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President Barack Obama started slinging around phrases last night that sounded eerily reminiscent of the founders. The only problem is none of the things Obama has actually done match the soaring rhetoric. Did the speech connect with the average American?

“Last night at the Democratic National Convention, another soaring speech with really nothing new in it except things that I’ve never heard the president say before, things like, ‘We’re all endowed by our Creator,’ and ‘It’s divine providence.’ Suddenly he’s become Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. But that’s not the president he claimed to be last night. He claimed to be Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which, has he claimed to be him before? The only one he hasn’t claimed to be now I believe, Woodrow Wilson, who is who this man really, truly is,” Glenn said as he opened the show.

But it wasn’t just the sudden talk about a “Creator” that got Glenn upset, it was the same rhetoric that Obama has been spewing for four years that really irked him.

In his DNC speech, President Obama said, “If you believe in a country where everyone gets a fair shot and everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same rules, then I need you to vote this November. ”

“What he keeps talking about is he keeps talking about we’re going to hire more teachers and we’re going to hire more, you know, labor unions, we’re going to do all these great things, we’re going to fix our bridges, which I thought that’s what we spent that trillion dollars on. He keeps talking about these things. That’s not the change that people wanted. This is the rhetoric ‑ and he’s again going for the stupid people ‑ this is the rhetoric that people do want to hear. They just want to hear it from somebody that actually means it.”

“I do believe in a country that, where everybody gets a fair shot. I do. And I believe Barack Hussein Obama is a prime example of everybody getting a fair shot. That’s like ‑‑ that’s like hiring somebody named Hirohito to be our president in World War II. You got the fair shot, man. If you can make it, a guy who never went to a Fourth of July picnic or parade when he was a kid, a guy who lived in Indonesia growing up and then was raised by communists, and he changed his name from Barry to Barack Hussein Obama. If that’s ‑ if that’s what you got, man, I’d say we’ve got a country that is very tolerant and will give anyone a fair shot. Now, there’s the first one. So do you believe in that country? I do. This president doesn’t think it exists. He is living proof that it does, but I believe in that country. Can we get better on it? I don’t know. I suppose so. But Barack Hussein Obama tells me that we’re in pretty good shape on that one.”

And as for Obama’s comments about fair share? Glenn took issue with the fact that what he was asking was for the wealthy to absorb more of the tax burden to fund big government spending, rather than ask the fifty percent of Americans who pay no taxes to start contributing.

“Mr. President, I’m going to vote, and millions of Americans are going to vote.  We’re going to line up early, we’re going to stay late, we’re going to drive our neighbors to the polls, we’re going to do everything we can because, oh, do I believe in an America where everybody has to play by the same rules.  I believe in America that everybody pays their fair share.  I believe in America, an America that you, sir, are the shining example of, that anyone can make it, everybody gets a fair shot.  So Mr. President, you don’t have to ask me to go out and vote. Count on my vote being cast in November,” Glenn said.

Watch the speech below: