WEB EXCLUSIVE: Glenn Beck and David Gelernter tackle the future of education

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  • Jeremy Benisek

    My 10th grader started K12 online school in Colorado and she gets her entire weeks worth of school done by Monday or Tuesday afternoon ever week and will graduate a year early. How can going to a class room have a loss of 60-80% productivity over being at home. It’s insane what’s happened to our schools. Now the incentive is to get done and do it well so she an do what she want vs getting one and just sitting in a over crowded school.

  • http://BhagaVideo.com Harold Brown

    What a fantastic show tonight. I hate the network shows that have guests like David on for 9 minutes. I also like that we got a few extra minutes with David. He needs to be on the show again sometime.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kristine.youngfarley Kristine Young Farley

    This was one of the best shows. We have homeschooled for 22 years, 7 children and while we have not done it traditionally, they are productive, patriotic citizens. Now ages 17 to 31, they have been mentored and have learned in many ways.

    Our educational system would be so much better off if we learned from our strengths, taught from our strengths and with interesting people who had our best at heart. I am not saying that the parents do it all, but that if we as parents relied on God to direct our children’s learning, He will and does provide opportunities for children to reach their potentials.

    And all of us can have life-long learning as a continual pursuit.

    PS – We now have “Grandma” school for our grandchildren where they are learning herbalism, art, cooking, botany, biology, sewing, nutrition, food preservation and natural healing. What fun to continue on with the next generation!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61309061 James St. John

    A terrible show. No debate, argument or rigour. Just a load of people who think the same brainwashed rubbish.

  • Anonymous

    It is always entertaining to hear about education from an ignorant, uneducated idiot like glenn beck!!!

  • Peter Wiggin


    How different this planet was…in History
         How different this was…Spiritually
    We invented Democracy…We inspired the World
         Instruct people on being  Patriates (Patriots)
    But we’ve been…
    …Weve been dismantled…we’ve been dismantled…Dismantled!

              Complaining about Academia, going into the Lion’s den
                 In their Ivy League Schools, chances (are) Slim…
          (it was) Our Job to Deliver…Education
               Teach Americans to be Americans…we looked on in satisfaction

        That they said, we can’t do it…leave it to the Experts
           We were so Proud of our Schools….(we became) Blinded
                   Then we were…
                …that’s what we’ve been…
                          …we’ve been Dismantled…(from within)
    You are living in a “Dream” World… where did we go wrong?
              (it’s a) Leftist Delusion…we always tried to do Right!
    The Inevitable Tragedy…the Intellectuals (took over)
           they meant no harm…they even maybe did some good?

               (but) They have a Bad Attitude…Intellectuals 
                    ….they just lack (something) …Spiritual
                             …Socialist Left Wing Wackos…
    …they Hate Christianity…Hate the Bible…they Hate America
                                    It doesnt do any Harm?
                      Anti-Traditional Family…Intellectual?

                 Intellectual …Spiritual…Intellectual…Spiritual…

        …We are Remarkable…Illuminated…We eliminated…Eradicated
                        (Race based contrast…It’s Black and White) 
              …but We’ve been Dismantled…Right before our Eyes! 

               …THEY rotted our Children’s Minds…turned them to mush
                    …they created Idiots…don’t even know what Freedom was
                …(then They’ll) Herd us like animals…Sustainable (sus-tain-able)
                        (and of course) We’ll let them…because..

                                   …We’ve been Dismantled… 


     …We’ve been Dismantled

    (September 7, 2012)

  • Anonymous

    Why is Glenn Beck not actively campaigning for religious freedom…I think a big rally in support of the founding principles is long overdue.

  • windtalker700

    Sometimes I think a lot of people do not realize how serious this is. I have friends and family who are for lack of a better term socialist ! In the field of Psychology, sociology, and civics it is very hard to find a conservative. Thank G-d these people don’t believe in owning firearms. However, they all share the same agenda. Ban firearms, Religion is poison, encourage sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. Anything goes, no more cars, cars are bad, cars are killing “ Mother Earth” . Everybody uses mass transit, everybody has a job, no more class warfare, everybody gets to share in one another’s wealth “ yeah right” !
    These nuts actually believe this stuff. In closed circles it’s all they talk about. These folks are not stupid they know we will never go for it that’s why they inject little by little in the hopes that we want notice !
    You better keep noticing folks.

  • Bonnie Somer

    not if obamas plan comes to fruition w/ billayers friend running the program to redistribute wealth and funds for suburbs to cities to force us to move.

  • Bonnie Somer

    not if obamas plan comes to fruition w/ billayers friend running the program to redistribute wealth and funds for suburbs to cities to force us to move.

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