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Disregarding a failing economy and countless mistruths from the current administration, Norah O’Donnell has decided to tackle the issues that no one cares about: Paul Ryan’s marathon time from 20 years ago.


Yes, the media is digging deep into the issues that, well… no one really cares about: Paul Ryan’s marathon time, how Mitt Romney traveled with his dog twenty years ago, the infamous “forced” haircut, and of course, Romney’s secret religion.

“This is amazing,” Glenn said this morning after playing the audio. “They didn’t look into Jeremiah Wright the first time. They haven’t looked into Jeremiah Wright being bribed by the Obama administration. We have him on tape saying that is what happened and they’re not looking into that.”

Glenn continued adding on to the list of scandals that have taken place around this administration that have been completely ignored by the media: Acorn, the composite girlfriend, calling his grandmother a “typical white person”, his communist mentor: Frank Marshall David, Solyndra, Fast and Furious, The Black Panthers, the Muslim Brotherhood, and who could forget the Selma lie.

The “Selma lie” is the story Barack Obama told about how his parents met and fell in love, and as a result “Barack Obama Jr. was born.”

Of course the only problem with that is that the Selma March didn’t take place until after President Obama was born …and not right after, years after.

“It just doesn’t get any better than the Selma lie,” Glenn said before playing the audio of President Obama’s claim. “The Selma lie is one of the most incredible thing because it is so clearly verifiable because of his birthday.”

“Okay, 22-years-ago he [Paul Ryan] got a marathon wrong. This guy [Barack Obama] knows so little about America history that he thinks that he was born because of a march that happened years after he was born,” Glenn said.

From there Glenn went on to list the lies President Obama has told the American people, and some of the shocking statements the media chose to ignore.

Glenn pointed out his lies on everything from cutting the deficit in half to closing Gitmo. President Obama also claimed that under his plan, “energy prices would necessarily skyrocket,” which is actually accurate, not that anyone is talking about his claims …or the price of energy.

“How about his New Party membership?” Glenn asked. “It’s verified.”

“Completely,” Pat said. “That is a party so radical that, ever since it came up, they’ve denied that it was even possible he could ever even belong to the party – now we have proof.”

Glenn continued listing all of the important issues the media has remained silent on while continuing to harp on ridiculous stories like Paul Ryan’s marathon time: sending troops into Libya without a congressional vote, the growing number of troops in Africa, his statements on “the police acting stupidly”, sending the Winston Churchill bust back to England, $4/gallon gasoline while stopping the Keystone Pipeline, and giving money to Brazil for deepwater drilling that he was preventing off of our own shores.

“But did you hear Paul Ryan lied about his marathon time,” Glenn said sarcasticly.

Plus, over 20-years-ago, Mitt Romney drove a car with the family dog on top of his car, and allegedly gave someone a hair cut against their will. He’s clearly the one that’s too extreme and completely unqualified to win the election in November.

Thank goodness the mainstream media is looking out for the American voters.

Well, since they were already focused on the tough issues, Glenn decided to point out the both Joe Biden and President Obama seem to have a hard time with basic counting. According to the most leader of the free world “Made in the U.S.A.” is only three words, and he sidekick found J-O-B-S to be three letters.

Should Americans be concerned? Yes. But probably less with the counting and more with the countless important stories the media isn’t telling you about what their administration is doing, or in many cases, not doing.