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Many didn’t find it surprising that Democrats decided to take out references to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to God. The really shocking part came later when the leaders tried to put it back in, encountering boos from their delegates before ramming the references back into the platform. If you didn’t think the Democrats were scared before – you won’t believe what they did yesterday!

The Blaze reported:

DNC Chairman and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa conducted a voice vote of the delegates on the proposed platform changes, asking for yeses and nos three times because of how similar the responses sounded. A two-thirds vote was required to adopt the change. Despite clear opposition, Villaraigosa declared the amendment had passed, prompting loud booing.

The changes reinstated language from the 2008 platform that said “we need a government that stands up for the hopes, values and interests of working people and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential” and of Jerusalem, “it is and will remain the capital of Israel.”

“First of all, the Democrats are not booing God.  They are not booing God here.  They are booing the system that is obviously corrupt.  This is the Barack Obama system.  It really is.  We’re going to put it out to a vote and let the people say what they want to say and we’re going to go around and we’re going to listen to your opinion.  Then they’ll pole vault, they will go under the fence, they will jump over the fence, climb through the window, they will do whatever they have to do.  They are going to do what they want to do,” Glenn said.

“This is one of the greatest signs ever.  I love this.  This is going to make you feel really good.  They are terrified of you.  They are absolutely terrified.  Do you remember, how many times did we say, ‘Hey, don’t, don’t feel like you’re alone.  You’re not alone.  WE Surround Them.’  And we had to convince each other that there are more of us than them.  They never believed that.  They just keep going and doing exactly what ‑‑ and they just jam it down everybody’s throat.  They’re no longer jamming it down your throat.  They’re jamming it down their own people’s throat now.  The good Democrats, they’re just jamming it down their throats.  And they are afraid,” Glenn said.

“They expected their people to just go along.  They didn’t.  Half of them, the good common sense Democrats, half of them said, yes, put that back in.  The other half, the militant half, said absolutely not,” Glenn explained.

“They are petrified.  You got ’em.  They’re finally getting it.  (They are saying) ‘Holy cow, man, we’re in trouble.’  They’re finally getting it.  Now, whether they are or not remains to be seen because it’s one thing to say it.  It’s another thing to go out and vote.  Is there passion on our side?  I think there is.  And I think there’s growing passion on Mitt Romney.  But I’m telling you, you are so close to historic victory, historic victory.  We just have to finish it,” Glenn said.