Glenn’s Labor Day weekend in NYC uncovers ugly hatred on American Airlines – UPDATED

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UPDATE: American Airlines has tweeted a response to Glenn on Twitter:

Glenn’s response:

Original Story:

GLENN: I want to spend some time giving you knowledge on, you’re close to winning. In fact, you’re so close to winning, the left and the uber left doesn’t even know how to deal with it, and they’re getting very, very angry. I’ve lived in New York for, what, five years? I’ve seen ‑‑ I’ve seen New York. I’ve seen the ugly side of New York, I’ve seen the good side of New York, but I have not seen what I have seen in the last weekend. In fact, my wife said she’s never going to New York again. It was ‑‑ it was quite amazing.

I want to tell you a little bit about my weekend and I want to personally thank American Airlines for bringing to my attention that they don’t mean “American Airlines.” They mean “liberal American Airlines” apparently. But let me start here. Do you remember when Clint Eastwood got up on stage and he said, “You know there’s a lot of ‑‑ there’s a lot of people in Hollywood. They just don’t make a big deal out of it.” Now why? I’ve spent a lot of time with a few people in Hollywood that are very big names, and they’ll tell you why. They don’t have five Oscars to their name. They don’t have Clint Eastwood’s reputation. They don’t have Jon Voight’s reputation where it’s Jon Voight. You want Jon Voight? You gotta take Jon Voight.

PAT: And you know what was interesting about Eastwood’s speech was that he only mentioned himself and Jon Voight.

GLENN: And Jon Voight. That’s it.

PAT: Because those are the two biggest.

GLENN: They don’t say it. Now why? Why? Because they know they’ll never work again. It’s blacklisting, and it’s wrong if you’re a suspected Communist or a confirmed conservative. Blacklisting is wrong.

I want you to ask yourself, what have we become as a nation? If you have a different opinion, you are boycotted. You’re shouted down. You’re called worse names than you can possibly imagine. Your home or your business is targeted, sometimes by union thugs, sometimes by street gangs. Your church will be smeared. You’ll be made to feel like a pariah in every situation, and they’ll do it all in the name of diversity.

After a weekend in New York City, I remembered why I was so glad to move out of New York City. It started for me on a Friday night, this last Friday at a barbecue restaurant. Now why my daughter who lives in the city thought that coming from Texas we should go have barbecue in New York City is beyond me, but we did. As we walked in, my wife said, oh, my gosh, this is so‑and‑so very famous, you know, barbecue couple that do this barbecue thing, you know, on TV. And I said, “Oh, okay.” She said, “It’s supposed to be really good.” Well, I have to tell you, the look that I was given by those in charge at this restaurant was, how dare you even come in here. It was quite amazing. I said to my wife as we were walking up the stairs, I said, this isn’t going to go well. And she said, no, this was really a mistake. This is a minority‑owned shop. Was that the line that I dared to cross? No? No, it couldn’t be because there were white people in there. So it must be something else besides my character. It’s amazing to me. One would think that ‑‑ you wouldn’t want to shun people that might have diverse opinions. Maybe they could put a second door in or another entrance in for people like me.

The next morning we had breakfast in the heart of the land of diversity. I was openly mocked by the patrons, and my wife was begging to leave as she heard the wait staff and management gasp in horror that they actually had to serve me. Lunch was no different.

New York City has become a very vile and hateful place, if you happen to have a different opinion. It’s sad. Because I don’t see New York as a liberal city. I see New York as one of the greatest cities in America. Not a liberal city, but a city that has a lot of great things in it and a lot of great people in it who may disagree with me, may not.

I’ve lived in Texas in the last few months and I had forgotten why I needed my security detail. It’s funny because as I compared New York and Texas, there’s not everybody in Texas agrees with me. There’s a lot of liberals in Texas. It’s funny. We all have a neighbor here in Texas who is an Obama supporter. All of us do. But we’re neighbors first, Texans second, and Republicans and Democrats somewhere way down on the list.

On the way home I flew American Airlines, a Texas‑based airline. I, unlike all of the other passengers, was not offered the option of courteous service. I don’t know why. Did I have to pay more than I paid for my tickets? Is that something that you have to select now you? My flight attendant nearly ‑‑ merely barked the word “breakfast” when he came to me. When others were politely asked if they cared for anything to eat and given the choices, I was just barked at. When he delivered a soda, he slammed it down so hard, I hesitated to even open the can for fear that it would spray all over other passengers in the cabin. By the way, the other passengers, nobody else had to open their can. He opened it and poured it for them. Never once did he look me in the eye. Never once did he offer a kind or even a neutral word to me. I had service unlike I have never had ever before in my life, and I have had rude service before. I lived in New York City. I have never had service that was specifically designed to make me feel subhuman. Oh, I had it. He put on quite a show as he fawned over the other passengers proudly and loudly performing his life story about being a former Israeli soldier and how he was so proud of the very liberal cities in America.

I watched him and I wondered: Does this make him feel better somehow? It’s sad because I think it did. As I sat there, I wondered how many things we would actually agree on, how many things did he actually believe about me that aren’t even true. I wondered if he was ever made to feel like a second class citizen before. I wondered if he had any friends and family in the dark years of Europe that made them feel less productive. I wonder if his friends and family ever felt like they were less than a welcome member of society because of their faith or who they were or what they believed.

I had lots of time to ponder things. I wondered what I had done to this flight attendant from American Airlines that caused him this much pain that he as a grown man felt justified and uplifted by taking his pound of flesh. What had I done to him personally? Did I wrong him personally? Or was he just taking his pound of flesh and acting out for the collective? Would he tell stories later in the day about how he treated me? Would he revel in those stories as he told his friends? Would he laugh ‑‑ would they laugh and jeer with him and tell him how proud they were of his behavior? I wondered. I wondered if a guy like this flight attendant for American Airlines, if he were in a group of like‑minded people and that group of people were in power. I wonder if he and his friends would feel it rational to march me through the streets with a sign around my neck mocking and frightening anyone away who might want to stand with me. I wondered. Surely not. This somehow was different. This was just a small indignity.

I prayed a lot on the plane. I, as a man, wanted to say something but figured we’d end up landing in a city that I didn’t want to be in. I just wanted to go home. So I didn’t say anything. And then I prayed. I thought about Billy Graham. I thought the leader of my church a lot. I thought about the teachings of Jesus. And gee, none of them really could break through because I was filled with a lot of anger. But I got up and I decided, what is the one thing I can say that will understand, so he can recognize that I recognized his point but also say something true, and kind? And I decided after the weekend that I had had in New York, where nobody really treated my children any differently than they did me, they were acting for the collective on the collective, I realized he was the only man that treated my children differently than me. While he treated me as a subhuman, he treated my children nicely. So as I was deplaning, as he was standing next to the pilot, I said to him, “I want to sincerely thank you for not treating my children the way you treated me.” His response? “It was my pleasure. You deserved it.” The pilot didn’t say anything, nor did the other passengers, but they probably didn’t know what was going on. I remembered yesterday, as I was driving home from the airport, the airlines used to make an announcement at the end of the flight that says, “We know you have a choice in airlines and we’re glad that you chose us.” I wondered if American Airlines was happy that I chose them. Are they happy that other conservatives even fly in their planes? Are they glad to be based in Texas, or is this just an unfortunate stopover on the way to one of those many liberal cities their employees are so proud of? I know yesterday I did have a choice and I chose wrong. I chose to fly with American Airlines. I do have a choice. And my family will never choose American Airlines again. I and my family will choose another carrier. If this is the kind of people that American Airlines likes to hire in the service industry.

You see, I grew up in a family‑run business. “The customer is always right” is what my father taught me. I wasn’t trying to make a point. I just wanted to be treated as a human. Apparently that’s not the way at American Airlines anymore, unless they vote the way you do, unless you vote the way they do. I lost my cool as I walked off the plane, as I was told I deserved to be treated worse than any airline attendant would have treated a dog. I shouldn’t have lost my temper.

Last night I prayed that I would be forgiven for all the things that I may have done to divide, and to be given guidance on how to unite. I have made mistakes. We all have. We all have choices to make, and I have tried to make the highest possible choice. No matter my choice yesterday, I can make a new one today. We all have to if we’re going to survive. No matter who wins, tough times are coming. Like it or not, we’re in this one together. We have to be better than we have been in the past, and we have to expect it not from others but also from ourselves.

We are not the side shouting down, indoctrinating kids at institutions, making them fear, expressing a different opinion, or failing their class. All the while their professors are hiding behind tenure to protect intellectual diversity. We’re not blacklisting those who have a different opinion or a lifestyle. We know that actors lead lives that don’t reflect ours. We don’t shun their movies. We don’t boycott their movies. We connect where we can and the rest is up to them.

Hillary Clinton said during the last election that she was tired of being made to feel un‑American just because she disagreed with this president’s opinion. I remember it clearly. I’ll go a step further: I’m tired of being treated as a criminal, a disease, mentally challenged, stupid, or subhuman just because I happen to believe that the founders weren’t racists, that the Constitution was and still is inspired and the greatest document for government ever created, that the military is not full of a bunch of baby‑killers, or that we shouldn’t spend the money that we don’t have, or that we should stick up for the little guy, the small business owner, that the corrupt businessman should go to jail and that capitalism is still the best system to lift people out of poverty. I will not shy away from saying proudly that I believe in God, that I believe churchgoers in all churches get a bad rap. We are good people and the reason, Christians are the reason the Nazis were stopped, slavery was stopped, and man was eventually set free all over the planet. It was Christians that did it. I’m sorry that you might find that offensive, or that I ‑‑ that I go to church and you find that offensive, or that I happen to go to the wrong church and you find that offensive. But I will not apologize for what I believe in or who I am. Because what I believe in compels me to stand up for you and your right to be who you are. I’d just like to be treated with a little dignity along the way. Thank you, American Airlines, for making my next flight an easier choice.

  • Anonymous

    I swore off AAL while in the Navy.  A stewardess gave myself, another sailor and a Marine grief saying “are’nt you special wearing your uniforms on an airliner when you don’t have to”.  She also limited us to 2 beers because she did’nt “want any trouble”.  On departing the plane, she said with smirky sarcasm “thank you for flying American”, and loud enough for the rest of the crew to hear I replied, “Thanks to you, I’ll never fly this line again “.  That was 32 years ago. 

    • Anonymous

      I had an unpleasant experience coming home for R&R from Iraq in 2009. To be honest, I am not 100% if it was an AAL crew or US Airways. They were handing out headphones and another soldier in a row wanted me to tap an attendant because she had passed us and it was kind of loud. I lightly tapped her on the upper back and she turned around and was like “Don’t poke me!” Having not seen an actual attractive female in months and this being an unattractive older lady it completely made me feel like crap. I’m not sure who was responsible for contracting the airplane, the airline or the military, but MY GOD. Omni International was the airplane and it was horrid. One crappy projector for lousy entertainment in cramped seating… for 14 hours of flying. Made the return flight extra dreadful. I wonder how much money was saved on the accomodations

      • Anonymous

        LOL… been there too!  But on most MAC flights, government charters, the staff has to be fairly nice or their company gets an earful and may not get the contract again. 

      • Wanda Spraggs

        The end is near , for sure, when we see Christians being persecuted more and more!!!!!!!!!!!  Look to the skies, our redemption draweth nigh.

      • Renate Holbrook

         Outraged enough not to fly AA ever again!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Glenn, you should have told him that HE deserves everything he will get from Barack Hussein Obama… and to mark your words about 10-15 years down the road. No matter who wins this election, we will be feeling the affects of BHO’s screwup for a long, long time! BTW, my boss, the senior pastor of a very large protestant church just came back from a conference in Atlanta and asked me never to put him on AAL’s again. I just emailed him this link.

    • MarkoD

      As I was retuning home from MCRD San Diego I was on a AA flight that stopped in Albuquerque, NM to change flights.  The flight I was on arrived late and as I ran from one end to the other they were just closing the door.  Since I was stuck I asked for help getting booked on another flight.  They left me standing there and after awhile I figured out they were not coming back.  I got on the pay phone, called my dad and told him I didn’t know when I’d get back home.  I hung up the phone and a agent from Delta came up and said he couldn’t help overhearing my call and said he could help.  I departed 1 1/2 hours later headed to Texas.  That was 1984 and I will never, ever pay for a seat on AA.  Last year my company flew me to our corporate office and had me booked on an AA flight.  I called our travel department and explained why I wanted to drive instead of fly.  They put me on a Continental flight.  I will do everything I can to deny AA any revenue from me or the company I work for.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Similar incident with AA myself; they boarded everyone and cut me off at the end of the line though I had my boarding pass and all in hand. They said I could not board ‘due to I looked funny to the pilot.’

        Delta was the one who I did finally get a flight out on the way back to Phoenix; my luggage from being put aboard the Delta flight took six days to catch up with me and was damaged very badly.

        • landofaahs

          If I can avoid flying I do unless it would be on a private jet.

          • Anonymous

             Yes, all Americans should stop flying or using any transportation until they throw out the TSA.

          • Daniel Gremillion

            i live in nashville. unless i am flying to california or europe i drive. no hassles in the suv and in hampton inns. my sanity is more important that my time. 

          • Ciaran

            Exactly. Bingo. EVERY-one I know is pursuing the same policy.

          • Ken

             TSA has nothing to do with bad customer service.

          • Anonymous

            I have experienced some nasty TSA people and many many more who won’t even talk to you but just point and grunt. Rarely see any of them smile but see lots of them standing around in groups talking and laughing among themselves.

          • Proud Conservative American

             TSA workers are the grunge of the airlines. I don’t trust them. Be careful all.

          • Anonymous

            TSA is a ‘gift’ from our federal government, not the airlines.  Prior to the TSA, individual airlines or individual airports hired their own security personnel.  There were all kinds of complaints thenn because of the differences.  TSA is another example of government ‘doing what they do best’.

          • Anonymous

            Sadly airports could be barren and empty and the TSA would still be working there. Federal employees are hard to fire

          • Anonymous

            We used to fly often, up to 5 years ago, and I got so tired of crying babies, smelly perfumes that I made a pledge, if I couldn’t drive, swim, or paddle a boat I wasn’t going anywhere outside an emergency.

            Having to take off my shoes, etc. at a local airport by a person I’d known for years, giving up  bottled water, makeup, comb with tines, nail clippers and multiple other things, I decided they didn’t need my money anymore.

            When they really make us safe by harassing the people who do these dirty deeds then I might change my mind.

          • Anonymous

            You got that right. I don’t fly where I am going. Won’t put myself through the T.S.A. while the one’s they should worry about are sent right on up to the air plane as they wouldn’t want to profile. How stupid.

          • Don Daniels

            Last month I had to fly from South Carolina to Detroit to bring my mother’s ashes to be interred next to those of my father.  Having heard some horror stories about such a trip, I was proactive and checked out the matter on the TSA website.  There I learned that, on the day of the flight, they would take the closed box, containing the urn and ashes, and ‘scope’ it to try and determine if what was truly in /not in it.  If the image showed as transparent, when ‘scoped’ with a special grid that they put around it, all would be OK.  But, otherwise, the item could not be carried aboard, but would have to be put in stowed baggage, provided my carrier allowed that.  As the carrier’s website explicitly said they do not, I was faced with the potential horror of finding out at the time of flight that “we” couldn’t travel together.

            So on a Saturday two weeks prior to the flight, I walked up to the security line carrying the box and explained that I wanted it to have a test run.  Well, TSA couldn’t have been nicer.  They offered sincere condolences for my loss, respectively carried the box to the ‘scope’, apologized for making me wait while they got their special grid device, then ran the box through on the machine closest to the walkway so I could see for myself, and proved to our mutual satisfaction that it was not a threat as is.

            When I returned for the actual flight, I chose the same machine, explained that they might wish to get their grid, and received the same level of condolences and professional care as before.

            So, it really can just depend upon the particular individual(s) involved.  As Ann Landers was won’t to say, “Never first assign to malevolence what can just as easily be explained by malfeasance.  Sorry this is far off topic, but sometimes things just need to be said.

          • landofaahs

            I think you’re “groping” for a solution. )

          • Lawrence William Dubreuil Sr

             is this the Land of Aahs up at 82nd st and Raintree??

          • landofaahs

            Negative. I live on a secluded estate in the middle of nowhere.

        • causa pulchritudinis

          LOL!  That is funny that the pilot thought you looked funny and you couldn’t board.  I guess the pilot didn’t want ugly people on his plane.  He does have the final say who flies on his plane!

        • Fleta Delb

          I would not fly Delta either, did a year ago and got samanilla 

        • vikingsfan

          I’m sure there is more to the story, there always is.

        • Sherry Rogers

          snowleopard stated she was refused boarding ‘due to I looked funny to the pilot’.  Did you look funny?  The pilot has the last word on who boards the aircraft for which they are responsible.  You, with all of your rights to be an individual, look like a kook or a threat to the safety of the other passengers, the pilot has every right to refuse your boarding.  I don’t know for a fact (about you) but, I would say leave your fashion statements for your own neighborhood.

          • ArmedPatriot

            You mean fashion statements like a military service uniform?

          • Terry

            Gee Sherry that was the best communistic statement I have read on here so far, that diserves a big HIEL HITLER.

      • Anonymous

        I read a story in a management magazine some decades ago, of a young man who was treated badly by an airline. He later joined a major travel agency which he eventually managed. He estimated over the years, he had personally directed millions of dollars worth of business from that airline. He also told his  his staff of his experience. While they were free to recommend any airline to their clients, they directed many more millions in business away from that airline. Airlines need to be acutely aware of the financial damage their flight attendants can cause.

        • Anonymous

           I agree with you 100% acornminor… as a 28 yr flight attendant with AA… I must say I am saddened, embarrassed and  aghast of the treatment GB received… (and ANY bad service ANYONE should receive on AA).  I think the airline should consider it’s flight attendants as part of the sales department .  We TRY to impress upon the company that WE are their MOST valuable asset as it is WE who spend the MOST time with the customer.  In the end.. it is WE who determine if you have an enjoyable experience… or not…. Not the cheap fare/ free luggage or whatever other carrot they entice you with to get you to book.  However in all of my 28 years with AA… I NEVER felt like I was a valued employee… However I have ALWAYS treated MY customers as if they were a guest at a party at my home… and that is …to make sure they had a good time and were well taken care of.  Because that is the kind of person I am… and I take enormous pride in my work and how I present myself…AA sees me as “labor” an unskilled minion who only pushes a cart up the aisle… and frankly as myself and MANY MANY of my peers who have been around prepare to say AAdios…in light of the most recent paycuts…(Sorry… but my personal pride draws the line somewhere and I refuse to work for what the new industry standard LOW agreement stipulates)  That said…AA is now excited to hire 3 people in my place and pay them Zero benefits in the future… What kind of employee will that attract??   I have no idea… I will say….when I was hired as a bright , attractive 21 year old with a college degree in 1983  there was no APPLE, Microsoft or Facebook to go work for.  Flying was glamorous, fun  the travel was exciting… and the pay was decent.  Now, it is long… long hours, little rest, awful pay.. no benefits/ retirement and we have to be keen of terrorists or other obnoxious passengers who never would have stepped foot on a plane 28 years ago… So YES, AA SHOULD understand that sharp, personable, caring individuals in the service industry…are a VALUABLE asset.. they are in the PEOPLE business as well as the TRAVEL business… I have no doubt AA has lost millions and millions due to the actions of the rude minority who have NO business being in this profession.  It is sad… I have realized after 28 years I have no future with AA so i am leaving too… Good luck AA… you will no doubt find someone to push a cart up the aisle… but you will NEVER find someone who can REPLACE ME!

          • Anonymous

            I truly appreciate that you really cared about your job and took such good care of your passengers, even though your employer treated you like just another tool. I have never had a flight attendant that was anyting but professional so I have to believe that this guy Glenn dealt with was an exception.  I am saddened that AA is not appreciative of their good employees.  You will be successful at whatever work you do in the future because you know how to treat people.  I wish you only success in your future endeavors. . 

          • Ashley Thompson

            This of course does depend on where a person lives, but if you live in Texas you can get if far cheaper and take a higher wage, once the company itself is out of bankruptcy.  The Union is at least partially responsible for this.

          • Anonymous

            My experience in Unionized Verizon (over thirty years) is making me comment to your one line where you are saddened the AA does not appreciate good workers. Verizon’s first level management show appreciation to the good workers by working them harder. The goof offs who cannot do the work will still get the overtime & the same rate of pay as the worker who can do the work. The difference? It’s the goof off who enjoys a lighter workload, gets to BS his/her way of how important they are and then retire fresh as the day they started.

          • ArmedPatriot

            The reward for hard work, is more work. :(

          • Laurence Almand

            Having worked for small business and large corporations, I must agree. The objective of an employer is to get as much work out of an employee, while paying as little money as possible. However, the stupid employers don’t realize that such behavior can cause huge financial loss – the good employees will walk out, just like I did.

          • Micky Baker

             There are some things I don’t agree with you on.  First, when the company isn’t making a profit and in danger of bankruptcy, it is probably best to take somewhat of a pay cut.  At times everyone needs to give up a little for a lot later.  Also, the way the Union is, I wouldn’t agree to paying any more in benefits ever.  You would be better off if you shopped for things like insurance yourself in most cases.  This of course does depend on where a person lives, but if you live in Texas you can get if far cheaper and take a higher wage, once the company itself is out of bankruptcy.  The Union is at least partially responsible for this.

            On being treated as a valued employee, that can be for a number of reasons.  However, if it’s the Union that is causing problems for the company, the company has a right to protect its assets.  This must never be forgotten, because one day you might be the owner of one.  But, if it is about being treated badly it needs to be taken care other than through contract negotiations.  Take it directly to the upper management, because sometimes the Union Leadership can be extremely over-zealous, and that is not the company’s fault if that occurs. 

          • Gloria Walls

             Micky, it doesn’t matter what the circumstances, no one absolutely no one has the right to treat another person badly.

          • Harry

            Ever notice how cruelty is deeply ingrained in the far left? No, I don’t mean “Oh sorry I was having a bad day.”. I mean downright cruelty.

          • Anonymous

            Gloria… let me let you in on a secret… (shhhhhhh)… I posted a message about the treatment GB got with a video link to his story on an AA flight attendant blog/page… THINKING there would be similar OUTRAGE about what had happened… (like I was outraged.) You know what? I got HAMMERED!!!… Sure some of MY personal friends who I fly with and know well were disgusted as I was and a small percent responded in horror… but I ALSO got such seething remarks like “How could you take GB’s side over that of your co-worker?”… Nasty name calling was going on…and I finally just shook my head and said “I am DONE here”… and disconnected from the banter… Like every work group.. you have both sides of the fence… but WOW… I did not realize that I personally would take a pummeling simply because I shared the story… which I THOUGHT would be good for my co-workers to know!… Helloooooo!

          • ArmedPatriot

            Probably 95-99% of these union members are dyed-in-the-wool Obama partisans and Democrats and maybe even to the left of that. They are probably hoping Obama will do for them what he did for, and to, GM, nationalize it at no matter what cost to the taxpayers and get not only pay increases but free health insurance and not have to contribute to their pensions.

          • Anonymous

            I would venture to guess that 75% are Democrats… of that 75% probably 30% of those Democrats are VERY left and quite political… the rest of us are a combination of Republican/ Independent and Libertarian… the vast majority however go to work.. try to avoid political discussions and just want to get along and do our job. But frankly there are occasions where you run into someone (Like Glenn did)… and it is PAINFUL to spend 3 days with them working on your trip. I will say there is no discussion about Obama nationalizing the airlines or AA… We just accepted another 17% pay cut due to the bankruptcy ordeal… (After a 33% pay cut in 2003) and gave up retirement/ overtime/ and agreed to fly 90-100 hours a month for a FLAT rate of pay. We are down to bare minimums and an industry low contract for the next 6 years… The only “Talk” there is is if US Air were to buy AA… if that happens we would merge. Most flight attendants (99%) of us are FOR this option as it would mean a new direction for AA… and hopefully a brighter more promising future if both airlines can compete with United/Continental and Delta/Northwest… and it would get rid of the current AA mgmt who has done nothing but drain this company for 10 years and bring us into BK. There is absolutely no talk about Getting FREE health insurance on the backs of taxpayers… Our healthcare premiums are about to adjust to a 400% increase over what we currently pay. ALSO… Our pensions (while we HAVE been contributing to “pre-funding” for YEARS… has now been discontinued by AA…. they are refunding our refunding all of our pre-funding money and freezing our accounts. They will offer a 5% match of contributions instead. So no… there is no looking toward Obama for anything… and no one is asking for a taxpayer bailout…. I would like for the airlines to MAKE money…but it is difficult to when taxpayers can fly across the country for $99 bucks… And I have to subsidize the taxpayers competitive ticket prices via my paycheck by constantly getting pay cuts…and my company cant make a profit…and ends up bankrupt. Something has to change. The air travel is not “a right”… it is a “convenience” and airlines should make a profit. Just like other companies in this country… However they need the RIGHT management team that understands that the AIRLINE BUSINESS is FIRST a PEOPLE business… not just flying planes from pt. a to pt. b… AA mgmt is not “people business” oriented… Southwest IS… there is a huge difference in the company culture. No one wants a free handout though… just better people at the helm of this ship…

          • April Brown

            AA is a sad company now- they will go down. I had a horrible experience with them overbooking our flight & missing my connection- the person at the gate was a pure ass to me!!!! I will NEVER fly AA again & I am spreading my experience around liberally- TAKE THAT AA!!!!! Some one needs to know what customer service REALLY is!!

          • Tyler

            That’s not true. It actually goes both ways. It’s the extreme right and the extreme left that are the most antagonistic and both blame each other for their rudeness. You’re both rude so chalk it up and admit it. :)

          • Anonymous

            The union IS the problem with AAL . The girls took a cut They don’t get all that much man. The pilots don’t start makin real money till there in the seat about 5 years. The 160K a year over paid bus drivers are long gone…

          • Anonymous

             With all due respect Mickey:
            1. All FA’s took a 33% paycut in 2003 to KEEP AA OUT of bankrupcy.  NONE of us have mad a penny increase since then. 
            2. In spite of our paycuts… we watched our MGMT walk away year after year with MILLIONS of dollars in bonuses as they slowly drained this company due to poor decision making. (The list of bad and costly decisions is long… but reconfiguring aircraft for “more legroom in coach” was a failed marketing ploy…. so was putting employees names on silver coffee pots for recognition… (huh??? Really??)… the list goes on…of stupid …stupid decisions.  That if you or I did…and cost our companies that much money… we’d be fired.
            3. My pay is commensurate to what I made in 1997 as that is when I topped out on the pay scale.  No raise sice 1997. Have you gotten a raise since 1997? I do not get insurance with AA… AA has a rule that you must fly so many hours to qualify for insurance/ vacation and health benefits.  I get none of them as I  am a mother first and a flight attendant second… so no.. At AA there is NONE of the “overpaid…excessive benefits arguments”. as we simply do not get them.  Thankfully my husband owns his own company and I have healthcare thru him.  Our union does not cause undue stress for AA or hardship… Do you realize that the first hour of every FLIGHT we show up to work for is FREE???  AA does not pay me until the plane is moving away from the gate… So YES… when we are boarding the aircraft… that is MY TIME… I am NOT getting paid to handle seat duplications and deal with questions about connections and your misconnected luggage… BUT I DO!… Let me ask you… SHOULD I get paid for my first hour of my time before every flight?  Or do I just show up at departure time.   And If I ask to be paid for that hour… I am deemed a “greedy union person”  but yet my company execs are saving hundreds of millions in dollars just in FREE labor  for 1 hour before every flight that leaves every day.. after day… after day… they get the huge bonuses… and dont give up an hour of THEIR time every day they come to work… I do not honestly know of ANY profession where someone is expected to work for free for an hour every time they show up to work.  Do YOU??
            4.  I actually started my own company 9 years ago… and it does pretty well.. Ironically it is due to my “customer service” that my sales are so high… Some people get it… some people unfortunately don’t.  Those that don’t  should not complain when they want to speak to a person… and get a voice labyrinth of options to go thru on the phone… or you have a kiosk when you really need a person to ask a question… or a sales voice in India when you thought you were talking to a local company.  Trust me I am not a big supporter of unions… in the 28 years I have been with AA… my pay and benefits have spiraled downward.  We are not Teamsters or SEIU… we are a union (aka a group) of Flight attendants who manage/ negotiate with the company on our own… so for people to think we wield all this crazy power is laughable.  We just want to be paid a fair rate for what we do… and get a raise once in a while… Since it has been since 1997… I am hoping that isn’t too much to ask… buy I guess all you anti-union folk think we should just work for free…. like we already do…should we make that 2 hours now everyday??  just saying…

          • allen.richards

            I worked at AA many years ago and the F/A’s never change.. You constantly complain about work conditions and management but continue to work there .. why? My experience with your group was overall pretty negative and from your rant you are typical .. unfortunately most of you take it out on the customers.. and fellow employees.. I remember trying to work on sales initiatives with your group and being treated like crap .. No I have absolutely no sympathy for AA F/A’s .. If you are miserable you deserve it.. No one really cares about the nuances of your work rules.. All of us in the airline work force have stories about the diminishing pay. Something your group never understood.. two words..”GROW UP” no one owes you a living..

          • Anonymous

            1. I work there because I like my job and I have a right to work where I want… and a right to complain when things are not right.
            When I take a 33% paycut for 9 years and witness AA mgmt taking millions of $$ in bonuses… while bringing the company to bankruptcy… YOU BETCHA I am going to complain.
            2.. What exactly were these “sales initiatives” you tried to work on with our group??? Hummm… I am always Leary of those who want to promote “sales initiatives” but decline to say exactly what they are.
            3. I never said I was miserable… Unappreciated… Yes… but never MISERABLE… I have a High tolerance for misery,.. Takes a lot for me to give up the occasional weekend in Paris… And as a full time mother… I have even MORE tolerance because I am not overworked.. and actually SMILE at passengers… Even at people like YOU who obviously do not like flight attendants.
            Finally, I NEVER ONCE stated anyone “owed me a living”… As a matter of FACT if you read any of my posts… you will know that i started my OWN company in 2003… and after 9 years in business i am in the position to say AAdios to AA. And guess what… MY business is a retail sporting goods company with international clients. It is a business i started on MY OWN primarily using my good old fashioned customer service skills and a a LOT of hard work. I don’t NEED AA… I don’t want to work with negative flight attendants who resent me because I am a “part -timer” and I certainly dont want to waste my customer service skills on unhappy people like yourself who assume i must not have 2 brain cells because I happen to be working your flight. AAdios to you too!

          • allen.richards

            Typical attitude towards the sales force.. we were trying to promote our new service to London. We were paying the F/A’s to sit in a classroom while we explained the new service and what it meant to the company and how we needed their help in identifying frequent travelers. I was told by several F/A’s that they didn’t appreciate being told how to their job.. which was never the intention and was never implied..We only said that they were our sales people in the sky .. Most complained about having to sit and listen about the new service as if they couldn’t be bothered.. And yes most of the F/A’s I knew at AA on the international routes acted like the company owed them a living. Your second job is a positive thing and many I knew in the F/A senior ranks had second businesses, sold real estate or did something else because their schedule allowed them the luxury of time off to work on a second career. Despite this you all still complain. I would imagine you continued to work there 9 years because you had a decent schedule and made enough money it was worthwhile even as a part timer..that was your choice.. .. I didn’t care for management and took a job somewhere else .. I certainly didn’t stick around a complain about it for 9 years.

          • elevenoclock

            History repeats itself. Remember EASTERN AIRLINES.

          • Malcolm

            In the early 1970s Braniff Airlines threatened bankruptcy and got 50% wage and benefit concessions from their unions. Then the executives gave themselves large bonuses and low-interest loans and Braniff declared bankruptcy. The executives just re-routed money from the employees into their own pockets. I will never make a concession. Pay me as agreed or I will go elsewhere.

          • Anonymous

            I’m glad you acknowledged the Union’s participation in financial challenges – but – why should the pilots and attenants suffer financially? They pay their union dues just to watch the fat cats get fatter and they get treated like mice. Unions use to be a good thing – those days are long gone.

          • Anonymous

            I’m glad you acknowledged the Union’s participation in financial challenges – but – why should the pilots and attenants suffer financially? They pay their union dues just to watch the fat cats get fatter and they get treated like mice. Unions use to be a good thing – those days are long gone.

          • Anonymous

            Agree they started out by helping people who were the workers. They got corrupt and are more interested now in helping their selves get rich and using the people’s money for their own personal political agenda.

          • Gloria Walls

             Good for you “ohmiss”, your self worth is way more valuable than a thankless job.

          • vikingsfan

            Oh you poor, poor baby! I question the veracity of your tale.

          • Anonymous

             Hey Vikingsfan…

            1. I am NOT a baby.
            2. I own my own company and have for 9 years and am not POOR…
            3 Actually… I almost qualify as RICH, RICH due to all the APPL stock I bought in the early 1990s thru now… Which allows me the freedom to say AAdios AA!!!
            4. If you educated yourself about the airline biz at all and knew a fraction of what has gone on at AA… you would not need to question my tale.

          • Danya Sears

            good way to bury your head,,,just question the veracity of her tale…which is completely factual,,and easy to find facts that support..

          • Sandra Duffy

            You do realize that it is precisely because of people like Glenn Beck that the US now has a philosophy of stripping workers of benefits that the rest of the industrialized world takes for granted? Given Glenns rich fantasy world most of what he described probably didn’t happen anywhere except within his own ‘unique’ consciousness but if it did maybe that employee was expressing some of the frustration he feels at the media representative of those who believe nobody but them deserve paid holidays, healthcare, maternity leave, sick leave, decent pensions etc.

          • Anonymous

            1. When you are a paying customer on MY AIRPLANE I treat you with respect.. I do not care HOW you vote… what your particular occupation is, how you choose to live your life, your color, religion etc. 
            2. I don’t believe GB has a rich fantasy world and he over exaggerated on his experience… I work with flight attendants on occasion who are nothing short than militant when it comes to all things political… you just can’t even be around many of them… Is it a LOT of them? No. The vast vast majority of FA’s are courteous and professional and have no preconceived ax to grind against a passenger.
            3. If this FA was “expressing his frustration” like you say… It was the WRONG time and place.  Our JOB description no where states that we are to VENT our personal injustices and feelings upon our passengers.
            4. GB is not a media representative of those who believe “nobody but them deserves paid holidays, healthcare, maternity leave, sk leave a decent pension etc..”  Obviously you have never watched his program or listened to his show.  GB believes in the founding principals of this country… which basically states that ALL people no matter race, religion etc… have the right to liberty and an equal shot at success in this country.  The thought of “Class warfare” unnerves the man… as this is what he sees happening especially the demise of our middle class…and is trying to warn people about… The sad but true fact is that there exists a vast segment of people out there who are so politically BLINDED… they don’t even see the arguments he is making on their behalf. 

          • allen.richards

            F/A’s at AA were always great at complaining and whining about their job rules and most took it out on employees and customers .. I worked at AA during your strike in the early nineties .. you all were despicable in the way you behaved as a group.. One example of how childish you all were was when I had customers verbally attacked and spit on as they were trying enter the ticket area when mistaken for scabs.

            Even before that one of the favorite tricks of the International crews on the MD-80 on the DFWNRT run was to shut down two of the Business Class Lavs reducing the number to 2 total so that they wouldn’t be disturbed when trying to catch some sleep. Yeah real professionals

          • Anonymous

            DUDE…. Learn your airplanes… The MD-80 NEVER HAS nor EVER WILL fly the DFW – NRT RUN. The MD-80 has 2 LAVS PERIOD… ONE in the front and ONE in the back. The MD-80 has NO business class either. The MD-80 does NOT fly international. So your STORY is a complete FALSEHOOD as there is no possible way ANY flight attendant could EVER “shut down any business class lavs thus reducing them to 2 total” on an MD-80 going from DFW-NRT. Yeah…. you truly sound like you worked for AA… you don’t even know your airplanes… yet you spout off like you know everything about AA… Yea…. you are a real aviation expert.

          • allen.richards

            MD11 not the MD 80 my mistake … and yes you can shut the lavs from the outside.. F/A’s do it before take off .. it doesn’t matter if you believe me or not I really don’t care but I had 8 1/2 years of listening to the AA F/A’s complain about work rules, pay and everything under the sun I didn’t really pay attention until it came to screwing with my clients … I had numerous complaints from corporate customers (Motorola primarily) , I met with supervisors over it and ran it up the chain of command.. It happened because the seats allocated for crew rest were the Business class seats next to the lavs on the right side of the a/c as I remember the MD11’s had 2 lavs on the right aisle side of business plus 2 in the center .. The excuse the F/A’s gave was that they did not want to be bothered by customers using the lavs… they couldn’t get to sleep.. again .. lousy service lousy attitude…

          • Anonymous

            After 28 years on the planes… I THINK I know how the lav locks work. But THANK YOU for educating me on on the lav doors… even if you don’t know what plane you are talking about.
            Also… with 18,0000 flight attendants in AA’s employ… How do you know WHO is “typical?” …Do you ACTUALLY know the majority of our work group? Just HOW many flight attendants do you know?? 1,000… 10,000….13,000… if so that is very impressive… as I have worked for 28 years and STILL don’t know more than about 200 flight attendants. so I have no idea what “typical” means…as we are a very diverse work group… people of different nationalities,.. races and political and religious beliefs… so if you can figure out what is “typical”… that is pretty amazing as You appear to be extremely prejudiced against people on the basis of their JOB… Therefore, i am sure you are NOT a conservative… Heck… I wonder why you even are AT at a Glenn Beck post. You ARE the same kind of liberal hate filled person just like the Flight attendant Glenn encountered..

            I am thankful and blessed that I now own a successful company… and i hire my own staff and employees…and travel the world not only to grow my business… but I also donate sporting good equipment to kids in 3rd world countries so they can experience the love of sports… So allen richards.. IF… YOU can find me another AA Flight attendant that owns a million dollar+ sporting goods company… and donates thousands of dollars worth of sporting goods to charity then you can call me ….”TYPICAL” Until then I find YOU are the one with the lousy attitude… NOT me. And I will no longer waste another moment of my time responding to your ignorant commentary…

          • Thurza Heim

            Sandra, you clearly don’t know anything about Glenn Beck!  He doesn’t believe any of what you just said…not even close.  You must be listening to rumors & gossip, and then making judgments about someone you don’t even know.  That’s classic bigotry!  If you care to know the truth, do your own research. 

          • Amy Mack

            Sandra- What in the world makes you think anyone owes you anything in this country?!

            What makes America great (or did) was the OPPORTUNITY to make something of yourself through hard work, free markets and supply and demand!  You don’t need a union for that!  Vote with your feet.  If you don’t like the treatment you are getting at one company then go to another.  Train up and get something better. 

            Get with the program Sister!

          • Anonymous

            do you enjoy paying millions of unnecessary federal employees for a disgusting amount of vacation, sick, holiday days off? And yes, I am a former federal employee so I do know what I am talking about – the government could do without about half of the employees they have and what are they doing? adding more and we wonder why our nation is broke – I wouldn’t doubt that we’re still paying congress and senate members that died years ago.

          • Anonymous

            do you enjoy paying millions of unnecessary federal employees for a disgusting amount of vacation, sick, holiday days off? And yes, I am a former federal employee so I do know what I am talking about – the government could do without about half of the employees they have and what are they doing? adding more and we wonder why our nation is broke – I wouldn’t doubt that we’re still paying congress and senate members that died years ago.

          • lonestarlady

            Thanks for sharing your story.  I have never been treated badly on a flight, but since it seems that AA is willing to treat customers badly I will not fly them again.  I like you always worked in a customer industry and was always willing to help and make sure that my company held on to their customers.  God Bless you in whatever you choose to do as you will be a success.

          • Anonymous

             Thank you… I post because as a long time employee it sickens me to think about what has happened at AA and the direction this company has gone over the recent years.  As of yesterday the bankruptcy judge made the decision to allow AA to toss out the pilots contracts.  Apparently AA does not value it’s pilots either… the men and women who FLY US SAFELY are also headed for industry low wages… Watch what unfolds in the coming days and weeks at AA…It is a travesty…MANY, many excellent employees with long standing careers are being sacrificed for nothing more than corporate greed…and the ability to use the court system to reach it’s goals…  I don’t blame you for not wanting to travel on AA…. I WORK there and I don’t enjoy walking on the plane anymore.  And Yes I am annoyed and disgusted that the few idiots out there I must work with have the ability to overshadow the many many positive things so many of us flight attendants do everyday.  All i can do is shake my head… and Move on…it was a nice ride… but it’s time to leave this circus… there are just TOO MANY clowns!

          • Ciaran

            Globalization and “diversity” are designed to pull every-one into slavery, and mediocracy, (mediocracy at BEST).

          • Anonymous

            I agree… the MOST frustrating thing about working for a large airline is the lack of any kind of performance based pay….or Bonus… (if you will for a “job well done” Everyone is paid the same rate… no matter if you are a fabulous FA who goes above and beyond assisting customers (there are those)… or the lazy FA who never answers a call light (there are those)… We DID have something called “incentive pay” which paid a slightly HIGER rate once you worked MORE than X amount of hours… but it was based solely on how much you worked… not how GOOD you performed. I will say this.. American Airlines has ALSO just removed the “incentive” pay for it’s flight attendants so we no longer get this small bit of “overtime pay”… It is ALL a FLAT RATE PAY… weather you work 20 hours a month or 120 hours a month. I don’t care for the union… but i don’t care for AA mgmt either… It is NOT interested in anything but bottom dollar for it’s flight attendants… which is FINE.. but they do not value the good work of the conscientious employees… Therefore with this new industry LOW contract… many of us will be leaving in DROVES… we simply refuse to be a slave to AA and work where “meritocracy” is is the standard. All I can say is GOOD LUCK to the flying public… the day has come where there will be a definite shift in the quality of service employee AA will attract. Young kids have MANY options when selecting an employer… Not so sure many of the bright ones will choose to work 100 hours a month… have no holidays/ or weekends off for YEARS…sit on reserve…. no holiday or overtime pay… no retirement benefits… Plus a 600 flight hour threshold just to get medical/ sick and vacation benefits. and a 400% increase they will have to pay for those benefits as to what we currently pay today…. good luck… I am just not into slAAve labor.

          • Mister

            Too bad you weren’t GB’s flight attendant. You are doing your
            best to perform a job well; to you, it seems, the CUSTOMER is what it is all about. The creep that was providing service to  GB put his puny ablility to be rude to someone he perceives to loath put his hatred and spitefullness first. I doubt if GB was talking about you. Don’t worry about your future; there is a smart employer somewhere looking for someone like you.

          • Anonymous

             Well if GB ever needs a flight attendant… I will soon be available!…. BTW… I worked in private aviation and was actually surprised GB flew commercial… I figured he probably had his own jet!… After this last experience… he might opt for one!.. It will make his flying experience much nicer not to deal with the riff raff… LOL!!

          • Bwana86

            keep buying his huckster gold and he just might get that airplane!

          • Right Way

            I do, I will and hopefully so will he. That’s the beauty of free will. Hey if Hollywood movie stars have planes, why not Glenn. I never hear leftists making fun of Al Gore or John Travolta’s toys.

          • Myron

            Wow….very well said!! I hope you find a new FA job where you are treated like the quality employee that you obviously are. God bless you !

          • Cheryl Franco

            I like you always worked in a customer industry and was always willing to help and make sure that my company held on to their

          • Cheryl Franco

            I like you always worked in a customer industry and was always willing to help and make sure that my company held on to their

          • Bwana86

            sure they will – not a problem
            its not rocket science
            but hey- who needs unions right? just let the fair market decide

          • Anonymous

            I appreciate the “fair market” argument… but let me pose THIS question to you… What IS the fair market for airline pilots who have thousands of lives at stake…Also lets not forget the 200-230K in training costs they paid just to get qualified to be in the pool for the job at a commercial airline… I love the NON-Union/ Fair market value arguments people make for this… but frankly… when Joe T. Public only wants to pay $69. bucks for an airplane ticket… and allows the entire system to be dissected into a “i pay for a seat choice”…” I might pay for luggage” … “No I don’t want to pay for a meal”… There IS no money left to PAY salaries of the Pilots and Flight attendants!! This is why we are at this point in the road… and companies want US to keep taking pay cuts to subsidize the cheap fares…. The argument is a very valid one….IF THE PUBLIC apparently does not VALUE the enormous costs involved to keep planes in the air…(Fuel, maintenance, the training of the people at the controls…) Why on EARTH would ANY pilot want his or her paycheck determined by people who value a $69 dollar seat over safety?? Also… if a pilot has a bad day… and people die… I guess all pilots take a pay cut???… or what about Capt. “Sulley” when something goes right and you land a plane on the Hudson River… do all pilots get a raise as their “value” goes up?…. Frankly, I think the “fair market value” argument is only good for entertainers and athletes… people pay ticket sales and go to events… No lives are at stake.. Also… a sports fan will pay a HECK of a lot more than $69 bucks to go to a sporting event… BUT…no one has to figure out how to RAISE the stadium…get it to fly over the ocean and land in Paris when the game is over.

