Egypt’s War on Women

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Yesterday, the Democrats made a historic decision to remove God from their party platform. In 2000, God was mentioned four times in their platform, seven times in 2004, and once in 2008.

Glenn reacted this morning on radio saying, “We have seen from this administration God taken out of almost everything. God has been removed and really God is under attack. And they will tell you, “We’re God‑fearing people.” Whatever. But their god is government. In fact, play the DNC video from last night. Government is the only thing that we all belong to.”

This was made evident last night, the first night of the DNC, with a telling video that stated the following:

“We are committed to all people. We do believe you can use government in a good way. Government’s the only thing that we all belong to. We’re different churches, different clubs, but we’re together as a part of our city or our county or our state. And our nation.”


When questioned about it on Fox News, Sen. Durbin simply referred to questions about removing God from the party platform as “harping on trifles.”


But, that’s just the first problem with the Democratic platform’s new stance on God and faith.

“The second thing on God is they are now taking Allah and holding Allah up. They are holding the Muslim Brotherhood up to a standard that is unreasonable,” Glenn said. “They are holding people now, you want to talk about God, you want to talk about the attack on God, well, let’s talk about what’s happening in Egypt right now. What is happening in Egypt? The last synagogue in Egypt? The new president just said, “For the Jews’ protection, we’re going to have to close this down, but only for their protection.” Oh, is that you, Poland? I’m sorry, is that you, Nazi Germany?”

“Try being a Christian [in Egypt],” Glenn added, noting the reports coming out of the Middle East about Christians being crucified by extremists in Egypt.

But still, somehow Sen. Durbin manages to claim asking for the reasoning behind God being removed from the platform, “harping on trifles.”

“God is not a trifle,” Glenn said.

The same people removing God from their platform are also accusing conservatives of “waging a war on women.”

“They want to talk about women and women’s rights,” Glenn started, let me tell you something: They are focused on the war on women – roughly translated: Christians hate women and want to beat them for no reason.”

Glenn went on to read “Biblical scripture” of what the left likes to use against women to accuse Christians of being anti-women’s rights. He read lines about husbands being allowed to discipline their wives with violence and bodily harm, among other things.

Oh, the only problem was that Glenn was actually reading exact quotes from a big television personality out of the Middle East, our new “beloved friend” Egypt, where he is explaining his version of Islam and what it means now in Egypt for women in 2012.

This is the quote:

If I could say to every husband: Do not rush to beat her whenever a problem arises. God said, ‘Admonish those of them on whose part you fear disobedience, refuse to share their beds, and beat them.’ One should not beat out of anger.”

You should only beat a woman in order to “discipline” her, not because you want to.

Now, if your wife utters the name of God, the beating must stop. Obviously.

But, the disciples said—if your wife does something wrong, like spies on you –you should “give her a shove that is painful.”  This was done in order to discipline her. Not because they enjoyed beating or inflicting bodily harm.

There is a war on women going on in the world today, but it’s not being waged from the Republican Party or from the Church.

As much as the far left and the media would like to make Christians look like the guilty party in this war, they’re not. In fact, throughout history Christians have largely led the charge equal rights for women. It’s the countries that reject faith in God and, in particular, reject Christianity, that you see rights begin to disappear from women and minorities.

If the left had a country that embraced Christianity and religious freedom and persecuted women and minorities, don’t you think they would constantly use it as an example? Instead they’re obsessed with a thirty second audio clip of Rep. Todd Akin making a stupid comment.

The fact is, there isn’t a war on women’s health, abortion, birth control, or any of the other ridiculous claims coming from the far left, like Glenn pointed out on radio this morning. The war on women is in the Middle East.

“There is a war and it is real and it is happening in Egypt, under the leadership that this president and his administration has been praising and encouraging and now sending your hard‑earned tax dollars over to support! He has cheerleaded for these people,” Glenn added.

When the Democrats talk about a war on women, remember the quote Glenn read on air this morning. The quote read by one of the men who was encouraged by this administration and is under leadership receiving funding from American tax dollars now.

“While they’re talking to you about what Mitt Romney might do in your fallopian tube, know that they are rooting for the monsters of the Arab Spring in Egypt. They are bringing them into the White House. They are pulling positive mentions out of Israel in their platform. They are removing God from their platform, and real women right now are being beaten, legally, by the people they have helped put in power. That is the truth. That is what we fight against. That is what we stand against,” Glenn told listeners.

“And if you don’t like it, bury your head back in the sand, but know if you do that as a people, America, we will be held responsible for a thousand years of darkness,” he added.

“It’s just that clear.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The next war will be one of faith and ideology:

    The Democrats want no religion other than that of the STATE.
    The Islamist extremists want no others than Sharia.
    The extremists here at home all want their hidebound view of the world enforced with hate and force of arms.

    God is not to be mocked or denied; when He decides enough is enough, He will act, and there will be no going back. Our nation has been given a second chance due to people waking up to what has been going on and striving to correct it; but if we fall asleep again, end game.

    • Anonymous

       Shortly before the Eternal departed into the heavens, to rightfully take his seat on his Fathers throne, he ask this simple question – “Shall I find FAITH when I return?”

      Very ironic snowleopard that you possess the insight to comment on “faith and ideology” – especially in these troubling times that are quickly growing out-of-control.

      If we humans have proven anything to ourselves – it is this – “We do not have the ability  nor have we ever had what it takes to rule over ourselves, proof of this little known fact, can be witnessed daily over the airwaves of the ongoing and seemingly ever-endless political ritual we are subjected through each and every four years.”
      One would think by now, we would have perfected the idea of how to peacefully rule over ourselves.  By this late date in the long history of man, nothing could be further from the truth. Facts be told, we are probably closer now (in our miserable human existence) to eradicating all human life from off this planet than we have ever been before.

      Don’t know if our nation has been given a second chance – it may very well turn out to be – the calm before the storm?  

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Zergon – humans truly cannot rule themselves; nor their passions, lusts or anything of the kind, let alone attempt to rule anyone else. So consider that when we had been given an Constitution and a Republic by the founders that (I think it was Jefferson): “We have given you a Republic; now it is up to you to keep it.”
        We have been entrusted with the care and stewardship of the Republic each generation by God; even the founders understood that a ‘perfect’ union was impossible; hence the word ‘We the people, in order to MAKE A MORE perfect union…”
        Thus they gave us the means to change the Constitution as times and events mandated in our society; have we made mistakes yes, by God yes we have; yet we also have worked to correct those mistakes. Day by day we strive to make it a slightly better, more perfect (old english phrasing here means “more mature”) union of many people, faiths, ideas and so forth.
        Right now what we are seeing occur in the nation is the same battle that occured in the French Revolution and the time of Terrors right afterward; when the battle was between those who believed in the Rights of Man (freedom, liberty, pursuit of happiness, etc. as in our Republic) and those who believed in the Rights of MEN (where the state determines what is for the best for all).
        Thus we are seeing the differences of Conservative and Liberal extremist; God has given us a second chance, as he did ancient Israel time to reform or go into the night. We have our second chance; if we do not use it wisely, its end game for the nation.

        • Anonymous

          Your insight of history serves you well your in your logic. More of our people should attain the lessons of times gone by, but, by our national collective forgetfulness of even our recent past, may turn out be our biggest weakness – the old saying – ” If one doesn’t learn from past mistakes, he’s bound to repeat them”

          I’m reminded again of a second scripture – “two cannot walk together unless they agree” – at the present – our great nation is not only walking in two very different and diverse directions, we are on a deadly collision course. The outcome is a scenario much to frightening to contemplate, but as you correctly point out, it will be “the end-game” for our peoples.
          The time to step back and take a deep breath – to relax our aggressiveness toward our fellows – is now ! – we are not all that different from one another – but We The People – must think for ourselves or our tenure is over.

