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This morning on radio, Glenn played a new video making the rounds of the internet that shows Barack Obama repeating the same promises he made in 2012. From energy policy, to infrastructure, to jobs and education – the video demonstrates how little Barack Obama has been able to accomplish in four years. He’s making the same speeches and the same promises as he did when he first ran for President four years ago.

“It has a sense of total desperation about it now, doesn’t it,” Glenn said.

“I kept trying to think of any other president that’s running like this on the same issue that he couldn’t solve,” Stu said.

“Obviously after, you know, Bush ran on certain things and then in 2004 he ran a second time but it was on new challenges, it was on new approaches, it was on different major issues. That’s not what this president’s doing. He’s saying all the things that you trusted me to fix for the last four years I now need to start fixing,” he added.

Glenn took his analysis a step further, comparing it to someone who promised to fix your house, made things worse, and then asked for more money and resources to do what you hired him to do in the first place.

“Imagine a builder coming to you and saying, look, we’re going to ‑‑ I know your house, the roof is leaking, the plumbing is all gone, the driveway is destroyed, there’s no insulation, and the heater doesn’t work. I know that. I’m going to fix it. Just, I’m going to need massive amounts of money and you’re going to have to leave me alone. You leave him alone, he comes back and your house still has a leaky roof, the insulation is bad, the heater doesn’t work, the road is still all plowed up and you say, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ and he looks at you and says, ‘Look, I can make this happen but you’re going to need to leave me alone and I’m going to need a massive amount of money and I need another four years.'”

Glenn said you would cancel the contract on that guy immediately.