          • Right Way

            Exactly, who needs Unions?. That could be the reason their membership has been plummeting since it’s zenith in the late 50’s and early 60’s. That being said, many union employees can’t make it in the free market. Most employees that transition from jobs that were non-union and become Union jobs, wish they hadn’t voted for the union once they realize that unions don’t really have their best interest at heart.

        • Anonymous

          I was stuck on AA for 3 hrs HOT!!! No service. I to will never fly with them…And that was 1985 Never Forget there smart-ass flight attentants. Never Again

        • Bwana86

          “some decades ago” – hilarious

          • Gregory5152

            Hey Bwana86, why is remembering bad service from 20 or even 30 years ago hilarious? There are activist groups that still rant about disservice to their ancestors, horrible bigoted experiences they never even had personally, that occurred hundreds of years ago that they are demanding recompense for. Why is such a personal experience that may have left its emotional mark some 10-20-30 years ago so hilarious?

            I remember my own bad experience with AA from 30 years ago and have not used their airflight services since. It wasnt a bigoted experience that I know of…just bad service but I remember it.

            Is GB’s experience any more or less ridiculous than the angry chants of those who howl at the offenses of the bigotry of the south in the 60’s with “White Only Drinking Fountains?”

            Are negative racial, religious or political experiences that occurred at the expense of last century ancestors of these contemporary activists who may have never experienced personally any more legitimate than GB’s experience?

            Or are only negative experiences done to blacks legitimate and otherwise not counted if they are done to an outspoken white Mormon radio show host?

            There is way too much polarity in human politics. We are so caught up in the undercurrent of hatred and anger that we have shut down on the most valuable and important tool we have, to communicate and grow together. The political monsters on all sides of the social theatre are playing us against each other as a distraction while they carry on running business in Washington and elsewhere against our will.

            Washington has no intention of ever fixing this. This is their business. The next real leader will be the one who can bring us back to a place where speak to each other and not at each other.

            Im not sure If I will be alive to see that occur.

          • Right Way

            @Bwana86, I noticed you had nothing to retort to Gregory5152’s response to your inane, useless comment. What’s the matter, cat got your “brain”. Too difficult for you?

      • Anonymous

         I retired from Delta and we love our customers and especially our military men and women. Glad to hear about your good experience with Delta – it does sound SOP. Believe me, with AA, it’s all about the unions. Beck is a threat to them. Delta, gratefully is non-union (for now, but they keep trying), except for ALPA.

        • Anonymous

          Keep the unions out, no matter what! Service will immediately start to deteriorate.

          • Anonymous

            Agreed. The employees voted wisely, but were forced to vote 3 times! Each time they lost the union screamed “unfair.”

      • Danya Sears

        an american airlines flight from san diego to albuquerque?? are you sure???

      • DrG

        That’s interesting. Same thing happened to me during busy Thanksgiving weekend. Was stranded at Dallas Fortworth after arriving late for connecting flight, had 10 min to spare but they wouldn’t hold the flight. The AA desk was useless and they were content to let spend the day and night in airport. I approached an agent at the Delta counter and she got us booked right away. Vowed to never fly AA again. That was in 2004.

      • Bwana86

        awesome – “Holding a grudge since 1984!”
        very illustrative example of your thought process

        • Right Way

          @Bwana86, I agree. Why in the world would all those silly black people hold a grudge about things that happened to their race hundreds of years ago. “Very illustrative example of your (their) thought process” don’t you agree?

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      American Airlines has a history of abuse to people and their luggage as well; recall that their destruction of one guitar started the ‘United you broke my guitar’ videos that went viral on youtube.

      This kind of active hostility you and Glenn suffered should never be tolerated by their bosses. Courtesy is what makes people return to fly again; insults are bad for business on the bottom line, I hope the guy that treated Glenn like that is fired.

      • Anonymous

        When Glenn started telling that story, it brought back anger and memories of 3 hours of humiliation and stares from other passengers.  There is more to the story, but I did’nt want to go into it.  (Blood pressure, ya know.)  When we went to complain at the AA office, it was nothing but sighs and eye rolling.  “have you guys been drinking?” grrr.

      • Kristen R Turner

        American Airlines will never be the carrier of choice when I next book a flight!  God Bless you Glenn and keep up the good work!

      • william

         I hope that he is fired too. totally unacceptable.

        • NH

           Nothing will make them offend more if everybody NOT USING AMERICAN AIRLINES.  THEY SHOULD CHANGE THEIR NAMES

          • Mary Theresa Del Buono

            Or anti Constitutional Conservative Airlines…chucka chucka chew chew…sounds coming from the ole engines…
            I get so discusted when it comes to rudeness…from customers that are really rude that is a different story…like where I volunteer…they want something for less money what it was only $1.00 anyway…funny…but I would agree with Glenn I don’t want anything to do with New York….when a kid we asked policeman were was the Bronx zoo…we were about 2 or 3 blocks away but we had no clue…he said he did not know???? he saw we had older car and from Connecticut….rude or what??? this was about 50 years ago…
            So New York is out of my life for sure…crowds…yuck…rats…yuck…
            and American Airlines is more expensive…isn’t it???

          • Daniel Gremillion

            using the name american is all b.s. and we all know it. 

        • Anonymous

           The only problem with him being fired is the danger that he might become some “cause celeb”. Better to let him go back to his little hole.

      • Daniel Gremillion

        they stick it to you because all the wussie passengers flying in the skys are too busy and chicken to complain and boycott their airline. if we all did that they would either shut down or do an about face. 

    • Mario Lebowski

      A quote from a study on rationalization conducted by two psychologists, Brittany Liu and Peter Ditto: 
      “Conservatives are against “socialism” but love Medicare.  They hate Obamacare but nominated a guy who created the model for Obamacare.  They’re against abortion but don’t want to teach kids about condoms.  They don’t like Wall Street but want fewer regulations.  The list goes on.  And that’s why people search for the news that reassures them that they are correct instead of simply searching for the truth; cognitive dissonance is the reason that Fox News is profitable.”
      Here’s a link to an article about the study:

      • Anonymous

        First of all, we pay into Medicare, was not meant to be a social/welfare program. So, yes, I can be against Socialism and be for keeping a program that I have paid into for my retirement. Of course, I don’t expect to see it now since obama is ripping it off to pay for his Obamacare monster. Secondly, Although most Conservatives were against Romneys healthcare package for Maine, it does not compare to the massive 2000 paged Obamacare with ladened taxes. Thirdly, condoms isn’t the main issue, although, let me as a parent decide that for my child. It’s just as a Christian, I do not want the possibility of a liberal teacher teaching my child their views on sex. I teach them that abstinence is the ultimate protection until marriage, and then the consequences of sex outside of marriage. Lastly, don’t buy into the class warfare and that all rich people are criminals or bad. They give many, many American good paying jobs. If you are for regulations, lets start first regualting and auditing our Govt. This is where we need to clean out and clean up first.

        • Mario Lebowski

          Health classes do not promote liberal views, and they do not encourage sex. They merely teach the scientific facts behind sex and reproduction. If you want your children to not know anything about that area of science, don’t send them to public school.

          • Andy Miller

             Wanna bet? Have you been in one in the past 25 years? I was, and they did. That’s part of how we got started in home education.

          • Mario Lebowski

            I’ve been in one in the past two years.

          • Anonymous

             Like putting condoms on Bananas and explaining the intricacies of anal sex isn’t being taught? You are like a fish – you don’t realize you are wet. Having vagina parties with both sexes attending? You haven’t been to school in 25 years, I’d  guess. Until you spend some time teaching or involved in a classroom, don’t spout your denials as if they were fact!

            There is  no scientific fact involved in practicing a condom on a banana. You are simply demonstrating your abundant liberal ignorance of classroom facts!

          • Mario Lebowski

            I’m sixteen. I know more about health classes in public schools than you do.

          • nilk

            Then you would be aware of the growing numbers of teenaged girls with preventable, sexually transmitted diseases like herpes and chlamydia? Do they talk about the medical side of life at school? Do they explain to you that if you are pregnant and have an outbreak of herpes, for example, you won’t be allowed to give birth naturally in case you infect your baby.

            Do they explain to you that as a girl, when you get sexual with boys, all sorts of hormones are released, particularly oxytocin, which is called the bonding hormone for a reason, so even though you just started out hooking up, after playing around a few times you start liking him, but he doesn’t like you back. So you get confused, and uncomfortable, but you don’t know how to say no.

            All these wonderful little trips down the side lanes that they don’t tell you about.

            Oh, and you can carry chlamydia without being aware, then you infect your boyfriend, or you can find yourself unable to have children years later.

            But that’s okay, because you know how to put a condom on a banana.

          • Anonymous

            happylada..don’t forget the ‘instruction of ‘fisting’toschool kids. As well as the introduction of homsexuality ‘education’ under Kevin Jennings..Obama’s school safety czar. And in Mass. grade school children are taught about beastuality. Kindergardners take home books on 2mommies and 2 daddys. Todays education on sex goes beyond the boundries of the science of our reproductive bodies and is now a lesson in the perverted.

          • Anonymous

            Since you’re 16 (really?), you would have no idea what this used to be like before our culture went over the edge. And try to put yourself in the shoes of other people sometime, it’s always good advice. Imagine having children, and other people, yes at a public school, want to teach your children things that you feel are inappropriate or in ways that don’t meet your values. Perhaps then you can understand our objection to “modern sex ed.” Also, it’s my right, as I PAY the taxes, to send my children to public schools if I so wish, and still disagree with them. They are here to serve ME, not the other way around. 

      • Kay Sheil

        It appears to me that you and the study are making claims that cannot be supported by anything other than their scribblings. 

        • Mario Lebowski

          You know what? You’re right. You must know more about a psychological study than the accredited psychologists who conducted it. The website I posted does not show the study itself, it shows a liberally biased article about it. The facts still hold true though.

          • Anonymous

            LOL…3 examples why one shouldn’t listen to a

            Back when I was 16, Cosmopolitan had a husband and wife
            psychologist team who wrote a regular column on dating and sex, etc. and
            answered questions from readers. They told a young girl, who was unhappy with
            being a girl going through her changes and disliked having a monthly menstrual
            cycle, to take one of her used pads and explore it intimately.

            2 psychologists living in the town that I grew up in :

            One had 3 daughters — Of the three daughters, one was a
            nervous wreck who never washed her hair and always looked at the floor when in a
            conversation (which if she spoke at all, was in whisper). One was an honor
            student, who after graduating from high school, went to work at a local dept.
            store. After moving her from clerical work, to the wrapping bept., they fired
            her within a week because she couldn’t preform the simplest of tasks. The third
            daughter was socially outgoing but unfortunately slept with anything in

            The other psychologist had 2 children; a boy and a
            girl. Later while in their teens, the brother raped the sister. She was later
            committed to a institution for the mentally insane.

            Both psychologists had some really messed up children.
            Makes me wonder what was going on in those homes…..and maybe child services
            should have been called in.
            I wouldn’t believe eveything I read written by a psychologist

          • Anonymous

            That’s very interesting to me as I have had very similar experience with “shrinks” whom I encountered over the years (in social situations – not psych wards).  They tend to somewhat messed up relative to most people and seem to either be searching for answers to their own problems or are overly confident about the intellectual rigour of their craft. 

            I also remember taking a Psych 101 course in university (I took engineering but they insisted we take two Arts courses prior to graduation to humanize us).  The prof told us that he hated teaching Intro Psych because most of the students were basically just messed up kids who were trying to figure out their own problems.

          • Anonymous

            Did your liberal teachers teach you that anything authored by a liberal is guaranteed  to be 100% factual and never to be questioned?  That’s a good little lemming! 

      • Chester Hunnihugger

        And liberals love killing babies and gay marriage and “women’s rights” but partner with Islam…go figure.  Conservatives want fealty to the Constitution, free-market economy, individual liberty & responsibilility.  That quote is just a straw man argument with no basis in actual fact.  It’s a typical liberal trick…assign false motives to the “enemy” and then rebut them.  Easy to do when you distort the facts and project your own prejudices upon the victim of your wrath.

      • Lynn Lyons

        We should all have some degree of cognitive dissonance or our minds would be too closed to function productively with other human beings.
        BUT a parent, a true patriot, when thinking about their children and the future are willing to make a sacrifice NOW for the good of all. 
        All the money grabbing CEO’s and power grabbing politicians need to check themselves before they allow any more debt to be incurred in our economy.  It will be our demise.
        Democrats think stimulus…. and though it has worked in the past, it will not work now with the same effect because consumer confidence is down…. the real “folks” situation is so far detached from the politicians’ life…any extra money goes to pay for necessities of survival… it does not go into the economy as a bonus of stimulus.

      • Anonymous

         I will NEVER fly AA because I refuse to support any company that believes it is o.k. to treat ANYONE less than anyone else. We ALL have a right to believe what we want to, no matter what. If someone does not agree with you, then that’s their opinion. To that AA employee: I pray that God bestow the same kind of courtesy and understanding as you bestowed upon my friend (and any other person you were “so courteous to”). I wonder how that employee would have felt or reacted if the tables were turned and he were treated the same way. That was just shameful.

      • windtalker700

        I found your statement interesting and I think you touched on some important topics. Here’s what makes sense to me.
        First:      Conservatives do want their Medicare particularly those of us who have paid for it. It’s mine, I paid for it. I’m all about better solutions but for the time being “ it is what it is” . Obamacare is a socialist, progressive train wreck. It would not be accurate to call Romney’s  health care plan a model for Obamacare.  The states have the right to make their own laws and welfare systems. When the feds do it our rights are stolen. That’s the key difference. Romney better be a  states’ rights republican or his presidency will be one term.
        Second: How about teaching our kids the importance of abstinence.  We live in an extremely promiscuous society. Aids two is just right around the corner and when it comes to using condoms. There’s a reason they don’t come with instructions. It’s Pretty self explanatory.
        Thirdly: Wall street, Deregulate means free commerce, free trade. I think most people understand that but it also entails having to take personal responsibility in your retirement and your finances or you might get hammered in the market.  Of course I don’t like Wall street and I especially don’t like the idea of trusting other people with my money.
        Fourth: cognitive dissonance, I think you struck a nerve on that one. For me I like Bill O’s  talking points memo’s I think its one of the most valuable pieces of information out there that gives the people fair information. The rest of it in many cases is geared towards entertainment but Fox is leading the way in fair and accurate reporting which sometimes is not very fair or accurate. But even then nobody else is getting close.
        Lastly, you brought up some interesting points but rather than swing a hammer I would very much like to disagree in a way and manner that may teach us both something.

      • Anonymous

        Conservatives are against abortion because it takes a life.  What if your mother had aborted you?  How would you feel about that?  I guess you wouldn’t be able to describe the pain as they pushed that sharp tool through your brain and twirled it around to finish you off because you were not consdered to be viable yet.  And after all, you would have been so inconvenient if you were born.  And your mother would have had to wonder for the rest of her life what you would have been like, and maybe how much better her life might have been if she had made another choice.  That’s the truth about abortion that Planned Parenthood doesn’t tell the mothers.  They have to live with that choice for the rest of their lives.  Believe it or not, many women who have abortions later regret it and even if they don’t admit it, they may never be able to forget what they intentionally had done to their unborn child.  Have you ever even considered any of those negatives about abortion.  Since you are a male, it makes it much easier for you to be pro-choice I guess.  Those babies are never going to be inside of you.

        I’m a conservative and I’m all in favor of condoms and contraceptives.  I spent three weeks in the Ukrain and Russia in 1990.  They had no contraceptives or condoms available for their population. But they had free abortions by the government.  Want to know why that was?  Because just like the progressives here, they wanted to desensitize people’s value they place on individual lives.  Surely abortions cost a lot more than contraceptives, so it was not about saving money.  It was just about making sure their people understood their indiviual lives were insignificant to the collective. It was also about control. They also took god away from them so they would not even have any hope for a better place when they were used up as worker bees in their miserable lives here on Earth. Yeah, Socialism is such a wonderful way to live. “NOT”  If Obama is re-elected you’ll be very surprised and dissapointed in what hapens to America.  I’ll just be dissapointed because I know exactly how awful it will be, it won’t be a surprise at all to me.  How’s that for the truth?  Not the truth you wanted to hear I’ll bet.

    • Dakota Scott Dennis

      Man thats not cool :( I was talking to my dad about this the other day. I don’t understand how anyone could be disrespectful to our armed forces like that. I have great respect for our men and women who serve or served. Im just a 21 year old college kid, but I just wana say thank you for your service.

      • Cynthia Devens Orendorff

        People have seen the president being disrespectful to and about our military heros ……..  the idiots seem to think if He can do it….so can they.  That’s hatred personified.  Mostly hatred for themselves……..makes them feel better to denigrate others!

    • stephanie young

      @seerjfly: I’m so disgusted at what happened to you guys. I WISH someone would say something like that while i was around. It’s sickening how liberals treat our military men and women and it’s even more sickening that other people don’t stand up for what’s right. No more American Airlines for me!

    • Connie Davis

      seerjfly, thank you for your service, from a Marine Mom

    • Anonymous

      Hey, I’m a Navy mom (My son served in the Persian Gulf after Kuwait was attacked), and I’m incensed.  Hmm, maybe she applied to the Navy and was rejected. You deserved to be honored, and I thank you for your service.

    • AZ citizen

      oooh raaaaaa

    • Anne Myers Deem

      So sorry you had that experience, seerjfly! My 85 year old Dad was a Navy pilot and also a Captain for American Airlines! Of course he was forced to retire the day he turned 60 and I know he has missed flying! He had a reputation of being VERY friendly to everyone and I know he would have made sure you were treated much better! I flew a lot when I was younger and never had a bad experience, but we just live in a different age and now I am constantly dissappointed at how people treat each other! Just try and remember that one rude person may not always reflect the whole company – sometimes they are forced to hire these “people” to satisfy the CRAZY rules the government has forced on them!

    • Steve Powell

      Ya think this may be why American is continually in bankruptcy and seems to always have a problem with its employee unions?
      I am really glad that I don’t fly. Ever.

      • Casey Danette Applewhite

        continually in bankruptcy? REALLY?!? try again! this is the first time this airline has been in bankruptcy….. get it together! Bash a company if you want, but make sure your facts are correct……

        • Anonymous

          I also had a bad experience with AAL last May in Chicago. Me and about 25 other passengers…treated like mushrooms, one lady in tears on the phone begging for info. It was bad. Shortly after I got home, AAL announced a 15,000 employee layoff….and I could see why.  I wrote a letter to the airline that was AAL’s exchange partner, advising them of the incident and suggesting that they had made a BIG mistake in signing that agreement. 

    • Tina Gross

      I wonder if that foolish woman even considered our military was a MAJOR player that God used to give us this nation…she wouldn’t have the opp to be liberal in another land, where they hate their people and deny them basic rights at best

    • causa pulchritudinis

      Seerjfly aren’t you carrying the grudge against American Airlines a bit too long, 32 years?  LOL.
      Second, that stewardess limiting you and your other mlitary members to 2 beers each was the smartest thing should could have done. She should have been given a raise in pay and a promotion from American Airlines.
      I guess you speaking loudly about not flying this airline anymore taught them a lesson. Wow you really gave it to them.
      I guess by your last behavior yellng getting off the aircraft the stewardess was correct in not giving you and your buddies more than 2 beers.

      • sjwshareon

         It would have been right if she limited everyone to 2 beers but I bet that wasn’t the case
        Discrimination is based on treating a person poorly based solely on a judgement one person makes about another…..If the rule was 2 beers for everyone then…no discrimination but if for only the soldiers because she disagreed with their service to their country then= discrimination…about the behavior,… try keeping your cool when you have been treated with such injustice…it creates outrage because you know you don’t deserve it and it shouldn’t happen in this country…had nothing to do with the two beers. the feeling is the same when drinking soda.  I’m surprised you feel justified in reprimanding the soldier when you’ve probably done the same thing at one time or another. Obviously there is something wrong with the leadership culture of American Airlines because the employees still feel at liberty to treat people rudely based on a judgement …nothing has changed …the employee should have been fired for his treatment of Glen …32 years later

    • Anonymous

      thanks for the message, I will never use this airline again

    • Mister

      I guess u should consider yourself lucky that she didn’t spit on you and throw rocks at you.

    • Bwana86

      yes- because NOTHING has changed in thirty two years!

    • Anonymous

      lol get off my lawn!

    • Guest

      What did she mean by the comment, “”Thanks to you, I’ll never fly this line again “. That was 32 years ago. Was she reprimanded and fired during flight?
      I HOPE so.

    • Laurence Almand

      Here again, you must document such rude behaivor. If enough people would document unprofessinal conduct, then the airline has grounds to fire the attendant, union or no union.

  • Suzie Que

    Thanks for the info Glenn..Bye Bye American.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      America Airlines should change their name to “Progressive Airlines: Come and fly the unfriendly skies with us.”

      • Kristen R Turner

        If AA cans this piece of trash and makes a vocal and public apology, I think Glenn can forgive, but if he keeps his job, relocated or in some weird way, AA justifies this moron, then they deserve a 20% loss of service.

  • I stole Josez welfare check

    Any chance we can get the name of this POS?

    If AA cans this piece of trash and makes a vocal and public apology, I think Glenn can forgive, but if he keeps his job, relocated or in some weird way, AA justifies this moron, then they deserve a 20% loss of service.

    Hope their stock holders dont mind.

  • Anonymous

    By the way Glenn, be careful the next time you look for “barbeque” in Manhattan; the cowboy and cactus on the restaurant sign may mean you gotta’ wear your ‘chaps’!

  • Anonymous

    darn had an interview w americn – so GLAD i didn’t go!  won’t fly them EVER again! 

  • Anonymous

    Amazing, amazing, amazing! Loved everything you said! That flight attendant should be fired immediately! Horrible person!!!!!!!! The pilot should be fired too!

  • Anonymous

    I will refer to them as UNAmerican Airlines

  • Anonymous

    I hope this goes viral – posted to my Facebook. Glad you were able to keep your cool but I am wondering where the people around you were during the obvious abuse.  Sad that no one asked this flight attendant why he was treating you in this manner and stepped up to defend your right to be treated courteously!!  American Airlines will never be the carrier of choice when I next book a flight!  God Bless you Glenn and keep up the good work!    

    • Frankie

       Viral ???  LMAO .. folks will laugh when they see that Glenn wants people to treat him SPECIAL  .. bwahahahahahahaa  .. like he’s everybody’s darling.  Lots and lots of Americans believe that Glenn is an idiot exdruggie drunk, and I don’t blame ’em.

      • Anonymous

         Basic courtesy is not being treated “special”. But from what I can tell from what you commented you have no idea what basic courtesy looks like.

      • Cecilie Gamst Berg

        I don’t think he wanted to be treated “special”, just like an ordinary passenger who had paid the same price as other passengers and therefore deserved the same curtesy, as a customer. 

      • I hate idiots.

        Awww, look.  Another proggie showing everyone exactly what he is.  You make Glenn’s job eaiser simply by existing, you know this, don’t you?  Useful idiots, they are everywhere.

      • Brenda Burns-Leach

        Yeah, lots of Americas?  laugh?  I don’t think so!!…you evil, out of touch marxist creep!

        • Mario Lebowski

          Where did you get Marxist from that? What does Marxist mean to you?

          • Anonymous

             Here is to hoping you enjoy supporting us all with 2 or 3 jobs under your great socialist utopia.  I’m near retirement and I plan to get every penny I ever paid in to SS & Medicare benefits. On top of that, the money I saved on the side should mean the golden years will be cushy.  My generation is likely to be the last one to have such comfort.  I’m glad you have the will for giving your all for the collective… you’re going to need the will for sure. What you young people fail to realize is that one day YOU will be the producer vs. the receiver.

          • Rob

             SS and Medicare are socialist programs dummy.

      • Michael

         I hope to have you as a patient some day.  We’ll see how it goes.

      • Brandi Smith

        Glenn never said he wanted to be treated “special” just the same as all the other passengers. I dont care if it was Michael Moore on the plane, customers do not deserve to be treated like that.

      • Andrew Hoyt

        You know how much CHARACTER it takes to quit using??? I myself have 71/2 years clean ans sober and it’s not easy. And he’s NOT asking to be treated “special”, he’s asking to be treated like anybody else. Just because you disagree with someones opinions or beliefs is no reason to treat them like “less than”. If I remember right there was a group like that in Europe back in the ’30s and ’40s. They had a good run but were eventually stopped. I see everywhere that the conservatives spread hate, but look where it’s really coming from, sad state of affairs.

      • Anonymous

        wow check this troll out. I love it when people prove the point of the article just by posting a comment. Thank you Mr. “tolerant” leftist guy. 

      • Anonymous

        You’re wrong Frankie…& I think you know it too!

      • Jared Terry

        Glenns not asking to be treated special, he asking to be treated like me and you, A Human, and an American.

      • Mike Sanfilippo

        LMFAO you really make yourself look like a dipshit by commenting on something you didn’t read. Should have kept it to yourself

      • Dolores Callahan Mills

         Oh! Another stupid Obama supporter comes out from under his rock to speak to us!! How nice!

      • Leah Madrigal

        Wow Frankie, you’re a little slow, aren’t you? Or did you not even read a word of Glen’s post? When did he say he wanted to be treated special? Is common courtesy now called special treatment? He wanted to be treated like every other person on the plane was treated – with the respect and kindness that EVERYONE deserves. What kind of lowlife do you have to be to think that someone doesn’t deserve these basic human rights in America, simply because you don’t believe what they believe? Way to be open-minded and accepting. Clearly you’re just another stupid hypocrite.

      • RandiJensenGray

        Wow, has Glenn ever done anything personal to you?  You hate him because of his beliefs, wow, I bet he doesn’t hate you for what you believe, in fact he probably would support your entitlement to believe what you do.  Sorry Frankie, but it is people like you that are causing such hate and division in our country.  Glenn did not expect anything more than what the rest of the people on the plane expected, good customer service.  I hope you have a blessed day and hope some day you can get over the deep rooted hate you have for people that think differently than you.

      • J Far

         You are the one we will be laughing at FRANKIE!  LMAO at you!!!

      • David Ellis

        How is wanting to be treated like every other paying customer Special treatment? I thought liberals were for diversity and against discrimination. oh ya its okay as long as you’re discriminating against someone that has a different set of beliefs

      • Stephen Montemuro

        Do you have the job of cleaning AAL toilets?…..You are what you eat!!

      • Hannah

         He should’ve still been treated like a human no matter who he is. That’s their job as it is for anybodys job to where they have to deal with people they dont like. Otherwise, they shouldnt have the priveledge to have a job. As Americans, we dont treat our neighbors that way.Especially in a professional business!

      • Donna Griffin

        Even in Glenn were all the things you say, so what?  Are you perfect?  Have you ever done anything you are ashamed of?  I KNOW that you have because there isn’t a single soul that is perfect.  I doubt very seriously that Glenn is any of the things that you say he is and that it is just made up rhetoric, as usual.  If he is an “ex” anything, then he should be commended for rising up and creating a better life for himself, which he has done.  He wasn’t asking to be treated special but just to be treated like the other passengers.  Maybe you should go back and reread or watch the video.  Companies as large as American Airline are in the business of flying people to their destinations and providing great customer service, not judging their beliefs,  which was not the case with Glenn.  

      • Debbie Hoover-Graf

        Frankie, you’re an ass.  He didn’t want to be treated special, he just wanted to be treated fairly and with respect.

      • KR

        He just wants to be treated HUMAN. This is almost Nazi behavior and you are condoning it.

      • G Elder

        You have your head where the sun doesn’t shine.Get a grip and get the truth, if you can handle the truth?

      • Amber Olzak

         How about treating him fairly? Equally?  And who are you to judge him?? Can you walk on water? Are you perfect? Do you deserve to be treated better than others? if so, why? are YOU special? I think not.

      • Paul Bukowski

        Whether you believe Glenn is correct or not he, like all people, needs to be treated with respect. It doesn’t sound like he wanted special treatment, just to be treated as well as everyone else. When we stop doing that we may as well hit the reset button and give the cockroaches a shot. I’ll bet they treat each other better than we do.
        Your comments sadden me, so unlike you and people like this flight attendant, I will pray for you to someday learn to treat others as you would be treated and to value the life God has given us.

      • Adam Hodge

         So my question is why are you even on this site if you hate Glenn Beck this much? The answer is, quite simply, you are a troll. You get on a site and say things like this to get a strong response from someone. It’s how you get off…well, that and porn sites. I’m not going to give you the satisfaction. I can’t hate you or say hateful things. I have nothing but pity for you. I do have advice though, man up and speak as though you were speaking to the person face to face, stay off the porn sites, and find something constructive to do with the spare time you obviously have too much of.

      • Hannah

         I dont care who is on the plane. You dont treat somebody like that. Even if you hate him. In any job. You always have to treat everyone equally in all the professional jobs. Otherwise, thats discriminating..which is illegal. And as American, we should treat our neighbors the same.The freakin terroist get treated better than that!

      • Anonymous

        you’re an example of what he is talking about here, Frankie. Living, breathing hate.

      • Ron

         Frankie my friend, I have had the pleasure to observe Glenn in a setting where he was not aware of any scrutiny. He is as genuine and caring as you are obnoxious and demeaning. Lots and lots of Americans admire Glenn because he had the courage of his convictions. Deal with it…

      • Anonymous

         You are a sad prototype of a human being and EXACTLY like the flight attendant!!   Glenn did not ask for SPECIAL treatment–just “normal, courteous” treatment.  Go ahead and “laugh your ass off” before somebody gives it the swift and hard KICK it deserves.  BTW, do you have a company or work for a company that we can all flock AWAY from in the future?

        There is no reasonable way anyone with any humanity can try to justify the conduct of the flight attendant OR your dumb comment.

      • Kerry M Collier

         Did you miss the part where he wasn’t being treated like everyone else..they were being treated better than he was.  That’s unacceptable.  He didn’t ask for special treatment, just equal.

      • Warren Newcombe

        Frankie, what a negative attitude you have. No one, no matter who they are should be treated like that. I would hope that if I was an ex-druggie and a drunkard that I be treated like a human being. I think you would also have that same desire. If this was the way that Glenn was treated by people in the “Service Industry” than they should probably be encouraged to leave that industry because certainly they are not doing their job as they should. If it takes this to go “Viral” than so be it if it helps this encouragement to happen.

      • dhygn54

        I didn’t get the impression that he wanted to be treated SPECIAL, just that he wanted to be treated as every passenger who flies wants to be treated.  You should hear yourself, lots of hate, so sorry for you. 

      • Spencer Frasher

        Did you actually read the article, or are you another Nancy Pelosi and just assume what was said and make your liberal opinion based on the assumption that because it’s from a conservative, it must be offensive? Nothing was mentioned about his being SPECIAL. He just wanted to be treated like all the other passengers. Or…do you think that because you liberals are all SPECIAL, that Glenn Beck’s asking to be treated likewise also makes him SPECIAL? I believe that you feel SPECIAL because you are a liberal.

      • Curtis Newkirk

         You missed the point.  No matter what your beliefs, you should be civil to one another, and if you’re in a serving position, you should do your best to make the customer feel welcome and appreciated.  We all have different views.  You think  the people reporting for MSMBC get treated like crap when they travel through Texas?  It’s TEA verses OWS all over again.  If it’s my opinion, I’m wrong.  If it’s your opinion, I must be an idiot and a second class citizen because I don’t agree with your opinion.  Thanks for proving the conservative point. 

      • Anonymous

        Very classy.  I’m guessing liberal democrat?

      • Mary K Pike

        Frankie, lots and lots?  Really?  You are a hate filled moron.  What’s the matter, Glenn say some things that you don’t agree with?  Keep your hate filled comments for your other libtard moron friends.  They will think you are an intellectual giant, bwahahahahahah.

      • Anonymous

        When did Glenn say or imply that he expected “SPECIAL” treatment?  If you listened to or read his words, your open mind would realize that he simply expected service afforded every other passenger.  But then, it’s obvious that you, too, believe that service should be given to customers based upon YOUR point of view and not your employer’s or the customer’s. 

        American Airlines is home-based in Dallas-Ft Worth, a fact known because I’m from Irving (the suburb which houses DFW Airport).  I am very disappointed to hear of Glenn’s experience with the flagship airline bearing our name.  I would hope that AA managers will do their job and cousel that employee on the meaning of service and offer opportunity for improvement.

        As for you, an obvious kool-aid drinker, we’ll be looking for you at the voting booth in November and, afterward, putting up with your angry retribution for having been told you’re wrong. 

      • Anonymous

        Enjoy your hateful little box, Frankie. Our country has, of late, produced far too many despicable little parasites such as you. But unlike other times and places, the majority of Americans still believe in civility and tolerance and will still defend others from mob-abuse. We have lived in the dark for the past 4 years, but the light is about to be switched back on and we will watch as those like you scurry for cover. 

      • Anonymous

        Frankie, you’re the idiot and a complete moron for thinking this way. Did you watch the entire video? He never once asked to be treated “special” or like “everybody’s darling”. All he wants is the same respect as a person that you or anyone else would want. It’s common decency. And it’s like-minded people like you that is the reason the U.S. has gone to crap and hatred.

      • Anonymous

        You Frankie, are a simpleton! Pathetic!

      • Anonymous

         How is wanting to be treated the same way as everyone else was on the plane wanting special treatment?

      • Denise

        Frankie, I guess you equate common courtesy with being treated “special”? Darling, you must live in a state of CONSTANT disappointment. When a person pays for a ticket on an airplane, they are also paying for service. To receive the low quality of service Mr. Beck received, he ought to get a full refund on his ticket. There is NO excuse for an employee of a company to treat a paying customer in this manner. None. The fact that you find justification for it just shows the level of your quality. Loooooooowwwwww. 

      • Anonymous

        “idiot exdruggie drunk”  YOUR words…..the operative word here is EX.  Glenn did something about his situtation and is trying to lead a better life.  Just because YOU don’t agree with HIS politics doesn’t make him an idiot.  He didn’t want to be anybody’s ” darling” (except maybe his wife’s), he just wanted to be treated with the same courtesy as AA’s other customers on the flight.  It’s really sad that civility has gone the way of the dinosaurs…..very very sad.

      • Anonymous

         Frankie, obviously you are an intelligent and thoughtful person who has respect for your fellow human beings. It is clear that you believe we are all created equal and given rights by our Creator and that among these rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I applaud your sincere and honest attempt to speak your mind in a coherent and uplifting way. Your comment truly reflects to all of us who and what you are. I’m sure Glenn appreciates your thoughts as well. He certainly believes in your right to speak them. As I’m sure you believe in his right to speak his thoughts and beliefs, as well. And without having to be subjected to ridicule and mockery by those who see things differently. God bless you, Frankie.

      • Lisa Schougaard

         … Are you dense… he merely asked to be treated the SAME as everybody else, NOT SPECIAL. Any professional individual would know not to single someone out for SPECIAL treatment, so I guess we can conclude that the steward was not professional. And yes, as a very ordinary person, I would make sure I wrote AA to inform them of the very un-professional personnel they employ and hope that they reprimand accordingly!

      • Erica Flannery

        Frankie, you are extremely ignorant.  He never said he wanted to be treated “special”.  All he wanted was to be treated with courtesy as every other passenger was.  And I am sure you have a past of your own as well, so before you cast stones at another, look at yourself.

      • Anonymous

        I think Glenn was just asking for the same treatment offered the other passengers…nothing special about that.

      • Anonymous

        When you LYAO there isn’t anything left of you!  Do I need to explain my point?

      • Anonymous

        And lots of people believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and Obama but that doesn’t make them right! God Bless you and may you find yourself on the road to recovery real soon.

      • Anonymous

        And lots of people believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and Obama but that doesn’t make them right! God Bless you and may you find yourself on the road to recovery real soon.

    • Heather

      We’re all too afraid to say or do anything on any airline these days… that’s why no one stood up for Glenn. They’d probably end up in jail for looking cross-eyed at the flight attendant let alone saying anything.

      • Anonymous

        What you have just described is apathy at it’s worst – and that is one reason this country is in the shape it is in today. Do you think for one minute that if the tables had been turned and Glenn was observing someone being treated in the same manner he would not have spoken up? We all can voice opposition to anyone being treated badly and if we have reached a point when we are more worried about what MIGHT happen rather than what IS happening, we are in a sorry state (no pun intended) for sure!

  • Margaret Hollenczer Spatafore

    I recently flew Amerian, only because I had enough points from another airline to use toward my American flight. I had a need to call reservations regarding a glitch on their website; the reservations rep on the phone was completely unprofessional. The ticket counter rep was surly and rude, as were the reps at the check-in counter. The flight attendants were neither overly friendly nor downright rude, but as far as I could tell, not happy to be there. 

  • Anonymous

    That’s a sad tale. G/B keep your chin up your loved by millions and hated by losers. I use the term loser’s because it has never been hard to find the truth you just have to be willing to look for it. You’re an honest person and a great entertainer. Whenever I talk to people about politics I never use Beck’s name. It takes the credibility right out of the conversation. Sometimes I get angry when I think about that but as you say, “were winning”. Thank you Mr. Beck for all that you do. You’re a first class guardian of liberty.

    • Phyllis Bickham

      I couldn’t have said it better.  I know some people who work for American Airlines if I get a chance to talk to them, I will ask them what the heck is going on?  One is a pilot who flew one of the planes that was diverted to the ground during 9/11 and one is in the corporate offices somewhere.  I don’t fly anymore period because of the senseless safety issues.  I will not be groped by some moron. Thank you Glenn for moving to Texas and doing such a great job of keeping everyone informed as to the truth. If you ever get to Brenham, we would love to take you on a tour of Blue Bell ice cream.

      • windtalker700

        If G/B ever comes to North Carolina I’m gonna take him fishin as we say in N.C.

  • Dorothy

    I think that the other passengers around Glenn who must have seen what was going on and did nothing were even worse than the attendant who abused Glenn!

  • nc865429

    He’ was gay…they are the meanest group in America.

    • Mario Lebowski

      This is a worse generalization than anything about conservatives.

  • Randy Yentsch


    I am sorry for your treatment on my airline yesterday.  This flight attendant is not indicative of our company values and in fact was in violation of our standards of conduct.  I can assure you the majority of our employees love serving our customers–it is why we work in this industry.  Your treatment on our airline yesterday is under investigation.

    I served 10 years on active duty in the USAF and am currently a traditional guardsman in the Air National Guard flying KC-135s.  I have worked at AA for 11 years and can assure you, the pilots at American Airlines would never allow this behavior to exist if they knew it was happening.

    Please do not discard and discount all 85,000 AA employees because of one bad apple.

    Randy Yentsch

    • Dorothy

      Dear Randy,

      Would you please post the result when your “investigation” is done? And can you explain why none of the other attendants did anything about the guy’s abusive behavior?

    • Lynn Dupras

       I fly American Airlines and my husband is a life long Gold member. I’d like to see a follow up to your comment, to make sure the situation has been rectified.

    • Anonymous

       Randy – at AA do you fire employees who treat paying customers this way? I know that where I work, irregardless of politics or free speech, you simply cannot treat paying customers this way.. you’d be fired on the spot! 

  • Frankie

    Hey Glenn, there are millions of people in the United States and the world that hate you and all the lies you put out, get used to it. 

    • Joan Potts

      there are more of us who like and respect Glenn, frankie, you are the minority here,,,

    • Certified

      Hey Frankie, thats only because they dont know you. I believe in most everything Beck believes in. Its why I listen to him. Its why MILLIONS of Americans listen to him, you tool. And like he said, he stands up for your right to be an ignorant dolt. But I dont. And I dont need to be nice to you. I think people like you are the dregs of society. There is no place in a civilized society for the outright, total lack of intelligence, when schools are on every corner. I think that people like you should have to meet people like me because although I may respect your right to your opinion, chances are, I’ll still knock you out for your total lack of decency and respect. You should learn that I am NOT alone in that belief and maybe you should keep your ignorant mouth shut on ocassion. How do you like me now, you little troll.

    • Makenzie Cosman

      And there are millions of people in the US that hate Obama and all the lies HE puts out. Why don’t those damn liberals get used to it and stop throwing the race card out? Get over yourself. If that were me, I wouldn’t have been as nice as Glenn was. Trust me, if that was a Conservative treating a Liberal like that, hell would have broke loose. And it would have include more Liberals too because they can dish out whatever the hell they want, but when it comes to taking it, their a bunch of pussies.

    • Cody Windsor

      Why are you posting here if you don’t like him? Moron

    • Anonymous

      Frankie, you are an example of the rudeness and intolerance people are experiencing if their thoughts don’t mesh with yours. Your opinion doesn’t make you right. Glenn backs up his opinions with research and facts. Try expressing yourself in an intelligent manner rather than being a rude bully.

    • Anonymous

      Frankie, you are an example of the rudeness and intolerance people are experiencing if their thoughts don’t mesh with yours. Your opinion doesn’t make you right. Glenn backs up his opinions with research and facts. Try expressing yourself in an intelligent manner rather than being a rude bully.

  • Julie Robinson Cady

    I would like to know how did the Flight Attendant know he was a Republican?  

    • interiormotives

      Are you serious?  The attendant knew he was Glenn Beck.  Not an exactly unknown personality.

  • Anonymous

    American is not a bad company. I know many good people who work there. This particular jerk flight attendant was likely acting out his pro-gay agenda. He should be fired. I hope management contacts Glenn, gets this jerk’s name, and promptly fires him. Or else good customers like me may be looking for a new airline.

    • Gary Nixon

      Please explain to me what the pro-gay agenda is. I keep hearing about it, but no one can explain it. 

    • Lydia Tassone

      There is no pro-gay agenda.I’m a lesbian and a supporter of Glenn Beck and the republican party. Not all gay people are liberal obama supporters,I can’t stand the guy.

      • Anonymous

         you’re right Lydia… the real problem is bigotry and it goes both ways.  Too many folks have resorted to hate and intolerance for different views.  Forcing your lifestyle down the throats of others is not a winning strategy.

    • PJSTX

       This is not the first time an AA flight attendant has behaved like an entitled loony on a DFW flight and it made the news. Happening more often recently. Gee, wonder if it’s the hiring policies for flight attendants based at DFW? I think I would look up the ladder a step or two, or more, if I were AA. They’re service has been declining for years, until I guess “here we are”!

      My spouse and kids fly a lot. Won’t be with AA again, even if we have to pay more. Spouse and I have both been / are platinum-frequent with AA.

      I’d like to support Dallas based businesses, local businesses since I live in Texas, but just can’t support this garbage.  Guess it’s a good thing for AA that Southwest isn’t allowed to fly out of DFW and is limited to Love Field.

      A daughter is flying tomorrow. On Delta.

  • Anthony Pepe

    I’m sure the flight “attendant” just looooves telling this story to his buddies while he enjoys some sausage in the can for “dinner”.

  • The Monster

    I’d also like to know the name of the restaurants in question.  I think I know who the black BBQ couple you’re talking about is, but I’d like to be sure so I don’t blame the wrong people just because they’re black BBQ people (which would be racist). 

  • Anonymous

    I love you Glenn!! and their are millions of us :)  God Bless you and your family!!

  • Anonymous

    See ya American Airlines!! Southwest has better routes, newer aircraft & cheaper fares. I’ll never fly a carrier that treats people the way Glenn & Tonya were treated. As for NYC, I think Glenn has shown us the way. God Bless

  • Anonymous

    there i a new Clint movie being released in the next few weeks, im sure going to see it……..

  • Daniel Burke

    I can’t boycott American Airlines because since I boycott the TSA I refuse to fly period. But, if I’m ever forced to fly due to an emergency it will NOT be on AA. Sorry you had to go through that, but “whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” right. Be well.

  • Steven Kneussle

    Glenn, its not the airline, its the homosexual flight attendant.  It wouldn’t matter what airline you flew on.  Any opinionated gay flight attendant would have treated you in the same manner.  I am a Captain for a competitor airline.  90% of the gay flight attendants think that every conservative hates gays and is the reason for everything negative in their life.  

  • Austin M. Spiers

    New Yorkers have a reputation for being a little mean, but this is horrible. You would think they honestly desired a reputation for being arrogant and ignorant. American Airlines truly surprised me. That guy was not getting paid to treat Glenn like trash.