      • Anonymous

        Very well said. In the history of the world, it is religion that instigated wars and this goes on to the present. Humans cannot live in harmony as long as they have “religious” leaders, be it priests, elders or, for that matter, self-appointed “saviors” like Obama. Even Glenn now is pushing his Mormon beliefs as the righteous truth. Just ask youself how many thousands of people christian “crusaders” killed others while invading their lands. It doesn’t matter what religion one believes, the truly saved people are the ones who serve their God in the most humble way.

        • Anonymous

          I agree. Religion shouldn’t matter as long as the individual leader is only guided by Godly morals and ethics – anyway, shouldn’t we be known for our fruits rather than for our endless words about ourselves or our particular faith?

        • landofaahs

          Let’s see, Stalin was an atheist. Hitler was an atheist. Lets not forget all the other non-Christian communist dictators who killed their 10’s of millions. Lets not forget the 40 million plus babies killed in the womb in America, not because of religion, but because they mother and or father did not want to be bothered with the resonsibility.

        • greywolfrs

          To think that religion is the only problem would be disingenuous at best. Leave religion out for a moment. As free thinking individuals, you think there would never be disagreements? You think that there would be a uniform agreement by all? Sorry, but that will never happen. That would mean that everyone is the same and simply put, we are not.

      • landofaahs

        Unless those days be shortened, no flesh would be left alive.

        • Anonymous

          Yes – and thank God, those soon coming days will be shortened. God will save us from ourselves. We humans have truly become our own worst enemy – the weapons of mass destruction are being produced on a scale never known before. We have a very ambitious Terror Sponsoring Nation (that of Iran) believing it is their ” Allah” given duty to bring on World War Three – Of course, their thinking is – a preemptive unabated nuclear attack will bring on the return of the Twelfth Imam, who is their “messianic figure” – This Pagan philosophy will unleash an all-out nuclear exchange the world over, which then, to the surprise of millions of unwitting humans – will actually bring on the Return of Christ – those days will be shortened – otherwise – all flesh would be lost.

          • landofaahs

            Absent from the body is present with the Lord for the Christian, so what could be better than that? I am content with whenever and however God chooses to take me unto himself. What could be better than that? Yet life is meant to do the “Great Commission”, so I will while here to my best ability.

          • Anonymous

            Yes Lando, what could be better than that. I just gave a reply to snowleopard about changing the direction of our nations youth, seems they have bought into this falsehood that freedom can be gained at little or no cost. Simply redistribute the money, so all are equal and each has the same wealth – that is of course, except for the political elite who tell us what to think – (for we of the peasant class are much to stupid to do that for ourselves it seems) We must raise the ruins of our once God fearing nation and bring back the life saving – nation saving knowledge of God. We must show America’s future generations that our forefathers had it right.

          • landofaahs

            Absent from the body is present with the Lord for the Christian, so what could be better than that? I am content with whenever and however God chooses to take me unto himself. What could be better than that? Yet life is meant to do the “Great Commission”, so I will while here to my best ability.

      • greywolfrs

        I don’t agree with that statement at all. You are assuming that “at this late date” everyone should agree on the best way to “rule.” Sorry, but as individuals, how can you think that that would ever be the case? As free thinking people, what could you point to that would make that the case?
        Sorry, but I really do not think you thought this comment through.

        • Anonymous

          Thinking it through? Of course each of us are individuals having very diverse likes, tastes, even needs. It is much easier to let a Divine Mind do the thinking for us, especially when it comes to honest and upright government. After all, it was God who created us with all our distinctly different characteristics. A uniqueness that can only be found in the creative genius of God himself. So to ignore his guidance is to spell-out our destruction. Its a simple matter of deduction. This nation is proving this process as I write.

          The fact is, the rules of conduct have long been here among us and for thousands of years. Just for the sake of argument let us review only six of them,
          1) Honor your father and mother
          2) You shall not murder
          3) You shall not commit adultery
          4)You shall not steal
          5) You shall not give false testimony
          6) You shall not covet

          The above listed “laws” would serve as a great place to start a nation on the right path to recovery. For a nation which has strong families is the key ingredient, it serves as a powerful force for good. If further laws such as ordinances and statutes are needed to clarify public conduct, but at the same time, leave plenty of room for personal expression our founding fathers also relied heavily on the first five books of the bible, known as the LAW of Moses see Leviticus for example.

          • greywolfrs

            The problem here is a simple one, not everyone is a believer in the bible. Those may have meaning for you or I, but not to someone else. The First Amendment states that everyone has freedom of religion and therefore this “uniform” code you are laying out is never going to be agreed upon by all. That is my point. Being a “free” people would encourage many ideas, not just the ones you, I or anyone else find to be the “right” ones. For government to step in and say those things are now “law,” goes against everything that is in the Constitution. Some may be good laws, that everyone could agree on, but not all. Why would the children of abusive parents want to honor that? (this is one example on your list) My point is simple, “at this late date” means nothing. Being free, logical thinking people means everyone will hold different things as “sacred.” It’s not you, I or the government’s job to tell people what that should be.

          • Anonymous

            I completely understand where you are coming from. The trouble is, I don’t buy your argument nor do I understand the audacity of the Liberal mindset. Lets face it, mankind has attempted to govern himself with every conceivable form of government he can fathom or muster, that is, all except one – that would be the divine leadership of the governance of God. Non-believers will go to any length or extreme to push God out of the picture in their weak, pathetic attempt to always have it their way.

            If only the six laws listed in my previous post were applied in our national conscience, we would be light-years ahead of where we are today.

            Example, look where being a free people has gotten us – actually those of our citizenry who have been on the brunt end of our lawless society would neither agree with your premise. Take abortion – we as a people have killed more of our weakest and most vulnerable citizens (and legal I might add) then all our casualties suffered from all our wars combined from this nations founding.

            Is that freedom ?- certainly not for hundreds of thousands of our murdered unborn. Why have we a ‘free people’, refused to give our own unborn a voice and ask them their opinion on the matter?

            Again, think about how many George Washington’s or Abraham Lincolns were slaughtered in the bloody process. Murdered well before their time, denying them any chance to make a difference as to what direction this nation is headed.

            I could go on and on and my argument is using only one “example law” found in the Holy Bible, that of – “You shall not murder”.

            There are laws concerning abusive parents – we are directed also to honor our children, if in any way we harm them, we must face the consequences, first from the state, later if not repented of, we will face God.

            You make the claim that most of us are logical thinkers, so then if that is the case, why do so many scoff at the idea of a divine being. This Being did not leave us to our own devices as so many wrongly assume, but instead, gave us a manual (holy scripture) and if this manual was not able to be understood – then why write it in the first place. Again, many “logical thinking” people would argue that scripture is nothing more than an evil devise concocted by men, to control the masses. Simply another foolish claim made by non-logical thinking humans and this, by who you deem, as logical, for the book can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that a higher more superior mind then that of man, penned its content. A brief example, “prophecy” for instance, is a telling of future events yet to unfold – if one were to read these future warnings and then see them play out exactly as fortold, wouldn’t the reader at least take in account that there is something bigger at play here then the silly mind of man . That is why I often write “at this late date” for prophecy has described these days in which we live and in great detail – even America and if we do not lift an ear toward the righteousness of the Eternal One, then there is no future for our nation.

            Our founding fathers were men of principle having great understanding of God and who we as a people are (were). Yes our republic was an experiment, for our nation was the first to attempt to use the laws of God for our guidance. Each member of our society was to police himself, in other words, live in accordance to the Laws of God. Our founding fathers realized that as long as we held to that lofty ideal, we would survive as a people, but, as soon as we lost sight of who we were and where we came from – our national foundation would crumble to ruin and that my friend, is exactly where we find ourselves today.

