Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

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This morning during the radio show, Glenn played this new at from the GOP:

Like the ad shows, President Obama is touting the same promises as he runs for a second term that he did in 2008. If he had kept the promises he made in 2008 and things in America are improving after four years of an Obama presidency, shouldn’t Americans be hearing a different message from the president?

The raises the question that has been making the rounds since Mitt Romney’s speech at the RNC last week where he raised the question, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”

Maybe you are – but probably not – and America as a whole certainly isn’t.

It’s not hard to figure out the answer to that question – as Paul Ryan would say, “it’s math.”

Math, not shockingly, is apparently not be one of our Vice President’s strong points as you’ll find out in the clip below where Joe Biden tell’s a crowd that America is better off today than it was four years ago – but fails to explain why.

Here’s Joe Biden:

“You, organized labor, are one of the reasons why this country is coming back.  Folks, let me make something clear and say to the press:  America is better off today than they left us when they left.”

Now you’re probably thinking, ‘why?’ or ‘How does he know that?’

Don’t worry, like Biden said, he wants to make it very clear. After all, the press is there to tell the entire country and spread the word.

“And if it weren’t so hot, if it weren’t so hot, I’d go into detail why I say that…”


“You can’t get into details like that when you’re hot,” Pat joked.

Joe Biden’s not alone his is “opinion” about the country. The talking points must have made the rounds, because David Axelrod was saying the same thing …well, sort of.

On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace asked David Axelrod this question: “David, can you honestly say that the average American is better off today than they were four years ago?”

His response? Well, Axelrod didn’t try to lie. Then again, he didn’t answer the question either.

“Here’s what I can say, Chris. I can say that we’re in a better position than we were four years ago…”


A better position?

“So it’s about to…we’re getting ready to pounce!?” Glenn joked.

Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter for Obama’s re-election campaign who charged right through the very same question by pointing her finger at the Democrat’s favorite target, President George W. Bush, on CBS over the weekend.

“Are we better off today than we were four years ago when President Obama was elected?” Today show host Natalie Morales asked Cutter.

“Absolutely,” she answered. “Just let me walk you through what life was like four years ago.”


Pat couldn’t take it though, “I can’t be walked through,” he said before moving on to Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s response when she was asked the question by Megyn Kelly.

“Well, when President Obama took office, the economy was about to go over a cliff.  We were hemorrhaging 750,000 jobs a month.  We had lost in the last six months of the Bush presidency 3 1/2 million jobs and now we created 4 1/2 million jobs, since Barack Obama took office, in the private sector, had 29 straight months of job growth in the private sector, a resurgence in manufacturing, and companies bringing jobs back to America thanks to President Obama’s tax policies.  So yes, we are better off.  We have a ways to go.”


Yes, Debbie Wasserman Shultz did cite the president’s tax policies as a reason Americans are better off now than they were four years ago. Tax policies like the highest corporate tax rate IN THE WORLD, Glenn pointed out.

“That doesn’t make any sense at all,” Glenn said.

Of course, none of these Democrats would have been so abruptly confronted with this question if Governor O’Malley had remembered it is not okay to stray from the approved talking points on CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday morning, where he answered the question, “No, but that’s not the question of this election.”

Of course, he wouldn’t be a proud supporter of the president if he didn’t completely contradict himself by walking back the statement the very next day on CNN, where he said the country as a whole was “clearly better off as a country because we’re now creating jobs rather than losing them.”

“Wow,” Pat responded.

“So he’s now clearer that we are much better off,” Glenn said, “and that is the question of our day.  The only problem is if you listen to Wasserman Schultz, if you listen to Stephanie Cutter, if you listen to David Axelrod or Governor O’Malley and they are all saying that we’re absolutely better – the one that hasn’t had the little stop by visit…is the president,” Glenn said.

And this is what the president has been saying out on the campaign trail:

“Well, I don’t think they’re better off than they were four years ago.”

“He’s actually insulted by the question.  “I don’t think we’re better off than we were four years ago, obviously, you moron.  I’m just saying it’s not that bad.”  He actually seems insulted by the question,” Stu said.

