MSNBC: ‘Chicago = racism’

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It’s been a rough week for the left. Romney’s poll numbers are growing, there are no skeletons in his closet, and his running mate is destroying their rhetoric on Medicare (not to mention he has women across the country swooning over him).

“They’re freaked,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

Even Michael Moore has come out and said that Americans better get used to saying “President Romney.”

Hopefully no one has told the MSNBC lineup about Moore’s comment, because after their state of mind last night, they might completely lose it. Their “analysis” of last night’s events at the RNC can only be described as completely separated from reality.

Here’s Chris Matthews:

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“Is this constant barrage of assault – saying the guy is basically playing an old game of demagoguery politics where you take the money from the worker bees and give it to the poor people to buy votes. That’s basically what they’re charging him with. All big style, big city machine from 50 years ago.”

…so they’re accusing Mitt Romney of saying President Obama is redistributing the wealth. And somehow that’s shocking?

“You have the President on record saying rich people they don’t pay their fair share,” Glenn said. “I don’t want you to hurt you. If we redistribute the wealth it’s a good thing.”

But it get’s worse.

“He keeps saying Chicago, by the way. Have you noticed? It sends that message that this guys helping the poor people in the bad neighborhoods, screwing us.”

Really, Chris?

“Is that really what we think of when we hear Chicago?” Glenn asked. “That’s not what I think of.”

Gangster politics is what most sane people think of when they hear the word Chicago in a political sense, Glenn noted.

If Chris Matthews is going to accuse Romney of conspiratorial code language, he could at least get it right.

“Here’s the smear,” Glenn started. “This is a corrupt, union, mob boss administration. Corrupt. Dead people voting, political machine, out of Chicago.”

So now conservatives can’t say the word Chicago without being accused of racism? Seriously? Mentioning the city that the president is from is too “extreme” for Chris Matthews?

“Really? Because there’s more white people than black people in Chicago…” Stu pointed out.

If anything, it says something about the man making the accusation, to be able to turn the use of a city into a racial overtone.

“If they could get ride of the crazy progressive politics, Chicago would be great,” Glenn said. “It really is one of the greatest cities in America. It’s completely corrupt, but it’s a great city.”

But now you can’t talk about it… unless you’re a progressive.

“This is the good news. The good news is not a sane person on the planet that’s watching them and saying ‘yep, they’re right on that one,'” Glenn joked.

Earlier in the radio show, Glenn pointed out that MSNBC and their ridiculous smears are becoming a comedy show. This one just one of MANY examples from their coverage last night on the RNC of them “seeing racism” within completely unrelated remarked.

“They think everything is about them,” Glenn described.

That’s why they have the ability to take every comment from the mouth of someone who disagrees with their political ideology and turn it into a personal attack is nothing short of narcissism.

Sorry MSNBC, but it’s not all about you.

“The country’s bigger than you, the presidency is bigger than you, the mood shot is bigger than you,” Glenn said.

“It’s like we have no history outside of the last four years. Their narcissism is crazy out-of-control.”

Just for laughs, here is another examples of MSNBC’s post-RNC “analysis”

Ed Shultz sees birtherism…:

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Understand, aside from the usual MSNBC insanity displayed all the time by Chris Matthews; the Democrats and the MSM are TERRIFIED OF ROMNEY.

    He is their worse nightmare they cannot defeat; the personification of all the horrors of what they deny in their hearts and minds, but know in their souls is truth…he is a fulfillment of what it means to be American, along with his family.

    He is, for want of a better term, the Anti-Progressive; the one who shall put them back into their dark holes and allow America to flourish again as the people restore her.

    Progressives Tyranny has met Republican Freedom and they cannot handle it.

    • Anonymous

      Republican freedom doesn’t apply if I want some say in the operation of my workplace.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Look at it this way, considering the desperation they are showing; come Nov 7 when the defeat of Obama is absolute; record for history the jaws hanging down to the floor, the quivering and whining they shall do with the defeat of their insane god-king once and for all.

    • Sandie

      That will be better to watch than Clint Eastwood’s rendition of the ‘absent president’…. well… maybe. LOL

  • landofaahs

    Like I said before, racism charges, hate the poor, hate of women, those are the chages the democrats use against anyone who disagrees with them.  It’s an old dusty playbook, but when all you have as a tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.   It must be embarassing to be a democrat.