          • greywolfrs

            First, I am not a liberal, I am a Libertarian, big difference.
            Second, whether you like it or not, the First Amendment exists for a reason and you do not have the right to push your form of god on anyone, nor does the government. That is NOT freedom.
            Third, man-kind has tried to govern itself by the “word of god,” look at the muslims and tell me how sharia is working out?
            Fourth, the founding fathers said no such thing. They said “creator” and used the term “god” in a general sense. Just because you take the word god and apply your meaning and savior to it, does not mean that others do not apply their own. God goes by many names from Budda to Jesus and everywhere in between.
            Last, but certainly not least, logical FREE thinking people have the ability to come up with their own ideas and in a FREE society, that is exactly what they will do. No, everyone would never agree. In fact, most of the people who believe in “god” can not even agree on who the “true god” is. As I stated, you believe it is Jesus, some believe it is Allah, others believe it is Budda and still others believe in the many other forms of “god.”

            The last sentence is correct, except they were not meaning god. The moment we allowed our politicians and SCOTUS to twist the Constitution and interpret it any way they see fit, is where the problems would come in. That is exactly where we are today. The Bill of Rights was to limit the government and preserve the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They were designed to guarantee some personal freedoms, limit the government’s power and leave some for the states and people. What you are describing is a theocracy and the founders never intended for this country to be a theocracy.

          • Anonymous

            You seem to be a bit on the offensive, never did I call, or even assume, that you are, or ever were, a Liberal. We must be careful of how we read the intentions of others, it’s simply all too easy to interpret our own meaning and in doing so, misread the intended meaning and hastily form our own conclusions, often times, due to our own faulty preconceived ideas of what is actually being construed.

            I understand all the “legal mumbo-jummbo” in your argument, and if God were unprovable, or even worse, nonexistent, then you would be 100% right in the majority of your thinking. Therein lies the problem.

            It is not up to us to make the rules.

            Yes it is that simple.

            Have you ever noticed all the graveyards in our nation, for that matter, across the entire globe? They are a defining clue that we humans are only here for one scampering moment and gone the next. Many will argue that God or theology should never be mentioned in politics. This way of thinking has spelled out every disaster ever known to man, from the beginning of recorded history.

            God has been here, well, forever. He has lived for all eternity, in fact, there has never been a time that this Eternal Being has not existed. We humans on the other hand, are merely temporary dwellers here on this earth. The one who calls himself God, has challenged all men – “to prove him”. Now that statement and request should not be taken lightly. but almost every time throughout recorded history, mankind has formed his own wrong conclusions. Afterwards, we go on to form our own governments, churches and social circles, again we find throughout recorded history, that our efforts have not worked. Division is the glaring example of my argument.

            Think about it. All so-called christian churches have derived from within the mother catholic church. It was division that led to what we see today and what has evolved today as religious mass confusion. Is it possible to weed out the bad from the good, or better stated, to find the right from within all the wrong? Yes it is, of course it’s not easy, but again, God simply states “prove me”.

            Our religious leaders have utterly failed the task, so how have our political leaders fared. Well to give an easy example of this, I’ll use something right out of today’s headlines. Recently Obama was asked to give himself a grade on his record over the past three and a half years. His answer, “I must give myself an incomplete” – now hows that for politicking . In my day,. that always constituted an “F” for failure.

            So now what about our social circles? I read a headline today on another website stating, “Neo-Nazies now third most popular party in Greece” – What? Did I read that wrong? Wasn’t Nazism eradicated back in the 1940s? But here’s the proof of social circles gaining strength and thrusting the world, once again, back into chaos.

            If I remember correctly the Nazi Party was atheist, only using the church as a decoy to paint themselves in a better light. Behind the scenes though, this barbaric group cause untold suffering on millions.

            In talking with another poster yesterday, this person claimed that the time for America to do it right is now ahead of us. This person claimed, that God is giving our great nation a second chance. A time to change our nation for the better. I, on the other hand, totally disagree and here’s why. We have had our last chance and what has transpired over the last 70 years or so (ever since the conclusion of the second world war) can be witnessed all around us, each and every day. We have become the all time lawless society in all recorded history. The rule is “there are no rules”

            But again, through all the confusion stands the simple request made from on high, to “prove me”

            Now you make the argument that the Muslims have tried to govern themselves by using the word of God. Again, did they prove him? If one is known by his fruits, the answer must be a resounding “NO” – although they follow a counterfeit of Christianity and willingly walk in ignorance, its as simple as that. By the way, that claim can also be proven with absolute certainty.

            If we prove the existence of God, after all, he is alive – we – temporary dwellers, we will understand his name and know what he goes by and why.

            So now my point.

            How is it possible to prove there is a God – what is our purpose here on earth, if any – Should God play a role in our personal lives as well as the nation, in other words, our politics ? Can a nation be blessed by God or worse – can a nation be cursed by God, even to the point of its utter destruction. If so, shouldn’t the subject at “least” be contemplated, especially by those who’s hands, power over us resides?

            “Prove Me” – If the task were impossible, an Almighty God would never make such a request.

            We can explain away – as you have so cleverly attempted to do – the absolute importance of the role God plays in the affairs of men.

            The hand writing has long been on the wall. No amount of whitewash has been able to change the outcome. God has allowed mankind to go his own way. To devise his own governments, his own religious organizations etc. all through time have failed, as will, the next attempt at American government now taking shape before our eyes

            Truth be told. God has had it with us, especially here in the States. You see, we have had a long history with God (even though the overwhelming majority of our people would argue that point) When our United States Of America was built up – that in and of itself, was the beginning of our second chance. We have miserably failed at “proving God” and we are soon to pay the horrible price. Even the outcome of this modern day and age was foretold by God himself and the eventual outcome of world events soon to erupt on this earth on a scale never known before, nor ever will be witnessed again.

            God is now in the process of introducing himself to the world, and he is starting with a few select nations (because of their long history with him ) but in the end, all nations the world over, will feel his righteous indignation and his furry. This will change the nations and all men wherever they live around the entire globe, will acknowledge their error, realizing for the first time, that only God can rule over men, nothing else works and the long recorded history of man should (and will someday) be the proof.

          • greywolfrs

            I believe the part you are missing in all of this is the fact that “god’ has not existed in our government, to the extent you are talking about. God exists in the people’s hearts, not as a rule of law. And, by our Constitution, that is the way it should remain. Everyone free to “explore” god in their own way. (or not to explore) To say that we need laws to mandate god is completely false. That goes against everything this country was founded on and built on.
            In the end, my point is simple, different people have different ideas of god. (rightfully so) To think that your idea would be universal with all people in country is completely false, so those “laws” would never work. That does not even take into account the First Amendment.

            Broken down, Muslims would have a different idea than Christians, Christians would have a different idea than Buddists and on it goes. There is nothing wrong with our Constitution and Bill of Rights, they give everyone the freedom to believe as they please. The problem is we have gone so far away from the true meaning of those documents that we are no longer that country anymore. Sorry, but I believe freedom is the most important thing. I would also tell you that “god” thinks that also. Here’s the proof. If “god” did think freedom was most important, then he wouldn’t have made us free thinking entities. By your standards, he would never have given us original sin. That right there is proof that “god” wanted us to make our choices right, wrong or indifferent.

            The over-whelming majority of people on the planet, including in this country, do believe in a higher power. Last time I checked, 92% of the planet does. (that was a while ago, but I can not imagine it has changed all that much)

            In the end, you can not say that your idea of a theocracy, based on YOUR beliefs, is a good idea. That is called taking away freedom. Maybe we do need more people in this country to be “believers,” but to say instituting a theocracy to make it happen is the way to go would be false. You can not force people to do what you want or believe the way you think they should, that is NOT freedom.