Well, the DNC starts tonight, so the Democrats better get on the same page shortly. Whatever page it is, it’s not likely that it will be one chalked full of Obama’s economic victories from the last four years.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Here are the facts:

    I am not better off.
    The Nation is not better off.
    The Democrats are lying.
    The Democrats pants are on fire.
    The Democrats are desperate.
    The Democrats are insane.

    Fairly easy to understand; which of course is why the Democratic leadership and Obama are incapable of understanding.

    • Monica D. Watson

      where he said the country as a whole was “clearly better off as a country because we’re now creating jobs rather than losing them.

      • Stephen

         He’s full of it, too. I used to be a company Chief Operating Officer, then lost my job due to parent company cut-backs. Got a job as a Nurse Assistant — had to get certified for that, first. Just sent an application in for a ‘grad research assistant’ on the Middle East, since I have three graduate degrees in Mid-East History and Intel Analysis. An INTERNSHIP! I’ll take it, if offered!

      • Anonymous

        Yes, that must be why our unemployment rate has remained UNCHANGED at OVER 8%, lol. Logic escapes you, apparently?

    • Sunshine Kid

       Other than the “Democrats pants are on fire” statement, you pretty much nailed it.

      But I still like the “Liar, liar, pants on fire” chant by children.

  • Anonymous

    I, as well as many of my friends and family are much better off now than four years ago.
    It is refreshing to have  a President who actually cares about education and the middle class.
    If the worst rated congress in history would stop their obstructionist ways and their mindless filibusters the US has a solid chance to turn things around.
    Obviously, glenn hates this because he is he mouthpiece and puppet for his sponsors.

    • Rahm Kota

      Lying again. 

      • Sunshine Kid

         He’s paid to be here.  That’s why he’s better off now than four years ago!

        His handlers are happy with him, mtclayboy, Fine Tapestry, and several others who are so clearly delusional that they cannot see the cliff they are blindly led (or pushed) over.

    • Anonymous

      Which federally or state funded union do you work for? Can you offer up some advice on how you’re so much better off? So, maybe you’re a multi-level product distributor, or getting paid that good internet money you were promised by advertising keywords on Google? Are you a smuggling coyote on the border? Yeah, I hear that pays pretty well but you need a big van and most of those have poor fuel economy.

      WAIT! I get it!  You and you’re friends and family are trading commodities! No? OH! you’re invested in solar programs with Fed Funds.

      OK, I’m out of guesses. There’s no way you’re an entrepreneur.

    • Anonymous

      Strtlk, the best response, I think, is found here:

      Also, the question is bogus.  It assumes that four years is sufficient time to reverse the ill effects of three decades of Right-wing voodoo economics (ameliorated somewhat during the more enlightened Clinton years) and big-money political machinations, all of which culminated in eight years of shamefully incompetent governance under W Bush and the Republicans, leaving the world economy on the brink of disaster.  The Dems, Obama and a few clear-thinking Reps recognized the looming disaster and took action that saved our collective asses and prevented the worst from happening, but that was all they could accomplish with Ryan and the other loonies fighting them every step of the way.  It’s hard to rebuild when half the folks around you are taking the hammers and attacking you.  Get Big Money, supply-side crazies (why are these fools and con artists still given any respect?)  and religious zealots out of the picture, give the country’s moderate, responsible policy-makers a while to craft and adjust the necessary work – and see what happens.  We’ll be back on top.  

      • Sunshine Kid

         Ah, another blind follower of liberal liars!

        First of all, the USA should be concerned with the economy of the USA, not the world.  And as to the “attacking with hammers” statement of your post, why is it that the Democrats do most of the attacking and blame everyone else for it?

        You obviously, are like other liberals/socialists/communists, and cannot refer to anyone not on your agenda without using words like “crazies”, “zealots” or “loonies” (all three words, incidentally, you used in your post).

        Under Article 1 of the Constitution of the United States is the following:

        “SECTION 8. The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States; ”

        Where does it say that the rich shall be taxed at a higher rate and that lower income citizens should not be taxed at all?

        • Anonymous

          SK, thanks for your note. I’ll do my best to respond.

