Allen West to Glenn Beck: Obama’s speech was ‘weak and whiny’

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What did Allen West think of President Obama’s speech last night at the DNC? Let’s just say he was less than impressed! Watch the interview in the clip above from radio!

Transcript of interview is below:

GLENN: We’re actually having this ‑‑ Allen, are you there?

WEST: I’m here.

GLENN: Okay.

PAT: There he is.

GLENN: You’re not going to kill me for saying that, are you?

WEST: No. I’m such a peaceful person.

GLENN: I know you are.

WEST: You know really I’m a passivist.

GLENN: No, I know.

WEST: And I’m running for the Nobel Peace Prize.

STU: (Laughing.)

GLENN: I know you are.

WEST: What I should potentially do, for what I could potentially do.

GLENN: You are such a wallflower lately. I don’t really know if you’ve said what you really mean.

WEST: I think that’s why the liberals don’t like me.

GLENN: What did you think of the speech last night? What did you think of the whole mess?

WEST: Well, I have to tell you that I think it was a very weak and whiney attempt for, you know, President Obama to get another four years when everything about him from the economic security, energy security, and national security aspect, his policies have been a failure. When you think about what he said early on, that if he could not turn this economy around in four years, then he’s a one‑term proposition, the fact that he gave us an almost trillion dollar‑plus stimulus and said that it will keep our unemployment, you know, below 8% and promise right now that it will be about 5.6%, it’s just more falsifications and more deceit and just trying to get us to continue to trust him when I don’t think he has any type of ability whatsoever. We elected a community organizer and this is what we get.

GLENN: You know, I was struck last night that he used the word “divine providence.” He talked about ‑‑

WEST: Oh, he was quoting Thomas Jefferson left and right.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh. He actually, for the first time in his presidency, I think he actually got it right when he said all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator.

WEST: Yeah, but, you know, Glenn, come on. This is the day after the little fiasco on the delegate floor when we found out that they had taken out, you know, reference to God in their platform and also recognizing Jerusalem is the rightful capital of the modern day state of Israel and, of course, we all saw what happened when they tried to have the floor delegate debate based upon the amendment by Governor Ted Strickland. So for him to all of a sudden, you know, find the godly heritage of our constitutional republic was ‑‑ I think it was more of a show than anything else.

GLENN: Let me ‑‑ let me play just a clip of Cardinal Dolan from last night. I mean, I think this guy has, has a made right out of steel. Listen to this prayer.

CARDINAL DOLAN: Grant us the courage to defend it, life without which no other rights are secure. We ask your benediction on those waiting to be born that they may be welcomed and protected.

GLENN: I mean, you’ve got NARAL on the docket to speak and then he gets up and he says this.

WEST: Well, yeah. And I’m sure Sandra Fluke was not very happy with that, either: But you have to understand that one of the reasons why you just have to love Cardinal Dolan is that he stands by his principles and hopefully we can get more people in the Catholic church to, see that, you know, this was really not about contraception. This was about an intrusive nature of government going against the free exercise of religion thereof and having a government that would then be able to redefine or define what a religious organization or institution is.

GLENN: You know, people will ‑‑ people like Barack Obama and they haven’t married in to Mitt Romney because, “You know, I don’t really know what he’s going to do or I don’t really know if I trust him.” Can you, can you put this in context of what this election is really all about?

WEST: Well, I think this election is about style versus substance. I think that this election is about a cult of personality versus someone that has a proven character and proven leadership. When I was at the RNC, I found it just incredible that people were asking me, you know, how do we know who Mitt Romney is and how does Mitt Romney, you know, tell us who he is. Well, four years ago he’s the same guy that was running for president. He’s been the governor of a state. He recovered our Salt Lake City Olympics which was, you know, right after 9/11, and he’s been very successful in the private sector, in the business field. But yet you think about in 2008, we were pretty much forced to accept and vote for someone that we couldn’t even say his middle name. And so now we’re starting to discover, you know, who really you Barack Hussein Obama is and we’re starting to see now his record and his policies which I think reflect the inner sanctum of the man, and these things that he believes in is inconsistent with the, you know, constitutional conservative values of this great republic. And I can say he can continue to channel, you know, Reagan or Lincoln or Thomas Jefferson or whoever, but he’s just regurgitating quotes. I don’t think that that’s something he is truly inculcated.

And you brought it up earlier when I was listening to the show is that, you know, your formative years in life is from 0 to 10 years of age and, you know, what really is the background. I think it’s a different type of background that, you know, opposed to someone like myself that was going to Atlanta Braves baseball game to look at a Joe Torre, Hank Aaron, and Rico Carty and, you know, I was there when the Atlanta Hawks first started their basketball team. So, you know, Fourth of July, having a father who served in World War II, a brother in Vietnam, it’s about your experiences. And I think that’s what we’re starting to see, someone that really does not understand the American experience, but he can give a great speech.

GLENN: There’s a story that’s breaking this morning. The White House is circulating a draft of a new executive order on cyber security. This is what was kicked out by the Republicans before.

