WATCH: What is ‘Velocity of Money’

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Hyperinflation and economic collapse: Obama and the Democratic fanatics have emplaced a doomsday mechanism for when Obama falls in November; I have warned of this for some time as they prepare a scorched earth of the economy.

    • Rahm Kota

      And blame Bush for it all. 

  • landofaahs

    Everyone in 7-8 grade and then in high chool should get courses in basic economics.  They should all know what M1,M2,and M3 are.
    Talk to young people and you’ll see how clueless they are.  Many of them don’t even know what GDP is.  But if we taught them, they would never vote democrat, so it kind of explains why we would teach PC junk instead of real stuff.

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