          The USA is concerned with its own economy, of course. The point you missed is that our misguided economic policies almost caused a worldwide catastrophe. Given that the U.S. is part of the world…well, you get the idea.
          I can’t answer your question about “attacking with hammers” because it assumes facts not in evidence. Kind of like asking “when did you stop beating your wife?”
          I’m not like many other Libs I know, and the bit about socialists/communists is useless fantasy. You really should know that. Adds nothing to a real discussion.
          I think it was Einstein who defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This is why those who still believe in Supply Side theory, despite all the evidence to the contrary, are loony…in my opinion. Nothing personal.
          Lastly, re tax rates,are you aware of the Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, passed in 1913?
          Furthermore, as a practical matter, it’s hard to argue against progressive taxation. Just look at the positive results of Clinton’s tax increase on the uber-wealthy.

          • Sunshine Kid

            *Interesting response. One decent discussion, for a change, and I thank you for that. I’ll mull this over carefully.

          • Anonymous

            Likewise, I appreciate and enjoy real discussion of issues. And I’ve found I learn more when I engage with people whose views are different than mine.

        • Sandie

          Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes. The Dems created most of the problem to begin with – Clinton with his forced mortgage loan fiat regardless of the fact that people getting loans could never pay them off, the Dems corruption and their stonewalling the Republicans efforts to keep the situation from blowing up..

          From 1993-1999, the Clinton Administration replaced many of Fannie Mae’s
          key executives, including the CEO, the CEO’s number two, and nearly
          half the board of directiors. As a government sponsored enterprise
          (GSE), the President had the authority to make those appointments. The
          board, which increasingly consisted of Presidential appointments, then
          worked with the new CEO to change Fannie Mae executives’ salary
          structures in order to incentivize them to reach higher mortgage
          targets. More specifically, the board promised senior executive millions
          in bonuses each year as long as Fannie reported certain earnings
          figures. Just a quick reminder… Fannie’s ability to reach earnings
          targets is directly related to the number of mortgages it buys, as long
          as those mortgages do not default or as long as Fannie executives do not recognize negative changes in the payment flow. (

          Between 1994 and 2004, Fannie executives improperly reported $10.6 billion of earnings. Franklin Raines,
          the Clinton-appointed CEO, received over $90 million. Jamie Gorelick — a
          top Clinton Administration lawyer whom he appointed in 1997 to be
          Fannie Mae vice chairman despite having no formal financial experience –
          received over $26 million ( “Gorelick Wall”
          established barriers that prevented federal anti-terrorist criminal
          investigators from accessing various federal records and databases…one
          of the top causes for the 9-11 intelligence failure. ).

          The only way for Bush to change the structure put in place before 2000 would
          have been to forcibly replace the board of directors and senior
          management…but for that, the President would need hard evidence that
          justified cause. As far as Washington insiders publicly knew, all
          Fannie Mae was doing was helping poor people buy homes and, in the
          process, boosting economic activity. Who could argue with that?

          The Clinton Administration’s 1995 CRA changes authorized GSE’s to buy
          subprime mortgages, which it began to do in 1997 (Franklin Raines).

          GW Bush and the Republicans pushed to regulate the GSEs, more
          than once, asking Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Chris Dodd (Banking
          Committee) etc to do something about it – they refused claiming there
          was no problem.

          The evidence finally came in 2004, despite fierce Democrat party
          efforts to prevent it and their systematic attacks on people who tried
          to bring it to light. Even after the evidence was in clear public view,
          Democrats continued to resist any changes to the regulatory structure
          that would have slowed GSEs mortgage lending activity.
          – then the plug got pulled out from under them.

          Clinton Changed the GSE’s Mission but Not the Framework that Oversaw ItThe CRA changes had significantly boosted community organizers, such
          as ACORN, which were rapidly becoming a Democrat party power base.
          Local Democrat-linked political power brokers, such as Valerie Jarrett and friends, were making fortunes in the Chicago subprime housing market, where ACORN was a major player.
          The Democrats filibustered any regulations the Republicans proposed in the Senate, including new Sen Obama. In 2006 Republican wrote an open letter to Senate leadership stating “.. American taxpayers will continue to be
          exposed to the enormous risk that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pose to the
          housing market, the overall financial system, and the economy as a
          whole.” in an effort to appeal to their sense and responsibility to the American people, to no avail..

