality check.  When only one out of a hundred agree w/Glenn (and we are fans of his, but maybe not as much as before we saw a side of him I never believed existed) the overwhelming consenious must prevail.  Not a rousing speech????????  Did you even watch the crowd’s reaction???
      I have nothing left to say – I am speechless at the way some see things.

      • Anonymous

        If you hate my opinion, believe me I don’t care.

      • Anonymous

        I did not say that it is un-American to have a difference of opinion. I said[sic] “I do believe people in this chat room are being un-American with respect to the fact that they are not allowing Glenn to make his (very tame) argument against Clint Eastwood being on that stage.” Don’t put words in my mouth, don’t misrepresent me. It’s annoying as fuck. Bye

        • greywolfrs

          How is anyone not allowing him to have his opinion? It seems to me they are simply voicing their disagreement. Seems you are misrepresenting everyone in this forum, yet turn around and tell others not to do it to you? You are annoying as fuck, moron.

    • greywolfrs

      Sorry, but you could not be more wrong. This “speech” (more like a dialogue) was not intended to be the same stiff speechs one hears at political conventions. It was intended to be off-the-cuff. If you watch it closely, most of the “stammering” was on purpose. The other “stammering” is because the guy is old. That’s just part of getting old. You are plainly wrong about this not being a rousing speech. In fact, it was just what was needed. An American ICON, getting up there and talking like a regular person, to regular people. It couldn’t have been more perfect. If Mitt Romney wins, he better give a HUGE thank you to Clint, because Clint probably did more good than all the other speakers combined.

      • Anonymous

        How am I wrong for not liking something. I just didn’t like it. I don’t know why you keep bothering me. Don’t care what you think, can’t show you any emotion, sorry.

        • greywolfrs

          You not liking it was not what was wrong, your analysis was. Keep bothering you? This is a public forum, if you don’t want to be “bothered,” I suggest you shut your pie hole. Most people here don’t really care what you think, yet the stupidity still keeps dropping out of your pie hole.

    • Maugaoali’i Pele

      Sorry Berti…Clint wasn’t doing a speech…..that’s his everyday thing…he was entertaining, man!  He’s an icon….an actor, he can just come up there and stand there saying nada, people will still applause and love it…I love this guy, I was running around
      doing stuff in the house, when Clint came on tv, hey I sat by buttie down with a cup of cafe and listened and laughed and had a great time…thank you Clint, you’re the man!
      Thanks for making my day great.

      • Anonymous

        Clint wasn’t doing a speech you are right. You are free to enjoy a speech/monologue/improv that I didn’t. We’re both free. peace

  • Anonymous

    Well folks, I have to say I disagree with Glenn too. (a rare thing)  I felt as tho Clint was talking directly to ME, not above me.  His words were guided more towards those regular folk who are living an ‘everyday life, you know, the bulk of the people in the USA!  We don’t make beacoup bucks but we are content with that.  He said all the right things, IMO.  He said the kind of things that I would have said if I was up there.  The other speech I enjoyed tremendously was Condy Rice.  Guess that’s what happens when you don’t use a teleprompter, huh!?!

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Glenn Beck
    You owe Clint Eastwood an apology.
    Your statements about his performance are embarrassing. You normally perform at a much higher level.
    Mr. Clint Eastwood’s statements portrayed many of the issues you address that others are afraid to mention. At 82 years of age his creative improvisation was universally understood.
    It had all the hallmarks of a quality performance.

    • Maugaoali’i Pele

      That’s right, Glenn you should apologize to Mr. Eastwood….Do you think you can do better! you can’t even analyze what he said or his performance, that’s a shame, you starting to make me sick now!

  • Maugaoali’i Pele

    So what Glenn…there shouldn’t be a “But”….Clint was fine!  Relax clowns!

  • Maugaoali’i Pele

    So what Glenn….There shouldn’t be a “But”…he made his own decision….Clint’s fine!  Relax Clowns!!

  • Maugaoali’i Pele

    Move on Glenn!!

  • Anonymous

    I thought his talk was just right.  He mocked Obama while playing a doddering old fool and made great points.  He lightened the mood in an audience which had been listening to a lot of serious  but important stuff  and prepared them for two extremely important speeches.  I believe that is exactly what Clint intended to do.