    • greywolfrs

      You must understand that they can not run on their record, because it SUCKS. They have to do these things to have any chance.

      • Sandie

         The way the left on the air and on the web are bristling with anti Romney/Ryan and bashing the RNC activity – especially claiming that Ryan is lying (a week and more ago it was all about Romney lying), it is obvious they are in a panic. The frenzy of the bashing of the right is so high it shows how scared they are. Their desperation should lead them into making some bad blunders about smearing that should come out and boomerang on them.

        • Kristen R Turner

          He gave away the money he rec’d after his father died and he did NOT take a salary when he was governor.

          • Sandie


          • Anonymous

            SPAM!,SPAM!,SPAM!, SPAM! While you comment is welcome your advert for easy money is not!

    • Sandie

      It seems to me that everything  Matthews was whining about is what has been done by him, MSNBC and the left in general for the past 4 years.  The Obama politics are driving it in that Obama is encouraging the division on all fronts, while lying and insisting he is trying to unite the country,  like any good little Marxist propagandist. Geeze, if I had a buck for every time he and his cronies pulled their crap I would be one of the 1% ….  LMAO

      And Ed Schultz? He is from another planet where mental health is not common. The paranoia in him and the way he makes things up is crazy.

      • TheMaskedMarauder

        Ed’s throttle has two positions, CRAZY and WOW!

        • Sandie

           I think sometimes the guy is ‘trippin’.
          It’s nice that they let him out into the community to try to actually have  a job, like they did for the others, Chris, Rachael, Baby Maddow, Commie O’Donnell etal.

    • Anonymous

      land, if one is declared a racist for mentioning the name of the city from which B.O.

      most recently came, does that mean one is also a racist if one mentions the name of the

      city in which he currently resides?          Re: the women issue—I think the Reps did a

      good job with the way they had so many women speakers—some of whom were quite

      good.  And Romney mentioned the fact of many women in his administration when he

      was the governor of MA.   If the libs really knew the history of the Romney family, they

      would know how hard it was for his grandparents and his father’s early years.  Yes, Mitt

      was born into a wealthy family, but I keep hearing two things.  He gave away the money

      he rec’d after his father died and he did NOT take a salary when he was governor.

      How many Dems do you know who did the same?  Any Kennedys?

      • landofaahs

        Sadly, you are revealing what the true problem is. We seem to have to see someone as suffering before they are worthy enough to get elected. I don’t want any person to feel my pain. I want them to leave me alone to my liberty. The women’s groups all know how women are treated by democrats; from Clintons hound dog ways and Teddy’s little escapades. The womens groups on the left are for communism. Everything else is a front or an excuse or a political tactic. Behind it all is communism.
        I don’t have to have cancer in order to have sympathy for those who do. Every person goes through challenges in life and although we always think ours is worse, it’s how we deal with them that matters. I find that when I go through difficulties that it’s best to focus on helping others and in so doing you usually feel better about your own lot. I just don’t like being forced to help people at the point of a gun or worse at the point of the IRS. Sorry for ranting but I do realize that we have to play the game of “I feel your pain” because that is how shallow we have become.

        • Anonymous

          land  You will see all that ”touchy-feely” stuff in the Dem convention.

          That is the way they appeal to their base.   The Reps were trying to

          reach the brains/minds of their base to THINK of what is happening now

          and how it must be changed.   And for those who only watch/read the

          LSM, they will be influenced by that and the class warfare the Dems

          are playing.  Are the folks dumb enough to believe that being rich is bad

          and being poor is looked upon as good?   Especially, when the one who

          became rich did it on his own?   Has anyone ever pointed out the many

          millions B.O. has rec’d from the sale of his two books?  (This from a

          post of another.)           I agree with you.  I should be the one who will

          decide out of compassion to ”share my wealth” with others through my

          VOLUNTARY giving/donations.  I don’t want the gov’t to do it for me.

          • landofaahs

            Good grief I’m gettin’ old. Wretched my back the other day hauling more than I should. I’m going to stick with choppin’ wood.
            I have decided that the country that I love so much deserves my last measure of fealty. The kids and steps kids will have to live with it too. I AM NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT. The bones haves troubles but the mind and muscles and heart and spirit are still together. Pray for me as I pray for all of you. We must stand to the best measure of our faith.
            How can I help any of you all?