          Democrats Admitted Responsibility, Then Recanted When Obama Consolidated Power

          Bill Clinton summed up the role of fierce Democrat opposition to GSE regulation in a moment of candor on Good Morning America (relevant section at -2:25 on the video), in September 2008,

          think that the responsibility that the Democrats had may rest more in
          resisting any efforts by Republicans in the Congress, or by me when I
          was President, to put some standards and tighten up a little on Fannie
          Mae and Freddie Mac.”
          He said nothing about Democrats’ role in actively causing the system crash.

          From 1995 – 2008, Democrats Chris Dodd, Barack Obama and John Kerry
          received more Fannie Mae money than any politician. Remarkably, Obama
          places as number two despite having been in the Senate less than four

          On Christmas Eve 2009 the Obama Administration issued executive orders to change the amount – from $400 billion to unlimited
          — that the US federal government would commit to Fannie Mae and Freddie
          Mac in the event those agencies/companies could no longer service the
          mortgages it held/guaranteed. It also deregulated the total amount of
          mortgages that Fannie and Freddie can own or guarantee, enabling the
          GSEs to fully return to the lower-quality, higher-risk segments of the
          mortgage market.

          Go here for a lot more info on what really went down that they tried to keep under wraps..

          • Sunshine Kid

            *Lot of info there, Sandie. Thank you.

          • Sunshine Kid

            *Lot of info there, Sandie. Thank you.

      • greywolfrs

        WOW! Another moron that the liberal education system has failed. I thought sticky chin was stupid, then you come along and make him look like a Mensa member.

    • greywolfrs

      Hey, it’s sticky chin the coward. Hey stupid, Hairy Balls is holding up bills in the Senate, moron. You don’t even know what a filibuster is. Another thing, you actually think you are better off as the national debt has gone over 16 trillion? Man, you really are one dumb M Fer.

  • Washington76

    George Bush New World Order

    George Soros’ New World Order Exposed, 11-11-2010

    Obama Calls For New World Order In Berlin

  • Michael Brinson

    I think it’s obvious that Joe Biden is making reference to “global warming” with his reference to it  being too hot.

    So I think he’s trying to say that because of all of the “Green” initiatives that have been enacted under the president then we are definitely better off and heading toward a recovery from the terrible planet-killing policies of the past.

    I think there’s enough evidence to point at global warming being a load of garbage that is used to push through socialistic agendas ( , ) so it’s a ridiculous reference he’s making.  But if we recognize what he was attempting to do then it diffuses the chance of some lame comment like, “Dumb conservatives don’t even get it.”

  • Rahm Kota

    In 08 I was making 560 every two weeks now I make 250 a month. Gee left does that sound better?

    • greywolfrs

      And your debt obligation was a 1/3 less. We have 16 trillion in debt (and counting) and there are actually people who think they are better off.

      • Rahm Kota

        These idiots need to wake up. Nothing is better it all went downhill more since Obama became president. It sad the hope and changers that worships this man’s every word will never see how dangerous the guy truly is to freedom.

      • Anonymous

        Not only that, but if Obama were to be reelected, there is no doubt that the national debt will be at least 24 trillion by the end of his second term. Talk about bad debt growth.

        • greywolfrs

          Actually, I believe the debt would grow exponentially and would probably be higher than that, but I am smelling what you are stepping in.

          • Anonymous

            My number is just the low end of the estimates. That’s just how bad Obama has been, lol. I’m dreaming of the Bush years now. Bush may not have been perfect, but he was a far cry from Obama.

          • greywolfrs

            I do not think anyone with half a brain could argue that.

          • Anonymous

            The left wing doesn’t even have a tenth of a brain, lol, even if they were to combine every brain cell available to them. Of course it leaves them out.

  • guesswho

    YES.  Myself and many, many others have been able to refinance our homes and pay off extraneous bills at a much lower interest rate than we had 4 years ago.  All of those who have refinanced are better off than they were 4 years ago, for sure.

    • Debbie

      There is always a down side to it, though. People who are living on savings, or retirees, are hurting because of the interest rate. It all depends on your perspective.

      • Sunshine Kid

         Another downside to guesswho’s statement is that when you refinance, you are increasing your debt obligation.  The banks get richer as a result.  The best debt servicing is to have no debt at all, but the left seems to think that prosperity is measured in how much you spend, not how much income you have.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, Debbie.  I, also, posted that.