  • Anonymous

    I plan to send your experience to all my friends.  Many of whom have choosen AA as their airline in the past.  Most of my friends are my age (retired) and travel whenever the opportunity arises.  Evidently, AA only wants to encourage business with Liberals….that’s OK…they will never get my business again.  Don’t care what your political affiliation is..if you treat your customers in this deserve to loose revenue.  One will tell many…many will tell many more.  No great loss…to quote a great leader..”they didn’t build that business anyway..someone else did”

  • Stacey Harrod Barnhill

    Your a good man!  No more AA for me or mine!

  • Jon Wall

    WOW! Glenn.. This is the sort of thing that pisses me off on both sides. I my not always agree with you BUT I respect your RIGHTS as a human being under the constitution I raised my hand to defend and by the laws god almighty commanded us to live do unto as you would have done unto you. I also support what you stand for and this sort of thing should never be acceptable from or by anyone above all else Americans we are better than this we are pursicuted around the world and yet we are one of the most forgiving and charitable nations on the planet this sets us apart from the rest of the world. I do fear that this sort of thing will be accepted as normal. I do have hope for our nation becasue I have to and will always keep my faith in my god, family and fellow man.

  • Anonymous

    I really do despise AA.  I avoid flying on AA as much as possible.  What you’ve related, Glenn, only makes me more determined never to spend another well earned capitalist dollar on this airline.

  • Diane VanHandel

    I will not be flying American Airlines, I can tell you that!  And, what Saul Alinsky said about ridicule being the best weapon was so true!  We are operating amongst deranged children.  We cannot play nice or even hope to work with them…

  • Anonymous

    Shame on American Airlines.  Will not choose them ever again.

  • Diane Skiff

    I am not going to boycott American because I love the airline and I know this is one dufus’s infantile behavior, not the stance of the company.  However, I do want to say that Mr. Beck, I do not agree with everything you say–I would simply be a sheep if I did–but I do wish I were there on that plane with you.  I would have stopped him and told him he was acting rediculously and to treat everyone the same.  If someone is employed in the field of service–even if it is at 30,000 feet–they should be able to conduct themselves accordingly and “serve” everyone the same.  I am sorry this happened, Mr. Beck.  This is outrageous that you, or anyone else, would have to endure such a thing for fear of being kicked off the plane for standing up for yourself.  We should all fight this kind of behavior.  What if it happened to me because I am a woman and the flight attendant hates women?  Or hates black men?  Or hates children?  Or disabled people?  Because if it can happen to you, it could happen to anyone.

    • Brenda Burns-Leach

      I agree with Mr. Beck and I am not a sheep. I am a college-educated wife, mother and business owner.

  • Anonymous

    Another liberal ass!!  GROW UP!

  • Bobby Stinson

    Proud to have people like Glenn Beck and Mike Huckabee that stand up for the truth, who has morals and know how to use ’em!

  • Michael Zbiegien

    Glenn, I have always known you to be fair, so it troubles me that you want to sign off an entire company based on the actions of one misguided individual.   The equivalent would for me to stop listening to you entirely because you pissed me off one day.  Careful my friend, you are starting to sound off like a liberal who didnt get their way

    • Aimee Johnson

      He’s decided that he himself will not use this airline again. Never once did he ask for tell others to make the same choice due to HIS experience. THAT is the liberal way.

    • Valerie Cahill-Barker

      Apparently the Captain had an opportunity to step in when the attendant was rude to a passenger in front of him and he also chose to do nothing. You cannot tell me that he was not bragging to his fellow attendants who he was serving and what he was doing. 
      Any other non biased attendant would have offered to relieve him of his burden of having to do his job for such a horrible passenger. Then again maybe they were afraid to stand up to this attendant to maintain their jobs.

    • Joanne DeCarolis

      good point. Maybe he should complain to American Airlines themselves. They may even issue him a public apology (even if only for publicity) and reprimand a self-centered server for putting his grudges above the needs of a customer. Shame on him for being in the service industry.

      Glenn, though I am no longer in such a service industry (I used to wait tables years ago), I would delighted to have the opportunity to serve you and your family. Thank you for all you do and for all you put up with to alert the rest of us to the dangers we face from the falsely smiling politicians and their cronies.

  • William Andrew Newcomb Jr

    What is a number for aa customer service that we can ring off the hook about this? Id love to call x 100 and give them a piece of my mind. We have to stand up Glenn! -Andrew

  • Grant

    Just for the record, Glenn, as a former AAL F/A, I would have been delighted to have had you and your family as passengers and treated you well

  • Sam

    Dirty rat B&*(^%d — I will NEVER use AA again..and will let them know WHY!  Keep up the good fight, Glenn.  We are with you.

  • Elizabeth Sampson

    Gen I  have been watching you for yrs and admire you greatly keep standing up for what WE beleive in !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads up.  I’ll never fly American again either.  Nor will my like-minded friends and family.  AA’s anti-conservative, anti- Christian bigotry must not be allowed to stand.  At the very least, I can refuse to support it.
    I just e-mailed AA and told them I will no longer book with them…and am sharing this with everyone I know.

  • Anonymous

    As a small business owner, if I had an employee treat one of our guests the way you were treated, they would be fired on the spot.   If someone has a problem with one of our employees, we may not know about it unless they tell us.  Be sure to file a complaint with American so that they have the chance to address it.  He is a representative of their company.  This kind of behavior is no different than being hateful to someone because of the color of their skin or because they are in a wheelchair.  Shameful….

  • Raymond Schenk

    Small people do small things.  Glenn, you represent what the left fears the most – honesty and integrity.

  • Anonymous

    My husband flies frequently for business. He will never fly AA again.

  • Elizabeth Marciano

    Gee, I can’t imagine why people don’t like you. They don’t like you because your made of the same garbage Romney is made of. There’s your answer Glenn. I used to like your show but once you showed how ignorant and shallow you really are I don’t watch it anymore. Even when the proof is written in black and white right before your eyes you still don’t believe it. Why is that Glen?

    • Tonya Barton

      I think you need to look in the mirror and repeat your last sentence.

    • Cody Windsor

      Hate much? Your words show what hateful,ugly person you must be inside and out.

  • Joseph Daniel Askins

    Glenn,  as someone who lives in New York (upstate) I apologize for what happened to you in NYC. If you ever decide to come to the “GB Friendly” area of NY.  My wife and I will treat you and your family to a great Bar-B-Que dinner and treat you like we would any other Patriot!  With honor and respect.  I was brought up to do that!  No not in New York but in Texas!

  • Anonymous

    The shamful behavior of One does not speak for all.  Pray for those that persecute you.  “The Beattitudes” 

  • Anonymous

    I posted this on my FB, I don’t fly AA and I don’t fly UA.  They outsource everything anyhow and all those American jobs are lost forever and the service sucks from both of them.  Give me Southwest any day of the week.  The service is great and makes up for not having great seating.  But I’d rather have the fun people flying with me than the snobs that were on this plane with Glenn

  • Anonymous

    Thoughtful, considerate and well-stated, Glenn.  You were more patient than I would have been.  It is so sad that our public discourse has become so polarized that some of us cannot tolerate and be civil with anyone who has a different opinion on politics or religion.  This young man and those folks you encountered in NYC need a SOUL-CHANGE.  While I will pray for them, I, like you, will not patronize them and am posting this to FB to alert others.  STAY STRONG.  YOU ARE A TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT.

  • Christian

    Glenn, I read how some people treat you and while at first it makes me so very angry, it also makes me cry. I do not know you personally, but I agree with so much of what you have to say. However, even if I didn’t, it infuriates me that these so-called liberals, that falsely claim to stand up for the underdog, that scream about free speech and equal rights, have the obnoxious audacity to refuse such rights to, and viciously abuse, others who have a differing stance than they do. Your courage and strength are astonishing and deserve the utmost respect, as far as I am concerned. Jesus said that if you are “reviled and hated for His name’s sake, then blessed, blessed are you!” Well God bless you, Glenn, and don’t let the evil, stupid people get you down! We all know who their “father” is, and their day of reckoning is coming. (((hugs)))

  • Yvette Garcia

    Glenn, I am so sorry that this happend to your family & yourself! I cannot believe people would act in such a way of hate just because “YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH” truth must hurt to those people! I live in Texas and I know alot of people who are democrats & liberals but I do believe we have better manners here in Texas! God Bless you and your family!

  • Tim

    Its always hard when you go against the flow…Thanks so much for standing up for ME..

  • Curt Pangracs

    I haven’t flown AA in over 20 years. First, they charge too much, and second, they treat the passengers as if they are doing us a favor. No wonder airlines in general have had to be subsidized so heavily by the taxpayers…

  • tcaksmith

    Sounds like they may need a name change… this is not the type of service I would expect from an American company, from one who sports our logo and namesake, and calls themselves the “American Airlines”.

  • PaulaKate Prince-Meserole

    There is no excuse for what Glenn Beck and his family had to endure either in NYC or on that American Airlines flight. 

  • Claire Adams

     I know some private pilots that would be honored to fly you and your family.  I don’t think AA is going to put up with this Dan Savage-style bully, but by you letting us know, we can bring it to their attention.  This jerk can assume at least 50% of his passengers don’t share his political views on any given flight, if not more.  This was some pent up anger directed at you.  The more h8 means the more fear – you are challenging their world view and they are afraid you are right.  Anger is the last glue they have to hold it together.

    God Bless, and Fly SWA!  I’ll save you a seat!!!

  • Anonymous

    This individual man who acted this way should be reported. The company would not tolerate this because it would cost them money and they are in the business of making money. We should report this type of behavior instead of acting against the company in whole. There are probably some really nice people that work there also. One bad apple needs to be cored. It is time we get personal with this type of behavior instead of accepting it. As a conservative Christian we are told to turn the other cheek but that doesn’t mean we can’t speak up and report bad behavior. I do it anytime I encounter it and everyone else should too. It is the only way to make people behave in society, other than jailing them.

  • Ryan Adami

    Wow, I will never fly American Airlines after this. I have to say, in this world I have noticed one thing. hatred against those who disagree. I disagree with religion in many a ways myself, but I am a firm believer in a right to believe what you want. Never has it been said to down someone for what they believe, disagree or not. In the reality: We are all human, no one is above another.

  • Anonymous

    We do have choices…  no more American Airlines for my family.  I’m sorry you had to deal with this.  I wish some of us unknown folks could take some of the heat for you…you don’t deserve that kind of ugliness.

  • William Andrew Newcomb Jr

    What does Glenns drug and alcohol history have to do with Rude Treatment By American Airlines

    • JD

      None I presume ….as far as I am concerned it was not present here in this situation. The attendant was exercising his authority in regards to Glen’s opposing political beliefs that he airs openly. A sad depressed liberalist attendant..

  • Anonymous

     I am sickened by the actions of this loser flight attendant, but for someone who openly opposes boycotting businesses, it should’ve been handled privately and not on the air.  Most employees are desent and bad seeds are in every company. 

    • Dorothy

      1. Glenn never asked anybody to boycott AA.

      2. How on earth do you think Glenn could have gotten this taken care of privately? Nothing would have changed and the MSM would have heard about it and mocked Glenn for weeks.

      3. Glenn’s story is a reminder that each of us needs to stand up for what is right and defend those around us who are being abused.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for hitting it on the head Glenn. Sometimes I feel we get the same treatment because I will NOT support liberal causes if they go against my faith. I also feel chastised as a Christian man. I have suggested that we “Take a Stand. “It’s Time.” Thank you for taking a stand. America would be a better place if men became the leaders (as instructed in God’s Word”) of our families, churches, corporations, and communities. I love your reference to Hillary!! 

  • Stephen Zeigler

    Your Welcome to my home anytime Glenn. United fly’s into Norfolk

  • Crystal Atkinson Sturgill

    Glenn I am so sorry that you were treated this way.  I respect and admire your courage each and every day for all you do.  I will from this point on pray for you and your family’s safety.  You are a shining light in a world that some are trying to make dark.  Keep it up….for all the ones who despise you there are just as many or more of us who love and respect you.  Keep up your quest for keeping the light, love and God in our country because God is the ONLY one who can save us now.  I posted this on Face Book!  I will NEVER fly Anti-American Airlines again!!!

    Crystal Sturgill

  • Anonymous

    I’m not well known and I can tell you as a frequent flyer that American Airlines is not hiring and maintaining happy or well trained employees.  I had to fly home from Miami on American Airlines with a broken knee. Not once did anyone on board, other than the kind passenger sitting next to me try to assist or get me a more comfortable seat, not once.  In fact the staff at the check-in, gate and on board were all rude and discourteous.  Strangers helped me but American Airlines staff did not.  I was very happy to be off that flight and will not fly American again if I can help it.

  • Anonymous

    Never again will I fly American.   Glen you shouldn’t be traveling by yourself.  Those peaceful liberals are so full of hate and venum it’s scary.  I travel all the time,  you are more than welcome to sit next to me. 

  • mike

    Should of asked him to name just one thing that made him hate you that much. My guess is that he wouldn’t know what to say.

  • Cindy Brautigan-Shelley

    No deserves to be treated this way! I’ve always told my children to “beware of people who try to make themselves look good by making another person look bad.”  You were the bigger person here Glenn.  You had God with you!  As far as the restaurants, I would have had to leave.  You know people like that could have done things to your food!  There is so much evil out there, it really amazes me what they get away with.

  • Joe Turney


  • Anonymous

    You are missing the whole point Michael.  Regardless of this attendant’s opinions..Glenn ( like any other customer) deserved to be treated with respect.  If it were you…and you were singled out and treated rudely or humilated in same way…would you simply brush it off?????  NOT I

  • Anonymous

    TWEET @AmericanAir and ask them if they condone this type of behavior on the part of their employees!

  • Anonymous

    Frankie, how long have you been a flight attendant fro American Airlines?

  • George Holcombe

    Character intimidates those who are lacking of it, Glenn… I am not glad that you & your Wife were treated badly for the experience, but I am glad that in the places you were at, your character was like a “light” shining upon the “rats” who linger in the darkness of liberal/socialist ideology… Keep shining the light, my friend. There are those of us, on a much lesser scale, who identify with your plight this past weekend, and it serves to deepen our resolve to speak & live Truth in spite of the current climate of hatred by the shrinking mob… 

  • Anonymous

    If I had been there Glen, I swear I would have come to your defense! Im tired of the rift between  the parties~! It is rediculous and unamerican! If you were the most liberal of liberals I would have defended your right to a different opinion! Since when is America a place where you cant voice your opinion and still be repected as a human being?

  • Jeff Sinason

    Great story Glenn.  I agree with every word you said her but don’t necessarily blame the airline.  I look at more basic than that.  We as humans have been becoming less tolerent over time instead of more understanding.  We have been brought to a point in our society where we are shown by those that are supposedly “our respected leaders” that attacking and bad behavior to those that oppose you is acceptable. 

    I personally believe that if we are guided by spiritual principals, which are the prinicipals that guided the drafting of the constituion that we will find truer understanding and the ability to accept others for who they are.

    Thank you  again.

  • airvet

    Boycotting American Airlines until i hear loud and clear that flight attendant was terminated.

  • Jerry Penry

    Bravo Glenn. By the Way, United Airlines is just as bad with their “Customer Service”. Regardless of your Political views, The treat all customers equally bad. Seems like they are Mad about something.

  • Buck Rogers

    I was treated like i had a bug under my table while eating at a seafood resturant by the waiter that was male bald and around 35 . This guy had to be listening in on my conversations with my family members . Talk about service he missed nothing that we was discussing  about his conduct in our taking our orders . I think he purposely made ordering difficult so he could listen in on our discussion . When i was leaving he somehow tagged me as the sole person to leave a tip and went as far as knowing exsactly how much i left and even stopped me on my way out and said wont you leave me at least five dollars and he never even went to the table to see how much i left so how did he know i left 4 dollars and some change .?????? i was so changed by his ???? that i haven’t ate out since then and probably never will trust a waiter ever again as to who knows why this guy had our table bugged or is he a mind reader from in the kitchen and the kitchen is where food is put on the plate so me i don’t trust eating out anymore in this modern day od devises like bugs.

  • jackmac

    i dont alweasy agree with you but, i will die for your right to dis-agree with anyone or anything and say your peace.
    i had a similar experence with amer. air and now united.. i’l walk before i fly ith either again. you go glenn
    jack mac

  • Magpie

    If this FA is a former IDF soldier, he’s a danger in the cabin if he behaves this way……airlines are BIG on safety and it seems this guy is unstable.
    I’m sorry Glenn and his family had to endure this treatment. God Bless you, your family and your most important work.

  • Anonymous

    What a shame!!!  No more AA!!!!

  • Cassie Wonderalke

    I’m sorry you were treated so horribly.  Since our society no longer believes in the dignity of human life.  Especially those in the womb.  We’ve legally murdered over 50 million of our fellow citizens since roe v wade.  That being said, why would be expect to be treated with any semblance of dignity as human beings?  Obama has been the most divisive president we have ever had.  He and his underlings have made sure that hatred of any diverse opinions and views are made known.  He doesn’t care.  He is accomplishing what he set out to do.  Divide and conquer. 

    Unfortunately for my husband and myself we have tickets via AA to fly out of the country next month.  I will be looking elsewhere for a good deal next time.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  The same thing holds true for this election.  Fool the voters once Mr. Obama, shame on you.  Fool them twice, shame on them.

  • Sue Tidwell

    Whether you like him or not this article is worth the read.  It is time to go back to treating people with dignity and respect.  I am sad for the anger that political lines have caused in this country.  To disagree politically and to be uncivil are two different things.  How very sad for our Nation which is founded on diversity and freedom that we have become so hateful.

  • Anonymous

    Its known as liberal tolerance.

  • Brian Grayless

    Haha… Love it. I’m betting some kind of apology to Glenn will result from this, but too little too late.

  • Remelle Burton Olson

    Awesome testimony. I will never fly AA again. They lose.

  • Becky Seibolt Snook Meredith

    I am sorry anyone has to be treated badly, but Thank You for openly standing up for what We Believe In, Day in and Day Out. 

  • Sharon Carlson Thompson Cummin

    Bravo Glenn!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the “heads up” Glenn.  It’s not an airline that I usually choose, but I will definitely not choose them again.  When I fly Delta, they treat their servicemen and women with respect.  They fly them in 1st class if there’s a seat available (and I have also seen people in 1st class give up their seat for them).  On a flight I took years ago, I went to the flight attendant and told her that I would like to pay for all of the drinks that any serviceman/woman wanted but that I wanted it to be anonymous.  She told me that while it was very considerate of me to offer it, it wasn’t necessary as Delta paid for all of their drinks.  Shame on ANY airline not to respect all of their respectful customers and not to show our servicemen and women deep gratitude!!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Glenn,
    I listened to this story this a.m. and was so upset I cried knowingly that this was not the company I had worked for 36 yrs. , now retired in 2006. I was a Dallas based flight attendant and loved my job and the folks I served………that was my job.  There were those few but far between, customers that were not the “best’  but my mom use to say to me “You can catch more flies with sugar than salt” and I tried to make it my mission to calm, understand and sway these rare unhappy passengers to become loyal customers for what was a great company that I use to work for and be a part of.  Right or wrong, as you said, these were our customers, our reason for my payroll and it was my job to make sure they “all” had a safe, enjoyable and good experience on our/my flights. Besides, I loved my passengers, one and all. This was easy “work” for me.
    Glenn, from the bottom of my heart I apologize and hope you realize that this particular person does not represent this once and hope will be again, proud and prosperous airline that I once worked for. 
    There is and remains a knot in my stomach to hear how you were treated, I am so very, very sorry and would do anything in my power to change your (and any mistreated passengers’) experience and heart with our company.  I would have loved and been so proud to have served you and your family had I been your flight attendant. I pray that American and it’s employees will once again get it’s “act together” and prove to you and all our valued customers that we do excel in customer service, no matter what path a person may choose to travel in life.
    God Bless you, your staff and family Glenn for all do for this great great country.


  • Tracy Horton Grover

    I’ll bet AA finds out who that was… they just got dissed big time!  But then, maybe others should be more tolerant.
    My father was very biased and racist after serving in WWII and having to see and partake in many horrors.
    I feel blessed that somehow that was not passed on to me… I like people if they like me!
    I have had to become extremely tolerant and learn to be ok with it by watching family members make choices I didn’t agree with and which hurt me dearly.  Especially when  they are your children.  Especially when they go against the things they have been taught their whole life.  It’s hard, but I still love them and want them in my life…. soooooo….. I’m tolerant of them and they are tolerant of me and we do have our lines drawn in the sand so to speak, but we give each other that and love each other.  Yes, us Christians, Mormon or not, try our best to be tolerant of others.  Not an easy task…. “Treat others as you would have them treat you”  hurray for your choice to be kind and civil even if you wanted to rip his head off.  What goes around comes around and he will have a moment very much like unto the one he gave you!
    Thank you for being a good example and may your blood pressure come down. 
    President Hinkely said many years ago that “it’s time to stand up for what we believe to be right” and I have tried to do that ever since, sometimes not with so much dignity but malice, but I am learning too “kill them with kindness” my mother’s motto.  Doesn’t always work, but gives them something to think about! 
    Have a better flight with whom ever else you choose next time!  Thanks for fighting for us all!

  • Butch The Dog

    The left is frustrated that their liberal policies aren’t working as promised. All they have left is hate and lies.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I just emailed UnAmerican Airlines.  I hope all conservatives do the same.  We will never fly with them again….Its not about free speech here, its about mistreatment of passengers because they are CONSERVATIVE. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve often wondered why airline management doesn’t send out ‘secret’ flyers to watch the performance of their flight attendants.  I haven’t flown United or AA for over 20 years for incidents that I had with their personnel. IF I was on your flight, you would have watched me defend you because I find that too many people sit by and let crap like this happen to people (heaven forbid they should get involved).  I doubt I would have recognized who you were since famous people pass by me occasionally & I’m always oblivious to them.  I would simply have done it because it isn’t right especially from someone who is being paid to ‘service’ the customers of the organization that he works for.  They have extensive training on how to treat customers the AA way and this gent decided on his own to treat a customer ‘his way’.  He should be fired. Not because he treated you specifically this way but because he treated any customer of AA this way.  I plan to pass along your review of AA.  I hope that all of your readers will do the same.  I hope that your future choice will treat you with the respect that all passengers deserve.

  • Raza

    A few years ago I visited Texas. I asked for ketchup packets at a restaurant and the man behind the counter laughed. Was it because he could see the drug loving liberal through my eyes? Was it because I am brown and look Middle Eastern even though I have lived in US all my life? Was it because he was part of KKK? Or was he just an old man and this was the same way he would treat everyone else? Glenn you bitch about equality every single day yet you get on the air, separate every demographic in America through stark comparisons and then when people view you as a hate-mongoring animal – you cry foul. “Minority owned business” that thought wouldn’t even cross the mind of a democracy loving American. You are hands down the biggest hypocrite in the media today. If you came to my establishment, I wouldn’t refuse you service but don’t expect me to blow you under the table for being boy who cries wolf 24/7. 

  • Stephen Zeigler

    Let me add, I flew to China  in 2008 again in 2009. Flying to Hong Kong, then into China, through all the custums and searches etc. Not until I flew back into Texas, D/FW airport was I ever treated rudely. It was a large TSA agent, with a pissed attitude once I told him I had gone to China to get married. I thought …wow…this guy is really an  American….such hate and vile attitude towards me, what must he be like towards those coming here for he first time. Shame on people in positions like this which fail to understand how they represent the USA. One can feel the racism when you enter the USA and brought anger and a tear to my eye to think we have become such a nation. God forgive us .

  • Tammy Barrow Swann

    Wow, I don’t think I could stand by and watch someone treat anyone like that. I just wonder what the other passengers were thinking?  

  • She’ll Be Right

    Yes, this flight attendant will try and justify his ill treatment of Glen Beck as ‘getting what he deserved’…Unfortunately this little minion will be sacked 100% for making that poor choice.  American Airlines will face some negative fallback for this young mans actions.  He failed to offer even ‘fair’ service, he selfishly put his ’emotional’ agenda ahead of the company he was paid to represent.  As a former administrator within the hospitality industry, he has to be let go. 

  • Vickie Mason

    Remember, Glenn, Jesus said Christians would be persecuted. You will be hated, mocked and treated poorly if you voice the truth. You should know that when someone treats you this way that you must be doing the Lord’s will. 

  • Betty Blevins Estes

    American Airlines owes Glenn Beck and his family, along with many other people, a sincere apology. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one!  American Airlines deserves the biggest boycott we can give them!

  • Midwest Gal

    Glen Beck thanks for letting us know about AA. I heard about them from several people, how bad AA treat there customers. My husband used to tell me that NY is a great place but the people who actually lives in NY are the one making the it very bad.  

  • Joyce Owen

    AA will  never see another cent from me, and I will spread the word. God bless you and yours Glenn.

  • Patricia

    We too had an unpleasant experience with the American Airlines attendant.  Upon boarding we proceeded to open the overhead storage bin that already contained a medium sized bag placed in such a way that it took up the whole bin. My companion simply moved it to the side a bit and put our bag in. Later, when the owner of the first bag went to retrieve something the attendant was nearby and heard her complain that her bag was moved.  My companion politely stated that he moved it so there would be room for our bag too. The attendant butted in saying “I wouldn’t want anyone touching my Versace bag either” and glared at us like we were a pile of crap. He then helped the woman retrieve her bag and glared at us again. So it’s elitism too, not just politics.

  • Jackie La Course

    I am so humbled by the way you responded to that man. It made me cry to think that anyone would treat someone that way. What is really sad is that he thinks he has power of you and others. Yet he is just mean,angry, empty. Praying for that man.
    God Bless you and your family and just so you know. In the ADK of NY we send our love. 

  • Jason Crundwell

    Tired of the tone in politics today?  Join Civility in America.

  • Anonymous

    Keep praying people…Do good, and do right…God Bless you Glenn and Family!

  • Opal Plummer Dabbs

    I’m so sorry that you were treated this way…rest assured I will not fly Non-AA ever again.  You’re the best Glenn…keep your chin up. 

  • Pam Taylor Shorter

    Glenn, so sorry that you had this terrible experience.  I have found that the ones who call conservatives “haters” are the true haters!!  This is despicable!!  We should all BOYCOTT American Airlines!  You are a patriot, Glenn…..thank God for you and for others who stand for freedom, the Constitution and God!!!

  • Anonymous

    I hope you’ll put all this in a letter to Am. Airlines, & then PS. it with my added intention to NEVER fly them again either!!!

  • Michael Alex

    Glenn, as a New Yorker and a new Israeli (of 4 years) – I not only apologize, I’m out fighting these left wing liberal nutjobs all the time.  The Occupy Wall Street protests were across the street from my office and I went out almost every day in my suit and tie to argue with these socialists.  I am NOT part of the 1% for sure – I’m a working guy.  Well, truthfully – I was a working guy . . . but got laid off.  What did I do?  I didn’t join these wannabe socialists/redistributors of American wealth.  I started interviewing immediately.  Again, my apologies from  this new NY’er and Israeli American.  BTW, these self hating Israeli’s are also the bane of our existence too.  They have no grasp on reality.  


    neely’s bar-b-que parlor is no better than woolworth’s lunch counters all over alabama.  pittiful.  

  • Christine Breslin

    And apparently conservatives aren’t the only ones that AA discriminates against.  They also discriminate against people with Down’s Syndrome. :(  This weekend they refused to allow a 16 year old boy with Down’s Syndrome to board a flight, claiming he was agitated and a “flight risk.”  But the boy’s mother took out her cell phone and started filming, and that boy was sitting there as sweetly as could be playing with his hat.  AA should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Peg Janson-Beebe

    I am just curious to know if you feel this type of hatred will subside if Barac Obama gets voted out. I sometimes think that many types of races feel that they can have an attitude since we basically have a “minority” for a president. A president who is STILL questionable as far as whether he is an actual citizen of the USA. If you look around the media and your neighborhoods you see a TON more of mixed /racial shows, movies, neighbors. I see the slow down ward spiral of even my neighborhood. If you ask anyone (white, black, hispanic etc) to even do something as simple as cleaning up their dogs waste, They don’t just get mad anymore they take revenge and put a bag of their dogs waste in your mailbox and set it on fire. I see the same hatred in the schools and sadly some of it at a grade school level. A level that is way beyond the norm of teasing. I hope American Airlines fires your flight attendant but being one who worked for a different airline for many years I doubt it will happen. I feel the same way Mr. Beck I can only hope (like you) that it changes. I believe none of this will change though unless certain things at the government level and at a business level change. One of the main things for both I believe is loyalty. Loyalty will come back if both the government & businesses (large or small) start bringing back loyalty into this country. What goes around comes around.

  • Dawn Gemmill

    Glenn, what a horrible experience.  I do have to tell you though, customer service at any store I have been in for the last year is TERRIBLE.  I have spent more time calling managers and filing complaints online, than I did before.  I have received NO follow-up to any of the issues, even when it was promised. Businesses just dont seem to care anymore. I say make sure they hear about it verbally and with your money.

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoyed reading this Glenn.  Your humbleness amazes me.  I too have had trouble with American Airlines personnel.  I will make sure the next time I fly I will choose a different airline, and will make a point to call American Airlines and let them know why I chose a different airline.  Thanks for the information.

  • Brenda Burns-Leach

    I wa so happy that you posted this.  I worked for American fo 18 years and I am a conservative Christian.  Even if I had Obama on my flight, I would treat him with dignity and respect

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you have nothing to feel bad about.  Even Jesus lost His temper.  He instructs us to be slow to anger, not to never get angry.  Sometimes anger is the correct response.  Be slow to anger … it should never be the first response but it is sometimes the correct response.

    Being trapped in a cabin at 30,000 feet being treated the way you were deserves an angry response and American airlines deserves to go bankrupt when conservatives choose another airline.

  • Jay Mahn

    I will never ever ever fly American airlines again

  • Tam Thompson

    They treat people like they’re in the army now, or similar.  No real customer service focus.

  • Eileen Barker Kolpacke

    I swore off American as well, several years ago for the same reason.  I hope with the voice you have maybe the company will take a look at the way their people treat their customers.  Also being raised on the “customer is always right” I noticed American Airlines must have missed that page.  I’m sorry you had such a rotten weekend and that your children had to witness such disrespectful behavior from a suppossed adult to anybody.  Maybe we should start preaching to just live by example.  I believe a lot of people just wouldn’t know how to behave at all. 

  • airvet

    Yes Randy, Im a retired Air Force vet as well and want to see this flight attendant terminated forthwith. We have an ugly culture war going on in our country and it doesnt belong in a service oriented company like AA.

  • Matherine Nichols


  • Anonymous

    Raza..your response to Glenn speaks volumes about you. I can tell immediately that you are “ONE OF THEM”

    • Raza

      “One of them” – is that mentality any different than what Glenn described? So its awful for someone to not fully serve him and his family because of his political views but its cool if you do it to me because you know – I’m a hippie liberal. See the hypocrisy my friend 

  • Ann Mccaslin

    No matter someone’s opinion on anything when they work in a service industry the first rule is courteous customer service.  All of the these morons should be fired.  Boycott AA.  I’ll never go to New York.  I always knew there was some reason I didn’t like that city.

  • Larry Tomassini

    It’s amazing how one employee can ruin a major airline’s customer goodwill.  It need not happen.  AA must publicly repudiate this flight attendant.  It can hardly survive as a business as it is, and it cannot afford to simply blow off millions of Glenn’s audience.

  • James John Smithwood

    Glenn didn’t get treated the way he wanted so American Airlines is now “liberal American Airlines”?  Such BS.  Victim mentality

    • Anonymous

      Well if anyone knows VICTIM MENTALITY, you must. You and all your leftist minion. I say this……If you people HATE this country so damn much, why don’t you all move to Cuba where life is great and living is free, if you can find yourself a nice HUT on the ocean. Why must you all destroy the greatest nation on Earth? Millions and millions have lived in this free country and have been blessed by God’s goodness, where all you have to do is work hard, obey the laws on the books and get ahead. But the leftists can’t stand that. I’m sure the Castro brothers in Cuba will make sure you have the greatest medical care in the world. America had the greatest healthcare in the world until angry little Barack and his union thugs came along. No, sir, it’s your kind that play VICTIMHOOD. There is a government program for every little thing that sets you off. Taxpayers are on the hook but in the foggy minds of the LEFT, it’s all for FREE. Now that is B.S.

    • The Abstract

      He didn’t get treated like everyone else on the plane – namely, with dignity, courtesy, and respect – didn’t you get that?

      You might want to try to think for yourself for a change; the feeling is wonderful.

  • Thomas

    It’s no wonder AA is going out of business! Maybe they think they are a government organization and do not have to give good customer service! And as far as New York is concerned it will go the way of California. Liberals are going to get another message this November like they did in 2010! America has had enough of the BS they spew! Diversity only matters if you are liberal! 

  • Anonymous

         Values, morals and character of a man reflect in his heart.  You are truly a man of dignity.  Glad I wasn’t there.  I would have not been able to keep my cool like you.  I know in my own family, just to mention your name they make a face or slam you because they don’t know who you truly are or what you stand for.  They go by the CNN, CBS, ABC etc news or liberal newspapers.  I explain and open their eyes and stand up for you always.
         God Bless you Glenn and PLEASE keep spreading the word and may God open their eyes soon! For I fear what will become of us all!

  • David Caligiuri

    Jesus said, ” Be gentle as a lamb and as wise as a serpent”. He wasn’t adverse from calling them “vipers” and “sons of Satan” You’d do well to know that 99.9% of the liberals hate you, hate you to the extreme! Didn’t they run you off tv. They couldn’t run Rush off show because he knows exactly who they are and makes no apology for it. You on the other hand you make excuses for them. You see, a lot of conservatives won’t care if they treat you the way they do, because we feel you asked for it. Yet we stand up for Rush because we respect him. Why would you eat anywhere that they would more than likely spit in you fool and something even more vile. Yes, you are gentle as a lamb but the serpent is yet to appear!

  • Ann Mccaslin

     Do you realize you just made a fool of yourself?

    • Mary K Pike

      Ann Dear, just wanted you to know that the FOOL is YOU….

  • Allison Hinds McCarthey

    Regardless of someone’s political views, they still deserve to be treated the same as everyone else. Absolutely no excuse to treat someone any different than anyone else. And the AA flight attendant should have known better than to treat someone differently because of his personal beliefs, political views and clear difference of opinion. Shame on him!

  • Richard

    Get used to it Mr. Beck, as we’ve gotten used to the brand of vitriolic tripe that you spew on your radio broadcasts, and your hate-fill TV show (that was cancelled).  You’ve criticized minorities and called for legislation that would make life tougher for many of them.  You’ve made your bed, now you can sleep in it too.  You go on your shows and lie about minorities and then expect them to be courteous to you?  Don’t be naive.  I applaud the AA employee that gave you a hard time.  It’s much tougher to act the way you feel and not in a manner that is more socially acceptable. 

    • Anonymous

      Poor Richard….I would like ONE example of Glenn’s apparent criticizing of minorities.  He has been on radio for years and had a TV show so you must have TONS of examples.
      Show me ONE

    • Mary K Pike

      Richard, it is quite obvious that you have never watched or listened to Glenn.  Quit SPEWING your hatred that you have learned from the left.  No one wants to hear it.

  • Anonymous

    all I can say is I love you Glenn and am so glad that you stand up for all of OUR beliefs. And they call Conservatives names because we declare our beliefs. WE DON”T FORCE OUR BELIEFS ON ANYONE, we don’t bully anyone , WE are the live and let live people. THEY are the bullies. But their whole thing is screaming accusations on us that they are guilty of. 

  • Mario Lebowski

    Stop playing the victim. It had nothing to do with you being a conservative and everything to do with the fact that you’re one of the most hated men in the country. You deliberately mislead people. There are liberals who do the same thing you do, and they’re equally bad for this country. Also, you make it sound as if you were tortured, people bother public figures, deal with it.

    • Mary K Pike

      Mario, who made YOU the voice of the people?  Everyone in this country has a right to believe whatever they like, without being hated for it.  Please come to my city, I would love the chance to treat you like dirt, and then hear how you feel about it.  What if people who do not agree with gays, treated them like subhumans?  Would that be ok?  Just wondering….

  • donalddump

    I don’t believe one word of this paranoid load of BS.  You are well known for telling tall tales for sympathy.  Stay in Texas, where people like Hank Williams Jr. spew their hatred and get standing ovations.

  • The Abstract

    That “flight attendant” was simply trying to bait you into an incident (The MSM would then put him up on a pedestal as “going above and beyond to be nice” while having you pilloried).  You did well. 

    Screw him and screw American Airlines.  I don’t fly often, but I’ll NEVER use American Airlines again.  I’d rather crawl through broken glass.

  • Colleen

    My heart breaks for you…but I also can see that this could well be the future for all conservatives, me included. I’m that person who wants everyone to like her; I work at it. Now I’m faced with the reality that unless I’m totally fake I have to deal with it!! I’m putting on my big girl pants and stepping out! Your pain has given me strength! Thank you for being you! God bless you and your family…and may God bless America!!!

  • Ann Mccaslin

     Do you realize you just made a fool of yourself, Frankie?

  • Ruth Gill Warren

    Glenn, it is so sad to me to know that you ard your family were treated that way. But be encouraged in the knowledge that it is because you are doing the right thing…telling the truth! Please know that many thousands of people in America love and appreciate the sacrifice you and your family are making in this real battle for the heart and soul of America! Never give up! Never, never give up!

  • Anonymous

    I got to watch your show on TBN last night from the Aug 4th  tapping in the Dallas stadium I was wondering if you could send me the link for the part that they were on the boat coming to America with the Micah scripture in it,I really enjoyed that part and would like it to pass on to other people and possibly use it in my Sunday school class.
    Thanks Katie

  • Jayne Mastromauro

    Re-posting are so right! There is no freedom to have your own opinion..or belief.Never in my life have I felt like I need to shut up so as not to offend someone.You have it sooo right..being treated like a criminal for not sharing someone else opinion.I opraise you for speaking out! Whoever is in leadership..GOD is still in charge! Praying for you! AA  done with you!

  • Anonymous

    I JUST booked a flight………SO glad it wasn’t AAL.   Hideous behavior from that steward(ess).  I know it was a guy…….but he was probably gay.

  • Anonymous

    Beck, you baby boomers gave OUR white country away to these people. You deserve everything you get.

    No one is Demanding the Middle East be flooded with Non-Arabs and is telling everyone to “mix in”.

    No one is Demanding Africa or Asia be flooded with foreigners and is telling everyone to “mix in”.

    “Anti-racists” Demand massive immigration and forced integration for all white countries and only white countries.

    This “assimilation” or blending is nothing more than an attempt to wipe out my race, the white race. It is genocide.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • Randall Bond

    Just so everyone out there realizes; I am a Gay man and I see what Glenn sees, I can’t believe that others don’t see this as well. Being Gay doesn’t mean you automatically become stupid, or liberial ; as far as AA never liked them them never will they have a history of treating people poorly.

  • Kevin Ballard

    I have over 200,000 miles that I will be donating to charity and starting over with another airlines…unAmerican Airlines is right…

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I happen to work for the same parent company as the airline mentioned in this segment. I don’t have the luxury of finding another employer that provides me a livable income where I choose to live. I apologize for the treatment you received on your flight. But, my position with the company is not a position of leadership, I am an aircraft mechanic, my job is to fix aircraft, I do my best to treat all people equally regardless of what you believe. I don’t interface with customers on a regular basis, and frankly most customers would rather not see a mechanic on their aircraft. I live in Texas as you do, I treat all people with dignity, regardless of their religious, political, social or racial beliefs. My opinion, is that, I will allow you to be wrong, if you allow me to be wrong, I don’t begrudge you for your opinion or your belief, because I live in an America where you are entitled to your opinion. I cannot share my name as I fear my opinion may not reflect kindly on my opinion, and may have dire financial consequences for myself and my family. Again, I apologize for your treatment this weekend, I would never intentionally treat another person, another human being, as you were treated this past weekend, that’s not how I was raised. I hope you don’t have the opinion that all employees of that company behave as that person did, I respect your opinion, and your right to have it, I respect your beliefs and your right to have them, and foremost I think you may respect my opinions and beliefs, though they may or may not differ from yours, because it is my right to have them. 

    My apologies,
    An Aircraft Mechanic

    • PJSTX

       Even if you were to be laid-off or let go, you’re attitude (shut up and work, treat all with respect) will go with you, and make employers want to hire you a thousand time over those with an attitude.
      I enjoyed reading your post.
      Glenn Beck is pretty smart. He knows MOST of the folks at AA or good good people.

      • Anonymous

        I just wish there were more employers where I live, that hire people with my skill set.

  • sharinite

    I, too, will never fly American Airlines…but then, they are no longer American…perhaps Soviets but not American.  Let us all not fly them again.

  • Anonymous

    I shouldn’t be shocked about anything these days, but this did. This behavior is unacceptable anywhere. Will apologies be coming shortly ? Doubt it but am hopeful.

  • Judy Clark Valentine

    Hallelujah, Glenn! AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!

  • Anonymous

    20 years from now, that occupy mentality of a flight attendant will still be a flight attendant, never doing anything to better himself, yet complaining how unfair things are. The sad thing is those like him will never know, until it’s to late what they will loose and the opportunities they will never have by blindly following the course of this administration.

  • William Andrew Newcomb Jr

    Why would anyone even consider going to New York City for anything…Ever?

  • Cathy

    Glenn, at least it was a non family member, try swallowing that kind of behavior from close family.

  • Faviola Carlile

    I will personally never fly American Airlines in support of you, Glenn. I am absolutely shocked at the blatant discrimination I receive as a Republican. “Good friends” shun me or, worse yet, yell at me for my beliefs. I live in an unbelievably intolerant and ignorant state – Oregon – and miss Texas so much! God bless you, Glenn!

  • Stacy Kuta

    Common for those harmed, to cause harm, which he seemed to have already felt the exact same way you do now – and likely, long before you arrived. Your presence just amplying his feeling pain from discrimination? Sadly, his personal opinions kept him from performing professionally and AA should know for some correction – as opposed to assuming one person represents the whole company and banning them (seemingly just as extreme.). It’s sad and hazardous, that nature of humans to respond with deep offense to the differences in others, and just the same, are attracted and commit on such superficial levels. Sometimes, you just have to consider the source – with focus on being safe. So, if you have a known disagreement, they come to believe those are offended by them or their choices. How narrow and foolish is it to believe any one thing defines a person, like, being gay? I see the on-going friction, that ever really goes very deep with te conservatives and do not understand why they shouldn’t be allowed a civil union – which does not redefine Holy Matrimony (fort the simple purpose of legalities during health, emergency, death, love etc…) Even insurance companies are getting on board with adding the category of “significant others” – which is shacking up. Both sides accuse the other of discrimination and hate – though som is out of ignorance and justification, not all of it is false. If you’re not liberal, you are labelled a hater – for the benefit of everyone else that so conveniently is your competition, whether it’s the truth or not. Very disheartening to see the winning at any cost tactics. Kudos for having the self-control to simply thank him for treating your family well, and acknowledging his misreatment in suh a civil way, as THAT is how you bridge the gap – 1 opportunity at a ime. Since you do not feel gay marriage is a threat, it would seem this person had another beef? Politics are so complicated, passed down through the generations but candidates varied as much as most humans,with ‘conservative dems and not so conservative republicans and of course, those chamileons. It’s a sad state of affairs that SHEEPLE, who do not find out the truth for themselves and take such drastic actions. When will honesthy and integrity become a critical measurement – not so easily explained or over looked? Take the next step and set the record straight – about NOT BEING A HATER just because someone sins differently than you. WWJD?

  • Anonymous

    I own 6 travel agencies in NYC we book our customer’s 63% of the time with AA I mean we used to book 63% of our flights with AA I forbid any of my employees from ever using AA again and I will put a link on our web site telling why we no longer use AA because we care about our customer’s

    • stephanie young

      @mikeyo1650 I hope you stick to this promise and even do a little more digging into American Airlines?? Are you planning on writing AA about this incident? You are exactly the person they need to hear from, along with the rest of us as consumers of course. I hope you demand an answer and demand a public apology for these actions. 

    • PJSTX

       And I will certainly consider booking through you, knowing you care about my treatment as a customer. Or I would if I knew how to reach you . . . . my family members fly a lot.