          • Anonymous

            land, first of all take care of yourself!   Then, continue

            with what you’re doing—posting and praying.  My daily

            prayers always include both family and friends and to

            cover my bases, I add, ”and for those for whom I should

            pray.”  I let God sort it out—He knows who I mean.

            Blessings to you and your family.

          • landofaahs

            Thaqnk You and always let me know if i can help in any way. The need will be great in a short period of time as you can probably see.
            I have tried to srpead assets across the country to at least help in what way I can when it is needed, but I fear it will be as helpful as a spit in the ocean.
            I have been trying to see how all of this goes downand my best guess is a combination of “Casey Research” After the storm- the 11 stages of the crash. It is about the best way I see it coming down…with the exception of Our Dear Lord Jesus 2nd Coming. I like the last option myself.

          • landofaahs

            Let me also say thank you for your prayers. They are the most important things we can bless one another with. It is good that you remind me of these things as it is the tendency of man to forget.
            I have been enjoying one of the few true blessings of life today; listening to good music. I try

  • landofaahs

    The town of mobsters.  Chicago and Detroit are shining examples of where liberalism leads a city, state or country.  It will get much worse as these places descend into chaos and anarchy if they keep going down this path of liberalism.  Eventually they eat their own.

  • mdkrause

    It truly is amazing that at one time that NBC was a good network. But now to think they actually pay a guy like Matthews the money that he gets, shows how far and bad it has gotten. It’s totally crazy
    CHICAGO CHICAGO CHICAGO  does this make me a raciest  OKAY    CHICAGO  

    • Soulphoenix

      Chicago politics are as dirty as they get. And it was Daley’s Chicago political machine that anointed the “great one” – Barack Hussein Obama – who just happened to be married to the daughter of one of the powerful Democratic precinct captains. Obama became good pals with Dick Mell and Tony Rezko, too. Rod Blagoyevich is in jail because he didn’t cover his tracks carefully enough – he got careless (he married into political power, too, by the way).

      • Sandie

         Chicago dirty politics was all into the Kennedy election.

    • new2la

      It was never good….there was nothing else to watch or listen to. I remember throwing slippers at the TV before Fox.

      • Sandie

        That’s right. When CNN came along it was lefty corner, but when MSNBC came on the scene, OMG they made CNN look moderate.

    • missvickie

      Didnt he say something a few years back that actually could be deemed as really racist? He is has just been really SUCKING UP since then . How does anyone put up with that retarded voice. After a minute its like fingernails on a chalkboard.

  • Jennifer Neilson

    what women swoon over him?? thats just… ewww.

  • Bull57

    These people are insane! 99.99% of all people understood what that meant. We ( Americans ) lead the world in everything that really needs done…. Except get rid of msnbs and all the idiots that work for them. Wake up America.

  • Soulphoenix

    MSNBC is literally the propaganda arm of the Obama Administration. He might as well just nationalize them and put them on the federal payroll – we’re paying for them either way.

    It’s non-stop nonsense. I worked out at lunch the other day and watched a segment they called “Convention-al Wisdom” – the topic being the upcoming conventions. It was a panel of five people, all of whom were rabid (and vapid) anti-conservatives. It was both viscerally unhinged and brazenly pathetic.

    They’ll be snapping straight-armed salutes very soon. We resemble North Korea, with its infallible “great leader,” more and more every day.

  • greywolfrs

    What a joke. Do these idiot s ever get tired of playing the race card? I know they have nothing else, but they still have not learned that the race card is old, tattered and worn-out. I t simply doesn’t work anymore. Americans are seeing right through their B S. I must post this again, because it applies to these left wing morons.

    Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others originate those feelings.[1]
    Projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them.
    An example of this behavior might be blaming another for self failure. The mind may avoid the discomfort of consciously admitting personal faults by keeping those feelings unconscious, and by redirecting libidinal satisfaction by attaching, or “projecting,” those same faults onto another person or object.
    The theory was developed by Sigmund Freud – in his letters to Wilhelm Fliess, ‘”Draft H” deals with projection as a mechanism of defence'[2] – and further refined by his daughter Anna Freud; for this reason, it is sometimes referred to as Freudian Projection.