    • greywolfrs

      WOW! You are stupid. Obamao has spent more than GWB in half the time. You think that the country being 16 trillion in debt means you are better off? You do realize what that means, right? Man, the liberal education system has failed another person.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, g.w., it works wonders for those who have debt.  What about seniors who might

      have savings/investments?  How do the low interest rates help them?  A fraction of a

      percent?  Whoopee!  

  • Anonymous

    Biden reaffirms my belief that Democrats have multiple disfuntion syndrome

  • Anonymous

    Good ol’ Joe.

  • Anonymous

    Democrats keep harping that we were going off a cliff. Well, thanks to Barry, we’re now in the Marianas Trench

  • new2la

    I guess DWS read all the nasty remaks about her hair.     To be fare,   DWS you look much better.    It doesn’t change your black heart, but the camera isn’t goaning so much.

  • Greg S

    Hopefully someone in the media will invite the VP to a nice room with ac and perhaps a beverage so can give a detailed explanation.

    • Sunshine Kid

      From Biden?  Dream on!!!  He’s worse than Nancy Pelosi, famous for her “Let’s pass the bill to find out what’s in it!” statement, when it comes to dumb statements.

  • Anonymous

    I remember when the tables were turned and the Democrats were saying it’s the economy stupid!
    It all depends on whose ox is getting gored! Point fingers acuse the other guy for what you do yourself!
    Reach across the isle; get something done? Not from this pathetic bunch in congress!

    A group of fish are known as a school! A group of lions … a pride!  A group of CONGRESS are known as Baboons!

    Isn’t free speech wonderful! This group of Demos will take that away also…. just givem a chance!
    By then it will be to late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sunshine Kid

       Correction:  A group of CONGRESS is known as “politicians”; a group of baboons is known as a congress.  Right now, we have a group of politicians known as “idiots”.

  • Anonymous

    I know MY family is DEFINITELY NOT better off now than we were four years ago.  My husband worked for the same company for 20 years and received a good pay and benefits for his work.  They closed the doors this year after having a short layoff last year and at 56 years old my husband had to find a new job.  Have any of YOU tried to find a job at 56 years of age?  He never went to college because he never had the time and he never had the need — until now.  Now it’s too late and he had to have A job — ANY job, so he took a job making 1/3 the pay he made for the last 20 years.  Thankfully, we know how to budget and cut corners, but making do with 1/3 what you used to make is difficult no matter who’s doing it.  I am disabled and now am trying to find work I can do to make extra money, but I’m really limited.  So NO, I am NOT better off than I was four years ago.  I am PRAYING Romney gets elected.  At least he has some idea of how to get us back on track.

    • Sunshine Kid

       Dotprince, put your talent at writing to work.  The above is a great start.

      Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Obama is a puppet. He needs some new material. This is a man that needs a teleprompter to do his speeches. He probably needs the speeches to be written as well. Who ever is writing the speeches need to have some new ideas. I am surprised that most liberals don’t see that he is full of hot air. I would be tired of hearing the same old thing.

    • Sunshine Kid

       Hot air inflates balloons and makes them fly.  In Obama’s case, the balloon is ready to burst.

      • Anonymous

        Along with inflation.

  • Anonymous

    Biden can’t tell anyone why we are better off than four years ago because it is too hot, because there is a blue moon, because I don’t have time to explain it, etc. What other excuses will he use? There is always an excuse or they place blame why their way didn’t work. Oh yes, I almost forgot, It is Bush’s fault. People need to be smarter than that.

    • Sunshine Kid

      Never expect a politician to accept responsibility for when things are not going the way they predict.

      • Anonymous

        I would like the people to see through all of it.

  • Anonymous

    What does anybody expect from Biden? I’m  sure he’s better off today than four years ago, what with being handed the VP job and all. Besides, the media will put his words front and center incessantly until the sheeple believe it.

    • greywolfrs

      Yeah, but Biden is VP for only two reasons:

      1. He is the only person on the planet that could make Obamao look smart.
      2. No one will assasinate Obamao knowing that idiot would become president.

      • Anonymous

        I do suspect that #2 may be a factor in why they’ve decided to let him stay on the ticket.

        • greywolfrs

          Without a doubt…

  • Anonymous

    I am not better off than I was 4 years ago!  The country is not better off than it was 4 years ago! We are in more trouble than we were 4 years ago!  Fire the coach and hire a new one.  We need to bring winning back to the USA!

