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Glenn called the speech by the former Michigan governor and Current TV host Jennifer Granholm at the DNC last night ‘down right insane’ and one listen immediately confirms this assessment. We haven’t seen this insane a rally speech since Howard Dean’s ‘yeaaaah!’ scream speech back in the 2004 Democratic primaries!

“I mean, when you start going down the progressive road, you lose your mind quickly,” Glenn joked after hearing the insane speech.


“You get so distracted by what a spectacle it is but you don’t stop and think she’s almost entirely wrong here. First of all, it wasn’t the one ‑ Barack Obama wasn’t the one that bailed out Detroit,” Glenn explained.

It was actually George W. Bush who bailed out the auto industry, a move that was unpopular among conservatives. But what’s worse is that it didn’t even work, despite Granholm’s claims!

“It’s really amazing and they keep saying that, you know, they got Detroit back online and ‑‑ no, they didn’t. They put it on a respirator. Pull the respirator off. The thing is going to die. And they’re only making it worse because they’re not ‑‑ they are not letting the body ‑‑ you know you’re on a respirator for a long time, you pull the respirator out, your body doesn’t breathe on its own anymore. And that’s what they’re doing to the auto industry. If you went through a structured bankruptcy, which is what you’re supposed to do, you have a chance of survival. But we’ve put this thing on a respirator now for, my gosh, four years,” Glenn said.