  • Kevin M. Koop

    It’s amazing how stupid management in America has become!  Is this what our over paid managers at AA are paid to do?  Personally I don’t care about your race, political leaning, religion as long as your ‘GREENBACKS” are legal tender in the GREAT USA!  A customer is a customer no matter who the company is!  ALL CUSTOMERS SHOULD BE TREATED WITH EQUAL RESPECT!  IT SHOULDN’T MATTER WHETHER YOUR A BIG WIG LIKE GLENN OR JUST A AVERAGE WORKING “JOE” LIKE ME!  I would add these people should be fired, but that’s what unions fight against the most keeping incompetent union due payers so some fat ass like Dick Trumka (can you tell I LOATHE RCHARD TRUMKA) can steal more of his members money and live the life his members can only dream about!

  • Amber Olzak

    I’m so sorry and so ashamed Mr. Beck and his family went through this.  I am going to make sure AA knows I will NEVER use their airline, because of this.  It’s so sad. So unfair.

  • Norma L Hixon Hill

    I miss You Glenn Beck on Fox! I missed my 50th Class Reunion to be downtown DC for the “Restore Honor” rally and then You left Fox News the Following Year! I have not followed You on Your Network but see You on Facebook!! You are a Good Honest Christian and We are Proud of You!! Fly another Airline and know that GOD sees and knows All!! He does not like His Children Hurt!!!!!But He also wants us to stand up for OURSELVES!!!!!

  • A Yahoo! user

    Ridiculous that they would treat ANYONE like that.  Ridiculous is the entire Obama machine, his “Czars” and all his street thugs murdering off the families of anyone who talks out against him.  I am 26, I am glad I didn’t vote for him last time, as I am a very intelligent 26 year old. I seen right through the crooked ass smile on his face and that he was a manipulating, socialist liar from the first time my eyes met his… EXTREMELY happy now that everyone is finally waking up to his rhetoric this time around.  Not only is he going to lose.  I am predicting that he lose by a land slide.  I will give you 3.1 odds.   –  Because,  I don’t hang on the word of the bias media’s polls they like to shove down your throat as a gauge of where “Americans” stand.  Instead, I read articles online, (while 90% of the articles are PrObama) and follow the comments and thumbs up and down on each of them.  Here is the facts people.  Obama has lied to you, he is lying to you, and if you vote for him again he will continue to lie to you.   And the following statement is DIRECTLY to you Mr. Obama, and I would be pleased to say this to your face…    I was NOT challenged in my High School, I was injured and broke my back in a HS Football game at North Scott High School. I then had to go through 6 months of physical therapy, and ultimately they decided I had to have 3 disks cut out of my back. When I returned to school after months of physical therapy and surgery, They tell me I am kicked out for missing too much school..  NEVER being challenged by their curriculum, I walked away, and right into the GED center that directly correlates with the local community college.  I scored 730+ on all my tests, took pretests 1 day, 2 days later took all my post tests. All on the same day.  I then enrolled in college, and started my first company.  Quality PC.  I am now a 26 year old with 8 years of PROFESSIONAL experience running a successful computer company, I have been working with computers and electronics from the age of 9, I write software, design hardware, make websites and anything else computer related.  I know all of this because I have worked my ass off to learn and have always had a passion to BETTER MYSELF.  How dare you tell me that what I have done isn’t from my own hard work,  I am the one that is responsible for getting through these problems in my life. Finding a solution, and working hard as hell to accomplish what I have.  YOU apparently don’t understand that meaning of the Constitution. What it stands for, and means to everyone like myself in this country.  Don’t let these idiots ruin your own soul Mr. Obama.  I can tell by the loss in your soul that you have already sold it…  Don’t make the rest of the country follow suit.  Because I am one of millions that WILL stand in YOUR way and stop you.

  • Anonymous

    I JUST booked a flight………SO glad it wasn’t AAL. Hideous behavior from that steward(ess). I know you said it was a guy…….but he was probably gay.

    • Mario Lebowski

      See, gay people are not women. You make your party look bad by saying things like that.

  • Anonymous

    No one says a country that is 100% black needs more diversity. No one says a country that is 100% asian needs more diversity. No one says a country that is 100% Oriental needs more diversity.

    They are already 100% diverse.

    All white countries and only white countries need to be more diverse. white countries only stop needing to be more diverse, when there are no white people left in them.

    It is GeNOcide

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • Anonymous

    I was planning on booking a trip from Orlando to Sacramento on AA, but, after reading this, I will look for another airline. Thanks for the info, Glenn, and so sorry for your experience. No excuse for it …. they should be ashamed, they should apologize, and they should can his a$$!

  • Richard Soule

    I may disagree with you on some points, mostly your surport of the very liberal mitt romney and big brother lover paul rino, but geez, you all come off as really great people……….and as americans, its fine that we are have different views…….but I am appalled very time I read about how truly rude and threatened the becks are……….. unamerican airlines!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Darleen Benner Occhiogrosso Mc

    Shame on American Airlines!  Glenn, they are all IDIOTS for having bad behavior!  They are pathetic.  Keep on keeping on, you do so much ‘good’ and are so much more!    We heard you are coming to Bellingham, WA. this week.  Have tried to find out info and haven’t! :-(  Would love a ‘ticket’. 

  • Sandee Carlisle

    You opened my eyes…I hate N.Y anyway, but now I’ll never fly on AAL either.  There’s no excuse for the rudeness of left wing nut jobs!

  • Cowfy Kaufman

    well mr.beck.i suppose AA will be sending you an apology of sorts.until you relay that fact i will not consider in any form to fly with AA.i served in the Israeli army as well i feel ashamed for that nin com poops actions.

  • HS

    Glenn…so sorry to hear of the ignorance that circulates everywhere unfortunately.  I will NEVER give AA another $ of mine.  The hatred because you tell the truth is just inexcusable.  Praying for you and your family…keep on doing the right thing Glenn…there are many more of us who wholeheartedly support you then the idiot on AA!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll never use AA!!  You acted with class and dignity and truth Glenn!  Obviously all the AA staff, pilot included, are fools.  God help us all in this society.  Keep speaking the truth for us Glenn, you help us and educate us more than you know!  God Bless You!!

  • Jugears McGhetto Jr

    Scum.  It’s almost as if everything with the name “American” in it around the country today are the exact opposite, just like all the liberal Soros groups have names that are actually the very opposite of what their intents are…

     ie? “The Catholic Priest Defense League” which actually defends any and all comers with tales of abuse in the Catholic Church when really the ‘so called abusers’ weren’t Catholic priests but Gays pretending to BE Catholic Priests, so they get donations from people thinking they defend the church when they do the exact opposite. American Airlines, obviously same thing.

    Or Progressive Insurance where they want the idiots to put the Nanny State box in your car willingly for a piddly discount they can jack up 1000 times when you run a stop sign or speed through a school zone and what not… progressive my azzz. Draconian would fit better.

  • Anonymous

    They hate Glen Beck, because he is a white man with an opinion.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • Dennis A. Wolf

    More tolerance from the left and in this case it is not the leadership but rather very low level common people.  A flying waiter and some restaurant people.  They would have treated Osama Bin Laden better.  As you say, it shows they are in a melt down and maybe that barometer, should give us hope.

  • Kathryn Engemann

    I’ve always felt that way about American Airlines because I have had similar treatment and I’m not famous or anything like unto it.  I have had horrific service on American and I refuse to fly them anymore.  What’s up with those guys anyway?

  • Anonymous

    No one says a neighborhood that is 100% black needs more diversity.

    No one says a neighborhood that is 100% asian needs more diversity.

    No one says a neighborhood that is 100% oriental needs more diversity.

    They are already 100% diverse.

    All white neighborhoods and only white neighborhoods always need to be more diverse. white neighborhoods only stop needing to be more diverse when there are no white people left in them.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • trey

    Thanks Glen. It is amazing to me that people can be so intolerant over a difference of opinion, and that they do not see that their very own behavior is the very thing that they cannot stand about others. It is almost like saying I wish to punish you because I see what I do not like about myself .
    Its kind of like being offended…… usually being offended is a choice we make. when we are offended it is usually a built in way that God shows us something we don’t particularly like about ourself, that someone else just demonstrated.

  • Anonymous

    So sorry, Glenn, for having to put up with dimwits like that flight attendant.  It’s always funny to me how they say that conservatives are not “accepting” of anyone who doesn’t believe the same way.   Sure it happens, but I find it happens much more from the liberal side……. and much more belligerent.  Sad!

  • Anonymous

    I will never fly American Airlines again.  They owe you a public appology.  This should be on the news for everyone to hear about.   So much for Liberal tolerance.

  • Anonymous

         This guys actions were inexcusable.  People who lash out are usually mean or ignorant of the facts.  In retrospect it makes me wonder how many times I may have been rude or mean because I had situational control.  God knows, God forgive me.  

  • Ralph Siemer

    I vowed years ago never to give American Airlines my business.  I was deployed right after 9/11 and had purchased tickets for a family vacation with American Airlines.  9/11 hit I was sent overseas.  Our tickets were departing Manchester NH to Key West FL (spring break).  I returned from overseas about a month before our scheduled trip and checked my itinery only to find that I was no longer departing from or returning to Manchester NH rathe out of LaGuardia.  A mere 250 miles away, so I would have to drive there the night before and get a room so I could catch the early morning flight.  American refused to compensate me for the Room fees and did nothing to assist us.  Of course during our travel they announced how they are overbooked and will give you a $300 voucher  and upgrade on the next flight if you give up your seat.  I wrote a letter to the CEO of American along with USAF Chief of Staff and the ANG CAT Director.  American sent its usual form responce with nothing else.  The ANG director was supportive and nothing from USAF Chief of staffs office.  I therefore vowed never to give American Air another penny.

  • Timothy-Kristin Davidson

    I’m sorry that you and your family had to endure this…no one should be treated as less than human…as much as i dislike obama, were i forced to serve him, id treat him with decency and human kindness…thank you for everything you do! you are greatly appreciated!!

  • Anonymous

    Nobody goes into Africa and feels AWKWARD that black people have their own countries. Nobody would say that black countries are ‘too black’ and MUST become more ‘Diverse’ ie LESS black.

    Nobody goes into Asia and feels AWKWARD that asian people have their own countries. Nobody would say that asian countries are ‘too asian’ and MUST become more ‘Diverse’ ie LESS asian.

    asian countries for asians, black countries for blacks but white children’s countries for Everybody ?

    Force-mixing a ‘melting pot upon Every white country, and ONLY white countries to create a ‘blended humanity’ is nothing but an attempt to ‘mix’ and ‘blend’ white people out of existence.

    It’s Genocide.

    • Mario Lebowski

      Does nobody notice things like this on this site? This is a horrifying logical jump. This isn’t a white country.

  • Millie Droste

    Glenn, they will never get my business now

  • Carol Seals Hunt

    I’m with you  glenn, I just don’t know where all this hate comes from.  Why do people not understand that hate is hate, no matter where it comes from or who it is directed at.  I am a white christian conservative.  I’m not a raceist, a biggot, a homophobe & I’m not stupid.  But I am labeled these things by people filled with so much hate that I don’t share there belief’s.  Diversity indeed! 

  • Kelly

    The last paragraph sums it up beautifully.  Thanks, Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn I am currently employed with American Airlines although I am a Christian, Conservative, Republican leaning employee I am totally saddened by the mistreatment of you and your family.  This is not the standard of customer care I hear about daily and we strive to attain.
    I work shoulder to shoulder with a diversified workforce.  We are told not to be political or speak in a condescending manner toward any of our co workers, or especially the passengers.
    I hope the company I work for searches to find this misfit of a flight attendant and fires them. Glenn I appreciate your passion for our country!! 

  • Leona Laico Galal

    Love you Glenn! Report that guy. No American Airlines for me, and I am posting this on my Facebook. This is tolerance leftist style. So sad

  • Darlin

    Glenn,   I whole heartedly feel sad,  as if American Ailines can afford to lose customers!  So happy that you and your family are with us here in Texas,  and that you have been introduced to our church home as well.  Continue to follow your heart, Glenn,  if you do, you can’t be wrong, because the Holy Spirit dwells there…………….thank you for all you do.

  • lee elman

    you deserve better and as a lifelong New Yorker, I am sorry. Whenever I go to the city, it is like Home Depot, full of tools…God Bless you and the USA.


  • Dave Gustavson

    I’m not a Beck fan, way too much religion for me. Beck should stop simply use his right to not fly American Airlines anymore. In what’s left of the formerly great USA we still have a free market economy (other than the media, banking, education, automotive industry, healthcare, and power usage that is). 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care what type of service provider you are, all of your customers should be treated properly.  It’s called being professional!

  • Rhonda Leonard

    I am sorry for the treatment you were given. I have listened to you for a couple of years now. Thank you for reporting the truth and standing up for what you believe in. You are not alone. We have the same wants and dreams for our family as you do. May God keep you and bless you and your work.

  • AndrewH
  • Anonymous

    According to UN Law, Genocide is the elimination of an identifiable national group using any means.

    If there are no white people left anywhere on the planet, due to official policies of massive immigration and forced integration for all white countries and only white countries, then Genocide has been committed.

    It is so simple even a child can understand it.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    • Mario Lebowski

      White people are the majority group here, I’m pretty sure they won’t be eliminated any time soon. Nobody is going to make you have sex and reproduce with people of other races. You can just keep making white babies, no matter how many black people are around you.

  • A Yahoo! user

    Treat him special?!  Who said anything about being treated special?!  How about if you had received treatment like this on an airline.  In front of your children and wife…  How would you fare?!  So you might consider rethinking your position on your retarded comment “Frankie”  –  Straight up loser.  And idiot EX druggie drunk?!  Kinda sounds like the last 2 presidents the Democrats have managed to get elected into office…  Ohhh ya!  We see how well that worked out for them..  Guess what “Frankie” –  Ur days are over buddy.. Ur dream of hope and change have been shattered by the reality that you have been LIED TO YOUR FACE.     LET ME ASK YOU “FRANKIE” –  Hows that hope and change working out for you now?!

  • Kathryn

    I would have liked to hear that Glenn had taken it up with AA before he vented here.  I sent an email to the AA complaint dept. explaining the situation and asking for an apology.  I explained how it’s about being polite and respectful even if we have differences of opinion.  If that flight attendant or AA does apologize I hope Glenn will make it known.  It would be a shame for AA to suffer economic hardship because of the caprice and idiocy of one immature flight attendant.   If AA does handle this situation effectively I won’t hold the actions of one of their employees against them.  It could happen to anyone.  If they support this attendant’s actions that’s an entirely different situation.

  • Michele

    My husband and I will never fly American Airlines again.  Few years ago they left us with our two young children in Chicago.  Our incoming flight was sitting on tarmac waiting for our gate.  American knew that the flight we were on was delayed at getting to the gate.  We ran as fast as we could with two small children in tow and a car seat, diaper bag, etc.  We made it to the gate to find out the pilot pushed off 15 min. early.  Why???  Because he can.  Have never and will never set foot on American Airlines again!!

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t end there.  Look at the biased hateful media!  The world is more divided than ever.  I can’t wait until everyone falls on their knees in repentance because you can be sure that day is near!

  • Connie Dixon

     And Glenn that is why we are proud to be Texans! I was born and raised here..Welcome to our State :)

  • Leatha Goldsmith

    Glenn – I am so sorry for the abhorrent way you are treated in public. God bless you for standing for what is right and good.  Never lose sight of this.  God bless you and your family.    You are welcome to come hang out in west Texas where most of us will treat you like family. 

  • jedi6901

    Glen, I am with you. No more American Airlines in my travel budget.

  • George Bock III

    You told listeners to have their phones ready.  You should have recorded it.  I know you’re on a plane so maybe the phone isn’t the best choice but, even just audio would have been great, especially when you landed and thanked him.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glenn for this vision of American Airlines.  This makes it alot easier in the future  American Airlines just lost alot of passengers.   God Bless you and keep up the good work

  • LG

    You know what? I am proud of you and the work you have done and the way you have stayed true to your beliefs and convictions. There is a greater power that will judge all people by their merits, sins, and trespasses against their fellow man. I feel pity for those on the Liberal side that spew so much hate and division. I pray for the one’s who believe that America should be the land of anything goes. We have gotten away from what this country really stood for when our founding fathers came here…Freedom…Freedom of religion, Freedom of speech, and the Freedom to believe what you want to believe wothout prejudice and persecution from others who do not believe as you do. I don’t believe in same sex marriage, I do not believe in abortion unless it was rape or incest, I believe all welfare recipients should be drug tested and only allowed to stay on welfare for 2 years and if they have another child out of wedlock during that 2 year period their benefits will be terminated immediately. You may not agree with my beliefs and that okay! This is the land of the FREE. God Bless.

  • Anonymous

    1. Try to imagine how much brainwashing it would take to convince all the asians living in Asia, that they need to go ahead and replace themselves (in Asia) with North African Muslims????

    2. Now imagine that they were so totally mind conditioned and brainwashed. That they really believed it would be RACIST not to????

    If you manage to do that: Welcome to the world of the white anti-whites!!! ????

    So my question is: Can anyone think of something dumber than a white Anti-white????

  • Anonymous

    We really need to remember what we are fighting against… Its not flesh and blood. We need to remember the battle and our battle gear and our Leader.Not in that order, the world will not understand

  • Tom Protano

    glenn , you said a mouthful and i think if the shoe was on the other foot it would be all over the media .. unfortunately they are too stupid to see it . you have my vote . say it like it is

  • donalddump

    All these poor Glen comments.  Really people?  Most of this diatribe is a bunch of paranoid junk and you are all falling for it.  Why do always have to have this persecuted attitude.  It’s sickening.  You people will look for any little slight and blow it completely out of proportion to feed your need to feel persecuted. 

  • Janet Hetherwick

    hes getting back what he has spewed for years, but the airline attendents should have done their job and the resturant should not have been so hateful…although its payback time for him now he knows how obama feels when he bashes him with the lies he throws out there

  • Brian Donald Krumm

    You’re such a victim Glenn, all in the name of Jesus.  If you were really so closely aligned with this prophetic figure, I think you’d do less whining… ya know, like Jesus.  

  • Anonymous

    Funny how “anti-racists” know to only target white countries isn’t it? If race isn’t real, how do they know to target all white countries and only white countries, for massive immigration of people that are not their race and forced integration, until white people disappear? Anyone who objects to this obvious genocide targeting white people, is called a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    • Barker

      Dude you need a Xanax or something…

  • Supertx

    In all fairness, is it possible that AA would not condone this? They definitely can’t be aware of the actions of every employee, but if something like this is brought to their attention and they don’t produce an appropriate response, then they get what they deserve. I’d love to hear their official response to this.

  • Janet Hetherwick

    hes getting back the hate he has spewed for years

  • Darlene McNeely

    You are a better person than I, because I would have complained.  But agree, American Airlines is now on my “no fly” list.

  • Anonymous

    No one goes to Africa, India, China, the Middle East, or Japan and tells the people are a social construct and then floods the place with millions of people, that are not of their race, and tells everyone to “mix in” until the target group disappears.

    “Anti-racists” are Demanding this be done to ALL white countries and ONLY white countries.

    Its GeNOcide for white people.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t ever liked American anyway.  

  • Anonymous

    Have you noticed “racism” is only a problem only in white children’s countries?

    Proof: NOBODY is flooding millions of non-blacks into ALL black countries and ONLY into black countries and is telling everyone to “mix in”, until black people disappear everywhere on the planet – genocide.

    No one is holding “anti-racism” demonstrations in black countries, to demonstrate against blacks that oppose their people’s genocide.

    This is being done in all white countries and ONLY in white countries. This is GeNOcide.

    They are not anti-racist, they are anti-white terrorists.

  • Anonymous

    I have 2 very good quotes that should lift you up from those hateful attacks:“Jesus Christ lived in the midst of his enemies. At the end all his disciples deserted him. On the Cross he was utterly alone, surrounded by evildoers and mockers. For this cause he had come, to bring peace to the enemies of God. So the Christian, too, belongs not in the seclusion of a cloistered life but in the thick of foes. There is his commission, his work. ‘The kingdom is to be in the midst of your enemies. And he who will not suffer this does not want to be of the Kingdom of Christ; he wants to be among friends, to sit among roses and lilies, not with the bad people but the devout people. O you blasphemers and betrayers of Christ! If Christ had done what you are doing who would ever have been spared’ (Luther).” ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Faith in Community 
    “Now there is a final reason I think that Jesus says, “Love your enemies.” It is this: that love has within it a redemptive power. And there is a power there that eventually transforms individuals. Just keep being friendly to that person. Just keep loving them, and they can’t stand it too long. Oh, they react in many ways in the beginning. They react with guilt feelings, and sometimes they’ll hate you a little more at that transition period, but just keep loving them. And by the power of your love they will break down under the load. That’s love, you see. It is redemptive, and this is why Jesus says love. There’s something about love that builds up and is creative. There is something about hate that tears down and is destructive. So love your enemies. (from “Loving Your Enemies”)” ― Martin Luther King Jr., A Knock at Midnight: Inspiration from the Great Sermons of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Anonymous

     My parents started their lives off in 1954 with an old farmhouse with no indoor plumbing. Three kids  later, still no indoor  plumbing. We had an outhouse and an underground cave in the back yard for tornadoes. Took baths in the kitchen sink and we had an old fuel oil heating stove. We all survived that, it was great. I miss those simple days. When a couple neighbors out in the Iowa countryside built themselves nice homes, I never heard my parents or grandparents ever say they thought those people were evil for getting nicer homes. NEVER heard that from them. We were all just happy to have a roof over our heads and a close family. We all worked hard, with gardens, carrying buckets of food to the hog barns, cleaning pens out, walking beans in the summertime, cuz if we kids wanted to buy something, we worked for it. It’s a real shame that these days, having to work for something is evil. After many years, we finally did get an indoor bathroom. It was appreciated so much more because we all worked for it. Then, we finally got ahead and got a new house. The ‘victims’ in this country with the ENTITLEMENT SYNDROME will have a very rude awakening if Obama gets re-elected because if they thought they had it bad now, it’s gonna get 3000X worse. Common Sense was a gift God gave to most of us.

  • Tom Jones

    You may have hit a nerve with that one employee who has just enough “power” to become a complete tool for a day but I would not blame AAL in general but rather just the person and bring it to AAL attention and let them deal with it!

  • Anonymous

    In Mexico, Mexicans control all of their own government and private institutions, so that is “Mexican Privilege”.

    In Africa, blacks control everything, so that is “black Privilege”.

    In Asia, asians control everything from top to bottom and that means they have “asian Privilege”.

    Of course the only “privilege” anti-whites like Tim Wise combat, is that of white people in their OWN countries.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

  • Phillip Waller

    I heard your American Airlines story this morning. I would loved to have been on that flight sitting near enough to you, to witness the behavior of this rogue flight attendant. You can believe that I would not only have stood up for you and called this cretin to task, but also would have alerted AA headquarters as soon as we landed. Mr. Beck, you are far more charitable than me and your response to the shabby treatment was better thought out. I would have been tempted to shove said drink can up a flaming nostril of the steward. I realize this would not be in line with your message of love. Don’t know if I could do it, but God bless you. This is a war and the left is scared. They are losing!

  • Cindy Johnson

    Be strong Glenn Beck we need you!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wish I had been sitting next to you, Glenn.  I would have been happy to open your drink and serve you as you have served this country for so long with your radio and TV show and helping to educate the masses.

  • Anonymous

    I will say that, in all my years of flying, Alaska Airlines has been above board on every aspect in travel. I would never fly another airline unless Alaska does not go there.

  • Anonymous

    Can we compare and contrast for a sec? People can boycott $3.29 chicken sandwich because they have “different agendas/ideals/opinions,” than the company who sells the chicken (who is almost notorious for providing great service-always “their pleasure!”)… You know, people can also boycott a $650.00 plane ticket four times a year…which I will gladly do from now on…for the CORRECT reason: bad service. Bad service=no customers. That’s the way it works. This would be a different story if you would have received the service you paid for (which should be awesome by the way because flying is not cheap!) and your flight attendant merely would have stated he didn’t agree with you…but treated you well. 

  • Adam Hodge

    Hey, I don’t fly American, and this is just one more reason. I’ve never thought of them as a quality airline. I don’t know if they still do, but they used to have a partnership with Alaska Airline, and picked up some of their flights. When I would get on an Alaska flight the crew was nice, interior in good condition, and the in-flight food was good quality. I could always tell the difference when I would board an American flight; ratty interior, poor in-flight food, and the crews were not as nice as Alaska. I’ve never recommended them and I can’t see where they’ve improved over the years.

  • Anonymous

    Their own employees hate them, always picketing and complaining. Fly SWA whenever possible.  I reposted to my FB and my Twitter, hope they lose business, such jerks!

  • David Hathaway

    The founders were slave holding racists who enshrined African slaves into the US Constitution as 3/5ths human, to purposely deny them any rights. They were also racist land thieves who intensified the long term genocide of native populations who they called “savages” and other choice terms.  

    • Anonymous

      So you are saying America is for whites only?

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for staying on topic.  Your comment has added so very much to the discussion…

  • Anonymous

    Good for you Glenn. Dont feel hurt for one minuite brother you are doing the right thing and standing up for what you believe in.. Stay the course.. I am with you!!

  • Anonymous

    I was impressed that Glenn thanked the attendant for treating his children better than him. How many men would have kept their composure under this difficult situation?  I am not sure why the flight attendant felt that it was appropriate to treat any one in a derogatory manner but American Airlines is aware of the problem now. It will be interesting to see how they choose to handle it. The flight attendant may have allowed his personal feelings to affect his performance but he should have thought this out. He chose to humiliate a man with a daily radio show with millions of listeners. Now we know two things about the flight attendant. He showed immature behavior and a stunning lack of thought about the consequences of his actions. I hope that his future enables him to have the time to reflect on his actions. In other words he will be unemployed. His rude behavior illustrates that he is not a good candidate for employment in a “service” industry.

  • Angela Hair Harwell

    I’m sorry you had to go through that Glenn…when my husband had to fly to Kuwait, American Airlines treated him so rudely… was a disgrace. It seemed the employees  didn’t care much for our military It was hard to take, besides the anxiety of my husband leaving for a year, and having to say goodbye,( with the way they were treating him) only made it even harder! They would not answer our questions, and when they did (sort of) they acted like he was bothering them, their voices and body language clearly spoke out loud that my husband was just in their way that day. We will never fly American again.. 

  • Anonymous

    Life is impersonal.   People treat you like trash because they know they will get away with it.

    Now, lets just say that Glenn decided to make an issue with the attendant, had his security detail follow the person, and then Glenn went the attendant’s home and confronted the behavior then they would have acted different.

    This is one reason why not a lot of TSA workers will wear their uniforms away from the airports.  The paybacks are severe when you can’t hide by being impersonal. 

  • Anonymous

    And how about white Privilege? We can’t have whites dominating their own governments and corporations in their OWN countries, because that would be racist.

    Of course no one says Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Africans, etc should not dominate the government and the private sector in their OWN countries.

    They only combat this kind of “privilege” in white countries.

    Amazing how there are so many contradictions in “anti-racism”.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • Anonymous

    I was arguing with couple of Tea Baggers the other day and I called one of them out as the racist I knew him to be, but all he did was keep saying this back to me:

    In your opinion I’m a racist.
    You’re just saying that because I’m white.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

    When I’ve called out racist whites in the past, they have always backed down, so I am at a loss of what to do. Any advice?

  • Jugears McGhetto Jr

    “I’ve lived in Texas in the last few months and I had forgotten why I needed my security detail. It’s funny because as I compared New York and Texas, there’s not everybody in Texas agrees with me. There’s a lot of liberals in Texas. It’s funny. We all have a neighbor here in Texas who is an Obama supporter. All of us do. But we’re neighbors first, Texans second, and Republicans and Democrats somewhere way down on the list.”

    And what sux the most is that city was attacked and we went to war over it in two countries and yet about 70% of the city fought US and the Military and George Bush the entire way, not to mention their wolf in sheep’s clothing Mayor’s a self hating billionaire white guilt ridden Jewish traitor who almost let the enemy build a rocket launching “Cordoba House” literally within strike range with rpg’s after the worst attack on mainland soil in our history Revolution aside. I don t mean the one coming up the road, the last one. 

     I used to live in White Plains and Upper Saddle River Jersey as a kid and always liked it but that was 35 years ago. It like half of the city of Chicago today thanks to illegal alien sanctuaries and ghettos galore are nothing but third world %^&*$#%^&*$%^&*. Harlem, Jamaica, now Brooklyn, the whole place is a dump. Chicago (where I live 30 miles north of)  it’s the “Souf and West Side” where you go from city of big shoulders west over the Kennedy or south over State street straight into third world “Beirut by the lake”.  O’s organizing stomping grounds, where the only thing organized is the Coroner’s office and Pottersfield. : (

  • Shawn Walsh

    your problem was you didnt invite me for drinks.. everyone knows that nobody messes with anyone sitting with me.. not only in nyc but globally… 😉 although you would be subject to my personal ribbing…which isnt all that bad… 

  • Anonymous

    Next time fly Southwest Airlines.

  • Anonymous

    In the anti-white’s opinion, there is something wrong with being a proud white man.

    In the anti-white’s opinion, the only good white man is an ashamed white man (or better? an extinct one).

    Shame on you, anti-whites!

  • Anonymous

    If you feel Glenn was badly treated contact AA Customer Service and let them know how you feel about it.  I just did.

  • Anonymous

    There is no longer any left or right. There is only Pro white and Anti-white.

    Which are you?

  • Polly P

    I can’t believe that no one said anything to that rude flight attendent!  Regardless of politics, I would have definitely spoke up if I saw another passenger receiving that kind of treatment, and I don’t care who the person was!  I swore off everyone but Southwest a long time ago.  I will only fly the others if absolutely necessary because the customer service is gone.

  • Karen Weir

    Glenn, could it be that you have made rude, obnoxious, disparaging comments about other people and that is why they hate you?  Could it be that it has nothing to do with your silly political beliefs, but rather it may be your personality?

    • Mario Lebowski

      Thank you! He’s really just an obnoxious human being!

    • Anonymous

      Oh, well in that case, treating him as a subhuman is okay then!  I’ll remember that the next time someone who is from another culture is being a d-bag.  I’ll just treat them horribly, and say, “Well, it’s okay because they were being a d-bag.”

      In related news, could Karen and Mario please post public places you frequent?  By their logic, we could all go treat them poorly for being…well…them.

    • Steven Foster

      bI love Glenn… And I love your post! ThE love Glenn, and I love your comment… Thank you.unk you!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you find it funny how the “anti-racist” movement, is rapidly transforming into the anti-white movement?

    Soon there will be no whites left in the “anti-racist” movement. 

  • Valerie Farley Cirillo

    My husband travels for a living. He flies a minimum of 120K miles a year within the US. I book all his flights and I assure you after reading this post he will NEVER fly American Airlines. My son is in the Army and I will be sure he not only Never flies American but that his entire platoon is aware of the treatment they can receive on this airline. I have no problem with the fact people have different beliefs then I do. What I have a problem with is that they so obviously do. When you are in a service industry as I am you provide the same level of service to each and every customer no matter their beliefs. American Airlines allowing this type of service, and from the comments this isn’t the first time, will hurt them in the end. Nobody wishes to pay for a service and be treated subhuman. Sorry American Airlines you have blown it big time!

    • patrioticchick

      I am going to write American Airlines and unless they make a
      public apology and reprimand the flight attendant I will no longer consider
      them when I fly.

    • PJSTX

      “Nobody wishes to pay for a service and be treated subhuman.”  If I could add to an excellent post:  It is not entertaining to watch other people be vilified either.

      I want professional service. No more, no less. I don’t want to know their political views, their “orientation”, or if they prefer boxers or briefs whether they agree with my views or not, or whether they agree with the rest of the passengers’ views or not. I don’t want to be able to tell, either way. Same goes for Barbara Whiney Striesand and all the idiots using their positions to force me to listen to their drivel. Shut up and do what you are getting paid to do. If you are doing it well, you won’t have time to pontificate. Again, this ain’t the first time AA has had this happen. Better look up the ladder for the real problem.

      Please thank your son for his service to our country. I do appreciate it.

  • Frank

    Liberals are notorious for discriminating, its ingrained and seen throughout their political history. Especially when they were against civil rights despite claiming they have always been for them. It goes with their blatant lies and hypocrisy ideology.

  • Anonymous

    Half the Anti-whites argue that the white race does not exist. While the other half are clearly identifying whites as a distinct ethnic/racial group, when it comes to blaming us for all the bad things in the world.

    Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-white!

  • Vada Kile Allen

    You are not alone Mr Beck.  Many are treated wrongly for their beliefs.  Raise your head, hold your shoulders high and walk in dignity as the real man you are.  You do not answer to them.  God sees it and rewards our faithfulness in what HE”S called us to do and be.  I thank HIM for that.

  • Lynn Sailor

    I think we’ve all probably received bad service from time to time and from place to place. However, this airline seems to go out of their way to be nasty. I won’t use this airline again and I’ll tell everyone I know about it. Sorry you had to go through that, Glenn.

  • Lisa Gardner Vestal

    We love you Glenn.

  • Julie Ann Dressler


  • Casey Danette Applewhite

    Why are you assuming that this flight attendant even know’s who the hell you are?? I have no clue who you are and why are the actions of one employee a reflection of an entire company!?! Get your life together man!!

  • American Veteran

    Weren’t you, Pat and Stu mocking Mr. Eastwood the other day?  How do you believe he would feel, if he ever listened to it?  I am 99% in accordance with your points of view and I believe this the right moment for you should apologize to Mr. Eastwood.  Then I would be 100% with what you say here and the way your stated situation have made you feel.

  • Lou Ferrao

    We can only hope AA does go out of business. This type of behavior is unwarranted and unacceptable.

    • Taka Dahle

       A list on Yahoo! News I read several weeks back said that AA is one of the brands that may fold by next year.  And given the story that Glenn told, it’s no real wonder why.

  • Anonymous

    They wonder why they’re the one that is going DOWN the drain financially? lol It’s
    because you are only as good as the people you hire! If you hire turds– well
    enough said.

  • Anonymous

    The only people who I have encountered with this kind of over the top, vitriolic, hateful response to any comments I make on newspaper and web opinion boards, which appear to be the in the least, conservative (especially Christian)  are  homosexuals who have totally bought into the hate and lies they are fed, on a daily basis, by the radical gay community. I highly suspect that was the case in this situation.  He must be a very unhappy person. My husband, who travels a lot for business, just experienced an extremely  distasteful experience on that airline also, and will never patronize them again! Thank God we do have a choice!

  • Jack Carson

    I similarly had a bad experience with AA in the 1980s.  After losing my luggage the AA representative
    continually misled me concerning the where abouts of my bags for more than a
    week.  In the end, they finally admitted
    the bags were forever lost and made little effort to adequately compensate me
    for the loss. That week, I swore off patronizing AA tore up my frequent flier
    card and to this day I have not set foot on an AA airplane.  My extended family and friends have followed
    suit support this minnie boycott.

  • Eddy Gugliotta

    I think you completely forgot that American Airlines male on board service staff is very commonly  homosexual, hence, very pro-Liberals; They don’t actually like you very much. Mr, Obama has seriously managed to divide this great country as never before. Shame.

    • Kristine Schomaker

       WOW, ummm not all homosexual’s are liberal!! I live in LA a pretty liberal place and know a lot who are conservative republicans. I am very tired of people being put into categories like this. Every one is an individual. I am sorry this happened to you on the plane. Very sorry, but please don’t put people into categories based on their lifestyle. Or even their political affiliation. I am a liberal artist whose dad was republican and in the air force for 20 years. I totally support the military and am able to sit down and have great conversations with people of all sides. I am getting very tired of this division republicans vs democrats which is really not Obama’s nor Bush’s fault but our own and the media who make this divide bigger and bigger.

  • Gail

    Sorry you were treated like crap. you are a good caring person. it is sad that when people don’t agree with you , they act like that. sorry to say I feel the same way, I get so mad at people for being so dumb. but I don’t treat them them bad. I just have nothing to do with them. not much you can do with people that don’t want to see the writing on the wall. 

  • silvia b lezcano

    It is a shame when your opinion and thoughts give way for people to treat you like a disease. I fly on American internationally and I was going to visit NYC next summer with family, but after your experience I will be giving both second thoughts. Not that you would encourage those decisions but we should stand together for what we believe in. There has to be a limit to all of this bad treatment of conservatives and I for one will do my small part to boycott those businesses that treat others as these have treated you.

  • Will Kerns

    So Glen Beck, if you can believe him, got a little of what he and his followers have been dishing out and he didn’t like it. 

    • Laura Lewis Nelson

      Wilma, it’s obvious you haven’t ever watched or listened to Glenn Beck.  Just because he may disagree with someone, doesn’t mean he HATES them.  I’m so sick of the left always referring to someone’s disagreement as HATE.  Really?  But you obviously love animals, and looks like you “like” enough organizations that would protect them.  What about babies?? Human babies?  I bet a dollar to donuts that you are pro-choice.  I’ve never heard Glenn Beck verbally disrespect anyone.  Disagree?  Yes.  That’s not disrespect.

  • J. P.

    It’s amazing. I have found that the people most intolerant of a differing opinion are the liberals, the ones who praise diversity. My husband is a liberal, and he is the first to back me up on this. You can believe what you want, unless you believe in God. You can vote how you want, unless you vote Republican. As a Mormon in the Bible belt, I was never as oppressed as when I married into a liberal family in Utah.

  • Nita Mermoud

    that is not right! You would’nt treat anyone you don’t agree with that way would you?
    Would you treat anyone with sin that way?
    We should always obey the golden rule:
    ‘Treat others as you would want to be treated’
    thank you for sharing .. thanks Glenn Beck 
    I will never choose American Airlines again, for who knows this man might be my flight attendant from American Airlines and I wouldn’t want him to think he would have to have to wait on me .

  • Ron

    I can’t

  • Bob Wilke

    Glenn it’s sad that you and your family had to be treated this way. I to until recently worked in the retail business (let go last year). I had worked both from an employee and management position. We have all seen people we knew could and would be trouble. That being said though it was our responsibility to assist them as best as possible. What he did to you is indefensible and should have been terminated immediately after a proper review.

    He was a small small man who had his chance to make himself big in his eyes. In the end all he did was hurt himself and the company he worked for. Being that I was in management I have had my share of times to directing a heated argument away from the customer and employee. That was my job to be the person to affect a good solution. With that though there have been times when I have pulled an employee to the side and told them in no uncertain terms that what they were doing was unprofessional and would not be tolerated. 

    I would hope that either his superior on the flight staff or the pilot himself took the initiative to report the jackass.

    I had a less but similar issue with IKEA a few years ago. My Mother had issues walking and we would go and get a wheelchair for her. We would wait online at the children area where the chairs are kept. We would give an id and the person there would call over the greeter who had the key for it. We had been there many many times. I saw and recognized the greeter. SO to save time I asked him if he could start to unlock the chairs so that I could get her in quickly.  As I was asking that the other employee there Rudely and loudly told me to wait on the line. I hadn’t asked him and was speaking to the greeter. I said fine and walked over there. I did though after I got the chair went immediately to the Floor manager and told her what had transpired. I didn’t ask for the person to be fired but i did say we have spent plenty of money in this store and it should be dealt with swiftly or they will loss more customers by this.

    There comes a time when you have to speak up and say this is wrong. You Glenn were the bigger person in the end. I just hope the pilot did his responsibility once he was aware of it.

  • Anonymous

    “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.”  Matt. 5:11

  • Anonymous

    I will never fly American Airlines gain

  • Sandy Tomich

    This rambling prose is a form of shouting and you are shouting down everyone except arch conservatives.

  • Joyce Brokaw

    God Bless you Glenn Beck and keep up the good work. When we fly we use Southwest, but will be flying on Delta the 14th of this month. It is easy to see why AA has had money problems    because obviously they have no customer service, also were they not the first carrier to charge extra for luggage? Your treatment was beyond rude, and apparently the airlines do not care, that person should have been fired!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry that happened to you Mr. Beck. It must be a terrible feeling to be treated like that, just because of your differing opinions and beliefs. You did nothing wrong, and those people are, what’s the term..oh right…haters.

  • Joan Zwanzig

     God Bless you and your family cause you are so right Glen. I do believe its so close to
    our making a stand, I have always thought that you can push a real AMERICAN just so far
    and thats it.  Ask the Japanese and the Germans, they may have won the first round but
    when REAL AMERICANS stand up because of their love of God and their Country, mark
    my words they will win in the final hour…God Bless you Glen and God  Bless America.   I am part of the GREATEST GENERATION THAT EVER LIVED, I know a real AMERICAN when
    I see one. You are REAL. I truly believe AMERICAN AIRLINES is now owned by a foreign Country.

  • stephanie young

    I want to address the bbq restaurant he was talking about in NYC. Was he talking about the Neely’s from the Food Network? I know he did not mention names but does anyone know? I’m assuming so : Minority, couple, BBQ, TV show. I would like to know. It doesn’t sound like it was just one person taking their frustration out on Glenn there. Sounds like it was the whole staff. I’m gonna start digging into the political views of the Neely’s and see what they are all about. If I found out they are liberals I wouldn’t care but discrimination against people, especially paying customers, just because they are conservatives is not acceptable. If I found out Paula Deen was a a liberal I’d be bummed but I wouldn’t stop watching her show. Differences in opinion I can accept, hatred I cannot. What is going on in this country? Tolerate everyone and everything except Conservatives and Christianity??? How are Americans not seeing this hypocritical BS???

  • Angie Stock

    Rudeness and incivility should never be acceptable.  I had poor customer service from Delta in the past, but that was just poor service and not the kind of abuse mentioned here by soldiers and by Glenn.  Hearing all these stories, I think I’ll be avoiding AA in the future — even if it means flying Delta again.  So sorry to hear everyone’s horror stories.

  • Patricia Snyder

    no one should be treated the way u and your family were treated in nyc or on the plane.  keep up ur good work and stand behind the Word and the Constitution …….

  • Ron

    For many of us in the DFW area, there is no other convenient option to AA. I have flown over a million miles on American and I have had some inferior service from time to time but no more than I would experience on any other airline.

    Glenn, I have had the opportunity to observe your behavior in private and know that you are a good man with a good heart. I know you did not deserve this treatment (no one does), but the best way to correct this situation is to turn in the employee’s name along with your flight number to AA customer relations. I did this on two occasions in the past and I know that proper disciplinary action was taken.

    Yes, the jerk is having a good time telling all his like minded friends how he “dissed” you on the flight, but when his supervisor comes down on him, it won’t be so funny.

    Thanks for all you do.


  • john

    Riving story, and all too true because those that find fault in [a] Messiah’s administration, who deny reality and imagine that all the beautiful language and preacher-mode delivery is the truth and nothing but…BUT…as I have said on many venues, pay no attention to what our President says…watch and believe only what he actually does…it is very revealing.  As for American Airlines, after they bought TWA and then downsized, now bankrupt, their attitude will send them into Chapter 7 (liquidation) sooner than later.

  • Yona Loriner

     I called in, I emailed in, and until I see an American airline apology and Glenn beck accepting the apology, we will not fly with them. I made that decision not because i believe in boycotts but because i don’t want to fly with an airline that would treat me like crap because of my political view, especially a view that protects freedom!

  • Seng Au

    I for one will never fly American Again.. it is not my America to support such A holes

  • Jeff Deason

    I am a flight attendant for a regional airline that flies for American’s two largest competitors. If anyone at my carrier were to treat a passenger like that, they would not have a job as soon as management heard about it. I have to serve people daily who come from all walks of life, many of whom I have vast personal differences with. That’s part of what makes the job great though. I love meeting people who are different than me and being able to get to know them in the two hours that they are sitting on my plane. If you are unwilling or unable to do that, you should not be a flight attendant. Everyone deserves the same level of courtesy and respect.

  • Lawrence J Smith

     I thought it stood for Asshole Airlines…  I just assumed…

  • Anonymous

    Seems like us in the military have seen this more than once. I have to say, I remember when air travel was fun and Stewardess’ (yes they were mostly female) were ALWAYS courteous and professional. Now it is very rare to find that sort of courtesy and professionalism 
    when flying. 

  • Nita Mermoud

    I am sorry Mr. Glenn that you & your family had to go through with this awful treatment in New York!
    I am hopeful there are other places in NY that would have treat you all differently and welcomed you in the right manner!
    I am also sorry your family or any other flyers on your plane had to see how you were treated on American Airlines!
    We should all follow ‘The Golden Rule’ “Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you”. No matter what!

    I will not take any flights from American Airlines thank you Mr. Glenn Beck! 
    I wouldn’t want to make this flight attendant from American Airlines think he would have to wait on me, even though I am not a public figure; maybe he wouldn’t like the way I look. although I am not a frequent flyer I will not take any flights from American Airlines thank you Mr. Glenn Beck! 