  • Gart Williams

    i can not laugh at this stuff any more. It is so unbelievable this country elected this group of insane individuals, I just want to cry.
    I am convinced the damage done to our nation is irreversible.
    It’s like a bad dream, only it is a living nightmare and the only way to wake up is to jump.
    Mr. Beck this is not funny to me any more. The only reason I don’t blow my brains out now is because Romney might need that one last Colorado vote.

    • Sunshine Kid

      A sense of humor is needed in bad times.  Suicide, real or imagined, is a permanent solution to a very temporary problem.  Work on the problem and never give up!

    • greywolfrs

      Sorry, but you really shouldn’t off yourself, that is not going to do any good. Try offing some left wingers, it will make you feel better and will be a big help.

      • Anonymous

        Taken as humor, I like your reply. However, given what happened in Quebec last night, it’s not a good time to make such jokes. Someone might just do it!

        • greywolfrs

          Well, it was intended to be funny, but I must say, the funniest things have truth to them.

    • Anonymous

      Find more reason than that not to blow your brains out. Your family, friends and community need you more than you may know. If things head south, we’ll need all the right-thinking people we can get to be part of the solution.

    • Anonymous

      You would only be making the death panels happy…… Hang in there we will see CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN! and Chairman “O” will be moving back to his old Chicago address…

  • Brandon Dodge

    The only thing Obama and his cronies know how to do is insult American intelligence! There isn’t enough duct tape in the world to keep my head from exploding after listening to Obama and company

  • Gary A. Anderson

    Is it not self-evident that Obama, his polarizing surrogates,partisan accomplices and special-interest groups cannot be trusted? Clearly, endless prattle, smudging of facts, proclivity for falsehoods and out-right fabrications masquerading as truth are not sound reasons to vote for Obama. Only we can right this ship of liberal deceit, distortion and deception.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I kinda sympathize with him about the heat.  I don’t do heat (if I can help it at all)  Was in Nashville, where I grew up, a couple of weeks ago, and I literally COULD BARELY BREATHE.  Just brutal.

  • greywolfrs

    I find it funny that left wing idiots talk about our “crumbling infrastructure.” Hey, you stupid M F left wing idiots, we pay over $.18 per gallon of gas to pay for that, where’s the money?

    Hey Debbie Was-A-Man Skank, what Obamao tax policies? You mean the GWB “tax cuts” that you left wing idiots hate? Obama has extended those same tax cuts TWICE, moron.

    Maybe we should talk about Obamao and he feels about the debt ceiling.

     The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.    -Obamao 2006

    Now this idiot has no problem spending the same amount as GWB in half the time. You stupid left wing idiots know what more debt means? It means you are NOT better off.

    Maybe we should talk about the “jobs” situation. Democraps took over Congress in 2007, then everything started to crumble. It was a Democrap who signed the Community Reinvestment Act. It was a Democrap who expanded the Community Reinvestment Act.

    You left wingers are dumber than a bag of hammers.

    • Anonymous

      wolf, Today, I rec’d in the mail my latest copy of Nat’l Review in which is found an article

      ”689 Reasons to Defeat Barrack Obama.”  I am only up to nbr 96.  But, apropos to your

      post:  #31: (for) repeatedly citing the 2007 Minnesota bridge collapse as evidence of the

      need for expanded infrastructure spending when federal investigators ruled that bad

      design, not disrepair, caused the collapse.         And since the subject regards Biden’s

      remark, here’s a goody too—#88: (for) that vice-presidential salute to ”the people build-

      ing smart toasters…this is real stuff.”

      • greywolfrs

        I swear these left wing idiots idiots couldn’t pull their collective heads out of their asses with both hands and a map. What is even more amazing is the all morons who still buy their crap.

        • Sandie

          Yes, you ought to hear the idiots at the DNC eating up the speeches laden with spin, twist and lies. Maybe there is a better word than spin or twist – tortion? contortion? .. LOL

          • greywolfrs

            You know me, I don’t sugar-coat things, so I would call it B S.