    • Anonymous

      I agree – it takes a GREAT actor to do a one man show – and the audience loved it!  We used to see similar skits on-stage at the playhouse theatre downtown ~ it is sad that some have no idea.  However, unlike others – this skit – will go down in history.

  • Karen McCown

    OMG THIS WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!! come on Glen did you not get it ? it was great!  what a wonderful show eastwood did  he made farce of the prez!!!!!

  • Marybeth

    Clint Eastwood demonstrates the old rugged independent individual of the Old West & brought it to the present day GOP.  Did you see that he placed the teleprompter for Obama in the chair to read?  :)  In poli sci class I learned that ridicule is one of the ways to bring down an opponent.  I believe that that is what was going on, bringing the opponent down to size, as cowboys did.  :)  I think what Clint wanted to say & why he was there, was the line about when someone isn’t doing their job, you have to let them go.  I think he rambled slightly while deciding whether or not he could really say that.  But he found his backbone & did.  He was probably talking to his leftist buddies in Hollywood.

  • Becki Butts

    Way too harsh Mr Beck, I really respect you and your opinion, but that was the most awesome speech ever.

  • Cody Seibel

    I think this one is hard to see for Glenn, for some reason.  There he is one minute talking about how people don’t want a big presentation if it’s empty, and then he utterly misses the point of Eastwood coming out disheveled and saying a few solid things from the heart without notes or the teleprompter. 

    Glenn himself went off about political speeches and the teleprompter during the same show! 

    There was art in Eastwood’s speech.  Obama as the empty chair.  Eastwood not as the slick gunslinger or the monologue-delivering antihero, but as a slightly off, slightly meandering guy off the street, here to /be us/.  If one of us ran into the President, we wouldn’t have a teleprompter or a set of notes ion our pocket.

    There is a saying about cake.  I think it applies.  Sometimes we get the populist Glenn who wants genuine candidates and good normal people to lead, and then at other times we get the producer Glenn who wants everything maxed out on slickness and perfect delivery. 

    Everyone knows Eastwood can deliver a line.  What is more important, and what he brought forward, is that he, like so many of us, is frustrated with the job the President is doing, and that it is okay for a normal American to have those thoughts, and to express them.

    It wasn’t a speech for the red meat audience.  But then, Glenn HATES the red meat / crowd interactivity sections of the convention.  It was a bit art, and a bit populist, and very genuine.  There was meaning there.  For goodness’ sake, connect the dots. 

  • John Brabham

    I think it goes without saying that most of us here would like to hear an apology from Glenn and the guys.  That would set things in motion and get everything back on track.If you make a mistake, “cowboy up”, admit it, and let’s move on.  Glenn’s not perfect but an apology would go a long way. As of right now, there are almost 500 denouncements of Glenn and the guys thought’s on Mr. Eastwood’s speech.  I think that’s a good start to getting the point across….does everyone agree?

    • Karen Lundgren

      I think if Glenn doesn’t apologize, he will lose huge  respect from many of us.  Right now I’m wondering if I can overlook his narcissistic rant and continue with my monthly paid membership with….I have no desire to excuse Glenn in any way for his diarrhea of the mouth.

  • JoAnna Senk Campins

    The interview was as creative as it gets and revealed once again Clint as the Artist.  To top it off, the comedy was good and made for great entertainment.  Yet there was a profound point to be made and when it broke across the audience, it hit like a wave crashing the shore at high tide.  “We own this country….Politicians are employees of ours….When somebody does not do the job, we gotta’ let him go.”  Clint Eastwood got the attention of the American people as few could have with a very important message. Who cares if he has slowed down physically?  Most are dead at 82.  His mind is sharp and he is a true patiot.  The people loved him to the very last, “Go ahead, make my day!”

  • LVS

    Clint Eastwood invented “Invisible Obama” and the Democrats are laughing at him ?

    I love the biased media getting all worked up about Clint Eastwood it shows they don’t get it.

    I think I even failed to understand what a good director Clint Eastwood is. He was at a Republican National Convention and I thought he was talking to Republicans. I thought his speech was a little unprepared but I now think he knew who he was talking to. He was talking to Democrats. When he said I know what you are thinking, what’s a movie tradesman doing out here? You know they are all left wingers out there, left of Lenin. I should have known he was talking to Democrats. I should have known he was talking to the Democrats when he said ‘When somebody does not do the job we’ve gotta let them go.’ He was giving them permission.