            By the way, you assumed I was liberal and I called you on it. re-read your last post. You think that I am arguing this point because I am a godless liberal, you could not be more wrong. In fact, I have a very intimate relationship with god. I just do not believe that it is for me to tell others how or what to believe. Conversely, I do not believe that my relationship with god is anyone else’s business.

          • Anonymous

            I understand what you are saying about the constitution – bill of rights on so on. Freedom of religion – the whole nine yards – I haven’t missed where you are coming from. As I stated before, you are 100% correct in your argument.

            This is where I’m coming from.

            God has known our people for thousands of years. We have a very long history together. A little over two thousand years ago, our ancestor’s blew it – they turned away from God and did as the nations around them were doing. God was not pleased with their decision and he removed these people from out of their lands. He did not kill them, he simply scattered them throughout the world. A duration period of punishment lasted about 1900 years and after that time, God allowed these peoples to once again obtain a land of their own.

            America the beautiful was born, ironically having founders who included in its national constitution the gift of “freedom of religion”
            With that, God again put these people to the test, to see if they would seek him out, or if they would select their own ‘god(s)’ and religions.

            The restoration of the word of God was achieved in this nation because of our freedoms of speech and religion. God has accomplished this complete restoring of his truth over the past 70 years and it has been there for all who freely seek it out. He does not force anyone to change their ways, but he does lay out the consequences if his word is ignored. So far, the greater majority of our people refuse to listen or prove him at his word.

            We Americans it seems, don’t have the slightest clue of who we are, but that does not mean God has forgotten.

            America was raised up for a specific reason and purpose – to do a job that thus far, only very very few have heeded.

            Until we as a nation recognize our special relationship we have with God, things will absolutely get worse, so bad in fact, that our nation will be destroyed.

            That is why our people must include God in their government policy. It will not work any other way.

          • greywolfrs

            Sorry, I do not think any of that is true. Again, you are talking about a collective agreement on “god,” of which there will never be. I do not think our government needs to include god when making policy. They need to simply follow the founding documents. It’s for individuals to decide about god. I do not think that god will punish the entire population of the nation for policies made by certain individuals. I just can not see how “god” would work that way. God judges individuals on their deeds, not everyone else’s deeds.
            As far as the nation being “destroyed,” we will have to fight another civil war. That may do considerable damage, but I doubt it will destroy us. I guess it just depends on who wins.

          • Anonymous

            Don’t be sorry for speaking your mind, you’re not the only one who’s ever said that. But I must say in the end, it isn’t what we humans think that will make a big differences anyway.

            Think about this for a moment, if any of our politicians had a crystal ball do you think they would use it, even if it were only accurate a small fraction of the time – sure, they wouldn’t admit to doing so, but I’m pretty certain from time to time, at least they might not resist the urge, now on the other hand, biblical prophecy is 100% accurate each and every time and all anyone (even our clergy and politicians) have to do is, understand the “keys” that unlock this precise information. Many scoff at the idea and simultaneously, think nothing of glaring into a fuzzy crystal ball with strained eyes.

            Allow me to give you an example that comes right out of today’s headlines.

            For decades now, our two major political parties have been playing the “political correct game”. Not wanting to upset any special interest group or such, in order to keep their voting base up in numbers. Before you know “pork barrel spending” has run a muck. Gridlock swiftly ensues, due to over regulation and a paper trail that circles the globe. Governmental bureaucracy and dishonest men and women crawl out of the woodwork like rats, who now stand squarely in the way, of any long-lived progress one political party implements, from the new incoming administration,. any real worthwhile accomplishments that made, are quickly reversed, and on and on it goes. This cycle has permeated the American landscape for many decades and from one side of our nation to the next and at all levels of government.

            With that in mind, does anybody really believe other nations – nations that might not be so friendly towards us, haven’t noticed?

            For decades now, both political parties have given generously in foreign aid, a record we American’s pride ourselves in. The old additive to help those less fortunate etc. But – this act somehow has given the impression to many politicians that ‘their’ generosity (not the tax payer mind you, who foot the bill) entitles them to intervene in that particular nation’s governmental policy. To a point I will agree, it’s logical to do so.

            Take Iran for instance, an American Allie decades ago, when the Shaw was in power. Huge amounts of American aid flowed like golden honey across its borders from the US. Then good-ol American political correctness enters the realm, and pressure from women’s right groups etc here back home, gives the green light for Mr Jimmy (Carter) to help overthrow the American friendly Iranian Government. Ever since, Iran is well known as being the worlds number one terrorist sponsoring nation, who also by the way, hate our Yankee guts.

            Almost the exact same scenario, happened just recently when our current fearless leader decided he would help in the orchestration of an thirty-year old friend and Allie and a crucially important component to the United States, that being the Middle East nation of Egypt.

            Calls were heard from around the world, fanned fervently by the Muslim Brotherhood and other such hate groups, to topple the Mubarak Government. So what does our current ‘commander in chief’ do? – Helps bring about the false dream of democracy throughout the middle east region, does anybody who retains something other than half a peanut for a brain, really think that would ever work, especially after US intelligence reported that the “Brotherhood” was ready and waiting in the wings to simply step in and fill power void?

            American aid to Egypt has been in the billions per year (if not mistaken), that, when Sadat and Mubarak ruled and they both were trustworthy and very dependable partners for PEACE – something desperately needed in that war-torn hostel region of planet earth.

            American Oil had to be protected at all costs – and “still must” if we are ever to retain our world status as a major world player.

            Fast forward to current news headlines – “Muslim Brotherhood now have complete power in Egypt” – they rule with an iron fist and destroy all opposition, even if it resorts to murder, which by the way, has happened frequently in the past few weeks.

            My point is this – our mindless politicians (in both parties) continue to give billions of dollars of aid to Egypt (we even have to barrow it from China to do so!) Recently , after a thirty year absence, a meeting took place between the two nations of Iran and Egypt. They are now Allied again, having a newly inspired agenda of bringing down Israel and terrorizing the US in any way they see fit.

            This whole thing ‘could have’ and ‘should have’ been avoided. Watch for US friendly Ethiopia to fall victim under Egyptian threats and advances – then Libya shortly following suit. It could even happen in reverse order – it really doesn’t matter how. The end result though, will give the Anti-American – Anti-West (Europe) Muslim world, a strangle hold on the Middle East Oil FLOW – As I said – this all could have been avoided if anybody in DC understood bible prophecy. For all of what I’ve said here, has been written about thousands of years ago and is today taking shape – exactly as written. Things will get worse – much worse….Z

          • greywolfrs

            Well. I do think our politicians should be held to a higher standard. Look at someone like Debbie Was-A-Man Skank, she lies openly and often and still gets elected. I am not saying that something needs to be done, I am simply saying that turning this country into a theocracy is not the answer. The answer, in my mind, is simple. Follow the Constitution, even when it does not suit us. The Founding Fathers were some smart guys, they wrote those documents in simple terms that idiot, even coming out of the liberal education system, could understand. We have come to a point where both sides want to “interpret” those documents. There is no interpretation needed, the only people wanting to interpret those documents are the people trying to change them to their own ends. Both sides do it, that does not make it right.
            I will have to correct a couple of things about your statement.
            First, the iranians hate us, not because we tried to push our values on them, but because the CIA went in to Iran in the 50s and took out their leader. Then they installed the Shah. The Shah may have been friendly to us, but he was a dictator that did horrible things to their people. In the 70s, those people revolted, took out the Shah and thought they were getting something better. Flash to today, there is plenty of the population that think Iran’s leader is B S and want to remove them. The point is this, the Iranians hated us for propping up a dictator which oppressed them. They may not like the things you are talking about, but to say that is the reason is false.

