UNBELIEVABLE: 2008 Obama vs 2012 Obama

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This morning on radio, Glenn played a new video making the rounds of the internet that shows Barack Obama repeating the same promises he made in 2012. From energy policy, to infrastructure, to jobs and education – the video demonstrates how little Barack Obama has been able to accomplish in four years. He’s making the same speeches and the same promises as he did when he first ran for President four years ago.

“It has a sense of total desperation about it now, doesn’t it,” Glenn said.

“I kept trying to think of any other president that’s running like this on the same issue that he couldn’t solve,” Stu said.

“Obviously after, you know, Bush ran on certain things and then in 2004 he ran a second time but it was on new challenges, it was on new approaches, it was on different major issues. That’s not what this president’s doing. He’s saying all the things that you trusted me to fix for the last four years I now need to start fixing,” he added.

Glenn took his analysis a step further, comparing it to someone who promised to fix your house, made things worse, and then asked for more money and resources to do what you hired him to do in the first place.

“Imagine a builder coming to you and saying, look, we’re going to ‑‑ I know your house, the roof is leaking, the plumbing is all gone, the driveway is destroyed, there’s no insulation, and the heater doesn’t work. I know that. I’m going to fix it. Just, I’m going to need massive amounts of money and you’re going to have to leave me alone. You leave him alone, he comes back and your house still has a leaky roof, the insulation is bad, the heater doesn’t work, the road is still all plowed up and you say, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ and he looks at you and says, ‘Look, I can make this happen but you’re going to need to leave me alone and I’m going to need a massive amount of money and I need another four years.'”

Glenn said you would cancel the contract on that guy immediately.

  • Anonymous

    Well said Glenn!!

  • landofaahs

    Same dusty playbook of the democrats for decades.  Tax the rich so they can spend more money and pit the poor against the rich.  What’s new about any of it.  It was old in 2008 as it was in 1964.

    • http://twitter.com/MonicaDWatson Monica D. Watson

      Tax the rich and make them pay their fair share.  Well how much is fair.  25, 50, 75 90 % of their income?  I would not work if I only received 10% of my income and the rest went to the Government. http://Millionaire4Project.blogspot.com

      • Anonymous

         That’s exactly what Obama wants.  You see, the “rich” isn’t the ones making $250K/yr or more.  The “rich” is anyone making $100K or more.  Eventually, when there’s no more to take from the $100K/yr folks, it will be those making $75K or more a year… and then $50K or more a year.  Eventually, there won’t be a “middle class”.  There will be the poor and the filthy rich (i.e. Obama, Bono, Cher, Pelosi, Sean Penn, other celebs, etc..)…  They are more than willing to give up 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% because they’ll still have a ton of money.  And then, they will all laugh in our faces for being schmucks and believing Obama. 

        • Anonymous

          I think that socialism counts on the middle class to carry the load.  Of course he wants to preserve it.  All that will be left is the ruling class and the middle class.  Tax the rich enough and they will either become middle class or they will join the ruling class.

          • Sunshine Kid

            No.  Socialism counts on destroying the middle class, leaving only the poor and the elite.  The elite rule, and the poor are only subjects, not citizens, having everything taken from them and a pittance returned because “it’s all that is available” (snicker, snicker by the elite).

            This is why the leaders are so desperate to hang onto power:  If they lose their positions of power, there is a very good possibility they will become one of the subjects under them.  It is also the reason, we, as citizens, must vote them out and limit their time at the top of the food chain.  If we don’t, they’ll get entrenched and we’ll have a ruling class forced upon us.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=600487296 Taka Dahle

             And furthermore, socialism is the step just before Communism.

          • Anonymous

            The definition of socialism from dictionary.com is: a theory or system of social organization  that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole. 
            It does not say in there to destroy the middle class in fact it says that things are owned by the community as a whole and not some weird elite group that has the poor as their oppressed subjects.  So when you want to debate a certain topic just do a little bit of research it took me no more than a minute to look up the definition of socialism and then a bit less that a minute to understand that no where in the definition does it talk about an elite rule at all.

          • Sunshine Kid

            *I know what definitions are. But definitions are not real world. In the real world, socialism is a step away from communism, and there is no middle class in either political/economic framework. If you think there is, then you are sadly misled and need to study the effects of communism in Russia 1917-1990, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam and China. Of the aforementioned countries, only Cuba and North Korea are steadfast communist countries; all others have given way to a more capitalistic approach, and they have prospered greatly from such a move; Cuba and North Korea obviously hasn’t changed their approach and haven’t become the ‘worker’s paradise’ they promised.

          • Anonymous

            Socialism has been around for centuries – and in almost every area except America (up til now) It has never worked anywhere. The concept is self defeating. Look at Europe right now – their bonds are worth pennies on the dollar, and no one will continue to loan them money to continue to pay out benefits that have long since past been able to pay for.

            When my allowance runs out, I have to wait til it gets replenished, through work or other income. Socialism ALWAYS spends mote then it takes in and ALWAYS end up broke. And when the government runs out of money and can no longer afford the utopian dreams of its citizens, Chaos breaks out with death destruction and ruin.

            It has never failed to happen. Why? because human nature is such that if there is no reward for your labors, you don’t labor. It has always been that way, and always will be.

            And if you have to share as a group your income, some will let the others do all the work. A simple example to show this is sharing marks at school – why shouldn’t the smart ones have to share their marks with those who refuse to show up for class?

            That, in a nutshell, is Socialism.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Davis/1499630208 Donna Davis

          my words to fellow union employees who can’t see the forest for the trees…………..fell on deaf ears 4 years ago…………..don’t see them waking up yet

        • http://www.facebook.com/marc.carter.581 Marc Carter

          Rich is subjective, the 1% are those making >$250k/yr. Your conspiracy theory is completely groundless and paranoid. The economy is bad, the banks are robbing the American people and it’s drowning the lower and middle class, the >$100k are starting to feel it too, the ones who live close to their means at least. Hence, you ask more of the >$250k. It’s only logical.

          • Anonymous

            How are the banks robbing the American people? Why should you ask more of the 250 people? because they work harder and have saved more? those who have spent every cent of income and are over their head in a home they should never have bought deserve government financial help? Many if not most of those earning over 250 are small businesses, and they declare as a sole proprietorship. They may actually have 30,000 for the owner to spend, the rest is expenses. How many of them do you think could survive higher taxes? If you live in some cities, a two bedroom apartment can cost 4,000 a month – that’s 50,000 just for a roof over your head. Should that person be taxed the same as one renting for 400 a month, but earning less?

            As long as the socialist/marxist/left see success as a cash cow, businesses will not open, or expand. Many will move away. I have an offshore business entity, and I may just move where my offshore entity is. WAAAY lower taxes, no unions, fewer government regulations, and a less stressful life. Wonderful medical services and very low costs. If it wasn’t for grandkids, I probably would have taken my money and been gone long ago!

            Why should I work so the government can steal my money to give to someone who refuses to work, preferring to smoke up and laty around all day.

            All welfare recipients should be in school, and drug tested monthly. Don’t pass? Positive test? no cash. Its as simple as that!

      • Anonymous

        Monica, darling, you just have to stop ”stealing” the posts of others and using

        them as your own.  This was posted by gsmith3595.  If you can not think of any

        words of your own to use, then please go away and take your sales pitch with

        you.  Shame on you!  How many names do you use to post here and how much

        are you paid to do this?

      • http://www.facebook.com/marc.carter.581 Marc Carter

        A flat tax is fair. And all the corporations that have their hands in the pockets of our economy will never let taxes get too high. Be realistic.

        • Anonymous

          With the worlds second highest tax rate, why would any business actually hire ANYONE here? Its cheaper and more profitable to manufacture in Mexico, or Bolivia, or Bangladesh

          And of course a flat tax is fair. It removes savings from taxation. It affects the rich and poor equally. While the rich may legally claim a lot of legitimate expenses, a flat tax would affect them more then the poor because they spend more. But it will never happen, because the the government cannot pick winners and losers by manipulating tax codes. Particularly THIS government.