    • Sandie

       You just described Victor Tiffany to a T

      • Anonymous

        And Barry, the COOTUS.

  • Anonymous

    These people are complete idiots… what else can you say.  They obviously want to go down the path of no return for the US constitution, individual freedom etc… or, that’s right, they are idiots so they don’t understand any of it at all.  Gotta feel sorry for them.

  • new2la

    Sorry Glenn, I just don’t have it in me to listen to any of the bozos on left anymore. I will watch the DNC next week, but only after it’s taped. Watching it live may make me sick to my stomach. I can’t even listen to his voice, you know, the fake in DC.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you there, new21a—re: watching and the voice.  I mute as quickly as I can and

      turn away.   I will wait until someone later will tell me what was said.      An aside—after

      ignoring them for awhile, you know it’s an election year, when B.O. makes the trip to

      Ft. Bliss to be with the military.   Couldn’t watch.  Wonder how many votes he will gain

      from that ploy?   We know how much he loves America.  Do they?

      • new2la

        bjv, did you watch the faces behind him? They know…our boys know who their commander is. I bet not one will vote for him.

  • Anonymous

    What else do you expect from Matthews? Every day you get the same rhetoric and EVERYBODY, including the dems, knows it. Everything he criticizes can be applied to the democrats, but is put against republicans for Americans to listen to and eventually believe. I hate to find out how much rigging will be tried come November.

    • greywolfrs

      Yep, it’s called pyschological projection.

    • Sandie

       Oh, you can bet the activity on the left will be in warp speed.

      • Anonymous

        Betcha they’ve been working on ”who” will be voting in Nov., Sandie, for at least

        a year.  Wink, wink.     After the speeches made on Thurs., I noticed how fast

        the ads came out in response.  Betcha they had several of those lined up, too.

        • Sandie

          Oh, for sure bjv!

  • ‘John Beam

    How do people listen to morons like Ed Schultz, Lawrence O’Donnell, Chrissy Matthews, Rachel Maddow, and the rest of the PMSNBC pile day-in and day-out without suffering serious brain-damage.  I feel several IQ points stupider whenever I listen to only several seconds of their idiotic banter, so I can only imagine that it renders their regular listeners as coma-induced sacks of mindless, drooling zombies…oh, wait, that IS what Obama-supporters ARE.

    • Sandie

       I know what you mean John, I try to catch a little time on Fox, CNN, MSNBC etc just to keep abreast of the vibes. After watching a little of Maddow, Schultz etc on MSNBC  ( I can’t stay long on that channel) I sit there shaking my head – they are mind numbing!

      • Anonymous

        Watching MSNBC is like throwing up on purpose. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth and stinks to high heaven.

        • Sandie

          oooooooouuuughhh …. I think I am going to be sick

  • Anonymous

    MSNBC is completely off the tracks……     We watched all speeches on cspan & fox . After each speech we went to other networks to get their perspective.   
    We felt as if we had watched different speeches….!!!!   We were flabbergasted by their comments!    I feel guilty about eating black jelly beans after listening to them….

  • missvickie

    Take the line as meaning Americans are great. When we jump to the aid of countries in need all the time one should say It takes an american. You people are lunatics and conspirousy theorists I think. Such paranoia!  You are the ones trying to divide this country to get votes for your side. Hope your happy when you start race riots. Who keeps you on any network.?  This is coming from someone who watched you more than anyone at one time. Like when Abrams was on. By the way what happened to all those who are gone?  Silly me,  thats right they went to other networks. Coded Messages?   Seriously this must be the old tv show Get Smart back on  again!!! LOL LOL LOL  By the way why should my daughter have to work as an RN buying her own birth control  yet contribute tax money to pay for Flusie’s. Oh pardon me  I meant Fluke?They arent that expensive. Isnt it about her 8th year in college. Student loans and grants allow you some food money buy your own or use a condom.And also my daughters are medically necessary and $20.00 with insurance. Planned parenthood should be privately funded.  GIMME GIMME GIMME That all you liberals know.

  • Anonymous

    MSNBC is the rag cable commentary show.  It is
    not funny.  They have mean ugly people as the hosts
    of the show and mean ugly people who are supposedy
    news commentators.  When I say ugly, I mean in spirit.
    They lie, tell half truths, and insinutate the truths that
    are not there.