    When he said ‘three and a half years ago they were talking about hope and change and they were talking about, yes we can, and it was dark outdoors, and it was nice, and people were lighting candles.They were saying, I just thought, this was great. Everybody is trying, Oprah was crying.I was even crying. He was talking to Democrats. He could have done a one armed push up like Jack Palance but the empty chair got a bigger laugh. We saw another great production from Clint Eastwood.

    “Clint” Eastwood, an American film actor, director, producer, composer, brilliant politician and political strategist got the media to show his short film every 10 minutes for three days. I wonder how long it will take for them to figure out how smart he is.

  • Tomasina Catanari

    I’m disappointed in you Mr. Beck.  That might not mean much to you, but I’m one of a great number of people who are disappointed by your disrespect of Mr. Eastwood.  Badly done Mr. Beck, very badly done!

  • Anonymous

    I love Glenn most of the time, but I agree that we should be doing backflips that SOMEONE in Hollywood has a brain and is not blindly supporting the worst candidate they can find to shower with money. Clint Eastwood was important from the standpoint that he formerly supported Obama, but he has seen the fruits of that mistake. While he was not as “quick on the draw” as he used to be, for an 82-yr-old man, and better yet, a patriot, he was inspiring.

  • Susan Berk

    Clint Eastwood was amazing.  He hit the nail right on the head – He gave Romney what Ronney should have thought of -there are 23 million people out of work in this country.  That’s the slogan for this election.  He talked to an empty chair – get the analogy guys?? Obama, the empty chair?  Empty, not there, on the golf course not able to handle these challenges today?  Clint was so strong, he made Romney look weak.  I wish Clint were a few years younger and I could vote for him!!

  • Larry Alotta

    Clint is such a great actor, he even had you guys fooled. I cringed at your critique of the man. But then I realized how well Clint pulled it off right down to his hair.
    But on another note, some day, God willing you will be old too. I hope that you don’t have to deal with younger people pointing their finger at you and laughing.

  • Anonymous

    I hope I’m that sharp when I’m 82.

    • greywolfrs

      We all do…

  • Coret OtheCountry

    Ahhh.  Mr. Eastwood is beautifully gracious, sweetly eloquent is his gently reticent manner, and is actually funny.  I expect that he was expertly working the audience, as he so masterfully does, in order to not offend anyone, but still command attention… which, while playing the part of a hesitant but slightly brash ‘old man’, one actually could do so…were they as great a master of the arts as Eastwood is…  Well done, Mr Eastwood!

  • Myrtle Martinson

    I am afraid this is one of those rare times I must disagree with Glenn. I viewed it as more of a conversation than an interview, a conversation to which we were privy to only one side. Viewed in that light, Mr. Eastwood made his point in a lighthearted, satirical manner. I believe he was able to pull it off because of his age and reputation. He is after all, Dirty Harry!

  • Malinda Slatten Neal

    I love Clint.  I enjoyed his wit and humor and wisdom of age.  I am ashamed of you for the very first time Glenn.
    We DO own America.  The politicians actually do work for US.  

  • Anonymous

    A major character flaw of Glenn Becks he doesn’t know when to apologize.

    • greywolfrs

      Well, I must say that this came out on Friday and all the responses after that. He isn’t back on until Monday or maybe Tuesday because of the holiday, so I don’t know if he will or not.

  • judy ziebell


  • John McNeil

    Sorry, Clint IS an American Icon. I listened to his speech and found nothing wrong with it. Love him! Sorry Glen, I could not move on to your analysis. Love you too though.

  • Goo Gwaba

    It was great.  You’re wrong, Glenn.

  • Negrebrevo

    Here is a guy brave enough to stand up to all the Hollywood liberals–I thought he did a great job, and added a little humor as well.  It was a little “blue” humor, but still amusing.
    I think a lot of people are going to disagree with you on this one, Glenn.  Clint will always “make my day”!

    • Anonymous

      Seems he made EVERYONE’S day – except the liberals – & GLENN!

      • greywolfrs

        Well, I have to say that I have checked out many “conservative” sites and there are plenty of oher “conservative” commentators trashing him. It’s really too bad that they are so blind. It’s too bad that they can not see that people were wanting something more than stiff political speeches given at the conventions. It really connected with a lot of every day people.

