Glenn on Obama’s speech: now he goes all Thomas Jefferson?

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President Barack Obama started slinging around phrases last night that sounded eerily reminiscent of the founders. The only problem is none of the things Obama has actually done match the soaring rhetoric. Did the speech connect with the average American?

“Last night at the Democratic National Convention, another soaring speech with really nothing new in it except things that I’ve never heard the president say before, things like, ‘We’re all endowed by our Creator,’ and ‘It’s divine providence.’ Suddenly he’s become Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. But that’s not the president he claimed to be last night. He claimed to be Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which, has he claimed to be him before? The only one he hasn’t claimed to be now I believe, Woodrow Wilson, who is who this man really, truly is,” Glenn said as he opened the show.

But it wasn’t just the sudden talk about a “Creator” that got Glenn upset, it was the same rhetoric that Obama has been spewing for four years that really irked him.

In his DNC speech, President Obama said, “If you believe in a country where everyone gets a fair shot and everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same rules, then I need you to vote this November. ”

“What he keeps talking about is he keeps talking about we’re going to hire more teachers and we’re going to hire more, you know, labor unions, we’re going to do all these great things, we’re going to fix our bridges, which I thought that’s what we spent that trillion dollars on. He keeps talking about these things. That’s not the change that people wanted. This is the rhetoric ‑ and he’s again going for the stupid people ‑ this is the rhetoric that people do want to hear. They just want to hear it from somebody that actually means it.”

“I do believe in a country that, where everybody gets a fair shot. I do. And I believe Barack Hussein Obama is a prime example of everybody getting a fair shot. That’s like ‑‑ that’s like hiring somebody named Hirohito to be our president in World War II. You got the fair shot, man. If you can make it, a guy who never went to a Fourth of July picnic or parade when he was a kid, a guy who lived in Indonesia growing up and then was raised by communists, and he changed his name from Barry to Barack Hussein Obama. If that’s ‑ if that’s what you got, man, I’d say we’ve got a country that is very tolerant and will give anyone a fair shot. Now, there’s the first one. So do you believe in that country? I do. This president doesn’t think it exists. He is living proof that it does, but I believe in that country. Can we get better on it? I don’t know. I suppose so. But Barack Hussein Obama tells me that we’re in pretty good shape on that one.”

And as for Obama’s comments about fair share? Glenn took issue with the fact that what he was asking was for the wealthy to absorb more of the tax burden to fund big government spending, rather than ask the fifty percent of Americans who pay no taxes to start contributing.

“Mr. President, I’m going to vote, and millions of Americans are going to vote.  We’re going to line up early, we’re going to stay late, we’re going to drive our neighbors to the polls, we’re going to do everything we can because, oh, do I believe in an America where everybody has to play by the same rules.  I believe in America that everybody pays their fair share.  I believe in America, an America that you, sir, are the shining example of, that anyone can make it, everybody gets a fair shot.  So Mr. President, you don’t have to ask me to go out and vote. Count on my vote being cast in November,” Glenn said.

Watch the speech below:

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Thomas Jefferson and George Washington? Nope.
    Obama is a charlatin, liar, con artist, thief, distorter and rewriter of history. He has in this speech shown how much of a narcissist he really is, in addition to being insane to the core of his being.

    For the Democrats, he is their personification of a god-king of the Democratic Pantheon made mortal and come to save the nation and the world via communism. Now they are scared of their god-king being proven this November when he falls to the earth once and for all.

    Truth hurts Mr Obama.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    On the day of his greatest speech, Mr Obama sees among the crowd three figures who stand out from the rest, radiating power and confidence and praise above all the others; and are joined by a fourth…one who smiles wide at the success of the Democrats god-king on earth.

    He asks these four who they are…and the first three say “We are the other brethren you have among the Democratic Pantheon: Lenin, Stalin and Mao. Communists as you to the end of time…”

    Looking at the fourth, fear growing in his soul, he asks who he is, knowing the answer but needing to hear it anyhow…”You are my son in spirit Obama, I am your father, the one cast from heaven and soon to enjoy your downfall…I am Lucifer the father of lies, and I will see you soon.”

    • Alice Bartell

      Glenn took issue with the fact that what he was asking was for the wealthy to absorb more of the tax burden to fund big government spending, rather than ask the fifty percent of Americans who pay no taxes to start contributing.