  • Rahm Kota

    When Chris hears let control our spending he hears racist. MSNBC race baiting so you don’t have to.

  • Anonymous

    Is this how Comcast is going run MSNBC? I thought it might change for the good when they bought it from G.E.  Guess not.

  • Anonymous

    When the government or an organization within a society develops a ‘coding’ of their language, ie X means Y, not X, then it’s like Orwell’s “1984” or “Animal Farm”.  This is all to confuse the people and make it easier to lock them up for their ‘imagined crimes’ for the ‘good of the state’. This is a communist/marxist tactic to subjugate the people.

    We have got to get these assholes and Marxists out of our Government and our Society!

    This weakening of our societal structure through communication will make us more vulnerable to those who will attack and destroy us by any means necessary for their own purpose and agenda…a totalitarian regime governed by a tyrant or a caliphate.

    • Sandie

      Talk about coding, you really have to see this vid about the OIC. It is not a propaganda vid, it is for real.
      It is long, so sit for a spell, or do some mindless chore while you listen if time is an issue for you. Only a very small segment of the population is aware of what is happening as it is all done out of the public purview and intentionally behind the curtains. It is a vid everyone must see.

  • Anonymous

    MSNBC – You’re so shameful. You’re looking for and digging deep to try to find what isn’t there. You’re candidate and demacratic party is in trouble, DEEP TROUBLE!!!!!  It is so unfortunate your only course of action is to attempt to diminish, degrade, and continue on with strong dislike and hateful speach against a man who holds his principles high and has done nothing to cause discontent amongst his peers. Kindness, love, compassion and doing good to ALL people is what our nation is made of, you seem to want to tear that apart and bring down those lasting qualities that have made our country great. Your actions and poor reporting, dishonest dealings, and hurtfull speach and manor are why you cannot gain the respect of the folks, thus low ratings for your programming. I do hope you can change and become better people so as to better others with the care we ALL deserve.  

  • Anonymous

    1.  Ryan’s repeated lies are surfacing on every real media outlet.
    2.  glenn beck is a racist, not Chicago!
    3.  Tampa was a nice try, but the best thing to come out of the convention was a positive outlook in 2016 for Christie, Rice, etc…

    • Jerry Kountz

       Put your little head in Obama’s lap and cry yourself to sleep strtlk! Your daddy will always love you, even if your a nutball like him!

      • Anonymous

        Hey look.
        The KKK’s little bitch is back to spread more of his racist hatred.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, the KKK was founded by democratic party officials.. So were Jim Crow Laws and the Black Panther Party.. but hey… whatever you gotta tell yourself. Oh btw. Abe Lincoln, guy who free’d the slaves? Republican. And by 1871, every slave owner in the nation was a registered Democrat. Guess who the ”rebellious” Confederacy were? 

        • landofaahs

          Uh, the KKK was an organization formed by the “DEMOCRAT” old south.  The southern democrats voted against the civil rights movement but it took REPUBLICANS to pass it.  No amount of lies can change that.  The democrat party is still the party of slavery, just a different kind.

    • greywolfrs

      Hey, it’s sticky chin the coward. You just agreed with Glenn on the article about Clint Eastwood, now you are back to your same old B S. Real media outlets? What media outlets would those be, the ones who spout the left wing moron talking points, like you?
      Uh oh, you played the race card. Stupid left wingers still have not realized that the race card is worn, tattered and doesn’t work anymore. It’s OK though, morons like you keep proving your stupidity every time that shit drops out of your pie hole.

    • landofaahs

      Ryan didn’t lie.  The plant was scheduled to be close by decision in December but obama had promised it would not. It actually close under obama’s watch.  But then again everything that goes wrong even now is Bush’s fault right?  Obama could have stopped it’s close but he did not. Liberalism always fails and no amount of lies can change that.  To think otherwise is …”Bush League”.

      • Rahm Kota

        Don’t use logic with this one it is beyond his comprehension and don’t use big words like the as well.

        • landofaahs

          “If we don’t try, we don’t do and if we don’t do, what are we here for?”.—Jimmy Stewart in the movie Shenandoah. 😉

  • Jerry Kountz

    This guy Chris Matthews is a total looney nut ball!