    • http://www.facebook.com/marc.carter.581 Marc Carter

      Same playbook, yes. But, in theory, Obama would tax the rich to RELIEVE taxes on the poor. Bringing the bottom of our economy up makes us more powerful as a nation. Mitt Romney paying 14% on millions of dollars in taxes and my paying a red cent more is truly absurd. It’s simple math really. If the 1% has the majority of the wealth, why should they pay less?

      • landofaahs

        Because God said so. Everyone was to pay 10%. Do you really want to know why? Because human nature will eventually decide that they can be lazy and live off of others as we are doing now.
        It does not make us stronger to redistribute wealth, in fact the reverse. A lot of people just want to get by and that’s fine. The same people who genereally won’t save even though they could if they wanted to. If you wish to improve your lot then do what the rich do. Most of them are driven and work constantly to get ahead. They sacrifice time with family and other good times to succeed now so that they can later on down the road enjoy the fruits of their labor. It’s called delayed gratification. And once they get to that point, liberals who have enjoyed their time off to themselves then want the rich to deny themselves when it’s their turn to enjoy life. If you don’t like your station in life work harder and smarter and LONGER. Just don’t ask me for what I’ve worked for.

      • landofaahs

        Because God said so. Everyone was to pay 10%. Do you really want to know why? Because human nature will eventually decide that they can be lazy and live off of others as we are doing now.
        It does not make us stronger to redistribute wealth, in fact the reverse. A lot of people just want to get by and that’s fine. The same people who genereally won’t save even though they could if they wanted to. If you wish to improve your lot then do what the rich do. Most of them are driven and work constantly to get ahead. They sacrifice time with family and other good times to succeed now so that they can later on down the road enjoy the fruits of their labor. It’s called delayed gratification. And once they get to that point, liberals who have enjoyed their time off to themselves then want the rich to deny themselves when it’s their turn to enjoy life. If you don’t like your station in life work harder and smarter and LONGER. Just don’t ask me for what I’ve worked for.

      • Anonymous

        You need to understand that the poor pay NO TAXES! They don’t pay less. You are talking about apples and oranges. The normal tax rate that people pay is on earnings. The 15% some people pay is not on earnings – its on dividends – income that has already been taxed twice, and this is the third tax on the same money. I explained this in detail in another post. If you are TRULY interested in learning, read it. If you are just here to unthinkingly echo the trash you get from OWS and other totally ignorant sources like the democrats, then please go away! You waste everyone’s time with mindless verbal diarrhea.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Mr Obama: Same spin, same promises, same lies, same old ways.

    Only difference is the insanity is grown and the people see him for what he really is about.

    • Sunshine Kid

       Facts well spoken.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=816487305 Nancy Snell Campanelli

    Only difference I see (even has the same pose & expression) is the color of his hair!!!!!

    • Sunshine Kid

       To appeal to the young voters, he should dye it blue or orange or something.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000296168966 Syd Holst

    wow what is obama even talking about? it means absolutely nothing.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GHCRPWG6BYRFZBZCC46WMQGJIU OreoBoots

    The only change he has delivered on is that if we rise together we all rise or that if we fall we all fall together too, He hates America and all the good it stands for , and has led us to the fall

    • http://www.facebook.com/marc.carter.581 Marc Carter

      And how does he hate America?

      • Anonymous

        Let me count the ways! Ignoring the constitution and the laws of the US which he swore to uphold makes a good start. I’ll leave you to fill in the 99,999,999 other ways.

        Anyone who spent 25 years in Wrights church listening to (fortifying himself with his tapes, by his own writings) HAS to hate America. You cannot listen to hate that long and not absorb it. Watch 2016 – its a pretty good look into Obama’s mind

        • Vickie

          Add to this the fact that when he was a young boy, he went to a Muslim school for several years and studied the Koran.
          Several years of that and the influence of his Muslim father — All these elements are forever stuck in the subconscious mind and helped to shape who he is as a person today.

    • http://www.facebook.com/david.plautz David Plautz

      I’m actually not convinced that he “hates” America. He MIGHT, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt on this one. I think he just has horribly misguided views, and that maybe he hates some of the constitution. He might just be stupid…. who knows with obama? I don’t believe a word he says so I will give you that it is possible that he genuinely does hate America. I’m just more inclined to say that he dislikes the way America IS. He wants it to me more socialistic/communist, where everyone is the same and nobody is above anyone else (except for of course the federal govt.). Maybe he believes that is the most “fair” way to have a civil society? Don’t get me wrong though, all of those beliefs he holds are not conducive to a free and successful society. He is wrong on 99% of his policies and has led us toward a terrible future, so like I said, MAYBE he does hate America.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.andrew.58 Jonathan Andrew

        happylada what are you talking about? Of course you can hear someone elses dodgy views and not end up believing them yourself… People aren’t zombies. And nothing he’s done in these four years suggests he agrees with Jeremiah Wright’s views.Giving 50 million people healthcare who didn’t previously have it – that sounds like he’s trying to bring america down doesn’t it… Jeez

        • Anonymous

          Yes, it actually DOES sound like he’s trying to bring America down. You see, the whole healthcare problem in this country is the single LARGEST drain on our debt. There is NO budgetary issue that is a bigger drain than Social Security and Medicare. Giving 50 million people healthcare who didn’t previously have it will add just hundreds of billions, and eventually trillions, in new debt. No. The government should NOT be in the healthcare industry at all. The government should remain OUT of it and leave it to the private sector. The whole concept of free universal healthcare is bogus anyway. Look at Canada and Europe, for crying out loud. Their “free, universal” healthcare is neither free nor universal, lol. Will that work here? Since it has yet to actually work for them, my guess is absolutely NOT. It will NOT work here.

        • http://www.facebook.com/dana.davis.75685962 Dana Davis

          Sorry Jonathan, but about 35% of the American populace are zombies. They’ve smoked the Obama pipe and they enjoy the way it makes them “feel”. They don’t “think”. They just mindlessly follow Obama. He’s spends billions of our tax $ and has nothing positive to show for it. If the Obamacrats care about America, they will not vote for this presidential impersonator again.

    • http://www.facebook.com/david.plautz David Plautz

      I’m actually not convinced that he “hates” America. He MIGHT, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt on this one. I think he just has horribly misguided views, and that maybe he hates some of the constitution. He might just be stupid…. who knows with obama? I don’t believe a word he says so I will give you that it is possible that he genuinely does hate America. I’m just more inclined to say that he dislikes the way America IS. He wants it to me more socialistic/communist, where everyone is the same and nobody is above anyone else (except for of course the federal govt.). Maybe he believes that is the most “fair” way to have a civil society? Don’t get me wrong though, all of those beliefs he holds are not conducive to a free and successful society. He is wrong on 99% of his policies and has led us toward a terrible future, so like I said, MAYBE he does hate America.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dana.davis.75685962 Dana Davis

      Oreoboots, You nailed it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/margot.sartainchristensen Margot Sartain Christensen

     There is still almost half the country that truly believes in him!  It seems hopeless to convince them that Obama isn’t working!

  • http://www.facebook.com/margot.sartainchristensen Margot Sartain Christensen

    If you can show me how we can make sure that the voting machines in Spain that Obama has selected to use for the election, are not going to be rigged, then I might have some hope that the country can be saved!

    • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.musclow Stephen Musclow

      I know what you mean. With his total lack of integrity, how can we trust him not to rig them?

      • Anonymous

         Wasn’t it Stalin that said it doesn’t matter who votes – its who counts the votes that matters?

        • Sunshine Kid

           It doesn’t matter who said it, it is a true enough statement.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe so many people are going to fall for the same old speeches.  A lot of my friends want 4 more  years with Obama and I shake my head and ask them why and they say the same thing as I hear on CBS news.  Tax the rich and make them pay their fair share.  Well how much is fair.  25, 50, 75 90 % of their income?  I would not work if I only received 10% of my income and the rest went to the Government.  Why should they.