  • Evan

     Glenn once again fails to see that it is human nature.  He is trying to fight a war against human nature.  Just look through history.  Every known civilization had some fight with a rival civilization.    Why is that? Because the two sides had their own ideas on how to live.  And thought theirs was the only way. 
    Glenn keeps saying we need to believe in God etc…  Do we all need to? Or maybe we all need to realize everyone lives their life the way they want to.  And that we need to respect everyone for that.  Till you can do that.  No matter what you do.  Some people will agree with you and some will disagree with you.  Accept it as part of life and move on.  Human Nature is why Communism will always fail and Human Nature is why Capitalism always has it’s hiccups.   Human Nature is why you have Dictators and Human Nature is why you have corrupt democracies.  Human Nature is what causes people to go on massive shooting sprees. It is also what brings us all together in the aftermath.  

    When will people understand it.. Human Nature.  It is who we are. No point in trying to change it. Because every time you do.  We will always fail.

  • Anonymous

    I feel your anger. I too was subjected to similar treatment at a restaurant in Walnut Creek, CA. My partner and I, a pair of none-descript conservative thinking and appearing homosexual men (I don’t use the term “gay” because my copy of the OED defines that as being happy, joyous and free, nothing about homosexual, and, at 26+ years sober, I’m usually happy joyous and free, until I remember certain incidents), arrived at the restaurant, a place about one wrung up the ladder from Denny’s, not exactly the Oak Room at the Plaza, and the hostess noticed that we were (inconspicuously) hold hands as couples often do. Her eyebrows furled, she glanced at the chatty families in the sparsely occupied dining room and barked… “I’ll seat you in the lounge”. I politely responded, “we don’t drink”. She ignored the comment and led us to a table in the dimly lit bar area, away form those cheerful atmosphere of the dining room. 
    She dropped the menus on the opposite edge of the table for us to reach for and left. A few moments later, she reappeared and asked, “you made up your minds yet?”. Now, I wanted to say “yes, I’ve decided you’re a bitch and that I don’t want to east in your rat hole of a bar” but I, being a civilized person of responsibility and taste, resisted and simply ordered a meal for my partner and me. A long while later, she returned with our meals and loudly slammed them on the table before us. We finished our meals in silence. We were both deep in thought about our perceived station in life, I suppose, and left without another word… or gratuity. We sat in the car in the parking lot for a moment and my partner said, “much as I hate dining in ‘the city’ (the name the locals use to refer to San Francisco)… we’d have been treated like customers”… to which I replied, “unless they knew we voted for Reagan twice and Bush once.”

    • Sharmane

       It is always wrong to exhibit hate towards people.  Your post helps reinforce that point.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Wow. I am a former Lufthansa flight attendant and had I treated any passenger like that for any reason (forget the reason – there wouldn’t have been much of an exploration of ‘the reason’) – I would have been fired. 

    • PJSTX

       A famous man recently said
      “If someone isn’t doin’ their job, you just gotta let ’em go”.

  • Anonymous

    I am so sick of everything, this a we call a president has caused more hatred in this country than I have ever seen. Racism was such a thing of the past, now it is front and center along with the dividing of belief systems, religon, and about anything else that can be divided among Americans.
    Glenn Beck is a breath of fresh air to most of us, he is honest. Seems like anyone with a good moral value is a target now.
    Our Prayers go out for him and his family, this should have never happened.

  • Kerry M Collier

    I will say though about the customer always being right saying..I work tech support…that doesn’t hold true lol

  • Annette Marie

    I don’t travel much…but, I will NEVER use American Airlines again!

  • Anonymous

    You hit it spot on. I couldn’t agree more!

  • Anonymous

    I am done with them.

  • bough

    unless it is using my milage points for free.  I too will never fly American again unless I hear that that employee has been fired.

  • Anonymous

    I flew AAL to Hawaii and the Airplane was so dirty and the flight attendants were all angry you did not want to ask for anything.The guy behind me was from England and he asked me if this was normal? I flew AAL from Springfield to Phoenix and my seat was broken I fell right through it.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glenn for the heads up.  I will never fly with them again for treating you so pathetically.

  • Anonymous

    Tell us the names of the restaurants – we won’t fly AA or eat at these places either. Hell, I don’t even want to go to NY now!!

  • Anonymous

    This is no surprise to me. The left is filled with hate. I just read online what they are doing to Nikki Minaj. She is a young female rapper that has risen to stardom. I am sure you  have heard of her. Sh e is also black. In one of her recent songs, if you can call it a song, she raps and says ” she is voting for Romney, because they are ruining the economy” A pretty close version of what she rapped. Well now to the fun part, The tweets of wishing she would die, and hundreds of horrible hate filled wishes to her demise. She will now be on this list your on.  This young rising star will now see her star get ripped out of the sky, stomped on and thrown away. WHY?? because she said the unpopluar amongst the haters. She called it as she sees it, and now she has seen first hand what it is like to be ” one of those”. Jesus faced this hate, and he said ” father forgive them for they know not what they do” The knew not what they did, because hate consumed them. Hate became a tattoo on their hearts, and they became instruments of the one who created hate. I am so sad to live in a country that accepts and rewards this behavior. Amercian Airlines will be boycotted by me from now on. Thank God there was some humaness in that man to not mistreat your children. Thank God you had the self restraint to hold your tongue, because he was trying to get you to react and you didn’t and that probably made him insane.  Stay the heck away from  New York and fly US Air. 

  • Todd

    Glenn, I posted a link to this story on the American Airlines Facebook page and asked if they would care to explain.  I suspect my post will soon be deleted.  You’re always welcome on United and if you ever change planes in Dulles, look me up.  -Todd Thornton

  • Charmaine Gladfelter

    This is why America is crumbling in a sad way if people’s actions don’t change and change very soon I might add. I can’t even imagine being treated this way. Shame on you people who act like this just because you disagree with someone’s opinions. This is America people, the land of diversity and the country where freedom is supposed to be free. I would NEVER treat someone in this manner just because they disagreed with my values, my lifestyle, my choices. We are human beings and have a God-given right to live our lives how we choose, and even if we live totally different lives and don’t agree on anything we should never ever be ostracized for it. As children we are taught, hopefully, that we should never judge others and we should always treat others as we would like to be treated. I sincerely pray that this gentleman on American Airlines and those people who own those restaurants go home at night reflect on their day and ask themselves “Did I do everything I could this day to make others feel worthwhile? Did I do the right things to make my family proud of me? Was I a good role model for my children? Did I behave in a way that when my children speak to others they can say I want to be just like my parents?” If these people who treated Glenn in such a demeaning way did not have any remorse whatsoever for their hateful actions towards another human being then shame on them. Shame on us all if we EVER treated someone like this just because we didn’t agree with them. Shame!

  • Nathan Anthony Ladd

    Glenn, you’re a public figure who spends all of his time and energy espousing conspiracy theories about the destruction of America (smearing people as communists and anti-American radicals), discrimination based on sexuality, and other angry, bigoted and patently false views. Don’t expect to be a well-liked man among people who disagree with you. I personally would never be rude to you if we met in person, but a gay flight attendant might … Peace and love.

    • Anonymous

      If a sodomite flight attendant treats a passenger badly because of their belief system, then that sodomite should not be dealing with the public.

    • Anonymous

      You are soooooo wrong!!! 

    • Anonymous

      Peace and love my a$$, you’re just as hateful as that fight attendant.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Glenn,
    As I listened to your show this morning on the radio, my heart broke. You see I was a American Airlines flt. att. for 36 yrs., retired in 2006.  This is not the airline or employees that I once worked for/with and proudly served. As a former employee, I offer my sincere and heartfelt apology to you and your family and to any passenger who has been treated poorly by an A.A. employee. These types of stories sadden me greatly.
     I always enjoyed my passengers but of course there were those few exceptions.  However when I had encounter a “disgruntled passenger” I made every effort to understand their problem, and hopefully change their mind and become a loyal customer.  Not to offend any unhappy passenger but my mom said to me one time ” you can sure catch a lot more flies with sugar than salt” so I would try to make it my mission to turn these unhappy folks around by consistently offering a enjoyable, safe and memorable flt. experience and to understand why they had a bad one in the past.  All passengers/customers are important. They are the life blood and reason a company exists no matter what road in life a patron chooses to follow.
    I pray that this once proud and profitable airline will once again return to it’s high
     standard of service that I was trained under and so very proud of. 
    For all those current and future A.A. passengers make I thank you for your business and hope that you will not judge American by a few bad apples.  I loved my job when I flew and hoped it showed to all my customers as I was the representative of American and wanted to keep their business.  I feel this is why A. A. hired me in the first place.  Many employees do not work well with the general public and I understand this but please do not take a job that puts one front and center in public service if this be your case. Behind the scenes may be a better place for your service.
    I am only sorry I did not have the opportunity to serve you and your family on one of my flights. It would have been an honor and pleasure as it was with all my passengers.

    God Bless you, your staff and family for what you do to save this great country.
    A proud former A.A. flt. att.


  • Cotha Prior

    We are with you Glenn Beck.  God bless America, the best country ever.

  • PNW

     Mr. Beck, how is what you just said here any different than
    what the flight attendant did to you? Actually, it’s worse! Instead of just
    calling the flight attendant out, you threw the entire airline under the bus.  As you pointed out in your parting statement
    when leaving the aircraft, the flight attendant only treated YOU poorly, and
    not your entire family.  You no doubt
    feel insulted, hurt, and angered by the treatment you received. You are totally
    and completely justified in that. The conduct of that flight attendant was
    inexcusable and the incident should be reported to the company so that they can
    take the appropriate disciplinary action. You have a huge following…many people
    that seem to hang on your every word. I consider you very intelligent and
    appreciate many points that you make. This, however, was reckless. I truly
    think you could have made your point without having to chastise the entire airline
    over the conduct of one individual.  I’m
    reading through all the posts by readers/listeners who are cheering for you and
    declaring that they’ll never fly American Airlines again. What a shame. My CONSERVATIVE
    husband is employed by American Airlines. He’s a very hard-working person and
    treats others with the utmost respect, courtesy, and professionalism.  Your words here today will only serve to hurt
    the company as a whole…and all of those who work for the said company.  Please sir, in the future, think before your
    speak. There are so many listening. You have our attention…and the ability to
    make a difference where it truly needs to be made.

    • PJSTX

       You are not a captive on this site. Glenn Beck was, seated in the airplane. You do not have to pay to post here. He was a paying customer of AA. You did not pay for a service here. He was paying for service from AA. Passengers put their lives in the crews hands for several hours. Had there been an emergency, would Glenn Beck have been treated like everyone else? You may NOT get up and leave an airplane mid-flight. You are free to leave this website any time. No one will humiliate you for the two and half or three straight hours it takes to get from JFK to DFW, or make your family uncomfortable while you are posting here.

      Are you serious that you do not see a difference?.

  • Yona Loriner

    I just spoke to a representative and she wasn’t interested in hearing what i had to say… good bye AA I’m so glad there’s competition, other would be glad to get my business!

  • Dorothy Kelley

    Glenn, you and your family are hated, as scripture says, ” For His Names Sake”. You will have to get thick skinned where your faith is concerned. That has been going on for a long, long time. Experienced it many times. We so appreciate who you are and what you stand for. Make no apologies for that. Unless you turn your back on what you believe the hatred won’t go away.  I stand with you. Won’t fly American airlines either. Thank you for all you do.

  • Suzanne Russell

    AMEN to that!  So sorry you went through that Glen.  It wasn’t right.  I’m glad that you and your family are in Texas.  Just remember that you will always be glad that you stood up and did what you could.  You are in the fellowship of our Founders now and that’s a good place to be.  You are being used of God also and that’s no mean place either!  See you on the other side if not sooner!

  • Andy Miller


  • vixen5757

    This is an interesting glimpse into your life, Glenn. You are a famous personality. You have face value, people know who you are. I’m sorry you got treated so strangely on that flight but not at all surprised. Nor should you be. Liberals appear in degrees. I have dear liberal friends and we’re able to discuss our differences but also have other acquaintances too eager to shut my mouth and try to jam their ideology into my brain.
    Interesting that you started your commentary talking about Clint Eastwood. Only last week you ridiculed that man who stood up in front of the world and made a speech that will most likely end his career in the film industry. You joined in the voices against him, you and Stu and Pat. After all you’ve preached about this being America, respecting the wisdom of our elders, you made fun of his appearance, the content of his speech, his delivery, and suggested the Romney campaign would do well to distance itself from Clint.  Clint assured America that not all of Hollywood was liberal… there were others like him but they don’t go around ‘hotdogging’.  Now you know why. Interesting that this happened to you a few days after you disrespected Eastwood’s courage getting on that stage like you do every day in the studio. You got the cold shoulder and some crudeness from a male flight attendant and some dirty looks from people in NYC. Eastwood took on the liberal world and the liberal film industry the other night and you thought he was a disgrace. I wonder what he’d say about your comments today… and the ones you made the other day.  We can’t be fighting each other at this critical time to save our Republic.  
    I’m sorry you had a rough weekend. No one deserves to be treated like that but you’re not alone. We get it every time we open out mouths as conservatives. We’re just not as famous as you. WE hurt just as badly as you do… yes, do pray about it. Jesus said we’d be persecuted for following Him.. and surely enough all but one of His apostles were killed.  
    If nothing else, I hope this gives you pause to think about how all conservatives are treated not only on airlines or in public should we wear a tee shirt with a conservative message or park our car bearing a conservative bumper sticker, or when we write to out local papers as conservatives…. and get up in front of the world at the RNC as Clint Eastwood in support of the candidate running against a progressive/socialist president. Remember your words about Clint the other day, Glenn. Remember and learn.

  • Joyce Taddei

    I think that was absolutely atrocious.  That “person should be fired.  I hope you filed a complaint.  .  This country is going down the tube s.  We need a change!  I am beginning to be afraid.  Keep up the good work!

  • charleston lady

    I will never fly them again…the guy should have been fired.

  • Anonymous

    There is a large generation of folks out there that have no class,no morals, no tact.It is sad, but you Glen, are not alone in the treament you received.God Bless us all.

  • Ruth Sluder

    Seems the flight attendant did not care that Glen Beck could of made his life miserable by complaining to the top. It is sad to say that the Jewish mindset is so liberal when a real liberal hates most of the Jews.

  • Rich Chester

    Glenn that IS Nw York-if you want to get back at a Liberal-buy a Romney bumper sticker and put it on a Liberal’s car then wait as its vandalized by their own Liberals

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glenn for helping me make my choice of airlines.  I have found American Airlines a not very friendly way to travel so it is easy for me not to choose them for my next flight.  I am so sorry you were treated so badly. The man who did it to you is the small one, not you.  There are alot of people who I disagree with, but I will try to treat them as fellow humans on this journey through life.  The leftists have lost all semblance of humanity toward those who disagree wth them.

  • Darwin Davis

    It looks like Southwest Airlines will be my only choice now!  I was treated horribly by U.S. Airways on my recent trip to Israel, and now that AA treats one of my heroes like this, I won’t be flying AA ever either!


    God bless u glenn. The time of trouble is near. The lord warned us about it. They hated him frist an they hate us.

  • Sharmane

    The attendant, or attendants, who exhibited this behavior and ill treatment of a paying passenger should be fired immediately.  An apology should be sent to Mr. Beck from the head of American Airlines, a public apology.  The lefties/libs/socialists, who like to portray themselves as the epitome of tolerance are, in fact, the most intolerant people of all.  They cannot abide other people having different opinions than the ones they have.  We all see them for what they are –  infantile, hate-filled, intolerant babies.

  • Benjamin D. Bufkin

    okay, let us do a little math…… 10,000,000 Glen Beck viewers (that’s lowball) Guesstimate that 8,000,000 are married 10 +8 = 18 million Guess that at least half of those married couples have at least have one kid 10 + 8 + 4 = 22 million let’s tack on another 2 million for the multi kid families 10 + 8 + 4 + 2 = 24 million potential tickets 24,000,000,000 x $247 (average one way ticket) = $5,982,000,000 (5.9 billion dollars) Hey, American Airlines, you might want to get this straightened out. Soon

  • Anonymous

    It’s not American Airlines, Glenn, It was the individual flight attendant, and shame on him!  I am a retired AA captain, and flew with wonderful, professional cabin crews, but there are some very bad ones that care more about their own prejudices and politics than doing their job with pride.  You had the misfortune of having one of these as your flight attendant.  Please accept my apology for his conduct.  May I suggest you write a brief note to the CEO, giving your date of flight and flight number and letting Mr. Horton know how this slime ball treated you.  If it happened to you, it will happen to others and it needs to be addressed.  By the way, the end of flight “Thank You” announcement is supposed to be read on the PA.  As a Captain, I would want to know that this kind of treatment has taken place on my aircraft, and I pursued several instances of cabin attendant misconduct during my career, and I feel like your Captain would have done the same if you had made it known to him after the flight.  Obviously, you shouldn’t have to be subjected to such treatment, but as you are very painfully aware, this decaying, immoral culture of ours has changed all the rules of decorum and propriety.  Conduct of this type is part and parcel of the ramifications of this decay.  I would have been honored to have had you on my aircraft, but even if I didn’t necessarily agree with your (or anyone else’s) politics, I would have been furious to find out how a customer of ours had been so treated.  I don’t blame you for a second for not flying AA in the future, and I hope your experience on other carriers is professional and courteous, as ALL customers deserve.

    • scyankee

      patriot2953-While I agree that this one individual may not be indicative of the entire airline bear in mind that not one other member of the crew intervened. Even in the largest of planes quarters are still close, other flight attendants had to have known what was happening and did nothing. I too have experienced poor service when flying AA, although nothing near what Mr. Beck experienced. I will not fly this airline ever again. There may be “good” people working at AA but trust me they are well hidden. Thank you for being one of the good ones but I can’t support a business with this kind of track record.

  • Andy Miller

     Loved your comment except the first statement. There is a homosexual agenda. It pushes for special treatment in hiring, firing, marriage, contract law. It punishes people for having “incorrect” thoughts. I absolutely agree that no one should be discriminated against. As with many agendas, it is pushed by a small, but extremely vocal minority. I am excited

  • Katie

    Mr. Beck I would be proud and honored to stand with you and the things you beleive! Remember they treated jesus poorly too!

  • Lynn Lyons

    You just tried to tell us a biased article is factual… at least you admit the few facts picked out of all create a bias.  Keep researching if you want to be an unbiased scientist Mario.

  • Andy Miller

     Please. I’ve been flying American for my entire life. Don’t leave this hanging.

  • Anonymous

    I feel your pain.  You got in person what we all (including you, I’m sure) get on social media all the time, and in person must be so much more devastating.  May I demur on one point?  Why not give corporate American Airlines the opportunity to make this right, publicly, before blacklisting the airline.  It was one attendant that treated you so shabbily, and a bunch of other employees on the plane who probably didn’t have the courage to stand up to the bully … because that’s what he was.  You know, they have to get along with each other (that’s said with a somewhat snide emphasis, in case anyone doesn’t get it).  If you send a copy of that commentary to AA’s head honchos in Texas and they do not respond, blacklist to your heart’s (and ours) content.

    What totally baffles me is the great “middle ground” of Americans who are not mean and nasty but think that liberalism really does stand for tolerance, peace, and love all around.  Although they hear the continuous drumbeats bashing conservatives and telling how intolerant, mean, and evil we are, these days they are also being exposed to stories such as yours on a daily basis.  Somehow they do not make the comparison; they don’t recognize, or they choose to block, the obvious hypocrisy.  Why?  These are good people.  How can they not see evil dancing in front of their noses?  Fills me with despair.

    On another note, I hope there is a special place in Hell reserved for people like that, who delight in causing public humiliation … and for the “progressive” leaders urging them along.  Sorry, God.

  • Vickie Vila

    I heard you telling your radio audience about this just this morning. Unbelievable that someone could be so proud of being rude. Every business I have worked for, service business or not, would never tolerate an employee being rude to a customer OR to a fellow employee. 
    I hope this attendant is at least reprimanded for his intolerable behavior and terminated if it appears he is a repeat offender.
    Had I been on this airplane and witnessed this spectacle, I would have reprimanded the attendant myself. It is our responsibility, as fellow human beings, to stop abuse and bullying whenever and wherever we see it. No excuse.

    • Estella Bunny Howe

      Vickie, thank you for finally saying that “it is our responsibility as fellow human beings”, because that is exactly what is wrong with our society. No one wants to get involved; no one wants to take a stand for what they believe in and especially no one wants to get involved if something is controversial. Sad pathetic statement about our society. Wonder why there are so many abused children? This is one of the biggest reasons. So, thank you. 

  • Anonymous

    powerful, Glen. I am so sorry you experienced this..but your story lifted me up because it affirms that it isn’t just me seeing this…that it is apparent to others as well.. I have seen so much anger and hatred coming from the liberal sector just in people I know on FB. Republicans have been labeled the American Taliban..and just yesterday I learned that we share common interests and beliefs with Hitler. I was so darn offended, I could feel my blood pressure come to a boil.  I do not consider myself a Republican or Democrat. I choose based on who and what I feel is best for my country. The animosity and hatred of the Democrats is down right scary..and it only makes it more imperative in my mind that we must get rid of the current administration.  I am so scared for our country’s future!

  • Cecil Norwood

     First, you are a Christian. Secondly, you are a Conservative. Thirdly, you are proud to be an American when others like that flight attendant think of our nation as a big turkey to be carved up… a harlot for the world to take advantage of. Glenn, you and I know that the pro-“diversity” crowd and pro-“tolerance” crowd have no interest in being diverse or tolerant.

  • Andy Miller

     Not true. There are many good homosexuals. The lobby/agenda folks, on the other hand, are some of the most vile, hateful people I have encountered.

    • Estella Bunny Howe

      Andy, not sure what prompted you to make the comment about “good homosexuals”, but I def agree with you. And, here’s why–THEY ARE PEOPLE TOO. And, contrary to many who think they are not Christians, YOU ARE SOOOO WRONG. And, FYI, I am a socially moderate Republican, a woman and I am happy to say that!! I take offense to Christians/Bible thumperswho if you will,who  condemn gays/lesbians and then tell you that ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE!! If so, then they are huge hypocrites.Here is one of the best examples I can think of in this regard–Ellen Degeneres. We all loved her before “she came out of the closet” (and what is with that stupid saying anyways) and then, bingo, over night, the hate mongers had a feeding frenzy. Not one thing had changed about her, IMHO. (Remember she was a lesbian all this time, nothing changed there). And, then we have the Chik fil A fiasco. All the CEO said was that he supported what he felt in his own mind was traditional marriage. Bingo!!! Same disgusting reaction. If this is what is meant by “embracing diversity”, well, as Glenn Beck said and Gov. Huck said as well, you know where you can shove it. To me it is about “compassion and compromise” but I don’t think you will get a lot of left wing liberals to agree or go along. And, one more thing, I do not despise Obama because he is black (he is not), I abhor his policies and politics. That does not make me a racist/bigot. It makes me a proud American and a proud moderate Republican. If you can’t respect that, than you are the one with the problem, not me. Sorry, Andy, I got a little off message here. 

  • Judith Stadele

    you’ve made my choice of airlines easier too. Thank you for holding your cool I wish I could apologize for ignorant politically correct people who are so biased & shallow.

  • Joel Weymouth

    This is why the patriot act needs to be repealed.  If he had said anything, they would have trumped up charges of terrorism.

  • Anonymous

      Chester, you are a prime example of what is wrong here in America. Instead of admitting that no one should be treating another person (regardless of political or religious beliefs) like that AA employee treated Glenn, you decide to stand your stupid ground about political crap. The point of this issue is that no one should have to be treated like sub-human because of their political affiliation or religious beliefs. If you were treated in such a way for being a liberal, would you be ok if I decided to stand up for conservatism rather than stand by you as a human being? IS that what we’ve come to? We are no longer human? Is it more important to stand steadfast on the side of ideology rather than stand by a fellow human being that was obviously treated sub-par? Sounds like you need a triple dose of humanity sir.

  • barbie

    Glen beck, i feel like an old proud grandma! i am not any of those things, but i couldnt be prouder of you if you were one of my children. you have been given a platform and a voice to speak with, and i for one am so glad you did. 
    i used to work for southwest airlines one of the most liberal companies on the planet, but i can assure you that we would never ever treat anyone badly no matter what the color of thier skin or the opinion of our see at southwest they know with every fiber of the companies mind-set that the flying public votes with the pocketbook! they dont have the fanciest planes or the prettiest anything and that guarantees a bit of humbleness when you fly with them. i dont work for them anymore because of their super liberal policies regarding special rules for special people, but i will fly them for the rest of my days cuz i know that they will treat me right even when they dont want to! 
    being rude to a customer is a firing offense at southwest!

  • Susie Segseven

    This is so sad, Glenn!  Made me cry at the injustice of how you were treated.  Thank God for Texas and Oklahoma!

  • Rebecca Crea

    Glenn you have more strength and control then I would have, and I would have stood up for you If I would have seen this. What is wrong with these people? come to Idaho we Love you here!
    Rebecca In Idaho

  • Anonymous

    The President/CEO of AA is Tom Horton.  Their corporate office mailing address is 4333 Amon Carter Blvd., Ft. Worth, Texas 76155.  I have sent Mr. Horton a letter regarding this horrible incident, perhaps others would like to as well.

  • Anonymous

    American Airlines is always my last resort when booking. Love Southwest due to their friendliness and professionalism. It’s a shame that the flight attendants personal views affected your flight. Wonder why he thought it was acceptable to treat anyone this way..

  • Anonymous

     Frankie, I’m sure that if one of my fellow conservatives treated you different than they treated everyone else, that you would be totally fine with that, right? I mean, since you and I obviously have very different political beliefs and, most likely, religious beliefs…… Somehow I think that you would be up in arms and very dismayed as well…….  I wonder if it ever bothers you that you don’t have a heart anymore?

  • Bill Pitzele

    So, Glenn, you encountered a jerk? That’s worthy of this entire spiel? I would think, being a jerk yourself, you’d have some kind of radar for this. You probably really encountered someone you offended. You offend so many thinking people, you should be used to it.

    • Anonymous

      Your mother must bark and sleep under the porch.

    • Estella Bunny Howe

      Wow! A nasty touchy liberal! What a concept???

    • Anonymous

      Had he been treated that way because he was a black living under Jim Crow, the offense would have been readily explained as part of white southern bigotry. But since he was mistreated at the hands of a liberal, you believe it was justified. You need to check your fly… your politics is showing.

  • Anonymous

    Man, what’s wrong with these hate-filled liberals? I am so tired of it…and all the while they are screaming that we are the hate-filled ones. Everything is upside down and inside out : (

  • Taka Dahle

     Mr. Yentsch, that one person represents the company as a whole BY his service.  His actions have shown that your company apparently doesn’t like Glenn’s patronage and outwardly showed it (blatantly, mind you) in front of other passengers.  Glenn even hinted at it in front of the pilot after the flight had landed and yet the pilot apparently said  nothing.

  • Pam Gilman Woodland Delligatti

    this has just made up my mind to boycott American Airlines…how dare they call themselves American!

  • Elizabeth


  • Shirley Morgan

    I am sorry you had to endure that incredibly petty behavior by a flight attendant. As far as AA is concerned, it’s nickname is “Arrogant Airlines.” It’s in bankruptcy court with all kinds of union problems since the beginning of time. On a positive note, I am so glad you are enjoying life in Texas.

  • Anonymous

    Just curious ….  Why didn’t you name the 2 restaurants (the BBQ place and where you ate breakfast)?  Guess that wouldn’t get you as much publicity.   I’m glad to see the flight attendant was kind to your children.  It’s not like you don’t ever have anything negative to say about the world around you.  Come on.  Grow up.  You prayed!  I hope it was to give you a kinder and gentler voice on your next topic.  What, was the flight attendant Gay?  Therefore, you were uber sensitive.  All airlines are subject to the “you owe me Mr. Flyer attitude” !!!

  • Anaiz Yvonne Bustillos

    Glenn, I am sorry that you and your family had to endure that horriable weekend, but always remmember when it comes to being treated subhuman, our Jesus endured worse, and so you are in great company. Those who suffer for him and for believing in what he teaches will be welcomed into heaven. God Bless you and your family Glenn, and continue to do his work.

  • Faye Tilley

    it is only going to get worse unless people start standing up for themselves and others  i can only say THANK-YOU  some people have to show their ignorance when they can get attention  if he didnt have an audience it probably would not have happened

  • Estella Bunny Howe

    Glenn, don’t ever stop what you are doing. As a woman, white, 69 yrs. old, socially moderate/fiscally conservative Republican, I get it!! Mostly what I get is that if we don’t stop embracing diversity and start embracing “compassion and compromise” we are not going to survive. Diversity is fine in it’s over all meaning but like Obama usurps everything else this word has undergone the same thing. I, too, have a passionate belief; and as many times as I have even had to listen to nastiness from within my own family, I will continue to believe and speak up/out in the hope that others will “get it”!!  Or will at least have the respect to allow me to have my beliefs!!!

  • David

    Stay out of NY ! It’s the same here for Conservatives in California. I would love to be transfered to Texas…or back to Arizona. These ultra libs are sick in the head…plain and simple.

  • Anonymous

    It is unfortunate that civility and manners are becoming extinct.  Common decency is not so common.  I’ve flown all over the world and my carrier of choice has been Delta.  Biggest nightmare flight of my life was on American.  Heap coals on their lips.

  • Brandon Colton

    I must say. If it is an individual whom treats us badly based on the collective views. And perhaps we feel powerless, the solution is simple. Take names and Id’s and photos. And post them on sites for others to see who they truly are. Perhaps a person like a Flight Captain or a person with authority will not like seeing their own behavior posted. Many of these thugs think no one is watching and they will not be held accountable. It will often amaze us how people change when they realize they are being watched. Christ is engraved on our hearts, thus allowing us to know when our behavior is godly or not. Perhaps these people need to be “Shown” their behavior from others eyes.

    God Bless You Glenn

  • Michael Chambers

    I have never had good service on AA and honestly have never heard a good story about their service from friends or family.  Delta or Southwest have always done good by me.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is right: the customer has a choice. Arrogance, childish temper tantrums, and badly carried out service (in a branch of the SERVICE industry none the less!) makes that choice ever so easy!
    he should still report the person – not out of revenge, but to help the airline improve their service. i am sure this “stewards” superior would not agree with this employee’s work ethic.

  • Bill Gabriel

    Karma bites the rodeo clown on the ass, love it.

  • RJ

    I find it interesting that a former Israeli soldier would be negative to someone who is completely behind the State of Israel and be supportive of a government who has done nothing but marginalize Israel during their time in office. I never fly American and will not in the future.

  • Paula Paus

    Frankie: Glenn Beck did not say anything about being treated special and there is no excuse for how bad he was treated. 

  • Kathy Johnson

    People never fail to amaze me— for their acts of kindness and beligerance ! I guess the businesses must side with and condone certain behaviours from their employees. One wonders if they receive GOLD stars for this type of discourtesy or if the left actually RUN these outfits? I am very tempted to call ahead and ask my intended hotel, restaurant, air carrier (I’d rather rent an airworthy plane and fly myself), etc. whether I will have a problem with them due to my past military service, conservative or religious beliefs, my looks or age.  It is definitely NOT the same world of Jefferson, Adams and Madison! Human nature, though, remains somewhat consistent!

  • Gordon Lincoln

    When someone is treating you well below a common standard of service decency, take their photo – record a brief review of the service you received, send it to the customer service department. If you don’t get an apology in a reasonable time frame – post it on YouTube with a title something like American Airlines Bad Service or American Airlines Sucks.  These tactics do two things – American Airlines will hate it (as they should) and if yours is not an isolated incident, other people will add their voice to the complaints and soon it will become a roar that will be heard in the CEO’s office and the next BOD meeting.

  • Julie Dellisanti

    I’m sorry you had to withstand that crap……unfortunately, New Yawk is primarily Demon-crats..and you obviously only encountered most of  “them”….. WE, other ones,  would have treated you much better….

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing!  My concern is that the attendant was not concerned about getting in trouble for his behavior.  That means it comes from the top down.  I won’t fly AA.  

  • Anonymous

    I work for USAirways in Charlotte N.C. We are in the process of maybe merging with this airline. This just goes to show how the unions have allowed to keep this type of employee around. I thank Glenn for bringing out the truth about how our country has become. I myself try to thank ever military person I see being as my son serves in th U S Air Force. The passengers already have to withstand TSA and tight seating, they don’t need any additional stress. I was taught to treat people the way you want to be treated. I have to endure all the liberals that are flying in this week with the DNC, but I still treat them as people.

  • Anonymous

    It is sad that Glenn has to endure such hostility when he is the complete opposite.  I’ll remember this story the next time I have to fly somewhere.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always enjoyed listening to you and think your great. But after reading this Mr. Beck, I now hold a profound respect for you. You said it right and nailed it on the head. Thank you for what you do and know that you are not alone. 

  • Anonymous

    You should have flown Southwest!

  • Doyle

    “Bless his heart” as we say in Texas, when encountering whiners like Beck. He just can’t grasp the truth. When you spew dishonest hateful propaganda over the airwaves the general public may hold you accountable for your actions, Glen.  Ya reap what you sow.

    • Anonymous

      Name one dishonest thing Beck has said over the airwaves.

  • Martin Gak

    So Jesus did not protect you from the Jew after all. For a Crypto-antisemite you are pretty incompetent at hiding it. Let’s just put it like this: funny that you have not gotten your head bashed in yet. Most of us look at you with the oncological understanding that one cannot really negotiate with cancer. 

    • Anonymous

      You’ve got to be kidding… true color of hate is what you are

    • Anonymous

      Obviously a Ph.D. in philosophy does not deter a hateful heart.

  • Theresa Greene

    How truly sad.  I listen to your program on the way in to work in Portland, Oregon.  Sometimes I find you offensive, sometimes I agree exactly with what you are saying.  But to be treated like this is just so wrong.  I always, however, find you funny, except for what I heard this morning.

    Eveyone has the right to say what they think, whether you agree with them or not.  To be treated like this, like minorities have been treated for a long long time, still shows how far we have to go.  I truly hope this American Airlines Steward can realize how wrong he is and have the “manhood” to send you an apology.


    Theresa D Greene
    Portland, Oregon

  • R B

    The worst treatment I have ever had was on an AA flight. I won’t use them again. I am not a well known conservative. I was just another passenger but I still got the rudest treatment. 

  • Jill Payne McDonald

    The freedom of speech does not exempt one from societal consequences.   These consequences define the social mores and norms of a civilization  (The Scarlet Letter).  However, the left believes their freedom of speech should come without consequence or social marginality as opposed to the right’s beliefs  (Chik Fil A’s Cathy).   That being said, I am surprised that American Airlines-as a business-would condone such treatment as you and your family experienced.  Everybody’s money is green.  I thank you for your service as a public face.  I shall now treat my anonymity as a luxury.

  • Linda Sowders Wilson

    With the problems AA is having, one would think they would be happy to have paying passengers! 

  • Savator Raider

    We are beginning to see here what happened in Germany in the 1930’s.  Communism is rearing it’s ugly head.

  • Bill Gabriel

    We in New York City were very happy when he tucked tail and moved to Texas. Beck needs to just stay in his bunker while waiting for end of days.

    • Sally Myers Asay

      My, my , my!  What a sanctimonious comment!  Be nice or be quiet!  No one asked you to read this in the first place, and no one cares what you think!

  • Anne McGuire

    I am forwarding this to all my friends and family….thank you for being strong and conservative.  I too am a Republican and may God help us all.  Thank you for being our voice so much of the time.  Anne McGuire, Tulsa Oklahoma

  • Anonymous

    Join me in boycotting American Airlines. Tweet this story and other like it to hashtag #BoycottAmericanAirlines.

  • Anonymous

    Mr Beck, I am sorry you had to endure this behavior. It is indefensible. I  understand, as we also moved out of the NE to South Carolina.
    I just canceled a flight on AA and re-booked on a different carrier

  • Dave Brown

    Never will I fly AA. I’ve also had bad experiences with them, but not because i’m republican. Just plain poor service. You can see the hatred in their eyes. Maybe they don’t like the company they work for, but this surely doesn’t help the bottom line.

  • Anonymous

    First off, I am sorry that you and your family, any
    family, should ever be treated in such a manner. I have not flown AA in over 25
    year. I will not go into the specifics but I found everything from ticket
    purchase, to flight, to luggage, to airline attendants to be most unacceptable.
    Since 911, I will not fly with AA or US Air (is that airline still flying?)
    because of fear of these airlines being targeted by terrorists. But I’m not
    happy flying United either. United treats the first class quite lovely, but
    treats the coach class like cattle. I know, I have flown both many times with
    United. It is a whole different world up in first class. Honestly, I prefer
    South West when flying coach. They don’t have a class distinction. They are
    friendly with everyone. I also find their planes much cleaner.

    When it comes to rude behavior directed toward a
    patron, AA isn’t alone. We lived in Hawaii for 4 years and we (family and
    friends) were subjected to much abuse from the Asian population out there. We
    were told that it was our fair skin and blue eyes. Besides verbal insults,
    pushing and hateful stares; often they would do their best not to serve us at
    all. Several times I had shopped for clothing and the girl behind the counter
    would help everyone but me. I would be standing there with a stack of cloths to
    purchase and she would blatantly help the next person in line, doing her best to
    avoid me. I quickly learned not to shop certain stores (major dept. stores and
    the Asian stores and restaurants) and I chose carefully where to spend my

  • Mark Giovanni Sandore

    I’ll bet you this much, if that steward that tried to diminish and defame and treat as something less then human Glenn Beck, isn’t fired, and I mean immediately fired, this airlines will have bigger problems then their merger with United or their bankruptcy to deal  with. They will have lawsuits to answer to because this is the 3rd case I’ve heard in 2 months and that’s only because the victims were either celebrities or known to me through other channels. I won’t fly them again even if I have to forego flying at all until I learn the bigoted steward is no longer employed with this airlines. We will not be silenced.

  • Cathy Hargrove Swan

    Thanks Glen for the info, I have always flown AA but not any more. I am so sorry you were treated that way but you were the bigger man. That is the difference between Liberals & everyone else, they are full of so much venom they have to spew it on us. You own no one an appoligy, I saw you in Seattle at Safeco Field in 2010 what a great memory, you gave me your M&M’s, which I still have. Thank you for being you.     

  • judy ziebell

    scary isn’t it? Its almost as if the end-times was here right now. But it will get a lot worse if Obama gets reelected. Too bad it will be too late for all of us.

    • Anonymous

      It will be open season on conservatives for decades to come, as Obama finishes with his “flexibility” once re-elected, and dismantles completely our constitutional protections. He will proclaim himself the king and that will be that. This must stop now.

  • Sue Copeland

    Bless you Glen.  I am so sorry these folks are so sanctamonious that they can convince themselves this is proper behavior.  Your fans love, trust and respect you.  We appreciate all the knowledge you have provided.  Keep up the Good Work.

  • Anonymous

    I find myself needing to fly, when I never needed to before.  I will now make a point NOT to fly with AA.  Thanks for all the post.  If people are treated  like dirt and especially our armed forces,  than AA does not deserve  our business! 

  • Jeff Musall

    Booking my next vacation on American Airlines today….

  • Linda

    Thanks, Glenn, I will never fly American now. Probably so that, when Obama makes this a communist/socialist state, like the USSR, American can be the official government sponsered airline. Then they can treat everyone like crap. 

  • SmilesofPlaster

    American Airlines has rude workers and poor service. When my husband proposed we flew with his family to the mountains and back with AA. It really put a damper on an very exciting trip. Now that we are married, we have had to make a few more trips to visit family across the US and we haven’t been back with AA yet. Southwest is a much better airline. They are always smiling, make sure everyone is okay, and they take care of the military that flies with them. Its the only way to fly. 

  • Chris

    You’re a hateful douche and you want to know why people don’t kiss your ass? 

    • Anonymous

      You obviously don’t listen or care to about Glenn Beck, he doesn’t hate gays, blacks or anybody else..maybe you if he met you.  Educate then debate dude.  Obama is doing his job with you I see.

    • Anonymous

      Look in the mirror to see the real hateful douche.

  • Anonymous

    I will definitely keep this in mine when I fly next.  I hate that all people don’t understand you, Glenn Beck.  Remember the old saying, “consider the source”.  These people don’t know you and they don’t understand what you stand for.  Anyone who does, loves you.   

  • Eddie Sweet

    American is now the worst airline around.  Guess the freeloaders are waiting for the layoffs which will come when it emerges from bankruptcy.  I could go into a whole song and dance, but suffice it to say they we are now stuck with a small credit for an aborted flight to Chicago.  I will PAY MORE not to fly American again.

  • Robin

       I am so sorry to hear that an American Airlines employee treated you so poorly (pathetically). And I see by the many POSTED COMMENTS to your story, that they had similar incidences, especially those treated badly from the military. What a disgrace!
       I used to work for AA and always held them in high regard and do my best to always use AA when I fly – The last few AA flights I was on I even saw military seated in 1st class – I loved that and was able to thank them for their service as I went back to my seat.   
       The hateful (customer offensive) actions may be isolated incidences, BUT the culprits should have all been REPORTED and FIRED, with a letter of apology sent to the customer, the customer is always, always right.  But if those who work for AA and witness these things, don’t stand up for what is right, then we must conclude that these are the feelings of American Airlines as well.
       I am so ashamed of AA and I too will take my business elsewhere.  Another good example of appeasing hate (evil), it just spreads…

    • Robin

      I reported Glenn’s story and many of the these posted Comments of harassing treatment of customers – to AA’s complaint department.  Don’t know if they will do anything, except loose our business, which could be 30 million people…!

  • linn35

    I’m going to stick up for AA I was stuck in Memphis due to a flight delay on an earlier flight on United . AA was very capable in getting me a flight out and at a reasonable time. Its a shame that Beck had to tolerate bad service and he has every right not to fly that airline again but one employee does not an airline make.

  • Shari Judd

    Good for you…and this convinces me to avoid AA…..not that I fly much, but when I do, I will avoid it—folks like that attendant do not realize how BAD they make “that” side look.  I am very conservative, but refuse to treat anyone that way.  Like I saw on a local church sign today, “That love your neighbor thing??  I meant it….God”

  • Joe ThePimpernel

    “He put on quite a show as he fawned over the other passengers proudly
    and loudly performing his life story about being a former Israeli
    soldier and how he was so proud of the very liberal cities in America.”

    And now he’s a heterophobic stewardess?

    Something does not compute.

  • Joyce Main Greuter

    so so sad..I continue to pray for America, we need God desperately!! 

  • Tom Edmonds

    What was this guys name. How dare he come to our county and show such an attitude. I hope that AA execuives read this and read the riot act to all employees. AA s in fiscal trouble and I understand why.

  • Andy Carl
    Mark Mitchell
    Managing director, customer experience
    (817) 963-1234
    mark.mitchell@aa.comFor Investor Relations inquiries, please send an email to:
    Telephone: 817-931-3423

  • Johnnie Davis

    Despite agreement with or opposition to your (Mr. Beck) or the flight attendant’s belief’s or practices, rude behavior to a customer is not appropriate.  Whenever I encounter customers who are behaving inappropriately, I do NOT treat them the same way.  The flight attendant should NOT have behaved in such manner.  I would have obtained statements from other passengers, used a telephone or other device to record the incident, posted the evidence on YouTube or FaceBook (or this site), or revealed this obsurd behavior openly.  Then I would have DARED AA to deny and DEMAND an apology for the airline AND the attendant.  I strongly encourage you to “call out” AA with this issue.  Obtain he name of the attendant (it won’t be to hard to obtain), and obtain statements from other passengers.

  • Kim Pewitt Jones

    I am sad to hear of this treatment of Glenn just because he has a viewpoint that some don’t agree with.  Why have some many people forgotten what it means to be an American?  Why is someone with a different opinion from the popular one being treated as a criminal or subhuman?  Didn’t our forefathers fight for us to have a society that respects all opinions and viewpoints?  What has happened to us????  It is sad that bad treatment for someone who has an different opinion has become acceptable–we need to change!!

  • JanniS

     I am sorry you were mistreated and I don’t consider that you, or anyone else, deserves that kind of mistreatment, especially when paying for a service.  Hopefully, AA will see fit to FIRE that “attendant” person and if he is from another country, maybe he should return there where he can be happy.  We don’t treat people that way in American.  He’s got it all wrong.  I stopped flying American Airlines years ago when they flew us on various flights, to various cities and all day, all day, all we were fed were peanuts.  We had two children with us and no food to feed them.  I was indignant and disgusted with how low they had fallen in their service and this was several years ago. 