      • Frances Carney

        All well and good???? but none of this would be in question if the Obama
        administration did NOT spend soooo much stimulus as they call it. My $$ as I call it…and yours too if you are working…and there is the crux of the matter…No jobs…No tax $$ to spend…so Obama just keep spending $$ one does not have…makes sense to me…Ha! Ha!

        • Poison_ Monkey

          Who said they have spent “the” Money? There is no true accounting over the returned Bank Bailout (1 Trillion) MONEY. No accounting for the Stimulus (3/4 Trillion) The parked (5/8 Trillion) Health Care MONEY is cashed but on hold…Now the Jobs Bill MONEY changed to Highways BILL MONEY (1/2 Trillion)… IT all ends up in the Infrastructure Bank ruled over by Executive Order. Clinton spoke about it…BUT nobody got it.

      • Anonymous

        Alice, darling, at least you didn’t ”steal” your comment from someone’s post, but rather, from the comment from Glenn. And still, you spam.

    • windtalker700

      Wow ! that was profound! I wish I could disagree but I can’t. You need to rite a book. Come on ! You can donate the money to charity, keep yourself anonymous, and nobody will be none the wiser ! Use your blog material and fill in the blanks. If your not saving it you need to start. G-d bless.

  • Rahm Kota

    He is just putting on a show. It shows us how stupid he thinks we the people are.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is all about POLITCAL RULE as a dictator, not constitutional Rule as a leader of this country.

    • Paolina Garcia

      Newsflash, there hasn’t been constitutional rule in 150 years ever since dishonest Abe destroyed the constitution and decided states don’t have a right to leave. The whole point of the constitution was that states would have the power to keep the federal government in check.

      Now, the federal government controls all state militias and there is no right to leave or nullify laws, basically states are impotent. Some are just now trying to gain back those rights but they’ve been gone for decades.

      • novanglus

        SCOTUS CJ Roberts would appear to agree, just another snake in the grass….crawling towards the seat of power… so much of the tripartite system of checks-and-balances

  • rbblum

    Obama’s acceptance speech resonated with those who go to church once a year . . . Too bad those folks are blind, deaf or drunk the remaining days of the year.

  • new2la

    Same speech Michele gave….almost verbatim. And the there’s the esteemed Sandra Fluke. What can I say except what a wasted soul.

    • novanglus

      megalomaniac. very disturbing that America has become so intoxicated by ‘image’ over ‘substance.’

      Rational, logical thought is a means by which we take our sensory data-all 5 and the intangible ‘sixth,’ and attempt separate truth from fiction. The perverse purificatory ritual last time around is demonstrative of how perilous reliance upon emotion rather than logic proves. Though I am less than surprised knowing full well how too often the folks don’t do their homework. (perhaps vestiges of their education experience-social promotion, everyone gets a trophy and, my personal favorite: being proselytized into “what” to think NOT “how’ to think). But instinct, too, is being cajoled into the same problematic.

      No one could possibly have reasonably understood, at a ‘gut’ level how such a nobody in terms of experience and knowledge through practice could have made such a meteoric rise without credentials to be the leader of the once ‘free world.’ Handing out pamphlets in the south side of Chicago, with all his radical affiliations, a spouse with an an abundance of arrogance and disdain for the American Project, and an abject contempt-nothing short of that which King George held for the inhabitants of Boston-for those who ‘built with their own hands’ a life, a family, community. All of which moored to universal principles and a set of civic ideals borne of LIBERTY; not some perverse ideology smacking of collectivism.

      Nope, add to these hardy facts a political discourse saturated with the poison of hatred-above and beyond the continuing polemics of partisan politics-and you have the seeds, indeed the makings, of an imploding Republic. Hmmmm, that was his ‘intelligent design’ all along wasn’t it….?

      • Anonymous

        I think you’ve hit on something that we ALL need to be aware of… I’m experiencing the feeling that this megalomaniac could become very dangerous, to us and our country, and to himself. Did you hear Obama’s voice beginning to “crack”? But, as he got rolling and more comfortable spewing rhetoric, him settling in again? I did. If he begins to feel that the American People have turned against him, I’m not too sure what he will do. Is a “suicide watch” to be considered? Sign me “Worried”.