  • Anonymous

    But, Glenn, you didn’t tell us why we are better off, according to Biden.  He said it’s because

    Osama bin Laden is dead and we killed him.  And we saved GM and they’re alive. (paraphrase)

    No, Joe, it was actually the SEALS who killed bin Laden.  And the amount of money spent on

    bailing out GM?  Was that taxpayer money?   How much did the shareholders lose?

    • Anonymous

      Not to mention that Ford is alive and took no tax-payer money.

    • Sandie

      Those Union auto workers got paid off. The investors? Last in line and took the bullet because of Obama’s cronyism. That is the change that people wanted – no more cronyism/graft/corruption – not a giant push into Socialism. UBL’s death does not put food in my mouth, a roof over my head or heat under it. The money lost on GM would have.

      • Anonymous

        Sandie, what do you think of the new format here? Not sure if I like it.

        • Sandie

          I don’t like it in general, but I do like that we can get more posts showing before we have to load more – used to be 10-20 now is maybe 50? The like/dislike I don’t like LOL. It was nice to see who liked the comments. This thing called “parent” is a PITA. I guess it will take some getting used to. To way to advance to another line in your comment box – just hit enter like the old one. … or maybe there’s a problem with it now because of your browser? The box I am typing in seems to expand as I am typing in it. There is a limit to the size so you have to use the bar on the right side of the box to go up or down. I think they could do better by controlling the trolls and looking into the “flagged” comments instead of doing all this.

      • Anonymous

        Gotta figure out how to advance in order to write a 2nd line.

  • landofaahs

    I liked Michael Reagan’s reply “Are you better off today than you were yesterday”.  His Dad would be proud.

  • Anonymous

    i think what she’s referring to regarding “the tax policy” creating more jobs…it’s true…more jobs for the employees of the corporations who moved out of the country and you know this is not an unintentional consequence.

  • Anonymous

    I am not better off than I was 4 years ago.  I work as a bus driver for the mentally and physically disabled.  4 years ago I was getting 40 hrs a week, with at least 6 to 10 hrs a week overtime.  I was only paying between 1.58 and 1.83 per gallon of gas.  Now I am told there are to many cutbacks for this program and this is after 2 levys that were passed here in Columbus,Ohio.  I am now only guaranteed 25 hrs a week, but do get some extra hrs .  Usually I have to be at work for about 14 hrs a day, but actuall hrs worked still doesnt get me to 40 hrs by end of week.  I cant afford to go home during the day because I am now paying at the least 3.53 a gallon for gas.  What gets me is when I hear people say ”  I only paid 3.50 a gallon.”  Like that is great.  The government slowly brainwashed us into thinking thats good.  Its NOT good no matter how you look at.  I hope things will start to change by the first of the year, but I have a hunch its gonna take a little bit longer to undo all the damage.

  • Gert B Frobe

    This garbage is hilarious.  Obama spiked the football dozens of times about the Bin Laden death in many campaign stops but cannot, for the life of him, spike the football on our economy and gave himself an “incomplete” grade which shows that he has no platform, no record to run on and no reason to be president.  If running for the highest office in the world and on your platform you can only muster an “incomplete” grade for the most important issue, YOU HAVE FAILED!

    Game, set, match!!!

  • Sharmane

    To answer the question:  NO!   Additionally, I’m sure many have noticed one of Obama’s banners/slogans uses the single word “forward” the same slogan used by Mao.   This time around I think he’s coming further out of the commie closet.

  • Anonymous

    Sunshine Kid: Thank you for the correction!

  • William Henry

    The math these hacks use just doesn’t add up, first when they say they are creating (adding) jobs why isn’t the unemployment numbers going down (subtracting.) The country is much better, How? Gas prices doubled, deficit $16T, credit rating downgraded, home values low, and American values devalued. This was not Bush’s fault, when he left office he averaged $500 billion a year, this included 2 wars approved by congress, hurricane Katrina that devastated 3 states, and the fallout of 9/11. If 9/11 hadn’t happened there would be no wars and the average would have been less. Obama has racked up $1.3 trillion per year and what’s his excuse, more government and government programs, crony capitalism and bailouts, and more spending to the public sector; he keeps referring to job creation as hiring more teachers and better education. He has now made jobs his priorty as one of his campaign promises? That should have been his number one priorty from the first day, not healthcare, phoney alternative power sources, and especially usurping his role in the triad of government. Congress makes laws, president sign them into law, the supreme court decides if it meets constitutional muster. This president writes executive orders that panders to a certain base for votes.