WEST: Yeah.

GLENN: It looks like he’s just going to start regulating the Internet.

WEST: Yeah.

GLENN: Through executive order.

WEST: And this is what I’m talking about. When you understand what our Founding Fathers created in our government, they created a system of checks and balances and separation of power and what you’re starting to see is a president that if he cannot get what he wants through the legislative process, he just does it by executive order Fiat. I mean, we are really not being governed. We’re being ruled by edict. And it’s interesting that this is being floated, like many other things, you know, kind of happen when we’re not in session. We get back in session next Monday, but we had a very good cyber security bill that had bipartisan support. Mike Rogers from Michigan is sharp on this stuff, but it’s voluntary, and we cannot start to have a government which is going to start dictating what has to happen in the Internet. And I think I just forgot the legislation that was killed that was trying to come out of the Senate that had to deal with regulating the Internet and, of course, Google and other people started to shut themselves down because of it. We can’t go that path.

GLENN: The gas prices are $2 more than they were under George W. Bush.

WEST: Yeah. Remember how they were screaming? It was like $1.84 I think when the president was inaugurated and people were screaming about George W. Bush. And you’re right. This is the all‑time high at this time of the year, around Labor Day, $3.79 to $3.83 depending on where you are for the average price of gasoline. And to hear the president last night talk about all the great things he’s going to do for coal, well, I can tell you we have a coal generation plant here in Indiantown in Martin County and they are scared like you know what because they see what’s happened in Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, which is their supplier. I think you’ve seen about a 40 to a 44% decrease in the coal industry in some of these areas up there. Ohio is also included in that. And that’s all EPA regulation. And that’s going to affect the middle class as far as electricity prices.

And, you know, the president last night, you keep hearing liberals talk about the middle class and all this, but think about the commodity prices in the grocery store, think about the gasoline prices, think about the fact that in these three and a half years you’ve seen a 2.6 to 4% decrease in the median family income which is for the middle class, 38,000 to about 110,000. But even worse, in the black community it’s 11%, Glenn. So these are the truths, these are the facts that have to get out there which the president’s not going to talk about. Definitely he’s not going to talk about $16 trillion debt which hit at the start of this convention.

GLENN: Allen, thank you very much. Thanks for speaking the truth and we’ll talk again.

WEST: Take care, Glenn.

GLENN: You bet. Bye‑bye. Allen West.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Obama’s speech was weak, whiney, and a nearly complete copy of the speech given by Carter back in 1980. So in additoin to treason, Obama will face charges of plagarism.

    • Anonymous

      But…… Ya do know Obama is going to win right? I mean Obama could lose Iowa, Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida and still win the election. Or He could win Iowa but Lose Wisconsin, Indiana, Virgina, North Carolina, and Florida and still win. Obama could even lose Ohio as long as he holds on to Colorado, Iowa and Wisconsin.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Obama can only win by massive fraud; or the SCOTUS giving him the election in the end. Otherwise, he is going to fall. I will not put any trick past him and the Democrats to influence the votes and the certification of the votes in the end.

        • Anonymous

          Look around you at the average American, he doesn’t need fraud to win. Honey BooBoo or whatever the hell its called beat all the big convention speeches

          • Alice Bartell

            What a coincidence – just like the last 4 years of his administration!

          • Anonymous

            Oh, my. You were doing so well, Alice, and now, I find you are once more ”stealing” the comments of another post and using it as your own. And still, you continue spamming.

  • landofaahs

    A whiny democrat? That’s all the hell they do is whine.

    • Anonymous

      not a democrat there are no more democrat…they are DemocratSocialsts! and barry is a spoiled child and always has been!

  • Brandon Dodge

    Not to mention Obama refuses to take responsibility for his Presidency!

    • Anonymous

      He’s even so afraid of his own history that he’s sealed it all up so that he doesn’t have to take responsibility for it either. (…Hmmmmmmm, i just realized that it’s likely he’d blame any fascination he had with this commie prof’s and handlers on GW Bush!)

    • Anonymous

      Hey! It’s not his fault! Look what GW left him! Never mind that in early summer of ’09 Barry said the recession was over. It was much too soon for any of his actions which may have been taken that would have effected that change. Don’t ask who I’m quoting. It was some ”talking head” (probably on a panel) and, most likely, on Brett Baier’s show on Fox.

  • LockNLoad

    Allen West to Glenn Beck: Obama’s speech was ‘weak and whiny’……….

    What a coincidence – just like the last 4 years of his administration!

  • Anonymous

    The Alien Plant Obama is told what to say by radicals. He’s really a lying idiot who lives in a fictitious world. Everything that comes out of his mouth is weak with lies or half-truths. The one and only difference between him and Hitler is, Hitler was a leader he’s not. On another topic, Allen West should be appointed Secretary of Defense when Romney wins.

    • Sandie

      What do you think of Michael Bolton for Secretary of State?

      • Route 66 West

        Excellent Idea !