  • Michael Paraskevas

    MSNBC is filled with CRazy loons. I tried watching.. really I did but I get so angry and annoyed at their ranting that I have to turn it off for fear of throwing my coffee cup at my tv screen.

    • landofaahs

      I know exactly what you mean.  What is really bad is that you can’t jump into the  screen and beat the H outta them bastards.

  • Anonymous

    What was that again Chris Matthews? Have you taken your medicine today?

  • landofaahs

    To H with these liberal aholes.  I came into this world screaming… I intend to exit the same way.  

    • greywolfrs

      LOL, that was funny.

  • Anonymous


        land, this is in reply to your msgs, since there is no reply to click on either post.  Don’t like it

    when they do that!   Question: What kind of music do you like?   I enjoy music too.  Since I was

    recently ”exposed” to music from the 60’s (from a PBS special), was listening to that and also a

    bit from the 70’s.  Earlier, listened to Benny Goodman.      And to add comment to yours—Yes!

    That’s probably where our prayers should be—Come, Lord Jesus and come soon!

  • Anonymous

    White socialist/communists like Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews spend most of their time trying to find something sinister and denigrating in every comment made by conservatives. They typify the liberal mentality – when there is no factual evidence, or worse, when all facts are squarely in opposition to your viewpoint…bluster. Swear, call names, feign righteous indignation, whatever it takes to obfuscate the issues and take the limelight away from the abject failure of the unfettered application of their ideas. As if it wasn’t enough that the former Soviet Union and every country that has embraced those ideas has utterly failed. 

    What is even worse is that these white, liberal demigogues style themselves the champions of the races, finding hate in every nuanced gesture, facial expression, word or deed made by conservatives. Over and over they claim there is some secret “Da Vinci code/Illuminati”-like conspiracy in which conservatives unite to deprive those of color or foreign birth of their rights. Apparently, in their view, without their interpretations of these nuanced messages (given from their uniquely erudite position as one of the few enlightened, white males), those races would be incapable of either understanding or combating said conspiracy. They make it their singular mission in life to enlighten the uneducated blacks and hispanics to the evils of conservatives of any color.

    In finding racism and hatred in literally,every word, they cheapen and invalidate the experience of true racism in ALL races. Their constant state of hysteria has resulted in social “weariness”. It’s like a sound that, when heard constantly, fades into the background through neurological accommodation, in which the brain simply ignores the irritating stimulus as a coping mechanism. Obama’s appointees even pick up on it during the election cycle. Yesterday we heard from the State Department’s own John Robinson, who released a statement in which he claimed that nearly every phrase that we use during an ordinary day is offensive and racist to nearly every person we encounter during the day. Apparently, the very core of liberalism is that everyone has a reason to feel righteous indignation and take offense where none was given.

    Chris Matthews and the rest of the infantile whiners of every channel suffer from the same malady and hide true racism and hate in their ridiculous contentions. To assume that the black or hispanic population of the US cannot possibly make it without handouts from other races is…racist. To believe that an entire race is incapable of performing at the same level as any other race is…racist. To constantly endeavor to convince those of color to take offense and demand monetary compensation out of a militant sense of entitlement for nothing more than their existence, the color of their skin and station in life is…racist. 

    Chris Matthews, Ed Shultz, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz…NONE of these people believe that those of color in this country are capable of success without handouts. It is about garnering power and votes, not hope…not change…and certainly, not a better life.

  • Jimmy

    I wish someone would remind the left that it was with them in control of contolr of congress that the economy started falling apart.  It was the left that pushed the banks to issue sub-prime loans to people knowing full well that there was no way that they would be able to keep up.  I would love to hear them explain that away.  All they do is blame bush (who I was not a fan of either), but it was their insisting and threats to banks and others that led to the worst economy of my life time. 
    And for the ones out there that say I’m a racist or any other “ism” let me say this first.  I hate the white half of Obama just as much as I do the black.  You see, it is not the color of the man I despise, it is the actions (or lack there of), it’s the very heart and soul of what he believes that makes me want to puke.  When things go right, he is the first to step up and take credit, but when things go wrong….there is always someone else to blame.  In the military there was a saying….Sh!t always rolls down hill…the only thing I hope for is that I see it soon enough to not step in it.