    • Benjamin Bolte

      Actually, they would be taxing 90% on profits made from the stock market, which isn’t really work…

      • http://www.facebook.com/lynn.samuelsonbradford Lynn Samuelson-Bradford

        Ya think?  You take the risk, and the government certainly doesn’t cover it if you lose what you invested (which by the way, helps create jobs).  So if the investment pays off, it is OK for the government to suck up the profits from your risk????  Benny. . .do believe you reflect you would rather have a check than a job. . .Shame on you. 

        • Sunshine Kid

          Anyone who gambles takes needless risks.  It is in the nature of the game.  The stock market is no different than gambling, so no, it is not ‘work’ and those who have money to throw around on such activities would rather have a check than a job, or they have a job that pays enough for them to squander some of their money in hopes of increasing it.

          Should the government cover losses in the stock market?

          Think of the answer this way:  Should the casinos cover losses of gamblers?

          And, by the way, the government DOES tax winnings from gambling.

          • Anonymous

            You snotty nosed little wimp – without the stock market and those who risk a great deal to make it work, nothing you enjoy would exist. No Apple, No GM, no Shell oil. NO airplanes, or airlines. No streets. You would be stuck with what you could grow in your own garden, and ride only the animals you raised yourself..

            As far as being a gambler, the biggest gamblers in the world are farmers, and they feed you!

            You need to get your nose out of the air and get an education before you make an ass out of yourself yet again.

            You are the perfect intersection of arrogance and ignorance.

          • Sunshine Kid

            *Let me see: You start of with “You snotty nosed little wimp”, then end your rant with “You are the perfect intersection of arrogance and ignorance.”

            Your own statements appear to describe you, and you cannot take criticism. Too bad. You might have been perceived as intelligent, but now, I think of you as a mud-slinging person who cannot debate without trying to start a war.

      • Anonymous

        Then why would you even WANT to invest? And define: “which isn’t really work…”. I guess you think that all you do is throw a few darts at the papers and find your winners? It takes time to research companys that you might want to take a chance on. Kinda like vetting a presidential canidate! Oh, you don’t do that…didn’t think so, so you don’t work AND are apathet!ic! Great combo! Sounds like a liberal to me!!

      • Anonymous

        hey benny get your head out of your ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/gilbert.anderson.545 Gilbert Anderson

         It is their own money they are risking which has already been taxed I would say.  The only right to more money by way of tax is if subsidies or percentage returns are going to be given on any losses.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1809202549 Dale King

        What seems to be your point Benjamin? If the rich works to make their money and pay taxes on it, then invest some of that money into the stock market then have to pay 90% of the profit that they have made from that investment in taxes, not only would I not work but I would not invest in the stock market either.

      • http://www.facebook.com/lindsay.gangloff Lindsay Gangloff

         How about the people who don’t pay at all? Why don’t they pay their fair share?  I’d rather see people make millions on stocks than a dollar on welfare! 

        • Anonymous

           More than 50% already pay no taxes – so just how much is fair? And that 50% plus the bleeding heart left are enough to re-elect the thief in chief to continue to feed themselves from the public trough. It brought down several empires before us. It will almost certainly  happen here.

          Then the medicare is gone. The food stamps are gone The welfare is gone.The pensions are gone.

          And they think paying nothing is fair?

      • Anonymous

         You are truly irrational. The stock market is a necessity for ANY marketplace to work. Farmers need money for seed. They sell part of their crop on the futures market, in advance.  Someone buys it and the farmer plants the seed.

        The man that bought the futures contract may or may not make money. When he does, you expect him to turn it over to the government? Because when he loses, they won’t give it back.

        I WAS a trader. I know a thing or two that you obviously do not. I started my day about 5:30. Every day. For years. I needed to know what was happening in a dozen places and then analyze how that might affect any one particular stock. When the markets closed at 4, I had to decide whether I was going to adjust a position in the aftermarket, or ride out the night. I spent the next three hours reading earnings reports, mining results and political shifts in Asia as their markets were opening.

        In one day I traded three million dollars and made only about $250 before expenses. For about 16 hours work. And the days I lost $5000 in a single day.

        Try to tell me you EVER worked that hard – EVER. If you chose to work at Mcdonalds for minimum wage, and have the rest of the day off to goof off and smoke up, why should I give you ANY of my truly hard-earned money?  How much risk did you take flipping burgers? But you want some of my 80 – 90 hour weeks profits? Just because its more than you made?

        You simply don’t know what you are talking about!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/A6WBN5G6IATCLCIBYH3EWOW3W4 bad ma funker

         What about the profits I make on garage saleing… Almost close to $240K last year… It takes the same amount of work as the market, you research, you invest, you sell for a profit/loss, wash rinse and repeat. Why tax some types profits and not others? Why only tax the rich… Even if the rich pay 80%, so let’s say, on a million net earned, the rich guy pays $800,000. How many people at $50,000 (taxed at 15%) would it take to equal the one guys $800,000. ( I did the math for you, it’s 106 people). So if there’s 107 people in this equation 106 making $50K and 1 guy making $1mill (or dare I say the 1% as they say), that would make 1 person paying 50% of the total tax liability of the entire sample.  To you that’s fair?   And that’s pretty much the model of this country right now, and we still think that taxing “the rich” is the answer?? Perhaps accounting and a basic economics course would help?

        Maybe it’s a spending problem??  And where will they go for income once they’ve taken all the wealth…. Once the recipient class outways the provider class, their model will no longer be viable.

        • Sunshine Kid

           I think you have nailed it. bad ma funker! Why the liberals want uneven taxation is beyond me:  We have 1% taxed and 99% untaxed (using OCW claims), whereas if we taxed everyone at 10% we’d have a much greater revenue for the economy, both in money to the government and money to create private jobs (rather than government jobs, which create NOTHING, no matter what politicians say).

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/SJ4P6HYAIMVHC5VYBVSVGAPZQU That Girl You Love

            so….. someone making about $30 million a year paying 13-14% of that income in taxes while someone making $20,000 a year pays 15%, someone making $35,000 a year pays 25%, etc – this is OK???

          • Sunshine Kid

            *No, not right. What part of “**everyone at 10%” did you not get?

          • greywolfrs

            You are not the sharpest knife in the drawer are you? You do realize that there is a difference between “income tax” and “Cap Gains tax,” right? You know why there is a difference, right? Stupid little kid.

          • Anonymous

            Are you intentionally being stupid? No one with an income of 20,000 pays any income taxes to speak of. Most tax filers in this bracket actually get tax refunds. I’m not sure of the numbers, because I’ve never been in that bracket, but close to the first 20,000 is basically tax free. And noone EARNING 30,000,000 pays only 15% – you certainly have your definitions crossed. Now if you have made some money and paid your 40% on it, as many have and you invest that money into certain investments approved by the IRS, then you only pay 15% on the dividends you receive. That is because the company has already paid taxes on their profits before the dividends are paid out; to tax them again would be double taxation.

            Buffet is lying, or intentionally misleading, when he says he pays less in taxes than his secretary – He takes no salary! But he does receive dividends, and as stated, pays the 15% approved by the IRS (to encourage investment) on his dividends. But B/H has already paid taxes on the money they earned before paying out their dividends.

            Get yourself an education before you make a repetitive ass of yourself!

          • Anonymous

            If you believe anything the OWS says, I have a bridge I’d sell you for only 200.00. Why not just quote Grimms Fairy tales?

            The OWS people are so accurate that if they said it was Thursday, I’d look at my calendar to be sure.

            Here’s the facts: if the OWS people got their way and the government raised the taxes on the wealthy as OWS wants them to, that would finance the Government for eight , count them, eight days. So here’s a scenario of how things might follow:

            However, it would cut the non-government and non-farm labor force by about 30% within the first year. It would therefor cut the governments taxes from income by an equivalent amount, and add to their expense as those 30% who would now join their OWS friends on the food stamp program. The loss of income available to spend would be drastically reduced, and Starbucks, car dealerships, Best Buy and every other retail business depending on discretionary income would begin a spiral of closures.

            The government would now have an ever increasing number of welfare recipients. More people would lose their jobs, and their houses, and the construction industry would begin to shut down.