  • Guyer Sheila

    I like you Glen but if that were you up there on stage, they might say “He still got balls buddy”.  And when is the next ” Dirty Glen” movie coming out? Hang in there dude you’ll get it.

  • Anonymous

    Glen, my Mother always taught me to be respectful of my elders and if you can’t think of something nice to say – say nothing at all.  When you are 82, I consider that to be worthy of respect as an elder.  Doing something unscripted is much better than reading a script no matter how many mistakes at least it’s real.  You should know better.  It’s one thing for the liberal left to base Mr. Eastwood, that’s expected, but it was a real shock comming from you!

  • Anonymous

    Glen, Only one living man is always right. You are right a lot more than most –but this time?!?

    Why this time are you so critical? As a supporter of yours, I would like to know.

    Clint Eastwood never did speak with rapid fire delivery like you. Clint Eastwood redeemed himself in my eyes by his slow, subtle and not-so-subtle use of theater. The double meanings of some of the things he said were very effective. As someone has suggested, please look at this again.

    You never appeared to have an age hangup or to be overly critical of someone doing the best that they can. Why this time?

    With caring and prayers, Lulu

    • new2la

      My heart hears your prayer Lulu…..Glenn will come around.  He is an exceptional individual.

  • new2la

    The bloggersphere is on fire about Mr. Eastwood…….the left are going crazy and scared all at once.   Actually, funny to witness.     I am predicting a scalping of tremendous proportions;  a shallacking never witnessed in this country before;  a fundamental change in the political winds and finally……..both houses and the presidency.     Democrats will not hold public office for generations to come.

    How’s that scenario sound?

  • Adele Chen

    I don’t get it. I think he pull what a lay people think in general. Keep laughing, leftists, because in the end of Nov… we will pick up our smile which had been lost for 4 years!

    Clint Eastwood, it is so great to see you in RNC!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Pat, Stewart made a movie with a fricken’ INVISIBLE RABBIT. Eastwood was GREAT!!!!1

  • Anonymous

    Clint played the doddering fool, but then he’d slip in a zinger that went straight to its target because we were disarmed. And then, when he reached the line “We own this country,” he suddenly got articulate and clear. He may have been off book, but no way was he off track. That performance went out to a lot of people who might not otherwise have tuned in to see Rubio and Romney, but made a special effort to see an icon live and in action. And those people walked away with a line in their heads that won’t fade like an Obama poster. If one person remembers Clint in the voting booth and says to themselves, “Oh, what the heck, maybe it is time for him to go…” Clint will have done his job.

  • Randal Custer

    I loved it.  I could care less that he was old.  I thought he did it without being an idea-loge,  something needed on the night 30 million Americans were watching.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that you Glenn need to listen to his speech again.  Few from Hollywood don’t give a care about our country and the one who does you shred. Clint used the chair and put obama in it to talk to him as we would all like to do. I enjoyed hearing him conversation.  Oh, and old people talk to chairs and walls…………listen up!! 

  • Psawed

    Glenn, there was much symbolism with Mr. Eastwood’s words and he was very direct and on-point. Biggest symbol: He was talking to an “empty chair” – Hello…? So obvious it was laughable and as much as I respect you and all you have done, Glenn, it’s equally laughable that you’re not getting it – Come on Glenn, you’re a smart guy, check it out again…

  • Anonymous

    I think he did fine. Not sure if he was acting befuddled  or really befuddled but…I am sure the left will bash him , we need to thank him. If someone is not doing the job…let them go. The point was made. Thanks Clint.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you are an idiot.

    This was the BEST part of the “convention” even if it was odd and unique.

    You have lost your way, and since you fell off the scope with the NEWT/progressive commments, have become irrelevant to me, one of your biggest fans for years.

    You are becoming what you hated most about O-BLAME-O, arrogant and full of yourself,
    and sorta despotic to put it politely.

    Good thing you only rule in you own little world. Easy to be a TYRANT in your own copy of OVAL OFFICE and big studio warehouse.

    Even when you say or do something good now days, you took yourself out of the loop and will pay the price by REALLY being just a cult now. I knew you were fading when no one came over and supported you ISRAEL trip, except Hermann Cain, who you threw under the BUS at first chance….GOOD GOING !!!!