        • Anonymous

          Kitty, B.O. might get depressed, but, from his actions, he thinks too much of himself to infect an injury upon himself, ie: suicide.

          • Anonymous

            I hope you’re right. Kitty

    • jon venuto

      Fluke wants us to pay for her sexual exploits. I thought that was illegal.

      • Anonymous

        I think she also wants us to pay for sex changes, because what”s left?

        • Notme~

          DON’T ASK! I’m sure they will think of something.
          If I had the money I would pay for her to NOT bread. =P

  • new2la

    Excellent Glenn…I concur. I am reading the blogs and Obama is not getting a second term. But then again, we are talking about who’s in power.

  • windtalker700

    Wow! When I watched the presidents speech I was absolutely mesmerized.
    I loved that man, the words, the message, it was absolutely mesmerizing. It
    made me want to go back and revisit everything I’ve learned over the last few
    years. I have tried so hard for example: to find a critical fault in conservative media and I couldn’t, but the presidents speech made me want to revisit that. How could this man be the monster we have all been led to believe he is ? There the
    truth set in, reality came back , and I felt somewhat depressed. A fair and accurate
    truth in my opinion is that President Obama will likely be remembered as the
    most quintessential, beloved showman, and dirty damned liar of this known era!

    Thank you Mr. President for one of the most moving speeches I
    have ever heard. Thanks, but no thanks “ you incredible liar”.

    PS. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!
    G-d bless and G-b bless honest people. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Everything Obama said is NOT what he stands for. Just remember that he was reading from the teleprompter, something all the speakers were meant to do. Was he speaking from his heart? NO WAY. Only the blind followers believe him, and there are many out there besides the ones in attendance. Since when did Michelle speak that way to Americans in the last four years? When did Barak mention the Almighty in the last four years? The only almighty he knows is himself! And to think that people are buying this nonsense.

    • Gary A. Anderson


  • Anonymous

    The only thing i have to say THANK YOU to the person who invented remote control and i do not have to watch all this demboRATS on my TV!

    • Anonymous

      Oh, boy, sofia, isn’t that ”mute” button a winner! And with a ”click” one can go to another channel. Am watching less ”news shows” now, until after the election—depending on outcome.

  • Jeremy Eliot

    President Hussein B. Obama took our forces out of Iraq and thus allowed Iranian terror to establish itself in Iraq once again. Hussein Brak Obama is taking American forces out of Afghanistan thus allowing Iranian backed terrorist (the Taliban) to once again , take over this country. Obama was very instrumental in the removal of the extremely pro-American president of Egypt (President Hosni Mubarak) from office and helping the pro-Iranian Islamic Brotherhood take control over Egypt.
    It gets even “better” : Obama stated last week that the US is forgiving Egypt a Billion Dollars it woes the US. We in America are borrowing money from China so that it be given to Egypt… all the while, a super rich country called Saudi Arabia is not giving a nickle… because it is not very supportive of Iran , the Islamic Brotherhood and its ties to Iran. But Obama is… Clearly , he is !!
    Last but not least, Hussein B. Obama has done everything in his power to give Ayatollahs in Iran all the time needed to bring their Nuclear Bomb project to the point of no return.

  • Anonymous

    Mr Teleprompter-in-Chief,Liar-in-chief,Narcisisst-in-chief,who is worse than Hitler because he is a combination of Hitler,Mao,Lenin,Chavez when his leader is George Schwartz-Soros as a teen worked himself for the Nazi’s! Using SAying anything to remain leader.Hates America and its military thats why he has them all overseas so they can’t protect US to kill and Put The Muslim Brotherhood in charge of all seven states surrounding Israel to destroy Israel! and Iran can destroy US! Narcisist he wants to be The Dictator-in-Chief of the World,The New World Order One World Government Soros and cohorts tried so desperately to have their Utopia since Wilson! and Who
    really, do they follow?Their Bible-‘RulesForRadicals’ dedicated to ‘Lucifer’! thats who the Left Follows! Satan’s way of taking over the world which he has always wanted! Get Back To God,Speak Up,Vote-Get All To Vote Against Him and The Left, For He GOD,Will Be The Only One To Save US!!and Not The God Of Satan’s Men of The Anti-American Islamist Terrorist Barry-Hussein-Obama!! God Will Bless America When America Blesses God again!