            The government by this time is totally out of money and China will no longer continue to loan them the 80 cents of every dollar they spend at that point. Now with only 20% of the available money they had before their credit card cut up available, most government employees are laid off, and all pensions and medical payments are suspended.

            On the otherhand, tax everyone 10% on their buying (or 9 – 9 – 9 as Cain was suggesting) would free up money in corporations to expand, the new jobs would increase the government incomes, and unemployment would drop. Jobs might start returning to America

            You seem unaware that GM, after costing the taxpayer some 50 – 100 billion dollars in government subsidies, has opened 21 new plants in China with all that government money. That’s where the new jobs are, created with the stimulus package. Fiskar got stimulus money and opened their new plant in Finland.

            What these leftist socialists cannot comprehend because of their very limited world view is that money goes where its solicited and stays where its appreciated. Money goes where its welcome. GM found that its money was welcome in China, but not welcome in Detroit. Cap and trade, union demands, obamacare, environmental regulations, taxes – all make it impossible to do business in America.

            And Obama is the biggest outsourcer of jobs this country has ever seen.

            Read Laffer and other solid economists who demonstrate from history that government regulations cost jobs. Cut taxes, and the government coffers fill much faster.

            Have you ever thought of what the rich do with their money? Have you ever compared that to what the government does with the taxes they extort from you? Government spending is usually a simple squandering of whats given out – the Stumulouus actually spent almost 20% of the funds on real job creating projects. The rest went to pay for teachers who were not allowed to teach (4000 in New York alone), union boondoggles and make work projects with huge bonuses to those that came up with the ideas, the afore-mentioned new auto plants built in off shore countries. Left in the pockets of successful businessmen like Romney, Trump, etc, thousands of new jobs, permanent jobs, and growing businesses would be left behind.

            You’ve heard the lies about Romney expressed at the DNC. Poor 700 people let go. That is only a very thin skin of truth stuffed with a lie. What they didn’t tell you was that this plant had been in bankruptcy 8 years prior. Bain put in 300 Million to modernize it. They also had saved a number of other steel industries at the same time.

            The plant that closed had an 8 years extension on its life cycle, and then the union went out on strike for 10 weeks. That raised the cost of doing business at a time when the market was collapsing, and in that period 30 other steel business went bankrupt.

            HOWEVER, by closing this plant, Bain was able to keep the more profitable ones going, rather than loosing them all. Today there are 6000 jobs in that steel company that were not even in existence before Bain took over.

            Here’s a url to Stossil’s investigation online(.)wsj(.)com/article/SB10001424052702303360504577410573651845802(.)html

            I hope you think a bit before you write. You sound very young and immature, certainly with a very limited view of how things happen in the world of business. But then, I suppose not unlike the OWS trash!

          • Sunshine Kid

            *Happylada, where is your thinking? Read again my post: I’m for EQUAL taxation, not “fair” taxation (which is anything BUT fair). PLEASE read it again: I stated FIRST that everyone should be taxed at 10%. You certainly copied my figure to the percentage point in paragraph seven of your rant. *

      • Sunshine Kid

         90% is a bit steep, don’t you think?

        Oh, wait:  You think that taking money from someone, no matter how it is earned legally, is perfectly all right.  Our government exists because of our consent to be governed, not to our consent to be robbed.

      • greywolfrs

        So, being knowledgeable enough to make a good living or A LOT of money on investments is’t work? Are you really this stupid? Pay your own way, maggot.

  • Anonymous

    Time to send Obama, his free-loading aunt and constantly drunk uncle back to the family goat ranch in Kenya!

    • Benjamin Bolte

       Seriously? SERIOUSLY? This kind of thing is exactly why independents think of the Republican party as racist!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-Parker/876715273 Joseph Parker

         Oh come on Benjamin, you know hes not a republican. Lefties pull this crap all the time. They know coming on here and spouting their trash gets them nothing, so they instead impersonate the right in such a way that fits with their mocking, accusations of what we are. So it’s easier for a leftist to pretend hes a racist republican then just coming on here calling us racist republicans.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1177445195 Doug Socha

        I don’t care black, white, red, you work for me and if you don;t do the job I’m going to have to let you gooooooo.    Bye bye

      • Anonymous

        You sir need to look up what a Racist is….we do not like HIS policies and his empty promises…perhaps you are the one who has problems with race….

      • Sunshine Kid

         Racist?  How did you come to the conclusion that a freeloader and constantly drunk person related to a President is ‘racist’?  Because they are not white?

        Get real – they are LOSERS, frauds and illegal!

        That’s not RACIST, but you pulling the race card out like that shows that you are not thinking clearly.

        • http://www.facebook.com/marc.carter.581 Marc Carter

          I believe Benjamin was refering to the goat ranch in Kenya comment. But thanks for playing.

          • Sunshine Kid

            *Let me guess: There never has been any white goat herders! Yeah, right! Play another tune, Marc Carter; there was no racist comment until some troll brought it up.

            Feeding trolls will only grow bigger, dumber trolls.

          • Anonymous

            In fact, our church has an orphanage in Kenya and they used to raise goats!

          • Sunshine Kid

            *Let me guess: There never has been any white goat herders! Yeah, right! Play another tune, Marc Carter; there was no racist comment until some troll brought it up.

            Feeding trolls will only grow bigger, dumber trolls.

      • Anonymous

         I am an independent but mostlyvote Republican and I am not a racist.  Liberal garbage.

      • http://www.facebook.com/lorena.skiba Lorena Skiba

        Really?  REALLY? So far Bennie, you are the ONLY one who has brought up race….usual Liberal garbage. So, if you are the only one bringing up race, then the final conclusion is YOU are the racist!  obama is disliked because of WHAT he has done or not done, not because of his race. Really? Bennie, quit being a racist yourself please?

      • Anonymous

        Just what in that statement was racist? YOU are the racist for seeing anything racist in the statement. You surely must be a Democrap, for they see race in everything. By the way, that IS where they are from. Obama? well, he claimed to be from Kenya when it was to his advantage, and that is what he told his publicist for the promo on his books. That fact is indisputable AND in writing.

      • http://www.facebook.com/bjbandit Bernice Lupo

        Be real..do YOU honestly think he’s good for America or are you another one who loves the government taking care of them. Can’t you see how mich worse off we are with this ninny & his white hater wife????

    • Anonymous

      You are obviously a bigot. He is more American than you wil ever be!

      • Anonymous

        lol..someone call a medic. I died from LMAO

      • Anonymous

        You sure can’t fix stoopid! Lets see, he was raised in Indonesia – how does that make him American? He wants to change America – so obviously he doesn’t like it. He despises the constitution. He violates the laws he swore to uphold. And you have the nerve to say that he is more American that someone who has never been away from their homeland, has always tried to abide by the laws of the land he loves, and actually works for a living.

        Just think a bit before you write – it would earn you a lot less scorn from people who do!

    • Kerry Robinson

      Its obvious that you are a FUCKING idiot “bob from Iowa” for the record go play in traffic or take a bath with a toaster

  • Anonymous

    The President should repeat his goals over and over and over.
    Maybe this will remind voters that the worst congress in history care more about obstructing progress in order to make the President look bad.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHETWQlwxfg&feature=share&list=PL5FABE780A13D231D Rahm Kota

      Maybe he should do his job instead of campaigning for his ideas for the past three years!

    • Sunshine Kid

       Thank you strtlk, for reminding us of the famous propagandist, Goebbels.  You pretty much echoed his words, “Repeat a lie often enough, and it will become the truth”.

      Great mind-numbness on your part.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SJ4P6HYAIMVHC5VYBVSVGAPZQU That Girl You Love

      kinda like the GOP repeating big lies over and over make so many people believe its the truth?

      • greywolfrs

        Yeah, like theDemocrap lies? I guess you missed the Israeli Ambassador calling Debbie Was-A-Man Skank out on her lies. Dunce.

    • greywolfrs

      Yep, Hairy Balls not bringing those 63 bills (and counting) to a vote is designed to make Obamao look bad. You are one dumb M F er, sticky chin the coward.