            Second, I can not argue the point about the Brotherhood in Egypt, that comment is actually spot on. It’s the same thing as Iran. The people hated the dictator, Mubarak, but do not realize that for as bad as Mubarak was, he was probably better than what they are getting now. That part that is false, we borrow very little money from China, in fact they only hold 8% of our debt. So, who holds the most? That would be the Federal Reserve.
            Third, we would never need to worry about oil, if idiots like Obamao would open up the drilling here. We actually have plenty of oil. They do not calulate how much we have found, only what we have tapped. What we have tapped is only 2-4% of the world supply. (depending on which source you go to) If we tapped more, that number would grow and we have plenty to sustain this country for over 100 years. Then it wouldn’t matter who controlled the oil in the middle east. The only reason we care is the Europeans would be screwed.

            In conclusion, there is a difference between taking prophecies to heed the warnings and making laws out of any one religion. In the first place, you were talking about making laws regarding one religion, what you are saying now is completely different.

          • Anonymous

            Your opening remarks were good for a laugh, I’m from Michigan and unfortunately there’s an over abundant level of skanks walking around, I might add, for some reason they all have the same dismal smirk on their faces accompanied with an unsightly glossing over the eye’s.

            I keep telling you – I agree with you – neither would I care to see our nation turn into a theocracy, firstly, which religious theology would rise to the challenge? Myself, and I think its safe to say, nor do you, wish to be dictated to in any way. That breeds hatred and discontent, talk about a recipe for revolt and upheaval.

            No my argument is simply this and its addressed to any American living in our nation – if there is a God then prove it -If this ‘being has a message he wants us to understand, then what is it? – if there is only one God then prove it, having only one message, then why all the confusion – what is that message ?

            Now the numbers simply do not add up, there are to many different religious sounding ideas floating around out there and not all can be right can they? It is my desire therefore, that we come together as the mature people, as the adults we all claim we are and figure this thing out once and for all. If God beseeches us to “prove him at his word,” then his statement at least, is in concert with my thinking. Meaning, open the books and lets get crackin, especially if this message of God relates to us nation saving prophetic writing’s, resulting in giving our nation an advantage over others – not for evil gain mind you, but for a brotherhood of nations all living at peace, all having prosperity and plenty. Now I know I’ll be accused of wishful thinking and talking about a utopian dream, but I don’t believe it for a moment, that all our troubles would ever vanish, after all, we are only human, but, for our people not to take advantage of real-time concrete Godly guidance, would be (and has been) utterly foolish.

            I agree with the Regan doctrine “Peace through Strength” If America would have kept the philosophy, we would hardly be where we are now. Today, tiny nation’s thumb their noses at mighty America, still having the power, but refusing to use it – at least when it really matters – case in point – Stop the Iranians from going rogue.

            Our founding fathers make today’s politicians look like fools. Obama said he thinks ‘those old white men wearing wigs are now out-dated, adding ‘we as a nation need to do away with that dusty ol’ document and start over, when nothing could be further from the truth. The American constitution is the finest document ever written by the hand of man. Using the bible as their guide, these men looked far into the future and instilled safeguards throughout its content, making it even more relevant in today’s chaotic society. If ‘we the people’ remember ours is a government of the people, for the people and by the people, then we will fight to keep this profound document pure, that’s what makes us different from all other nations on earth. If it aint broke why fix it…

            I stand corrected with the Iranian history, my point though was, at least we had some semblance of a relationship, today these people want us dead!

            Again my point concerning American aid is simply this, we are in debt up to our grand-kids-piggy-banks and we’re donning out ‘good money after bad’ to nations who want to kill us, why not refill our children’s accounts to the full so they’ll have a better future then we had and what current events are dictating.

            Again, we see eye to eye concerning our national self-sufficiency
            These do-gooder Liberal’s who pawn themselves off as Americans, who care more about saving a tiny frog or a threatened bird then they do the survival of our great nation these are they who should be on the extinction list. Drill baby drill…

            If TV wasn’t around in the 60s, many listening on radio thought surely Nixon won the debates with Kennedy, but as you rightly suggest, looks arn’t everything – what lies between the ears count. Unfortunately its been that way ever since.

            Again – One God – One message – no religion – One truth….Z

          • greywolfrs

            Well, I do not feel the need to prove god to anyone. If someone believes, great. If they don’t, great. I understand that you believe our politicians should the prophecies to our advantage. Maybe they should, but it would be difficult to get people, who do not believe in god, to do that.
            As far as the “Reagan doctrine,” I do believe this also, but I do not think militery strength is the problem. It’s the Rules of Engagement. I have two nephews serving, as we speak, and two more that just got out. If we go to war, it’s time to take the kid gloves off and fight it to win, in the shortest amount of time possible. No more nation building. No more being in a country for a decade. And no being PC in the manner which we fight wars. I will be called a monster, but an entire nation, like Afghanistan is not worth one of nephews lives. Kill’em all, let god sort’em out.
            The Constitution was written by a bunch of guys with very different religious beliefs. It is the single best document ever written. (on how a government should govern) Unfortunately, there are people who have been twisting that document to their own ends. As I stated before, there is NO need for interpretation, just follow it, to the letter. That is where our true problems are.
            I am not saying we shouldn’t have good relations with the Iranians, I am simply saying that is almost immpossible, considering the history. Those people do not trust us and why should they? After what the CIA did to them and looking at the idiots we elect (like Obamao), they would be smart not to trust us.
            I am not arguing that we are debt to our eye balls and beyond. I was simply saying that the most debt is held by the Federal Reserve and that isn’t any better than if China held. I agree that the Debt and deficits are probably the biggest problem we as nation face. (other than the Federal Reserve, but that could be considered part of it.) We all want something better for the next generation, except maye left wing idiots, they seem to selfish.
            We need to drill and do more to take advantage of our other resources, such as coal and natural gas, which we have plenty of.
            I find it really disturbing that most Americans can not see past the nose on their face. They think that looks and being able to speak well means that is the “right” person for the job. Sadly, we have seen, for almost four years, that is not the case…

            I do not quote god or religion, but I will say this. It’s time for the true Americans that believe in our Constitution to stand and do whatever it takes to stop this madness…

          • Anonymous

            I admire your love for our great nation, a nation greater than any other that has ever existed in the whole history of man. You are absolutely right, that is, if we were to govern ourselves using the confines of our American constitution, this country would once again flourish. Self sufficiency is a necessary attribute for a strong nation, for any dependency on any other nation, for anything, will always led to trouble, at least, that is what the history of other nations (now our own) has taught us.

            We presume to be undivided, or that is how our ‘pledge of elegance’ reads. “One nation under God, indivisible…..”

            From our youth while overhearing our parents conversations and then later, as we grow older, most of us have heard repeatedly – “The best way stay out of an argument – never talk politics or religion.”

            Well that may be – but – it doesn’t solve the two biggest issues facing our nation – (any nation for that matter)

            “What political party are you affiliated with” is a question we have all answered at on time or another in our lives and to ask anyone about what “god” they follow, one could receive over 6000 different answers and that’s just in this nation alone.

            Now you opened your reply with ‘you do not feel the need to prove God to anyone’. I agree with that, but then God directly admonishes each of us to prove him at his word. Again, that is my argument not to you solely, for you seem to be very intelligent and capable, but to anyone willing to actually take God up on his challenge. To me, that doesn’t mean being spoon fed from one of the over 6000 religious organizations in this nation and simply believing what we are told to believe, it means exactly what is said – all of us – must put away any preconceived ideas and study to see if these things are so.

            What things….well I’ll not go down that road except in saying this, for I truly love my country too, but I have good reason to speak the way I do, because I have proven what I say and many of the things we have discussed these past few days are absolutely discussed by God in several prophetic writings.

            The other day we brushed on the subject, that in America, it might take a second civil war to ‘right our sinking ship’ and I would agree. It seems that political bickering has gotten us nowhere and when it comes time to debate anything with the Liberal Left, arguing with idiots eventual leads to push, then shove, then all out civil discord and violence. That my friend doesn’t sound anything like “One nation under God and indivisible” – Our nation today in many ways, is more divided then we ever were back in Lincolns time.