  • Donna Davis McDonald

    I’m so sorry this happened to you and your family.  It is never right that any human ever be treated in that manner especially in a “business”.  There are just no words, and lot’s of prayers…It grieved me to know my grand children may face more than this if America doesn’t turn back to her roots and founding…….God help us all…..BTW, you did great to turn the other cheek as you did……..THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO TO UNITE US AND REMIND US WHERE/WHAT AMERICA WAS BIRTHED FROM.

  • Millie Wilson

    Planning a trip to LA and I won’t be flying American Airlines!!!!

  • Jason Kritikos

    Glenn, I have no idea why you would waste your time and money in NYC when there are so many places were you would be welcomed with open arms.  Personally, I would write-off that toliet and let them founder in their own hate and venomous spew.

    I think by bringing this story about American Airlines to light, it will hopefully result in this chucklehead being pulled aside by management and being read the riot act.  ALL customers should be treated with courtesy and respect – regardless if the customer is Glenn Beck or Van Jones or Mr. Hollywood Big-Shot or Joe Sixpack.  The fact that AA does not instruct their personnel (hello – this is the face of your company!) in this basic tenet of customer service on Day 1 of Flight Attendent School, gives me pause when selecting an airline which is not Southwest (my fave).  Thanks for sharing the story – I know where I will not be spending my money!

  • Teresa Anderson

    I’m sorry for your dreadful experiences last weekend.  Your words were beautiful and make me want to be a better Christian.

  • Sean Tatum

    Being from the DFW area, I have been loyal to American Airlines, to the tune of about 480,000 miles, according to my AAdvantage Account. However, after seeing this I have decided to choose another airline for future travel. I stand with Glenn in full support of “my right to choose.”

  • Judy LaVallee

    Thank you, Glenn, for taking the flack for the rest of us. 

  • Angelika

    There are going to be people in this world that hate you for standing up for what is right.Who cares what they think, there is right and wrong and that’s all there is to it! I know things are going to get worse, because more than anything there is a spiritual war going on. So, the only one you should be worried about what they think is God. We are going to have to develop a really thick skin. I know that even some of your own family members may turn against you and that’s going to hurt the most, so be it. God keeps score. In the end everything is for correction, God corrects those that He loves, as  my pastor says”kiss the paddle”.

  • Anonymous

    The ‘age of Obama’ is really so ugly.

    How do we repair the damage he has wrought?


  • Rick-Stephanie Turner

    We are huge Glenn Beck
    fans/supporters, who recently moved to Dallas from the East Coast to
    save my 30 year job with bankrupt American Airlines, while losing our
    family home in the state where my job was soon to be outsourced. I know
    it does not mean much coming from me, but on behalf of myself and other
    like-minded coworkers of mine, SO SORRY GLENN.

  • Aram Vartian

    Glen Beck, above: “I’m tired of being treated as a criminal, a disease, mentally challenged, stupid, or subhuman just because I happen to believe.”

    Glen Beck, at CPAC: “We’re putting a documentary out called, “Progressivism: America’s Cancer.” It is an in-depth look at how progressives threw America way off track around the turn of the century.”
    But yeah, Glen…you’re the victim here. Poor you.

  • Susan Bandita Waters-Shaulis

    Show on TimelineAllow on TimelineHide from timelineMark as spam
    Susan Waters Shaulis likes an article.about a minute ago
    I’m so ashamed of how people treat you and your family. You and your family should be allowed to have an opinion without needing security or concerned about how you’ll be treated. Those people copping an attitude, making threats, treating you like dirt-those are the real cowards, my friend. You’re the brave one-the real hero. You’re my hero and I mean that and am PROUD to say it!! You’re a hero because you dare, rather, you are BRAVE enough to stand up and speak the truth. Life would be so much easier for you if you weren’t as strong and brave as you are. Whats the fun in that?! :) Seriously though, the American people wouldn’t be awakened to the crap that is happening. No one would even question this administration. You know, last election, I was verbally assaulted on a daily basis for not being an Obama support. Because I didn’t plaster my front lawn with Obama signs, I was called a “racist” by even my closest friends. My facebook wall became a trail of ugly rants by people who hated me for my choice to vote McCain. I’m a graphic artist and energy healer. I work in a very liberal industry. I’m a freaking business owner in this liberal industry! Had it not been for you being the brave man you truly are, I don’t know if I’d have the gonads to share my political opinions and concerns with anyone. If it weren’t for the Tea Party Patriots, I think I would feel alone in my concerns and opinions. Especially when my “President” is so casual about making inappropriate jokes and comments about “people like me”. I’d vote Glenn Beck for President but I’m terrified that if you got voted in, they’d feed you to the lions. You’re too cute to be lion food and we need someone stong and inspiring like you to save out nation. I also don’t think you’d be doing America the amount of good that you’re doing her as you are now. You inspire and rally the American people that truly care about our nation. You educate the public at the risk of your own life and comforts. You’re an amazing individual and I support you full throttle, Baby! There are more of us than we all know. We just need to make the silent ones less afraid to stand up and defend our freedom. We are making a difference. I’m still getting called a “racist”/ “tea bagger” and “shame on me for thinking the economy is more important than gay marriage.” It’ll be a VERY long election and plenty of mud to go around but it’s only because you’re hitting the hot buttons. Your cracking the ceiling and it’s about to cave in. All those people will see the light soon enough. Much love and light to you and yours. You have friends in Maryland.

  • Catherine L Thompson

    In 2001 when our son, and his fellow soldiers, were being deployed to Iraq, the pilot of the commercial jet taking them to Kuwait emailed me this photo. I almost failed to open it because I did not recognize the email address. They had our son and those with him moved to first class and then the pilot himself sent me this photo thanking me for my son’s service! The young man on the far right had lost his eye in an accident, but chose to deploy with his unit rather than stay back. He was given the option to wait but he went with his fellow soldiers. From reading your story I am sure they were not on an American Airlines flight!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I’m sorry for the way you were treated in NYC and on American Airlines. But, you have chosen a path that will often put you at odds with the masses. They don’t want to hear the truth. They don’t want to hear anything that differs from their liberal agenda. Jesus said it best, “In this world you will have tribulations, but be of good courage, I have over come the world.” This world system is not our home, so don’t be surprised when we’re treated like intruders. God Bless you in your work, because you do it as “unto God”.

  • Kathleen L Russo

    All I can say is that I am sorry for your hurt…and for the hurt your wife and children have felt.  Shame on those individuals.  Shame on them.  It is truly a sad day, when another individual feels so compelled to behave in such a manner.  What is happening to our society?  
    I have lost touch with your since your departure of Fox News.  I have missed your insight, intelligence and your ability to articulate the happenings of today.  
    I am so sorry that people don’t understand your willingness to share, so as to help us really see what is going on around us in this world.
    Thank you my friend…God bless you my friend…and God protect you and yours.

    Kathleen L Russo

    I and my family will choose better in the future when we fly as well.   Hugs

  • Martin Gak

    oh, dont say u did not like my posting. 

  • Anonymous

    AA screwed up one of my very important flights a few years ago and refused to make it right or to compensate me for the money I lost because of it.  It is my understanding they are in talks with United Airlines right now.  I just flew United on an international flight and was very well taken care of.  Perhaps United can make some very necessary changes to the AA attitudes.  The treatment you received, Glenn, is unforgivable!

    • Anonymous

       American is in negotiations with US Airways, so don’t expect an improvement. The only reason United is looking better us because they absorbed Continental.

  • Anonymous

    Glad you won’t be returning Glenn, nobody needs to go to NYC…it is turning into a liberal slum.  Disgusting to say the least…

  • Josie

    Terribly sorry this happened to you and your family Glenn.  I would be proud and honored if you were to visit my restaurant or any other business.  We are all taking hits from those tat simply do not understand what is going on but believe the ugly lies being told from the left.  I think it is going to get worse before it gets better (for a long time).  Thank you Glenn for helping use be informed and out of the dark.  Hang in there, we stand with you. 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn…… I am  so sorry that you were treated like that.  I would have left  the restaurants because I would have been afraid of what they did to your food?  This hatred for Conservatives
    is  bad,,,, who would have ever thought that this could happen in America. :(

  • Anonymous

    Be careful Glenn. Realize that you and your family cannot expect to be treated fairly, or even peacefully, by the hateful leftists in our society. Their hostility is getting more sinister by the day. Be on your guard.

  • Denise

    Wow, Mario, the number of ways you can misrepresent the conservative stand on an issue! Impressive! 

    First, Medicare was a program designed for people to pay into in order to gain benefits upon retirement. It was never designed to be a stop-gap for every malady down the line for anyone outside of retirees. That was the beginning of the misuse of the program. It’s not the fault of the elderly who PAID INTO IT. It’s the fault of the politicians who decided to dip into money that didn’t belong to them to use it for other things. Blame them. 

    Second, most conservatives aren’t as against the teaching about condoms as they are FOR the teaching of responsible behaviour and holding people to a higher standard of behaviour than they do a common animal. But since the public school system insists on teaching our children they’re nothing but highly evolved animals instead of the precious, unique, SEPARATE creations of a supreme God, and therefore unable to control their urges, that same system feels the ONLY thing that will work to stem teen pregnancy is a condom. Of course, little Tommy and Susy can’t control themselves because they’re just evolved rabbits, right? 

    I’m not going to go on. The above comment of mine is more a vent than it is anything like having hope that you’ll grow a sense of logic any time soon. Oh well…hope springs eternal. Sheesh.

  • Jeanne Thompson-Raney

    My heart went out for you today Glenn, I am so sorry that you and your family were treated that way. I love your show and your books. God Bless you and your family, please for all of our sakes keep up the good work. God knows everyone’s heart. He will judge the good and the bad. So keep fighting the good fight.

    God Bless You.

  • Chris Winmill

     im sure that  the attendant was a member of there Rainbow team or friends with them .
    for  groups of people that preach Equality  and ask for respect they don’t practice it .

  • Mark

    Glenn, I look at you as a mentor. Please sir, do not subject yourself to this abuse again! If Nancy Pelosi can charter a jet on the back of taxpyaer $$, You would be well justified in your position to purchase / charter your own private jet…

  • Tom Frizzell

    One chilling thought is that US Airways and American are considering a merger. That spells bad news for the entire industry since they would be the largest airline in the world and AA would be the controlling entity.

  • Anonymous


    Well, I was going to ask them to sponsor Fire Department Honor Guard units at next year’s National Championship in Indianapolis. Obviously they do not understand the meaning of the words Honor or Dignity (Which are literally in our motto). I will now look elsewhere. I would rather have fewer teams able to attend than support such behavior. Oh and my peroonal travel choices for my unit just became much clearer.

  • Jason Kritikos

    No, it’s called being treated with professional courtesy.  When people aren’t treated with professional courtesy by the staff of a business, they will spend their money elsewhere.  When the money goes elsewhere, the business will suffer and employees of that business, along with their contractors and subcontractors, may lose their jobs.  Now, is it not in everyone’s best interests to provide a superior product with superb service? Is that not a win-win situation for everyone involved?  Think about it!

  • Jane Wells

    As the last days approach we can expect much worse than this to happen to us as believers in Jesus Christ.  The Scripture is full of verses that say that and Jesus said most of it to His disciples.  I will  paraphrase: The world will hate you, You will suffer many things for My sake, Blessed are you if you suffer for my sake, and so much more.  Only through Christ living His life in and through us can we respond in love.  I pray the church of Christ is ready for what is to come just as Jesus exhorted us to prepare. 

  • Anonymous

    I would hope that American Airlines fires that young man!  And Glenn, I wish I’d been on the plane with you…I’d have loved to have chatted with you.  I believe as you do…and fear that if we don’t take our country back in Nov….we will have lost if forever.  Thank you for being who you are and speaking your mind.  You are saying what many if not most Americans feel.  I’m sorry that anyone made you feel bad about your beliefs and faith in this country.  He obviously wasn’t a real American.

  • Anonymous

    I think overall, airline service has declined trmendously since the heyday of the 60’s and ’70’s. Flying a a 747 for the first time in 1972, I remember that coach class service then was far better than first class service today. Glenn, next time, take Amtrak…..much more civilized way to travel!

  • Peyton Duncan

    Thank You Glen..having lived in Texas, I had always flown American Airlines and while I have moved away, American Airlines has remained my first choice..schedule permitting. As a matter of fact I recently flew American Airlines to visit family…I had no idea it would be the last time I fly American Airlines, until just this second. I can’t in good conscience give money to any company that treats their customers as bad as this, based on color, gender, religion or political views. 

  • Linda King

    Glenn you need to wake up!!! Not only is New York this way but Philly and DC are the same.  I will never in my life return to either place.  I am past making excuses for the vile behavior of these cities.  The only people that treated me with respect in Philly were a large group of homeless people pushing around their shopping carts full of their lifes possessions.  I had return from visiting my elderly aunt in Norristown and came in on a late nite train.  I had to exit up a deep stairwell because the main gate was closed.  When I came out onto the dark street, I realized I was lost and didn’t know which way to turn to get to my Hotel.  From out of the dark came about 8-10 homeless.  They knew I was in the wrong place and they made sure I got back to my Hotel safely.  I will forever think fondly of that night.  But the rest of my 10 day stay was a horror.  The staff at the Museum of Art were so rude that I walked out after about 10 minutes.  I can honestly say that Philly has lost all manners.  My father was born and raised in Philadelphia and moved to the south when he got out of the Army.  It was a sad time to see how the city of his birth had evolved.

  • Anonymous

    Powerful piece Glen. Sorry that you had to experience that. It did remind me of the kind of treatment that minorities received early on in the civil rights movement. It’s a shame that liberals and other groups (LGBT for example) can’t see that they are acting in the exact same way they claim to abhor. Conservatives and Christians are the new “minority”, sub-human and not deserving of dignified treatment.
    You have been shedding light on things that liberals don’t want “in the light of day” A lot of people I know have negative attitudes about “Glen Beck” although they have never watched. They are judging by what others SAY about Glen Beck. You are being attacked because you are effective. I remember when I was watching your TV program a few years ago and you had the giant picture of George Washington? made out of a bunch of individual pictures that people had sent in. That was very powerful for me because I realized that I was not alone and that there were many others in this country, who felt like I did and were concerned about the same issues that I was. It gave me hope that maybe there was enough of us to make a difference.
    Please keep telling the truth, it is important that more than just one side be heard. Sometimes the truth can be divisive, but we have to proclaim it anyway.
    God Bless you and your family.

  • Denise

    They don’t promote liberal views or encourage sex? Really? 

    Typical sex education speil today: “We want to keep you from making unwise choices and getting pregnant, so here’s the anatomy of the sex organs. This is what happens to make pregnancy occur. The process creates a highly pleasurable sensation for both parties, but don’t do it! You could get pregnant! But if you DO (nudge, nudge, wink, wink), use a condom! Because we know that sometimes, you just can’t help yourselves, if you use a condom, you won’t get pregnant. But if you DO get pregnant, you can get the morning after pill or a government-sponsored abortion.” Reality, Mario. Stick with reality. The same schools that teach evolution as practically a religion, can’t find a way to teach kids how to control their urges. And their only pre-pregnancy protection is a condom, which has been shown to have as high as a 15% failure rate. You want to get on a plain that only has an 85% chance of landing safely? So why would a conscientious parent EVER want to send their children in to get an education from people who are more interested in furthering a political ideology than looking out for the future happiness of their children? You have been SO brain-washed! Geez!

  • landofaahs

    This employee was probably hired to meet some stupid company EEO rule.  This is probably the easiest profile.;)

  • Joan Hackney

    I’m so sorry that you and your family were treated in such a manner.   I will never understand why some people need to  treat others so badly to make themselves feel good.  God Bless  you and your family.  My heart is crying……………………….. 

  • Charles R

    Just sent an email to AA advising them that I would no longer use their airlines based on their treatment of Glenn.  Suggest you all notify them too.  Let them feel some heat over this.

    • Anonymous

      i just sent aa a donation!

      • Anonymous

         What, do you want a cookie now? You don’t have a job to send AA a donation, remember?

        • Anonymous

          lol i sent one to both aa’s just for glenn

          that’s american airlines and alcoholics anonymous

  • Stephanie Marie Grimwood

    No one deserves to be treated this way. No matter who you are.

  • Anonymous

    lol you had to open your own soda can? 


    • Anonymous

       You are showing your liberal ignorance

      • Anonymous

        liberal ignorance is an oxymoron

        like conservative values

  • StreekyD

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 619616
    DFW Airport, TX 75261-9616Physical Address4333 Amon Carter BoulevardFort Worth, TX 76155Main Phone 817-963-1234Email Customer Relations
    Stock InformationCommon Stock Transfer Agent and RegistrarAmerican Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC6201 15th AvenueOperations CenterBrooklyn, NY 11219

    Shareholder Services:Toll-free telephone number (U.S. only): (877) 390-3077International: (718) 921-8200Website: www.amstock.comE-mail:

  • Anonymous

    Let me guess, the American Airlines “flight attendant” was a disgruntled member of the gay lobby who is incensed that Glenn Beck supports traditional marriage. Screw American Airlines! Never fly them again.

  • StreekyD

    Board Of DirectorsThomas W. HortonChairman, President & Chief Executive OfficerAMR Corp./American Airlines, Inc.Fort Worth, TexasJohn W. BachmannSenior PartnerEdward JonesSt. Louis, MissouriStephen M. BennettChairman, President & Chief Executive OfficerSymantec CorporationMountain View, CaliforniaArmando M. CodinaChairman & Chief Executive OfficerCodina Partners, LLCCoral Gables, FloridaAlberto IbargüenPresident & Chief Executive OfficerJohn S. and James L. Knight FoundationMiami, FloridaAnn M. KorologosRetired ChairmanRAND Corporation Board of TrusteesSanta Monica, CaliforniaMichael A. MilesSpecial Limited PartnerForstmann Little & Co.New York, New YorkPhilip J. PurcellPresident Continental Investors, LLCChicago, IllinoisRay M. RobinsonChairmanCitizens Trust BankAtlanta, GeorgiaJudith RodinPresidentThe Rockefeller FoundationNew York, New YorkMatthew K. RoseChairman, President & Chief Executive OfficerBNSF RailwayFort Worth, TexasRoger T. StaubachExecutive Chairman, AmericasJones, Lang, LaSalle Inc.Dallas, TexasCore BusinessesAmerican Airlines, Inc.
    Thomas W. Horton
    Chairman, President & Chief Executive OfficerAmerican Eagle Airlines, Inc.Daniel P. GartonPresident & Chief Executive Officer 
    Who’s Who at AMR Corporation and American Airlines
    AMR Corporation OfficersThomas W. HortonChairman, President & Chief Executive OfficerDaniel P. GartonExecutive Vice PresidentIsabella D. GorenSenior Vice President & Chief Financial OfficerGary F. KennedySenior Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Compliance OfficerKenneth W. WimberlyCorporate Secretary American Airlines Senior OfficersThomas W. HortonChairman, President &Chief Executive OfficerDaniel P. Garton Executive Vice PresidentIsabella D. Goren Senior Vice President &Chief Financial OfficerGary F. KennedySenior Vice President, General Counsel &Chief Compliance OfficerCraig S. Kreeger Senior Vice President – CustomerMaya LeibmanSenior Vice President – Technology & Chief Information OfficerDenise LynnSenior Vice President – PeopleJames B. ReamSenior Vice President – OperationsWilliam K. Ris, Jr.Senior Vice President – Government AffairsVirasb VahidiSenior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer   American Airlines OfficersTimothy J. AhernVice President – International and New YorkAndrew M. BackoverVice President – CommunicationsDavid L. CampbellVice President – Safety, Security and EnvironmentalDonald B. CaseyVice President – Revenue ManagementWilliam M. CavittVice President – Engineering, Performance &Quality AssuranceWilliam J. CollinsVice President – Base MaintenanceKevin E. CoxVice President – Real EstateLauri L. CurtisVice President – Flight ServiceDerek L. DeCross Vice President – Global SalesMarilyn J. DeVoeVice President – MiamiKenneth M. DurstVice President – Line MaintenanceLaura A. EinspanierVice President – Employee RelationsRobert J. Friedman Vice President – MarketingBeverly K. GouletVice President – Corporate Development, Treasurer & Chief Restructuring OfficerCaptain John M. HaleVice President – FlightKenji C. HashimotoPresident – CargoDaniel P. HenryVice President – Business Technology ServicesDonnell K. Langford, IIIVice President – Customer CareJohn R. MacLeanVice President – Procurement & Supply ChainBrian J. McMenamy Vice President – Finance and ControllerPatrick J. O’KeeffeVice President – Airline Operations TechnologyArthur W. PappasVice President – Dallas/Fort WorthSuzanne L. Rubin Vice President – Customer Insight and LoyaltyCharles J. Schubert, IIIVice President – Network PlanningJonathan D. SnookVice President – Operations Planning and PerformanceKurt StacheVice President – Strategic AlliancesFranco Tedeschi Vice President – ChicagoArthur J. TornoVice President – Mexico, Caribbean and Latin AmericaKenneth W. WimberlyCorporate SecretaryCarolyn E. WrightVice President –Customer Planning American Eagle Airlines OfficersDaniel P. GartonPresident & Chief Executive OfficerFred E. ClevelandSenior Vice President – Technical Operations& Chief Operating OfficerJohn T. HutchinsonSenior Vice President – Finance and Planning& Chief Financial OfficerPedro FabregasSenior Vice President – Customer Services 

  • Bruce Tedeschi

    Boycott AA

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never had a great experience with American, and after hearing about yours, I’ll never fly them again. There is a reason they are bankrupt, and apparently that includes morally as well as financially. 

  • Sue Scruggs

    I will NEVER fly AAL again!  Unexcusable!  I’d sure like to know what places those were in NY also to assure I never support them! 

  • Peter Dube

    glenn beck is a fucking maniac but whoever he hires to do his filmography is pretty damn good

    • Anonymous

      Brilliant comment. Failed your IQ test again?

  • AZ citizen

    You are  a better man than me Glenn.  I would have told the flight attendant off and had my wife recording it on the phone cam.  Next stop would have been youtube gone viral.  American will lose me as a customer too unless that flight attendant is fired or removed from that job. North Louisiana believes in you!!  Randy W.

  • Curtis Wilson

    Don’t give up Glen! The silent majority is about to reclaim the country…THIS ALL GOES TO SHOW THAT LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISEASE AND THE TRUE RACIST ARE LIBERALS!

  • Anonymous

    What I do not understand is how they think/feel they can justify their horrible behavior.  Gay bashing, racist remarks, how is it any different then this?  You do not fit in their mold. Get back in the box or we will push you in. 

  • Joanne Eason

    several years ago, I had a very bad experience with AAL.  I now only fly them if it is my ONLY choice.  I vote with my pocketbook and support businesses that give me great customer service. Thanks for speaking up.  I hope the top management of AAL wakes up and corrects their poor service

  • Cherie A. Worley

    I am appalled at this, Glenn. And, I am so sorry you and your family have had to endure this hideous behavior, not only on the airline, but also in NYC. Praying for you and your family, and also praying for the rest of us who are not so easily recognized. Take care.

  • Anonymous

    The President/CEO of AA is Tom Horton. Their corporate office mailing address is 4333 Amon Carter Blvd., Ft. Worth, Texas 76155. I have sent Mr. Horton a letter regarding this horrible incident, perhaps others would like to as well.

  • Mitchell Kent

    Ill never fly them, and its not that im a big Beck fan, but i am a big fan of America, of my country and its heritage, and i will not support those that are ashamed of it, nor that treat my fellow Americans like dirt because they too are PROUD, MORAL, GOD FEARING AMERICANS.

  • Anonymous

    people either love glenn or hate him because he cultivates a divisive persona on tv and radio, which garners ratings, which translates into more money for him. 
    for every person who openly despises him, there are probably two more who go out of their way to slobber all over him. especially in texas. what a crybaby. lol he’s not really even crying over this, he’s just stirring up his idiot followers.

    • Mitchell Kent

      Hmmm, let me guess, HATER?

      troll on.

      • Anonymous

        more of a lol’er

        waahhhhhhh will someone open my soda can waaahhhhhhhhhh


    • Anonymous

       You need to stfu…I’m hoping some day you visit a conservative city and are treated like the liberal scum you are…but that will never happen…conservatives are upstanding people who would never sink to the level of a liberal cockroach, like yourself.

      • Anonymous

        lol at least i can open a can of coke

  • Lila Chamberlain

    My letter to AA:


    I am contacting you with respect to a story I read today
    regarding the vile treatment a passenger of AA had inflicted on him simply
    because he was a well-known conservative,  and your flight attendant was a
    liberal. This person received the most degrading and humiliating treatment, and
    the only passenger singled out in this fashion.  I am about to make reservations
    to Hawaii and,
    being a conservative myself, I wanted to make sure this isn’t a new corporate
    policy of AA.  I certainly would not want to endure 13 hours of such despicable
    service simply because of my dearly-held political beliefs.  So, if AA is now
    abusing those they determine to be politically-incorrect passengers, I would
    like to know before I purchase a ticket.  And, yes, the passenger so miserably
    treated on your airline was Glenn Beck.

  • Anonymous

    The President/CEO of AA is Tom Horton. Their corporate office mailing address is 4333 Amon Carter Blvd., Ft. Worth, Texas 76155. I have sent Mr. Horton a letter regarding this horrible incident, perhaps others would like to as well.


    he was probably waiting for you to take t he bait, Glenn.  Some of these airline / cusotmer incidents are not always the customer’s fault.  These irate stewardesses, stewards know how to push trigger buttons and then claim it was the customer’s issue, not theirs.  Although, as of lately, that’s becoming more obvious ! 

  • Sue Scruggs

    Suppose it was “The Neeley’s”?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glen, for standing up and telling the truth.  Sadly, you are forced to walk around with a target on your back, for the ignorant mindless masses.  Stand strong, we support you. 

  • Anonymous

    Dear Glen, I am sorry for the way you were treated on American Airlines. My husband and I think you are great. But to judge a whole airline because of one individual who definitely needs classes in customer service. I think is wrong. He should have been reported and fired because of the way you were treated. I know many wonderful people who believe as you do that work for this airline. I myself as a new employee for American Eagle. I admire you for standing up and teaching what you believe in. If more american people would take a stand like you have our country would not be in the mess we are in now. I believe God puts special people out there in each generation to spread his word and I believe you are on of those special people. But There are people who are just plain evil and they are also out there everywhere. Not just on American Airlines.  God bless you Glen Beck.      Julie Ferris

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to go out on a limb here, & guess that the flight attendant was likely offended because you support Chick-fil-A.

  • Anonymous

    Southwest is the only liner worth a damn.

  • Anonymous

    You modeled Jesus this weekend, Glenn, by speaking truth with compassion and turning the other cheek.  You honored your family by reacting as you did and praying as you did.  Come to Alabama any time you want…we like people who model Jesus–and we will love on your family, too!  :)
    As Jesus said to his disciples: “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.  If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own.  As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world.  That is why the world hates you.” (John 15:17-19)

  • Anonymous

    Don’t let that experience bother you any longer.  You are still one of my heroes, Glenn Beck!

  • Sonny Vecera

    I’m a top tier AA customer and am appalled with the purposeful disrespect toward Glenn by anyone at AA. I have sent an email to AA to see if they will, or intend to, fire the flight attendant responsible. A repremand won’t do. I’ll post their answer when I hear back.

  • Anonymous

    My Dear Mr. Beck: I heard you tell most of this on the radio this am. I feel really sad that there are people who hate just for hating and have no SPECIFIC reason for hating. I have a liberal friend who has never seen any of your TV programs, but ridicules you and “hates” you just for the idea of it, I guess. It saddens me a great deal; I was brought up to believe that we all should treat others with politeness and courtesy, even if we think we “hate” them….the no man is any better than any other man, since we were created equally by God.
    You are really a controversial figure and so will generate a lot of feeling/opinions about who or what you are. I believe the flight attendant was wrong…..I’d have asked “What did I ever do to you?” I’m often left bewildered by people’s treatment of each other.
    On another note, I do not choose to fly any more because I believe there is not “customer service” to be found in the airlines. They most all treat the customer in a  rude and arrogant manner. If I can’t drive there, I just don’t go. Take care; you are well thought of in this household.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that’s really a sad story to hear that people are so hateful to Glenn and his family just going about their daily lives.  

    With the DNC starting their convention this week that they formerly dubbed: 

    “The People’s Convention”

    …it’s now even more obvious that their party has nothing to do with the people…and, it has everything to do with hatred of people.  Democrats are the party of anger; the party of division and the party of HATE!

  • Teresa

    I’m sorry Glenn. I will never use @AmericanAirlines again or eat at the Neely’s restaurant. I’ll pray for them.

  • john

    You reap what you sew.  If you spew forth hate, you get it back.  What a cry baby.

    • Anonymous

      Hey idiot, when you speak the truth it is not hate,it is suppose to enlighten. In case you do not understand, when you enlighten–you shine a light on something you care about. That does not make you a cry baby, unlike bo who blames everything on someone else, or as he said THE BUCK STOPS WITH YOU .He didn’t even get that quote RIGHT, because he is too far LEFT.

  • Dale Nelson

    God Bless Glenn Beck and to HELL with American Airlines and anyone who thinks like the fool who treated Glenn differently then others.

  • Tiffany Haisten

    There are more of us out here who feel the same things that you are feeling Glenn. Christians are under fire every where and anyone else who believes in the American Dream. ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness.” Keep smiling Glenn…God will provide! Oh and welcome to Texas…glad you got here as quickly as you could!

  • Anonymous

    Just curious ….  Why didn’t you name the restaurants where you ate?  Guess it wouldn’t get as much attention.  Guess blasting AA gets more attention.  This is the “You owe me everything” generation of flyers.  Your flight attendant must have been gay, that’s why you had to make such a big deal.  I’m glad he treated your children well.  All airlines have to put up with the flying public thinking they are owed something just for flying.  Take Greyhound next time.  See if you even get a soda.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for speaking up. I hate bad service. If a restaurant gives bad service or rudeness, we don’t go back, why should we continue to give our business to rude companies who support and allow poor service. Regardless of your beliefs or theirs, business is business. When I work for a company, I represent them. If I don’t, I lose my job. If American Airlines refuses to remove people like that, then they deserve the loss of revenue. As far as persecution, get used to it. Read revelations. It is very intense in some countries and it is now becoming more prevalent here. The times are changing, Christianity is now the unpopular belief and we are now called haters, bigoted and intolerant. If we stand up for what we believe it is bound to get worse. If we don’t then we need to change our names, because Jesus said there would be persecution. Blessed are you when you are persecuted for righteousness sake. You just got blessed. Fun huh? :) Other countries have been going through this for years. We as a nation escaped it in the past because we were the dominant religion, but now it’s become unpopular to be a Christian. Unless we find a way to show Jesus to people, we have failed. Pray for the steward, bless him, release him into God’s hands and have an awesome day anyway. You are blessed and a man with a mission. Oh, by the way, not supporting AA is not unchristian, its expected. You don’t have to do business with poorly run businesses who don’t know how to have a good business. Love you Glenn and even though I don’t know your family, I appreciate their sacrifice and support for what you do. They must be some pretty special people to put up with all the harassment. At least they know they loved in Texas and guess what, right here in Idaho too. I am a strong supporter and believe in what you are doing. Keep up the good work and don’t be surprised when people respond to the Christ in you. They persecuted Jesus, they will persecute you too if you do what he did and say what he said. They would not come to the light because the loved the darkness. Keep bringing truth and light.

  • Lucia Pigott Anderson

    I feel your pain, but I wish you had gotten his name and reported him to his superiors.  I happen to know an AA pilot who is probably to the right of you.  I bet there are many who agree with you.  Are you sure you should throw the entire company under the bus as a result of one stupid, ignorant, ill-mannered jerk?  PLEASE get him into some trouble.

  • Anonymous

    Poor baby!

  • C M

    I am so sorry that you had to tolerate this despicable employee of American Airlines, The once very respected airline company of America. I will also choose not to fly American Airlines and will write the company and tell them why. This is totally inexcusable and should not be tolerated by anybody.

  • Anonymous

    This makes me so very sad. As a child I read The Diary of Anne Frank and I could not imagine how the population of Germany could be so blinded by hate that truth was no longer important only that hate. The libs in this Nation are like talking heads programed to utter beliefs that many times are not founded in any truth at all. It’s all or nothing to them and truth and common sense have very little to do with any of it. I will not fly American and I have no desire to go NY.

  • Anonymous

    I would have politely asked his name, then as a Platinum American Advantage member I would have requested that his activities be noted and that if they wished to continue to have me as a paying customer his employment would either be terminated or he was given the worst routes to the least populous places with all his turn around stays being is such a city.  Then if they refused there are mesne other airlines to choose from, as well as charter services which aren’t that much more expensive that 5 or 6 airline tickets, and have a lot less hassle as well because you can leave when you are ready (and can get a takeoff slot)… 

  • Mark Pellegrino

    it is sad that just stating our opinion and using our freedom of speech gets us treated like second class person or worse called a racist. for now this is still america and we still have our right to freedom of speech, but for how much longer?
    i am flying AA this weekend i wish i could afford to change my airline but i cant, BUT they will know how i feel about their treatment of Glenn. and i will not fly them anymore

  • Claudia Jones

    The guy who was Glenn’s attendent needs to be FIRED. I’m sorry Glenn that you were treated baldly. I think it’s only liberals who act so nasty…  

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry for the sorry treatment you received,that employees of AAL could be openly hostile to you or anyone flying .Says a lot about where AAL’mismanagement has taken their business.No wonder we bail them out every 10 or 12 yrs.I cringe when I find I’ve en booked on AAL ,they are not the same airline of 30 yrs.ago .People are treated with contempt…openly..I do not use AAL if I can help it,I am glad as you were they did nit treat your children badly…I think this post would have ended very differently it they had .God bless you and yours Glenn….

  • Anonymous

    I’m so sorry to hear about you being treated this way Glenn!  Just like your incident in New York at the park, I can’t believe people would treat you this way or nobody even stand up for you.  I know I would!!!  I always tell people when I hear someone speak bad of you that you stand up for all of us – all the little people!!  I don’t understand what is wrong with people!!!

  • Patti Brindley

    We would LUV to have you at Southwest Airlines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jerseyboy75

    How sad. You have every right to have a different opinion in this great country of ours. You absolutely did the right thing by praying and just letting it go.

  • Carol Eldridge Oveson

    Dear Mr. Beck: I’m so sorry you had to endure that kind of abuse. It’s so “Un -American”@ I miss you on TV but enjoy you here. Sadly to say, when a person tells the truth in this country now, whether it be our faith, political or any subject, we are labled many labels! But then I know whom I serve and believe in. My Lord Jesus Christ and My Country and it’s men and women who lay their lives down in every form of public service there is. They are always in my prayers. Be strong as there will be many more times of hate and anger before our Lord returns! 

  • esther7591

    Glenn, Jesus said, If they hated Me they will hate you too… All I can say is you MUST be doing something right in Jesus Eyes…  Jesus also said, you can get ANGRY, but sin not…  I understand where you are coming from and it is so sad that you got treated that way by the Airline Attendant!!!  You should have gotten that person’s name and reported the incidence so that person can no longer treat anyone else with DISRESPECT!!!  Like you said, The United States is going to get WORSE and the SAFEST PLACE will ONLY be found in Jesus Christ!!!  I love you Glenn Beck and God Is ALWAYS Faithful!!!

  • Rick Dugan

    When Delta closed their hub at DFW years ago, I was dragged kicking and screaming to American Airlines despite the fact that I had tried to give them my business on several occassions prior to that point in time.  As one of the business travelers that travels through DFW weekly throughout the year, it’s no small group of petty grievances that brings me to clain that American provides some of the rudest and most arrogant customer service I’ve seen in the industry.  Despite my entrapment on American for years now and as Executive Platinum this year, I will give it up to get back to someone, anyone that comprehends the definition of customer service.  Based on this incident, it’s beyond their comprehension at American Airlines.  What I wouldn’t have given to be their and witness what they did to Glenn.  I would not have been silent.

  • Donna T

    Wow…it’s amazing they’re still functioning.  I’m  so sorry any human has to endure that behavior.  I commend you Glenn for being a man of character and integrity.  Blessings.

  • Michael Withrow

    I’d say “welcome to the club”, but I’m sure you’ve been in it as long as the rest of us have.   It’s not just AAL, it is many of the big cities where the hate mongering leftist are,  When I wore my uniform, I was treated better in foreign countries then I am in our own country.  

  • Jacklyn Marie Hughes

    The email I sent to AAl: I just want to put America Airlines on notice that I WILL NOT give my business to a company who’s policies are a degradation to our nations progress in civilized behavior. If GLEN BECK is to be treated like he is an animal for his view points, then I will make it a point not to fly with this company ever again. My sentiments would be the exact same if it were Anderson Cooper being treated the same way by a company for his personal view points. If a person pays you money and you take it in return for a service you offer, then you should provide the service to that person in the same manor you provided it to every other person whose money you have taken. I will be watching very closely to see how American Airlines handles this situation. I promise you, neither me nor my family nor many of my friends will never fly American Airlines ever again if they do not properly take care of this employee who could not control his emotions as a normal human being should be able to.
    Jacklyn M. Hughes

  • Ann

    I wouldn’t choose SW either, just ask my niece Kenlie Tiggeman :-/

  • Patti Brindley

    I’m a flight attendant at SWA and would fight the other attendants to be the one who would have the honor to serve you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Glenn Montgomery

    I am born and raised in NYC after reading your letter I felt horrible for you that people would treat you like that. I have watched you since Fox News and have learned a lot from you. The things that you have been saying is the same things the prophets of God are saying. You are correct about future events. What is also sad a lot of people aren’t listening and preparing for what is coming. I am glad to see that you have men and woman of God on your program. I pray that people of America will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and to pray that He will heal our land. 

                Your Brother in Christ

                 Glenn Ronald Montgomery

  • Rita Krause Ross

    Glenn there are a lot of us who LOVE you and are so sorry you were mistreated by an idiot.  Consider the source as my mom used to always say.  I guarantee once word gets out …  there will a lot of people who choose to fly anything by American Airlines after reading this.

  • Molly

    Glenn, I’m so sorry to hear about that happening to you.  Apparently, we can’t agree to disagree anymore.  The ideas of civility and respect have become foreign ones.  It’s more than sad; it’s scary.  I will never fly AA and will be sure to spread the word to friends and family.  It’s hard to stand for what’s right, but always remember, you are NOT standing alone!

  • Nancy Granducci

    You are welcome to come to Utah anytime. There are probably more folks here that do go to church on Sunday, than don’t. Our Methodist church has an early service so skiers can get a proper start for a day in the powder.

  • Anonymous

    I will also never fly American Airlines again.  They were wrong and should have been aware of their inhumanity.  

  • Laura Blanch Pendergrast

    Our country is more divided than at any time in my life,,,Liberal Americans fail to understand that we are free for a reason,,if we drop them off in Iraq, or Syria, then maybe they would Love America and understand we either stay strong and protect , or we fall , and most american could never survive in a 3rd world culture…..

  • lynnes

    I will never fly AA again. Thank you, Glenn, for all you do to inform and for your example, You’re a wonderful man.

  • Jonah

    God Speed Glenn Beck. Stay true to yourself and keep talking the truth. They are upset because the platform of Lies they believe in is something that is falling apart and no longer can stand on. 

  • Kim Presson

    My thoughts…….American Airlines didn’t treat Glenn this way.  An employee did.  I find it amusing that someone so intelligent makes the choice to blame an entire company rather than the individual that offended him.  I agree it was wrong for him to be treated that way.  But it is also wrong to blame a company for 1 persons actions.  Did Glenn file a complaint with the airlines so that they could address this with the employee?  From what I am reading no he did not. Instead he has decided to attack the company,

    • PJSTX

       Flight attendant decided to entertain the other passengers with the public reviling of Glenn Beck. More than any other group, flight attendants represent their airline, their employer’s policies in the area of customer relations. I guess you think Mr. Beck and family should have slunk off the airplane with their heads down and tried to contact customer service?
      Bet that’s just what you would do huh?
      No. The AA employee was certainly public about making his opinions known while operating in AA’s name, taking a paycheck from every ticket holder INCLUDING the Beck’s, and sending a deliberate message to the rest of the paying public who were part of a captive audience.

      Must be ok with American Airlines.

      Be rude in public, get called on it in public.

  • Chad Miller

    When you preach hate you reap what you sow

    • bill smith

       so…what “hate” has he preached?  No rhetoric…facts please

    • landofaahs

      You mean if he disagrees with you?  Without an example, I already know what it is;)

    • Toni Mitchell

      Glenn does not preach hate…….he only tells the truth and you are too chicken and cowardly to even post your name…….liberalism is a metal disorder and you all need to be locked up for your own protection.

  • Linda Jones

    I’m so sorry you had to endure that Glenn.  It is impossible for me to understand why the liberal, loving and accepting folks are the most judgemental and cruel people alive.  I just took horrible grief from family members because I defended Chick-fil-let.  Don’t let the bastards silence you or hurt you, they’re not worth the wasted emotion. 

  • Brian Mayers

    We all thought the airlines ran on such tight finances—I guess AA’s budget will be getting a little tighter after this coming to the public’s attention.  Thanks GB for keeping the truth out in the open.  Not cool.

  • Sara Rose Thurgood

    Glenn (if I may be so bold as to address you by your first name, and assuming you read this),

    I had always thought highly of American Airlines, until today.  I remember a family vacation to Utah we took when I was about seven, and how we were delayed in DFW for over six hours.  We’d played quietly and stayed close to our parents, and one of the flight attendants noticed.  She saw the white rings around our eyes from our ski goggles and asked if “[we] raccoons” would like an upgrade to first class for being so well behaved.  I’m sure the relief and gratitude was apparent on my parents’ faces as we were ushered into our plush seats and treated with ginger-ale in champagne glasses.  I’d always thought that kind of service was reflective of the company in general, until today.

    I have filed a formal complaint with American that we will no longer be flying with them until this matter is addressed and rectified.  NO ONE should be treated as you were, regardless of political inclinations (or for any other reason, for that matter!).  I am so sorry you were treated so vilely.  I assure you, were I to have been serving as your flight attendant, I would have gushed like a seven-year-old girl with Bieber fever (probably to the neglect of the OTHER passengers).  But we can’t wear our political leanings as visibly as we can our sunburned, “raccoon” faces.  I wonder, perhaps I should fly American and let the attendants know from the get-go that I support you and your family 100%; after all, it’s only fair that they know who they’re serving and who’s “deserving” of their disdain.

    Warm regards,

    Sara Thurgood

  • Anonymous

    It’s quite apparent that they never learned the Golden Rule.  And should I ever have to travel and American Airlines is the only company available I will drive, take a train, take a boat, hitchhike but I will never fly with American Airlines.

  • Julie Crump-Shipley

    Try Jetblue Glenn..they have awesome hospitality and I know they fly from Texas to nyc since my brother in law is a Captain for them and that was his route lol

  • Mordrew

    I’m not surprised.  Ever opt out of the naked scanner?  Welcome to the club.

  • Martha Espinosa

    I am sorry you were treated badly. No one deserves to be treated that way. 

  • Cody Windsor

    Glenn, this is why they are going bankrupt. They have the worst customer service (even if you can’t really call it that). Most people who have flown them say – never again. I am glad you are talking on the air about it. Great advertising for them. LOL

  • Jim Milord

    Thank you for speaking up. Every day. I really do appreciate it.

  • Dave Thrush

    Because I’m in the Music Business, I know exactly what kind of blacklisting goes on…it’s happened to me personally in Denver. There are a few conservatives that I perform in bands with but 80% of the people I work with are liberals. Two agencies sent bands from Denver to both the RNC and the DNC this week. I wasn’t called for either one and it’s not because of my ability to play music, I’m one of the only performers in this town that’s played on a Grammy nominated record. They don’t call me because I proudly spout my conservative and Christian beliefs all over Facebook and Twitter and they hate me because of it and don’t call for the big paying gigs…

  • Gloria Lee Borges

    Dear Glenn, welcome to the spiritual world, Ephesians 6 chapter.  The spirit in them does not like the Spirit in us..reality!  Get sensitive in your spirit (heart) and the Holy Spirit will warn you about the places you go.  Ask Him to do that for you.  I don’t think He wants us beat up when it is not necessary.  On a happy note, I saw you Lovefest on TBN last night and was soooo blessed by it (you).  I love and appreciate you for who you are and what you do.  Please be blessed and encouraged…we so love you out here!!!! One of you :) Gloria Borges

  • anita211

    Glenn, I applaud you under the trying condition you were under. It was totally uncalled for and undeserved as well. You have been a beacon for a lot of foundering voters. At least you are honest to yourself, which is something most people are not. Don’t give up hope. Mitt can change some of it. The Church has become a talking point, which is something that I am not comfortable with, although people need to know how good the members really are. You are included in that, of course. Keep up the good work. 