  • Benjamin Bolte

    Admittedly, though, you probably wouldn’t to then go and hire the guy who destroyed your house in the first place… If you ask me, the guy who hasn’t done anything is a lot better than the guy who actively worked to destroy everything.

  • http://www.facebook.com/boaz.ashconth Boaz Ashconth

    One thing he forgot to change: his 2008 teleprompter.

  • Hal F

    Sounds like my pet parakeet. :0)

  • http://www.facebook.com/colleen.kayter Colleen Kayter

    Glenn, pull up the video of him saying some people have become too successful… 😀 This is a great ad. I hope I’ll see it on TV, but I live in California, a state the Republicans have written off.

  • http://www.facebook.com/colleen.kayter Colleen Kayter

    Ben, you need a class in finance and economics. Money, even on Wall Street, doesn’t just multiply by magic. Companies that make money sell goods and services to consumers like us. Apple sells shares on the stock market. Their company is profitable because people by iPhones. Apple pays investors a portion of their profits because those people gave Apple the money to research and develop new products. That portion paid to investors is called dividends. Nasty word according to the left. Apple cannot deduct as an expense the dividends. They pay taxes on that money. Then, the investor gets to pay taxes on that money, too. Meanwhile, Apple EMPLOYS people. You know, gives them jobs? Pays them for working? Isn’t this fun?

  • http://www.facebook.com/claire.s.reeves Claire Sheppard- Reeves

    Since he’s still giving the same speech….Why does he need a teleprompter???

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHETWQlwxfg&feature=share&list=PL5FABE780A13D231D Rahm Kota

    He did not fix anything for the past three years so what else is he to do?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2H4L52DSPQ32M2DRP5BLMBEYZU Daniel

    same lies as last time. people really need to watch this with a open and they will see the truth about obama, that he is a do nothing liar. now we will see if Americans are a gullible or just stupid as they were 4 years ago? fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/colleen.kayter Colleen Kayter

    Trying to reply to Benjamin Bolte’s comment about the stock market, but keep ending up at root level. 😛

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000514020931 Alene Brewer Spurlock

    I just posted this on CBS This Morning’s Facebook on a story about the DNC tonight so unless they take it off somebody is going to see it. 😉 Maybe people will wake up if they watch it.

  • Anonymous

    He must be reading the same teleprompter! 

  • Anonymous

    At least Obama has the same message.  If you look back at what Romney said in past elections compared to this election he has flip flop on most major issues.

    • http://twitter.com/ckling8 Cindy Klingensmith

      Another way you could look at that is to say that Obama is doing the same things even though he knows they don’t work.  He’s not willing to “change” how he’s doing things because he’s to arrogant and thinks he’s the king. Romney can see that how he thought things were going to turn out was wrong so he changed his mind. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results….nuff said!!!

      • Anonymous

         I thought that was the definition of progressive . . .

      • Anonymous

        Many of Obama’s comments that are shown in the clip are things that most people think are needed to get our country back on track.  The democratic message has not changed much over the last 40 years.  The republican message has changed over the last 40 years and especially in the last 4 years.  I like many Republicans that would not be able to run in today’s political climate  if they kept their message the same….Reagan, Bush Sr., Chuck Hagel, and Bob Dole.  I think that both parties have led us to our current situation.  I hope that the parties can come together and solve some of the major problems such as SS, Medicare and military spending.  I do not have a lot of faith that this will occur anytime soon.  

        This is insanity to me:  http://tpmlivewire.talkingpointsmemo.com/2010/06/tpmtv-latest-videos-jon-stewart-8-presidents-said-well-get-off-foreign-oil—-fool-me-8-times-am-i-a.php

        My point about the video was that I don’t see anything wrong with having a campaign message that is similar to your last campaign.  Mitt Romney concerns me because he changes so often to fit the current trend/fad, that is dangerous characteristic for leader of the free world.  I know that many of the other Republican challengers were concerned about Romney’s flip flops.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DPMTASZK5FDADECRKHRU65CX74 The Word

    This will be Obama undoing, saying the same thing that got him voted in office. Because people
    don’t get fooled twice. At lease I hope not!!!

    • Anonymous

      Oh, I don’t know T.W.  There are a slew of gov’t workers out there who will vote for him

      because they don’t want to lose their jobs.  And don’t forget all those getting ”freebies”

      from the gov’t—they don’t want to lose them either.  The blacks still intend to vote for

      him in large numbers and he is wooing the Hispanic vote which gave him a lot of votes

      in ’08.  Let’s hope the independents will realize that the ”hope and change” promised in

      ’08 was just a campaign slogan and they should rethink voting for B.O. again. As should

      the youth of America who voted for him last time because he was ”so cool.”  How many

      of them have employment now, I wonder?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1254361450 Eliza Shumway

    There are lots more cheers in the clips form 2008 than there are now 😉 haha. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001160685292 Earl Cote

    Bad Dejavu—-vu–vu–vu—-vu

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001160685292 Earl Cote

    Glenn, I`d like to know where you got that antique radio tube………I love it!!!!! 

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glen, thank you for every thing  you’ve done and continue to do. I have faith in God and the American people to pull up out of this hateful, evil nosedive descent into Despotism.  We must maintain the Beacon of Light our Constitution has provided us (and the Bill of Rights), honor our Warriors and keep them in the forefront of our lives, letting them know we love them, honor them for the heroic sacrifice they make every day to keep us free from tyranny.   

  • Anonymous

    Obama wants four more years to totally constipate the US into not being able to movement.

  • http://twitter.com/ckling8 Cindy Klingensmith

    I guess since he’s so into renewable energy that he figured he would renew his speeches too. What an Obummer!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alice-Przywara/100002202427403 Alice Przywara

    Same promises blowing in the wind like 2008. By the time he gets started on his promises, they will blow away in the wind and he will vacate the oval office. We can not wait another four years for him to go. Vote him and all his buddies from Chicago out. We need a new House and a new Senate and a new president in the oval office. In other words, a new administration.

  • Anonymous

    The only change I REALLY want to see come is the new occupant of 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue! 

    • http://www.facebook.com/jeb.linburg Jeb Linburg

      The EPA building? I think you mean 1600 Pennsylvania ave.

      • Anonymous

         OMG!  Sorry… Been so ill since the convention started that I can’t even think straight or type coherently.  Just get the guy OUT OF WASHINGTON ALL TOGETHER!

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/SJ4P6HYAIMVHC5VYBVSVGAPZQU That Girl You Love

          ^^ can’t even think coherently ^^ is right if you’re voting for Romney/Ryan – future Corporate Oligarchy/Plutocracy with a lil Theodemocracy on the side. Yep…. WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY better than President Obama. yep, let’s take down unions and their PLA’s, let the rich continue to pay a lower percentage of income in taxes so that we lose the middle class. let’s cut out abortions and social programs to further grow the low-income population, and eff healthcare in the a, because, HEY, you only deserve a decent life if you make $millions$ a year. SMH.

          • greywolfrs

            Hey stupid, you really should read the Constitution some time. You are an idiot of the highest order.

          • Anonymous

            But even with that abysmal ignorance, she ‘s still smart enough to believe every lie put out by the socialists in the WH. She’s typical of the uninformed, uneducated and probably unwashed who will vote for Obama.

          • Anonymous

            I forgot to add that she sounds like the perfect intersection of arrogance and ignorance. She know more that the people who actually produce something and are successful. She just sucks in the OWS and Democrap Koolaid and regurgitates it to annmoy thinking people. How sad to go through life believing all these baldfaced and easily refuted lies.

            Stupid is as stupid does!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/24M6CL5A5OV3NLOHN7ZZNEGCPM larry b

    President Barack Obama has always said that this is going to be long and not easy hey dumb ass GLENNN BECK you just proved he is still on track making the USA better so fuck off

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000071053161 Josh Sergent

      He is still on track? He is making the same promises he made 4 years ago, and there is no indication, if re-elected, that he will be able to fulfill these promises within the next four years either. How long is this track to nowhere?

      • Anonymous

         He’s on track to ruin the country.  If re-elected, he’ll have “more flexibility”… 

        • Anonymous

           At least that’s what he told the Russians . . .