            Because I proven the bible (using the SURE WORD OF PROPHECY) I will relate to you something I have discovered. You, I am well aware by now, probably will not agree, but because I love this fantastic beautiful nation of ours and all she has stood for in our nations past and if our current course of direction is corrected, all that she might achieve in our future, I’ll risk taking the time to relay a thought or two that our political Einsteins are completely unaware. – in the hope that what I relay, might help change the course of our nations direction – or maybe even an individual here or there.

            I’m not holding my breath mind you, for this information is not very popular for the greater majority to hear – in fact, most despise it, “wide is the road to destruction” the old saying goes.

            Anyway, I have a certain feeling about you mate and even if you think I’m nuts now, which is probable, at least when certain future events take place, you will believe then…so here goes.

            As I said, we talked the other day about a second civil war breaking out here in the States. Well, we aren’t the only ones talking about that and what I mean by that is, God has much to say about the subject too, he even put his own words down in writing for us to read so we can ‘prove him at his word’.

            I won’t talk using Biblical sounding speech, no thou’s, no thees – just straight up talk about a very important subject.

            Most do not understand, therefore, they don’t believe that there’s anything written about the United States of America in the bible. To the contrary and to their shame, there are volumes written and the bible has much to say about our nation. One of the things it talks about is the next civil war between our people and that war is not that far off. Myself, I feel that either way or better stated, whoever wins the next presidential election, will cause the other side to rise up and rebel. The bible does not give the reason exactly of what sparks the onset, but it details the deep division that we are now experiencing today.

            You mentioned that a second civil war might be plausible even winnable – but that is not what bible prophecy suggests – just the opposite in fact. It is said that this coming civil war will start as riots in the streets – all of our cities will lay burning with a full one third of our fellow citizens lying dead in the streets. It will take as little as three and a half months to accomplish total defeat for primarily black America “over” white America. Yes you read that right. A full one third of our peoples (both black and white) will be slaughtered at one another’s hand. Do you realize the numbers were talking about here, that’s well over One Hundred Million People Dead.

            Now you can understand more of why I talk the way I do. In my opinion, I would like nothing more then to see hostile parties come to a better solution then what was previously laid out.

            It gets worse. Because of lousy leadership here in the States having a dismal record especially in foreign policy over the past several decades – America has more enemies, then friends and while the coming civil war rages on here in the States, nations not having our best interest in mind, will blindside us with a nuclear attack – by the way, using our own nukes – hows that for pathetic military planing and government oversight, but that’s what the bible clearly states. In this nuclear attack, a second full third of our people vanish from existence.

            Not over yet….yes it gets even worse. Starvation ensues and our people resort to cannibalism for their very life support. Then after the nuclear snow ceases to fall, a foreign enemy forces the last remaining one third of our people into national captivity as slaves. That means over one hundred million of our brothers and sisters will be forced into slave labor, where women and children are raped and all are tortured and starved. In that future slave state (wherever our countrymen end up) a full 90% of them will die in captivity. Things will be so brutal that men will seek suicide, but will be to weak to pull it off.

            This my friend is World War Three and America goes down first – shes not even a player, other then what our current foreign policy is doing to us. Our (Obama mostly) policy has been to destroy all friendly relationships and help place into power men who hate this great nation.

            The good news is – after all the carnage is over, and there are so very few of our fellow brothers left alive. Christ himself will return to stop the foolish bloodthirsty idiots from destroying all that is left.

            At Christs return, a new government will be set up – it will take president over men and then quickly force men to know peace.

            See there, I told you ya probably would think I’m nuts – but if I’m right, then mine was one voice that should have been taken seriously and that is, each of us – must – prove God at his word and find out for ourselves, if these things be so. Its a matter of life and death.


          • greywolfrs

            Well, you were right, I disagree with the over-all outcome, in your opinion. Not saying it’s wrong and I can see how you could come to that conclusion. Here’s how I see it going down:
            I believe it will be the left wing idiots that kick the whole thing off. Whether through something like OWS or the New Black Panthers, they are the ones who preach “tolerance,” as they are the least “tolerant.” Anyway, that will turn into full blown civil war. I do not believe our military will get involved. (if they do, it would be to get rid of our politicians and start the process over) As I stated before, I have two nephews currently serving and two that just got out, none of them would fire on US citizens, I know that for a fact. We may lose a great portion of the population in all of this. Some other country (or a few of them, including the UN) may try to get involved. The only thing I would say to them is bring a lot of rubber bags, you are going to need them.

            In the end, I do believe the conservative side will “win,” if that’s what it could be called. It’s hard to say that when so many fellow citizens will die, but it is what it is. Where we go from there is anyone’s guess. One would hope that would lead back to our original founding documents and the restoration of freedom, but until we are there…

            In conclusion, I hope these events we are discussing never need to come to fruition, but the divide in this country only seems to be getting bigger. Obamao is a big reason for that. When the time comes, I am more than willing to fight and know plenty of good conservatives that will fight right along side me…

            The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
            -Thomas Jefferson

          • Anonymous

            Thomas Jefferson understood the reality of men ruling over men.

            My wife and me took a well deserved day off yesterday and here I am this Wednesday morning ‘sipin a cup of joe’ and checking emails – yours of course, is always refreshing, not because we see eye to eye on every issue facing our current generation and more importantly, our nations future, but because of your open mindedness, honesty and willingness to debate without resorting to trashing someone whose opinion is vastly different from your own – as I so very well, realize mine is.

            When we get down to the nuts and bolts though, of our discussions these past few days, I think the common thread or denominator is, we both understand that our great nation is in deep serious trouble and if something drastic isn’t done and very soon, then our nation is at risk of holding on to its current spot in the Geo-political arena. Other, more aggressive nations are chomping on the bit with eager-readiness, even laughing at us, to see us self destruct. If the 545 elected officials who rule over the vast three hundred million of us, cannot somehow breach their political division – no matter how it comes about – we are through as a major player in world events, if then, that turns out to be true – only God can help us, for the whole world it seems, is slipping away from sanity and many nations are furiously jockeying for more power and prestige. We know from recorded history (twice in the 20th century) this never bodes well for the stability of peace loving nations. Like it or not, America has been the major factor in keeping the peace of the world now for the last one-hundred years. Who then, will fill that empty void when we throw the responsibility away?

          • greywolfrs

            I must say, I have no problem debating someone with different points of view, but if a person says stupid shit or flat out lies, I WILL call them on it. (and no pleasantly, I might add) I find that detracts from real debate.

            You are correct, our country is in deep. I do believe we have the ability to pull ourselves out of it, I just think we are electing the wrong people to do it. Unfortunately, we keep electing people who say they are going to do something, but do nothing once they get to Washington. Maybe it is because of the divisions, maybe it is because they only went there to get rich or maybe it’s because Congress has given away too much of its power, but in the end we really need to send other people there. We need to stop electing the same people who continue to screw us. Another unfortunate circumstance is the fact that these same people have made our politics toxic to most people. People just can not stand to be involved because they feel like they are swimming in the sewer. That’s just the way the politicians want it.

            There may a lot of countries trying to increase their world influence, but I would have to disagree about one portion of your comment. I do not think we will self-destruct. We may need to water the tree of liberty, but I doubt total implosion is going to happen. I am not sure we should have ever been the major player in world events. That leaves us wide open to all the things that are happening today. In fact, I believe we should pull back to our own shores. (for the most part) It seems that every time some other country has an issue, they turn to us to pull their bacon out of the fire. Once that is done, they talk shit on us. As for who will fill that void, in all honesty, I do not think I care. If we just protect ourselves and our true allies we will be fine. Let the rest of them figure it out for themselves. See, we do have a major advantage over all but one country. We have the food, only Japan can say the same. All the other countries do NOT. All those oil rich countries can rot, they can not eat oil.