    BTW, that CLINT skit (chair) was on purpose in PRIME TIME by Miit and team (TRUMP, etc).
    No one can tell it wasn’t. IT was kept secret to full effect of mocking PREZI and his comedy minions.


    Where is your “LOVE” Genny Huckster?

    Davy Crockett
    San Antonio. TX

  • Anonymous

    Beck Youre a dumbass. Clint Eastwoods humor and dry wit and perfect timing was hilarious. I laughed until I cried. He played that part. Seemed like he was doing a Bob Newhart skit. Lighten up, youre gettin as critical and petty as the dems. Big fan but youre not as funny as u always think u are

  • Salvador Mauricio Vargas

    Glen’s just being a fool.  If he would listen to Clint’s message, he would understand that everything Clint talked about was how the American people feel.  The Oval Office might as well be an empty chair with the likes of Obama occupying it.  What Clint did was good and so we shouldn’t knock him because he’s in his 80’s now.  His point was clear and I applaud him for staying away from all the Clooney types and all the want-to-be someone actors and actresses that are pulling this country down.  God bless Clint Eastwood and Mitt Romney and all the good they try to do for this country.   

  • Anonymous

    Edward O’Hare, if that is your real name, and with otherwise due respect, stay away from any future parties that I will host. What we are witnessing has nothing to do with the conflicting viewpoints of Keynesian versus Neoclassical Economics or the beneficial impact of stimulus spending. Cut the crap. Obama is systematically destroying our nation. Show me where the “stimulus money” has been used to create more, good-paying, and lasting jobs. He has run up our debt and refused to address our energy import dependency. As we continue to look to him for unifying common sense solutions, all we see is Clint’s empty chair.

  • Anonymous

    I sent the man (GB) many e-mails to pursue this kind of “comedy” or satire to counter the left (socialist actually, palace gaurds they call them in media stories to deflect blame from O) and told him I would put in the time and write the sketches myself for approval.

    I would try as many as it took to find something he could live with and thought may work.
    And it was free, no charge, NADA. How smart are you to turn down free empleed who would give away thier best idea……I wanted nothing and would have signing it away to stop anyone taking down to size ( see 2016, read 2016 by college President D’Souza) my Country as Oh-uh-oh obviously was.

    I did not want a copy of Daily show for the right, I wanted a GB show for conservatives with “truth”. I wanted GB to be the star.He just wanted to be a mogul now, and envies the political
    “stars”. HE wants respect he can never get back, at least not the way he is doing it.

    A lot of GB’s fan want him to be president,and he advises to ad nasea, but he can never be.
    He ruined his reputation when younger, so now he wants to run the media.
    Not with this plan he won’t!
    GB wil always have people follow him, unless he makes a few MORE major mistakes, like this one.
    He will be gone long before all his plans bear fruit and MANY MANY mistakes could take him down at any time.

    I just wish the man would focus on doing something great, not so many things good.
    trying to be a saint is OK with me, he is trying in a weird way. (dang those Mormons, joking)

    His sales pitches are growing tired and old because he needs a lot of money to keep up his
    circus. Maybe he really is just a RODEO CLOWN?

    I wanted for GB to do………


    Kind of what CLINT pulled off in prime time.

    NO wonder he hates it so much, he also hates (envies really if you ask me) NEWT, ever really wonder why?
    Besides the laws NEWT passed I mean. Newt can go on shows and take down people with his wit. Amazing power, no? Gotta come from GOD, right? (dang big gov prog, joking)
    Notice how there was no script?
    Notice how big and cool the STAR was? (for the kids to see, no?)

    Remember Super bowl ad with CLINT and impact of it ? 
    As GM is failing again as BITE-ME lies about it every day?
    OSAMA is dead and GM is alive ?????
    REALLY our Prezi and VP said it today in speech?

    Has everybody heard the info on Valleri Jarett (born in IRAN BTW and has SS protection? huh?) putting off the raid by talking PREZI into 3 delays?
    Hillary had to insist we do this NOW before the chance was gone.
    AND they praise themselves as National Security and Foreign Policy Masters?
    Does Valleri Jarrett have her own budget? Probabaly 787 billion ? (kidding?)
    Shadow leader ? I know, I will stop, I don’t care for info wars either.