    • Anonymous

       This is how liberals speak “rationally”.  You know, by using F bombs, it shows how ignorant you are.  It’s shows your lack of vocabulary. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Estella-Bunny-Howe/1173455427 Estella Bunny Howe

      funny how this larry b so represents the filth of the liberals and their attitude towards our Country. Someone should “wash this jerks mouth out with soap”!!! Larry, you are disgusting and lowclass (yep, must be a liberal Dem).

      • Anonymous

        Obviously his mother was a democrat as well – that’s they language they use to show love for each other – like all the other words the’ve become so adept at redefining . . .

        I’m rather touched to see his words of affection for Glenn.

    • greywolfrs

      Hey stupid, he is on track to collapse the system with debt. Dunce.

      P.S. Fuck you.

  • Ronnie Ferguson

    “OK” one more time, “YOU DID NOT BUILD THIS” !!!
    Well you did build it but “HE” destroyed it.

  • Jon Jones

    Would like to see the change of a new occupant at the White House myself, nonyabus, as well as at all other locations (meaning an entirely new administration). Check your address, though… White House is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1668858553 Faith M Martin

    “All the things you trusted me to fix in the last four years I need to START fixing””, really? I don’t think so. He has made NO progress in 3 3/4 years, I don’t think I want him for another 4 1/4.

  • http://www.facebook.com/regis.pavlinsky Regis Pavlinsky

    Thank you for your  research

  • http://www.facebook.com/regis.pavlinsky Regis Pavlinsky

    I sent my complaint  to AA

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Estella-Bunny-Howe/1173455427 Estella Bunny Howe

    Glenn, your analogy is priceless. I was a builder for 23 years and you have no idea how true your statement is. We need to CANCEL THIS GUYS CONTRACT today would be good for me!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1413674073 Cherie Hudson

    Absolutely right! I fired 4 contractors in 1 year…we’ve had 4 years with this guy ad sadly he’s failed….Next please

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WJ3DWJCZWIZNCG6SMFLHWCIEQM Ap Lap


  • http://www.facebook.com/emartzee Mart Zee

    Glenn, you forgot that Obama wants a really, really big army of teachers… that’s why

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Perry-Wall/100002811879244 Perry Wall

      I talked to a teacher that i had in the 7 grade at time he was only like 25 years old he said we had 52 students in the class ,and he said he didn’t have any problem with us at all, that was in 1973 .he retired about 9 years ago (they get to retire at 52) but he said if the state would let him teach like he did back then he could still have a class that big now but they wouldn’t let him because of the feds,and we were better behaved than kids are today.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1839973141 Penny L. Blake

    Glenn Beck Go Suck an EGG!!!!   I’m voting for President Barack Obama. 
    Penny Blake (WV)

    • Anonymous

      Well Penny…you are a mindless idiot!!!

    • Sunshine Kid

       At least Glenn Beck would get more nutrition for his mind than you obviously have, Penny Blake.

    • greywolfrs

      Hey Penny, go suck Obamao’s dick some more. Moron.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Perry-Wall/100002811879244 Perry Wall

      Obama and his people that is in the epa are closing coal mines in WV,is that not one of your states biggest industry.ok go ahead and vote for him so he and the epa can close some more mines


    America remove your rose colored glasses and LOOK. IFTHE PARTY OF TERMITES GET RE-ELECTED, WE ARE DONE.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/V52TD3D3OKRVB37AR75BRGLFF4 Paul L

    This article is juvenile.  Taking words out of context is ridiculus.  Play the entire sentence for each year!   I bet you can hear the same thing in Romney’s words taken out of context from 2008.  Thanks for a dumb report.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SJ4P6HYAIMVHC5VYBVSVGAPZQU That Girl You Love

      guess who BLOCKED, FILIBUSTERED, AND OBSTRUCTED EVERYTHING President Obama has tried to do???? No, no, it COULDN’T BE the GOP….. yes, dear, it was in fact the GOP. Their goal was to make him a “1 term president”, my goal is to BLOCK AND OBSTRUCT THEIR GOAL! OBAMA 2012!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Perry-Wall/100002811879244 Perry Wall

        he had the congress and the senate both when he came into office and he wasted it and he still has the senate .the dems won’t even vote for his budgets that he has brough to the table.

      • greywolfrs

        Hey stupid, you never bothered to look at all the bills sitting on Hairy Ball’s desk collecting dust. He will not even bring them to a vote. Another dunce that the liberal education system failed.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHETWQlwxfg&feature=share&list=PL5FABE780A13D231D Rahm Kota

          I notice the useful idiots are coming in fives now. 

          • greywolfrs

            Yeah, they each have 5 accounts…

      • Anonymous

        What an incredibly stupid thing to say. Rob Immanuel: Elections have consequences. We won. Get used to it!

        Not one vote was allowed the GOP on the healthcare bill. Thatv was only passed by criminal activity.

        The GOP has passed four budgets. Reid won’t let any of them come up for a vote.

        Blocked? what? Filibustered what? Obstructed everything:What? you take the cake for total and complete ignorance. Sounds like a mouthpiece for Media Matters

        more verbal diarrhea from the left loons

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Perry-Wall/100002811879244 Perry Wall

      Romney didn’t have 4 years to do what he proposed.Obama has and things are no better, only worse 1 in 6 people are getting money from government and GM still owes us 50 billon.800 billon was spent and he said if they passed it it would fix all the problems we had, but it didn’t .plus in 4 yrs we are almost 6 trillon more in debt ,so we are suppose to give him anouther chance.not my vote

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJUJ7TE47SHLHZQUMT4ZKJEDCU Tito

    …after 4 yrs. nothing has changed, he is still the person he was back in 2008 that he is in 2012! I heard his wife speak tonight referring to his loyalty, integrity, and honesty; and I was confused as to who “he” was……then a vision of Barry bending profusely to the king of Saudi Arabia came to mind, and I thought, she must’ve been speaking about the king; because he’s the only one that has been true to who he really is…

  • Anonymous

    First of im conservative second of this ad or what ever it is, is stupid and ridiculous.  It brings up a small amount of long term issues that Obama has the same views on now as he did in the last election period.  Things such as reforming the broken educational system of america by pursuing and retaining better teachers is not something that can be accomplished in a short amount of time let alone three years (the fourth year being this one leading up to the election). The same principle aplies to renewable and cleaner energy.  If anything this video shows his dedication to important long term troubles that have been over looked for decades. 

    You also can not compair the difference in the landscape between the Bush election years and the Obama election years.  While Bush was in office September eleventh happened which changed America and the issues at hand forever.  Right before Obama step into office the recession started and not a small two year recession but one bordering on a global depression that has lasted nearly 4 years already.  For comparison if 9/11 happend in 1999 both of Bush’s election campaigns would have looked much more simular.

    Lastly I am conservative so I personally do not like many of Obama’s policies especially health care, but videos like these are shallow and easy to take apart.  I’m in college and should be working an a paper but analyzing how flawed this video was easy and much more interesting.  We should be spending our time on issues that we can change and improve.  Lets stop focusing on how much we do not like Obama and focus on how we can implement polices that make America a stronger competitor in the international market, improve our educational system, and make America a better place

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Perry-Wall/100002811879244 Perry Wall

      he gave 500millon to solyndra and alot to another solar companirs knowing it was going under ,but the ceo had given alot to his campaign.the stimules was suppose to go to fix roads,but later he laughed and said it wasn’t as shovel ready as we though.the american people didn’t think it was to funny.how is he going to make the collegies reduce there greed, in 20 yrs there tuition has went up 700%.we don’t have enough taxes coming in to do all he wants to do even if he rises tax on the rich that would only be 70 billon a year ,they spend that much in a year

      • Anonymous

        Like I said I do not like many of his policies, my argument is more to the fact that ads and videos like this are counter productive because they have no facts behind them.  All the video showed was that he stands by issues that he stood by four years ago.  It took small sound segments of him saying the same words like him needing help and knocking on doors for him.  Is knocking on doors a major political or social economical situation that he said he was going to change.  Did he say that if you elect me the injustice of knocking on doors would stop, no because that would be stupid.  Then why is it in the video.  If it is just a campaign strategy why would it be in this video that is supposed to show that he promised change (to things that he could change in 4 years) and it did not come.  The video is no where near covering anything that it sounds like it should cover.  It completely misses any main focus that it is meant to achieve.