    • Anonymous

      Even though he takes credit for gm they never mention that gm owes the people millions, when are they going to put us in the mix?

  • Tate

    Glen beck steals Alex Jones’ material.

  • Tate

    Glen beck is a fake.  He steals Alex Jones’ material and waters it down to decieve up. Dis-info propaganda

  • Gary A. Anderson

    Let us not mince words. MSNBC and it’s partisan, surrogates such as Schultz, Matthews, Fineman, Borger, Schieffer, etc., are all desperate to play the “race card.” These juvenile, journalist continue to insult our intelligence while shamelessly perpetuating the race card.” Somehow, they seem to believe, by avoiding issues such as our debt and deficit, the American public will forget that real issues count. In short, Obama’s ideologues have foolishly attempted to distract, mislead and hoodwink the American public.

  • Gary A. Anderson

    Why are many liberals so mired in the “race card?” Is this not beyond sleazy? Is this helpful? Clearly, the answer to question one is yes, while the answer to question two is no.

    • Anonymous

      They’re mired because of the continuing agenda of name calling.  “Racism” is one of the “lightning rod” words that evokes strong emotions.

  • Gert B Frobe

    Horse has been beaten severely on this race issue.  NEWS FLASH:  There is no race issue!!!  The true racists have no influence into any elections thus make no difference.  Since the DEMS feel the need to bring this up means they have no platform to speak of.  The DEMS would win this election if they truly believed they made a positive change in this economy and country but feel the need to run from that and play blame games like they did 4 years ago as Obama’s speeches are essentially the same now as they were then.  This brings up the other issue that we are pitting two politicians against each other when we have failed to take our country back as citizens.  We are so LAZY that we have outsourced our freedom to government and then blamed government for taking our freedoms.  It is pure apathy that caused this and Romney will not fix all these problems as no president can.  It is the fault of the government for not saying to the people “You FIX this as we are not going to take away the ability of the citizens to do this” but they won’t per the need to keep power and answer the call of the apathetic.  Government should only be a mediator for commerce issues but refuse to take over any aspect of our ability to self govern on that platform.

    WE are LAZY and gave government the responsibility to fix everything we no longer wanted to do.  This isn’t Obama’s fault or Romney’s fault but our fault.  300 million versus a few thousand and we are losing since we blame everyone but ourselves.  This will be how America falls and not by the hand of some politician which is so easy to blame.  I am conservative but that doesn’t allow me to put the entire world on the shoulders of one man.  Ask yourself what level of involvement you should be responsible for besides driving your car to your job and paying taxes out of your check.  I am guilty of this too but cannot see any other way to get our country back.

    Our citizens are much stupider now as we are comfortable and not aware of the inception of how this country was founded.  All citizens used to go to town halls and voice their opinion and all knew their representatives by name.  THAT is the America we need back!!!! 

  • Jeff Dubiel

    We may be polite but we do fight and are trained as solid combat vets in many cases so watch the name calling Mr Mathews and Mr Shultz you will be a target someday ..what goes around comes around gentlemen. Your types do not like a fight.

  • thats not funny

    WOW this site is really full of crazy uninformed people that like to be lied to!!! I bet you morons did not know that glen beck was a drug addict and suffered alcoholism and you take his word as gospel and insult people that actually take the time to research the stuff they put on there shows!! This guy has a Hitler complex and everything he say has no merit just do the research and you will see to bad you wont wake up and still take the lies for face value. It’s ok because some people actually take the time to learn and not listen to the crazy’s   

    • Anonymous

      You must be new, glen has always stood up to the fact that he was an alcoholic. To want the best for your country and your fellow man does not a crazy make. By the way Hitler did exist. A person who is aware of his surroundingsis hard to sneak up on, so glen checks things out so that it doesn’t happen. Don’t listen to what obama says and see how quickly your surroundings will CHANGE.

    • geo

      Awww, lemme guess. L’il sparky thinks that alcoholism is a grave moral failing, and that all recovered alcoholics are damaged goods, right?

      Did snookums have an alcoholic family member and never came to terms with it?

      Try AlAnon, cherub, they can help you with that anger.

  • crazy betty

    these fools are just making up stuff… contraception and the war on women? wtf?

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