  • Anonymous

    dude is so vague. it’s just jibber jabber. 

  • matt & susan

    Glenn, I am speechless ( which doesn’t happen that often) As a Mormon, with conservative views, I have found of late when engaging with ‘ liberals ‘ or ppl from other faiths, the attitude taken because of my stance and belief system is met with anger, degrading remarks about my church and our practices, While I can be tolerant , respectful and polite, I get attacked. I have notice this trend with other true Christian friends as well. True Christians, no matter what church, act accordingly so( like Christians). People who get riled up against so called intolerance become themselves what they claim to hate, intolerant. I am sorry your family had to endure this kind of treatment my friend, and one can hardly blame you for wanting to never go to New York again. I live in Texas, isn’t it a great state?  Hang in there Buddy, You are not alone in this type of singling out. Am grateful you have a voice and speak up. Thank You for that, we ( our country, in fact the world ) need truth to be spoken . You handled your self with dignity and respect and by far was the better man in that situation with the American Airlines.

  • Bob Smith

    My brother in law is a pilot for AA – he’s a hardworking, God-fearing, conservative American – please don’t judge a whole orginization for the actions of a few.

  • Anonymous

    God bless you and your family Glenn. You should never have been treated so disrespectfully. This man must be filled with such anger. He needs our prayers. Come to Alabama! We would love you and your sweet family. Please do not forget that there are thousands of us out here who stand with you in support!

  • Anonymous

    This was one of the most entertaining, laugh out loud cry sessions from glenn beck.  glenn beck is such a little bitch.  he feels he is entitled to have everyone kiss his ass because surrounds himself with spineless wimps. 
    That being said, let us look at the lies and specifics of his cry fest…
    1.  glenn didn’t live in NYC.  glenn beck lived inside of a gated community in Connecticut. LIAR!!!
    2. It is no surprise  a minority owned business treated him differently (of course there is no proof of this!!!).  glenn is a proven racist.  Why should minorities treat a racist with respect?
    3.  glenn beck tries to play the martyr, which is comical noting the evil things his says about anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

    glenn beck shouldn’t waste any time attacking NYC or AA.  If glenn’s stories are true, which is doubtful after his made up story about watching a outdoor film in NYC, I admire the restraint shown towards a racist, bigoted and evil man.

    To finish, I highly doubt that glenn beck was treated improperly.  He is a proven liar and martyr. 

    • Sara Rose Thurgood

       1.  He lived in the NY area b/c he *worked* in NYC for five years.  Not a lie–how many people who don’t live in the city limits say they “live” in NY b/c they work and play there?  It’s a pretty common euphemism.

      2.  Glenn Beck is pretty much the most color-blind political pundit you’ll meet.  Have you ever actually *read* anything he’s written, or listened to anything but the edited, doctored sound bites from the liberal MSM?  Start thinking for yourself before resorting to ad hominem attacks on the man.

      3.  I listen to Glenn Beck regularly and have yet to hear him say anything remotely as derogatory as what has been said to him (and on posts such as this).  Sure he disagrees with folks, and often he jests about opposing POVs (maybe you need to work on your sense of humor).  How is a man who has donated literally millions of dollars to various charities, including our wounded warriors, and rallied Americans in the name of service to and love of their fellow man even remotely evil?  Answer, he’s not.

      YOU sir (or ma’am) are the proven liar–had you done just an ounce of reading outside the canon of liberal dogma–you’d know the truth about Glenn Beck and his record of humanitarianism, regardless of his political leanings.  Besides which, do you *REALLY* think that ANYONE should be treated so vilely on a flight, a place that is small, cramped, and inescapable?  Would YOU want to be treated as such, by someone like me?  Not that I would–as a conservative who tries diligently to love my fellow man, I’d be as kind to you as my stomach would allow.

      • Anonymous

        You are completely blind to the truth.
        In your case, ignorance is bliss!!!

        • Sara Rose Thurgood

          Continue your baseless, ad hominem liberal talking points.  You’re just verifying the nature of the individual who Mr. Beck encountered and what he experienced!

          • Anonymous

            beck lied about the other “big incident” in the park which only leads me to believe that he is blowing this out of proportion or that glenn is simply lying.

  • Anonymous

    I hope American Airlines publicly apologizes to you and that Flight Attendant gets fired, that is dispicable

  • Anonymous

     Rest assured that neither myself, my husband nor anyone in my family will NEVER fly AA!!! I think we are going to see this type of treatment by the left more and more. The sad thing that I would like to add is this fact, this person who proudly served in the Israeli army is so blind that he does not see the ” liberals” he is so happy to support loathe him and everything Israel stands for.  My husband’s family is Jewish, I just can’t understand how they can’t see the lack of support the present administration has for Israel. 

  • Fernando Labastida

    I’ve pretty much sworn off the big airlines period. It’s Southwest Airlines for me all the way. They’re profitable, different, fun, and they’re a true entrepreneurial company. Plus, they never ONCE got a government hand-out like AA and the other big airlines (under Bush, mind-you).

  • Dennis Jones

    Great article.  Thanks Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    yet another example of teh close minded biggotry of teh LIEberals & thier hatred of those who disagree

    • Mike Datore


  • Anonymous

    Glenn, have you ever stopped to consider the possibility that this had nothing to do with New York or american Airlines at all, but was a simple example of the fact that when you’re a loud-mouthed asshole people tend to treat you like you’re a loud-mouthed asshole?

    • Mike Datore

       up yours sissy boy.

      • Anonymous

         And they say Glenn Beck fans are intellectual lightweights!

    • Anonymous

       Since when can’t you have differing opinions? Glenn sports a different opinion then yours so he deserves to be treated rudely? You sound to me like everyone has to believe what you sad, you forget this is a free country and if this is the way people get treated for having different opinions then those companies will suffer the consequences…Pssst: there are more upstanding conservatives in this country then liberal bedbugs…just so you know.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not sure who you’re talking to. Glenn can have whatever opinions he wants. My point was simply that he’s an asshole so he sometimes gets treated like one.

        As near as I can tell, his big beef is that 1) someone looked at him funny at a BBQ place 2) the stewardess said “breakfast?” instead of “would you like some breakfast?” and 3) they didn’t open his coke for him.

        Sounds like a self-important, entitled prick got treated like a self-important, entitled prick. That tends to happen.

        • Anonymous

           I’m talking to you. You keep calling Glenn an asshole yet say he can have any opinion he wants. How is Glenn an asshole then? Seems contradictory to me. The guy at American Airlines should be fired. That is if American Airlines considers the treatment of ALL their customers. If not, they are only shooting themselves. The free market will let them know.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, you were saying things about me that clearly had nothing to do with my comments, so I thought you might be speaking to someone else.

            I’ve flown AA many times and not been treated this way, so I’m pretty sure it’s just the assholes that they treat like assholes.

            Personally, I applaud them for not putting up with his shit. They’ve won a customer for life in me.

          • Anonymous

             That’s 3 times you called him an asshole and you have yet to explain why he is an asshole…You are the typical, brain dead, ignorant, self absorbed, angry, moronic liberal. I feel sorry for you, you can’t handle different opinions. Do you put a bubble around you and only let those in who agree with everything? How sad…but, this is an Obama world I guess…the crazies like yourself are everywhere. You’re probably the guy at the sports stadium throwing bottles at the other teams fans aren’t you?

          • Anonymous

            Ah, there’s that heavyweight intellectualism I’ve come to expect from Glenn’s fans.

            The examples are too numerous to list, but below are a few. Sounds like an asshole to me.

            “When I see a 9/11 victim family on television, or whatever, I’m just like, ‘Oh shut up’ I’m so sick of them because they’re always complaining.” –”The Glenn Beck Program,” Sept. 9, 2005

            “The only [Katrina victims] we’re seeing on television are the scumbags.” –”The Glenn Beck Program,” Sept. 9, 2005

            “I’m thinking about killing Michael Moore, and I’m wondering if I could kill him myself, or if I would need to hire somebody to do it. … No, I think I could. I think he could be looking me in the eye, you know, and I could just be choking the life out. Is this wrong?”, “The Glenn Beck Program,” May 17, 2005

            “I think there is a handful of people who hate America. Unfortunately for them, a lot of them are losing their homes in a forest fire today.” –on why people who lost their homes in forest fires in California had it coming, “The Glenn Beck Program,” Oct. 22, 2007

            “So here you have Barack Obama going in and spending the money on embryonic stem cell research. … Eugenics. In case you don’t know what Eugenics led us to: the Final Solution. A master race! A perfect person. … The stuff that we are facing is absolutely frightening.” –”The Glenn Beck Program,” March 9, 2009

          • Anonymous

            Finally! If you want to refer to comments Glenn has made back in 2005 which you of course are taking out of context as expected, then boy do I have a list of asshole comments made by Obama. I guess that would make him the biggest asshole of them all now wouldn’t it…but I’m sure you couldn’t get yourself to admit that, could you. Oh and Biden well, he’s a close second. Your bias is really showing.

          • Anonymous

            I never intended or attempted to hide my bias.

            As I said, I don’t have the time or desire to find every statement that Glenn Beck has made that defines him as an asshole. That was just a quick googling. I stopped paying attention to him years ago, as did most others capable of complex reasoning. And, now I’m going to stop paying attention to you, as well.

          • Anonymous

            Crichman writes: I never intended or attempted to hide my bias.

            As I said, I don’t have the time or desire to find every statement
            that Glenn Beck has made that defines him as an asshole. That was just a
            quick googling. I stopped paying attention to him years ago, as did
            most others capable of complex reasoning. And, now I’m going to stop
            paying attention to you, as well.

            Psssst: if you stopped paying attention to Glenn years ago, then why are you on his website? Liar…and yes, I’m laughing…ahahaha you even fail at lying.

  • landofaahs

    He was probably sporting an ear ring.

  • Anonymous

    There are rude and unprofessional people in every profession and in every service industry. You address them directly, ask them to correct their deficienies and be polite, When they continue, you ask to see their supervisor or ask to be assigned another person. Good for you for taking it and not freaking out like many other celebrities; bad for you for nevertheless trying to turn it into your own cause celebre and dissing an entire airline on the basis of one employees horrid behavior.

  • Anonymous

    Ooops I was calling the liberals cockroaches, I believe they really are bedbugs. NYC is still being infested with the nasty bedbugs…why go there? Instead, travel to a clean, upstanding conservative city :)

  • PositivelyCharleston

    Unbelievable! But then…not really. C’mom Glenn don’t you know one of the most popular liberal mottos: “Bigotry and prejudice are evil unless they’re against selfish bastards,
    in which case they’re good.” It’s how many liberals justify their despicable behavior these days. I read another one on Facebook the other day, “Republicans hate women! And I just hate people who hate!”  Or how about this one, “I have no tolerance for intolerant people, unless of course it’s my intolerance because my intolerance is justified!” I think that sums it up, no?

  • Cecile

    As a former Flight Attendant, I would like to apologize to you for the actions of one obviously lost individual.  No one should have to endure such treatment.  I pray you can rest in the fact that you are human and sometimes have an outburst that may no seem proper, and that you are forgiven.  I don’t know about the airline being liberal or not.  I do know that there are delays, and trials on most airline carriers now a days.  Restrictions are terrible.  Understandable but terrible.  I always enjoy your “opinions.”

  • Anonymous

    Why conservatives are labeled “hate mongers” is beyond me. I have seen and been a victim of more offensive behavior from liberals than I care to remember. My heart goes out to Glenn and his family for what they must endure. When will this insanity STOP?

  • Toni Mitchell

    Brenda you make everyones point here.  You are rude and intolerable.  If you hate Glen then why are you here.  We dont need or want your rude hateful speech.  Go find some liberal page to play on and keep drinkin the kook-aid

  • Anonymous

    No you should not be polite to people who chose to be rude to you in public. In my 25 years in the service (Navy in support of the Marines) I was fortunate enough to only have to remind some that I was first a “warrior” and not to be treated harshly on two occasions. I never expect obsequesness but since I give respect I expect respect. I would not have, and will not, allow such behavior. As you have said many times Mr Beck. “Words(and actions) have consequences”. I often flew in uniform and never received anything but kindness from all around me. I was often the guy blowing up balloons for kids on the planes (provided by the airline). I served three tours in Vietnam and though I heard of people spitting on returning service members it never happened to me or to anyone around me. I thought at the time how silly such behavior would be on the part of a spitter. Presumably the “baby-killer” is just returning from a combat zone and would not be a stranger to killing. Spitting in his face would be like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Silly and dangerous. A rule of leadership in the service is to reward in public and chastise in private. The only exception would be if the rude behavior were done deliberately in public. So, my response to this pig would have been in-kind and immediate and seeing his boss (the pilot) standing next to him I would have expressed my disgust at such petty and juvenile behavior. Not nice but then neither was he. Just some thoughts. Brought back some memories. I don’t fly American Airlines either

  • Anonymous

    I just emailed a complaint to AA concerning this issue. Let’s all let AA know how we feel about this. If we don’t speak up, this will continue to happen. I’d appreciate it if everyone would take the time to do this.

  • localwyldlyfe

    I was a flight attendant for Panam and my husband was a pilot for Panam, then Delta. American Airlines was nicknamed “the Sky Nazis” by all other airline personnel: they are not just awful to passengers, but also they are vicious and arrogant toward other airlines, as well. 

  • Sandy

    I think the only label that we should carry is human.  If we are all labeled the same we would be less likely to take the argument to a personal level.  Labels, with the exception of human, are designed to dehumanize someone which then allows people the right to believe they can call you anything they want or apply some unknown characteristic to you that is likely untrue.  We need to get away from democrat, republican, conservative, liberal, christian, atheist, homosexual, straight, etc.  You’re you and I’m me.  Talk to me as one human to another. Every blog, post, comment, I read makes me more disgusted at how much hate and animosity exists which drives a bigger wedge between all of us and common ground is more scarce than ever.  We aren’t going to get through this by name calling.  Many would call me a pollyanna – and those who do would simply prove my point.

  • Toni Mitchell

    I think it is you that is the liberal Marxist creep……don’t like Glen?…..then get off this site and go play with your liberal crazy friends.  We don’t want or need your hatred here…..keep drinkin the kook-aid 

  • raquel reyes

    Perfect word Glenn– SAD. I agree… =/ <3 you!

  • Jolinda Eibert

    I sent my opinion on to the Airline.  Disgraceful.  I will never give them a red penny for any future travel.  What an embarrassment to their name!

  • Rose Conklin Sanabria

    I unfortunately do not watch tv, so I don’t really know what lead to this.  I pray that God will restore peace to you.

  • Lorena Brooks

    Dear Glen, I feel so bad for the way you were treated by a flight attendant on American Airlines!! I hope that isn’t the Airlines fault but just some Left-wing liberal, they all spew their hatred for all of us who don’t share their views!! I would hope that American Airlines fires that fellow!! I noticed that Romney and Ryan didn’t spend all their time on T.V. bad mouthing the Democrats, They had a positive message about how to help put Americans back to work and jump start the economy!!! God Bless You, Glen!!! I hope to see you back on FOX NETWORK real soon!!!!

  • Lisa Hamer

    This is a country of free speech.  What the heck?  We should not be crucified and treated differently because we have different opinions.  That is so completely Un-American.

  • johnsgirl

    This story is still unfolding, but same airline same attitude….

  • Rich Provost

    Right on, Glenn. Worst thing is, that our children are getting this trash fed to them instead of a good basic education, readin’ writin’ and ‘rithmatic.

  • giladf

    Makes my ashamed to be an Israeli.
    Thank you Glen!

  • Leah Parker Nelson

    Try Houston-based Continental/United. I’m sure they’d like to have you as a customer!

  • Noah’s Dad

    I’m really disappointed to hear this.

    I actually just posted a story about American Airlines and an incident that happened between them and a teenager with Down syndrome. It’s hard to know if American Airlines was 100% at fault, but if so, it’s horrible.

    • Anonymous

      All airlines will deny boarding to anyone who appears to be unstable.  It’s not that they will not allow someone with Downs to fly first class.  I read your story.  It’s unfortunate.  I too have a child with disabilities and for the safety and concerns of all passengers, someone who is agitated and upset needs to be calmed down before flying in a tube.  How scary this would have been for the passengers on board if he became unsettled during flight. 

  • Joan Rachal

    I am so sorry to hear that. So much has changed in the country ( I dont even say “United” States any more……cause it is not….)  I pray for you and yours many times….thank you for  being    who you are….God bless  and protect you for it….honest and loving.

  • Linda Gorman

    God Bless you Glenn.  Noone should have to endure that kind of treatment.  You remind me of the prophet Jeremiah he was hated also, just because he told the truth!  Don’t stop telling the truth, we need you!

  • Anonymous

    WHile I vehmently disagree with 95% of what Glen believes, I don’t wish him any ill will and do not believe that if ever face to face with the man, would ever blatantly disrespect him.  However, I find it curious that Mr. Beck appears nieve about the FACT that he is a polarizing figure.  People, usually either really like him, or flat out don’t.  It’s really no difference than president Obama.  Let’s be honest.  I’m sure there are certain parts of this country, namely conservative and republican heavy towns and cities, where if Obama just happend to stroll in, he would not be greeted very kindly.  And I say this, bc our president, similar to Beck is also a polarizing figure. Therefore, it seems as though Mr. Beck is engaging in some sort of victimization here. I mean re-listen to the part where he uses conjecture, and assumes that the “rude male flight attendent” is possibly lashing out at him, bc he is standing up for liberals or other glen beck haters. Sersioulsy, Mr. Beck does not know why he was being rude, (which i don’t agree with by the way), but yet he is going to make assumptions that the man ” was sad” and did so because it somehow made him feel better.  Or what about when he went on a rant about how he would paraded around a town square and ridiculed.  I’m sorry, but Mr. Beck was making him self sound like some sort of martyr, in other words the ultimate victim.  

  • Anonymous

    disgusting….I will not fly AA and I will write them of this terrible treatment.  God help us.  There are those in this country who are becoming animals.

    • Anonymous

      What is exactly disgusiting? That ONE bad experience, from one disrespectful employee somehow represents all OF AMERICAN AIRLINE EMPLOYEEs.  So using Glen’s logic, if I come across ONE bigoted, white supremacist type at at tea party, I should assume that he reprsents “the collective” as Beck would say. And therefore I should walk away from the rally loathing the tea party. Do you catch my drift?  I feel bad for Mr. Beck’s horrible flight experience, I really do.  But for him to start making wild accusations that this shitty flight attendent is a representative of AA policy to be rude to non liberals, is really a stretch argument. While I feel he is warranted and justifed to be angered and hurt about his expereience. I really don’t agree with all the assumptions he is making based off of this ONE flight experience.  Notice, he never spoke about previous flights.  I doubt this was his first time flying AA.  

  • Anonymous

     Randy – like other employers, do you fire employees who are “bad apples”?  I mean, at my company, if anyone treated a paying customer this way, they would be gone.  Politics isn’t even relevant when it comes to that.

  • Albert Barnett

    If you can’t give service because you don’t lke the people you are serving, you should look for work elsewhere. If AA’s politics trumps there service agreement with the passenger they should close up shop and do something else.

  • Jacquelyn

    I was treated like that on Air Trans and I’m not even famous.  Perhaps the flight attendant didn’t like the dress I had on.  Who knows.  I did follow up with Air Trans Customer Service when we deplaned.  I’m sorry for your experience.  I support you.  100%

  • Velma L Key

    you need too fly continental much better airlines any way.they are with united know but I hope they have the same type of people they have had for40 years.

  • alumin

    God Bless you Glenn. You are a true patriot and a truely wonderful man. I have such respect for you. It’s sad that you were treated so horribly. It’s disgusting that when someone like Bill ‘pig’ Maher says horribly offensive things about women, they are quick to scream free speech. But when you disagee with them, they spew the most venomous and murderous speech (i.e.: Cher,Ellen Barkin, Jason Piggs, Samuel L. Jackson). I wil never fly American Airlines again either. This is what Obama’s America has become – a place of division and hatred. Our country is in grave danger, I believe. Glenn – have you seen this article:

    DHS It’s going hot
    I pray every day for our country and it’s people. I think our problem is a God size problem.
    A good start is voting out Obama and his group of thugs – but from the looks of things it may get worse before it gets better.

  • Casey Danette Applewhite

    oh ok so only comments agreeing with you can stay posted?

  • Linda Lacy Gibson

    My son is in the Army.  He was on furlough.  We made his airplane arrangements.  He could not leave when the we had scheduled the flight.  I called American Airlines.  They said it would cost another $350.  I said mam he is in the Army.  He does not have this kind of money.  She would not budge.  His ticket was over $750.  I said to her mam, he is serving our country. Can’t you waiver this.  She wouldn’t. We won’t use them again either.  

  • Anonymous

    I fly a lot and Delta is the predominant carrier in my airport.  I have to say that if a service member is on the flight, Delta attendants and the pilot make a special point to announce their appreciation.  I have even seen them give upgrades to service members if 1st class is not fully booked.  I would have been writing letters to AA, but perhaps it is the corporate culture of that airline.  It really surprises me though, based in Dallas.  

  • Anonymous

    This is so sad.  I have experienced minor rejection from some of my liberal friends and neighbors.  Boy, if you do not agree with them or feel a strong conviction about something they don’t then you are a hater etc.  So I can’t imagine being ‘famous’ and enduring such open hostility from total strangers.  I never fly American because from KY they always fly into Chicago where flights are usually backed up and late.  Now I won’t fly the Unamerican Airlines for other reasons.  Bless you, Glenn for fighting the good fight. The same with our dear men and women in uniform.

  • Barbie King

    Unfair to blame AA for that one insensitive, imbicelic idiot!  Better to write all that in a letter to Pres. of AA.  They will not only apologize, but will either retrain or fire that moron and probably give you a free or discount flight next time.

    • Anonymous

      My gosh man, don’t you feel for Glenn.  Maybe you need to have these things happen to you.  He needs to warn the rest of us about this very bad behavior.  It looks like from the letters there are many people that have had incidents with AA.  And do you really think they will fire the man or give Glenn a free or discounted flight.  You are in LaLa land .

  • Anonymous

    Male flight attendant? Humm, whatever could have gotten his panties in such a twist?

  • Healing Heart

    I’m sorry you were treated poorly, especially in front of your children!  The double standard liberal ideals are horrible (“teach tollerance..oh unless they are conservative.”).  Thank you for sharing your experience.  I usually fly whatever is cheapest at the time, but, I will pass over American from now on, no matter what.  I hope the next airline you choose treats you extra special just to make up for how badly you were treated on American. 

  • Dale Craddock

    Glenn, your first mistake was going to NYC for any reason. There is NO rational one in this universe. Your second mistake was not “accidently” kneeing the Flight Attendant right in the grapes on your way out….(oops! sorry son, I didn’t see you standing there…[;>)..) And your 3rd big mistake IS…thinking those sort will ever change while they’re on this side of the sod…..whenever I’ve “turned the other cheek” in the past, it has always been followed immediately with a short quick right hand right to the kisser….NON SILBA SED ANTHAR

  • Anonymous

    What was his name…?  He should be identified and frog marched out of the industry.  It’s time to get in their faces and grind them into the pulp they deserve.

  • Anonymous

    Add me to the list that will no longer fly American Airlines.

    Apparently they have forgotten that most of their passengers love our country and respect our miltary.

  • Dubya D Severs

    Glenn, Your treatment in the NYC restaurant is inexcusable on so many levels…If American Airlines had any principles, they would find this employee, and remove him from the list of “jobs saved or created” I heard your show this morning, and was shocked that AA did not contact you…I’m sure the millions that listen and watch you would be happy to fly United/Continental. If this guy wasn’t such a loser, projecting his inadequacies  on you, he would be the guy in front getting you to your destination safely, instead of ‘soap boxing” his liberal mantra…No offense to the hard-working flight attendants that do a great job in miserable working conditions, for a lot of people who treat them very badly.

  • Chad Javier

    Glenn, you are more a man than I in keeping your cool. I mean I TRY to keep my ABC’s (AlwaysBeCool) but it doesn’t always serve the better interest (or at least I think so) to allow such foolishness to stand. God Bless ya man…

  • Anonymous

    American Airlines is totally into the “one world” new age, corporate PC garbage that has infected and is ruining many American companies. After two bad experiences in a row with AA, I’ll never fly them again. For any trip under 1,000 miles, I’d rather drive. 

  • batmanroxus

    It’s the price of fighting for what is right man.

  • Anonymous

    Now the conservatives are complaining of being treated rude for their convictions. Does anybody remember what happened to the Dixie Chicks because they critized Bush?

  • Ken Arnold

    I only travel for business maybe 6 times per year.  Rest assured, AA will NOT get my business.  No thank you!

  • Kathy

    I was on a Delto flight back to the US and some military guys boarded…We all applauded them and they received free drinks during the trip…..WTG Delta!!!

  • BijouandDonna Gracy

    You need to file a report with American Airlines–the Flt. attendant should be fired.  The pilot should be reported as well for allowing this on  his watch.  Next time–Fly Southwest Airlines!!

  • Anonymous

    My message to their customer service department:  I personally heard of the horrid treatment one of your airline stewards offered to talk show personality Glen Beck and his family, which was outright harrassment. I want you to know that I have cancelled my trip plans I was using your airline for, and will go to a competitor that is not affiliated with American Airlines in any way. Please cancel my AAdvantage Membership immediately. I have 191 relatives and My Facebook page has 3,719 friends of which I plan to share your extremely rude service with. The bigoted treatment he received is what is killing our great country.

  • allnight

    At United men and women in Uniform get priority boarding !

  • Anonymous

    Not withstanding rude behavior on airplanes or resturants, conservatives are complaining about being criticized for their views.

      Does anybody remember what happened to the Dixie Chics when they spoke their views on President Bush.  Right or wrong when mud is thrown it will get thrown back.

    • Anonymous

      I remember what happened to the Dixie Chicks … but it wasn’t just that they disagreed with the administration or just that they had a different opinion – it was the way they expressed it and where they expressed it.  Yes, in America it is a constitutional right to disagree with government, but when you go oversees and bash your country and leaders I don’t think it sets well with patriotic Americans. =)

  • Anonymous                                                                         Here’s the link to AA customer relations if you want to voice your opinion as a consumer about how to treat customers and our servicemen/women .  I will no longer use their airline for their unforgivable treatment of Glenn. I hope they go bankrupt.

    • Anonymous

      They are currently in chapter 11

  • HotRod

    You will never please a gay liberal flight attendant. Never.

  • Anonymous

    As usual, you’re a class act Glenn

  • Anonymous

    I emailed AA Customer relations and outlined Mr. Becks treatment and told them I would not be flying AA again.

  • Anonymous

    none of the military like him…none

    • Anonymous

      First off, if you are a member of the military I thank you for your service.  But … haha, okay … so you’ve personally discussed politics with every member of the military???  You do realize that Mr. Beck consistently honors and pays respect to the military men and women and it is President Obama and his administration that plans to further defund the military program, close bases, etc. etc.  You do realize that, right?  If not, read up and find out the truth about who actually supports our service men and women.

       God bless the military and their families. =) 

  • Fern Facchino

    No airline or restaurant or any business should every treat anyone much less you in that manner. Believe me I will never fly American again. What a jerk!! He should be fired for what he
    did. Unacceptable behavior whatever he is!!

  • Anonymous

    bff lives in VA. her son serves in Miltary….he is …on a ship now , flies one respects or likes O………………………….pray for this country every day starting today for the election…..this is spiritual warfare….evil vers good

  • Rock Salomon

    It’s called the “New American,” Mr. Beck. And please know that American hasn’t hired in 12 years.

  • Anonymous

    So sorry to hear that after such a hard time in NYC, that it just got incredibly worse flying home.  Anytime you are in the Cincinnati area, stop out at Angilo’s Pizza in Loveland, OH in the Northeast side of town.  No matter what your beliefs, we make the food the way you want it.  Being Ohio State fans, we will even wait on Michigan fans.  It’s a small restaurant, but please know that you (and your family) will always have a place at our table(s).

  • Bobbie Priest-Martinez

    Glen, i wish to thank you and let you know how much i appreciate you for being our voice all these years.i cannot express enough how my friends, family and i support you. as for all the hate directed at you, consider these people are pathetic and ignorant. GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU SAFE ALWAYS, OUR FRIEND.

  • Charles

    If you don’t lodge a complaint, Glenn, this guy will get away with doing this to everyone he disagrees with and that’s not fair to any of us.
    Name names.


    Gosh, as a Jew, I’m utterly embarassed with this flight attendant’s obnoxious behavior !
    Frankly, I don’t have appropriate words in my dictionary to express what I feel.
    Glenn, I’m sorry for what this SOB did to you.

  • Anonymous

    We have seen this kind of behavior in Nazi, Germany and we all know how well that turned out.

  • Anonymous

    I am so sorry that you were treated with such hostility and aggression. It took less than four years to turn human beings into small, mean, petty tyrants. How long before they feel comfortable targeting your children Glenn? Or, any conservative’s children? He couldn’t get away with assault or you would have been hit. If we have another four years of Obama, we will see that happen to us on a street corner and nothing will be done. Or at a voting booth. 

    This ISRAELI – will he be the one to light the fire in the next pogrom? Will my liberal sister turn me in to a reeducation camp – just to “help” me become a better citizen? Suddenly, I am no longer certain of the answer. I don’t agree with you Glenn on everything, but who agrees on everything??? My husband made the comment that liberals are so sure they are right – and so are we – and how do we tell who is right sometimes? I said – because we would NEVER assault someone – never embarrass or be rude to someone because of their beliefs. I would treat Obama like a guest in my home, despite his actions. Even that idiot Pelosi would at least be offered a glass of water. 

    The people around you should have stood up for you, should have said SOMETHING. It was shameful, and the saying – the only way for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing – comes to mind. Given your treatment, my husband worries that we just named our new German Shepherd puppy Beck…and wondered if someone who found out his name would mistreat him because we stand with you. How can we even be wondering this – in America???

  • Elizabeth Theis

    American Airlines owes your whole family not only a formal public appology but also full reimbursement for your flight.. and they need to repremand all employees involved.. Do you ver notice that Cristians and most consertives treat those in opposition but those who are of opposite opinions.. Abortionists, those of differet sexual agendas, those of others religions, are so hateful, it seems they are so unhappy with life, so angry and want every one else to know that they are not happy with life.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, thank you for speaking for us. You give us all encouragement that this will not last.

  • Felicita Rodriguez Buono

    I think it’s inhuman to single out anyone like that.  I thought this kind of stuff was in the past for America.  After everything history has shown us (slavery, voting rights, women in the workforce, etc) why do people have to find one more type of person to exclude.  No company should allow customers to be treated like that.  Any company with any integrity would fire him and the others I have heard about in the comments.  I also find it hard to believe that no one else stepped in to help.  People know who Glenn Beck is and I’m sure they were watching, or pretending to not watch, Glenn on the flight.  Even if they didn’t agree with all of your views, wouldn’t they recognize someone who isn’t being treated with respect.  That enough should have had some stepping in.  Shame on the rest of the customers seated nearby and who did nothing.

  • Francesca Wilmeth

    “…But I will not apologize for what I believe in or who I am. Because what I believe in compels me to stand up for you and your right to be who you are. I’d just like to be treated with a little dignity along the way.”

    Thank You… Glenn Beck…for stating what WE all sould say! And how we all deserve to treat and be treated… I stand with you… and against any one… any company… who cannot… will not treat people with grace and dignity, no matter what they think within themselves…

  • Ann Marie

    American Airlines will not get my business ever again.  I detest them.

  • Adam Barber

    New York, as well as many of the mega-cities, are ripe for a cleansing fire.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Mr. Beck…..I am sorry.  Please believe that not every American Airlines Flight Attendant is as awful as the one you came across.  I am a 26 year International Flight Attendant with American and know that some of the employees are down right rude.  I can confidently say that he was a poor example of our flight attendants and was the worst of the worst.  This is a “man” that hates himself and his job.  He doesn’t deserve your business and you were “taken for a ride” by purchasing a ticket on a flight where you were treated unfairly and rudely.  On behalf of the employees that would LOVE to see you and your family on our flights, I am sorry we won’t be able to.  You are owed your money back, and I sincerely hope you will pursue that.  May God Bless you and your family and please never give up the fight.  

  • Holly Lamb

    Glad to say I don’t fly this airline, I like Southwest and Virgin.  The owner of our local frozen yogurt shop is a flight attendant for AA.  She is a resident here from China, she works in America and owns a Business here.   She is kind of a snippy wench, but I go to Penguin Yogurt because her husband and her hired help are always very nice to me.  I’m glad on the days that she is flying.  She is very liberal and she knows I’m a conservative but still the same she has allowed me to do fund raisers there for various conservative groups.  American Airlines, I will avoid at all cost now and I am very sorry you were treated that way Glenn.  If I treated a customer like that……I might not be fired but I would be reprimanded to highest extent.

  • Melissa Green

    I love Glenn, but think you are being very harsh on American Airlines. I don’t hate all Democrats because our president is ruining this country, so why dislike American Airlines because ONE employee decided to be an idiot. American Airlines has taken some hard hits since 9/11 and there are many great, God fearing people who work for American. American flight attendants haven’t had a raise since 9/11…in fact, they are possibly taking a second cut in pay. I can’t imagine not having a raise for that long, yet keep smiling,and keep serving more people (because of cutting the number of employees on each flight).

    I don’t excuse the behavior of this particular flight attendant. But I think its harsh to quit flying American because of the actions of one. Have you ever thought of contacting American Airlines and reporting this employee?  I bet they would be glad to disipline him for his deplorable behavior. That way you punish the guilty…not the innocent.

  • Don Severns

    We cannot talk about politics or economics in a vacuum. We have to ask
    ourselves: On what do our political convictions rest? What is the
    implicit view of human nature that lies behind or underneath our
    political beliefs? What is our view of how human beings ought to relate
    to one another? What is our view of the relationship of the individual
    to the state? What do we think is “good” and why do we think so?

  • Margaret Brooks

    Mr. Beck:  I am so very sorry that the American Airlines flight attendant was so rude and obnoxious to you.  I can assure you that there are all kinds of humans and sub-humans working for all airlines. My daughter is an AA flight attendant and has been for over 20 years.  She tells me that, no longer do the employees care about image.  They are supposed to be the face of AA but no longer care.  She tries to make up for it on every flight she works, but it is getting harder and harder.  Being a conservative Christian in a public service job, she, too, is ridiculed and slurred, not by crew members but by the obviously angry and hateful liberal passengers. On her service apron, she wears a cross pin, an”I love Jesus” pin, and an American flag pin, among others, so that no one can mistake her conservatism.
    She has been called many mean and demeaning names by these passengers, but she manages to smile at them and continues to give them the best service she possibly can.  She cries, but they don’t know it.  Keep up the work, Mr. Beck.  We will stand beside you all the way.  As my daughter says,” it’s hard to fly with the eagles when you have to work down here with the turkeys.” 
    Thank you, and God bless you and your family.

  • Charles Andrew Seitz

    Glenn, you of all media people should not even bother flying commercial airlines if only for the reasons of privacy and personal security. Buy an airplane and hire a crew, or buy a share of a jet from NetJets, CitationAir, FlexJet, or charter flights as needed. Don’t subject yourself to the indignity of the TSA and the horrid customer service of the airlines when you have better options. 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I am truly sorry for your experiences during the entire weekend.  There are millions of people who think New York is “The Place To Be”.  I don’t think that way.  I have been there and was very relieved to return to my home state/city.  Bloomberg may want to stop his campaign of “over-reaching health issues” for those who live in New York and do something about their “attitudes”.  Time for some serious PR work, Bloomie!  THIS IS AMERICA AND WE CAN AND WILL TRAVEL WHERE EVER WE WANT AT ANY TIME WE WANT!  By the way,  American Airlines should have one less flight attendant today.  

  • heidi

    Looks like Glenn isn’t the only one treated badly by American Airlines.

  • Carolyn Massa Wilson

    Glenn, it’s heartbreaking to hear how you were treated on that flight. You can be darn sure that  that my family, friends & colleagues who support you and what you stand for and who also rack up many, many air miles on a regular basis, will NEVER choose American Airlines again. We love you!….Carolyn in Houston, TX.

  • Tessa Black

    It breaks my heart that in your eyes, this flight attendant changed your view of an entire company.  My dad flies for AA, and he is VERY conservative.  Although his coworkers, at times, have differing views on the world and politics, he has never felt belittled.  I’m sorry that some people have had bad experiences, but I’m sure that you’d find just as many rude employees with other airliners.  

  • Maureen Garver

    They treated our 18yr. old daughter like crap the last time she flew so you’ve just solidified our decision…thank-you. 

  • Shirley

    Dear Glenn, how appauling that in “free” America anyone is treated in such a rude manner as you described. I don’t know why I should be surprised, there are those in my own family who think I am mentally deranged because I still like President Bush! That I don’t like policies our current president has put into effect, and that I am afraid for our country. When I try to share an interesting bit of news it is rejected because they think I am trying to indoctrinate them to my way of thinking. I don’t agree totally with the Republicans, I don’t disagree totally with the Democrats, but I do think that because our country has allowed immorality and the killing of innocent babes in the womb that we cannot expect that God will bless us. People don’t like to hear that, women must have their choice. Well, I am a woman and once I have conceived another human, my choice is not to kill it. I’m not sure you will be treated any differently by another airline carrier. Maybe you have to even identify yourself before hand so they won’t shove you off the plane. That is what it’s coming to. The uncivil behavior of people towards those who don’t exactly believe the same way they do. I pray to God I never treat another person with whom I have a differance of opinion with rudely. That I consider that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. I disagree but can’t we disagree agreeably? Apparently not according to American Airlines.

  • Laura

    I was treated horribly by Southwest Airlines. Why because I am a nationally ranked female bodybuilder they couldn’t handle seeing my physique through my clothing. I could not have been more covered up if I had a burka on they still would have whined

  • Jerry Segraves

    Hey Glenn, hey Glenn, why don’t you, you stutter some more, some more at your keyboard. All your illiterate, can’t read. can’t spell, followers. blind REPUBS, love it when you, when you, repeat, stutter, you know, carry on, drag out, alliterate, with your keyboard. It’s so cool, so cool, makes them feel like, like they, them, they, are a part of something… something, something big!

    • Anonymous

      To insult people, call them illiterate – then misspell and punctuate sentences wrong…well, you must know it’s difficult to take you seriously.

      That last attempt there to belittle Glenn is a tad egregious as well since that tactic of wanting to “be a part of something – something BIG” was all a part of that “Hope and Change” theme a few years back.

    • Anonymous

       Jerry, you’re an idiot!!

    • Anonymous

      And people like you, sir, are part of the problem.  Make fun and try to humiliate those you disagree with.  That’s the liberal way.  Glen has more class in his little finger than you do in your better moments, if you ever have better moments.

  • Laresa Forbes

    I really hope American Airlines will have the decency to fire the people who served Glen Beck, and come out and say so. Glen would never treat anyone this way!!!!

  • Maureen Garver

    We had a similar incident also Marko. They refused to let our daughter on a connecting flight because of her carry-on (BOTH of the other AA flights had allowed the bag) and she missed the flight checking her bag in. Our 18yr. old daughter ended up having to spend the night in Vegas, alone.  After calling us in tears they offered to put her up for the night at a local hotel.  When she got to the hotel the manager said they didn’t accept AA vouchers…and explained that AA was VERY AWARE of that fact.  The manager very nicely offered to help her find a hotel that would take the voucher but we decided to pay for the night ourselves…..and she will NEVER fly American again. 

  • Rex Utica

    Be thankful you were in 1st class.  Imagine how poor the service would have been in coach!  

  • Allan Horner

    There are a lot of choices and I will not choose American Airlines again.

  • Donna Van Jahnke

    Glenn, God Bless You and thank you for standing up and speaking out for America!  I stand behind you – I don’t care if American Airlines is giving away their seats – I will not be in one ever again!

  • C Clint Calhoun

    Glenn, you are a highly visible celebrity, and they will give you grief. You have the resourses to stand up and make a difference, please don’t stop. It is not only travel, it is any time a conservative is overheard by “The Controllers” that the abuse begins. Me,  a little guy, I have no choice but to be abused or go to jail.

  • Kay

    God Bless you and your family Glenn.  Know that there are many standing WITH you.  Keep up the good work!  Respect is the least we should expect from our fellow Americans!

  • Chas Sinklier

    Glenn we so glad u have chosen to live in Texas – God Bless U and Urs ~:0) VivaChas!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Glenn for the update.  We travel a lot and I will be sure to not travel American Airlines.  Liberals are the haters!   Vote for Mitt in November!  Make the liberals even madder than they already are.

  • Michael Bondi

    Boycott AA! It’s that simple! Glenns voice and many others can express our outrage by bankrupting them.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn: This makes me feel so awful to hear how you are treated!  You are a person that I hold in very high esteem.  I thank you for everything that you have done for our country.  Everyone in my family loves you and respects you.  I was at the rally in DC ( I slept 2 nights in a row on a bus to be there and show support for you; it was that meaningful to me) and I waited in line to meet you and have you sign copies of your book, I bought several copies for gifts.  I felt it was a priviledge to meet you and to be able to look you in the eye and thank you for all that you do.  I went to school in NYC to receive my interior design degree and was constantly horrified by the things I experienced in that city…it was like living in a communist country….when I voted I could not believe my eyes that beside the usual parties listed the socialist party was a choice! This was 20 years ago.  You are an American hero and I am so grateful for your bravery in speaking your mind for our country.  I think that these rude people are very fearful, I think this is a good sign that they feel you are such a threat to their agendas.  You are an honorable and sensitive person, I’ve listened to your show for years and I see how well mannered and respectful you are.  You are also hilarious and I have laughed out loud in my car so many times while traveling for business! ( Oh, and I built it! And I’m doing everything I can to hold on to it! )  I post a lot of political information on facebook and I know I make a lot of people upset but I feel it is the least I can do for my country…to speak up and state what I believe.  Hang in there, Glenn, we love you and support you and our country will survive because of you and people like you!  I also love Pat and Stu!  Take care and be safe.  C. Thompson

  • Randall

    I, like Glenn,  will never be flying American Airlines. 

  • Sara Johansen


  • Melissa Hodge

    I have never flown before, but am planning a trip for next summer. Thank you for the excellent travel tip. American Airline  will not get this Christian, America loving, conservative will give her money to another airline.

  • Vince

    I am really really sorry that happened to you. 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn – I’ve flown nearly 2 million miles on American Airlines.  I’ve had courteous flight crews and lousy flight crews.  I fly on other airlines occasionally, but the same is true there.  There are at least two different forces in play right now:

    1) AA is going through bankruptcy proceedings and the employees are frightened and/or bitter about what the future holds as that makes its way forward
    2) I expect that you were flying business or first class, so the flight crew knew you by name (there is little time for chitchat with the FAs in economy) as your beliefs make you a lightning rod for people with opposite views.

    So, combine an angry, bitter, frightened, liberal, union-card carrying, about to lose benefits (or worse) FA with your personality is bound to make life just that much difficult for that FA.  I’m sure that he got some sort of perverse pleasure out of sticking it to you, but your best bet is to take your complaint (along with the FA’s name or at least the flight # and date) to AA via one of these folks…given your celebrity status, they will take the grievance very seriously:

    Craig KreegerSenior Vice President Customer 963-1234
    Sean BentelManager, customer relations(817)
    Mark MitchellManaging director, customer experience(817)
    Thomas HortonPresident and chief executive officer(817)

    I’m sure your listeners would be interested in how that goes.

    • Anonymous

      :-) Thank you for obtaining and sharing with us the contact numbers of those who are ultimately responsible for this debacle with their lack of effective leadership regarding acceptable behavior.

    • Anonymous

       The fact remains, that this episode should NEVER have happened in the 1st place… But from the comments, THIS type of attitude is common place with AA.

  • Deven McOmie

    When I used to fuel AA aircrafts. I as a fueler was often talked down to because the company it’s self couldn’t get the load of fuel correct. I only pump what is one the load sheet, I don’t make the judgment call of adding more because I feel it’s not enough. I hated dealing with the pilots and the mechanics of AA. It was then that I decided if they treat me this way, how do they treat their passengers. Well now I know and understand. I put AA on the do not fly list back in 91. 

  • Dwayne

    AA exposed! The flight attendants who work with this BOZO know who he is and know he idiot. Those who support him are idiots. Glen I guess you have to be black or Hispanic and LIBERAL! Sicking. 