  • Robert McCall

    If this wasn’t so pathetic it would be really funny. Will the American people be fooled again into voting this cretin into office. Actually, he’s worse than a cretin because a cretin is stupid and errs because of that stupidity. This guy is a charlatan, a con artist, a Saul Alinsky hoop licking piece of refuse that has been robbing the American people blind since the very first day he ever entered politics. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Here’s hoping that Americans smarten up and give this lowlife the boot!

  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.buckley.754 Bill Buckley

    They need to play this video over and over and over the last 30 days of the campaign, plus the one that quotes Barry when he says “hey, if I don’t get this done in the first three years, this will be a one term proposition! Oh yeah, and the “you didn’t build that” is priceless………Gosh, there are so many of them now as I think about it…….DO IT!

  • http://twitter.com/Rusty_McBanjo Eddie Nelson

    Sorry Barry, but you’re dead wrong. We don’t all rise together or fall together because not all of us have the same work ethic or morals. Some can’t work for reasons beyond their control, but if they were given the chance they would. Others have no desire to work because they are getting a fat check evey month from the gub’mint. Some of us believe that our freedoms come from our creator, while others believe our freedoms come from the gov’t. Those that wish to rise above it and succeed, do. Those that choose to accept handouts and stay where they are, do.

    The democrat party believes that those who succeed owe their success to society, and should be forced to share their wealth. All that does is demotivate the hard working people that make this country run. Survival of the fittest has always been nature’s way, and charity has always been the thing that helps the less fortunate. Taking money by force is criminal no matter where you live.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Perry-Wall/100002811879244 Perry Wall

      I though dems beleived in natural selection,i suppose that is just in the animal world

  • Anonymous

    It was just too much to stomach hearing Michelle touting her husband tonight-pushing for another 4 yrs. for them to take “Arrogant(his words) America totally down the tubes.  I could only take about 3 minutes of her phony crap and changed the channel.  It’s too bad that we don’t STILL have Mr. Beck on Fox, ‘telling it like it REALLY is” to the many that he educated about Obama and his Crooked Regime.  I still miss him, because he DID connect ALL THE DOTS to the players.  No One on Fox DID it better or DOES it better than Beck.  Too bad that
    “Fox folded like a cheap suit, under pressure from the Evil Soros, who put pressure on the ad people on his show”.   We all learned who the Terrorists, Maoists, Marxists, Communists, Radicals, Socialists and “Enemies of America WERE/ARE, thanks to Glenn”.  Miss you guy!

    • Cheryl Strouse

      Check out the blaze on dish network channel 212. He has his own programming.

  • Anonymous

     You must have read the same article that I did.  It surprised the heck out of me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1157032025 Chuck Alloway

    True IDIOT!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    If one voted for B.O. in ’08 based on his promises and he is saying the same thing in ’12, will

    they stupidly vote for him again?   Sadly, the answer is, probably, yes.    Let me remind you of

    what he said and what the results were.  (These are taken from 689 Reasons to Defeat Barack

    Obama in current Nat’l Review.)  #40: Feb. 9, 2009; ”If we get things right then starting next

    year, we can start seeing some significant improvement” on the employment front.

    #41: Because now we have a 24% unemployment rate for people 16 to 19 years old.

    #42: Because the lowest the unemployment rate was during the Obama administration was 8.l.

    #43: Because the current unemployment rate is 8.3% 

    #44: Because 4 million Americans have been out of work for more than a year.

    #45: Because the black unemployment rate is 14.4%.

    #46: And the Hispanic unemployment rate is 10.3%.

    #47: And because the real unemployment rate—including those who have abandoned the job

    hunt—is even higher.

    #48: Because the percentage of working age Americans who are employed has dropped from

    61% to 58%— and stayed there.

    #49: Because, in his own words, his ”first job is to make sure the economy is growing, that we’re

    creating jobs out there.”  You said it, not us.

    #97: Because since he took office, real median household income is down $4,300.

    Um, wonder how much of these stats will be mentioned in the Dem. convention?  You know, as

    incentive for reelection.   (The sound of crickets.)

  • Anonymous

    debbie downer here:  there are many stupid people in this country that won’t acknowledge, or even uncover, any of these very good (some obvious) observations by these fine men.

  • Anonymous

    Probably the only difference will be that his acceptance speech will be given to (supposedly) a crowd of about 20,000 instead of the 78,00 last go around.
    What president or presidential candidate would have the gall to rent out a football stadium just to hear him say: “I accept your nomination?”
    An arrogant one who passes for the sheep in wolves clothing and all the sheeple trailing behind him chanting his praises.

    • Anonymous

      Romney said “I accept your nomination” in a stadium that both host the tampa bay lightning and the tampa bay storm which is an arena football team so I say that the republicans would have the gaul to do that. 

  • Anonymous

    We don’t even know his REAL name less lone where he’s from..All we can go by is what is happening to our beloved country NOW…Look around you….

    • Anonymous

      airplanes are full, shopping malls busy, disneyland crowded,  all relatives i had out of work in 2008-2009 are back to work.  Gas prices high but people keep buying, Costco and Home depot are even pretty busy.  Oh ya and American car companies are making big profits compared to when Bush left office. Think stock market back to the highs before the recession of 2008-2009

      • Anonymous

        How do you judge if the economy is doing well???        

  • http://www.facebook.com/stacey.gibbard Stacey Gibbard

    Definition of Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.  Anyone who votes for this clown should be put in a padded cell and closely monitored at 15 minute intervals.

  • Davison Horst

    What do Allen West, Clarence Thomas, Walt Williams, Alan Keyes, Condoleezza  Rice, Thomas Sowell, Star Parker, Herman Cain, Artur Davis, Larry Elder, Alveda King, Mia Love, Colin Powell, Armstrong Williams, and many many others, have in common? They are all black and are all supported 100% by Republicans and Conservatives. All of these people believe in conservative ideals and policies. Obama believes in Marxist and Socialist ideals and policies. This is the reason that he is not supported by Republicans and Conservatives and not because he looks black. By the way, Obama is not black. He’s only 1/4 black. He’s half white and 1/4 Arab. When are the democrats and leftists going to stop telling the American people the big lie that Republicans and Conservatives are racist? Anyone dumb enough to continually fall for that deserves another 4 years of this disaster in our White House. .

    • Anonymous

      Colin powell has been jaded by Bush admistartion not sure he supports neoconservative ideals,  think hes more of the old fashioned hardworking conservative my parents and grandparents are.     Opposed to war hungry, tax cuts for rich and corporations, while giving loopholes to the rich to hide money over seas away from USA economy.    Thanks neocons for exporting our economy for personal finacial gain

  • Anonymous

    How much in ear marks did Romney take from federal government to accomplish the Salt Lake city Olympics?    heard it was in the billions  anybody

    • Anonymous

      Are you making a point? Personally, my understanding is he took nothing. And the budget of the Olympics is private I think – they are a for profit corporation, I’ve been told. So I doubt that there was much money went into the corporation itself.

      They did however make a lot of capital improvements. I’ve been to SLC often and there are new buildings left from the Olympics that benefit the taxpayers, so I suppose that’s justified.

      Don’t like making statements I don’t have a citation for, but its late at night.

  • Anonymous

    How long did it take Romney to pass Health care while he was governor?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZMPQ7KLQ3ABK7Q2XI4BXXKJ7ZY yuval

    Who is gonna pay for all these teachers
    Why aren’t the present teachers doing a better job!!
    How do we know the next army of teachers will do a better job?
    O, one difference between 2008 and 2012: Obama’s hair is much whiter.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iva.cox Iva Jane Ignacio-Cox


  • http://www.facebook.com/jessica.johnscarrion Jessica Johns Carrion

    Someone please make this a Campaign AD!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sean.xavier.980 Sean Xavier


  • http://www.facebook.com/pkaydaniel Paula Lutzweit Daniel

    This is proof that he is consistent and never changes who he is and reveals the values he has always had for his family  and our country.  I would rather have someone be consistent in their beliefs, than to change only because it is what he thinks we want to hear to get our vote.

