Is More-On Trivia going to be back?

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Will “More-On Trivia” be back this football season? That’s the promise that Glenn made on radio this morning, despite Stu’s protests. Why doesn’t Stu believe that Glenn will bring the popular segment back to the broadcast?

“You keep saying it’s coming, and then I know that you’re going to, of course, reverse yourself at the last moment because something too important has come up,” Stu said.

“Well, it’s only the most popular feature ever in the history of the Glenn Beck program. So you wouldn’t want to willy‑nilly just bring that back. Let’s not get crazy and just start throwing popular features out there. You don’t want to do that,” Pat joked.

“I’ve not been in any mood to do it for so long because we’ve done it for years and years and years and years, and the stupidity of people just grates on me sometimes and I just couldn’t do it anymore. But I just, it’s time to just point and laugh. It really is time to point and laugh again and so we’re going to be pointing and laughing beginning in ten days. But know that the stupidity will grind you down. You may point and laugh, but I look at it and go, good God, how do we survive if this is what our population is like,” Glenn explained.

“That’s why there’s an off season, Glenn. Time to rejuvenate,” Stu joked.

An unofficial More-on Trivia fan website explains:

During the season, mostly on Fridays, calls are made to convenience stores in the cities where each team is based to speak to a “Shelf Replenishment Engineer”. Each city it pitted against the other. Four questions are asked per quarter. The question range from politics to “What color is the sky?” Points are made each quarter and the city with the most points indicates the show’s pick for the game in question.

The rules, as far as we can determine are as follows:

  • The person who answers the phone has to answer the questions.
  • There are four questions, if they don’t know the answer, just guess. “It’s no big deal.”
  • They cannot ask for help, they lose that question.
  • If they agree to answer questions and then hang up the phone, they forfeit the quarter.
  • If a hint is given to one city, the same hint should be given to the other.
  • If listeners determine a flag on the field they can call in.
  • If there is a tie, we go into sudden death in which a listener calls up, he/she chooses “Foreign or Domestic” and then they call a store. If the person who answers matches the description of the listener’s choice, the point is awarded to the appropriate team.

  • Anonymous

    glenn beck is such a wonderful Christian.

    It is disgusting to watch this little prick preach about love and understanding while promoting a new segment that attacks and belittles others.

    glenn beck is a piece of shit!!!!

    • Rahm Kota

      Strtlk is such a nice Christians accusing others of racism, sexism, rape, and homophobia because they disagree with his god Obama.

    • Anonymous

      You’ll note that I, like you, do not want to see Mor on trivia return and thought it too juvenile for any airing.  However, unlike you, I didn’t see the need to resort to vulgarity.  That, too, sullies the media which seems to cater to the lower class’ crassness to emphasize a point.  It’s like yelling over someone to make a point.  It just makes you look like an idiot and a higher volume.

  • Rebecca Edgeworth

    Please do bring back More-On Trivia! It was my favorite part of the show for a long time.

    I can definitely understand the stupidity grating on you after a while though.

  • Dion T Duran

    Finally! I can listen to Glenn again. I got burned out of the gloom and doom, though it is true. I just need a laugh once a week. Bring it on!

  • Anonymous

    I thought the schtick of the MOR ON trivia was satirical, but with an American slant.  When the clerk was a WASP and had some experience with American culture, the ludicrous answers were funny.  When the guy on the phone was a Pakistani immigrant who was working 16-20 hour days to make a life for his family, I thought the questions and the host’s tone to be offensive and denigrating.  I used to get the segment on WFLA on my way home from work.  Please don’t dirty the airways with this lopsided slap at others who may have a college degree and can speak at least two languages.  It is beneath you.  It may pass as humor in the 7th grade, but not in my adult world.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, goody! Moron Trivia’s back! Though I do fear for our country if these are the people our schools are graduating now.

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