  • troublebreaker

    I can’t boycott AA because I already refuse to fly them. I’d suggest you buy your own plane and hire a pilot–but please wait until after the election so Obama doesn’t get credit for creating another job.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Glenn that you we treated so badly on American Airlines. I was a former TWA Flight Attendant, You see what that Company did to us. To bad that TWA is still not around because you never would of been treated in any manner than respect. In fact AA was and still are know as The Sky Nazis!

  • Tim Slade

    American Airlines should fire or demote this rude employee and make it known that anyone regardless of their political, religious or other views should be treated the same. 

  • Anonymous

    Well said Glenn! Glenn I am so sorry you and your family had to go through this. That flight attendant’s behavior is 100% unacceptable and he should be fired. I will not fly AA ever again! I am so embarrassed he was a former Israeli soldier (and it tells you a lot that he left Israel) and as an American Israeli I apologize to you from Israel. After all you have done for Israel this “man” should be cringing with shame.

  • Mary Bailey

    You GO, Glenn!! You ARE making a difference, and I appreciate that! God Bless You and Yours!

  • Jennifer Rioux Reeves

    sickening.  I cant believe a company from my backyard could be such scum.  Well American when I fly out of “your” airport in DFW I wont be flying with you…

  • Shane Williams Sr.

    I cant add anything more than what Thomas Jefferson said at the link posted above by me.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Glenn and family, I am so very sorry. It always hurts when others treat you badly. I am white my husband is American of Mexican decent our children are dark like their father. We were in Fort Collins CO this was years ago when the sales lady told me she had to watch those children in the toy department, I looked over and they were my children she was talking about.
    I spend as little in Fort Collins as possible.

  • Al Castagna

    Wake up and smell the coffee Glenn. Its the way they treat all that do not comform to their views. I was born and raised in NYC and after twenty years with the NYPD I had to get out.

  • Anonymous

    Arriving home from Vietnam Dec 7th 1969, a couple friends
    of mine and I were insulted at the Airport by couple of airport employee’s at
    the ticket counter. We were flying MSB (Military Stand By) and we were
    confused on what to do about boarding a flight. We were so enamored at seeing a
    Clean Environment, Fluorescent Lights and people dressed nicely tiled floors
    bright lights etc. that we were a little spacy. I’ll never forget that women who said “You GI’s don’t know how to fly yet, where have you been  …in a cave? You need to learn how to read,
    you’d be on your flight home by now instead of stopping to ask questions”!! We had dark tans in December and she knew we’d just arrived home from “The Nam”. We all knew in “The Nam” that we could possibly be insulted and even attacked on arrival, but I never dreamed it would be so real! The others standing by her chuckled as we turned without saying a word and walked away! This was the beginning of an ordeal from the Liberal Left
    that would last 13 years, from condemnation from family members, college
    classmates and professors to the person on the street! I kept my head down and
    looked at no one and sat as far back in the plane as I could. Then out of nowhere
    a flight attendant sat down next to me in the empty seat and placed her hand on
    mine and said. Thank you kissed me on the cheek as quickly as she sat down she
    was up. And as I walked off the jet in Chicago she was the only one who said
    “welcome home soldier”!!

    • Philip Beck

       Some of those airport folks are likely delegates in Charlotte this week.

  • Anonymous

    this story makes my flight choices going forward assured that AA will NOT be my choice or my family’s – I am sorry Glenn that you or any of my fellow Americans should be treated that way.  I have spend most of my life in the service industry and would swallow my tongue before I treated anyone so disrespectfully – God bless you

  • mikeroat

    Glenn place keep us informed about AA and what they do
    about this. I’m afraid I would have ended up in the wrong
    town. You’re a better man than me.

  • Melvin Dinsmore

    You have a lot to talk about. How many democrats have you made fun of and put down and stad and laugh at it. You act like you are so much better than anybody else. It is good to see some one knock you down and see what it feels like. It was very nice of you though that when you left Fox you left the chaulk board for Lou Dobbs. You make a good pair.

    • Anonymous

      Grow up Melvin——

    • Anonymous

      Please. Glenn has never laughed at another’s misfortune or been rude to anyone on TV. Name a single one. Go ahead. 


    • Philip Beck

       Glenn, was Melvin the AA stewardess that you were referring to?

    • Anonymous

      You are a good example of a scum liberal, who are dividing this country. You would rather follow the principles of communism (move to Venezuela or Cuba you will like it there) than the principles of the US Constitution that made this country great. Envy is your motto. . You cannot stand successful people. Soros another mean spirited man is your model..Go ahead and fly AA, I hope they treat you worst than they did to Glenn Beck, but oh! I forgot they are your allies… You cannot stand criticism, leave Lou Dobbs alone he is brilliant and cares for the middle class American people like me. He is honest and fair… If we dont have these people like Dobbs, Hannity, Beck, Malkin, Mia Love and now Romney and Ryan team and many many more… we will be slaughtered by your heroes without a fight.

  • Louise Heberling

    We have a choice – and let us pray that we get it right this time. 

  • Anonymous

    “Thank your stars your not that way, turn your back and walk away, don’t even pause to ask them why, just turn around and say goodbye…And wish them well”
    Neil Peart, – “Wish them well” – Clockwork Angels – Rush
    Good advice.  I try to use it when the situation calls for it.  Wish them well and walk away.  They don’t deserve your time.

  • Anonymous

    All I can say to your comments is AMEN!  That someone can treat another person that way makes me sick, especially knowing their families are there.  Thank you for behaving like a Christian, remember one day all will stand before HIM.

  • Rahm Kota

    Glenn don’t worry about the idiots they hate you because you talk your peace.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Glenn Beck, I am terribly sorry you had to endure rudeness and inappropriate behavior from ignorant people.  I do not care how famous they are, what restaurant they have or who they are with AAirlines, this kind of behavior is hard to understand.  I happen to be a conservative in a liberal neighborhood; have lived here 46 years and watch the deterioration to elite narcicisstic  snotty neighbors.  The only non-sarcastic neighbors are the conservatives. If you are conservative and they know it, you are targeted, ugly words said, campaign signs ripped out of your yard. destroyed or put in the trash, and dare not put a conservative sticker on your car–you risk damage to your car. Your ability, Mr. Beck to describe the humiliation and hurt is what I have also endured.  I am so glad to know there are decent people in this world like you.  Keep up the good work, Mr. Beck….

  • Anonymous

    That flight attendant should be reprimanded and Glenn should be getting a formal apology.  On another note, I would have been more cautious of dining out at the NYC restaurant after gaining those bad looks for fear of having my food tainted by the staff.

  • Edward Whelan

    Glen, was this jerk even a citizen?……..You said he stated that he was in the Israeli army. I will never, never fly A.A. again. God bless you Glenn

  • Yvonne Feller Freeman

    Glenn thank you for sharing this.  It takes a real American to own up to their mistakes – even though warrented! – like you did. I am so terribly sorry you were treated this way in NYC and on AA.  However, as a Western New Yorker, (and a Conservative), it has been apparent to many of us that NYC is a liberal haven.  Our votes do not count in this coming election thanks to NYC and our electoral college.  I hope that you will visit western NY and see that all New Yorkers are not like that! Prayers for you and your wife and children that your next visit goes so much better!

  • Anonymous

    Not too many years ago you would lose your job treating a passenger so poorly.  Times have changed and now the abuser seems to have more rights than the abused, certainly more consideration.  If I was the boss of that attendant, believe me, he would standing in the street begging for a job!  So sorry Glenn for your experience.  I don’t agree with everything you believe or everything you do but I respect that you come from the heart and your intentions are good, you are honorable and decent and deserve to be treated as such, you and your wife and entire family.  God bless, and know you have so many who do care about you and do respect you!

  • Stephen

    When I worked for the State of Virginia a few years ago, my boss would not fly American Airlines. He told me: “My wife had our newborn with her, and she almost dropped her getting onto the airplane — and the flight crew staff all just stood there, and watched. No one helped in any way, shape, or fashion. Was the last time we flew them, and I never will again.” And, we flew all the time in that job.

  • Anna Glenn

    I’m ashamed that anyone in this country is treated the way you were.  As a former Airline employee, I understand how important it is to provide good service.  I started out growing up on a farm selling at a small farmer’s market.  I know how important customer service is and if our country has gone to the point of not only ignoring but outwardly treating people subhuman just because you work hard at your job and your job happens to put your face out there as well as your beliefs.  What you do is very hard in the sense that you are unique in your job.  My children overheard me making some comments the other day of a political nature in sarcasm and I had the talk with them where you explain people see things differently and that’s ok.  You don’t treat people differently because they believe something different in religion or politics- it’s ok to believe what you do, it’s ok to express, but (well, they are only 7 & 5) not just say you are right or treat them badly.  And here you saw grown people who could not even show respect or decency.  I commend you for speaking up.  I hope AA takes this seriously and that it was a chance event that it happened to you.  I’d hope that United Airlines (my former company) would treat you better- but then again, I’ve been gone for quite a while and have no idea the climate.  But mostly, I’m ashamed that this is happening in America and even more so, that people stand by and allow it to happen.  Thanks for speaking up!

  • R

    Glenn you’re welcome to come over for Bkfast, lunch or dinner any time.

  • Patriotic Resistance


  • John Candy

    Glenn, Here’s my American Airlines story.
    It’s from 2001 and I haven’t flown on their airline since.
    This was an email to some friends telling about my trip.

    Les Cavanaugh

    This is The Flight that I took from Seattle to Chicago
    On  one of American Airlines little tiny airplanes.
    Yes, it was a jet, but after that, all similarities stopped.


    note: this flight happened just 3 weeks
    before 9-11

    on an American
    Airlines plane… of all places.



    I forgot to mention the


    Well, I got to the
    airport ok which was a switch.

    Especially after the way
    I went round and round last night on the Seattle Freeway system. (It’s real
    different in Ohio. All the exits are on the right. It’s not possible to be in
    the left lane and end up in someone’s front yard.)


    I found the American
    Airlines counter ok. But it should have had a sign saying,

    “Welcome to Hell”

    Well, there I am trying
    to check in my Red Bag and the lady says I can’t fly today.

    W H A T !?!


    She said I have to wait
    until next Tuesday to fly out.

    On the one hand this is
    extremely bad news.

    On the other hand, I’m
    hoping she’s right.

    I never did get to find
    out about this restraint Dave was talking about.


    She said that the guy
    that told me I could fly standby was wrong and that I can only fly standby if
    I’m on the actual day of departure.

    But she’d sell me a new
    ticket for $1008.00 plus taxes today if I wanted to go out today.

    She had the personality
    of a Rhino and the warmth of an Antarctic winter during total blackness. And
    that’s just how helpful she was too.

    Her supervisor was a
    great deal more help.

    She said I could get the
    ticket for $880.00 plus taxes.

    And she gave me the same
    song and dance. They tried to blame it on for getting me their
    ticket and that the ticket was based on how many seats they have. But it wasn’t
    Expedia’s ticket. It was American’s.

    This story gets a lot
    worse for the next hour, but the end result is I got to buy a ticket for $226
    plus change rather than use the perfectly good one I had in my hand.


    So they sold me a ticket
    and said I’d have to go through security and which gate to go through.

    Halfway to the gate over
    the airport speakers I heard, “Passenger Cavanaugh please report to gate C9 for
    final boarding.”

    I was already hurrying
    and needed more oxygen as it was.

    When I got there she
    said they’d closed the door on the plane and I couldn’t get on.

    They had been called and
    told I was on my way, but they wouldn’t help me.

    She’s lucky to be alive
    right now.

    I was already over the
    top and ready to….. well, just ready.

    So with the plane just
    sitting there and hooked up to the catwalk I stood while my blood pressure was
    well over 300 and my Christianity was saving this lady’s life.

    A nearby flight
    attendant told me to follow her and I did. She took me to the plane and, low and
    behold it wasn’t sealed and we walked on.


    Then they got out the
    shoe horn to put me into the seat. It was a Super 80. That Jet is called that
    because of how super small it is the 80 is the percent of plane it is.

    It had the wide metal
    arm rests that don’t go up at all under any circumstances that are 16 inches
    apart. This is good if you are the Muslim Arab woman in the middle seat next to
    me or her father on the Aisle seat. But for me it would be better to
    be in the Chinese torture chambers, because, at least they’d have enough room to
    do the torture.

    I had to bend over at
    the waist and schoochie in under the overhead compartments and then sit on top
    of the arm rests with my head locked over my left shoulder as it form fitted the
    shape of the plane. Someone behind me a few rows spewed out a supressed laugh.

    I flew 3 hours with my
    elbows touching and the window down by my belt while turned kitty corner in
    my seat with something wide and metal wedged firmly up someplace intimate.

    I finally got mad and
    the lack of….. just plain lack…. and wedged myself in between the armrests
    and firmly twisted and splayed those armrests out at a 20 degree angle until I
    actually felt the seat below.

    Oh, would you like
    something to drink?

    Sure. Yeah right.

    With my elbows and
    wrists crossed over each other facing me I managed to drink what I didn’t spill
    on me and the Arab woman who was very sympathetic and understanding who fit
    rather nicely into her seat.

    Then came the meal.

    Or rather bite to eat.

    It was a couple spoons
    full of salad and a piece of corn bread that could drive in nails and 3 pieces
    of chicken nuggets. Which was good because I had to balance it on my chest above
    my elbows and use only my finger tips to eat with.

    I looked like a praying
    mantis with his arms crossed and twisted backwards.

    Then the overhead jet of
    air kept blowing the things off my plate onto the Arab woman.

    I said “I’m sorry” to
    her more than to all the other Arabs I’ve ever met in my entire life combined.


    Did I mention leg

    Let’s not.

    Cause there isn’t any.

    I had more leg room in
    your Mom’s Chevete than this.

    Actually, I don’t think
    there’s anything anywhere where you are expected to sit in such tight close
    quarters except for Airplanes, Stadiums, and add on bathrooms.


    Oh, then there’s the
    bathroom experience.


    There is one. That’s the
    good news.

    The bad news, there is
    only one.

    The other is out of


    The entire plane got up
    at about the same time after eating the food and lined up for it clear up and
    down the aisle for about 15 seats.

    The lady trying to serve
    coffee muttered, “This isn’t going to work” and proceeded to get her pit bull to
    send people out of her way.

    When I finally did get
    into the bathroom I was amazed. It was smaller than my seat.

    I had to go back out to
    turn around.

    (As people scrambled for
    the door I said, “Sorry folks, false alarm.”)

    Then I dropped my shorts
    and proceeded to sit down.

    Big mistake. While
    sitting there I realized I couldn’t reach my shorts any more.

    Also, with the sink in
    my kneecap, I couldn’t spread my legs apart at all. This means my knee caps are
    closer to each other than Courtney Cox with her knees crossed.

    Now, I realized it’s no
    longer physically possible to do what I came in here to do because even with
    breathing you have to at least be able to inhale.

    So now I’m in the
    predicament of having to try to figure out how to stand up and do it with
    something cloth like around my waist before walking out to face 15 rows of
    people wanting in here.

    Abandon Hope all ye who
    enter here.

    It can’t be done.


    Well, I tore a finger
    nail to a jagged edge and somehow I managed to contort myself to the place where
    my snagged fabric and worm it up my legs. And then proceeded to climb the
    chimney until I was upright. Then I realized that with the sink right there it
    would be easier to use that than what was behind me.

    Resisting the
    temptation, I left instead.

    I figured it’s only a
    thousand miles to Chicago,

    I’ll wait…


    Back to the wedgie


    On the way I noticed a
    plaque on the wall that said,

    “American Airlines

    More room per coach


    That’s when I realized
    it wasn’t a “fact” or a bragging point.

    It was a “prayer and a
    plea” from a former passenger.


    Well, then I get to feel
    what it’s like for a Salmon to try to go down stream while all others are trying
    so hard to go the other way.


    The rest of the story is
    so much the same that it’s really not interesting, but let’s just fast forward
    to Chicago and the next airplane.

    It was an Embraer 145
    made in Brazil.

    Small people those
    Brazilians, because, this plane was SMALLER. All flight attendants must be under
    5’6″ to work on it. 


    I gotta get me a bigger
    shoe horn.


    Then of course when I
    get to Columbus my luggage isn’t there.


    So what else is new with




    And so, just 3 weeks later the Arabs
    attacked New York with 2 American Airlines Airplanes.

    I’d hate to think I contributed to


    He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, …is as good as dead. Albert Einstein

    • Anonymous

       You need to learn how to construct sentences and paragraphs in the English language.

  • Barry Levy

    You have done nothing wrong, but everything right, and so have tapped into the fact that liberals think that those they disagree with are evil, while we think that those that disagree with us need to be taught what is correct.

    It is a huge difference.

  • Old white dude

    I’ll stick my thumb out and hitch a ride in a caravan of 29 smelly drunken bohemians before I book a flight with American Airlines. 

    • billy2

      I wouldn’t either…………….but watch it I’m half Bohemian……LOL….nor am I smelly nor a drunk

  • Anonymous

    I have more than one story regarding poor treatment when I have flown American Airlines. After hearing your story Glenn, I called American Airlines and cancelled my frequent flyer account had them donate my mileage to the military and asked to be removed from all future emails and promotions. Here’s the kicker, they nevered asked why!!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds to me like your stewardess was gay and since it is common knowledge that Glenn hates gay people, the stewardess felt justified getting a little payback…for you know, Glenn’s hatred of gay people. What’s that you say….Glenn doesn’t hate gay people? But how can that be…don’t all the liberal media cite this as fact? I’m sure I’ve heard that before.

    Welcome home to Texas Glenn. With regard to the open minded NYC folks you ran into…may I suggest you adopt Ray Wylie Hubbard’s song as your mantra…”Screw You, We’re From Texas”.

    As for the AA gay activist…I hope you’ll let AA know that nothing short of termination of that idiot will appease you…please do not turn the other have there attention and can make it a better company for those of us that have less choice in picking them to fly out of DFW.

  • Colleen Stuver

    I will not use American airlines for any future flights. I am shocked by their stupidity, not righting this wrong with a man who has a microphone and so many loyal listeners. I am glad that eventually wrongs will be righted. I wonder how many of them will be righted now by the massive loss in revenue from all of your supporters. I love you Glenn, I love what you stand for, I am sorry that it comes at such a high price. Thank-you for being willing to pay it. You inspire so many!!!

  • Esty Nir

    I am so sorry to hear that you had a bad time in NYC – Our City.  We are not all Liberals and actually many of us really appreciate you and all you stand for.  I am an orthodox Jewish Republican New Yorker and just one of many here.  Don’t cross NY off your list, next time you can come to dinner at our house!

  • Don Walters

    I perfer and will generally ONLY fly Southwest Airlines!  Would prefer to fly myself, . . . but Just can’t afford that Gulf Stream.  ;>)  And its a   l o n g  flight from Phoenix to the Northeast coast or Texas to visits all of our kids and grandkids, in a little single engine Cessna 152.  ;>)

  • Philip Beck

    The left has become un-hinged and they are very frightened that what little control they think Obama gives them will be ripped from their grasp when Romney takes over. We conservatives must remain hinged, confident and steadfast, and we  also must not cower. Your best response in the AA scenario might have been just to laugh out loud looking directly at the offenders while telling them what problems you have with their customer service.
    I do like the idea of saying a prayer to ask for guidance. Hang in there, it’s been a long four years. The future looks much brighter.

  • Diane Walz

    After what you have said…I know I will never return to New York AND I will never fly American Air again.  Should be called UN-American Airlines and Rude York.

  • Anonymous

    “We’re not blacklisting those that who have a different opinion or lifestyle, we know that actors lead lives that don’t reflect ours. We don’t shun their movies, we don’t boycott their movies. We connect where can and we leave the rest up to them.”

    – Glenn Beck

  • Anonymous

    I flew the “Sky Nazis” (American Airlines) for the last time about ten years back for different, but just as offensive reasons. They earned that moniker from other airlines, as well as passengers! When I turned in my frequent flyer card, the woman on the phone said, “but sir you have enough miles to take your wife to Europe!” Thanks, but I’d swim first. She did at least show me how to donate the miles to some org that flies kids for cancer treatment. I’m not sure how much I helped them with an AA flight though. 

  • Sharon

    I’m so sorry for you Glen.  That is so unacceptable.  As a conservative Jew living in a land of liberals, I understand.  You’re in my prayers.

  • Arabella Imbriale

    Wow, what a terrible experience.  I must say I have flown American ONCE… That is all I will ever fly on American.  It was also a terrible experience from the gate to landing.

  • Anonymous

    If a business does not perform according to your expectation, then DO NOT USE THEM. That goes for ANY business, including Hollywood stars.  If a business decides to involve themselves in politics and I don’t agree with their position, then I will not use them.  I reserve the right to choose who I do business with based on criteria that I feel is relevant.

  • Reality99r

    The entire airline should not be smeared for one indvidual.
    Clint Eastwood set the precedent……..get rid of the individual only.

  • Anonymous

    Hearing all these stories, including Glenn’s, has been a real wake-up call for me.  After 24 years with AA, I realilze I need to leave before this company goes completey bankrupt.  I love my job, passengers, this wonderful country, and especially the Lord!  I have never treated a passenger disrespectfully.  I am really sorry that my co-workers have been so terrible.  God bless you, Glenn Beck and all of you reading this!

  • one4one

    Yup AA….no costumer here !!!!!!!

    They are hideous in ALL areas of service, in my opinion. 

  • Lori Frey

    Keep doing what you’re doing Glenn—persecution just means its working!

  • Larry Gough

    I don’thave anything good to say about AAL.  Their service is poor and they have a haughty attitude toward customers.  I’m a big fan of Southwest and I will drive a considerable distance just tofly that airline.

  • Anonymous

    My wife is from Texas and we go there every year.  You have to wonder if the management at American Airlines tolerates and condones this type of highly objectionable, insulting behavior.

    My family wll never fly American Airlines again.


  • 2905

    I won’t fly AA…ever.  Also won’t rent a car from HERTZ either.  In 1977 when returning from 4 years in Panama with my wife and two children, but under age 5, I needed to rent a car to drive  from Columbia, SC to Charleston.  They refused to rent me a car, claiming that they were all reserved while there were about 40 cars sitting in their lot.  Upon insisting to rent a car, they changed their story claiming that a few months earlier a young GI from nearby Ft. Jackson had wrecked a car.  Ok….  I was a young Captain, married, two kids, tired, hauling baggage, and at the end of a long overseas flight.  The National Rental company at the counter beside the Hertz people overheard the conversation.  They immediately offered to rent us a car at a small discount.  My children are now 43 and 41 with families of our own.  NONE of us will rent a car from HERTZ if they are the last car company on the planet.  American Airlines falls into the category too.

  • patriot1776

    Have flown for over 50 years. My worst experience ever was on American Airlines, never again.

  • ron

    The hatred liberals show to those who do not follow their socialist ideals or radical polices is but a reflection of the liberal politicians they support. They see this behavior and mimic it. As one Vietnam Veteran reported, many Vietnam Vets can tell you of similar stories about the hatred of the far-left felt in the 60s. When in Vancouver, Canada in 1965 the outright hatred was palpable and I was challenged by foul mouthed liberals and attacked by a group of these peace-loving folks. (Note: other Canadians stepped in before it got bloody). Not much better in the US but the full force of the anti-war protests hadn’t taken firm root in the US until a couple years later. Then, just as now, this is the tip of the iceberg of a future that will see more and more of these self-appointed goon-squad followers mimicking their leaders. I doubt this attendant was ever in the Israeli military, or if he was, in a combat role. It is obvious he lacks decorum or integrity and telling stories is just part of the self-aggrandizement necessary for him to feel he has any worth. 

  • Anonymous

    Liberals are some of the nastiest, ugliest people there are. I know since I’m conservative and living among liberals in DC. It aint easy. People like Beck are very courageous.

  • William Monti

    Typical of people who envy the success Glen Beck achieved.

    American Airlines employees are the reason the Company is in bankruptcy.

    They will be gobbled up and will loose their identity as long as they behave like this.

    Glen was very smart not to confront the flight attendant, all that would have done was to hurt him and the other passengers, the flight attendant was looking to pick a fight and should be fired.

  • Anonymous

    As a Viet Nam Era Vet I can well remember that type of treatment from a great many “proper thinking” Americans. What always helps me after the Lord gets me to simmer down, is to remember something I learned at a fairly young age. People who are confident in their principles and beliefs have no reason to attack others over differences. Those who resort to such nonsense do so out of a defensive, angry uncertainty about what they espouse.

  • Linda Kimmich Tipler

    I’m so sorry you had this sustained treatment, by a bully feeling like he had you.  He must have had a rotten life to be so mean.  I’ll pray for both of you

  • Joseph Brown

    Well if I ever have to fly AAL I ill be sure to wear a very conservative shirt while aboard. I will of course exaust all other options to fly with someone else before that. Jerks.

  • Eddie Reeves

    I am standing with you,Glenn.  NO one deserves this type of treatment.  Never.  Never will or or my wife use American Airlines.  I am a believer in what you do is more important than what you say.  The actions of the attendant must be in harmony with that of the management.  I will use the “power of the purse” and allow my own actions to clearly show my disgust.
    Where will it end?  Most of us who not only understand freedom but actually cherish it, are now forced to “put up or shut up”.  I, as a Georgian who now resides in Texas, say ENOUGH.  My offer to anyone who does knows of our belief in the principles of our Constitution is to accept the offer of freedom of choice.  You can choose to live here and honor our Constitution or you can choose to leave this land.  But you MUST choose!  Don’t let the door hit you in the rear on the way out.

  • Anonymous

    Remember how they treated Jesus Glen.  You are being persecuted as he was, count yourself as blessed for it!   Prayers for you and your family!

  • Annemarie Donovan

    sorry Glenn you had such a horrible experience.  Thankfully you landed safely and probably a good idea you kept quiet. 

    I have two brothers and we disagree as well one actually outside of NYC and it does make it hard especially at the holidays and so sometimes I tend to back down the proof is in the pudding right?  By the way my son lives in Dallas nice city and my husband adores you.

    a loyal patriotic fan.

  • new2la

    My husband and I went to this restaurant located in LA, owned by the mother of a certain hollywood, (very) bigwig twice.      The first time she was lovely;  she welcomed us with open arms, treated us like family.     We loved the experience so much, we went a second time.    The second time was quite different.    She barely spoke to us, never came to our table to say hello like she did others nearby.    She barely said goodbye, please come back, like she said the first time.
    I couldn’t figure what was different until I looked in the mirror and I noticed my cross around my neck.    That was the difference……I hadn’t worn it the first time.

    Glenn, I feel your pain, and they can all @#$% themselves.

  • Anonymous

    Mr Beck I am truly sorry you had to go through all of that.  Was there anyone that took your side?  See that just upsets me to know end.  If I were there I would help you.  I would have told that person that his job was on the line and that his superiors would be told of his behavior.  End of story.  if he didn’t change his attitude I would have asked to talk to the pilot or co-pilot and let them know of the outrageous treatment you received.  Its funny, but I a true American Patriot, wouldn’t do that kind of treatment to anyone even obama… much as I dislike that person for trying to destroy this country.  but still I would not have treated him as you were treated.  so sorry for that.  let me know the next time you travel and I will be there to protect you….ok….

    • Mary Theresa Del Buono

      I know this was awful…sad world we live in…just like that central park incident that happened to Glenn & family…awful…

  • texasmel

    I’m so sorry for your poor treatment.  Whenever I am shunned for whatever reason, I like to think it is the Lord gently reminding me NOT to do likewise (for any reason).  May God bless you and yours Glenn.

    • Mary Theresa Del Buono

      What a sweet answer to Glenn… it is very hard for Glenn to say what he does about the left folks…I am sure of it…but it must be told…it is the truth…thank God for Glenn…hope people believe the truth…

  • bigdoug76

    Just read a story that American Airlines banned a teen with Down Syndrone from a flight because they deemed him a flight risk. His parents said he has flown before and no problems.

  • Anonymous

    Just sent AA a note will no longer fly with them. I have over 850,000 miles on AA.

    • Mary Theresa Del Buono

      Just a funny idea…donate that milage to solders in uniform…so the airline will be a little shooting their eyes out on that trip…with angry grunting…and knashing of the teeth…a long long plane trip…I could see it now…60 guys & gals in uniform and the staff has to waite on them…just a crazy thought….then maybe a look alike of Glenn
      just having fun on here…trying to make some of us laugh … laughter is the best medice for us right at this time of year…God Bless our America…

  • Anonymous

    More than I year ago I witnessed a smart alec response by an American Airlines crew member to a military person. I was stunned as during the Viet Nam War AA was the safe one to fly and thus have flown them for 40 years now. Writing to AA got the same anemic response as the above tweet. I have not patronized them since.

  • Stan S

    Glenn, What goes around comes around. You have spent way too much time taking Obama and the left to the woodshed, and you have never been nice about! So why are you surprised when it comes back to you?

    • new2la

      The difference Stan,  is manners.  If Glenn came face to face with Obama, he would be respectful even though he dislikes the guy.     As would I;  I can’t stand the sight of the guy, his voice irritates me, but if I were to face him, I would excuse myself like a lady.  It’s called civility Stan.  

  • Dana

    I hope AAL reads this blog!

  • John Burleson

    Glenn, I feel your pain. I had a similar experience with that low-life band of maggots 40 years ago when I was in the Army. It helped me devise the FatGuy Explode The Idiot procedure which, in short, requires me to treat the scum like…scum. They’re servants, just a tad above whatever settles to the bottom of the ocean. Treat them as such. Go ahead, be arrogant (normally a deadly sin, but with rude people it’s so much fun). If a tip is expected, 37 cents gets the point across. And the worse they get, the more condescending I get. Critique their performance. Counsel their body language to “help them be even more hilarious.” And laugh. The more I laugh at them, the angrier they  get. I forced one jackass waitress to cross the line so far the restaurant manager fired her from across the dining room. And I keep reminding myself that God put ugly stuff on this planet so I would know when I was looking at something pretty.

    John Burleson, who fears no scum

  • Anonymous

    Remember Ann Landers?  She used to tell people, quite often, that “You are mistreated only when you ALLOW people to mistreat you”.  By saying and doing nothing, Glenn allowed this person to abuse him.  He would have been within his right to ask for another server, if he were dissatisfied with his service.  He failed to do so; perhaps he had to ‘consider who he was’ … still, rude people like his server will continue to repeat such horrible behavior on their jobs when good people serve as their victims and do nothing.  Glenn should have spoken up while on the plane – and quietly asked another flight attendant for another server.  It would have been quietly seen to …. so what if such twerps lose their jobs?  If they cannot properly deal with all customers, they do not belong in a service position and should be removed.  Same thing holds true for the situation at the restaurant having the barbeque.  The manager should have been discreetly informed of the bad treatment Glenn received upon entering the restaurant.  We’re not talking making a scene here – everything could have been handled with Glenn exercising discretion.  Instead, he played the wimp – or the studious, nerdy professor, who chose to anayze bad behavior instead of doing his part in stamping it out.  Pay attention, people, and don’t allow the rude and disrespectful to get by with unacceptable behavior.  Glenn did – and I was surprised aobut his non-reaction as I listed to his story.

    • Anonymous

       The problem with that is that he could have been accused (albeit falsely) of interfering with a flight crew – a serious offense and then the commentary would begin!  Glenn was right to stay quiet while on the ‘plane and to publicize the crap out of it later.

    • Margie G Digiovanni

      It was management who began the ill treatment in the restaurant, so there really was no one to go to.  It might have been better to leave, but when do you stop running from ill manners and downright viciousness?

  • Richard Brophy

    Why can’t liberals see that in their passion for supposed diversity, they have become the most intense bigots?

    Glenn, you should’ve slapped his face with your hand-carry and say you were trying to swat a fly. Then say you’re glad you didn’t miss.

  • Anonymous

    I am so glad you prayed before speaking to him…just knowing that inspires me.  Anytine you’re feeling short on hospitality, bring your family to our home in Grand Forks, ND.  We’d be honored to host you…and my husband is a pretty good cook! 

  • Christian Huber

    I think you are overreacting and generalizing an entire corporation because of the actions of one man. 

    • Anonymous

       Baloney.  The fight attendant should be fired with prejudice (no severance and no references) and his trainers and their managers need some serious re-training.  They are responsible for the flight attendant’s bad behavior. 

  • Robert

    Glenn, you do not need AAL, they need you and people like you.  I have never had a good experience on their system.

  • Vickie Rogers

    He should be fired period! As far as American Airlines they can’t control all of their employees all of the time. If AA fire this guy that’s one thing,
     If they keep him on in any way then they should be held accountable for his actions. 

  • Anonymous

     So bad behavior is the right thing HMMMM! Wonder what world you live in!!

  • Lisa Tyler

    I am so sorry! I want this poisionous atmosphere to go away! I want respect to return to America!

  • MaryDennis

    Alaska Airlines stands head and shoulders above the rest!!!!  I happen to be an Alaskan so maybe I am a tad bit biased but every time I book with another airlines I regret it.  Alaska Airlines remembers that the reason they are flying is that I and many others like me buy tickets to fly Alaska Air BECAUSE of the respect and compassion of the staff at Alaska Air.

  • Bonnie Peabody

    Thank you for sharing this experience, it will make me stronger if I have to survive this type of treatment. And we all may have too, is things aren’t turned around soon.

  • Renee Tiffany Taylor

    I am so  sorry that this famous couple, which is apparent who they are, restaurant treated you and your family in such a way! We do live in a great country, to have freedom of choice, no one had to be treated that way! I dont know if the Neely’s  are like that personally I hope not but they should be made aware of this if it is them…. I will not support them anymore if they don’t take responsiblity for this!

  • Kelli Brennan

    I have a choice to fly AA or DL when I fly across the country to go home each month. I choose AA, but after what happened to Glenn, if they don’t publicly fire this guy and send a formal apology to Glenn, I’m never flying AA again!!!  They should also move their hub out of Texas if they can’t adhere to Texas’ standards!

  • Anonymous

    America is changing and it is not for the good!  American Airlines  I would say shame on you but unless you correct the attitude of your employees this will become the norm. Your employees are there to do a job and part of that job is to treat all customers with respect and kindness!  My niece works for Virgin Airlines and I know they would never allow employees to treat customers like Glenn and his family were treated..anyhow I am going to say it.  Shame on you Un-American Airlines!

  • Bonnie Peabody

    Long but worth a read, we may need the same control that Glenn showed.

  • Thomas McCarthy

    These token liberals are all expressing their angst that their hold on power is doomed.  That good Americans (the evil people to these liberals) are going to stand up and take back the seat of power.  And, this time, not with Bush-like compassionate conservativism, which sustained the nanny state, we are going to put a number of corrective remedies into action that are going to infuriate this less than 30% minority that cries, whines, and shout with 150% of the fake outcry.  They are just gearing up and Glenn Beck is the target because he is one of the forces that have created this turnaround in government.  Hang in their Beck!  Remember the treatment Jesus received at the hands of the Jews leaders.

  • Anonymous

    So sorry Glenn that you and your family had to experience such rudeness and downright meanness!  I have been a listener of your show and have been to one of your shows…you are definitely a True American!  It disgusts me that in the world we live in now, you are put down for having another opinion or belief!  It scares me to think of the future for our children.  Check out the movie “V for Vendetta” has many similarities to what direction this country is going if we do not stand together and respect each other for what we are! God Bless you and your family and thank you for exposing AA.

  • Randy

    Glenn – Sorry to hear about your horrible experience in NYC and on American Airlines. While I can’t do much about the left wing nut cases in NYC who I feel would be much better off if they would all move to Europe. There they can bask in the socialist values they obviously prefer.

    But I can do something about your experience on American Airlines. Like you I can choose who I prefer to fly with. And until I hear that American has openly apologized to you and taken appropriate action against ALL AA employes who participated in these egregious acts against you – I will refuse to fly with AA again.

    I live in the Dallas area and as you know AA plays a big part here in our community. And while I have always enjoyed flying with AA previously I am ashamed and disappointed that they choose to allow employees like this to represent them. Shame on you AA, I will no longer fly with you and I hope many thousands of other follow suit.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not just AA Glenn!  This past week my wife and I flew through Chicago via Midway.  We were hungry so I approached the McDonald’s in the B concourse. When I went up to order, I noticed the female employee refused to look at me. At first I thought she may have been distracted. I soon found out that it wasn’t because she was distracted… it was because I was white. During the ordering/paying process, she never looked at me once. After paying and returning my debit card and receipt, she continued to look away. I then stood there and kindly said, ‘Thank you’… I stood a few extra seconds longer, but she still refused to look my way. As I moved over to the other side of the counter to wait for our order, I noticed she spoke to others. They were black. I wasn’t it.
    I shared my encounter with my neighbor back home in Nashville the next am on a walk. He proceeded to tell me, ‘That’s nothing! I was at a McDonald’s in Birmingham last week, and a cashier refused to even recognize me”! He apparently stood there for several minutes while black patrons behind him, cut in front of him in line and ordered!  He left and took his business elsewhere. I would have asked for a mgr, but he felt very uncomfortable. Mind you, my neighbor is originally from Seattle. He’s a very laid back guy, but he is guilty of having white skin!*!*!

    Has the world gone insane?  What is becoming of people?  Why are they so filled with hate?  Wasn’t our President going to bring us all together?

    There is a darkness that seems to be swallowing up a lot of folks. It’s sad. Truly sad man!!!

    We just keep praying…….

  • Michael Cone

    Thanks for sharing Glenn.  I just sent a note to AA that we will avoid them at all costs.  The only thing that will may undo this is if they discipline this attendant for this kind of behavior.  I am also cancelling my account with them if that is possible.  I hope a million other businessmen do the same.  Maybe that will get AA’s attention.

  • Anonymous

    I have emailed and called all family members and friends, telling them this story.  They will never book on American Airlines again.  Liberals do not know their history.  Who are the first to disappear in the night once a despot takes over?  The very ones who helped him get there and why-because they know too much.  The unhappiness and hatred that exists in the hearts and souls of these radical liberals, who most likely don’t know any truths, will consume them and it will end. I used to feel sorry for media people and others who had no idea what was really happening, but no more. They will deserve what they get.  As Glenn says, the truth will win. 

  • Anonymous

    A former Israeli soldier supports the party that defends anti semitism and has a plank in their platform that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel. Gee, he must be a real mental giant! And while I’m at it, to Jews everywhere, understand that the Democrats are only one step to the right of the leader of Iran, who wants you all dead. The liberal mindset is no matter what the problem, more government will fix it. Well you know the Islamic extremists are not going to abide by any government that protects Jews. And so the Democrats just won’t. Good luck with your “campassionate” voting, and the bedfellows you make of people that hate you. It is so sad you don’t see that conservatives are really, outside of God Himself, your only friends. 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, please allow me to apologize for such uncalled for behavior by a public servant in my state. I feel certain that the person in question was not a Natural Born Texan or he would not have behaved so much like an untutored Yankee. His color is not important to me as it should never matter what color a person is;however, he or she, in today’s society, takes pleasure in living without restriction on the deplorable political correctness, diversity and anything goes life style pounded into them from kindergarten to graduate school and beyond. 
    Sir, my husband and I sat transfixed for all of your FOX shows from the first one to the last. I felt an almost tangible atmosphere from your impassioned presentations, and I felt that you meant every syllable of your monologues and your interaction with your guests.
    For the small person who was rude and disrespectful to you on the plane, then shame on him and shame on American Airlines. I am not a fan of flying anyway, and feel certain that I will not fly anywhere soon unless it is dire duty. But then, I will fly Southwest. If I could address that flight attendant/servant/steward, I would not be as restrained as you were, and the airline agent or representative would still hear my voice in his/her sleep.
    I came to feel that I knew you, and our day became empty at 4:00 every afternoon.
    Thank you for all of your efforts to drag our kicking and screaming fellow Americans into a better future.
    Finally, welcome to Texas, and may you find your coming here to be the best move  that you and your family has ever made.

  • Anonymous

    Do you think America would have ever become a country if our founding fathers were trying to  “work it out” with liberal people of today?  Quite unlikely I think.  People today do not have a fraction of the friction that those men had.  The differences between our founding fathers was astounding and to top it all off, while they were trying to figure out how to start a new government, a new country, and fight a war, they had the tremendous stress of having a price on their heads.  They’re homes and families were at risk,as well.  Yet…they did work together and understood that each man could and should speak their mind, and then they would hammer out an agreement with much debate and much compromise.

  • Tod


    The TSA have gotten so bad at their Nazi conditioning of “hands up” assume the firing squad position in the body scanner and groping crotches that I always “opt out” and refuse it.American Airlines better wise up and realize that Conservatives can fly other airlines and “opt out” of their progressive bad treatment of their customers! If I do fly, I will always fly Southwest Airlines, the customer service is great and friendly, they understand who pays their bills!CUSTOMERS!

  • Z

    Glenn, if you want bbq in the northeast and are in the area…I’ll cook it for you right in my backyard.  Any time.

  • Dawn Gilman-Kyea

    I won’t fly American Airlines.  Thanks for bringing this out in the open.  I say a boycott is in order.

  • Anonymous

    I am so sorry! I know I made Texas sound just as good as it is, I never thought you would be treated this way, in Texas! We are good and well mannered people for the most part.
      I apologize for them. Shame on you American Airlines! Maybe you could move your home base to an area that is more suitable to your type of hiring practices, AND STOP GIVING TEXAS A BAD NAME!

  • Andy Smith

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I can picture in my mind exactly the type of flight attendant you had. I know this is not politically correct, but I’m going to ask the question anyway: Was he gay? Because I’ve got to tell you, Glenn, the liberal gays HATE you with a passion. The vile things that they say on their Facebook wall about you (and other conservatives) is shocking. Of course they call us all “tea baggers”, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. They are NOT “tolerant” people, which of course is what they preach. They are very sick, sick people who would have no problem treating you that way on the plane. I’m telling you—I can picture it CLEAR AS DAY what happened. I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts he was a gay mafia type of person. Betcha anything!

  • Da Mann

    History shows us that acceptance of this this “small” amount of intolerance only leads to hatred, murder, and genocide.

  • NObama

    Fly United, because my wife works for them. But I have to warn you there are just as many blindly liberal union backing workers there, hopefully they would act in a professional manner.

  • Anonymous

    I meant to add “God bless you and your family, and may all of  your days, and nights, be blessed.”

  • Anonymous

    Southwest Airlines has the best prices, and we’ve always been happy with the service. It’s ironic how the party of ‘tolerance’ can’t tolerate any opinion other than their own. But with all of the xray machines and groping from TSA employees….I’m content to just drive. 

    Hopefully this air queen that harassed Glenn will be joining the ranks of the unemployed sometime soon. 

    Typical liberal. 

  • Anonymous

    Remember, this was one flight attendant out of the thousands who work for AA.  Hopefully, AA will take the appropriate action.

  • Anonymous

    It is important to recognize that those on the wrong side will HATE when a good person of faith walks into a room.  Nothing can be done about it.  They hate simply from their core.  The line between good and evil is no longer a grey area.  I don’t fly much but now I know which side AA is on, I will avoid them.

  • Karen Harms

    Thanks Glenn for being the man you are and for standing up for what is true and right.  That flight attendant carries a load of resentment and with he finds out the fact that having a resentment is like drinking poison and and waiting for the other person to die.  Go figure.  Keep doing what you do Glenn.  Restoring Love was such an awesome informational program and you just stood up there and told it all.  You are the man and have made many men stand up and be counted and women and children as well.  I have three young adults in my family that were at the 2016 movie and that made me soooooo proud. Thank you for knowing Who and Whose you are and thanking God in all things including sufferings, trust Him to work all things out to the good, and to be patient as God does His will to make all things good and give us peace that passes all understanding..You are so loved…..

  • Wayne Phillips

    I have been reluctant to use AA again since they abandoned my family, me, and many others in Mexico during Hurricane Wilma. They would not respond in that emergency as other more responsible airlines did. Their bad customer service caused us to endure three days of unrelenting storm, loss of all our personal items, and a two day trek across the Yucatan Peninsula to obtain assistance. We finally got a flight out with Frontier Airline who sent special planes and staff from Denver to process their passengers and any others that they could accommodate.  After reading your experience, Glenn, I have permanently removed AA from my travel options.

  • Snoe Noe

    I’ll never fly AAL.  As someone who is in customer service this is appalling.  I would never treat someone like this.   

  • Anonymous

    Well…I’ve said it before several times Glenn…and now I will say it again.
    The Progressive Democrats will not stop until everyone is obeying them and them alone.
    To me…they want a war.  Yep.  I know.  But I belong to a large large family and we have a large group of friends of all ages…and we disagree on a lot of stuff..  But one thing that we ALL agree on…we are being pushed into a civil war.  Insidious….of course…but coming nevertheless. 
    This is George Soros plan.  To divide and conquer.  They have divided….and I believe that we have reached a point of no return.
    Hope I am wrong. 

  • Anonymous