        • Sandie

          He seems to know sooo much more than Hillary and has a much clearer mind about what is really going on in these countries that we have to deal with. She wants to think they are all even handed and above boards – like she is in La-La Land, while Bolton is in reality, knows what they are all about, knows that when a radical Muslim claims to be pro west they are lying, an can deal with things on a realistic plane, not this hopey changy Hillary BS

      • Anonymous

        That would be a wise choice. Bolton is a very capable man who has realistic views. I think you have the singer mixed up with John Bolton who was an ambassador once. If that’s who you meant.

        • joanc

          The present Secretary of State Hilliary Clinton, is working with the UN to allow them control of our gun rights. I don’t think we would ever have that problem with John Bolton. He would be a great and trustworthy choice. Hillary, is on the same Global World Rule wave length as Obama and friends. I sincerely hope that Obama does not win in November, and pray America elects the Romney Ryan team, with their abilities to bring the Country back to its roots. They will assemble men like Major West, John Bolton and many other men and women who only want the USA to succeed.

        • Sandie

          LMAO of course I meant John Bolton, isn’t that funny how a different name can pop into ones head…

          • Anonymous

            Sandie, had my sleeves rolled up to correct you, but see that it’s been done. Yes. J.B. would be great in that role. Another straight shooter.

          • Sandie

            Not only a straight shooter, he really knows an aweful lot – more than Hills does, and has a lot more sense.

          • Anonymous

            An addition to my comment—if JB isn’t ”up for” or actually want the job as Sec. of State, I hope Romney would at least use him in a role such as Senior Advisor or the like. Somewhere in the administration.

          • Sandie


  • Anonymous

    Obama is whiny, because he is a manchild, not a mature adult.

  • new2la

    On Obama…He was choking as he spoke the words “all men created equal.”
    Cardinal Dolan…I love that man…very daring going into the den of wolves.

    • Anonymous

      new21a, you probably have read/heard about all the foul mouthed words that were directed at the Cardinal following his speech? It was the very same speech which he delived at the Rep. convention. And the the fallout from that one? I don’t think it was loaded with profanity/crude language.

  • Anonymous

    This was NOT Obama’s speech. It was a speech written by a democrat ghost-writer which Obama, in his skillful way, read on a teleprompter. That’s why it was a weak speech. All it was is what the dems have been saying over and over again hoping it will get them another term in office. That’s why it sounded so familiar to those who really follow these NDCs.

    • Route 66 West

      That’s right and they will keep on telling us not to believe what we know is true. As their desperation increases they will throw everything at the wall hoping something will stick. That includes outright lies about Obama’s record and lies about the opposition.

  • Maugaoali’i Pele

    Just want to ask a question, anyone can answer…people keep asking or saying they do not know who Mitt Romney is, they do not know what he’s going to do..they can’t vote for someone they don’t know…Now, my question is to all of you who voted for Obama 4 yrs ago…Did all of you know who Obama was before you voted for him? Did all of you know the kind of a character he is? My guess is nope! But, you all ran trying to get in front of each other, who’s going to cast the first ballot for the guy, right, have no clue who this guy is, in fact, all of you are still trying to find out who Obama really is to this very day.

  • Anonymous

    Obama’s solution involves killing off the unborn and aged which results in less “burden” to the poor and decreased tax revenue for a generation. So to make up for that lost revenue caused by “the freedom of choice” he needs to have the survivors demonize corporations and the wealthy who “aren’t paying their fair share” and take their money (which they didn’t earn) by force.

    The Lie of abortion, leads to more lies which leads to death. Death of freedom and the death of people.


    Obama makes me wanna cry! My country has been torn asunder under his watch. The young people still see him as messiah because we forgot to show them Who really is Messiah.

    Lord, have mercy upon us!

  • Leah Brooks

    Allen West is a brilliant man, we need more like him in Congress, I wish I could vote for him but I don’t live there.. I hope Mitt uses him wisely which I’m sure he will. If Allen West ran for President I would vote for him and then we would really have the first great black AMerican President

  • Anonymous

    there’s no straighter line than allen west. he’s such a great american.

  • Anonymous

    BarryHusseinObama Is Dictator-in-Chief He Doesn’t listen To congress He Does Executive Order!Soros writes the orders and he signs them! a re-election is last election into Left Utopia New World Order or as Bible says the beginning of the end!
    Ameritopia and Cowards required history books to read and watch 2016!TrueStories!
    Lies By Left Not The Right and Left The Right and Wrong and TheTruthWillSetYouFree!

  • Anonymous

    they denied me three times…will be their undoing….if we get enough people Back to God He Will Be The Only One To Save US! Speak Up and Vote Republican For The RePublic!

  • Anonymous

    I do like that Allen West guy. If Romney gets the nod, I hope he can find a place in his
    administration for A.W., a straight shooting kind of fellow. We need them.

  • Anonymous

    West needs to be careful.
    If he doesn’t tone down his idiocy he will soon find himself ignored by the real media like glenn.

    • SoThere

      Liberal Racist!

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