          • Anonymous

            I agree with you that we have the ability to pull ourselves out of our current downward trek, will we though, is the question. It seems that everyone who we place into office (at all levels of government) are the rookie in the “firm” and are never taken serious by their fellow cohorts no matter what party affiliation. Then after a few years of playing by the rules, these (now veteran) politicians have molded themselves into the image of their predecessors. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but the majority make it difficult for real change.

            I was born in 58′ – so the dust had settled from the second world war and the world we now know today has been in place ever since. America more or less, fell into her current role as leader of the free world and with that, comes a huge responsibility, like it or not, we are who we are and much of our history came by circumstances far beyond our control. I relate it to a family where the first born son for some reason, most always, falls into a roll which much of time and in most circumstances, is well beyond his control. It is he who’s siblings look up to for guidance, even protection and like it or not, one way or the other, he has to pull all the right strings and be what everyone expects him to be. His parents expect him to be the great example and with that responsibility, he in many ways becomes an extension of who they are. Society in general even thrusts him into his lifelong roll. It is a birth-right that many a firstborn son takes over the inheritance of his father.

            So here we are. We (America) have inherited great wealth, greater wealth then has ever been bestowed on any nation in the whole history of man.

            It is our duty to remain strong in the affairs of the nations of the world, but in order to do that, to achieve success and believability, we must be the fine example our forefathers were before us. Today though, ethics and trust have flew the coop

            So in order to once again become that ‘shinning city on a hill’ we must mean what we say and keep our mouths shut, if we can’t say what we mean. Otherwise, mistrust and division flourish instead of the desired effect of having peace and security.

            America cannot simply turn its collective back on our Allies around the world, as is the current Obama scheme. On the other-hand, we must learn the importance of getting involved or not getting involved in the squabbles between smaller nations. Many times, its simply not worth the extended effort and having the attention of the great superpower America lending and its voice, only tends to escalate matters to a much higher level, then simply keeping our noses to ourselves. Again, that is what strong leadership gives a nation, having the insight to understand what is important and what is not – be it here on the home-front or abroad.

            First things first, we must find a pliable, workable solution, if we are to remain the republic we so love. We cannot dare loose sight of aggressive nations who wish harm or relish the idea, to see us knocked off the leader platform, because at this point in our relatively short history, there will be nations who arise, that will make certain we never again re-gain our former stature back.

            From what I’m witnessing and I’m 54 years on now, this nation has never been so self destructing, as is, the present course we’re on.

            So again its not a question of who’s political party best fits our personal persona – but – are they men of principle having a proven background in leadership. Today, women and children lead us to ruin in a twisted desire to please everyone, having a doctrine of political correctness that spells out our doom – is it possible when trying to please everyone, that no one is satisfied – when looking around – I’d say it is..

          • greywolfrs

            Well, I guess that means we need to keep turning over the ones who turn into the same thing we are trying to get rid of. The problem is getting the people to be informed and stop just pulling the lever for the familiar name.
            I do not think that we should pull back completely, but to say we should be doing all the things we have been doing is going to get us into a lot of things that are really none of our business. We can no longer try to police the world, nor should we have ever tried. We can no longer prop up dictators, that has not worked at all. We can no longer force other soverieng nations to do what we believe is right, that hasn’t worked at all. What we can do is be friends with people who share our ideals, goals and principles. I realize that is a difficult thing since it seems that those are not real clear cut.

            I agree that it is impossible to please everyone, but one thing that never goes out of style is freedom. I agree that our present course is not good, but I really do not see much difference in Democraps and Republicans. I can not vote for the “lesser of two evils.” I can not be a mindless drone, that does what I am told. I can not in good conscience vote for anyone who I do not believe is going to do right by ALL Americans. I agree political correctness has made it so that an honest conversation is impossible to have, but I think that is the way most politicians want it. They want us divided, because it suits them. It’s how they win elections. If Americans came together and said enough is enough, they would be in big trouble.

          • Anonymous

            Our politicians would be in big trouble if we all came together, something tells me though, ‘that ain’t eva gunna happen’. When leading TV news anchors are getting thrills up their legs and have enough gall to openly admit this while broadcasting ‘live’ on air, not once – but repeatedly, something is strangely wrong, even last night while watching Hannity, Sean made available live coverage of the president while he was campaigning in Vegas – he spoke very briefly about the real news of the day (Americans being attacked and slaughtered in Egypt and Libya) but exposed himself as being very comfortable when his teenage “rock fans” in the front row, made it perfectly clear – their almost godly worship of this ‘nut’ as they shouted out in their uncontrolled, slobbering desire over ‘his excellencies brilliance’ screaming out in tandem “We love you” for their beloved American idle, and as usual, adorning the ever present smirk on his cowardly mug, Obama replies “I love you too” – the mixed crowd having old, young, white, black, Asian etc. just ate this crap up. Liberals it seems, can’t get enough of this ass-hole.

            Dennis Miller the other night, while guesting on Leno, got it right as he stood up for himself, telling it like it is, after Jay openly blamed the Republicans for waging a war on women. (Love ya Dennis – no thrills, but you’re one cool dude)

            These are the cold hard facts of who we are as a nation, this runs deep down to the crumbling-core of our national conscience. Until our mindset is altered and in a major way, things unfortunately, will continue to get worse – not better.

            I might add, if there was ever a war orchestrated by one gender over the other – it would have to be a war on American men, brought about by the Liberated American Woman who’s out to prove shes as good as any man and its all to clear shes more pissed off and fighting mad, because she doesn’t have her own penis – so she enters the realm of the political cut-throats to remedy the situation.

          • greywolfrs

            I agree, we as a people will never “come together.” I know that may be only wishful thinking. I know the left has no intention of doing that. (not the media or politicians, but the actual regular people don’t either) What “we” (Libertarians, Independents and Republicans) need to do is come together, but I know that will not happen either. Unfortunately, people like myself, (I am a Libertarian) are tired of Democraps and Republicans with all the B S they talk about us, so I know that will never happen either. Independents seem unable to choose a side, so that will never happen either. Like I said, it was a good thought, but is probably just wishful thinking.

            These clowns that call themselves journalists don’t have the first clue about what a true journalist is. They are like the Climate Change “scientists” with their junk science, but cook the books to prove their point. “Journalists” are creating “news”, rather than reporting it.

            As far as Obamao goes, calling him an asshole is being kind. He is obviously the dumbest president we have ever had. The presidency is so far over his head, he makes Jimmy Carter look like a genius. The problem is the dumbed-down younger generations, you can thank the liberal “education” system.

            I love Dennis Miller also, he kicks ass. I haven’t seen the bit from Leno the other night, but I guess I will need to hit up youtube and check it out.

            There is no “war on women,” that is the left wing shill talking point to deflect attention away from how bad they have made things. They complained about GWB and Republicans, then turned around and made things worse.

          • Anonymous

            At best the future is grim for our nation. I feel the same frustration as you do and I just don’t understand how people living in the same nation cannot somehow learn to solve their petty problems and live at peace with each other.

            Aware of all the diversity a free nation such as we can digest. I think we have come to the place of overflowing.

            Of course, many groups living among us and having their own agenda – this gut wrenching feeling that many Americans are experiencing today, is exactly what they set out to achieve. Even though they are among us, they are not of us. Division is always easier to achieve than is, real lasting unity ever was and it takes strong leadership to obtain a happy quality of life, before we will ever see the realization of this dream produce its fruit.