    Back to CLINT:

    Notice how he got chair out there and no one asked him why he “needed” one?
    Notice how he hit about 10 (?) critical points with no notes?
    Notice how he made us feel like it was from us?
    Notice how everone forgot he was a awrd winng actor, director, producer.

    The fact that it was all a suprise means it was planned to the “T” like a Seal Team Mission.
    Any leak would have sunk the whole thing and embarrised everyone.
    Now ther is plausable denabilty, no one knew , but CLINT.
    Talk about cool !

    Notice how he fooled GLENN BECK ???

    I could go on and on, but I say this was on purpose, slipped in to prime time to nail MSM
    a-holes (ABC, NBC, CBS) and he made everone think the was a doddering old 82 year old out there winging it, ad-libbing, looking dis-sheveled, etc.

    All the pundits and lefty progs could throw SMEARS at it as bad idea and many conservative journalist too, trying to dis-avow it as not appropiate?

    If Mitt (anyone but Clint) had said those things, he would have skewered by MSM forEVER !!!
    I thing it was GENIUS, HISTORICAL, and “we the people” will never forget whay one patriot attemped and suceeded beyond expections.WHAT COURAGE ! glenn?

    He fooled us all, and gave the “ONE” a hickey. Not bad Preacher.

    I suggest everone go back and watch PALE RIDER. Seems Cable is playing a lot of CLINT’s movies lately.

    Geeeeee,I wonder why?
    Back to GBTV…er…the BLAZE
    What the blazes is going on? just had to say thet once.
    I am not a troll, don’t even go there, I have poof.

    He seemed to not to “brag” he would do this for his fans, and totally failed.
    I am sorry folks, his trust in BS of A was wasted time and money.
    GB must have felt it was a long term plan to buikd a comedy team, and in the end, years later he would “take over”.

    If he get a good skit out of them for the election, and good team after, well then I will stand corrected and apologize to GB fans everywhere.

    Hear how he talks, with that, throwing good info and guesses out there, but then admitting his timing is always off, and then spewing we have to act now, and why don’t you buy this for piece of mind.

    He must think people are sheeple, to let things hang for years, and then hack away when someone pulls off the master stroke.

     It was already in his hands, he already knew and rejected this approach.
    Must burn PRET-TY bad.

    I still feel as some Glenn and Mitt are linked by faith, and the pursuit of power and taking over, (not a MORMON thing I hope), just an ego thing. Deiven to overcome the tithe I guess.
    MORMON are taking over ientertainment, they are huge in case you did not know.
    Good thing they are Christian, huh?

    People are right here with so many complaints,
     GB and team can not admit they are wrong.

    It would be cool of they played a part in this take down in prime time of the PREZ/punk who we know deserved this “mocking” and had to not be connecte???nahhhh

    Already PREZI today is out mocking and lying with ease, and never admintting he does it?

    This is spiritual folks, and GOD is involved. Glenn has been right on some things, his ego and ARROGANCE keeps him from admitting when he makes a small mistake or a big one.

    I gave up warning people he we was fooling people to sell stuff, and you know what, the speech at “restoring love” was NOT TOO BAD.

    My eyes teared up, an his words were his best EVER. He took a long time to write that speech and put himself and heart into it.

    I suggest he learn something from MITT, find good ideas, and some good people, and stop bragging he is going to do something and JUST DO IT !


  • Anonymous

    I must have missed the point entirely since I believed the ‘chair’ representing Obama was a valid prop, after all, hasn’t President Obama ‘missed’ the point and been absent for most if not all of this Presidency?  Missing was a golf club and a basketball.  Talking to the chair as though the President “should” be there and of course it bears to be stated that this President uses the most foul language as does VP Biden, so I felt Mr. Eastwood addressed the topics as though he has a pretty good idea who this President is.
    I am a generational registered Democrat who does not appreciate the radicalism expressed on behalf of so many so called Democratic Strategists, etc.   I  am not alone when I say that the party does not represent what  the Democratic party once represented.   My family appreciated the RNC and will absolutely be voting for the Romney/Ryan ticket.   It is more than offensive the attitude and conduct the new left wing party seems to be so aggressive to prove a record of a person who has been nothing but destructive and anti Constitution so I suppose we will have one heck of an election season!     We have already been asked by a fellow Democrat for our support of President Obama and upon stating we’re not voting for his re-election we were promptly asked if we’ve become ‘racist’….Who would have thought?  