  • Anonymous

    lol what is glenn whining about today?

    did obama not help him open his soda pop?

  • Sandie

    This Obama Promise Repeat reminds me of the  commercials on TV for whatever miracle potion they are selling: ” …and if it doesn’t work just let us know and we will send you another months supply for free!”  . . . Woopie – if it didn’t work the first time, why would I think it would work the second time? . . . NO I want my money back! . . . . Thief! . . . Obama is no different.

  • Anonymous

    Oh don’t worry – seems like nothing has changed and maybe to the left nothing has – but give Obama 4 more years and everything will be extremely clear. I went to see 2016 and I so encourage everyone to see it. What an eye opener. It is going to be scary and our hell on earth if he gets re-elected. Vote! Vote! Vote!

  • leroy brown

    the only thing more amazing than Obama parroting his 2008 promises for 2012 is the lack of coverage by the left wing mainstream media of this unprecidented level of destruction and incompitence from a usa president upon our country!

  • singlemalt

    Obama has failed..he has no record of accomplishment to stand on, he cannot blame Bush or anyone else his time has come and gone. Look at the facts and make up your own mind. Your choice, your voice, your vote. I’m a registered Democrat but will be voting republican come November…who are you going to vote for??? change we never saw or someone who has business skills, leadership ability and a not so shady past…well???


    In 2008, I was living in Kuwait and the Arabs was excited that one of there had won the White House. Some of those was Egyptian Coptic Christians. I wonder if they like Obama now? Note: Egyptian consider themselves Arabs even those they are Africans.

  • Anthony

    It sounds like he’s remained consistent in what he considers to be most important. Notice how he doesn’t talk about Bin Laden…that’s because he checked that box off. I’m in a masters program and I keep talking about graduation. Each year, I say the same thing. Yet, I haven’t graduated yet. Does that mean I have failed? No, that means I’m staying the course.

    The fact that this page is encouraging instant gratification is part of the bigger problem. You would assume that everything should have been fixed overnight. You left off all the things he repealed or addressed. You left off his killing of Bin Laden and withdrawal from Iraq.

    Did we all say that to President Bush when he couldn’t find Bin Laden? No, we re-elected him because we felt like he needed more time.

    I love being rational and would have truly appreciated an article or video that pointed out what went right and went wrong. Too bad…guess I’ll get my “news” from somewhere else.

    That contractor reference was horrible. That’s a contract? Did Obama sign a contract and have specific performance included? No, he stated his goals for his administration. Some goals were met while others weren’t or haven’t been met. Still the goals haven’t been changed or altered due to public opinion. His term isn’t over yet and I would argue the Republican desire, as Senator McConnel stated, was/is to make him a one-term President. How in the heck was he supposed to get ANYTHING done when the other side simply wanted to watch him fail. I would have also loved to hear you mention that as a reason why he hasn’t gotten stuff done.

    In fact, let’s use that as part of your contractor reference. If you didn’t allow the contractor in your home or on your land to facilitate completing the project would the contractor be responsible for not finishing his work? No, it would be argued that you impeded his progress as the person supplying the resources. This is the same thing that has happened with Congress over the last four years. A contract requires consideration from two parties!

    I really wish you would apologize for your article, but I know that will never happen. We have so much hubris in this country that we can’t even acknowledge when a person does a good job or when we’re wrong. That’s the fundamental problem with our system right now. It’s a sad state of affairs…

  • Anthony

    Reading these posts reminds me that Edward Bernays was sadly spot on. Bread and circuses I tell you! I love the line in Gladiator when he looks at the crowd and says, “Are you not entertained” because that’s all we’re using politics as now…entertainment. Sad!

  • Logical1

    Americans have such short memories. 4 years ago Banks were going bankrupt like flies dying. Today Americans feel safe to put money in Banks again.Americans want everything quickly, like fast food. However it still takes 8 or more years to become a doctor. Why do people feel that the largest Economy in the world is so easy to fix, when many have spent their entire lives trying to budget their family income and still falls short. Why would you return the same Mechanics ..( Republicans) who messed up your car, to repair it again. Republicans only know how to fix when they are out of power. They will say anything mostly false statements in order to win. They do not care about America, only about helping themselves get rich and helping the rich. If that party did nor ever exist America would have been a greater country. Government is for the people, and the people is not ‘The rich.” They have blocked Obama’s policies, then blame him afterwards. If they did not block his policies, then they would have been justified to criticize. Nonetheless, Obama has done great because America is stronger than even Europe now. America could have been worse than Europe if Republicans were in Power. Europe was using Republican’s policies, hence they deteriorated from 4 years ago being stronger that the US to going bankrupt one after the other now. HOW SOON WE FORGET. Rome was not build in a day. and The American Economy is not a family Budget to be repaired overnight. Why don’t you all pay off your Mortgage in 4 years?? That’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the Economy. When you can pay off your mortgage in 2 to 4 years the expect The President to fix the economy in 8 years. What irrational people. Listen to Economists and they will say that Obama has the Right Policies for the Economy. Only uneducated people swallow what Republicans blab about. America will suffer again like before if Republicans get in Power. They are the one who build up the Deficit , both Bushes. Now they pretend they know how to fix it. Why not in the Bushes’ years.. For The Best America Ever..Vote Obama. You will never regret like for G. Bush. The Ground work is being laid for a booming America in the next few years. Don’t miss this opportunity…

  • Logical1

    Most of the persons who are against Obama get their propaganda from Fox. Stop looking at Fox and listening to those Republican talk radios and you will be more rational in thinking.These are Brain washing media. Remember the announcers are paid to say these things, whether they believe it or not. Once you pay a person to do something they will do it whether they like it or not. If you pay a house keeper to clean your toilet they will do it. Does not mean that they believe they should be doing it but they got paid to do a job. Such is the case with the brainwashing Republican Media..Try listening to other media and expand your knowledge. America is not an Island to fix its Economy in 4 years. It is the Largest Economy in the World..Put that into perspective and compare with your own little economy at home. Besides in the free enterprise system, cycles have to run their course. This is not a socialist country where the Government creates the Jobs. In a Socialist Country one can blame the Government because they provide the jobs. We want our cake to be Capitalist free Enterprise, but when things are down we want the Government to be Communist and create all the Jobs. We are not in Russia. Think of it Free Enterprise means that Businesses and prices are determined by the Free Market WITHOUT Govt. intervention. suddenly everyone wants Govt. to behave like Communist countries. Think of it. Let the Economy take its course and it WILL rise again. Have patience impatient Americans. A simple degree takes four years, why shouldn’t fixing the Economy take 8 or 10 years. Be practical. If you had to push a small car you may use 2 men, if you are pushing a Tractor Trailor, You would use 20 men. Not every job uses the same amount of effort… Be Practical. Be patient. Or America will suffer with the Republican Policies.

  • http://www.facebook.com/catherine.ernst.31 Catherine Ernst

    I think I had that contractor working on my house! Just like I couldn’t keep that contractor, we can’t keep this president. And just like that contractor, our president either doesn’t know what he is doing, or he knows what he is doing and trying to take us to the cleaners anyway. Either way, it is a scary proposition. I think he DOES know what he is doing. The “fundamental change” he has in mind for America has nothing to do with what his supporters think he is talking about. He is crafty as a fox and says things that mean one thing to him, but knows they are being interpreted differently by the public. Think about his statements, they can mean more than one thing. Obama’s actions don’t make any sense if you are operating under the assumption that he wants good things for America. If you really think he has the best interests for American at heart, go see the documentary 2016. Suddenly, all the nonsense makes sense. And not in a good way. I fear for our country, not so much for myself, because I am prepared, but for all the children and grandchildren in this country who will inherit the choice we make in November.

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