  • Anonymous

    When I started my current job 5 years ago, I got an immediate raise to compensate for the rise in mass-transit fares. The fares have risen 5 times since then, but I’ve only had 2pay raises since then. The second one, while Bush was still in office, was a whole dollar. When Obama first took office it went up 55 cents and has stayed there ever since. Food prices, fuel prices and taxes have risen (not to mention new taxes and fees meant to stick it to the rich which effect everyone, but hit the middle class hardest)- I am NOT better off now than I was 4 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Am I better off than I was four years ago?  Well let me think about that……..
    In  07 I was laid off…. I was rehired by the same company for ¾ of what I made before
    I have not seen any raises since I was rehired in 08….. wife diagnosed with cancer
    In Sept. of 08 during the illness we had to cash in her 401K……..
    My wife died of cancer at the end of  2009 so I continued to struggle along with the mortgage
    and all the bills without her income…..
    My health insurance went up by 240 dollars and I am paying MORE out of pocket! …..
    My mortgage went from just under 1500.00 to 1800.00!…
    Oh did I mention my wife died and so did her income?
     In May they foreclosed on the house I and my wife had made into a home……
    I had to put another motor into my truck because I can’t afford to buy one
    Gasoline is 3.60 a gallon and it costs around 75 dollars to fill up the tank
    My commute is 52 miles a day……. So you do the math……  
    I can’t afford to rent a house that fits my needs and I can’t buy one because of the foreclosure….
    SO I guess the answer would be a GREAT BIG HULKING NO!!!!!!!!
    OH and by the way the save the house programs have only saved about 100,000 homes in three years…
    While some 3 MILLION have been foreclosed on…… nice job Chairman “O” just another one of your LIES.

  • George Vieto

    Hell no. I was better off kissing the rings of public servants when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. I am lucky to live day by day with my meager salary as a writer.

  • Anonymous

    It is Joe Biden, need not say more. He is retarded that is why he is Democrap. Living in another world. I can say I went to see 2016 – Scary!!! I encourage everyone to see it.

  • sparducks

    Joe Biden’s stand up is better than it was 4 years ago. He’s a hoot. The “Big Stick” gaffe was great. He went from Senator to boot licking veep and the comedy just got fantastic. I may have lost all my money in the last four years, but I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. And what’s life if you can never laugh,right? Now if you will excuse me I have to go eat my dog. I mean feed my dog.

  • James Baker

    I am better off by far than I was four years ago! If you do not like the pay you get get off your ass and find a better job! They are out there, go find them! You may have to move, stop waiting for the job to come to you go find it! Here in NC I see dozens of opening every week in my field (pharmaceutical). I am looking for a better job, not crying about what I’m getting paid.

  • gofins

    Actually I guess I am one of the fortunate few. I am certainly better off financially today then I was on the day Bush left office. Of course I wasn’t one of those individuals who got scared and got out of the stock market as it declined under 7000, the first few months of the Obama administration.
    Instead I stayed in the market and continued to buy quality stocks which have risen substantially over the last three and a half years.
    Most major companies are sitting on their largest cash surpluses in decades and instead of hiring new employees, they have instead given back some of this money to investors, in increased dividends.
    I don’t really care who wins in November. I’m an investor and money can be made no matter which party is in power
    Politicians from both parties are merely pawns of the special interest groups. As an investor, all I have to do is invest in the companies which tend to align themselves with the party in power. I have always found that to be the best way to make sure I make money, no matter if the Democrats or the Republicans win the Presidency.

  • gofins

    Wow, I wrote a comment stating I was better off today than I was the day Obama took office and all of a sudden the comment has been taken off this board. I guess the only comments allowed on this forum have to be negative toward Obama. I assume Beck and his followers don’t like the, “freedom of speech”, aspect of the Constitution, unless the speech agrees with them.

  • gofins

    If you are not better off today then you were four years ago. It is your own fault. It certainly isn’t the fault of Obama, or any other politician from either party. If you don’t like your present economic situation, do something about it yourself. If anyone thinks that Obama or Romney are going to do anything to make your life better and get you a better job. You are merely living in LALa land.

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