  • Anonymous

    Clint Eastwood is still making and directing movies so he is not senile. He didn’t do his research. Romney is a Harvard lawyer just like Obama. Obama didn’t start the Afghanistan war, Bush did. Obama changed his mind on Gitmo.Shouldn’t that make Republicans happy? What was his point on that.  The Romney team should have vetted it.  It was a disaster, and while I like Eastwood, the “old” thing doesn’t fly. He’s still making movies. Reagan was president when he was around that age.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone wishign to contact Ameaican Airlines can use the following links:
    817-967-1577 (I called this number and spoke very respectfully but from the heart about this incident.I asked how as distinguished and historic a company as Ameican Airlines has degenrerated to tolerance for the kind of treatment Glenn suffered. I asked if people with Brooklyn accents were next. The woman said she did not know about it, andI told her that if she is even a modestly decent person, she will be horrified when she get the details.)
    Here is the link for the Customer Complait form is a list of the Coprorate Officers. Contact info would be appreciated. I amnot a Cowboys fan, but Roger Staubach is on the Board. Roger – say it aint’so! Tom Landry’s hat must be spinning on his head. 

  • Vickie Vila

    Mr. Eastwood was unscripted, REAL and refreshing! His delivery was from the Clint Eastwood of today and NOT the Dirty Harry of yesteryear. 
    Everything Mr. Eastwood said was perfect and right on.
    I was saddened to see how much he has aged, but that’s life. We will all be there soon enough.

  • Charles

    Even the chair routine was great. Yes, there were some verbal ticks or glitches but he did a great job of verbalizing America’s frustation with the current President. He was REAL and now has over 1.8 million likes on facebook. Alot of people were still impressed with his candor. Clint doesn’t speak that often on public affairs. More than some but not often. Clint’s talk carried weight.

  • Samuel Acosta

    Any effort to show America that we must vote Obama out of office is an excellent effort, you have said many times on the radio we must come together, we must unite, and thats what we are doing Clint did it his way, and even if we don’t necessarily agree with the way he did it he is still on the good side.

  • Mark Litteral

    Clint you done a hell of  good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ketchfish

    I think Clint’s speech was the most genuine and entertaining expression of any political point of view I’ve ever heard.  Real people like Clint Eastwood are the kind of folks we need in political office.  

  • Anonymous

    Did glenn apologize today? Did he say anything about the feedback he got here?

  • Ryin Brown

    Clint Eastwood:  Actor, Director, Producer.  

    That’s exactly what he did.  Everything he did was on purpose.  He was brilliant.  Sad to see that you guys didn’t pick up on that :(

  • crazy betty

    I thought Clint was great… he was funny. it was theatrical. Glenn, you’re a phony.

  • Dotty McPherson

    Clint Eastwood’s being in the world of the arts that is rift with symbolism, makes it clear why he used the “empty chair.”

    The “empty chair” symbolized the “do-nothing” president that NObama is

    — symbolizing his “incompetence”;

    –symbolizing his “absenteeism” while burning up fuel in Air Force One for campaigning and vacations (that HE should pay for out of his pocket for vacations and out of his campaign funds, not out of government funds), and golfing not working;

    –symbolizing his “failure” as the leader of our country.

    The joking around by Eastwood symbolized the obvious FACT that NObama is a JOKE — BUT THE JOKE IS ON US, as in you and me AND the United States (U.S.).

    So, Clint Eastwood is getting on up there in age. I’m not far behind him and I totally understood the symbolism.

    What a shame folks try to write off old people because we have trouble sifting through all that information in our computer brains.

    Clint did an EXCELLENT job of conveying a message in such a unique way.

    Perhaps it is a left-brain / right-brain thing that keeps some folks from “catching on”.

    Perhaps some folks’ brains are asleep from under-use.

    Probably the latter, considering they enabled NObama to make the mess he has made in 4 years.

  • Thom Kinoshta

    you suck Glen Beck, I was a fan of you, but no more.

  • Sebastian Kaine

    Glen you were really off the mark on this one. I can’t say I’ve exactly lost respect for you, but this one did make me pause for sure. You were wrong. You were extremely disrespectful to Mr. Eastwood. You sounded like the people you love to hate. I don’t know if you actually read these or not, but don’t get too big for your britches. You need to humbly apologize.

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