            That is where proving God makes the big difference. Most who profess the name on high, have really never proven anything about the subject for themselves. They grow up believing what their parents taught them, or what seemed comfortable to them personally as they grew older, but the facts are, if the majority of those who profess any religion on the planet actually knew what they were talking about, there wouldn’t be the dismal mess we see now and the BS we experience all around us daily, would be replaced by a sense of security and self achievement. Brought about by a true hope, inspired for a future that promises to be one of peace and plenty. Those days are not here yet, but the way men are acting lately, there not far off.

            We have arrived at a place in our history I never thought I’d see, but I agree with you and long for the sound leadership of Jimmy Carter…boy are we in trouble….Z

          • greywolfrs

            I can’t argue that we are lacking any leadership. It seems as though people will follow any fool that promises them something, but they never deliver.

            It is a sad state of affairs, but in the end, that which does not kill us, will make stronger.

            Jimmy Carter, that is too funny.

          • greywolfrs

            I believe the part you are missing in all of this is the fact that “god’ has not existed in our government, to the extent you are talking about. God exists in the people’s hearts, not as a rule of law. And, by our Constitution, that is the way it should remain. Everyone free to “explore” god in their own way. (or not to explore) To say that we need laws to mandate god is completely false. That goes against everything this country was founded on and built on.
            In the end, my point is simple, different people have different ideas of god. (rightfully so) To think that your idea would be universal with all people in country is completely false, so those “laws” would never work. That does not even take into account the First Amendment.

            Broken down, Muslims would have a different idea than Christians, Christians would have a different idea than Buddists and on it goes. There is nothing wrong with our Constitution and Bill of Rights, they give everyone the freedom to believe as they please. The problem is we have gone so far away from the true meaning of those documents that we are no longer that country anymore. Sorry, but I believe freedom is the most important thing. I would also tell you that “god” thinks that also. Here’s the proof. If “god” did think freedom was most important, then he wouldn’t have made us free thinking entities. By your standards, he would never have given us original sin. That right there is proof that “god” wanted us to make our choices right, wrong or indifferent.

            The over-whelming majority of people on the planet, including in this country, do believe in a higher power. Last time I checked, 92% of the planet does. (that was a while ago, but I can not imagine it has changed all that much)

            In the end, you can not say that your idea of a theocracy, based on YOUR beliefs, is a good idea. That is called taking away freedom. Maybe we do need more people in this country to be “believers,” but to say instituting a theocracy to make it happen is the way to go would be false. You can not force people to do what you want or believe the way you think they should, that is NOT freedom.

            By the way, you assumed I was liberal and I called you on it. re-read your last post. You think that I am arguing this point because I am a godless liberal, you could not be more wrong. In fact, I have a very intimate relationship with god. I just do not believe that it is for me to tell others how or what to believe. Conversely, I do not believe that my relationship with god is anyone else’s business.

  • Anonymous

    The real war on women is the Democratic Party, two reasons; Planned parenthood is supported by the Democrats, they approve of abortions that have killed millions of babies, and they are friendly to the radical muslims that believe in Sharia Law, this Law gives Muslim men the right to kill everyone in there family ( INCLUDING THERE WIFE)

  • new2la

    @disqus..change the format back to the way it was. Next time, please ask me first.

    • landofaahs

      I agree.

    • Anonymous

      new21a, Yep, agreed. Might get used to it, but you know the saying about the old dog and new tricks. Woof!

      • Sandie

        Arf-Arf ….. LOL

    • greywolfrs

      I don’t know that I mind this format, I do not like the fact that I can not click and see who “likes” or “dislikes” the comments.

  • Anonymous

    The Nazis took away religion very slowly, until it was too late.

  • Omegaomni

    israeli put a man in prison because he lied about his race to a Israeli woman. Model of democracy right?

    • greywolfrs

      What are you crying about now? And it would be Israel, in the context of that B S statement. Dunce.

  • landofaahs

    Trying to convince democrats of the truth is like putting someone in a round room and telling them to stand in the corner. What’s good is bad, what’s up is down, what’s right is wrong and what’s true is false in the mind of a liberal. Their ignorance is invincible.

    • greywolfrs

      Actually, this is a little more accurate. I have posted this several times, but I think it’s important for people to understand.
      Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others originate those feelings.[1]
      Projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them.
      An example of this behavior might be blaming another for self failure. The mind may avoid the discomfort of consciously admitting personal faults by keeping those feelings unconscious, and by redirecting libidinal satisfaction by attaching, or “projecting,” those same faults onto another person or object.
      The theory was developed by Sigmund Freud – in his letters to Wilhelm Fliess, ‘”Draft H” deals with projection as a mechanism of defence'[2] – and further refined by his daughter Anna Freud; for this reason, it is sometimes referred to as Freudian Projection.
      Now, tell me this does not describe these left wing morons….

      • landofaahs

        Or the beam in one’s own eye. Or,”If we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us, But if we confess our sins, God who is faithful and just will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness”. Answer to your question is yes it does describe them.

  • Anonymous

    But, Glenn, don’t you see the difference? It’s OK to beat a woman in order to
    discipline her, just don’t deny her birth controls.

  • Anonymous

    @Sandie Sorry, I need to comment to your reply here. The original thread does NOT show any comments at all! Very strange. “Link to comment”–I get ”Sorry, can’t locate
    the page.” Phooey! As you can see, I found out how to continue to another line. Just keep typing and it moves down. Agreed! Something should be done to take care of those who post on here, especially if they are ”hawking their wares.”

  • Anonymous

    It’s a war on people and a war that people desire.

    Tens of millions of women “protected” since 1965, tens of millions killed since 1974 in the USA alone. The results have been catastrophic: less women in the workplace, fewer women voters, fewer women voices, an artificially aging population and workforce, and fewer wage earners and taxpayers.

    All in the names of “women’s health”, “rights”, “privacy” and “choice”.

    The champions of abortion and contraception know that it’s a battle they cannot win so now seeds have been planted in society to foster killing off the aged: “euthanasia”, “die with dignity”, “die on your own terms”, “self determination”, etc.

    The Democratic platform should read: “Feed the poor and middle class by killing off those deemed unworthy to be fed.”

  • Anonymous

    It’s a war on people and a war that people desire.

    Tens of millions of women “protected” since 1965, tens of millions killed since 1974 in the USA alone. The results have been catastrophic: less women in the workplace, fewer women voters, fewer women voices, an artificially aging population and workforce, and fewer wage earners and taxpayers.

    All in the names of “women’s health”, “rights”, “privacy” and “choice”.

    The champions of abortion and contraception know that it’s a battle they cannot win so now seeds have been planted in society to foster killing off the aged: “euthanasia”, “die with dignity”, “die on your own terms”, “self determination”, etc.

    The Democratic platform should read: “Feed the poor and middle class by killing off those deemed unworthy to be fed.”

  • greywolfrs

    War on women? Another fictitious round of B S to deflect away from the fact that Democraps have made things worse. They certainly can not run on their record. ALL logical thinking Americans can see that. Only left wing idiots can not see it.

  • Rick LapLante

    The same Muslim religion that the lib-progs are clasping to their
    chest as their new bestest friend, while they are spewing vile words
    towards the Rublicrats who merely would like the government to stop
    paying for abortions, contraception, oh and also the sterilization of
    girls as young as 12 without their parents knowledge, let alone
    consent. All part of the literal wording of Obamacare. And saying that
    the government should no longer use tax dollars, taken by force from
    Americans to force them to fund all this is apparently warring on women.

    Sure, they would never actually do all that, like the sterilization
    part, for instance. Curious that the language of Obamacare explicitly
    spells out that they can do exactly all that if they want to. So they
    could now legally, if they wanted to. But they promicse never to want
    to. But they could.

    In the meantime, if you want to have an abortion, use contraceptives
    for pre- or post-marital sex, or get your kid sterilized, I have an

    YOU pay for it. Make your own war on women. Leave me and the tax dollars I paid out of it.

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