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On TheBlaze TV Monday night, Glenn spent some time addressing two competing philosophies that are dominating the talk among the election. Those two philosophies are (using Glenn’s favorite food metaphor): There is the idea that there is a finite amount of pie in the world, and the competing idea that we are all bakers and can make more pie.

What does this mean? Basically that there are some people who believe that there is only a limited amount of wealth (or pie) out there, and we are all struggling to get a piece. On the other hand, there are people who believe that you can go out and create more wealth and that your benefit doesn’t come at the hands of someone else’s failure.

Glenn used France as an example to illustrate this contrasting philosophy. In France, the Socialist President plans to increase the taxes on people who make over a million euro to seventy-five percent. If you’re a small business owner that makes a million euro a year and have a plan to expand and make ten million euro a year, would you want to do it if the government got to keep 7.5 million euro of it? Probably not. The socialists philosophy kills the desire for individual innovation. Meanwhile, France’s richest man is eyeing a move to Belgium. It’s the same as when it happens in the US – New York and California raise the taxes so high people have almost no choice but to move to Texas and Florida.

Glenn then referenced an article he read over the week that laid out the differences between how “rich” people and “average” people think. While he didn’t agree with every point, he did find some illuminating:

3. Average people have a lottery mentality. Rich people have an action mentality.

5. Average people long for the good old days. Rich people dream of the future.

8. Average people set low expectations so they’re never disappointed. Rich people are up for the challenge.

17. Average people focus on saving. Rich people focus on earning.

18. Average people play it safe with money. Rich people know when to take risks.

“There is a difference between people,” Glen said. “We’re all created equal, yes, but we don’t end equal.” he said.

The great thing about America is that you can dream as big or small as you want, and it’s up to you to build whatever you want. That essence of America is why people have always flocked to America – it’s the land of opportunity.

But under the current administration, that mindset has changed to one where we now dream of only being middle class, and being a success isn’t something that anyone can achieve. Instead, the new narrative is a select one percent get all the wealth and the rest are left fighting over the scraps. The solution? Divide the whole pie equally rather than encourage people to make more pie (see how it all ties back to food?).

Glenn returned the opening question of his monologue which prompted this discussion of two philosophies: Are you better off than you were four years ago? The answer is no. Not only is America still struggling, but the attitude of “tomorrow will be better” is diminishing.

Watch the opening of the monologue below:

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Indeed, the future is the choice between Communism and a Free Republic. To be one of the unknown masses, enslaved and beholden always to the uncaring government; or to have the chance to pursue your dreams, seek to make them happen and gain from the fruits of your own labor.

    Which is it to be America: freedom or serfdom?

    I and my house serve the Lord; I will never willingly bow down to any King such as Obama seek to become, as there is only one King of Kings, Jesus, and His Father, Almighty God.

  • landofaahs

    People know socialism never works, but too many can only make a living by theft. Eventually though, it catches up with ya. The day of reckoning is coming soon so gird yourselves. America has thumbed it’s nose at God. An obamanation that causes desolation is a comin’.

    • Omegaomni

      The chinese practically owns america socialism never works?

      • landofaahs

        Where would China be without U.S. companies utilizing their cheap labor? China has major, major problems and in time they will be just like Japan because they rely on exports. Yep Japan was going to rule the world in the 80’s, now where are they?
        China has ghost cities that people do not live in. The generations coming up are going to challenge the waste of the commies. But it is possible that they will have the appearance of prosperity for a while just like the old USSR and now US. Maybe we can get slave labor like China, oh wait, we had that in the old south circa 1700’s to 1800’s.

  • Anonymous

    Again, glenn beck lies in order to maintain his slipping grasp on the ill spent and liquid assets of his cult.
    glenn beck’s unstable life has forced him out to retreat to the gutter of his chosen profession and pushes him to lie and instigate controversy to fulfill his ego and personal wealth.
    I am not arrogant enough (unlike glenn) to claim that everyone is or is not better off than they were four years ago.
    All I can do is answer for myself, family and friends. We all agree we are better off and look forward to the next four years with President Obama as our leader.

    • SoThere

      Strtlk is what the Democrat party and the Liberals look like. Many of them are in power in our government.

      Save America, vote Conservative.

      It’s OK to vote Obama out of office, really it is. Four more years of catastrophic misery with 25 million citizens unemployed or under employed.

    • Anonymous

      Come on strtlk, what are your improvements…. do they let you sit closer to the front of the Short Bus?

      • Rahm Kota

        He gets to worship Obama all day because he is out of work.

    • Anonymous


      • Caitie

        That percentage has been revealed as a lie. Educate yourself on why 47% of Americans don’t pay the federal income tax.
        Maybe it’s because 28% of that 47% are the WORKING poor. They are the people who wait on your table when you dine out, the people who hand you your dry cleaning or collect your garbage. They PAY(imagine that) state and payroll taxes and don’t make enough after that to live on let alone give more.
        Or how about the 10% who are retired and living on a fixed income. Are you suggesting that they should be taxed on the benefits they PAID INTO THEIR ENTIRE LIFE, and are now unable continue working? Are they the takers?
        That percentage doesn’t even apply to people who accept government aid.
        So again I say, educate yourself.

  • Soulphoenix

    The American people are smarter than Obama thinks, and on average not as gullible as Obamabot Chris Matthews, who said in the midst of gushing like a little girl over Obama’s convention speech that, “you follow the brains, and he’s got ’em.” Ugh.

  • Omegaomni

    False dichotomy. Christians want everyone under the power of the church as slaves. Ironically read all the quotes in the bible about how the “rich ” owe everything to god and how likely they will get into heaven.

    • Rahm Kota


  • Rahm Kota

    Worship government or worship God.

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