  • donl

    I cannot believe no one has brought up his new slogan FORWARD it was the title of a book written by a Communist ruler on how to lead people into Communism and be controlled by the government. Obama had to read this book because he is following it to the tee.

  • Poison_ Monkey

    Who said they have spent “the” Money? There is no true accounting over the returned Bank Bailout (1 Trillion) MONEY. No accounting for the Stimulus (3/4 Trillion) The parked (5/8 Trillion) Health Care MONEY is cashed but on hold…Now the Jobs Bill MONEY changed to Highways BILL MONEY (1/2 Trillion)…

    Well (1) IT or remainder’s end up in the Executive Branch “Infrastructure Bank” ruled over by Executive Order i.e. Obama.

    Clinton spoke about it at the Dem Convention…. why did Clinton give a huge Bow to Obama… when it should have been the other way around (acknowledging Money and Power et al Control)

    BUT nobody got it. They are one Vote away…

  • Anonymous

    Obama lies to much he only short of kept one of his promises health care
    reform. which is still under fire for. instead of what your country can do for you
    but what you can do for your country. and no i don’t want gov’t money
    i want to earn my own money from working at a my job.

  • Gary A. Anderson

    Obama is a master at insulting our intelligence and hoodwinking the public. Is there any doubt, Obama enjoys to listen to his own voice? He is energized by his own deceit. Convinced by his own empty platitudes. Moreover, Obama’s jaw-dropping belief that solutions, specifics and substance are easily forgotten by his own lofty rhetoric is mind-blowing. In the end, Obama is about HIMSELF.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah! How come almost 50% of the population aren’t pay federal income taxes? Where do I sign up? It’s been demonstrated, by the numbers, ALL the richest can
    NOT do that much in digging the US out of the hole of debt in which it finds itself. And being Dems/libs/progressives, they will only SPEND any monies they receive. “Budget? We don’t need no stinkin’ budget!” On the other hand, it was rather amusing that he remembered the rest of the quote from the Dec. of Ind. which begins: We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their
    CREATOR with certain unalienable rights— One should ask Barry to define the meaning of ”divine providence.”

  • Joey Bones

    Obama doesn’t care about the US constitution and he certainly doesn’t care about freedom.

  • outlawed

    Saw a movie recently called “Lawless” it was about prohibition and how the government wanted to tax the hard working folk that were making moonshine, The gov’t officials started killing the moonshiners because they refused to pay the fine and follow along. All I see is that since the early 1900’s the gov’t has had schemes and scandals about how to get more money in their pockets for free. They still do it today! It sickens me. Obama wants everyone to be equal and play by the same rules….. how about instead of saying that, you do such that and cut your pay check and every ones pay check in the gov’t by 25% give it to medicare and help poorly funded states.

  • Poison_ Monkey

    The Obama Money is hidden awaiting the final solution. Obama et al have created an “Infrastructure Bank” that circumvents Congress et al with no over sights. That will merge with the Bank of America. Via Executive Order called First Day of Second Term.

    Obama’s EX right hand man Emmanuel has set-up the prototype in Chicago. Congress had better ASAP an investigation linking Emanuel and Obama… All funds have been extracted from a host of Congressional Bills. Bank Bailout Stimulus Health Care and Highways Bill.

    Play back Clinton’s speech He spills the beans and nobody gets a Take Over is almost complete. It’s becoming a mirror image of the third Reich recovery plan. All the way down to whereby Obama needing the Catholic (Spanish) Vote, Adolf needed the Center Party Vote which was backed by the Catholic Church… Its that ironic.

    Which means, no Rubio might be Romney’s downfall. Unless He cuts them a deal-soon.

    Find out before you Vote for Obama.

  • Poison_ Monkey

    “A lot of people are realizing they had the
    wool pulled over their eyes by Obama,” Eastwood said.

  • Anonymous

    I find it refreshing that President Obama reminds people of Jefferson.
    If President Obama was alive in the late 18th century he would have had a better chance in being one of Jefferson’s slaves than a leader of the free world.
    Thank God not all of America has the same bigoted and racist view that glenn beck has!!!

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